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Abel Aureli

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!”—Psalm 48:1

August 2015
Dear beloved in Christ,
Here we are with another Newsletter
before I leave Italy for the USA.

North America see Catholicism more as
another Christian Denomination, than
as a cult, which it truly is! We can't hide
their false gospel doctrine, of salvation
by deeds and the worship of many other
gods, such as Mary and the saints. We
can't fool God, nor ourselves and not even
the unbelievers who need to hear the true
and saving message of the "unpolluted"
Gospel of Jesus Christ! We need to get
people saved, and not to just change

We wanted to share with you our latest
news, especially with the week-long street
outreach, with the two days’ event at the
end, with the other four churches in the
province. There were hundreds of people
gathered together and many unsaved
people who heard the Gospel preached for
the first time, and many people restored
We need to start planning to look for a
spiritually and physically.
new structure for our church, because
One of the ladies whom we brought to with many children and with the new
the event got saved and she was baptized souls, we are starting to be a little tight
Sunday the 16th. I will share those photos and we want to have plenty of room to
grow. So, please pray for us and for the
in the next Newsletter.
Lord to give us wisdom in choosing the
As we probably told you in my last right place for our worship.
newsletter, we had the joy of having a
family from Grand Junction CO, who As for our health, we are not doing too
came to help us, but for different reasons bad, but at our age (71 for me and 62
and even for lack of support, they had to for Anna), our health is not always very
go back to the States. Unfortunately, Italy good. Yet, for what I see as the needs for
is a strange land! Beautiful to visit, but the work to do in this area of Italy, unless
very difficult and hard to evangelize and He wants to call other people to continue
to minister to. As we remember it, God our work, He will have to keep us alive
had to pull us back from the USA with and well for many more years! 
a strong hand when He did that in July,
1985! ...By the way, I just thought that we So, God willing I will be landing in Boston
had to celebrate our thirtieth Anniversary MA, on Sat. Sept. 12th, and after visiting
on the Mission Field, but we forgot to with our children and grand-children for
celebrate it officially!  We are thankful a couple of days I will be driving south to
for God and for you.
NJ, where I will be speaking at a couple
of churches and attending a convention.
In these past thirty years of ministry here From NJ, I will then keep driving south to
in Italy, you have often heard us mention VA, NC, SC and GA, and then come back
the difficulty of raising our support, north to Boston, to get my flight back to
because the majority of the churches in Italy, on Nov. 13th.
Continued on back

Brethren and especially Pastors, we need to get into more
churches, not only for fresh support which is greatly
needed, but also to raise an interest in the churches about
the spiritual condition of Italy. I know in every church in
the USA there must be at least one or two believers and
in other churches there are many more, with an Italian
heritage, who got saved in the USA and know very well
that their relatives and friends in Italy are in the dark, and
they never had the opportunity to read the Bible in their
whole life. I would like to see these believers get interested
in praying for the unsaved Italian people and to get together
with us, in reaching them with the saving message of the
Gospel. Would you Pastors please keep this need in your
heart? Thank you.
Also, I will be contacting some of you by phone or by

email, when I get to the US, but if you would like to
meet with me while in the US, please write back to
me at, or on FB, to Abele Aureli,
or on, to Abele Aureli.
Thank you so much for your love for us and for your
prayers. I hope to be able to see every one of you between
Sept 13th and Nov. 12th.
With many blessings in Christ Jesus and much love from
We are still your missionaries
to Frosinone, Italy,

Abele Aureli and family


Abel Aureli
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03100 Frosinone FR, Italy
PHONE: 011-39-0775-291-136

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