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Research Proposal

Research Title
Human Resource Planning

Submitted By
Gulzer Ahmed Khondaker
Id. No. 15DH089
PGDHRM Program
Batch: Evening - 2

Submitted to
Lamia Farha
Bangladesh Institute of Management

Bangladesh Institute of Management,

1. Introduction

Background of the Study

Human Resource Planning can be defined as the process of identifying the number of peoples in the
organization in terms of quality and quantity. Human Resource Planning is the core of all Human
Resource activities beginning. We can say that Human Resource Planning is a primary activity of Human
Resource Management.
In a contrary, Human Resource Planning is one of the most crucial sectors of an organization. Since one
mistake by hiring wrong people in the organization can be able to destroy working environment and
working relation with one another.
We can say that for a healthy organization and organizational growth we should firmly focus on Human
Resource Planning.

1.2 Importance

of the Study

Human Resource Management is an integral part of management, which discuss with the human,
personnel, & all the related work of them. HR practice is new to BD organizational culture. Now- a-days
HR practice is improving in all organization. HR practice is also structured & following updating with
world’s HR practice. To fit with the organization & introduced with the real life HR practice with the
literature HR practice actually term paper program is important.

2. Sources of Data
The researcher used both primary and secondary data to sketch the research. Like2.1.

Primary data:

Communicates with people to find the actual process of Human Resource Planning of some nationalized,
private, international and multinational companies personnel.

Secondary data:
Books Journals
Business review
Various business report
Daily newspaper etc

3. Objectives of the Study


Specific objectives:

To know the Human Resource Planning is to have accurate number of employees required with matching
skills and knowledge to obtain organizational goals.

General objectives:

In other words, the objectives of Human Resource planning is to1. Recruit and maintain the HR of requisite quantity and quality.
2. Ensure adequate supply of manpower as and when required.
3. Forecast required human resource with different level skills.
4. Meet the requirements of the programs of expansion, diversification etc.
5. Progress the knowledge, skill, standards, ability and discipline etc.
6. Predict the employee turnover and make the arrangements for minimizing turnover and filing up
of consequent vacancies.
7. Appraise the surplus or shortage of human resources and take actions accordingly.
8. Anticipate the impact of technology on work, existing employees and future human resource
9. Minimize imbalances caused due to non-availability of human resources of right kind, right
number in right time and right place.
10. Make the best use of its human resource.

4. Methodology of study or Sampling data collection and
This research is an exploratory based research.


Basically this research will follow questionnaire and survey method using interview schedule and also


The sample size is about 100. Present researcher will use random sampling technique for choosing sample
size. Two Nationalized, Four private, two international and Two multinational company of Dhaka city

will be purposively chosen by the researcher and 10 respondents including employee, employer and
workers will be the answerer from each company and organization.

Data collection techniques

The data will be collected in two ways. They are4.3.1. Primary sources of data
Primary data will be collected from the 100 respondents directly using questionnaire survey method.
4.3.2. Secondary sources of data
The sources of Secondary data are Books and Journals. Daily news papers, Website, Various research
reports etc.

Techniques of data analysis

Collected data will be analyzed by using chart, graph, table, pie diagram, histogram, bar diagram etc.
5. Limitation of the study
Due to the shortage of time and lack of manpower and the cost this research prepare only based on Dhaka
city instead of all over Bangladesh. Few officers sometime felt disturbed, as they were busy with their
assigned work. Sometime they didn’t want to supervise us out of their official work. Sometimes it is
difficult to collect data because important files are kept in locked cupboard for safety.
6. Timeline


01 September 2015 – 31 December2015

questionnaire by
interviewee for
taking interview
Data process and
Report writing






Feedback and
Report present

7. References