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1.Chest xray showing pleural effusion. Pleural fluid has low protein.Cause?

2.xray showing fracture of neck of femur of a trauma pt. Treatment?
3.Xray of a pt with osteoporosis.Mangmnt? a.vit d n ca, b.bisphosphonates.
4.wt/hight graph of a child. do it
5.Peripheral smear of sickle cells. diagnosis? Do it
6.scenario with a slide of vesicles. diagnosis? a.vericella,,b.molluscum
7.child with signs n symptoms of kawasaki. on duodenal atresia (xray showin double bubble)
9.child with projectile vominting (pyloric stenosis)
10.child with abdminal pain,vomiting,dilated loops of bowel.diagnosis?
11.child with jaundice (physiologic) revise week wise
12.ecg of a cardiac pt...a.vtach,,,b.torsa de point
13.ecg of a pt with chest pain,showing st elevation.(MI) do locations of artreries and areas involved
14.ecg of a stable pt showing a-fib,,next step? How to manage afib stable do it
15.ecg of a pt with a previous treated ischemia,,comes with pain again.diagnosis? on cushing step in diagnosis? undergone suregry for macroadenoma,has develpd panhypopituirism,,what shd be given 1st?
18.diabetic pt managemnt (insulin for type 1) how to dose adjust insulin
19.4 yr old pt having discharge frm vagina,cause? foreign body
20.young girl talks well at home but when she goes to school,keeps silence.diagnosis?

a.mutism,,b.selective mutism,c.learning disability is selective mutism an answer? Refer uworld on PTSD keeps coming of bipolar disorder
23.Case of ruptured diverticulitis
24.managmnt of ruptured peptic unlcer
25.mangemnt of ruptured ectopic preg. Do it how to manage diffrnt types of ectopic pregnancies
26.pap smear shows step?colposcopy and biopsy
27.pap smear showing CIN 111,next? colposcopy n biopsy
28.woman with foul smellin vaginal discharge 7 days postpartum,cause? Postpartum causes of
fever do them all
29.2 mnths old child with vomiting,investigation? usound. with chest pain n having long travel history,wut to do next? spiral CT/angiogram
31.young pt with signs n symp of otitis media,treatment? amoxicillin.
32.urinalysis in PSGN shows? RBC casts. Difrnt kinds of nephritics , do RTAS,
33.common cause of diarrhea in children? rotavirus. of reiter syndrome. Do it well
35.iron deficiency anemia diagnosis.
36.b-thalesemia scenario.
37.Pt having stroke,80% carotid artery stenosis,next step?carotid endarterectomy with 6.5 cm aortic aneurysm,next? emergent surgery. Learn whether to do emergent surgery
or urgent surgery.
39.scenarion on bacterial meningitis.(abundant neutrophils) learn diffrnt names of bacteria
causing meningitis in diffrnt age groups falls frm height on metallic rod n bleeds frm anus.on xray gas is seen in
41.slide of malar rash,serositis,low hb,,diagnosis? SLE
42.Signs n symp of SLE,,what wil u find on labs? Lab findings of s.l.e with bleeding ,normal physical findings,lab shows decreasd platelets.diagnosis?.ITP
44.pregnant female with complaint of absent fetal movements,lab shows increased PT n aPTT,d-

How to proceed with diagnosis Diffrnt iron anemias on the basis of mcv. di types of step? step?FFP. 45.epidural hemotomas findings. if a person comes with typical signs and symptoms of testicular torsion what shud we do? 48.b. Good question on prostate cancer..asphyxiation.peripheral smear shows blast cells.b..brought in suffers a road traffic accident.most common cause? with cervical lymphadenopathy..woman with 1st trimester pregn losses.urine culture. testicular trauma 49.b.what will b cause of death? Ascertain cause of death a.hypothyroidism in pregnancy.dimers.CT abd. treatment do multiple sclerosis and do findings of diffrnt strokes.ultrasound.managemnt? Do it 51.managed in hosp.chest xray shows mediastinal mass.managemnt of asthma pt.b.diagnosis? with esophageal cancer.glasgow score with accident. 52.c. .signs n sym of testicular step? Increase the of bile duct stone.found tumor in ovary.bone marrow on primary biliary cirrhosis.stool for assay of clostridium diff.arachnoid.thyroxine given. 53. Blood cancers diagnosis and treatment 55.taking antibiotics.c.cardiac arrest occurs n pt step? a.teeth in pelvis.still TSH level increased. suspected with testicular trauma.mediastinal mass biopsy.lymph node biopsy.old pt with bloody diarhea.which is bad prognostic sign? hoarseness.road traffic step? a. Anterior posterior basilr etc Parkinson disease . on investigation in diagnosis of breast cancer.b.retics.fluid calculation in burn on rheumatic fever. 57. managemnt? Medical vs surgical 50. very important question 58. 54. Very important question 59..cardiac arrest.diagnosis of krukenberg on BPH. Diffrnt conditions on bile ducts do them all 62. 56.

ecoptics. Diarrhea organism do flash cards Clostridium difficle Diverticultis.hep b. Thelsmias. Osgood. Intussception scenario how to diagnose and treat Lower gi bleed Labour . mensical injuries diagnosis and treatments.e criteria . Also same for insulin facitious n other conditions.face first.peptic ulcer.Diffrnt murmers in pediatric population Do all hemotoy well. How to manage. all of it…do it Forcep vs vaccum delivery sideffects benefits.leukemia.a blockers. Infant of diabetic mother .anemia g6pd. Write down strong diffrnciating points bw Kawasaki and scarlet fever Cases on diabetes mellitus do expected. rupertured ovarian cyst.also lower limb Cholecystitis is very important and similar conditions indication for surgery at what centimeter Diffrnciate bw kinds of thyroid . Also learn stages of labour and their management. Do all of those things. Asthma table Rheumatic fever criteria i.ssa. Hemetemis . appendicitis. lower gi bleed Do sliped capital femoral.including factitious. also do disease markers.s Burn patient. Its vry important question. avascular all these cases. At what size what treatment for prostate englargment. diag of cll. cranial and peripherial upper limb specially . Management of diffrnt sizes of aaa and their mangment Diffrnt casts in diffrnt diseases. Nerve injuries. Finastride. How to give fluid in a child? Medial lateral.breech present.cml. Surgery.scd.sickle cell diffrnt types how named? Ss .to give him iv fluid or to give him breastfeeding? Follow up of ovarian cyst according to size.