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JurisClasseur : 㱽⼳⮰㤕侭䘬➢䢶㔯䌣

1st French Legal Online

Research Tool

LexisNexis JurisClasseur

D 56 Collections JurisClasseur encyclopaedias (400 000 pages of

D 35 000 texts of laws up to date and consolidate (legislation and regulation)
D 1 200 000 cases (French Courts and many decisions from Courts of Appeal)
D 320 000 pages issued from Europe (legislation + case law)
D29 journals JurisClasseur
D More than 130 competitors journals analysed weekly
D Additional content downloaded regularly

LexisNexis JurisClasseur
Value proposition

• Access the most comprehensive legal information

database in French Law.

• Access to the most extensive collections of full text

court tribunal decision and case law ( beyond

• Bring security to your conclusion with a reliable

information and deep analysis (Jurisclasseur brand is
a caution)

• Gain time and effectiveness in your researches

• Find new argument and solutions for your files

LexisNexis Jurisclasseur
Features and Benefits
• High numbers of areas of practice: Civil, Penal,
Commercial, Administrative law as well as tax,
international to cover the maximum of problematics.

• Guarantee of the excellence of our contents with

the Scientific Committee ( 5 preeminent university
professors – Pr Catala, Pr Terre, Pr Maistre du
Chambon, Pr Simler, Pr Beguin)

• Our authors provide summary of the decision for

an easy reading and quick understanding of the
case law as well as analysis of the case law + exact
copy of the decision.

• the legislation is updated everyday, texts are

consolidated by us to have an accurate information
and avoid any mistakes of understanding.

LexisNexis Jurisclasseur
Features and Benefits
• Easy web surfing with direct access to table of contents for
reading (encyclopedias and journals)

• 2 methodologies of searches depending on your topic and

knowledge :
• General search across all content and use of advanced
feature to narrow your search
• Content specific search to target specific content types
such as court decisions, legislation or commentaries.

• Set up alerts and legal updates to set up in order to be

informed and prepared.

• Define your criteria in on topics that important for you

(frequency, topics)

• Millions of web links between Case law and legislation,

between encyclopedia and legislation in order to define the full

• Free Training over the phone and online Assistance

available to improve your proficiency.

LexisNexis Jurisclasseur

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