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Problematic: The Rise of Foreign Culture

“Indonesian culture is a result of thousands of years of welcoming outside
influences and incorporating them into a larger story.”
Dear, culture lover! As we know, culture has been one of daily need in
our life. Beside exist as an identity, everything seems beautiful with culture.
However, the development of culture itself trigger by domestic people who
posses it. Culture changes time by time, people has their different way to
beautify traditional culture; in order to make them still exist at least at their
original place. The problem is that, we can not even make sure that our own
culture already known well by it’s society. In fact, there are just several
people who really give good concern to learn about culture.
Based on geography Indonesia is big country and has a lot of varieties.
Indonesia has 300 ethnics and all ethnics have different tradition and culture,
examples languages in every provinces are different such as in north
Sumatra they using Batak languages, in West Sumatra they using Minang
language and Bali they using Bali languages. Indonesia also has different
traditional costumes such as in Java their traditional costumes is Batik, North
Sumatra is Kain Ulos, Baju Bodo comes from southern Sulawesi, Baju
Berkoteka comes from Papua and so on. Indonesia is really beautiful because
Indonesia has different- different culture and tradition, isn't it you think the
same way?
The official language of Indonesia is ‘Indonesian’ or ‘Bahasa Indonesia’. It’s
universally taught in schools and is spoken by nearly every Indonesian in
business, politics, national media, education and academia. The Indonesians
also speak several hundreds of local languages like ‘bahasa daerah’ as their
first language.

The government of Indonesia officially recognizes only six religions, viz Islam,
Hinduism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism, and Confucianism. The
largest religious group in Indonesia is Islam with almost 86% of Indonesians
being Muslims. Indonesia is also the most populous Muslim-majority nation in
the world.

Pramoedya Ananta Toer. although European influences have also been particularly strong since the nineteenth century. ‘Gamelan’ is the traditional music from Central. dance. Music Home to hundreds of forms of music. Traditional Javanese and Balinese tinge is also seen in the dance forms of Indonesian art and culture. Drama and Theatre The Javanese and Balinese shadow puppet theatre shows ‘wayang kulit’ displaying several mythological events. A traditional folk theatre. The highly stylized dances of the courts of Yogyakarta and Surakarta are some of the popular variations. Mythological events of Indonesia are also depicted. Traditional . drama and the silat martial art are all incorporated together and are based on the stories of the legend. Randai of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra. singing.and East Java and Bali. it plays an important role in Indonesia’s art and culture. Music. Dance The traditional dances depict episodes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata from India. Traces of its origin can be made to the islands of Java.Literature Indonesia has created many internationally famous celebrated authors. Architecture Indonesian culture. is performed during ceremonies and festivals. Another very popular style of music is ‘Dangdut’ which is accompanied with free dance style. Chairil Anwar was also an important figure in the literature world and a member of the Generation 45 group of authors who were active in the Indonesian independence movement. a well-known author won the Magsaysay Award and was considered for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Sumatra and Bali. especially its architecture has been to a great extent dominated and influenced by the Indian.

buildings in Indonesia are built on stilts with oversized saddle roofs which have been the home of the Batak and the Toraja. Let’s try to begin this with the most easy way. Spices. it will easier to know well about them. The intricate and expressive Balinese paintings are quite famous and often express natural scenes and themes from the traditional dances. ikat and songket cloth which is even popular today. especially fish and chicken. Widespread of modern art. European. If we talking about culture. the way to attract them in our domestical culture is to use our creativity in showing thedomestical culture so that people get more interested in that culture . and coconut milk are fundamental ingredients in most of the dishes. domestic culture is an identity which reflects entity of a region. These are what student as domestic culture preserver said about this issue: “For me. For instance by mixing a traditional dance with some modern dance in one preformance so that will become a contemporarry dance . for example the rise of modern music which is more interest for young people. enjoy the traditional one. no doubt we can make sure our next generation will also enjoy traditional culture and being it’s preserver. So in next step. The staple food of most Indonesian dishes is rice served with meat and vegetables. The existance of a domestical culture unites people in that region and develops harmony between them. especially Indonesian paintings which are unique works of art. So. If all of young could prioritize traditional culture as their need as art lovers. especially what happen in our society nowadays which are tend to give more concern to foreign culture already told us to accept this challenge of preserving domestic culture. Indonesia’s art and culture is also famous for their unique batik. notably chili. In my opinion. we do really need to preserve our domestic culture. we also have to realize that culture has to in line with development of art. Middle Eastern and the Indians. Material Art The arts of Indonesia are many. Cuisine Indonesians distinctive cuisine has been derived from centuries with the influence of the Chinese. Art in here means other part of culture in society.

SAMAN Ratoeh Jaroeh. Go to the place that have a great culture. We have a reallly beautiful and great culture from ancestors. that is. You never cool when you haven't love our culture. produce. Be thankful to our ancestors to do preseve our domestic culture” . Youmust be putting m . A phrasal verb. Many phrasal verbs have a number of different meanings indifferent sit uations. An important point is_that_a regular verb+preposi tion combination has two_meanings. You are so lucky to be an Indonesian because other country haven't so many culture like us. Here are two sentences with the same meaning: "They tore down the old building. Yet the meaning of_the verb+particle can usually beexpressed with a single Latin-based verb.without removing the uniqueness of the traditional dance. and precious culture.” . they absolutely love domestic culture.pre That cannot be true." "They demolished the old building. For example traveling to Sumatra. Purwokerto Orchestra “Indonesia has an exotic.Achmad Akbar Rifanda. My suggestion is Join domestic culture!! Be a dancer or chef or actor or an organization about domestic culture. unique. a verb+particle. 10 Often Used Separable Phrasal Verbs As you know." Here’s our list of 10 useful phrasal verbs: Phrasal Ver b put on Meanings Example wear. when they see live the culture in there for example "tarian sambutan dari suku baduy" or tasting food from there.Rara Ayu Rengganis. a phrasal verb is a phrase with two or more words: a verb and a preposition or adverb or_both. has a single meaning within a sentence. fool.

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