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Jharkhand has emerged as one of the major centre for trafficking of children in India.

Most of the
trafficking from Jharkhand is of tribal’s for domestic labour to cities where there is a demand for
such work. Cities like Delhi and Kolkata a number of illegal placement agencies have taken
advantage of legal loopholes to traffic mostly innocent girls in the name of providing
employment but instead are put into extreme conditions of forced labour, physical and sexual
Trafficking of children from Jharkhand mostly takes place through the well organized placement
agency rackets in Delhi which supply the tribal children to the homes of National Capital
Region. These agencies mostly target the children of age group 11-16 who remain tight lipped
even after exploitation. To supply these children from Jharkhand the children a

Figure 1: Routes for trafficking from Jharkhand

Presentation on Human Trafficking Scenario. ADG.Source: SN Pradhan. Jharkhand Mainstreaming the Rescued Child . CID Jharkhand.

- education. Illnesses and pregnancies appropriate assistance should be provided. - welfare. The CHG should provide a safe space near the railway premises where the child can be accompanied by the staff. can be brought back in to main stream by providing immediate care and protection including security. particularly in cases of disabilities. To main stream the rescued child the needs of the child should be identified. legal assistance. food and accommodation in a secure place. Security of the child When the CHG officials of the Ranchi Railway station first make contact with a trafficked child. where the railway authority can provide space and the local voluntary organization (Childline) can run the premises to take care of the trafficked child. It is highly recommended that setting up a short stay home at the Ranchi Railway premise.The rescued children that are being trafficked (into or out of an area). as well as other factors. This would give him a sense of security and enable the child to trust the worker and express himself. In case of children with special needs. these needs depends on the harm she or he has experienced. social service and education. access to health-care. psychological distress. The trafficked child’s needs fall broadly into five categories:- security. they need to assess the measures needed to protect the security of the child. - physical and psychological health care. - legal assistance. psychological support. .

Some children also demonstrate the most serious behavioural difficulties. There are following circumstances where the legal advice for the trafficked child is needed. These children require the closest attention and support. The legal representative should be skilled in representing children. such as resisting discipline. medical or psychological help is required to treat the child. such as hoarding food or hiding their possessions. As in other forms of child maltreatment. This is a natural part of the human response to stress. and bizarre behaviour. When these effects for a longer period. has knowledge of the experiences of trafficked children. becoming angry. some of these tasks may be carried out by trained counselors and experienced volunteer helpers. Legal Assistance A legal representative should be available at no cost to the child. Psychological care can address the child’s behaviours and ability . If psychotherapists are not available. most children experience psychological and physical effects. Psychological Health Care Children suffering from traumatic stress disorder (whether from sexual or other forms of abuse): After any traumatic event. under appropriate supervision. often the psychic wounds are much more difficult to heal than any physical hurts.Health Professionals Health professionals and social workers can help children recover from the experience of trafficking by providing medical treatment and psychological care. .or inability . The authorities responsible for child welfare in Ranchi Railway station (such as Childline and CWC) have a responsibility to ensure there are adequate numbers of health professionals who are adequately trained to meet the need of trafficked children for psychological counseling and/or interact with other people in a socially acceptable way.

 There is a possibility that the child may be charged with an offence.  An assessment is also needed to determine whether the child is entitled to compensation. life skills and vocational training may have been factors that made them vulnerable to traffickers in the first place. It is important to address these needs and not to postpone until a durable solution is implemented. but might alternatively ask that a portion of the trafficker’s confiscated assets to be paid to the trafficked child. If the CWC and the NGOs are unable to meet these needs. musical instruments and other equipment at the short stay home provided by the CWC. A claim may involve suing a trafficker. or because of unpaid or underpaid remuneration based on income the child has earned during a period of exploitation. A lawyer (and the child’s guardian) should accompany the child at every interview with law enforcement officials. Efforts to address these needs are often postponed on the assumption that they are the responsibility of the child’s home city and wait until the child returns home. They may need to communicate with relatives or other acquaintances. They may need clothing. either for harm or prejudice caused to the child. Railway Authority should provide these assistance. toys. Child Education A child’s lack of basic education (numeracy and literacy). A teacher should also be appointed to take care of these children and meet this need. Child Welfare Trafficked children have a range of practical needs depending on their circumstances. . books.

Figure 2: Upper View of Ranchi Railway Station .

3. Specific fail points and roadblocks at each level should be identified and suitable recommendations should be provided.Objective – To provide a holistic. The solution should be designed such that the rescued children can be brought back into the main stream. The solution should take the psychology of the child into consideration and should be child friendly.g The colour of the Kiosk shall be such that the child feels comfortable. It is also important to put the children concerned at centre stage and to make use of the information they can give. 4. 2. The solution should be realistic and integrated involving all the stakeholders with railways playing a pivotal role in the enforcement. Deliverables 1. Minute details of the service delivery should be mentioned e. This will involves a number of steps that can be adopted by the various stakeholders: . 5. feasible and sustainable solution to the stakeholders (outlined below) in line with the standard operating procedure (SOP) for railway to ensure care and protection of children in contact with railways 2015.

o Find out whether children who have been trafficked have any common characteristics which made them more vulnerable to traffickers than other children. o Analyse the information both to understand the traffickers’ methods and to identify opportunities to increase the ability of children to avoid falling under the control of traffickers. o Analyse the various causes of child trafficking and identify opportunities to intervene in order to have a preventive effect. Did the initiative have any effect on them? Why did it fail to prevent them from being trafficked? What might have been more effective? .o To collect information from children to understand the circumstances in which they were trafficked and how/why traffickers were able to gain and keep control of them. o Consult children who have already been trafficked about the impact on them of any previous initiatives to prevent trafficking.