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You are a purusha or human being a conscious being who is self awareful
conscious being self judging also, a physical being with a set of senses and a
mind also with all this you are an individual. There are others who are not you so
you are some one with your own genetic code a political entity with a right to
vote.( Swamiji a past master in establishing firmly in our mind the nature and
characteristics of a person who ‘s roles he is going to discuss gave what beautiful
description of a purusha endowed with everything one who is fully functional as
an individual! Amazing! )
Now he brings the relation he has with what whom he has to play his different
roles depending on how he is connected to that person. Let us say a couple did
not have children for 12 yrs. They madea piligrimage to Badarinath and got a girl
child. Now this child who is just born doesnot know in what way she affected
each one related to her lifeso much havoc caused to the brother of her father
who expected to inherit her property, so much joy and elation to her parents who
waited so long for her. So much sukha dukha even before she opened her eyes
why? Because she is an individual related some way to every other individual.
That is why you are an individual. If there is any total conscious being, any such
entity exists you are related to that entity also. Thus every individual has a
mother , father, siblings, grand parents related differently to different people.
Every relation is unique. You cannot have blanket type reaction with every
relation. With every relation your script changes a kaleidoscopic change with
awareness of the whole process of change. Not happy with a person and your
response is sullen suddenly your boss comes an entirely different reaction, a sea
change with all humility , he goes off again sullen response. We donot have a
common script for every relation. Even with the same person let us say father
the script is notthe same. It undergoes dynamic change. We are constrained to
call each relating as a role play as i am the same individual relating differently to
different people and differently to same people so the role play goes on. The
word roleplay is borrowed from theatre. Once a magazine kept on the face of an
actress some other eyes and asked people to identify 5000 people responded wit
h correct answer and the gift money 500 has to be divided on all of them(Peals of
laughter in the lecture hall). No matter what role you play people see through the
role and recognise the person outside. But it is very difficult inside as the father ,
mother, wife, children are roles interrelated in a structured society in India. Role
playing is easier here as the script is well pronounced to live a peaceful life. Still
the fact remains that you are playing a script you have to be alert and matured
to write the script appropriate to the time and do it quickly well informed and
matured script.
Even though we are playing different roles with different persons a person is not
supposed to be affected by the role he plays which are fraught with unpleasant
situations if you have head you have headache too. Not playing roles is not
possible. The roles you play the son, father, grand child, husband, brother,
employee, employer, neighbour, friend, enemy what time it takes for one to
switch roles one to the other in lightening speed . But there must be one person

omnipotent. A devotee does not undergo any change aware of him being the changeless self no more ignorant of his swarupa as conscious self a changing role played by a changeless self unaffected by switch in roles as he is playing the role of son devotee. You can not bring up children without stress. As you are in touch with the reality underlying roles you need not do any thing to be stress free except be a self aware person as in such a person it is the self awareness of devotee who is a basic person free from roles and role problems confined to roles only not to the basic person gives the cushion of shock absorption. You are basically related to that total called Easwara as a devotee. Your awareness of Easwara in the form of order.common among all these switching roles that person all pervading . omniscient conscious self who is not another relation like an uncle who brings along with it the weight of sukha dukhas. friend devotee etc where unpleasant situations resolves in him and an pleasant situations also resolve in him. husband devotee. Playing roles are fraught with stress. When you can not confine the problem of every role will become your problem and the basic understanding of a person is lost. with stress free living playing role. . Stress is there when you donot have the shock absorber . that behind every thing it is Easwara (every action good and bad is Easwara is known as Easwara’s order) that absorbs. Basic question there you can confine the role problems to the role without carrying them when switching roles to other roles also. When you identify yourself with the role it is stress that will not be when you identify yourself with the devotee to play roles stress free.