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1042-1066 Edward the Confessor
m. Edith, daughter of Godwine, Earl of Essex
1066 (Jan. - Oct.) Harold II
m. Edith, daughter of Alfgar, Earl of Mercia
1066-1087 William I
m. Matilda, daughter of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders
1087-1100 William II
never married
1100-1135 Henry I
m. 1 Matilda, daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland
m. 2 Adeliza, daughter of Geoffrey VII, Count of Louvain and
Duke of Lower Brabant and Lower Lorraine
1135- The Empress Matilda, Lady of the English
(disputed claim w/ Stephen)
m. 1 Henry V, Emperor of Germany
m. 2 Geoffrey, Count of Anjou and Duke of Normandy
1135-1154 Stephen
m. Matilda, daughter of Eustace III, Count of Boulogne
1154-1189 Henry II
m. Eleanor, daughter of William X, Duke of Aquitaine.
Duchess of Aquitaine, Countess of Saintonge, Angoumois,
Limousin, Auvergne, Bordeaux and Agen in her own right.

daughter of Charles VI. Count of Hainault and Holland 1377-1399 Richard II m. daughter of Aymer Taillefer. Holy Roman Emperor m. 2 Margaret. Count of Angouleme Plantagenet 1216-1272 Henry III m. 1 Anne of Bohemia. Essex and Northampton m. Berengaria. 2 Isabella. Earl of Hereford. King of Navarre 1199-1216 John m. daughter of Philip IV. Count of Provence 1272-1307 Edward I m. daughter of Humphrey de Bohun. 2 Joanna. King of France 1327-1377 Edward III m. daughter of William V. daughter of Ferdinand III. 1 Mary. Isabella. King of France Lancaster 1399-1413 Henry IV m. daughter of the Earl of Gloucester m. Philippa. 2 Isabella of Valois. 1 Isabella. daughter of Charles II. daughter of Charles IV. 1 Eleanor. Eleanor. King of Castile m. daughter of Philip III. King of Navarre 2 .1189-1199 Richard I m. daughter of Sancho VI. King of France 1307-1327 Edward II m. daughter of Raymond Berenger V.

daughter of Lord Edmund Howard m. Katherine. Earl of Warwick Tudor 1485-1509 Henry VII m. daughter of Thomas Boleyn. Anne. Jane. King of France 1422-1461 and 1470-1471 Henry VI m. Earl Rivers 1483 Edward V never married 1483-1485 Richard III m. m. Anne. Duke of Anjou and King of Naples and Sicily York 1461-1470 and 1471-1483 Edward IV m. Queen of Castile m. daughter of Thomas Woodville. Elizabeth of York.1413-1422 Henry V m. King of England 1509-1547 Henry VIII m. daughter of Charles VI. daughter of Sir John Seymour m. Kathryn. Marquess of Pembroke in her own right. daughter of Sir Thomas Parr 1547-1553 Edward VI never married 3 . 1 Catherine. daughter of Richard Neville. daughter of Edward IV. Duke of Cleves m. Earl of Wiltshire and Ormonde. King of Aragon and Isabella I. 2 Anne. Katherine of Valois. Elizabeth. daughter of René. Margaret. of John III. daughter of Ferdinand V.

Earl of Clarendon m. King of Denmark and Norway 1625-1649 Charles I m. but William reigned after her death 1702-1714 Anne m. Philip II. daughter of Alfonso d'Este III. son of Charles V. King of Denmark Hanover 4 . 2 Mary.1553 Jane Grey m. King of France 1660-1685 Charles II m. Guilford. daughter of John IV. daughter of Henry IV. son of John Dudley. Duke of Braganza and King of Portugal 1685-1688 James II m. Catherine. daughter of Edward Hyde. Duke of Modena 1689-1702 Willam III and Mary II (1689-1694) Mary was Queen in her own right. 1 Anne. son of Fredrick III of Oldenburg. Henrietta Maria. Holy Roman Emperor 1558-1603 Elizabeth I never married Stuart 1603-1625 James I m. King of Spain. Anne. Duke of Northumberland 1553-1558 Mary I m. George. daughter of Frederick II.

Duke of Saxe-Meiningen 1837-1901 Victoria m. daughter of Christian IX. Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1901-1910 Edward VII m. daughter of John Frederick. Caroline. Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach 1760-1820 George III m. Sophia. son of Ernest I. daughter of Charles II. Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1820-1830 George IV m. Duke of BrunswickWolfenbüttel 1830-1837 William IV m. daughter of George I. Alexandra. daughter of Teackle Wallis Warfield 5 . Charlotte. Albert. Duke of BrunswickLüneberg-Celle 1727-1760 George II m. Wallis Simpson. King of Denmark Windsor 1910-1936 George V m. Duke of Teck 1936 Edward VIII m. Adelaide. daughter of Walter Smythe m.1714-1727 George I m. daughter of Francis. daughter of George William. Mary. 1 Maria Anne. 2 Caroline. daughter of Charles Louis Frederick.

Elizabeth II m. Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne 1952. Philip. daughter of Sir Claude George Bowes-Lyon.1936-1952 George VI m. Elizabeth. son of Andrew. Prince of Greece and Denmark 6 .