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Abel Aureli

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!”—
Psalm 48:1

Giampiero & Marialucia

November 2015
Dear beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
As I have already stated on some messages and on FB, by the grace of God
I am back home to Italy. I was back on the morning of the 11/14th.
Unfortunately, for many reasons I could not rest at the right time, when I
usually did, in order to adjust faster and easier on the Italian time. So, even
today, I am still a little out of time, but with the help of God, soon things
will go back to normal.

Antonella, Danilo & Patrizia

As stated in some messages, I took a car from Boston, MA, and went down
South to Cairo, GA. Of course, I didn’t go straight south and then straight
back to Boston, but I had to almost zig-zag the whole state of NJ, and then
visit a church or two in every other state along the route, which were not
very close to the main highways.
Of course, I took time to visit and stay a few day with our four children and
with our nine grand-children, who are all within the 495 outskirts of Boston.
One of the grand-children was just born when I got there.

Baptismal Tub

In any case, I must say that God protected me, and the trip was a blessing,
because I was able to see many old friends, but by the grace of God I was
able to make new friends, and visit new churches as well. Not only that, but
in two of the Motel 6 where I have been the longest, I was able to share the
Gospel to the Manager and to a couple more ladies at the front desk. By the
grace of God, every question or every other occasion it’s an opportunity for
me, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Praise God! 
Back home, I found all alive and almost all well . On my first Sunday in
church we had a special speaker, Lonnie Dufty and his wife Cindy, who works
for a Mission Agency called IMF (International Ministerial Fellowship), of
Minneapolis, MN. He and his wife have been missionaries to Japan for 22
years. We all enjoyed his message, even if it had to be translated into Italian,
it was enjoyed by all the congregation. Then, in the evening I took them to
another church which I led for about twenty years, where they were also
well received.
As for our ministry, I am preparing the application to the City of Frosinone,
to have the use of a new Shopping Mall, (a “small mall” compare to the
American sizes) , but where in the evening there are many young kids and
other people, and as I saw it, the Lord laid in my heart to ask for it to the
Continued on back

Antonella, Danilo & Patrizia

Giampiero & Marialuica

City (who own the complex), and have some events, with also a distribution
of Bibles, if the Lord will help us buy a good number of them. We also need
to buy a large TV screen, to show some movies, possibly even the movie Jesus
and other short skits.
God willing, next Fall I need to see some friends who are in the states of MN,
IL, MO, OK, TX and possibly, AL. So, I ask for your prayers, and if anyone
of you wants to see me in other states, just let me know ahead of time, because
once the Itinerary is set up, I can’t change it anymore.
On this newsletter, I am posting the photos of the water baptisms which we
had on August 16th. As I explained on the past Newsletter, we had these twonight events in a large hall, of which I posted photos, and from there we
only had one lady saved. But while delivering and passing invitation fliers to
people, two couple who were part of a Catholic Charismatic group, came to
our church because they desired to have more of the Word of God, they came
to our church, and after a few weeks, on August 16th we baptized them in our





One of the couples now is experiencing some family persecution, but we
know that the Lord is supporting them, and we are sure that at the right time,
even the families will be coming to the Lord.
Please pray for them and for us. The five baptized people are: Antonella,
Marialucia, Patrizia, Giampiero and Danilo. We have another lady who was
not in town when we had these baptisms, whose name is Carmela. Please keep
them in your prayers.
We love every one of you from the bottom of our hearts, and you know that
God will share the reward of every soul who comes to salvation through
Operation Italy, for your prayers and for your financial support.
Please send to us your prayer requests, and we will send ours to
you. God our Heavenly Father loves it when He sees His children
pray for one another, and take care of one another!

With much Love in Christ Jesus,
Abel, Anna and family

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