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C.S.£ -]'l'e 19%










>l'he tool life increa.~es with the
n. increase in side cutting edge angle
b. decrease u1 side rake angle
c. decrease tn nose radius
d decrease in bacl rake angle
Given that
S = feed m mmlre\'. and
R = nose radlus In mm,
the maximum height or surface roughness
H.,... produced by a single-pomt lrnning
tool is gil en by
a S2f2R



2. 3and~



b. I. 2 and .I
c. l , 3aud4

s 2J4R



c. S2/6R
<l S~/~R




Internal gears can be made by
a hobbling
b. gear shaping "~lh rack. cutter
c. gear shaping \\ilh pinion cutter
d. gang milling
During ultrasonic machining the metal
removal Is aJTected by the
a. hammenl1£ action ofabms•ve. panicles
b. rubbing nchon between tool ;md work
c, high rrequency sound waves
d. high frequency eddy currentS
Compound die perfom1s
a. two or more operations at one station
tn one stroke
b. two or more operations at different
stat•on~ fn one stroke
c. only one operation and lhru too a1 one
work station
d two operations at two different work
slillioi1Sin the sume stroke
Matc.h Ltst I wTth List II' and select the
correct answer usmg the codes g,ven
below ~Je losts
List I (Filler rod nmterial)
A Mi'ld steel
B. Bronze
C. Brass
0 , Lead and tin alloy
List II (Joining process)
I. MIG welding
2 Soldering
3. Brw,ing
4. TI>enuit welding
5. Braze welding


In designing the !lutes of multiple·edged
tools such as broaches and milling cmter's,
which of the foll owing factors are tllken
into consideration'?
I The worl. ut31erial
2, Tqe size of lh« tool
3. Tbe degree to which· the chip curls
-1. The rake angle o~ U1e tool
Select the correct answer using the codes
given below:

Match List I with List


and select the


oorrect answer using the codes give,n

below the lists
List I (Cutting tools)
A. Stelute


B. H.SS.
C. Ceramic


List D (Major constituent)
I Tungsten
2, Cobalt
3. AJuutina
4. Columbium


















For tmld steel. the hoi forgmg temperature
range is
a. -too• C to 6ll0" C

nntnre the operation and as well "'' or the operator 21. Micro-motion •li•~Y D. cross-slide tool post b. xa m Motch List l with l. S ima cltart< are used tor . the worker gets • nonnal w~ge ~~ the .~ given hdQo.)• (' Apart from hc:. an lnline lnlnllfer mnchine d. 18. Mf>sl 81Ji!tlblc lbt low-Vt)lunlc pmtluctiun Select the correct answer using the cod'"' given helow ('odes a. Clinollr•ph ~ b. '""' lng •vcr"!!c method d. discretion of the lima study engineer b. pooling of . inspection or p•rt• b.e C. 1 :md 2 c. Roduc<.. <Oxponontiol smoolhing For moving orutd in bulk. Time study B. time ovuil•ble to lhe time study engineer d. on • l>arlicl•lar dole number of cycles lo be tinlod lD stopwatch lime s ludy depends upon the n. fur a particular y~ar b.c lit.'Cinlll1e. c. s imulation of mrxlols For sales forccnsting. I (1. Body m t>lnbur 20.<tog•>nal ckmenl(~) u.. Work f•clor system 19. 1:. o~trhi technique II.examrace. real tool post anclt•i l stock Geneva medtanism is used 10 transfer C<lmponento fnll\1 bite Station to the uU1~r b. a.ine e.. 2 i>l 14 Which of lbc following are true of product type layout'/ L No Oexfl>ilily 2. " link<:<~ line II an unlinked Oow ljnt Whfeb ono: of lh~ following proe<:!S. High <peed J)lm 5. i~ u. Gn!pbitiu liim 13. Ploling ~ a. 1 alld 3 in n. ults J CI!ited c. 75% d S5% Balance shoot refer• lo the finanoinl position of the Company 2. Light •nd intrieato parts 'l•ifb dose· dimensional lok:rauW< or the mder of = 0. ist n and seled the correCt llllswer us i11g the cod&.ist U 14. ('yell: !ifttph J..sf. C'odes: C B 3 b. cross-slide tool post and rear tool post c. foro particular monUI w w 3. over roller conveyors.r m•ch. in sintered parts? n. Stn"ll ele<>hi c h11lb c.005 mm •re produced hy a. the md inntion given to tl1e <:(mveyon. the in a Wn'Ollnlbeinclude(8) o. the lists List ! A. 4° 1" d. &lie I:JlSling www. work dun" at on" place d. Impresnation J7. cros•·~lide tool ro•t ond lail Ktflllk . st~tistical correlation b. 700° c.)pan ions is mude u~. . t~t. investment casting b. 66 w•. 1300° (' to 15()1..:flieiency of "" 50".es is performed ln powder mctnllurgy to promote •elf-lubrlcnting prol""rtie.15. 2 •nd 3 om c 10 9000 c tuoo•c to t2tl0• (' b. I. 211nd 3 b. in a pru:ticu lar shcp d. 6. time of e:ICh cycle and the 3ceuroey of rc:. 1• c. 5 1 3 ~ 2 4 3 5 w A 4 D 2 cL 1 3 4 s lJoder d1e Hm""'oo Jillidoncy Phn. h.c • a. ce 12. lnfillmlion b. "''l'M ra . • I'Oloty tran.sually a. cl.ial h11ndling 3.e of in a. o(icrator movements e. 10" L S top watch 4·.

.... Project scheduling . the hcral :md work lifO as follows Q. zero R w w • The gtven tigme sbows a thermodynamic cycle ouT-s diagram.8. 5 W· + 3. All Ute processes ·are straight lines. .. -Te)r r" b.15% 27 c. . Lme of balance schedulit(!l 3 Dispatching. d shell mould <>asting Whi~h of the fotlowin.c I following diagrams processes correctly? c.5 (Tb . 2M% Mal'ch List l (Devices) wilh List 0 (Thermodynamic cquallons) and selret th~. . . (Tt.J of 1·1 l•l l s T \C) ' ce ·E.. 0 The lhermal efficiency of the cycle Will be a. 'l4. centrifugal cas1..2and4 c. An tdeal sas is heated (i) al conslam volume and (it) at Constant pressw'C from the tn~ual state l Which one of the cycl e IS giVen by r.. • T<)/0. s T (d) .. 2 and 3 d l. www. -10. of four pr<.c ra :n two p·C b.o.. .• . Select the correct answe. 14. the om 22. Oantt chart 4 ..>coss~s....· using the codes given belQW' Codes· a L311Jld 4 b 7. 26 ~ t~t 24. The effoctencv <)f the 1::~..5 T. ~ 'lh. 1. ln a thermodynamiC cycle consistinJ. + 10..Tc)rt..g pairs urcl oOrrecOy matched'/ I.20. I 30.examrace..)rr....CnticaJ path analysis 2.e w w M Tvv.. Billch production .....s 'l'.5 T. Job order . e. V diab>rnni xa m The same process on a P wi II be represented as ·~.. d. (T.. . -· (0..33% d.BC ts shown on a V T diagram 111 f~. I.land3 A cyclic pr<'<'ess A.· ... I shows ..

:age into I he condenser d. 200kJ/kg and J 80kJ/kg respectively. coudenseJ' sj2e c.SO kJ b. C()mpressor and evaponuor is 80kJ/kg. tile enth. om correcr answer using the codes given below the fists list 1 A. Pressure ratio C Cut-off ratio D.5 A Diesel nnd Ono cycle have the same compression ratio ' r' .-b.5 d .com . W .~ ~ 4 J rite or a Carnot heut pump used for heating n rOom ~~ 20°(' by exchanging heat with river Walcrilt IO"C is a. Q.ient of performance Clf 5.ractions with ~1c ot11cr two reservoirs is given by 34 .vep tigure draws 300 kcal from 200 K reservoir and does 50 kcal of work duri ng a cycle. Reheating of steam c.h. Explosion ratio List IT 1.examrace. 4 1 3 d. 01 Q. Diesel cycle 3. air leal. 3.. A. Regenerntive teed heating by steam d. 28 . Dua. lsochoric beal additiool d Isobaric heat addition Match List I with List II anc. 0. Otto cycle Noz~le C. Q1 + Q2=-2SOkcal a.h no degradation of energy? a. Ute cut-on· rario of www. m b 2.~-~C£. temperature f cooling water Which one of the following modifications to aRankinecycle wotild upgrade/enhance 1ts efficiency so as to approach that of Carnot cycle? a.~pansion c. Compression rario B.e ~ T. =+ 250 koaJ b..O kul s.c there an increase in entropy . 6 b. expansion limil in turbine b. O. =+ 350 k~. Incomplete expansion of steam b. 2. Turbine 36 a. .350 kcal Jn <••hidt one of the folh1wlng processes. Codes: A B a. rhen the heat inplU 10 the engine for each kJ of heal re1nuved from tl1e cold body of 01e refrigerator is ra 2$. J'artial condensation of steam Tf an engine of 40 per cent thermal efticieney drives a refrigerator having a coefiic. " 3 b 2 3 C 2 I I ) D 4 2 . + Q.v.l combustion cycle 4. Polytrophic cxpan.slon b lsothermal e. The sum ofl1ea1 inle. 5 c. I oo kJ d. 4 A a. Valve D Compressor List]] I W = h2 . I 25 kJ In an ideal vap<\ur compression refrigemtion cycle. d Codes: h..5 cor 33 .•I ull ~ R.J d Q1 -1 Ch = . ' 4 2 J c.1 II 29 3 xa A reversible eugi•lg !iK as shown iu the f. 4 2 3 Jn the Rankine cycle the lower limit on the condones pressure is due to Ilie a.. 075 kJ c.0 ( . + w w !..l sclecr the oorrect answer using the codes given below tllelists 35 w 31 Ust l 1 B C' D 4 3 2 b. ~ hz~Vl . The cocfiiciem of performance of the cycle is a.tlpy of the rcti:igerant at exit from lite condenser./ 2 ce 2 ht ~ ht 4. Bray con cycle 2.

mean elfective pressure c the ma\imum pressure d the engine wcigbi For Lhe same compression nuio and d1e same heal inpul. steam at inlet is "et Dtgree of reaction is defined as the ratio 4J or a.5ul I t the cycle is's' Tite air ~tnndard efficiency ofth~ cycks will be equal when 37 38.examrace. enthalpy drop in fixed blades to enthalpy dr011 in 111oving blade$ d. I • 0 st . increasing the. anywhere along the lenglh d.k(s. along divergent portion and throat b along Ole convergent portion c. the actual dischatge will be greater than the theoretical value when a steam at inlet is superheated b. operates under supercritic:al pressure d uses indi~t heatin!! Out or the four curves (1. lU and IV) shown in rue given figure. Olio. ce 11..c b.I) -+ I . liSt> List I A Zircouiulll B. cut-<>fl'ratio will increase a efficiency b.k(s - t -k(s . Liquid sodium D Cadinium Lis1 U a I b.k 0 . Diesel. the one which l'tlpresents isentropic !low through a ct~nvergcnt-divol'l!OIII nou. Codes. dual b. near the inlet www. Shield xa m ra 39 I• 0 I) om c d.le. Ono d Dual. Diesel. lhe C(m'«< !!equence of the increasing order of the thermal elliciencies oflhe given cycles ts a Ouo. helpi tu a provide safety b tnaintllln solid$ '" suspension belo" a certain value c regulate !he flow of steam d . Control rod 4. enthalpy drop in lixed blades to. J I 2 d 3 The distinguishing feature of Velwc boiler is that it a is drum less b uses supersonic gas vcloc. u m "'d. Diesel. dual Otto c Dual .i~l I (Mntcroals) with List II (Application in a nuclear reactor) and select the correct answer using the codes given below th. IV ln Oow through steam nozzles. Diesel Match L.le is b 40 I c I 4 4 a. II.OS! (. s' . steam at inle1is saturated c steam gets supersaturaled d.I ) .e I Cladding l Coolant J . 101nl enthalpy drop in moving and fix~'() blades c. 45 2=fa l+cos'a The blow-olfvalve of a boil e. enthalpy drop i11 rnoving blades tv enthalpy drop in fi~ed blades (}. B w w A a w .il) c. oosa d. enthalpy drop in moving blades 10 toml enthalpy drop iJJ fixed and nwving blades The maximum efliciency of a 50"/o reaction turbine with nozzle anglo a is . b (:'. In the case of a Diesel cyc. normal shock can generally occur a. shut down the boiler In a convergent-divergent nonle. Graphite C. 4 2 D l l 2 c.1_ l+cos'a l+oos'a leas' a c.0 s' -(S • I) .

innwnmahiliiY 54. brighl green b . the bypus faclor is siven by ra Miluomt:tno ~fficieocy of • ce111rffugal pump is defmcd a.bargc us mru:kcd on u psycbomL'ttics chan. red d OI'UJII!C c. Ammo~•• Tho ~ilUlificnnr nd\Ming:c ol 11~111!! a.c ammomn ns n rcfnset11m ts iiJ The schemalic dia!'nuu of a vapoHr compn:ss. Process R5 . will l''""'' hy 5. Process RT C Process Rll www.e xa represen1ed OJS (d) -c-- • • -- List I A.s~ drrometric chart. lllulch List I wtfu l•$1 II ond •elect il\c correct iUISWcr usin@ I he code:< piven belm• I he hs~ w w w . Wnler b C'IU'!x'11 dio•ide Ct P'rcnn 12 d. If C is the apparatus dew pomt. The condihon of air for a cooling and dehwmdijicauoo system is W'et> by tbe point A at inwke. . H' a Which o ne nf lhc ri>llilwrnj~ n:lfit~etWIIO hus d1c lul'hat cnuc.ely 51. change to impeller exit i01peller mlill a. =•"!! d. yellow e. <l BCICA Wid> r'CSJiec:t ro the rollow111g figure wh1th shows four proccsse.examrace. b IS lik. manomeuk bead 10 the bead impac1cd by lhe iulpedcr 10 warer d.Uc odoor b. '" a case of leakage ofFreoo refrij!e(Uill. to dJe manomeuic head 50. lr I-I The colour of lhe name of healide torch.or C'avil:tlions in 01 """'rifU!!lll pvmp til occur at tile 3.2. $uchon he:~d to the hend impnncd tly die i10peller 10 "ater b. churuolcri. solubiUIY in wnter d. on dtt p. in•·olute Sp<cific speed of a lurbmc i~ N.JP Jl. SJ. B 111 dis<.l u:mpcr:llmc? om 47 n..on rcliigemtion system can be a CAJAB b C'AIBC c. dtifu>ct exii 48. hJJ:!)I f~le!U h<lll ce c. bend rmpartcd by the nnpdlcr l(l wMer lo the Suction head c. the ntbO of n. BC'IAB ss.head impaned by the impeller to water m •19.

Rate of change of pres~·nre in a venical direction is proportional to specitic weight of fluid Codes. 1 I 4 3 61 I I www. w w w .examrace. 2 remain consfam D 4 3 2 59 4 ra C'ons.List I wi01 List U and stleot the correct answer usin£.cure wi th which· mali will exchange the same dry he-dr by radiations aud cuune<:tiou as in the actuaJ envin:mment? 3 Combines the erTects of dry bulb 1emperature. the codes given below the lists lls1 J A. Of these statements a. Hydrostatic law B Newton's law C l'ascal's law D. b. B 3 4 I ce a. d. Steam spray into air B·. llumidifying 58. I and 3 are correct Matoh . om d.e 57 Match List I (Laws) wirh Lls1 n (l>henomena and select 1he corrtct answer using_the codes given below the lists List I A. Air ~nsl\lng over • coi l having. BcmouJii's l·aw Listn I Pressure at a point is equal in <til dlre<:ti(lu~ iu a fi\Jid at rest 2.c a measure of the sensation of "'firmth or coldness 1 Is the unl form lemperature of a11 imaginary enclo. l . A B C 0 5 2 60.c ~ c. 5(> C I 2 4 . I aud 2 are correct c 2 aud 3 are correct d. b 2 3 J d 4 3 2 2 2 4 4 c. A 2 l 3 3 7 of 14 dehumidification wet bulb temperature remains constauL but entllalpy changes dry bulb temperswre remains constant both dew point aiiil wet bulb remperature remain constant enthalpy nd wet bulb 1emperature Durfn~chemTcal A B C D a.ider !he following statements· llffective te1npera1Ure I l. lemperanll'e above the dew point but bel ow tl1e wbt List II I Sensible cqoli ng 2. 2 and are correct b. Cooling and dehumidification J. COdes.0 ProcessRW List u I. Cooling and bomidlt)dng 2 Sensible. Shear mess is direclly proponional to velocity j!flldiCJit in fluid llow 3. Air passing over a coi l having temperature less thau dew pow[ D. a.ation 4 Sensible heating Codes: il. Air passi11g over a coil carryi11g steam C. b. heating 3 Cooling and dehumidifying 4. J'feating and hmnidiflc. c. wet bulb temperature aud air movemeu~ xa m .

1"he diameter of the seco11d pipe i$ two times that ol' the first pipe. J. The ratio of the cost of pumping through pipes. 3. given . from a 50 mw diamelt!( 0\'i fice has a 40 111111 diAm•ter 'It 1ts vena oontracta.96 d. I 11 from under a gate omo the floor Tite ratio of velocities v. I 67 Jf a fluid jet discharging.examrace. 1· 4 55 a__ ! _ The wale< level In rut empty vertical cylindrfcal tank with top open is to be taiscd b)' 6 m frOm a nearby rtscrvoir. then its coe!Ticient of oontraction will be 1!. 0.32 b.r 11{2 I BemoulU 's thoorcm l'l L +. (V7 . u! I I a.J c. 0.e} is om ''fll . 3 · 5 The following instruments are used in tJJe 1 Ori lice meter is a. Venturimeter Tlte cormct 5equenoo of ~1e ascending order of the head loss i11 these instrull\ents d. in 66. The jet is then dcOected twriw maUy T he disc.~ 1'"'"'~'1 + 4m R " b. t'low nozzle 1. lioeur litw b parabolic law Bound~ry www. WN" d. I 16 c. I 8 d. whey 'y' is equal to xa 63.nt streamlines G.~ to V u 1s 69 layer separatio" is cau•ed by a. strea.c a.. 2.Jlllioes jJJ . wi. al·ong different rotation.· ~ 1' 2 <\.u2)12~. I a. I. 0. reduction of pressure gradient to ?-em c. along differo. 3. red11cri01i of pressure below vapo~r pressure b. W/u1 Two p1velines of eqtull leng~hs are connected in series.6 ? · ~ measurement of tli~charge ~>rough a pipe m ilrigational flow c.: b V~/2g 64 I . .t of water 'd' cot in diameter IE:jjving the nozzle witlt a velocity of V mh strikes a disc weiglting ' W' kgf as shown in tloe. 2 b I 2. w c.ll be held in equiUbrium al a distance 'y' where tbe fluid velocity is ·u•.e w w } . a./512 b.• Z ~ constant is valid pg b lg a. 'A flow b. I 64 68. ouly iuthe CIISe offlow of gas d only in fhe ca5eof flow ofliqtoid A vertical je. 2. reductivn of bou11dary layer to zero thickness The velocity distribution in laminar now' through a circular pipe ollows tlte 1!. ce d ra 62 2 . The ratio of frictional head losses between the first pipe and the second pipe is '2.64 C. A and B (see given ligur. an ~dverse pressure gradient d.

.Orn:ct explt111uliOn ()I' A e.n'llcl expi4Mllon of A b. 2.nntion of A h. A is true but R is false d..ettion. 76.lanotion of A c.\ lod R fil'<l true find R is tho correct cxplo.' l>nl R i• trt•e Assel1ion (A): 11te'ing fon.R is false d. A i. A is true bul R is fnl!<e d. 111tu lhl> llliL1 [clc will buill rost or. Jjotll A and R are true and R i• lh<> c.1lsc or www. . . Both A nnd R nre truo and R os correct eKplanation of A b. R=on (R): Brittle moterial$ fo~ without .u. BoUt •\ and R arc true but R is no1 a ~rrect cxplnMtion of A c.examrace.\) Ctll 4.1son (l~): Winding in oppru. Re. 4. Reason (R): The reslllnng force or couple is propo•tional to velocity in the case of tbo:se vib•·t~tioiiJI. Bolh A 31ld R are lr\IC but R i5 nul a cornx:t C. A is true bur R t~ false d.e in: u limited ..Renson (R): Maehiuabilily ind<>x indicates the eas~ with which J mah:rinJ can bu n••chioed.0 em <!. i• .C)(planMion of' A b. Botb A and R. 78. ore true and R 1s the com:et «'q)lan. are true nod R is the eorrect explanntion c. BoUt A and R.. :\ particle under equtlibrium moves with ecms~:~nl vdMI~. A is Ioise but R is true Assertion (A): Ole casting yields a produttl a. 41 ' AJ> c-ertain . a. lse d.oontinue to rnovc vt'iU1 l. iron is an cll(omplo M !iicrvomothunism.atp:1cc :are wn~ntl in <> pposite direct ic)n~. yielding. A is f•l~c butR is lr!lt Anc11lou (A): A pair of g~. A is false but R is tme A. 77. n. Both A and R are IJ'Ue and R is the .uud to have tho foUuwing form.1rinls do not exhibit J'ield poinl. a. Both A and R ""' !rue hut R is mll • c. qWiotlly. l . A is lrne hut R i~ f•hle d. to be 5 em. Both J. A is false but R is true Ao. a. of good ~CCUI.'ln be mt>ts ured 'Ill an #b~oluk ce 71.Ocm b.0 em correct cxpbn~tion o r A As.? Reason (Rl: 'Il•e gear drive i• d log~rit hmio law 11le velocity distrihution in the hound'lfY drive. xa m ra Rea~on <R): Tl' lbe re!luhJJ1l force nchng over 3 rnrtic\c. 1\ is tme but R is r:.\is true but R is false d.e .s ~~ n.\ is f•l•e hut R is lrue Assertion 1A): ('onc.ile direeticms prevc:rtiS luc.sertion (A) : The moch innhility of • luaterial c. a. fonus • rolling pair. 13otb A •nd R liJ\: IJ ue llut R It not • rorrect CXJlfnnat:lon of A c.f A b. or I•• n positive om to.scmiort (i\).. Bolh A nnd R are IJ'ue but R is not • correct exp."ion of A b. Rcoson (R): ll "' an ~u'IJJm•tic controL c. ll•~ frc:e ~lr<oam veloctty u was found to be 20 m/¥ nnd the boundaJ'~ Inver thicknasl w~ e:~tim3l•'<~ 'tie dispblcemenllhiol. n.lcing ofthe two coils in ca•o of mholigrm•~nt or buckling.tei'O..'lllric cyllmlrioal hclieal spri•ISs wllich OI'C u•cd to ha ve ga·cltc:r -.. 5. a.o ml<:l el(plunnlion of i\ c. A is fal• e butR i$ true Assertion (A): 'I he temperature ccntto l •11' "" eleciJ'ic.. ~orrect 74. Bolh A (m~ R ~rc< 1ntc ~nd R is the com:ct o:~~pl•n:uion of A b. lay<lr uvcr th~ fJce of • high spillway fo.c u ~(& ") .com . •ystem... Both A m1d R are 1rue but R Is not a c.C)' und finisl1. transverl!<> amL tor~ional vibrati<111S al'e ~imp lc h:annnnic. cubic power lnw 13uth A 1111d R •re hue and R is lhe eor~I. if originally in motion. w w w explnlllltlon of A b.nes. BoU1 A •nu R are true but R i~ not • some velocity.<sertion (AJ: Stress-strain c<~Nes li>r brittle mnto. c. A is truo buL. Both A and R are true but R L• no t • con·ect explanation of A c.'<plonntion A c. Reason (R)' Low melting alloy• nre used in die Ci16ling. A i• trne but R is f. r~ Is<. 75.

h tltc jlrodnef selllng price must b.rTied -away in the flue go.. Both A and R are true and R J.10 nl 1•1 d.:phnntion of A h.mpQSltion. lite cos!J<.dio•ctive liquid w:JSte is nol desinbla due lo the nature of the A is true but R t• fal~e tl A is f~ lse bot R i$ tnoe Assertion (A): An economizer is placed between Uto boiler und Ute c. A is false but R i! liquid oir i~ heterogenemos. xa 81.c N. Margi11al cost in linear break-e'l•en analysis provides the w w w . m ra RO. und R iJ the con-ect eX]Jitmahon of A h. Rca•un (R.): Rota meter Ooat indiol. Rea~on (~): ('ombn~ti<ln . A is liol>!c but R is true AMcrtioo (A): Condensers of large rt1frigernling plants inchl<ling central air· conditioning systettiS are invariably woter· price fiXing. a.ssertion (A): In . ovniloble •• • lower than that nf Inc uir 3n~l l10s u ht(>ilcr specific lteoL u. Both A and R are tr11e btn R L• nOI 4 oom:ct cJt1lloMtitm ol' A c. Dilution of rn. B<lt. U1e peak load hydroelectric pl~nl• •Upply power (luring avcr. Both A "·" " R ore tnJc hm R i• not a com:ct explanution of A c.~t.rgt'Otllld tanks.~gc load as also during pc:rt.u ct. The· marginal cost is the ma. Reason (R): 11 ydrodcctric plrutts.<pl:molion of A I> Bnlh :m~ R are lrue but R i~ 1101 • c<mect e~<vlanation of A c.~on ( R).~oclly dcfmcd.\ .•dd vel~Jdty asynoptotic:tlly.e d..'\ >nd R an: lro~ but R J$. . . false d.1tlon of A e.. the metering Ooat iodi<:tottl(JJhc discloargo.oq>latmtiou ofA b. Re..!. BoU1 A and R are true but R is 1101 • 85. BoUt A •ntl R arc true but R is nol o c =t cxpibnation of A c.xtmum value ~ t whil:. A i~ true but R is f. not • correct expl1mation of A c.:r oll R.:dm-e of Jlir . "" Both A .ott can e"~ily ab~tract ""'"" hcit fi-om o... ill uod. 'L 1\ is fob~ but R is true Asiertion (A). n. correct e. i\ i~ fnlse but R is true 1\sseniq" 11\). true A. Bolh A ~nd R are tnoe. trom n conc~tralt:d I<) • cooled~ .. a.'q>lan.himnty tu recover heat C3. Both A and R •re Lnoe :ond R is the com:ct e. . Both .'l'tioo (A): Tn mnny ~scs.examrace. nl~nl om nueleAo· pnwcr . A is fahle but R is lrue t\s~c.s the corr<ct tttpl~ootion of A b. A i:nruo but R is false d. A i• tnoe but R is. Botlt A and R lll'C lruo ond R is Ute eorn:ct e.ota meter dte fluid Oows from lhc bottom of the coni<::~ I Rota meier tube with d/vetgence in the 11pward direction •ml the Jl<'l~lt .t R. Reason (Rl: The '"locity williin the bound:uy layor approache& the in vi.tiug lo tJu: pow"r grid.>f C..ion or A c. Re•wn (R): Air is homogeneous i. and it is a simple exercise h> restart vowel generation and c:ouuec. . The liquill waste manag~ment wltb 1J$~ful inform•lioo for smuU volume md stored. A is tru:> but R is f•l<e d.1 mi.\ is true but R is fal!. lvtuL whottt''"' ocquircd. but . Both A and R •re true ond R Ls the 1. Both A and f( are true but R ~~ not • eo"""t explan.:m s«ncrnte 0 very wide fOil S<' of electric jlOWer..\0rt«t "Xillonatlon of A A and R •rc lrue untl R i• thu co!Tect expbnali<lt1 11f A b. u.1l~e d.: filtcd w noctJV. a. A is lruo but R is faille ·nuc gas<:$ f!1at would oUtcrwi~e flll~ up the chimney. A b fobc but R is true www..t::~•ott (R): temper:otttre ~urroun<iiug Wol<. false hut n is tme Asser1lon ~A)! Tile tllodmc!!S <ll' boundar)' lay<:t can nut "'"' It ore lnoc und R i• Uto CQrrect e..ea~on (R) . Both A and R are true hut R ls not • u tl.:offllcl txplan:otlon of A A is lnle but R f~l>e is ce .'I IC$ the di~chargc in lemi$ of~~ rotation.e or 86. Bolli A and R are tnw 011d R is Ote c =t cxphtnotion of A h. n. A is fa be but R is true 1\ssertion (I\): Air i• a pure snbslllnce but a mi:<hore of air •nd liquid air in a ~ylinder is uot a pun: • uhslrute<:.

examrace.. •~ · L T w w w R9 d.I I of I t 88 A B C 0 a 4 I 2 3 b l 4 3 2 ~ l 4 2 3 d.v=it' I 3/ Starting from l = 0.... 9. Fv.8 1 Innis .Nm Jf Ute momentum of " given partiele is doubled.J.J A' • Ll' t 2Aflcos8 Bros8 95 The springs of a chest expander are 60 em long when wrscratched. uuaffected A sli~ er crank mech~ni sm is shown in fhe given figure. r~A. r=:==~~== . Their resultant ' R' wil l make ru1 1Uigle c...01mtls d. b. Newton's First Law of Motion D. 11. U1e pruticle wi ll have to travel a dislanoe of a. such that cos 9 is equal to . quadrupled c.0 ~ IWS 93 xa m •p_ The value of •p• required will be the mini mum when it is IH . The motion of a particle (distance in meters and ri me in seconds) isgiven by du< equation 0 '"• Which of the following expressions stand for crank effort I.t witlt the force A. 10m c. vertical c at 4~• h) the horizontal d. ISm rifle.s theorem C..sln(B+?) www. 600Nm b 800Nm c. The work done in stretching them to l 00 em is a. to attai'n a veloci1)' of<> 1!1/s. 175 m/s e. Estimation of the three forces on a body in equllibrium Codes: ra 87 . 120 m/s d.JA=· B1 . l4. with a velocity of It O ntis...•'::'E.. IOOONm d. -r=:==c:~== . 1600. perpendicular to tl1e li11e CO Two forces A nnd B are acting at an angle6.e a. then its kioeuc energy will btl' a.lABoosO Hsinll b.c 92.. from 01e lop of II 115 m high tower lfg = 10 ntis\ the. horizontal b. Varignon. Polygon Law of forces List u I Detemtination of the poSt~on or I esuhanl Of pamJlef fOICes 2 Definition of the genernl condition of equilibrium 3 Determination of the rcsultan1 of nonparallel forces 4.4' • 8' . 5m b.velocity wi th whicl1 the bullel will suike the ground is a. I 15 m/s The escape ltelocily from the surface oftlte earth is approximately equal to a. 4 I 3 2 l'he road roll er shown in the _given li'gure is being moved over an obstacle by a pull . Their sti ITness is 10 N/mm.. aom A bullet is fired vertically upward~ from a om 91 ce Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists Ltst l halved d.2 kntls G. doubled b.2A8cos0 90.2ABcosO A • BcosO ~ .. 220 uti• b. Lamia's theorem B.nI) .J A' • B' . 22.=:' 8 ..

2 Md J are COrTe~t rr danll>ing factor in "vibrnting system is unity.1d weight type A governor is s oid to be irocbronollii wh"n the cttuiiibrium ~pood for oil rodii or rotation of the ball• within tl1o woridng . ~Jo om 2. cctu:llt(l n. lhe jolU'rul..~ hi&Jicr the viscos ity..tile phJtse lag ul MOttance is a. system wiU ~~. a governor of1he a. L-2 Seh:l. Th" w'bole assembly roL1tes :sbout 3 vertical axi3 at 6 r~dfsec.s u... be under damped d.1 ~ utl4 Fj r••nB+(":"") d. inerli1 type b. oorTed c. 012 c.1and4 For L nurnb<:r of link~ in ll mechani~"'· the number of pc>sllibl¢ inversion• . I.l Ute corre>.s a mass qf 3()0kg and a r•clius or gytatiou of 1m. lund 4 c. l.mic lnbrication for 11 given joW'MI bearing.OrTect d. 1 and.. have nc. Dl .'Jnl b. is not constant ra d. 1 and 2 are con·ect c. then th<. lcl\gth t)!'th" lluill cohlmn 3. OM ~. 1. w w 106. ''nri~-s unifonnly l 04. o• b. hcos uniJ\mn•occelcr. 18() kNm d. ·n. A cycloid b.p.l ala given ·viscosity. be highly d•mped c. The hogher th<> bearing load..govcmur .l c. 103. F. is constant m e.:rank and lever mi:Cbonism range d double 5lider crook mcchnni~m 'Moe tooth profi le most e.examrace. the higher lheviS<-'<>sity needed to flnat the. 3. lhe higher tho bearing load nccclcd to noot 105.-r usn~ tbe ~odes given below Code5: n. l <tnd 3 b. l and 2 are C. the lllw¢r the o'l)tnting speed needed to notot tlw j<)w·n:ol (ot o given loncl 2. single s lider crank mech:mis m 98.d by se._. be criti"" lly domped For stct~dy-state forced VIbration•. I nod 3 nrc. [ 3. I. Of the. b. L • I Oldhnm•s coupling is the . centrifugal type d. b. de.t vil>taticlns b.::d h.journal ut • ~ven speed. 1. or<.ccondary fot\les d. • I c.t ao. '" fOW' bar moeharusm b.~e ~llltoonent~ n. 2 oml 3 are corn:<:l d. "' D 107. ion of ce 97. pendulum type e. partially balanec. :u:celer~tion du~ 10 gravity Of Utesc ~!ltloment. l'lte gyroscopic couple experienced will be ~..e ')C)_ a.ommonly used in gear llrlves for pow"r trans mission is :1.ot b. A Hywhee1 h."v1:1· 102.c %. 2 nud 3 are com:d b. L d. . IOL F. 3 it k. about its horizontal axis. c. 360 " kNm A llirtwcll. Tho period of oscillation of U1c fl11id colwnn in~ U-tube dq~encb up()n the I tliam~ter Mthc I '-nobc 2. hnd 3 cL 2. 6 ll lu'lnl c. It i. 45• www. An ellipse xa d A pZil'llbo!JI Consider the 1\)llowing srnretnenU< : For • proper hydrooyn. J.3 are con-eel Tile radjus of gyrotion of 3 sol'ld disc type Oywboa1 of diAmeter ·n· i~ w 100.~ giwn • spin of 100 r.~tion In rcciprt>oatiniJ engines primory forces 11. An itl\'olutu c. '111e higher the rotating sJ)O<lO. •re completely b3lanc.m. b. 2 and 3 1ll'o oorn. ore bolonce. connot be boloncc:d CotLSidc:r IJ~e iollowiJl8 •t•t>:ments.

113 A I J www. ~~ p0/4t d. pD/t d b. a. 1vhen subjected Ia an internal pressure ·p' is equal co of bending . ~~ "t~ L_ ld b c. 8 Hardness C' Mal lealliliiY D.onect answer using the codes !.r _. • (d) 0 ' ·~. Modtdus of resilience. (M~ning of properties) I.e w w w • Mateh List J with LISt 11 and select the c. 90" The maxi mum shear srress induced in a thin-walled cyJiJldricaJ shell having au iutemal diameter 'D' and thickness ' l'.. l'r(lduct ol Yqung' s modulus and seCQnd moment of area about the pla. D. . Resistance to indentation d. ce xa .IJ u ( I 1 a.Dt" to a diameter "Di' and carries an axial tensile load of ' P'. Bauschinger effect D. Fle:«utal rigidity List II (Characteristics) 1. Loss or mechanical energy due to local yieldin. Straiat energy per unit volume J .- ~ 1"" a.g Codes. pD/81 A red of length.'iVen below the ljsls List I (Mechanical properties) A. tL_ (a) 4/J1 D. J ~ 2 J B 3 2 4 (' 4 4 I D 2 I 3 2 4 Match List I with List It and select the correct answer usirlg the codes given below tJae lis~ List T(Mechanical properties) A. pD/2t An idealiz~d srress-strain cwve for a :""'1E"'•••mb. <>I' I rr-ED.h one of the following twodimensional states of stress will the Mohr's stress circle degenerate into a P-Oint:? (c) 41'£1 ra 109.- a /.· T. C. Torsional rigidity B. Toughness Llst lJ.'=='~.examrace. c. The extension of the rod is (E represents tl1e modulus of elasticity of the mate1ial of the rod) om 180° . Ductility. Torque per unit angle of twist -1. ~ I " tapers unifo1mly from a diameter ". T 110 112. m !Ot' .l D: 1tH I' I :tPL For whic.c 108 c. JIJ -· "tL.

Trans. if lloe length is doubled whill> keeping Ul< CrOSS·SC'CUUII and the concentrated load acting at the froo end llte same. E=3 K ( I -2v) c. 1 3 4 I d 3 4 2 The Ei&Slic Constants E at>d K are related as(v [s thePoisson·s ratim 119 a.0 T'] Consider the following types of stresses 1 Torsional shear 2. lL [-·_.66 rimes b 3 tiuo~s "2 xa m d. member is . along the length of a beam subjecied to loads. maximum stress c. the deflection at the free end will increase by a.examrace. ?.1·1u ( dcfonnation J. I~ om 114 i\bltlty to absorb energy during plastic .JM'+r.] ra !IS b. I 2 and 3 Which one of the following !!faphs represents Von Mises yit>ld cri terion? ce lu a cantilever . E = 3K(I > v} d. B = 2K(l + 2v) _l[M+f] d. 6 times 116 f[M-.JAP 4 12. bending stress The -stresses that are produced in the wire or a close-collcd helical spring subjected 't(>an axial load. 2. 8times (I point. l 3 2 4 b 1 4 2 C. I and 2 c.c 2 w D a zerl) • b p c. w w r . is known as tlte point of ~. Inflexion b. Percentage of elongation ·1. Ability to bo rolled into Oat product$ Co!les. would include a. A B c D ~. 2 and 3 c. E = 2K(t-2v) b. subjected 10 bending moment 'M• and torque 'T' equivalent bending noomenl is given by a.•crse direct shear 3. The shearing force at aoy section on the length BC of the. where bending momeno changes its sign. l'u/k 118 d. I and J d. b. ~[. ~M ' +T' www.ero shear torte d contra flexure A Stll!ctural member ABCD is loaded as shown in the given figure. Pk/a For the design or a shaft.e 117 c..