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CCP Level 1 Questions I got

1) If a team has to execute a job after the completion of our Job, How would you
notify that team
a) Use post session email notify
b) Phone them
c) None
d) Use pre session email notify
2) While Editing the session, what setting can configure for the source
a) All
b) Connection
c) Property

Types of dependencies in repository manager are
a) Source Target dependencies & Mapping dependencies
b) Mapping and transformation dependency
c) Mapping and shortcut dependency
answer: Dependency window - to see dependencies for a selected object (sourcetarget, mapping, shortcut dependencies).



Workflow manager has ------ tools
a) 3
b) 5
c) 7
d) none of the above
By default, Informatica treats null value as ------ in aggregator
a) Null
b) 0
c) ‘’
d) None


Master Gateway is associated with --------a) Node
b) Domain
c) Repository


Which one of the following is not correct?
a) Node have multiple domains
b) Every node has its service manager
c) Node does not need to be a gateway node

8) Which cannot be included in Mapplet?
a) Normalizer
b) Lookup
c) Expression

d) Sequence generator 9) How to copy Segment of workflow or work let? a) Can’t copy a part of the workflow b) Export and import the whole workflow c) Export and import the segment 10) How can we run session? a) Sequential b) Concurrent c) Both d) None 11) Default tracing level in Java transformation is a)Normal b) Verbose data c) Initialization d) Terse Informatica 8.tracing level is the default one which logs the logs initialization and status information. Terse . Verbose data – In Addition to the Verbose Initialization.logs the initialization information and error messages and notification of rejected data. Note . and detailed transformation statistics to the “Normal” level. Verbose Initialization – This tracing level adds additional initialization details.Terse is used to debug a transformation/Mapping that is not behaving as it was expected. errors encountered and skipped rows due to transformation row errors. Normal . Summarizes session results. but not at the level of individual rows.1.1 also supports the same FOUR tracing levels which were supported in earlier versions. logs each row that passes . They are Normal Terse Verbose Initialization Verbose Data Tracing level can be configured for each individual transformation. names of index and data files used.

From all above. 12) Informatica Service looks for workflow variable first in---a) Value in parameter file b) Repository c) Initial value d) Default value 13) To run service in primary and backup node.1.1 Informatica version introduced? a) Domain (-d) b) Timeout (-c) c) Service (-sv) d) all of the above 18) How many output groups in java? . Also notes where the Integration Service truncates string data to fit the precision of a column and provides detailed transformation statistics. which tab in the edit window has to be used a) Node assignment b) Advanced c) General d) Database 14) Functions performed by Service manager a) All b) Domain and node c) Licensing d) Authentication 15) Session types in debugger---a) All b) Existing Non reusable c) Existing Reusable d) Create debug session 16) Which transformation cannot be used in upstream of Union Transformation? a)Filter b)Sequence generator c) Router d)Http Answer: Sequence generator or update strategy 17) Which one is the new pmcmd command in 8.into the mapping. verbose data slow downs the performance of the data load as it writes log for every row data.

you add actual transformation 20) Improve the expression performance using a) all b) Decrease the aggregation function call c) Replace the Expression with local variables d) Use operators for the functions 21) If Maximum concurrent session is 10. UDF (I never heard about it) a) Can create null .1.a) One b) Same as input group c) None d)Many 19) Status name of the workflow monitor stops failed task and executes other a) Failed b) Abort c) Suspend d) Terminate 16) You can connect different objects in designer using ----a) Link 17) Incorrect about Load manager---a) Creates workflow log b) Runs workflow task c) Fetch session metadata d) Lock workflow and read properties 18) System variables in workflow are a) SYSDATE and workflow start time b) SYSDATE and session start time c) Workflow and session start time 19) Not true about Reusable transformation When you add reusable transformation to mapping.and you force to run the 11 th session in same IS then its status will be a) Waiting b) Unscheduled c) Abort d) Terminate 22) Informatica 8.1.

b) Can create shortcut/Copy c) Cannot reuse UDF function d) Can replace UDF function 23) If we filter at the source qualifier instead of using filter transformation a) Increases the performance of the mapping 24) Object used for source side and Target Push down optimization is a) Filter b) Aggregator c) Lookup d) Sorter 25) Records rejected by filter will be sent to a) Configure to the output file b) Configure to the bad file c) Configure to the log file d) None of the above 26) Control task is used for ----a) To abort the workflow b) Passing db parameters c) Decide the path to be followed d) Specify the start parameters 27) Same lookup used multiple times in the same workflow then. a) Cached once and instance refer the same cache b) Cached multiple times and refer respective cache c) Cached multiple times and refers the first cache 28) When to alter data type in source qualifier a) When precision of mapping data is greater than the precision of flat file read b) When precision of flat file read is greater than the precision of the mapping data c) When integer has to converted to string d) None of the above 29) Grid improves the performance through a) all b) Process partition c) Concurrency d) Balancing the load 30) What happens when transformation error occurs? .

workflow or work let designer b) Task developer c) Task developer and workflow designer d) Workflow and work let designer 33) Which privilege is required to connect to repository? a) Browse repository b) View repository c) Admin 34) Which high availability option completes the task after the service is interrupted? a) Failover b) Recover c) Resilience 35) To improve performance of the workflow a) Put session concurrent b) Put session sequential c) Both d) None 36) If the filter condition value is null.a) all b) removes row carrying error c) Writes the error row to the session log d) Pauses to determine the cause of the error 31) Objects visible in repository manager a) Repository service. Folder b) Source and target. source. then a) True b) False c) Row does not exist d) Null 37) Operating modes of repository services are a) Normal and safe Some other options which are not correct . Target. Integration service. mapping d) Mapping. nodes c) Repository. Source and target 32) Where reusable tasks can be created? a) Task developer. Integration service. Domain. Repository users.

view details about workflow and session tasks in a) Gantt chart view b) Task view c) Both d) None 39) Integration service ---.38) In workflow manager.ans TCP/IP 46) Which of the following is true? a) Expression syntax can be configured using argument and custom functions (not sure) 47) How to improve session performance? a) all b) Understand performance counter .when it encounters abort a) Aborts the session b) Aborts the session and and run the next session c) Terminate the workflow 40) Active Java transformation to Passive Java transformation can be done a) Remove the active transformation logic from code(check) 41) Transformation used in mapplet a) Stored procedure b) Target c) XML d) Normalizer e) None 42) How to view or modify user permissions a) Manage users 43) Where to generate domain activity report a) Manage users b) Privileges c) Domain activity monitoring d) User activity monitoring 44) Preview data on any source in designer uses a) Native b) ODBC(may be) c) TCP/IP 45) Nodes and services communicates through-------.

c) Increase load manager memory d) Enable monitoring 48) How to improve the performance of lookup? a) all b) Index the lookup columns c) Cache the lookup d) Optimize the lookup .