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on Flamingo Road. At the time of his arrival. and established the first medical command post at the north and west entrances of the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino. (Rescue unit arrival times are noted below. of Mercy Ambulance. who explained exact procedures necessary for identifying the bodies. Three additional City rescue units then arrived with City fire equipment. attempted to confirm the number of firefighters that were injured or ill. He secured lists of admissions from four local hospitals.) Between 0830 and 0900 hours. was first to arrive on the scene. At this time the command post in the east parking area was handling the body search and removal. Clark County Health District Michael J. Mercy Ambulance Rex Shelburne. Captain Verrilli. City of Las Vegas Fire Department Carl Munninger. It should be noted that a large number of firefighters suffered from headache. The south triage area was moved to the east parking lot. Between 1500 and 1600 hours. at which time all known fatalities had been removed from the 16th to the 26th floors. dizziness. Rescue 11 and Rescue 12 from the County were on the scene and had been set up as aid stations. and were subsequently utilized to transport victims to the triage areas for treatment or identification. Victims were moved to the roof of the south tower after photographing and identification. VIII-1 . Two triage stations were set up on Flamingo Road. He called a Med-Alert. Mr. From this point.SECTION VIII FATALITIES AND EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES Emergency Medical Services activities were coordinated by the following individuals: Bob Forbuss. An additional check of the lower floors was organized and conducted by Battalion Chief Paul 0. Many individuals treated at the triage stations were then directed to the buses for transport out of the area. the buses were located on Las Vegas Boulevard South and Flamingo Road. a few had sustained bruised or broken ribs. the search for and removal of bodies was coordinated. Persons who were not seriously ill or injured (walking wounded) were directed to the buses for transport to the Las Vegas Convention Center. This operation continued until 1830 hours. Captain. the majority suffered from smoke inhalation. a third was located on the south side of the hotel. Captain. At approximately 2300 hours. Air Force helicopters hovered over the building. knee injuries. it was noted that a few bodies had already been removed without proper photographing and identification. nausea. Hicks. Clark County Fire Department Bob Forbuss. that search was completed between 1940 and 2000 hours. Contact was made with the Deputy Coroner. Forbuss requested school buses to transport the “walking wounded”. From those lists it was determined that 14 firefighters had been admitted to the hospitals. Air Force helicopters then removed the bodies from the roof to the east parking lot for additional photographs and transport by ground van to the morgue. Manager. but did not seek medical attention. Verrilli. No additional victims were located. and chest pains. Rescue 13 and Rescue 14 (both from the County) arrived. the City rescue personnel were relieved.

Hospital updates were relayed through the medical frequencies. RESCUE UNIT ARRIVAL TIMES Rescue 12 Rescue 11 Rescue 2 Rescue 13 Rescue 4 Rescue 3 Rescue 1 Rescue 6 Rescue 14 Clark County Fire Department Clark County Fire Department City of Las Vegas Fire Department Clark County Fire Department City of Las Vegas Fire Department City of Las Vegas Fire Department City of Las Vegas Fire Department City of Las Vegas Fire Department Clark County Fire Department 0718 0718 0736 0739 0759 0815 0838 0851 1145 Hours Hours Hours Hours Hours Hours Hours Hours Hours I W (approx. Channel 4 was later used to coordinate the body search and communications between the medical units remaining on the scene.Channels 2 and 3 -. Medical Channels 1 through 10 were also utilized.Channels 1 and 4 City Fire Control Channel 2 was the primary channel utilized for fire communications. thereby relieving other emergency frequencies of this additional radio traffic. 27 EMT Personnel 2 EMT Personnel 2 IV Personnel Boulder City (2 units) Henderson (1 unit) 20 Personnel 6 Personnel Mercy Ambulance (11 units) American Ambulance (3 units) VIII-2 .RADIO SYSTEM - Fire Control Channels utilized were: County -.) 0845 Hours 0916 Hours Henderson Rescue Boulder City Rescue RESCUE PERSONNEL Clark County Fire Department City of Las Vegas Fire Department 8 Paramedics 10 Paramedics Clark County Fire Department Volunteer 3 Ambulances.

Las Vegas. VIII-3 . Nevada. 1980: 1. Henderson. Nevada Pilot: 3. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department One (1) Pilot 10. Loma Linda University Medical Center 11234 Anderson Street Loma Linda. for air packs) Pilot: - 5. Holiday (made several trips to Glendale and Overton. Las Vegas. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Two (2) Pilots - - Nellis Air Force Base. Nevada (Second aircraft on the scene) Paul Kinsey.. Nevada. Silver State Helicopters. E. Las Vegas. “Flight for Life” from Valley Hospital. supplied nine (9) helicopters. Las Vegas. Nevada 7. Las Vegas. Las Vegas. Nevada Pilot: 2. Box 569 San Bernardino. Batter Helicopters Gene Oates.- HELICOPTER OPERATIONS The following non-military aircraft responded to the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino fire on November 21. Henderson. Action Helicopters. California Med Cooper Pilot: Mike Smith Pilot: 9. Las Vegas. Las Vegas. Environmental Protection Agency. Nevada Pilot: - 4. Las Vegas. California 92403 Captain Terry Jagerson Pilot: Officer Ron Hittle Pilot: Officer Jim Singiey Pilot: 8. Nevada Pilot: 6. Boulder City. Air #l. San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office c/o Sheriff Frank Bland P.O. Nevada Pilot: Dr. Nevada Pilot: Co-Pilot: Chet Dropp. Las Vegas. an average of five (5) persons per helicopter assisted operations. Nevada Lyle Miller. Nevada (Third aircraft on the scene) Ray Poss. & G. Nevada (Fourth aircraft on the scene) Dennis Mack.G. Air #2. Nevada Bob Ingales Pilot: Marvin Wingrove.

Texas) *Carbon monoxide levels ranged from 25% to 66% saturation. An estimated 300 firefighters and rescue personnel experienced symptoms of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide. but did not receive treatment. In the first 24 hours. At least 10 firefighters experienced psychological problems.Massive skull fracture 1 death . VIII-4 .Smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide* 4 deaths .Myocarditis (reported from a hospital in Houston.Smoke inhalation only 1 deaths . 14 firefighters were hospitalized.FATALITIES AND CASUALTIES - Primary cause of 85 fatalities: 75 deaths .Burns and smoke inhalation 1 death . A total of 650 casualties were seen at local hospitals.Burns only 3 deaths .

2 1.7 1439 F Keller. M.5 < E x 1436 F Thomas.0 1 4 4 0 M Thomoson. 18. 1442 M Pickett. 1437 M Tramel. Casino--Registration Desk--West End 1432 F McDowell. 14. Casino--Between Reg.2 1 .I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 12/22/80 CLARK COUNTY CORONER--MEDICAL EXAMINER CASE # co. 1443 M Potter. B. T.Y Casino--Registration Desk--West End 1 28. D. 1438 F Thompson. Desk & Flamingo Entrance DOA--Sunrise Emergency Room Found on 19th Floor--South Stairwell Removed by LVFD Amb at South Triage area Casino Elevator Hall East Bank (See 1451) (Same as 1438) Ritz Room 16. A . 30.0 . 1435 M Guidrv. 1433 M Hicks. Ritz Room 1 28. D. LOCATION BLOOD TOXICOLOGY NAME Casino--Slightly East of Center 10. ETOH DRUGS Jumped apparently--N. Charles +- I 9.P.5 . D .> 1441 M Hudnin.5 1 4 3 0 F Mack.E. 7. HCN LO.6 9. G. J. side of MGM 24.0 Low hemoglobin 9.o2.2 Casino--Registration Desk--East End I 25. Ritz Room .8 LO.L. P. S.8 9. G. J. 1434 M Vasquez.

5 1453 F Tunis. C . I LOCATION ETOH DRUGS Ritz Room 1st Floor West Stairwell 0 Delivered by chopper from rooftop 1451 M Keller.4 9. 29. 24. Inside Room 2501 9.51.0 1 .2 3. DOA at Desert Springs Emergency Room 52.CLARK COUNTY CORONER--MEDICAL EXAMINER BLOOD TOXICOLOGY co.5 LO. W.09.. Inside Room 2535 I 1 I I I a I Casino Elevator Hall East Bank (See 1439) 25th Floor Lobbv 25th Floor South Stairwell Found on roof I .5 25th Floor Lobbv 1 4 5 6 F McGauahev. J. 1450 F Mayer.E.0 1452 F Middleton. 37.2 0. 53..M. L. J. R.A. 1 31. C.o2. 1449 F Nose.5 1 4 4 6 M Galico. B.8 No Test I Low hemoglobin 7.4 .0 1445 F Peterson. 27. W.0 1455 F Duncan. P. 22. L .A. C. 1454 M Bell.0 LO. 26. 43.6 . L. Inside Room 2501 Hanks. Dellum 1447 1448 M White.2 7.8 7.0 LO. 25th Floor Lobby 39. 33. HCN 1444 M Gerbosi.

Dr.J.T. D. T. P.6 LO. hem_oglobin 1462 M Sierra. 39. C. < E A I 26.A.8 No Test I Low hemoelobin ho Test I Low hemoglobin 14.. M. 35. 1467 F Nilssen. MD 9. 1466 M Nilssen. 24th Floor Lobby . M. 19.2 24th Floor Lobby 1459 F Pangburn.2 No Test Low I hemoglobin 1 39. S. Inside Room 2338-Parallel & immediately adiacent to window .. D.2 Nc1 Test Low 1463 F Sierra. J. R. 1469 M Bushell. 24th Floor Lobby I 1464 M Sierra. 1465 M Palazzolo. C.9 Landing between 22nd & 23rd floor stairwell (sitting position) 9.0 24th Floor Lobby 1460 M Holshuh. 47.P. 1468 F Barresi. D.8 Nc ) Test Low hem‘Ol:lobin 24th Floor Lobby 1461 F Sanders. 24th Floor Lobby 9. I I I ’ LOCATION BLOOD TOXICOLOGY ETOH I 4 DRUGS 24th Floor Lobby 1.5 1458 M Spagnola.5 Immediately inside door Room 2403 Immediately in doorway Room 2418 (Half in-Half out) 0 23rd floor center stairwell (on 1st step going up) 23rd floor center stairwell (prone position--face down--heading stairs .I I I I 4 4 4 4 I I CLARK COUNTY CORONER--MEDICAL EXAMINER CASE # NAME co. HCN 1457 M Peha. E.

8 .lobin LO. R.J. Inside Room 2368 at distant end of room Right side of room--head toward center of room .M. M. Inside Room 2306 at foot of bed 1472 M Hoo.8 1479 F Unold.6 23rd floor hallway to East Wing 1475 M Stephens.. Leavitt.L. 50.4 1 4 8 1 F Rogall. 17.CLARK COUNTY CORONER--MEDICAL EXAMINER CASE # NAME 1470 M Johnson. 30. 23rd floor hallway to East Wing 1474 F Stephens.L. 23rd floor hallway to East Wing 1473 F Hoo. 22nd floor center stairwell--sitting on bottom step 0 Inside Room 2237 parallel to end of bed 22nd floor lobby--head near elevator door face up . BLOOD TOXICOLOGY co. T. M . 38. 9. 1471 M Sipfle.5 ETOH LOCATION DRUGS Inside Room 2302 in crouching position immediately adjacent to window 9. E. G.E. J..8 I. R.8 9. HCN 20.D. . . S.E. 36..2 1480 M Shaffer.. 18.2 1477 M Knick.8 1482 F. 35. 36.O.8 Inside Room 2367 at foot of bed 1476 M Unold. E.8 r I Test Low hems . A. 47. D. 28. Inside Room 2368 at distant end of room Left side of room--head toward center of room 9. Inside Room 2368--immediately inside door in sitting position Inside Room 2368--parallel to end of bed head to head with 78 9. A.0 1478 F Knick. 18. P .M.

40.nmr\rrlr\h.floor - 9.5 0 1484 F Iadeluca. HCN ETOH 1483 M Iadeluca. A. lnside Room 2139 near window--slight angle I 7. 40. head to wall 9. E. D . I 19.n 7. - 1494 M Castelazo. F. .A.6 1486 M Herring. G. V. B. face down . 20th floor lobbv 20th floor lobby I I 7nth flnnr lnhhv I I . A.G. 1485 M McCarthy.4 ho Test I Low h.2 LO.L.6 Inside Room 2068 parallel to lnside Room 2112 parallel to mantle lnside Room 2115--extended position on couch covered with blanket lnside Room 2068 seated in chair in front of window with chair tipped over backwards 1 4 9 2 F McKinney. Blank 1487 F Herring.I I I I I i I I I I I I CLARK COUNTY CORONER--MEDICAL EXAMINER LOCATION BLOOD TOXICOLOGY CASE # CO. R.5 Test Low hemoglobin I Hallwav outside 2111 1489 M Torres. E .nvr\ .P..H. 9. 1AOC r. 1488 M Morales. I Inside Room 2102 oarallel to wall lnside Room 2102 parallel to window in same area as 1486 32. DRUGS 21 st floor stairwell--kneeling position over victim 1484 stairwell--prone position.0 . G.? rn. 1493 F Soshnik. 38.21st .

2 3. 20th floor hallway--between 2011 and 2009 52.. R.. 32.K. 28.6 LO. 26.A. Casino elevator (P4) . S.E. 20th floor elevator (P15) 1498 M McQuithy.4 9. E.J. M.L. 54. HCN ETOH LOCATION DRUGS 1496 M Soshnik.L.D. 20th floor elevator (P15) 1499 M Blair. J.0 20th floor elevator (P15) 1500 M Thebeault. 51. 20th floor hallway--between 2011 and 2009 $3 Removed from Room 1675 by F.L.CLARK COUNTY CORONER--MEDICAL EXAMINER BLOOD TOXICOLOGY NAME CASE # co.4 20th floor elevator (PI 5) F Vassoughi.1 . 30.5 20th floor lobby 1497 F McQuithy.0 1504 M Alvarez. S.M. J. 35. A.0 $9 Inside Room 2001 1502 M Vassoughi. Inside Room 2001 1503 F Morales. 1506 M Littman. H.2 1505 F < 2 1501 Galico.R.4 I\ T e s t Low hemoalobin Inside Room 1902 adjacent to window Inside Room 1902 adjacent to window 1507 F Littman. 45. 1508 F Sanders. E.M. 33. MD 52. S. B.E.C.E.8 9. D.

HCN 1509 M Sanders.0 Found Sat. M. 39. D.51.0 2. Casino elevator (P7) 9.I I I I I I I I I 1 I I CLARK COUNTY CORONER--MEDICAL EXAMINER CASE # NAME LOCATION BLOOD TOXlCOLOGY co.03.4 LO.F. Casino elevator (P7) 9.F. 41. E.5 Casino elevator (P7) 1511 M Monaweck.0 N Test Low hemo lobin < =: 7 = 1518 F Capetillo.0 Casino elevator (P4) 1 5 1 0 M Asher. 40. 40. K. 26th floor elevator (service) S8 - I I I . Tagged in landing stage parking lot 1513 M Rogall. J.2 9.2 1512 F Andrews. 48.M. D. ETOH DRUGS 0.