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A.R. Schopp’s Sons, Inc.



Our History

ugust Reinhart Schopp was
born in Bad Orb, Germany, in
1869. After emigrating to the
United State in 1884, he began working
for the Roosevelt Organ Company in New
York City, where he learned the trade of pipe
maker. He subsequently worked for several
other east coast organbuilding firms, including Haskell, Hook & Hastings, Jardine,
and Farrand & Votey. In 1898, Schopp and
Leonard Gutfleisch left Farrand & Votey
and formed the partnership of Gutfleisch &
Schopp in Roselle, New Jersey. Their company immediately began supplying quality
pipework to the organ industry.


hortly after the turn of the century, Gutfleisch & Schopp moved to
Alliance, Ohio, which was surrounded at
the time by several emerging organbuilders:
Schantz, Holtkamp, Hillgreen-Lane, Page,
and others. In later years, Schopp was a
major supplier of pipes to M. P. Moller and

A.R. Schopp’s Sons, Inc.
14536 Oyster Road
Alliance, OH 44601

(330) 821-8406
(330) 821-5080
free: (800) 371-8406



Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America

the mechanical facilities and staff of A. A R S C H O P P. the scope of Schopp’s market has expanded internationally to countries such as w w w.. Schopp’s Sons is the supplier of choice for most organbuilders in the United States. The efficiency gained by this move should result in reduced costs savings that will be passed on to the firm’s customers. I n recent years. swell shades. I n c. Since 1968. decrease delivery time and increase its product line. windchests and casework. we at A.apoba. Elmer Wolpert. Frank Shuster. have over 528 years of accumulated experience.000-square foot single-level factory building. Schopp’s Sons have grown over five-fold. August Schopp. Schopp’s Sons Inc. orchestral reeds. Schopp’s product line has expanded to include all other pipe organ components. . R. much as August Schopp did a century ago. including trompettes-en-chamade. Schopp’s f lue and reed pipes are found in many significant instru- ments throughout the country. John Wolpert. I n 1947. R. with fifty Please visit our website for more information A . In addition to organ pipes. Schopp’s Sons. Preparing to cast a sheet of spotted metal.In a business where experience is of the utmost importance. and England. In addition to production stops traditionally found in most pipe organs. he was thought to be the oldest active pipe maker in America. R. continues to produce fine pipes. full-length 32-foot reeds and open diapasons. S c h o p p’s S o n s.R. Because the company’s reputation has been built on the relentless effort to manufacture pipes of the highest quality. was formed by sons Robert and Harvey Schopp. Upon his death in 1954 at age 85. Inc. This will permit the firm to increase its staff. (1948). R . August Schopp continued to work six days a week in the firm he helped to found. Schopp’s Sons. to name but a few. The Gutfleisch & Schopp partnership was dissolved. and the firm of A. including reservoirs. the company has consolidated its staff into one 45. www.c o m skilled artisans employed by the firm today. Today A. Japan. Inc. I n addition. A . uncommon stops have also become common for the firm. more than double the size of the old facility. R.