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Gicale, Patrick Emmanuel T.

PHY10L – B5
Prof. Rayda B. Gammag

DOP: October 23, 2015
DOS: October 30, 2015

Experiment No. 2: Kinematics

Guide Questions:

1. From the data obtained, what is the effect of the height of the track to the cart’s
- The height of the track, where the sinӨ relies on, which on the data we’ve
obtained changes along with the acceleration.
2. From the data obtained, how is time, t related to the inclination of the track? Explain
- Time and the inclination of the track also the height and the pull of the earth are
factors that have an effect to the acceleration of a moving or free-falling object.
3. From the data obtained, how would you account the difference between the picket fence’s
acceleration and the value of g?
- The slope the graph of average velocity versus time would be the graph of the
acceleration due to gravity of the falling object.

1. A police car is searching for a fugitive that managed to escape a while ago.
Knowing that he is now safe, the fugitive begins to take a rest until he notices a
police car approaching him at 10m/s, acceleration at 5 m/s 2 and it is 100 m away.
The fugitive grabs a motorcycle and starts it accelerating at the same rate as the
police car. How much time will it take the police car to catch the fugitive?

2. A car starts from the rest and moves along a straight line with an acceleration of a
= (3s-1/3)m/s2, where s is in meters. Determine the car’s velocity and position when


In the experiments.8 m/s 2 . One would be gravity and the position of the moving object. all of the trials had great accelerations. Next would be. we’ve gathered high percentage error. As we've go on the experiment. acceleration is actually the change of velocity over change of time. the track lies on a straight line. Lastly. In our data. the free-fall motion of picket fence. as the height of the track increases. It is by getting the quotient of the change of displacement over time. height is directly proportional to acceleration. In our data as the Cart’s displacement increases thus the time also which we implies that they are proportional if and only if the motion is only on straight line where angle is equal to zero. In the second part of the experiment. We also found out that time is directly proportional to the position of the object. This is due to the direction of the motion of the object which is going down that compliments the gravitational pull which also had the same direction. Due to some discrepancies of the experiment. And lastly the last part where the direction is not constantly straight downward which could affect the results of the trials. Acceleration due to Gravity of the cart and Acceleration due to Gravity using Picket Fence and Smart Timer. Meaning there will be no factor which could lead to a dramatic change of speed of the cart. gravity is the factor which led to the gradual change of the acceleration of the cart and the picket fence. In the part two and three of the experiment. we were not might be precise regarding the measurement of the height and also the position of the photogate. the inclined track where we gradually change the height of the track. On the first part of the experiment.The experiment is subdivided into three parts: the Determination of Average Velocity. Acceleration have many factors that would affect the object in motion. we determined the average velocity of an object moving in the same motion and condition. We also found that. And also the value of the gravity which is 9. In our data. Conclusion: Kinematics is the branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of objects without reference to the forces that cause the motion. the acceleration and the value of sinӨ also increases which we could imply that the height and the factor gravitational pull where the reason for the gradual change of acceleration every trial and we could say that the height is directly proportional to acceleration.