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Republic of the Philippines

Ramon Magsaysay Technological University
Main Campus – Iba, Zambales

English 4: Scientific and Technical Writing


Report relaying information or recounting is any informational work, usually of writing, with
the specific intention certain events in a widely presentable form.
II. Report Writer should have :
 Accuracy - Great care should be taken to ensure that the information is
presented accurately.
 Objectivity - Data must be evaluated honestly and without bias.
 Clarity - The author should work to convey an exact meaning to the reader.
 Continuity - Reports should be organized in a logical manner so that it is easy
for the reader to follow.
 Writing Style - A relatively formal writing style should be used when
composing technical reports.
III. A. Collecting Information
a. Recording Data - The general purpose of data recording is to set in writing
and assure the preservation of the data collected in the course of field or
laboratory studies. The experimental design of each study determines the
types of data to be collected in terms of the objectives and resources available
for the study.
b. Library Research – Gathering information through a library, normally to a
university library where books are properly arranged. This method is useful
for a direct and truthful data.
c. Direct Inquiry - a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge. an
investigation, as into an incident: a Congressional inquiry into the bribery
charges. The act of inquiring or of seeking information by questioning;
d. Interview - is a conversation between two or more people where questions are
asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee.
Interviews are a standard part of qualitative research.

This letter is called a proposal letter. and electronic mail. letters. and deliver specific information. students and the public at large. Special Information Reports . submit changes to a job. Questionnaire . In engineering and a formal business letter which is sent by an individual or a business within the company or outside the company to another party to present an idea or business proposal which can benefit both of you. Recommendation Reports .Recommendation reports discuss differing solutions to a problem. d. week. Examination Reports a document that assesses potential solutions to the business problem or opportunity. c. f.A special information report is a report that is generated outside of normal reporting. Classification of Reports IV. Although they are often designed for statistical analysis of the responses. Manual Republic of the Philippines . correspondence is an effective way to make requests. B. b. this is not always the case. and determines which of these are viable for further analysis. a. etc.A recommendation report proposes a solution to a problem or evaluates possible solutions and recommends one. f. Feasibility Reports . month.consists of a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. Periodic Reports . e. Correspondence .These reports aim at providing useful information and statistics related to the examinations to schools. Proposal .Summary of events that presents essentially the same type of information updated at regular intervals such as every day. Sometimes these special reports are done on demand.

Mejia Jr. PADILLA Instructor .Ramon Magsaysay Technological University Main Campus – Iba. Submitted to: LOVELY ANN A. Zambales COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITURE FINAL TERM English 4: Scientific and Technical Writing BSME – III In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements In Scientific and Technical Writing (English 4) Submitted By: Hermogenes L.