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WHAT IS BUSINESSONE? BusinessOne is a student driven organisation. professional problem solving and leadership development. within the University of New South Wales. focusing on providing pro bono student consultancy services to small enterprise clients. OUR MISSION BusinessOne seeks to nurture the next generation of business leaders by placing our consultants in challenging business environments designed to foster business acumen. BusinessOne What we do How we win Our Growth Clients Contact Us .

OUR VISION As part of our vision. OUR VALUES Professionalism • Results and excellence orientation • Intellectual culture • Caring meritocracy BusinessOne What we do Inclusiveness • Collaborative Learning • Diverse perspectives • Mutual respect How we win Our Growth Innovation • Individuality • Creativity • Ingenuity Clients Contact Us . internship placement and general social infrastructure. we aim to be a full-spectrum professional services start-up providing a range of solutions to small enterprises clients such as consulting.

BusinessOne What we do How we win Our Growth Clients Contact Us .WHAT WE DO We work closely with aspiring businesses with the goal of providing value through developing effective business strategies to achieve long-term success. STUDENT NEEDS BUSINESS NEEDS Create Impact and Value Strategy Professional Development Functional Expertise Skills Development Time and Resources Business leaders of tomorrow Continual Innovation As an integrated skills development hub we build students up professionally and provide our clients with the technical. human and professional services they require.

e-commerce and social media.OUR CAPABILITIES Marketing IT Design Business Strategy • Identifying target market and segments. • Co-creation of web material. including websites. • Insight into potential areas of improvement and future challenges. • Comprehensive Business Analysis reports to highlight current situation and offer growth solutions. IMPLEMENTATION BusinessOne What we do How we win Our Growth Clients Contact Us . • Strategies and campaigns tailored to client budgets. • Innovative methods to build brand awareness. products and media design. • Educating clients for long term IT maintenance. • Includes but not limited to logos. • Working with clients to improve visual representation.

HOW DO WE WIN? Pro Bono Student Consultancy • • • SME Clients Social Enterprises. Tech Start Ups & NGOs Critical Growth Stages Strategy & Implementation • • • • Strategy Recommendations Organisational Implementation Innovation Consulting Functional Expertise Connectivity Hub Consulting Training Hub • • • Deloitte & Sageflow Workshops Internal Workshops – B1 Curriculum BusinessOne Shark Tank Exhibition BusinessOne What we do How we win • • B1 Alumni Network B1 Pitch Our Growth Clients Contact Us .

BRIDGING THE CONSULTING GAP AT UNSW We place emphasis on building students up professionally by putting them in real and tangible challenging business circumstances as a consultant where their skills can be further refined. Consulting Fundamentals Case Study Practice Competitions Theoretical Frameworks BusinessOne What we do Full-Spectrum Professional Development and Client Services How we win Practical Client Experience Practical Application Inductive Reasoning Structural Approaches Our Growth Clients Contact Us .

10 clients .85 members S2 2014 .65 members S2 2015 .Exponential Growth S1 2015 .40 members BusinessOne What we do How we win Our Growth Clients Contact Us .8 clients .5 clients .

BusinessOne What we do How we win Our Growth Clients Contact Us . • Fees will be used to finance intern remuneration. Internship Placement Opportunities for Consultants • A 13 week placement at a small enterprise which may be a start-up. • A structured learning pattern determined by agreement between both the enterprise and intern. • Maintaining ties with previous clients and consultants. Fee Service • Floating consultancy fees based on performance and payment ability. social enterprise or NGO. BusinessOne Alumni Network • Linking networking. training and consultancy services to members.FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PLANS Expanding Our Reach • Establishing a BusinessOne branch at UTS.

PAST CLIENTS CURRENT CLIENTS BusinessOne What we do How we win Our Growth Clients Contact Us .

Tania’s Handmade Chocolate Pizzas was unable to effectively market their product: • We re-designed the logo and website enabling the company to be more marketable.CLIENT IMPACT AFTER BEFORE “With hardly any capital they helped me gradually increase my business…my output has tripled and I am making twice as much money with half the effort!” – Tania (Chocolate Pizza) Tribal Tea was a new manufacturer looking to enter the Australian tea market: • We provided a situational analysis thereby determining the target market and distribution methods. • We assisted in developing a strong marketing strategy and business plan. BusinessOne What we do How we win Our Growth Clients Contact Us .

org Project Leader Vice-Project Leader (External) .kim@enactusunsw.guan@enactusunsw.CONTACT US Sun Yong Kim Richard Guan sun-yong.