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The German University in Cairo

Faculty of Management Technology
Department of General Management

Phase I
Introduction to Management 101
Winter 2015
Submitted by:
Name: Ahmed Ali
ID# 28-3235
Name: Martina Louis
ID# 37-1051
Name: Mona Askary
ID# 37-1178
Name: Salma Mostafa
ID# 37-3024
Tutorial no.: T20

) Creative idea for the startup to fill this gap: We will start by allocating soda cans recycling bins throughout the country. the recycling bins are automated to provide the user with a financial reward for each can or number of cans he disposes of in our recycling bins.Introduction: The market gap: The aluminum recycling industry has been and is being neglected in Egypt despite the high demand for aluminum products locally and internationally. soda cans. car parts. slabs. Startup Description: Name: Annex Corporations. imports. sheets... processes and re-manufactures recyclable aluminum. How will the startup fill this gap? We are planning to build a recycling plant that collects. we can reduce our imports and limit our costs for the raw material needed for our manufacturer. (e.g.g. Therefore. (e. Partners: Ahmed Ali – General Manager Habiba Elkased – Operations Manager Salma Mostafa – Sales & Marketing Manager . ingots. The companies that already work in industry can’t fill this gap as most of them are unorganized and they can only do small-scale operations. etc.…) By efficiently collecting aluminum scraps and integrated the latest manufacturing technology while maintaining a rigid quality control system. etc. we believe we can fill this market gap by offering high quality raw aluminum products.

Penetrate the market through competitive pricing to increase our market share locally to 20-30% Medium term: Make the recycling bins available throughout Cairo.(Service) Aluminum related products (Slabs. sheets.g. Long term: Make the recycling bins available throughout Egypt. Egypt Aluminum Company) Mission & Vision: Our vision is to help the world to live green Goals: Our goal is to be the biggest aluminum recycling plant in the MENA region that offers high quality aluminum that can be used in the heavy metals industry Objectives: Short term: Allocating the recycling bins in New Cairo. ingots. Become the leading aluminum manufacturer in Egypt with 50%+ local market share. Start exploring and exporting to the international market. etc…) Competitors: Aluminum manufacturing companies and small-scale manufacturers offering similar products (e. . Exporting at least 60% of our production to the international market.Martina Louis – HR Manager Mohammed Ghanama – Logistics Manager Mona Askary – Finance & Accounting Manager Industry: Aluminum and heavy metals recycling Products & Service Introduced: Automated recycling bins .