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C) up / out
E) out / off

1. - 22. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere
uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

In order to achieve the .......................... of the
educational program, the teachers need more
time and more supplementary materials.
A) resignation

B) negotiation

C) measures

D) objectives


D) over / out

I was tired ........... her complaints ........... the
A) to / over
C) from / for
E) for/to

B) through / off
D) of / about

E) confusion

All we need is a ........................ report about the
production problem of the company
A) detailed
C) effective
E) restricted




B) so that
D) whether

10. These two models are quite suitable for your
purpose. You can buy ................ one you want.
A) whichever
B) whatever
C) wherever
D) whenever
E) whoever

B) Practically
D) Rapidly

11. Recent experiments have shown that the
farmers in the area can grow ................. four
times more wheat if they use the right kind of

B) over
D) indeed

A) such as
C) as many
E) so as

Please put ...................... your cigarettes and
fasten your seat belts. The plane will
take a minute.
A) off / on

B) Since
D) Unless

He is advised to fix a burglar alarm to the house
................ somebody tries to break in.
A) even if
C) in case
E) despite

B) denied
D) rejected

She learnt of the position ............................. a
newspaper advertisement.
A) about
C) through
E) without


B) punctual
D) enormous

..............................every culture has its own
moral values.
A) Regularly
C) Sensibly
E) Effectively


A) So far
C) As if
E) Even though

The suspect was found guilty because
he ............... that he had robbed the bank.
A) confessed
C) refused
E) convinced

....................... he was feeling ill, he agreed to go
home and have a rest although he had a lot of
work to do.

B) at once
D) at least

12. Most of his students admitted being lazy, ……
A) neither did John

B) away / up


............... Fortunately...... the roofs of many houses .............. 13............................ A) stayed C) have stayed E) will stay 19.. paid as soon as the accountant . from lunch.. A) stopped / would fly B) stopped / had been blown off C) stops / have been blown off A) depends on B) takes over 2 DENEME B/1 .... higher wages but nothing ... I .. All of you ..... Our understanding of language . cooks and so on........ They promised they..... A) will get / returns B) will get / will return C) got / has returned D) have got / would return E) are getting / has returned A) breaks in B) picks up C) aims at D) looks after E) falls over 17..........for a company in New York.. A) B) C) D) E) B) should D) will A) B) C) D) E) see / is working see / has worked saw / was working have seen / has worked see / has been working 16............... A) to drag B) having dragged C) to have dragged D) would be dragged E) being dragged A) will give / will do B) gave / would do C) given / is done D) would give / has been done E) would have given / had done 14.. B) had stayed D) would stay A) would C) are going to E) will be 20........ either D) stopping / have to fly off E) has stopped / are being flown off 18............... I've got a daughter who .. When I last ..DENEME SINAVI 1... him..... If the show lasts longer than we expect.. The civil servants told the people _____ anxious during the _____..... our experience of the world....... he ...... me...... 22.. The child was very upset when he saw his fatter . .. B) but John didn't C) as John is doing D) so John hasn't E) and John didn't.............. is not / voting not to be / vote can be / votes not to be / voting not being / voted 21.. so far........... with grandmother........out of his car by two men... 15......... You _____ go to bed early so you can wake up early tomorrow to begin your sightseeing.. By the time the storm .......

forming a delta. years.DENEME SINAVI 1. sorularda. aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. This fact makes it impossible for large Ships to travel up the river. Among their fans are many big names in the entertainment (29) ………. With a total length of 1. Most basketball teams (30 ………. of the continent. aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. As the Yukon nears the Bering Sea. including Jack Nicholson and Johnny Carson. Whenever the Lakers play home games. sorularda. the Yukon River is the fourth (27) ………. it runs from East to West across central Alaska. it (26) ………. Some of the rivers (25) ………. 28- 29- 30- 31- 3 A) Their C) His E) Theirs B) Its D) Them A) industrial C) industry E) deductive B) industrious D) inductive A) based C) basing E) base B) are based D) being based A) cheering C) to cheer E) to have cheered B) cheered D) being cheered DENEME B/1 . by melting glaciers. California. (28) ………. a modern stadium near Hollywood. many smaller rivers. C) consists of D) deprives of E) cope with 27- 23. 24- 25- 26- A) other C) another E) each other B) the other D) others A) as if C) as E) as though B) afterwards D) until A) feed C) were being fed E) have fed B) are fed D) are feeding A) breaks into C) breaks out E) breaks off B) breaks up D) breaks down B) longer D) as long as 28. The river generally freezes in October and melts again in May. The Yukon River begins in Canada's Yukon Territory. Many (23) ………. in large cities. Lakers fans have a lot to cheer about: their team has won four championships in (32) ………. -32. Large ice dams sometimes form and cause largescale flooding. 23- A) so long as C) long E) longest The Los Angeles Lakers is a championship basketball team. This gives the Yukon its strange whitish.979 miles. or milky colour.. for them. home court is the Forum. -27. they can be sure of a few movie stars (31) ………. rivers flow into it (24) ……….

sorularda. wasn't much interesting until she gave up teaching years ago although it is a hard and tiring job E) Nobody realized how hard it was 38. It is important to eat at least regular three meals a day . He drank some water and washed his face... ....-42... ___ .... ... A) B) C) D) E) 35.. B) just D) recent A) even if you feel like doing it B) when prices of goods had gone up C) in order to supply the body with the energy D) although we really don't need any E) not only do we get some from vegetables 33....... ..DENEME SINAVI 1.... A) since it accounts for half the human calorie intake B) which might have caused the emergence of a trade deficit.......... ……… who laid the foundations of democracy in the country 33.. A) The information is that B) This was the man C) Nobody believed him that D) I don't know how some people A) supposing the payment was good B) C) D) E) as the school was not far from her house that.... C) which in-turn has led to a much bigger interest in nutrition..... 37.. D) that resulted in a noticeable decline in exchange rates...... 32- A) recently C) ago E) last 36....... he could have been saved B) naturally his pain will stop and he will feel better C) the doctors would be able to give him some pain... .. the first thingthe new for a large government will do is to find ways to cope with it... verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.killers D) he won't have needed an expensive treatment E) I can recommend that you should consult some other doctors looking at his reflection in the mirror suddenly a thought struck him he was whistling a merry tune these he did every morning that was very routine 40.. A) What she has always done is to insult him B) He is a person who conducts any kind of business in his own way C) It really needs great courage not to accept the offer D) He succeeded in getting the control of the company E) He has been working for the company for about thirty years 34... .... 4 DENEME B/1 ......... Grain dominates the food economy of all nations …….... A) If the increase in inflation is the basis of a healthy economy B) Whether the prices are rising or not C) Since the inflation has been so high for sometime now D) After they had found out that the economic situation wasn’t good E) That's why the problem hadn't been overcome 39.. If only you had taken him to the hospital as soon as his pain started.......... even though he had been prevented by some of the people around him in many ways.. in fact....... A) most probably........ She has always enjoyed teaching five-year-old children …………….

A recent survey conducted among university students has shown that most students are not in universities they wish to.He said he would probably move to another city. she had to notify not only the police but also the health authorities. please? Have you got a watch? How many loaves of bread have you bought? 47. please? What’s your telephone number? Who do you want to speak? Who is speaking on the phone? Can you dial the correct number? 45. there wouldn't be so many unemployed engineers today.DENEME SINAVI 1. verilen cümlenin hangi sorunun cevabı olduğunu bulunuz. 43. A) Too important as it is B) However reluctant she may be C) Whoever sends in the complaint D) As it turned out to be a fatal issue E) Until this proposal finally becomes a law 42.. 46... E) until the steep rise in the consuming power of oil stopped D) Would you like tea with milk? E) Do you mind if I smoke here? 41. A) B) C) D) E) What time do you usually get up? When do the boys come from the holiday? What’s the time.. ……… . B) Ülke gerekleri dikkate alınsa. almost five.I’m sorry. A) İhtiyaçlar göz önüne alınmış olsaydı.. sorularda.. C) Ülke ihtiyaçlarını göz önünde tutabilse. verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.. A) B) C) D) E) Could I speak to Jane. sorularda. 43. A) B) C) D) providing her health would have permitted her-to because nobody has dared to criticize her even when she was an old lady whenever there may have been audiences to applaud her E) that she always liked to be the centre of attention 47. — 46. A) Would you like to eat cake? B) Would you like a cigarette? C) Could you pass the salt please? 5 DENEME B/1 . bu kadar çok mühendis işsiz kalmazdı. mühendisleri bugünkü oranda işsiz olmaz. You must have got the wrong number. E) Ülkenin ihtiyaçları dikkate alınmış olsaydı. 48. Queen Victoria delighted to participate in the court dance .. D) Eğer ihtiyaçlara dikkat edilmiş olsa. thanks.No. but there’s no one called Jane living here.. I’ve given it up.Er. işsiz mühendisler bu sayılarda olmazlar. ülkenin bu kadar çok sayıda mühendisi bile iş bulabilirdi. bugün bu kadar çok işsiz mühendis olmazdı.-50.. If the needs of the country had been taken into consideration. A) What did you talk about with John? B) Is Jim going to emigrate to Australia? C) What’s the matter with you? D) Are you looking for Jim? E) Have you heard the news about Jim? 44.

E) On no occasion are we considerate for the cümlenin ideas of others whereas we should be. C) We are not so considerate for the ideas of others as we should be. he has spent all his life in a small village writing poems. Sometimes you cannot be sure how things will conclude. verilen İngilizce dengini bulunuz. D) It would be absurd to say that we have regard 51. Her failure caused great disappointment among the family members who were sure she would succeed. E) In ten years Atatürk achieved an incredible progress in building up a new democratic society. he stayed in Istanbul but he spent all his life in a small village and wrote his poems. 49. saygılı değiliz. çoğu öğrencinin üniversitede olmamayı dilediklerini gösteriyor. C) Bazen işlerin nereye yöneldiğinden emin olamazsınız. sorularda. Türkçe for the ideas of others. Başkalarının fikirlerine olmamız gerektiği kadar A) Bazen her şeyin nasıl olacağını bilemezsiniz B) İşlerin bazen niçin sona erdiğini anlayamazsınız. 53.DENEME SINAVI 1. D) Üniversitelerde yürütülen son incelemeler. C) Başaracağından emin olduğu için başarısızlığı aile bireyleri arasında büyük düş kırıklığı yarattı. D) Aile üyelerinin onun başaracağından emin olmaları başarısızlığının büyük düş kırıklığı yaratmasına neden oldu. E) Bazı şeylerin nasıl sona ereceğini bazen kestiremezsiniz. A) Onun başarısızlığı başaracağından emin olan aile bireyleri arasında büyük düş kırıklığına neden oldu. D) The unbelievable progress Atatürk made in creating a new democratic society in ten years was great. tüm yaşamını 6 DENEME B/1 . küçük bir köyde şiir yazarak geçirdi. B) Seldom have we respect for the ideas of others. but he has devoted his life to writing poems in a small village. A) Apart from a couple of years. E) Except for a couple of years in Istanbul he has lived in a small village where he wrote his poems. E) Üniversitelerde yapılan son bir araştırma diledikleri üniversitelerde olmayan öğrencilerin çoğunlukta olduğunu ortaya çıkarmıştır. C) Except for a few years in Istanbul. D) He spent a few of his life years in Istanbul.-54. A) The progress Atatürk made in ten years to build up a new democratic society was incredible. B) Atatürk's progress related to the creation of a new democratic society was unbelievable. Atatürk'ün yeni bir demokratik toplum oluşturmak için on yılda sağladığı başarı inanılmazdı. C) It was incredible that Atatürk made a great progress in building up a new democratic society in ten years. in fact we should. A) We would hardly feel that we should respect the ideas of others. B) Başarısızlığı aile üyeleri arasında düş kırıklığına neden oldu çünkü başaracağından emindi. öğrencilerin çoğunun diledikleri üniversitelerde olmadıklarını göstermektedir. 52. D) Bazen işlerin nasıl sonuçlanacağından emin olamazsınız. B) Son bir araştırma üniversite yönetimince yapılmıştır ve pek çok öğrencinin diledikleri üniversitelerde olmadığını göstermiştir. 51. C) Üniversite öğrencileri arasında yapılan son bir araştırma. İstanbul’daki bir kaç yıl dışında. B) He has spent his life writing poems and lived in a small village except for a few years in Istanbul. 50. E) Başarısızlığının büyük düş kırıklığı yaratmasının esas nedeni aile bireylerinin onun başarısından emin olmalarıydı. A) Üniversite öğrencileri tarafından yapılan son araştırma çoğu öğrencinin istemelerine karşın üniversitelerde olmadıklarını gösteriyor.

They are usually able.. many of middle .. aşağıdaki parçaya göre According to a survey published on Friday. copy writers. D) Unfair administration and dishonest officials lead to failure.. etc........ . many firms now employ an advertising manager as well to co-ordinate the things with the agency for the advertising campaign of the firm.. A) gives the correct information about the company B) handles. respondents said boys were freer. However... It is pointed out in the passage that …………… A) The advertising manager is able to do far more professional job B) Advertisements are put in certain papers and magazines C) Growing firms or companies need to be known D) The advertising manager is responsible for firms advertising campaign E) A growing firm makes contact with the public by means of advertisements göre 58.. saying that boys enjoy greater freedom and have brighter future..... The passage points out that.. also..DENEME SINAVI 1. in China ………… A) middle school girls wished they hadn't been preferred to boys B) more than 40 percent of teenage girls aren't happy to have been born girls C) boys and girls who are in the same school have identical status D) middle . The survey carried out among 7000 middle school students students have to cope with the same difficulties E) middle . aşağıdaki parçaya 57... Asked why. It employs artists.. who are specialists in the field.. According to the passage .-60.. or time on radio and television. the sales of the company C) designs and organises advertisements for a firm D) make contact with the account Department E) tries to cope with the increasing public interest 58. 55. The status of women in China has greatly improved since the communist revolution in 1949 but Chinese have traditionally preferred boys to girls.ranging in age from 13 to 18 . Hükümetin başarısızlığının temel sebebi doğru olmayan yönetim ve dürüst olmayan memurlardır A) The basic reasons why the government fails are unfair administration and innocent officials.....and their parents showed that 44. teachers paid more attention to them and boys had better prospects..2 percent of girl students wished they were boys. Its staff are also specialists in buying space in newspapers........-57.. ... E) The main reason which causes the government to fail is that the administration is not sound and the officials are not honest. therefore. B) The fundamental reason for the failure of the government is unsound administration and dishonest officials. C) Why the government is not successful is due to unsound administration and dishonest officials. to do a far more professional job than the advertising manager who belongs to a firm and who therefore has a limited experience. didn't have as many restrictions placed on students complain that they don't have better prospects 56.. 55.. soruları cevaplayınız.. in working with media B) Sales Manager deals with the advertisement of the company C) the agency employs an advertisement manager D) the staff have a limited experience E) he firm hasn't been much pleased with the consequence 54.. It is stated in the passage that an advertising agency . soruları cevaplayınız. A) the staff of an advertising agency are efficient 7 DENEME B/1 . An Advertising Agency is an organisation which undertakes to handle advertising on behalf of the girls in China wish they were boys.

.... during the last few years .. As a result of the increase in private TV and radios . sometimes guiding group of mountaineers from different places.... and a young man is now leading a life almost in the same way he did before. aşağıdaki parçaya göre The old mountain climber was sitting in a warm hotel room and looking out of the window at the hills and the slopes of the mountain he knew so well. feeling it in all their senses........ like "arabesque" and "pop" came out 59.-63..... to the farm he used to live... In winter he would collect the tourists and took them to a shelter he built on a hill....... pop music and folk music. According to the passage. During this period.. the reason why girls wished they were boys is that girls ………… A) didn't have as many restrictions placed on them B) were under the pressure of boys in school C) are treated unequally and receive less attention D) say that they aren't supported by their families E) their status in the society has improved greatly since 1949 62.. In recent years. Ever since he was a boy. aşağıdaki parçaya 63.. soruları cevaplayınız. .DENEME SINAVI 1. in fact... A) women don't have a right to enjoy freedom B) women have had more rights since the revolution C) families are getting more and more interested in their children D) since the revolution in 1949 there has been more pressure on them E) families would rather have a boy than a girl 61. sometimes alone. It is implied in the passage that………………… A) the new music was created using the elements from types of music available B) passive listeners in the distant areas found the new music incredible C) the changes stimulated more people to become professional singers D) the music world experienced its golden age before the new music became popular E) most people are not satisfied with the quality of the new kind of music 60. Technology did. A) music became too loud B) music audiences became total participants C) the number of people listening to music fell down D) electronic was used more commonly than it used to be E) the groups using the new technology gained more popularity göre 64. ....... the new music has reached almost everyone achieved a “total effect” on the millions and now there are active audiences completely involved in this kind of music.. he had climbed these slopes.. He sighed and wished he were young again. A new kind of music emerged out of materials already existed such as arabesque... 61..soruları. remarkable changes have been witnessed in the musical world in Turkey... he would stay up all night to watch for the wolves and the following morning brought them down to the valley.. But those days were past. A) prefers the warmth of the hotel room 8 DENEME B/1 .. popularisation of the new music D) almost everyone was impressed by the quality of the new music E) new types of music.. traditionally... ... cevaplayınız... According to the passage.... C) technology has played an important role in the 64.. A) the electronic sound system has become favourable B) a number of new materials emerged out to produce CDs. make it possible for them to produce both audio and video cassettes in great numbers and to sell them at reasonable prices....... .. In China. It is obvious that the old mountain climber . technology enabled all the musical groups and the singers to start using the full range of electronic facilities..-66... With the increase in private TVs and radios..... .

. the old man actually owns the farm he learnt everything from his father he regrets devoting his life to the mountains he makes no use of his experience the old mountain climber no longer works 67. for those who want to be out of doors but don’t like sunbathing.. education and housing. aşağıdaki parçaya göre 70.... During that week Cowes is full of carnival atmosphere and every bar and restaurant is packed. We understand from the passage that ………… A) B) C) D) E) A) the most famous yacht races take place in the Isle of Wight. Much of the growth has been in the poorer countries of the world. The reason why this growth is causing so much concern is that we cannot keep up with the corresponding increase in demand for food.. . Alternatively. A) B) C) D) E) A) the Isle of Wight is a small island which belongs to the Queen.. at which time it will start to decline again..-72. Newport.. D) the island has many tourist attractions worth a visit. jobs. is also worth a visit. In summer it is usually warm and sunny enough for holidaymakers to enjoy the miles of clean beaches.. where. aşağıdaki parçaya göre By 1993.... the island’s capital. B) Cowes is the capital of the island. Populations not only increase because of higher birth rates.. cevaplayınız.The writer states in the passage that …………… 66. E) ordinary people can’t go to the island as it belongs to the Kingdom. D) Queen Victoria had the island arranged as a holiday resort. there is the most famous yachting week in the world. C) Newport is a very important place with its carnivals.. and from the countryside to the towns. The old mountaineer .... In fact the latter cause is greater than general population growth and is creating many problems in the towns and 9 DENEME B/1 . E) was loved by Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria loved the island so much that she had Osborne House built.5 thousand million and.soruları. although the growth has slowed down in recent years. the world’s human population had reached 5.-69. cevaplayınız. as the name suggests. it is estimated that the number of people in the country will have increased to 62 million by 2031.. but also because of people moving from poor to rich countries.. healthcare. Britain has 233 inhabitants per square kilometre. Butterfly World …… lives far from the place he used to longs for the good old days has a much more comfortable life is living in a hotel A) means there are two butterfly museums in the Isle of Wight.According to the passage. B) Queen Victoria ordered Osborne House to be built on the island. 68... Furthermore.soruları.DENEME SINAVI 1. There are numerous little paths which lead to picturesque villages all over the island. water.. D) attracts tourists and scientists to the island. which takes place at Cowes. With a population of approximately 58 million. The Isle of Wight is a small island just off the south coast of England near the towns of Portsmouth and Southampton. and two zoos... E) it is forbidden to swim in the sea because of too much pollution.... B) is situated on the island and has many collections in it. the isle of Wight is an excellent place for cyclists. which has not changed at all since the days when she used to visit with her huge family. but overpopulation is also a problem for some rich countries. At the beginning of August...It is pointed out in the passage that …………… 65. It also increases the likelihood of damage to the environment.. It is a busy little town with lots of small specialist shops. B) C) D) E) 67.. misses winter season the most doesn't live in the valley any more was trained at a school doesn't like the company of people started his work at a young age 69. including Britain.. Popular tourist attractions include Butterfly World. it will be many decades before it stops. C) Osborne House has been visited by the foreign guests since Victoria’s time. visitors can see a large range of butterflies. but the weather sometimes makes impossible for people to sightsee. C) means there are a lot of species on the island.

and there will always be exceptions. 71. 76. C) We know that all the countries in the world face a lot of problems relating to television. Men. E) are more capable of learning and using the language. D) children can be estimated how their personality will be in the future. D) has been a problem for a few countries. aşağıdaki parçaya 75. C) migration to the rich countries doesn’t cause much problem because they’ve got enough food for the immigrants. many countries have more inhabitants per square kilometre than the rest of the world. we can follow the problems of other countries more closely. E) migration is another important reason for overpopulation 73. Women try to share power and make their employees feel more worthwhile. B) when women and men share power. cities. However. E) Such problems are world-wide and television makes us realise this. As far as language is concerned.-80. Another area that has been investigated is how men and women lead. women also appear to have better social skills and are more likely to be complimentary than men. B) researchers have found out that girls are more hardworking at school subjects.One can infer from the passage that women …………… A) is not a problem for the Northern countries and Africa. göre In the past decade academics have been involved in investigating differences between men and women. B) birth control is one of the solutions to the population growth. C) male administrators are more authoritative and hierarchic. E) overpopulation is not a problem for some countries as they have got enough land and food for their people.It’s concluded from the passage that …………… A) women may be as complimentary as men at work.DENEME SINAVI 1. they feel more worthwhile. C) boys are reported to be more capable of using the language. D) The problems of other countries are no concern of our television. 76.It’s pointed out in the passage that …………… 70. B) concern us so much that we can not meet the basic needs of the people. B) are better at being an authoritative leader. 73. friendly and sincere to the employees. In addition to having a better command of the language.soruları. especially in poorer parts of the world. C) takes place in the poorer countries. B) overpopulation has always been a problem for many decades.-75. D) much of the overpopulation is in the poorer countries because they can’t get enough education.It is explained in the passage that …………… A) academics have been studying differences between males and females and the ways women are superior to men for about ten years. verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz. A) Television mainly deals with the problems faced by other countries B) Through television we become more aware of the problems of the rest of the world. C) in Europe. without exceptions. E) can be stopped by educating the people and birth control A) secretaries are in capable of solving sophisticated problems. D) it is estimated that the growth will never stop. studies show that girls begin talking before boys and are capable of producing more varied and sophisticated sentences. C) directors prefer female secretaries. it is worth remembering that study results reflect averages. D) are. 10 DENEME B/1 . E) male students are good at Maths and Science.One can understand from the passage that …… A) more than half of the world’s population live in the cities. E) women demonstrate their authority at work more that men. sorularda. 72. Researchers have been especially interested in discovering what women can do better than men.The author states in the passage that overpopulation …………… 74. on the other hand. cevaplayınız. With television. D) women are more active in investigations. A) the world’s population was about 6 billion through the end of 20th century. like to demonstrate their authority more formally and seem to care more about hierarchy.

sorularda... C) All the members of the family. don't object to my marrying him. committing a murder cannot be regarded as a guilt. accepted by the test.... have concrete foundations D) The architect reported that the plans had been drawn up E) An architect is called and given the job 79. excluding my father. but the rest were doubtful.. 82. A) It is doubtful whether the other board members will accept the suggestions of the new ones.. Only the newer members of the board approved the scheme.... there could be any excuse for someone who has committed a murder. D) The scheme only had the support of the board’s newer members not of the old.. A) Everybody in the family but my father disapproves of my marrying him.. E) I think everybody was more interested in what she was saying than in what she was wearing. E) No matter what the excuse is. E) The others were worried that the newer members of the board might approve the scheme.. were in her clothes. A) The answer to this question is not easy B) There have been a number of convincing cases C) The answer in most cases seems to be "no" D) Well. Do these reported sightings of UFOs every year prove that beings from outer space visit our planet? . In no way.. 77. A) I think everybody found her clothes so interesting that they didn't pay much attention to the content of her speech B) In my opinion she was wearing such interesting clothes that everybody was willing to listen to her speech C) My opinion is that everybody was ' interested in the content of her speech but not much in what she was wearing D) I don't think she managed to draw everybody's attention to the content of her speech or to her clothes...... D) Apart from my father. In my opinion everybody wasn't interested in the content of her speech as much as they 11 DENEME B/1 ... B) The only person in the family who doesn't want me to marry him is my father. Every year thousands of people in countries all over the world report that they have seen mysterious flying objects in the sky.. nowadays. parçada boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz. my choice to marry him is approved by the rest of the family. except my father are against my choice to marry him. they often find that the mysterious object is in fact something ordinary like a balloon or a cloud... C) A person can have an acceptable reason only when he committed a murder. When scientists investigate reports of UFOs.. All of my family. B) If only the scheme had had the approval of the newer board members it would have been passed by the rest.. no one can have an acceptable reason for committing a murder. 81. as in most countries.. 78.. B) Whatever the reason is. 81.. you have to get permission from the local authority to construct new buildings . A) No one could be given a trial because he has committed a murder. certainly these people have seen something interesting E) Most of them are unidentified flying objects 80. D) There could be some ways to excuse someone who has committed a murder. In Britain... A) The building plans must be submitted and accepted by The Planning Authority B) It was decided that the company would have to build an extension C) All the buildings.... . E) Neither my father nor the other members of my family support my marriage...DENEME SINAVI 1.. C) It was first planned and approved by the new board members and. Later the Building Inspector will come to make sure that you build exactly according to the plans..-85.

... I would do it if I hadn't been a customer.. C) If you came with me to the sauna as my doctor. You want to have a sauna but your doctor says it's not good for you. Oh.. A) The change in the nature of the election campaign was quite incredible. B) I want to learn if my husband can come with me.. When you look at that table you see a very famous actress there... I don't know how I can get my money back. D) The success of a political party in the elections mostly depends on a good campaign.. C) Oh.. I'm delighted to be at her service.. Today system is based on evidence and the decision of an objective jury.. You say: A) I wonder why some people can have a sauna without any problem.. what a pity... 12 DENEME B/1 .... On leaving the shop at lunch time.. D) They should have informed me that there wasn't any vacancy. Another was the restrictions placed on party advertisements and displays of flags introduced by the new election law.. I was really looking forward to it.. But your boss has just said that you have to cancel it.. . C) The election results will be perceived as the result of the public opinion... E) The grand jury decides if the evidence presented is adequate or not. 83... . I'm afraid I'm very busy now.. You are very pleased at this and agree at once saying: A) B) C) D) E) 85...DENEME SINAVI 1.... there wouldn't be any danger. 86.-90. I myself was a witness to one such attack two days ago in Oxford street. E) It is true that the campaign activities didn't give the voters much chance to think. One reason for the failure of the campaign was the cold winter weather. 86... A) Oh. You want to know the reason. . C) The jury protects people from being misjudged by the court.. But later the system changed. Early juries consisted of people who were familiar with the law case........ dear. sorularda..... D) I'd like to know why it's not suitable for me.... B) The purpose of these juries is to decide if a person guilty or not.. The headwaiter asks you to serve a certain table in the restaurant.... You show disappointment and say: A) This kind of jury system spread from England to the colonies. I am sure there are better waiters who could do it... I don't think I could manage it. I saw the traffic stop at the lights . I can stay with you and finish the report instead. There have been violent attacks on the streets of the city recently... E) Why don't you explain to me in detail what to do in the sauna? 84. B) The current election campaign was a great disaster. You are tired so you have booked a room at a hotel to have a holiday. verilen duruma uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz. .... E) Never mind.. 88.. B) I wonder why it was always me to go early... D) The concept of "jury” is believed to have been brought to England by the Norman. A) Everybody wondered what the taxi driver was doing B) In the high streets of the city we can observe men attacking women C) Many of these attacks result in violent actions which cannot be approved D) All these violent actions gave harm to the people E) Then two men jumped out of their car and hit a motorist in the face 87...

.... E) You have already spent five years. go to your bed at once. I can't eat pizza. I am vegetarian.. Husband: What about buying a new car? Wife : . E) I hope it wasn't that take ... 91. .. 91. I'd love to. A) You should reconsider it... It's fattening.. C) Someone should tell the manager about it. What do you think we can do with the money? Have you got anything special in mind? I hope you don't mind if I don't. Nick John Nick How terrible it was. A) B) C) D) E) Oh.. I think I ate too much chocolate. If you are frightened. I couldn't... It was the food I had. I feel really sick! . B) No. D) You could have a good career. It was only a cartoon. It must be something else..... You shouldn't have watched it... You have been in a restaurant for half an hour and you haven't been served yet.. C) I've got no complaints with the bank. There is a salad bar there.... 94... : What a pity.. Let’s go to Pizza Hut instead then... : Shall we have dinner in that Steak House? : ... I've been interested in those new jeeps..away we had.. A) I don't know..DENEME SINAVI 1.. B) I haven't ordered steak.. Kirk Tına Kirk A) Don't get angry They are trying hard. Let's not... I had been there only last night. Husband: Yes.. Henry : There is no need for it....... No...sorularda. wasn't it? Don't cry honey......... 93.. No. Stop crying or the monster will come out of the TV set. I'm not hungry.. Mary : Why? I can't believe it.-95.. D) You'd better not make a scene...... You get angry and complain saying: 92... D) That explains everything perfectly then. 89.. I hardly ate any. karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmında söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.. Wife : Really? That would be great... C) It could be but that restaurant is very famous. B) You are getting a good salary. Henry : I decided to give up my job.. Why don't we buy a family car? I am surprised to hear that you have been 13 DENEME B/1 .. interested in jeeps. but I am completely full. ………………….. I love them. E) Why don't they employ better waiters? A) B) C) D) E) 90............ Your four-year-old daughter starts crying while watching cartoon because she gets frightenedyou want to comfort her and say: A) B) C) D) E) : Ohh.. : It can't be.

DENEME SINAVI 1. III) If you lose your sight later in life... II) It was a present from the French to the Americans. V) The other is called a continental region. until 5 p... III) There are two different kinds of cool temperate zones. E) I wonder why I picked her for it. V) Certain people don't have to wear seat belt if they have a medical certificate from a doctor. let me explain the job... B) What would my work involve? C) Have you thought about advertising? D) I regret to tell it to you again. with frequent changes in weather conditions. V) But later it was decided that Braille was the best and now it is used all over the world. II) The cool temperate zones have a cold season. II) Some were shaped like ordinary print. everyday. anlam bakımından parçaya uygun olmayan cümleyi bulunuz. III) Another is if you have a medical certificate.. IV) One type is called a maritime zone.. there are two golden rules.. 95. IV) The trip to the Liberty Island takes 15 minutes.. E) V 98. III) There are ferryboats from Battery Park to Liberty Island every half hour. means the visit can start with relaxation. in the great cities.... 96. V) Hotel restaurants...... A) I 14 B) II C) III D) IV DENEME B/1 E) V ...... John : . IV) It is your responsibility to wear your seat belt. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V A) Now... IV) An evening arrival. V) The statue is open from 9. I) There are many different types of climate in the world. A) I B) II C) III D) IV A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V E) V 97. A) I B) II C) III D) IV 100. II) Travel by train and arrive in the evening.. Mr.. serve uninteresting and boring food. I think I can manage. II) One of these is when you are backing your vehicle.. 96.. III) The advantage of the former is that it delivers you immediately in the city centre avoiding the traffic. on the other hand. Mill : You'd be responsible for advertising and public relation John : It seems interesting...m. sorularda. I) Schools for blind children in the nineteenth century used many different kinds of raised alphabet. with warmer summer and cold winters.. 99. I) For anyone visiting a great city for the first time...30 a. imagine how difficult to go on education. I) You don't have to wear your seat belt on certain conditions....m. IV) Others were simplified forms of our alphabet like the Moon system..-100...... I) Many tourists visit The statue of Liberty on Liberty Island every day.