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BBA 4th sem important questions production and operation management upto chapter 5 by prasant

1. Explain the system view of Operation Management.
2. Discuss the challenges faced by an Operation Manager.
3. Define the following terms.
a. Goods
b. Services
c. Operation Management
d. Operation Research
e. Quality
4. Define pure service. Explain its characteristics.
5. Differentiate between consumer oriented approach and product oriented approach.
6. Write short notes on service process matrix.
7. Explain the role of quality in service marketing. Define the following terms:
• Corporate level strategy
• Value
8. How do the three generic strategies differ and provide competitive advantages?
9. Briefly explain the role of following dimensions in measuring the service quality:
• Tangibility
• Credibility
• Reliability
• Competence
10. Write short notes on service quality gaps and its importance.
11. Explain the significance of Pareto Charts.
12. Define Quality. Explain the major attributes used to define qulity.
13. What are the two types of control charts?
14. Define statistical process control.
15. Why Statistical Process Control uses control charts?

Subject Code: 3205
Examination Code: 606
Time – 3 hours
Full marks – 70

Broad Questions (Answer any three questions. Why proper inventory valuation important for a business? (b) “Types of inventory in manufacturing concern are not similar to service concern. 7. Define capacity.] Part A. The sequence of answers must be maintained) 8. What are the two ways of capacity measures? Part B. (c) What factor should consider at the time of job design? 9.” Explain. 2. (a) What is location analysis? Explain in brief the factors that affect location analysis.B – The figures in the right margin indicate full marks.” – Explain. Proper sequence of answers must be maintained) 1. 5. (b) What are the three service and manufacturing strategies in operations strategy? 6. (a) Define Inventory.[N. (a) What is corporate strategy? What factors should considered at the time of developing corporate strategy? (b) What do you mean by market analysis? Explain the steps in Market analysis. (a) Define competitive priorities. 4. 3. (a) What do you mean by Operations Management? (b) Explain the steps in manufacturing process. . (a) What performance criteria should be emphasized for layout? (b) Describe three basic steps in flexible layout. (a) Explain the concept of total Quality Management.Short questions (Answer any five questions. (b) “Quality assurance incur cost. What is decision process? Explain the relationship between decisions in manufacturing and service concern.

601 0. The Quality inspector randomly selects four bottles from the bottle machine and measures the outside of the bottle neck.605 0.603 3 0. form the last six samples areBottle Sample 1 2 3 4 1 0.620 0. 16 per tire.595 0.585 0.581 0. The dimension (in). The firm operates 240 days per year. Carrying cost is $1 per wheel a year.597 0. a critical quality dimension that determines whether the bottle cap will fit properly. . Annual carrying cost is Tk. Determine the – (a) Optimal run size. (a) The Marlin Company Produces plastic bottles to customer order.607 0. (a) A local distributor for a national tire company expects to sell approximately 9. 75.614 0. (b) Cycle time for the optimum run size. The distributor operates 288 days a year(a) What is the EOQ? (b) How many times per year does the store recorder? (c) What is the length of an order cycle? (d) What is the total annual cost if the EOQ quantity is ordered? (b) A toy manufacturer usage 48000 rubber wheels per year for its popular dump truck series.590 0.617 0. The firm makes its own wheels.570 0.604 6 0.600 steel belted radical tires of a certain size and tread design next year.612 0.588 0. Set up cost for a production run of wheels is $45. which it can produce at a rate of 800 per day.579 11.600 2 0.608 0.588 5 0.585 0.604 `0. and ordering cost is Tk.583 0. (c) What is load distance method? Discuss the situations where this method is appropriate 10.(b) Explain the methods that uses for location analysis.592 4 0. The toy trucks are assembled uniformly over the entire year.

(b) ISD 9000. Explain the principles of a good plant layout. What are the characteristics of quality circle? 7. All questions carry equal marks. Sponsored Links SECTION B — (5 ? 6 = 30 marks) Answer any FIVE questions. (d) Market Segmentation. (j) Define the term quality control. 2. 1. (e) State any three objectives of maintenance. What are the advantages and disadvantages of centralised 8. (e) Supply Chain Management. (c) JTT-II. (f) Mass Customization. (c) What are the types of plant layout? (d) Define production planning. State the steps involved in implementing method study. Explain the importance of production planning 5. 12. B ´ Ä | ø h• øÓPø Í | ø h• øÓ £k zx ÁuØPõÚ 6. What are the objectives of production management? 3.(c) Run time. State and explain the different selective inventory control . (h) Kanban System. (g) Gantt Charts. Write short notes on any five of the following:(a) Forecasting . (f) Write a short notes on inspection. (g) What is meant by selective inventory control? (h) What is meant by store keeping? (i) State the different methods of vendor rating. 4. (a) Define production management (b) Define the concept of plant location.

SECTION B — (5 × 6 = 30 marks) Answer any FIVE questions. What is EOQ? 12. 10. Point out the objectives of production management. Name the types of control charts. 6. Name the stages of production planning and control. (a) Explain the applications of ABC analysis (b) Discuss the essential requirements of a good maintenance OCTOBER 2012 U/ID 32406/UCXJ Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks SECTION A — (10 × 3 = 30 marks) Answer any TEN questions. State the objectives of plant location. List the objectives of inventory control. Distinguish between production and productivity. You need permission to copy content of this website. 3. All questions carry equal marks. All questions carry equal marks. State the types of production system. 9. What are the duties of a purchase manager? 20. Copyright Policy : Content of this website is copyrighted. Bring out the importance of materials 17. Define plant layout. (a) Critically examine Weber’s theory of industrial location. 14. What are the features of ABC analysis? 18. Explain the scope of production management. 1. with proper credit (a link pointing to the source). State the requirements of an efficient production 15. (b) Explain in detail. 11. 8. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of 19. 16. Point out the objectives of work measurement.SECTION C — (2 ? 20 = 40 marks) Answer BOTH questions. 13. 2. 4. Define work measurement. 7. What is work study? 9. the different stages involved 10. All questions carry equal marks. What is production planning? 5. List out the functions of stores department. .

DEGREE EXAMINATION JANUARY.vidyarthiplus. B.vidyarthiplus. Third Year SERVICES MARKETING SECTION A Answer .A. 2012.

1)Mention the phenomenal growth in the services markets.any THREE questions. 1)Differentiate between goods and services. 2)State the role of positioning in services marketing. 7)What is Quality Gap? Mention the techniques to resolve the Gap. 4)What are the objectives of concept testing? 5)State the reasons for the growth of services in the modern 2)Explain 7 Ps of services marketing mix. . 4)Explain the functions of services market http://www.vidyarthiplus. SECTION B Answer any FOUR questions. 3)Write brief notes on: (a) Blog (b) Geo targeting and (c) Banner Ad. http://www. 5What do you understand by CRM? Explain in brief. 3)Write a note on augmented product. 6)State the emerging trends in services marketing in India.