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SNTP address This address is also a TCP/IP address with which the time server can be accessed in

the network to ensure precise time synchronization of all devices.
These addresses are required in connection with the GOOSE protocol to form
multicast recipient lists and define links from one to several other devices. They are
automatically assigned during network parameterization in the System Configurator
depending on the interconnections made and are completely transparent for the user.
They cannot be set on the device itself. GOOSE telegrams uses virtual MAC
addresses only as target address. A real MAC address of a SIPROTEC device will
never be used as target address. In consequence of a wide acceptance of GOOSE
communications, large networks and numerous usage of GOOSE telegrams DIGSI
supports a larger address range from 01:0C:CD:01:00:00 to 01:0C:CD:01:FF:FF.
Gateway address This is the IP address of the gateway. It is required whenever an address outside the
LAN of the station is to be accessed. It can only be set via DIGSI.
DHCP DHCP is used to avoid having to set the above parameters individually. If DHCP is
activated, the settings are provided by a DHCP server in the network. The only
exceptions are the MAC address and multicast addresses. This function requires that
a DHCP server be accessible in the network.
SNMP V2 This protocol has been implemented in order to have access to information in a
network in which other units, such as external switches, are administered as well. On
the basis of this protocol, the accessible information can be invoked with any MIB
browser. The MIB descriptions required for this are available in the internetworking at or In particular, the statuses of the 2
lines are readable via SNMP using a MIB browser. This protocol is implemented in all
modules. For more details please refer to Chapter 6.5.
To be able to work with DHCP, this feature must be activated in the device. It is
activated in the as-delivered condition of the device. The IP addresses, subnet mask,
and gateway are then set to zero.
Integration Into Networks
SIPROTEC 4 EN100-Module - Manual IEC 61850 4-3

4.1.1 Display of Network Parameters
Display on the
The parameters of the interfaces can be viewed on the device display. This is done by
entering the operating menu from the initial display via the menu key. There, displays
are accessible via Parameter � Setup/Extras � IP-Configuration � System-SST
(Port B). The display includes:
� IP address
� Subnet mask
� Gateway
� Rights
� Link type
This shows the settings with which the device is working and that constitute