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1. Case of organophosphate poisoning – symptoms of miosis,
diarrhea, twitching. Treatment?
=recently ingested gastric lavage+ charcoal
=Atropine & parlidoxin
2. Carbon monoxide Poisoning.
Dia: = ABG (serum carboxyhemoglobin level)
(Normal < 5 & smoker <10)
=ECG (old & cardiac patient)
Treat: =100% oxygen (till asymptomatic or carboxy: normal)
= Hyperbaric O2 (pregnant, cardiac ischemia & CNS
=Acetaminophen => N-acetylcystine.
=Benzodiazepam => Flumazenil
=Barbiturates => urine alkalization, dialysis, active charcoal
=Iron => deferxamine
=Opioids => naloxone
=B-blocker => Glucagon
=copper,lead,arsenic,gold => penicillamine
4) Treatment of panic disorder?
Benzodiazepine (immediate relief). SSRI



5.Obsessive compulsive disorder treatment?
(Fluoxetine (SSIRs) sertraline.)
6. a patient with repeated HIV –VE test still insisting no I am
suffering from HIV.
7. A woman encountered with RTA tow month back in which
many casualties occurred. When she recall she start to weep.
(Post-traumatic stress disorder)
8. A man admitted for elective surgery in a hospital. Next day
found drowsy, sweating, blood sugar normal, no h\o alcoholism
and no major illness.
(Hospital phobia)
9. Young boy with involved in fighting, robbery,stealing,lying,
(Conduct disorder)
10. Imagine physical defect or abnormality that leads to
multiples surgery\skin problems and still not satisfy
Body dysmorpic disorder
11. A pt : intentionally cause symptoms for gain financial benefit
, or avoiding to present in court or high authority.
( Malingering )


12. Mostly female complains different organs at times like
multiples sites pain, also neurological,GI,sexual problems
.Frequent clinics contacts.
13. Anorexia nervosa. What is a required feature?
(Fear of weight gain)
14. ECG of MI + history of recent intracranial bleeding, next.
(Urgent PTCA\PCI)
( less than 90 minutes Thrombolysis if no any .
contraindication and non-availability of Angioplasty

15 ,ECG of ventricular tachycardia in an IHD patient due to MI.


5 (observation with u\s) =More than 5. ECG of AF with low BP and unstable. (Send emergency department) 17.5 or with thrombosis =Rupture AA unstable If stable (surgery) (urgent surgery) (Do CT scan first) (5) . RTA patient come with increase JVP.16. Investigation? (ECHO) 18. Patient with abd: aortic aneurysm. =1f size is less than 5. muffled sound and with good air entry on both lungs.

A child with wide and fixed and splitting S2 murmur. ch: AF. How to monitor adequacy of fluids given? (See CVP) By measuring urine output 25. HTN. What is next step? (Echo) 20.A pt: with ST elevation MI already taking ACE inhibitor Aspirin. A pt: with HTN come with heart failure. Patient with hypovolemic and low BP…given I/v fluids.what kind of cardiomyopathy with HTN. Next investigation. (ASD) 24. old h\o of AF and 25 % carotid stenosis. (6) (B-Blocker) . ( Which drug you will add for cardiac death prevention. S3 sound . A patient comes with severe chest pain in ER with normal ECG. (Hypertrophic \Dilated cardiomyopathy) 21. (Renal function) with COPD. tachycardia.19: 60 years old man with dizziness. on antnihypertention drugs. Patient is taking ACE inhibitor what you will watch. (Troponin I\T) 23. (WARFARIN) 26. What you add.

Scenarios Pulmonary Embolism Chest pain. (Tamponade) 31. chest basal crepts =Post-operative patients (Mojo surgery) =After long flight traveling =H\O DVT. dyspnea. Old lady with hip # underwent hip fixation surgery after 24 hours she went into pulmonary embolism and died . dizziness and dyspnea…diagnosis? (Aortic stenosis) 32.diagnosis? . (Innocent murmur) 28.what is the cause of death? (Cardiopulmonary arrest) 30.27. OCP (7) . chest pain. Stab wound with bilateral equal air entry. distended neck veins. Failure to thrive + pan systolic murmur in 4 month old child… diagnosis? . (VSD) (Murmur disappear due to pulmonary hypertension) 29. Scenario in which patient has systolic murmur. hypotension…. . A child with systolic murmur 2\6 on upper sternum when lying down disappear .

(Arterial occlusion) 38. pervious history of HTN. (Carotidendartrectomy y Surgery) 37. Case scenario description of painful breast swelling that come and goes with menses – answer: (Fibrocystic disease)=>Excisional biopsy # A case of hydatid cyst evacuation done 15 day ago now come with little bleeding ultrasound clear . difficulty in walking. Right calf swelling +pain and also size is bigger than left. Right foot appears cold than left. feeling curtain like shadow. Carotid stenosis more than 60%. Cause? (Arterial embolism) 34. (Amarurosis fungax) 36. Next? ( D&N (8) ) .DM and left carotid stenosis. cold. Investigation (Doppler ultrasound) 35. An old man come with left eye pain. Cause.33. A young man presented with sudden onset of pale.Os is closed. A middle age man with knee pain. lower limb with absent pulses. Male with motor vehicle accident (bumper crush injury on right lower leg).

Patient with complaints of fever. suspected Ca –breast .No active complain . Pregnant patient with 9cm dilated cervix and in severe pain. (Early Menarche late menopause) 46. (PID) 43. (Epidural) 42. 58yrs old female G8P8 with stress incontinence & vaginal prolapse treatment? . (Central precocious puberty) 40. with normal Pap smear 1 year back . . A 52 years old menopause DM. .? .what is the risk factor.39. Weeks pregnant as per LMP on antenatal care her fundus height is 28 weeks .what will you do. (Mammography) .next investigation. CIN –II & III…treatment?? (High grade dysplasia) (Leep &C0ld-Knife Conization . A middle age woman lump in breast. (Vaginal hysterectomy with anterior colporrhaphy) 41. adnexal tenderness & mucopurulent discharge…diagnosis? . (Recheck for date) 45.If recurrent hysterectomy (Colposcopy with cone biopsy) 44.having Ca-colon family history . now requests for treatment of pain…. 7 years old girl with pubic hair and breast buds – diagnosis? .

what next? (Colposcopy Cone biopsy) 50. (Herpes simplex virus) if active (C-section in pregnancy) 52: A case of amenorrhea.5 cm non tender . What will you do? (C-Section) 49: A middle age woman come with severe dysplasia pap smear result . (Fibroadinoma) 48: A full term in labor room with good progress cervix 4 cm dilatation + +2 stations. Suddenly fetal heart beat drop from 140 to 40 beats with variable deceleration. (High LH\ FSH) (Bromocriptine or cabergoline) . Infertility. no skin change.(9) 47: Middle age woman with lump 2. cervix red purulent discharge. She progress to 9 cm and + 4 station. no axillary lymph node enlargement. no discharge.firm on upper quadrant. What you advise her? (OCP) 51: A female present with multiple pain full ulcers on labia. milky nipple discharge. + lymphadenopathy. bitempral hemianopia. A young lady with menses irregularities from 23 to 35 days with normal menstrual loss.

. Meningococcal prophylaxis in contacts? ( Rifampicin 600mg 2 doses. APTT increased…. normal platelets. cough. 16 years old girl with h\o amenorrhea. no breast and no pubic hairs. PT – normal.. Labs: low Hb. (IUGR) 56. Infant on cow’s milk with pallor only. High FSH. 58. (Anencephaly) 57. ? . Low estrogen diagnosis? (Gonadal digenesis) Turner syndrome 55: fetal compaction due to smoking. normal WBC…. and dyspnea diagnosed pneumococcal pneumonia mother is concerned about other kids at home and school.( (Hemophilia) . What next? (External cephalic version) 54. Child with high grade fever.. Child with unilateral hemarthrosis of knee. And 10 mg per kg for kids. low RBC. Labs: TT – normal.(10) 53: G3P2 previous 2 normal vaginal deliveries with breech presentation at 38 weeks. CMV complication in fetus. .diagnosis? . (No treatment) 59. She was presented on clinic before 34 & 36 weeks but no action taken.diagnosis. (Iron deficiency anemia) 60.

A 4years old child with burn lower limb and perineal region. UTI .A child living in farm house history of abdominal pain.Na. (G6PD) 68.urea) . Painless testicular mass or acute severe pain? (Emergency surgery) 63: A young girl with mumps involving overiescomplication. (NSAID) 64.K. no diarrhea. What will go first? Water (other option. 10 year’s boy parotid swelling with intermittent testicular pain.what would you give? (DDVAP) 66: A child with pain in hand and leg and hepatosplenomegaly: ( Heamoglobn S) 67: A young man come with multiple bruises all over body after taking Tab:Septran .(11) 62. What investigation. ( Stool for Ova and cyst) 70. What do next? (NSAID) 65: 10 years boy with Von Willibrand disease developed perfused epistaxis.

and no active complain. active.(12) 71:A CHLID with 38 fever . (observation stool) 74: A child with common Coryza. ( Parvovirus) 75: Most common Diarrhea induced virus in child. (Atypical lymphocytosis) . Investigation? (Bil-atresia) HIDA (U\S abd) 78: A child with high grade fever.lymphadenopathy. sore throat .increase direct bilirubin & alkaline phosphate . hepatosplenomegaly with rash . No history of trauma. What will you do? (Observation) 72: A 13 years obese boy with knee pain since 8 month. surgery with pinning 73:child swallow 50fils coin on x-ray coin in stomach .dark urine. weakness and numbness but Rt: leg is shorter than left leg . hydrated and playful. (Rota virus) 76: A child with clay color stool . ( Slipped capital femoral) Rx.

bilious vomiting and on X. Investigation? (U\S ) pyloric stenosis (2nd or 3rd of life) 82: picture of Hand (Kawasaki) child with pain in hand . ( Echo b\c of coronary artery aneurysm ) . (open reduction+ internal fixation) 80: A baby with jaundice. fatigue. Asking about investigation. (Duodenal Atresia)(First of life) 81: A child with projectile vomiting and small mass in epigastrium.ray double bubble shadow.( 13) 79:A child with displaced supracondylar #humerus .

( High Alkaline phosphate and low or normal Ca & phosphate) 84: A child with watery diarrhea few time a day.but baby is active and gaining wt. (Toddlers diarrhea) .( 14) 83: picture of x.ray ( Rickets) Lab: finding.

(oral 2% glucose +75 mmol Nacl 87-B: Severe dehydration in male of taller twin..(14) 86: A child with mild dehydration. (crohns disease) 90: A child having jaundice after 3 days. (100 ml \kg) 88:A child URTI treated with Amoxicillin and he developed face puffiness and lower legs edema. (20%I\V glucose) 93: Side effect of forceps delivery. (Physiological) 91: Case after 15 days still bilirubin 35 mg and indirect 7 mg + CNS symptoms. (Plasma exchange) 92: DM mother delivered baby and his sugar is 40 mg. what is next management. (Facial Palsy) . Finding in lab? (RBC cast) Nephritis 89: A 7 years old child with non-bloody diarrhea and knee pain.

diarrhea…. 101. (Transient tachypnea of newborn) 99. Child with round worm manifestation…treatment? .) 100. does not talk to any body.constipation and not feeling well direct billi: high . What would u do? (Age concerned) . Term neonate with fluid in interlobar fissures…diagnosis? .temp.and indirect slightly high (sepsis) 98. least common cause. but parents don’t want to proceed with surgery and want to leave the hospital with child. (cephlhaematoma) corneal abrasion 95: A child who is good at home but at school not co-operative. (selective mutism) 96: A 15 days old boy looking pale. Child with acute lymphocytic leukemia scheduled for some surgery.(15) 94.35c. (G6PD) 97: Neonatal jaundice . ( Cystic fibrosis) .diagnosis?? . (Ibendazole. Child with digital clubbing.. Side effect of vacuum delivery. failure to thrive.temp: 35c . mother has AB-ve.

. Otitis externa in child. (Amoxicillin) 106. . Treatment? . Patient with croup with barking cough. On DC what would u give? . on treatment with ipratropium + salbutamol+ oral steroids. . fever.( 16) 102 Patient with acute asthma. . PMN’s with fever & meningismus….diagnosis? . . Case scenario with CSF findings of low glucose. . ( Bacterial meningitis) 104. (flucotisone) 103. bulging tympanic membrane. . (Tropical antibiotics and steroids drops) 107: Picture of Molluscum contagiosum. . (Racemic epinephrine) 105. treatment? . . Acute otitis media – red. .

(thick and thin slide) (Malaria) 111. (TURP) = if BPH=>hard.( 17) 108.omplaint of bloody diarrhea…no travelling history.. now with liquids…next what would u do? = UGI endoscopy if you suspect mechanical obstruction or =otherwise barium swallow. Case of raised PSA level 8. (Horner’s syndrome) . ringed structure in blood cells. = In achalasia than manometry 109. Hiistory of dysphagia to solids. 110.8 with obstructive urinary symptoms…next step? . miosis. warm face…. Case of ptosis. Diagnosis. no vomiting…options : Most common campylobacter.PSA more than 10 =>transractal biopsy =if BPH=>enlarge+ PSA 1 to 5 => Finasteride =if PBH=> enlarge+HTN & PSA 5 to 9+> Alpha-blocker 110.12. Case of fever with chills.diagnosis.

. no neurologic deficit…treatment? . haloes (rings) around lights at night time…. Next what to do? (Increase allopurinol dose to 300 mg. Pt.) 117. . (cataract) 113. no problems in eye….. ( low Complement level) (19) .. lifted heavy object with complaints of low back pain. (polymyositis) 115. (Subarachnoid hemorrhage. How to monitor that disease is in remission? . 116.(18) 112.. Case of diabetic patient with complaints of blurred vision. Patient with complaints of headache with photophobia. (Rest & NASID) # If incontinence with back pain & radiating (immediate intervention. Diagnosis. Female with proximal muscle weakness (difficulty combing hair) CK levels are fever…. Now has come for follow up. Male patient.diagnosis? if severe occipital . ptosis. neck stiffness. Ankle reflex is present. Patient with hypertension with recurrent gouty attacks on allopurinol 150 mg for 6months.) 114. with SLE and lupus nephritis is on cyclophosphamide… now in remission. Diagnosis? Inflammatory myopathy.

Man talks in sleep.sectional. ( .118. What should have been done before intubation? . Bacterial meningitis. case-control.diagnosis. patient does some pipe work…diagnosis? (Asbestosis) 122. comes to doc with wife saying that he was talking in sleep (saw horse race in dream) – diagnosis? (Nightmares) 125. . (Clear secretions) 123. (20) . Elderly patient with fever. 1st post-op day chest x-ray shows patchy infiltrates (atelectasis).. Selection bias (deliberately select good patient for good result) 121. Case of post-menopausal bleeding –if more than 1 year do endometrial biopsy 124. . Interpret the study…. in bed side saying ‘yallah’. cohort. left lower quadrant pain. peritoneal signs plus history of constipation. Already on treatment with ceftriaxone & vancomycin. Single blind study means? (Patient does not know) 120. gets out of bed. awaiting microbiology results…next step..cross. (Perforated diverticuli 119. ecology?? 126. Which test should be applied for the above mentioned study? T test? Paired t test? Chi square? 127.

creatinine and urea 30. joint pain taking thyzoid diuretic+ NSAID come with hematuria. ( Fluid retention => CCF=> Renal failure) 132... .hypoalbuminea. (21) . Health care worker with PPD of 16…next step? .A young man with HTN. Middle age male with nephrotic syndrome.. Long term Naproxen given for osteoporosis…side effect? .. Case of amenorrhea & galactorrhea…the medicine which increases prolactin?? . proteinuria.diagnosis?? ( membranous nephropathy) 133. (CXR) gram –VE stop vancomycine =>if old age +listeria or HIV Add Ampicillin 128.treatment??? =>Uncomplicated (cystitis)  TMP-SMX(setran) 3days ( Quinolone) =>Comlicated  => Pregnancy  Same above for 7-14 days Nitrourantoin 129.=>if . no RBC casts no hypertension. no hematuria…. UTI in young female. ( Finothyzine) 130.. RBC in urine.

What would u do? (FNA)if TSH low=>Thyroid scintigraphy 135.loss.(Membranous G.Pt.withweakness.diagnosis? ( acute pancreatitis) 137. ALT+ GGT+ .low glucose . TSH – normal. one large lobe & others are small & diffuse.hyperpig mentation of skin increase potassium low sodium .arthralgia.N > in children Interstitial G. AST +.wt.abd. Bilirubin increased. deeply jaundiced. increase an amylase…. Female with 1. multinodular thyroid.myalgia. (Addison’s Disease) 136. rash.pain.2 cm stone in ureter.43 years old man complaints of epigestric pain.) Adult Minimal change G.N. Patient found unconscious. eosinophilia) IgA nephropathy >with RIT infection Focal segmental G.N > I\V drugs abuser 134.0 x 1.diagnosis? ( alcoholic hepatitis) 138. What next? (. (Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy) (22) .N >Drug induced (hematuria.

Elderly male was fine until yesterday. Then became aggressive with his grandson. ( Krukenberg) 147.Hb:12.25 years old woman with menorrhagia.5 mg. Gastric tumor involved both ovaries.. Female with maculopapular rash under the breast.gingival bleeding since last month.treatment? (ketoconazole) 142. now has cord like erythematous swelling on medial aspect of lower limb above knee. Male patient came from Bangladesh trip.diagnosis? Francisella tularemia? 144. irritable with memory loss… diagnosis?? ( UTI) 145.what would u do?? . .Case of multiple abortion in first and second trimester ( ( First=>Septum uterus )( 2nd => cervical incompt) 146. Patient with low respiratory rate 8/min…. (Endotracheal intubation) 141. what would u do? (Aspirin + warm compression) 143. pupuric rash. burning n pruritic….140. Ulcers on hands & mouth…exposure with sheep/ goat….WBC 6600/platelets 7300/m (ITP) .

( Intussuscption)(Barium(Air) enema ) (24) . excessive crying after wake up after few minutes pain free than again crying and pulling legs towards abdomen .stool mix with blood.) 150: Child with single febrile fit . . (Increase protein and decrease albumin) . (Iridocyctitis) 152. Hemorrhoid (none bleeding) wt.(23). Ankylosing Spondylitis (Anterior Uveitis) 153. .A child 14 month with irritability. lower abd. loss. She is refusing PR. . (Nothing will happen) 151. (Colonoscpoy.Picture of SLE with butterfly rash on face. Pain. Rheumatoid Artheritis (kertoconjuntivitis Sicca) 154. 148 . 149: A 50 years old woman with bleeding PR.what will you tell mother . Juvenile arthritis .

WBC 250000.Hb 10.cough .what will do for diagnosis. diffuse enlargement of thyroid . myalgia. wt:loss past 6 month. fatigue.heat intolerance.155:A 32 years woman with constant neck pain associated fatigue . Hepatosplenomegaly . ( Graves disease) 158:65 years old man history of fatigue.2/6 systolic murmur . felling cold and diffuse enlarge thyroid . ( FNA ) 157:A nurse come with palpitation.9 cm palpable mass non tender in midline of neck which rise with swallowing .Perepheral film show ?(CLL) (lymphocytosis) 159: A 4 years old boy with high grade fever . (RTI) (Sub acute Granulomaous thyroiditis) 156:A44 years old woman with . TSH 1.Diffuse Iodine uptake. Hb:8. (Normal pregnancy Anemia) .5 . film show (ALL) (Lymphoblast more than 25%) bone marrow biopsy 160: 32 years old pregnant lady history of SOB upon climbing up stairs .loss . nasal discharge.0 u/ml T3 300 and T4 20.9.tender to touch.lymphadenopathy.malaise. loose stool. wt. Hepatosplenomegaley and lymphadenopathy with scattered patechiae peripheral .

(Palpable mass on right hypocodrium with respiration) ( Ca.1 with pain.Diagnosis? (Serum ferritin level) 162: DM. mild dyspnea. ( Human papilloma virus) .. wt. systemic examination low BP. Tachycardia otherwise stable.( 25) 161: A vegetarian complaining of weakness . palpitation. tenderness of right thigh .Treatment? (Wound debridement) I&D 163:52 years old man with severe abd: pain vomiting. pale looking. Management? (Oral Metronidazole\ oral vancomycin) 167: A case of condyloma acuminata. (Clostridium Deficili) .2microcytic RBC on film.head pancreas ) 164: Post-operative patient is shifted to ward and after 12 hours his BP 80/55 mm Hg pulse 140beat/min. Hb:8. loos.lethargic. what is the cause? (Haemmarrage) 165: 23 years old man with hematemesis. swelling. pain reliving with forward bending. jaundice. management? (I\V saline push) 166: A patient comes with diarrhea after 7 days course of Amoxicillin.

Differentiate Adrenal gland 0r pituitary origin (Cushing disease ) (High dexamethasone test) 169: A 24 years old woman come with right lower ab: pain..Rays show haziness. X. Diagosis? (Benign positional vertigo)>Dix-hallpike maneuvers. A patient sifted from OT to ICU after second day. ( Teratoma) 170.5 day> UTI.On abx-rays showing . fever.Two teeth. (Physiotherapy and spirometer) 1-2 day >Atelectasis 3. Next (epidural hematoma) (CT scan) 173.I\V and catheter line 4. 35 years old lady come with vertigo when lying on left side and but relived immediately with positional change. Pt. difficulty in breathing + basal crepts.(26) 168.6 >DVT pulmonary embolism 5-7 >Wound infection (Treatment of post-operative >Early ambulation 172. .After 15 mint again unconscious. came in ER after fall from camel with loss of consciousness now he is conscious .

Nausea. photophobia noise sensitivity. #Meniere’s disease >recurrent sever vertigo. ear fullness and tinnitus lasting in hours & day (Low Na + diuretics) #Vestibular or labyrinthitis (acute peripheral vestribulopathy) Acute onset of svere vertigo. . ( corticosteroids) 174: Young lady throbbing headache>2hours and less than 24 hours. (Migraine) (NSAID) ( Acute >Triptans) 175: Young male severe pain.(27) #Meniere’s disease >recurrent sever vertigo. relieved with sleep and darkness. ear fullness and tinnitus lasting in hours & day (Low Na + diuretics) #Vestibular or labyrinthitis (acute peripheral vestribulopathy) (benign positional vertigo)>Dix-hallpike maneuver. Has repeated attacks. hearing loss. hearing loss. head motion intolerance and Gait unsteadiness+ vomiting & nausea& nystamus or unilateral tinnitus. Unilateral per orbital headache last in 30 min and ipsilateral lacrimation& nasal stiffness.

progressive jerking without loss of consciousness. Diagosis? (Multiple sclerosis)> MRI 178: A child staring into space briefly for 5 to 10 second. (Start ABC) .worsen with stress & improved with relaxation or massage (Tension Headache)( highO2) 177: 35 years old woman come with sudden onset pain . (2) Complex seizure >lip smacking with impaired level of consciousness and followed by confusion.(28) ( Cluster Headache) 176: Mostly 30 years old lady complaining of tight band like pain on frontal. eye.weakness of arm .leg and dizziness + blurring of eyes . (3) Tonic-clonic (grand mal) Simple complex +tongue bite+ urine incontinence (10 Hz) (4) Status epilepticus> seizure more than 10 min and repeated without gaining consciousness. SEIZURES (1)Partial seizures . nausea.(some time loss of eye site)After some time recover completely.fluttering & lip smacking.(EEG>3H z) (Absence (petit Mall) seizures) >Eithosuximide 179. vomiting or aura . Occipital. neck pain.

walking like feet glued to floor and complains of urine inconstancy. Which nerve? (Trochlear (4Th) nerve) 186: A pt. What is Diagnosis? (Extrapyramidal) (Parkinson’s disease)Levodopa & carbidopa 182: An old man with dementia. rigidity.: come with wrist drop and loss of sensation of dorsal surface of hand. shuffling gate . rivastigmine) 181: An old man with resting tremor. red eye. Loss of sensation on face . (Closed-Angle Glaucoma) timolol. index and thumb. language deficits.(29) 180: An elderly patient with his son. vomiting. Nerve (Radial nerve) . hard.moon like face. pilocarpine 184. blurring in eye. nausea. Pupil is dilated.which nerve? (Trigeminal nerve (V) 185: A patient comes with deviation of eye up wards. he said that my father is forgetting everything since last few months. bradykinesia. (Alzheimer’s disease) MRI or CT (Donepezil. depressed and agitated. (Normal Hydrocephalus) 183: A middle age man come with severe right eye pain.

(30) 187: Loss of sensation in little finger . clinical and lab:diagnosis is meningitis . red mild tender H\o 10 days back URT infection and was treated.Ray (Hip # of femur of head) 70 years old lady complain of pain. X-Rays shows lower lobe infiltration BP-90\60mmHg. What is next? (Follow-up in 2 weeks) . high grade fever . cough. and cannot walk.what next? (admission I\V antibiotics) 193: A 25 years young man with one single supraclavicular lymph node. (viral load for HIV) 191: pt: with high grade fever +head ach. (Hemiarthroplasty) 189: carpal tunnel syndrome (NC study) 190: A young newly married woman with recurrent UTI+ discharge and itching on genital region. hepatomegaly .what next? (admission + I\V antibiotics) 192 pt: with high grade fever. ( Ulner nerve) 188: picture of X. tachycardia.what is next. (Levofloxin+metronidazole) 190: A young man with generalized lymphadenopathy.

What next? (Fissure in ano) (Stool softener diet) 199: young pt. jaundiced and deranged LFT . and hesitating to pass stool. What next? (External cephalic version) 197: A pt : with Fever .Next? (Ultrasound) 198: a young man with 4 days h\o constipation and bleeding PR.cause ( GI ca) 196: G3P2 previous 2 normal vaginal deliveries with breech presentation at 38 weeks. SOB. Next (Antibiotics+steroids+B-inhalar) 195: 22 years army soldier smoker for routine examination found a single -supraclavicular lymph node no active complains .(31) 194: A known case of COPD. She was presented on clinic before 34 & 36 weeks but no action taken. (Emergency laparotomy) . present in ER with severe pain in testis and pain relieved with lifting scortum. DM comes with fever. (Epididymo orchitus) 200: A man with RTA an iron rod hurt in his anus to abdomen.pain in RUQ.

(Arthroscopy) 203: A elderly man IHD.8gm.what is diagnosis? (Diverticulitis) 202: A pt: come with swelling in knee joint there is effusion and asking for investigation. HTN. have severe epigestric pain after a meal.what will your lab finding. A middle age man come with lower abdominal pain. constipation.43. (low ceruloplasmin) .(32) 201. postural dizziness. What is the diagnosis? (Ruptured diverticula) 205: A male known case of DM. what is diagnosis? (Mesenteric Ischemia) 204. bleeding PR. DM. and abnormal movements (CNS).PH> 7. come with diarrhea. An old man with severe abd: pain sudden frank bleeding PR. fever old h\o diverticulosis .diagnosis? ( Hepatic Hydrothorax) 207: A young man with jaundice. What is this? (diabetes complication) 206: Plural fluid analysis: protein>1.

60 kg wt. What would you transfuse? ( FFP) 210. fluid in 24 hurs.Asymptomatic come to with Z-Score 2.3 liter) 209: A young man with h\o RTA .(33) 208: A burn pt: with chest and abdomen . lethargic. Wbc 5000.0 mg.5. A young African .2.non responsive . Lab: HB.prsent with eye itching and burring. (4. what is next? (alendronate ( Bisphosphonate) 212: 8 years boy come with URT infection. platelets 20000.eye opining with maximum stimuli and extensor hand response ‘ (GCS score 5 ) 211: A long standing Cushing syndrome pt: .0.low platelets. What is diagnosis? (Aplastic Anemia) 213.9. (HPZ ) (flourcin Dye ) . RDW:13 .WBc: 9000 otherwise normal.On steroids replacement since 20 years .now bleeding from multiple sites . (B.prolong PT. A young man RTA with severe head injury . labs: HB.Diagnosis. looking pale.Thalassemia) 214:50 years old man h\o eruption along thoracic dermatomes .APTT.

polydipsia.investigation? ( 24 hours free urine cortisol ) (or evening salivary cortisol) ( overnight low dose dexamethasone ) ( after noon ACTH level high ) 218: distinguish B\W central DI & Nephrogenic DI. 221: radiology picture of skull. (DDAVP challenge) 219: case of Acromegaly (insulin like growth factor IGF-1) (Confirmatory test oral glucose suppression test) 220: SIADH euvolumic low Na and high urine osmolality with (restrict water) demeclocyclin and tolvaptan.(34 215: A young man with polyuria. Which hormone to replace first? (cortisol) 217. PIGETs disease. (high serum alkaline phosphate with normal Ca & Phosphate) . What investigation for diagnosis? (Water deprivation test for DI) 216. urine sp:gravity 1. Case of pan hypopituitarism.001 with history of RTA.Case of Cushing’s syndrome .

(35) 222: Lab report diagnosis for Renal tubular acidosis (RTA) Urea 16 ( High in RTA 4) K 5.5 (or Low in RTA 1 &2) Cl 115 Hco3 21 ( or low)in RTA 2 (treatment RTA 1 & 2 with Potassium citrate) PERICARDITIS .

N. creatinine and urea 30. rash. eosinophilia) IgA nephropathy >with RIT infection Focal segmental G.LEUKOCORIA Na 14310: A young man with HTN.hypoalbuminea. (Membranous G. joint pain taking thyzoid diuretic+ NSAID come with hematuria.N > I\V drugs abuser ( High in RTA 4) K 5. proteinuria. RBC in urine.N >Drug induced (hematuria.N > in children Interstitial G.) Adult Minimal change G.5 (or Low in RTA 1 &2) .

Cl 115 Hco3 21 ( or low)in RTA 2 (treatment RTA 1 & 2 with Potassium citrate) .