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TEMPERA is a shell temperature monitoring system
for rotary kilns. It uses a high-resolution infrared line
scanner, connected through electronic hardware to a
computer located in the control room (see figure 1).
The rotating movement of the kiln allows monitoring
the whole surface of the shell, thus obtaining a
complete scan with each turn.

igure N° 1: Block Diagram

Radiation data provided by the line scanner is
converted to temperature values through
software, which takes into account the
atmospheric absorption effect and the thermal
emissivity of the kiln, as well as the
characteristics of the detector.
Temperature data is displayed in a computer
screen as thermal maps (thermograph).

The line-scanner detects the infrared radiation
emitted from a narrow area of the shell that
subtends an angle of 90° or 120º horizontally
(depending on the scanner being used). The
system generates more than 1000 data points
for scan. The scan takes only few milliseconds
and occurs 20 (40 or 80 optional) times per
second (see figure 2).

Figure N° 2:


Infrared line scanner measurement
principle description


allow a detailed analysis of the thermal conditions of the kiln. Soluciones Tecnológicas Avanzadas Empresa Certificada ISO 9001:2008 FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS ON-LINE INFORMATION Any unusual thermal behaviour on the kiln shell will be quickly spotted by the operator thanks to the information displayed onscreen. It also helps in the detection of hot spots.TECNOLOGÍA INTEGRAL S. SCANNER TEMPERA TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR ROTATORY KILN 2 . Distinguishing between different data allows evaluate and optimise the operating conditions of the kiln. maximum and minimum. ANALYTICAL CAPABILITY TEMPERA stores all the information automatically. formation of rings. as well as hourly averages. This information is employed. HISTORY The TEMPERA system automatically stores information from the shell’s thermal maps. by using specific commands. This as well as a series of functions loaded into the system. It being able to virtually "see" the refractory bricks wall avoids expensive brick stocking because the state of the internal refractory wall after a campaign is known before opening the kiln. falling of refractory bricks. etc. to show the recorded information on screen. A. One of these features is to schedule in advance the necessary repairs of the kiln. at different dates. which will allow him to promptly take the right corrective actions.

TECNOLOGÍA INTEGRAL S. To achieve it. TEMPERA measures and keeps updating on-screen. elapsed operation time. TEMPERA can perform temperature measurements in synchronisation with the rotational movement of the kiln by using a kiln position encoder module. SCANNER TEMPERA TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR ROTATORY KILN 3 . being able to obtain hourly averages and daily and monthly trends. allows determining the condition in which the refractory wall is. A. and facilitates decisions like the campaign’s extension. installation date. These data. for each revolution of the kiln. Should a tyre displace out of range (preconfigured by the operator). The tolerance level of each alarm blinks if the value of the parameter being used to monitor a given zone is out of its preset value (see Figure 3). COOLING FANS AND ALARMS TEMPERA permanently shows a graph of extreme temperatures (maximum and minimum) and simultaneously displays the limits for the different zone or cooling fan alarms. The system allows the configuration of up to 10 distinct alarms for each kiln or 25 cooling fans. etc. or the overall dimension of necessary works in order to properly maintain the kiln. gives the operator access to information regarding changes made. Soluciones Tecnológicas Avanzadas Empresa Certificada ISO 9001:2008 REFRACTORY ADMINISTRATION Displaying on-screen the type of refractory wall being used in the kiln. With this set-up it is possible to correlate the temperature measurement with the position of the shell kiln independently from the fluctuation of the rotational velocity of the kiln. using different areas or zones and setting the upper and lower limits individually. last measured thickness. then the alarm for that tire is triggered. plus the temperature information. Information is saved. the slippage value in millimetres. KILN POSITION ENCODER In order to take advantage of the analytical options of the program. TIRES The system is capable of detecting slippage anomalies in each one of the tires.

ADVANTAGES       Maintenance cost reduction Operational costs reduction Increase in productivity Safe operation Management capacity improvement Historical analysis of the kiln TEMPERA is a powerful tool for kiln thermal management. +55 15 3244.+55 15 9630. Soluciones Tecnológicas Avanzadas Empresa Certificada ISO 9001:2008 NETWORK THERMAL MONITORING TEMPERA-NET has the ability to connect to the computer network used in the A.Piedade . and the programmed maintenance of the refractory wall reliably and at a minimum SCANNER TEMPERA TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR ROTATORY KILN 4 .SP Tel. Alexandre Chriguer Application Engineer ECIL Produtos LTDA . justify the employment of TEMPERA since the first months of use. The time required to regain the initial investment varies strongly with the type of kiln and the degree of control on the clinker production process.8052 | Cel.TECNOLOGÍA INTEGRAL S. In most cases. also the efficiency optimisation of the production / Visite nosso site: http://www. extended production campaigns without not-programmed halts and optimised kiln operation.7096 e-mail: chriguer@ecil. the savings generated by the longer lasting of the refractory wall. which allows the real-time display of the kiln’s monitoring process and perform thermal condition analysis from any office inside or outside the providing important information that allow the safe operation of the kiln along the whole period of production.