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Which Command has 60 sec timeout period
a. Abort
b. Kill session
c. Stop
d. None
2. Using which of the following informatica provides inherited error handling
a. Pmcmd tables
b. Pmerr tables
d. Pmrep tables

3. To substitute a value to a user defined workflow variable which task can be
a. Assignment
b. Command
c. Decision
d. Link

4. If user selects Enhanced security option in workflow manager ,it will restrict
the access for owners and groups and set some default permissions
(Question seems Not complete)
a. Read
b. Read/execute
c. Read/write/execute
d. None
The owner has all permissions. You can change the owner but you cannot
change the owner permissions
5. Which of the following task is used to stop, abort or fail top level workflow
based on an input link condition
a. Command task
b. Assignment task
c. Control
d. Email
6. Valid partition types for Expression transformation


Round robin
Hash auto keys
Key Range
Hash User Keys

7. Work flow can execute another work flow in informatica 8.X
a. Using Workflow reusable scheduler
b. Admin Console
c. Workflow Monitor
8. Features of decision task
Can never be used before email task?—We can Use
9. Program that submits dump handler in PWX
When you start Power Exchange Condense, the main task called the
controller initializes and then starts the following tasks:
Command Handler, DTLCCMDH
Condense, DTLCCNDS
Dump Handler, DTLCDUMP
10.Which of the following is used by Integration service to dispatch the tasks to
a. DTM
b. Admin Console
c. Load Balance
d. Workflow manager
e. Integration service process
11.Folders are created in
a. Workflow manager
b. Designer
c. Repository manger
12.A user has changed public folder to shared folder but he can’t revert why?
a. He has to close the folder in designer
b. He should have repository admin rites
Once a folder is converted to Shared can’t be reversed.
13.When informatica runs in ASCII,it sorts all
a. Character data using Binary
b. Character data using ASCII

SOURCE  FILTER SEQ Generator TARGET. Persistent cache b. HTML files 21. Workflow designer b. Static cache c. FILTER and Target 20. Restart service process b. Pmrep d. Cmd e. Workflow designer c.In which of the following. Character data using Bitmap d. Dynamic Cache 17.Saving and reusing the cache when next time Integration service processes the lookup a.Where can we create workflow tasks a.Repository backups in repository Manager are stored in form of a. Retrieve metadata e. Dtlcapx It can be checked using DTLREXE utility. where can we have valid Partitioning? SOURCE. Upgrade Informatica 15.c. Binary Files c. Configure debugger c. Work let designer d. Assign Integration service d. Command to test remote listener in a PWX environment a.Not Functions of Admin Console a. XML files b. Numeric data 14. Pmcmd b. Dtlrexe c. . Workflow manger 18. Mapping designer c. Task developer b. Work let designer 19. can we create database connection a. Session wizard 16. Pmcmd b.Possible ways to run workflow a. Pmrep c. Flat files d.

None 29. Will disable d. Decrease c.Which return value from New Lookup Port Says that there is No Update or No insert a. Should be done in Session 27.How to make a work flow to wait . Event wait with Predefined even with option to Specify filewatch 25. Event wait with user defined event option to specify the file path and name b. Passthrough b.A mapping has 2 pipelines. execution should be always 1 st followed by 2nd pipeline a.A Query to search labeled versioned objects a.Which of the following are versioning functions a. Source read plan b. Delete c. Increase b. Round robin c. Key range d. Purge b. Check in/Out Tasks you can perform with versioning » View object version properties » View object history » Track changes to an object » Check the object version » Delete or purge the object version 24. 3 . Non reusable c.until a file is available a. DTL d. 2 c.22. DTLURDMO b. Query does not return older version of labeled objects 30. DTLDTL 28.Tasks set in task developer a. Target Load plan c.Sorted input _____ Aggregation Cache a. DTLCAPX c.Partitioning equal ant to where clause. 1 b. Can set to either Reusable/Non reusable 26. if selects data from a source a.Power Exchange data map can be migrated using which of the following a. DB partitioning 23. Re usable b.

Which of the following is not an active transformer a. Sequence generator b. Can create source short cut in shared folder d. FALSE 37.Performing Join in the DB is slower than session a.Not true about Source Analyzer a. Power Exchange b. Cant import Flat files b.Which of the following Partitioning is NOT applicable for flat file targets a. Realtime Monitor c. 0 31. Can edit source short cut in Source analyzer 35. Designer e.d.Aggregator transformation receives sorted input from a sorter transformation what is the default partitioning for Aggregator . Hash auto key b. TRUE b. Stored producer CUSTOM—Active/passive ExpressionPassive External Procedure—passive Lookup—Active/passive Sequence Generator—passive SQL Active/passive Stored Procedurepassive 33. Database partitioning d. whether the changes will affect tasks in task developer a. Cant import COBOL files c. Hash user keys 34. TRUE b. FALSE 36.User opened Reusable task and made changes. Workflow manager 32. Normalizer c.Which of the following tool is used for real time data Extraction a. Round Robin c. Metadata analyzer d.

writer. SQL. 10 e. and transformation threads to extract. Batch e. session parameters. what will happen.X 41. Team based development Option c. Data maps in power Center 43. Delta c. None 40. Aborts Workflow running b. 4 b. Available in 6. Based on the transformation scope b. Cdc b. transform. and load data 􀂃 Runs postsession stored procedures. and shell commands 􀂃 Sends postsession email . 15 d. Pass through d. CVS b.In a workflow. stored procedures. user has Created a session task and control task. Not a valid partition point 38.Functions of DTM Retrieves and validates session information from the repository 􀂃 Performs pushdown optimization when the session is configured for pushdown optimization 􀂃 Adds partitions to the session when the session is configured for dynamic partitioning 􀂃 Forms partition groups when the session is configured to run on a grid 􀂃 Expands the service process variables.Versioning available in Informatica 8. and SQL 􀂃 Sends a request to start worker DTM processes on other nodes when the session is configured to run on a grid 􀂃 Creates and runs mapping. Fails workflow running c. None 39. Data maps in power exchange b. Increment d. 20 42.Change Captures runs in how many jobs a. Hash auto key c.VSAM sources Can be imported in informatica sing a. 5 c.a. Stops workflow running d. if you select fail Top level workflow option a. and mapping variables and parameters 􀂃 Creates the session log 􀂃 Validates source and target code pages 􀂃 Verifies connection object permissions 􀂃 Runs presession shell commands.X Using a. reader.Which option moves change data alone from Source to target in PWX a.

44. The Joiner transformation accepts input from most transformations. $ for mapping parameters and mapping variables c. Data map c. . UNIX. and Windows has closed at least one condense or Log file.DB2 and PWX have to install. $$ for both Mapping parameters and variables b. Command d. CAPX d. work let c. Server b. Workflow b. Add Joiner transformations to the mapping until you have joined all the source pipelines. Email task 48. $$ for directories and path $Session Parameter/Session Variable $$Mapping Parameter/Mapping Variable $$$System Parameter/System Variable https://community.Can we have More than 2 links to a joiner? To join more than two sources in a mapping. consider the Following limitations on the pipelines you connect to the Joiner transformation:  You cannot use a Joiner transformation when either input pipeline contains an Update Strategy transformation. you can only extract change data after Power Exchange Condense or the Power Exchange Logger for Linux. Map let b. 49. 46.Difference between $ and $$ variables 45. DTLMTH c. Extraction CAPX in the DB Type field. join the output from the Joiner transformation with another source pipeline. Change Capture task that handles Operators in PWX a. Controller e.informatica.Method that extracts partial or Full condensed updates produced by condense process in a.Reusable objects in Workflow manager a. However.  You cannot use a Joiner transformation if you connect a Sequence Generator transformation directly before the Joiner transformation . Condenser 47.

Performing pushdown optimization e.2 parallel pipe lines load in to a target. User Can Change not NULL data to NULL b. Flat files . User can’t change RANK index of the rank transformation e. User can change row type of the update transformation d.Which of the following are false regarding modifying data while debugger is paused on data break point? a. Validating code pages c. we have expression Transformation before one target.Which of the following privilege is required for a user to create DB connection in addition to read/write folder permission? a. 51. is partition valid an Expression transformation. VSAM files d. Creating the workflow log Below are the Integration Service components  Integration Service Process  Load Balancer  Data Transformation Manager (DTM) Process Dispatch Tasks to the node is the function of Load balancer Creating the workflow log is function of Integration Service Process 53.What could be the possible functions of DTM? a. Dispatch Tasks to the node b.Repository is a list of____________ a. Browse Repository c. C files b. User Can’t change any output port of the router transformation All the Options given above are valid so answer is none of the above 54. Use Designer 52. User can modify output data of the current transformation c. Ccp files c. Super User d. Creating session log d.50. Use Workflow Manager b.

Oneway comparisons check the selected objects of Folder1 against the objects in Folder2. the power center server can partition caches for which of the following transformation? a.A user wants to compare folder A against folder B. Sorter d. Ans: D 56. When start up initialization is complete b. Advanced Comparison c.When the user creates a session with multiple partitions. When start up initialization is complete/a condense command is manually entered using SNDPWXCMD c. which of the following option is suitable for the need? a. Rank c. He wants to check whether all the objects in folder B are present in folder A. Database tables 55. Answer is D 2 and 3 are correct. Twoway comparisons check objects in Folder1 against those in Folder2 and also check objects in Folder2 against those in Folder1. One thread Comparison d. One way comparison b. Aggregator b. Lookup 59. When any event occurs in journal 58. 57.When is condense process triggered? a.e. . Direct comparison Comparison results depend on the direction of the comparison.

user-defined join. 62. it appears in the Expression Editor. and in the Expression Editor of reusable transformations. You can also use mapping variables in a source qualifier filter. or extract override. Ans: B None of the listed options . you can create mapping variables in a mapping or mapplet. After you create a mapping variable. Ans: a You cannot include the following objects in a mapplet: (So we can use Expression transformation in mapplet)  Normalizer transformations  Cobol sources  XML Source Qualifier transformations  XML sources  Target definitions  Pre and post session stored procedures  Other mapplets In the Designer.60. You can then use it in any expression in the mapping or mapplet. Ans B 61.

. When you stop a task in the workflow. When the Integration Service aborts a task. 65. it kills the DTM process and terminates the task. If the Integration Service cannot stop processing the task. you need to abort the task. Ans: C 66. 64.We can achieve this using the Link Condition. The Integration Service continues running concurrent tasks. Ans: C You can stop or abort a task. the Integration Service stops processing the task and all other tasks in its path. or worklet in the Workflow Monitor at any time. Ans: D We can’t edit the Source shortcut. workflow. 63.

Ans: A 69.Ans: B 67. . Ans: A . Ans: D 68.

C. Ans: A .70. Ans: B. Ans: B  . E 73. Ans: C 72. 71.

74. Ans: D 76. Ans :B (Not Sure) . Ans: B 75.

Ans :B . Ans :A After PowerExchange Condense completes writing changes to a condense file and closes the condense file. extraction of the changes begins. 80. Ans :B 78.Actual answer is The User Should have “Access workflow Manager” privilege 77. Ans :B same as question 76 79.

Ans :B You can export one version of an object at a time. If you want to export an earlier version of an object. select the objects to export and choose Tools-Export to XML File. 82. Ans :C . but the Power Center Client exports only the latest version selected for that object. the Power Center Client exports the latest version of the object. Ans :D 83. In the View History or Query Results window.81. When you export an object from the Navigator or workspace. you can select it from a query result or object history. You can select multiple object versions to export.

Ans :D 87. Ans :B(NOT SURE) . 86. Ans :D Only command .84. Ans :B 85.Session and Email Tasks are Reusable.

88. Ans :A 91. Ans :A 89. Ans :D . Ans :C 92. Ans :A 90.

The Integration Service encounters a break and pauses the Debugger.  Paused.The Debugger can be in one of the following states:  Initializing. open the capture registration. In the Condense list.  Running. To enable a capture registration for PowerExchange Logger use: 1. Ans :A 95. select Active in the Status list. In the Resource Inspector. In the PowerExchange Navigator. The Integration Service processes the data. The Designer connects to the Integration Service. Ans :B (NOT SURE) 94. . select Part.  93. 2. 3.

If you remove all active transformations from an active mapplet. Ans :E 98. Ans :A 97.Ans :B 96. Ans :A It looks Option ‘C’ is also correct. Passive mapplets contain only passive transformations. .(might not correct assumption) A mapplet can be active or passive depending on the transformations in the mapplet. Active mapplets contain one or more active transformations.But if we add a joiner transformation we should add a new SQ stage also so eliminating that. the mapplet becomes passive. the mapplet becomes active. If you add an active transformation to a passive mapplet.

99. Ans :B 100. You pass a script name to the transformation with each input row. SQL transformation always returns one row for each input row in which mode a) I/P Mode b) O/P Mode c) Query Mode d) Script Mode The SQL transformation runs in one of the following modes: Script mode. The SQL transformation outputs one row for each input row. . Ans :D 102. Ans :E 101. The SQL transformation runs ANSI SQL scripts that are externally located.

. the Integration Service may fill the database log file and cause the session to fail.??? (Y/N) Ans: Yes The following example shows how to complete a lookup on the NAME and ADDRESS input ports in a Java transformation and assign the return value to the COMPANY_NAME output port. consider the log file limits in the target database. Which object can’t be used in Mapplet? a) Normalizer b) Lookup c) Expression d) Reusable Sequence Generator Ans: A 106. weigh the benefit of increasing the commit interval against the additional time you would spend recovering a failed session.str2} ). the number of times the Integration Service commits decreases and performance improves. the more often the Integration Service writes to the target database. Ans: C (Not sure) The smaller the commit interval. The SQL transformation executes a query that you define in a query editor. and the slower the overall performance If you increase the commit interval. generateRow().X2)". Function to create new row in Java Transformation. Therefore. Enter the following code on the On Input Row code entry tab: COMPANY_NAME = (String)invokeJExpression(":lkp. 104. How commit interval affects performance a) Large b) Small c) As per DB network pacaket size d) Commit interval not affects performance. 105.Query mode. Is it possible to call Lookup from Java Transformation. If the commit interval is too high. You can pass strings or parameters to the query to define dynamic queries or change the selection parameters.?? .my_lookup(X1. When you increase the commit interval. new Object [] {str1 . You can output multiple rows when the query has a SELECT statement.. 103.

Decrease the buffer block size on the Config Object tab in the session properties. you can call the generateRow method more than once for each input row.  Default Buffer Block Size. 108.You can call the generateRow method in active transformations only. If you want to generate multiple rows corresponding to an input row. adjust the following session properties:  DTM Buffer Size. If you call the generateRow method in a passive transformation. New pmcmd command introduced int INFA 8.Ans: generateRow() When you call the generateRow method. How can we increase no of memory blocks to gain performance? a) Increase DTM buffer size b) Decrease DTM buffer size c) Increase DTM buffer size & Decrease default buffer block size d) Decrease DTM buffer size & Increase default buffer size Ans: C To increase the number of available memory blocks.X version . Increase the DTM buffer size on the Properties tab in the session properties. the session generates an error. the Java transformation generates an output row using the current value of the output port variables. You can add the generateRow method to the Java code on any code entry tab except the Import Packages and Java Expressions tabs. the transformation does not generate output rows. If you do not use the generateRow method in an active Java transformation. Different connectivity client uses for communicating with different PWC components a) Native Drivers b) N/W Protocol c) ODBC & JDBC d) All of the above Ans: D 109. 107.

?? a) Delete b) First we need to delete users from group to delete group c) Reassign to public group d) NO.?? a) YES b) NO c) YES. but reverse is not possible d) Need to remove active transformation logic from code first Ans: C (d?) 70) After deleting user group which contains users..a) -t b) -sv c) -d d) All of the above Ans: B (Not sure) 69) Can we convert active Java transformation into passive transformation. Ans: C 71) Informatica PWC uses which extraction strategies for source? a) PUSH b) PULL c) BOTH d) None of the above Ans: B 72) Question on Enable Test Load. we can’t delete.. what will happen to users.. Ans: Load test is used for testing purpose and it does that without writing data to target 73) What does run on Server Initialization Scheduler option mean.?? .

METAPHONE. what will happen to record inserted into Dynamic lookup cache? Ans: Record will not go to cache until it goes to target 78) Purpose of output window in PWC? Ans: To display status messages 79) Is it possible to lookup from Java transformation? Ans: Yes 80) Which PWC component uses Native Connectivity with Repository? .SOUNDEX d) None of the above Ans: D (Not sure) 75) In which task we can’t use WF variable? a) Timer b) Assignment c) Command d) Decision Ans: Timer 76) Where will you look for session failure. MAX (DATE) b) MAX(STRING).Ans: Run wf on initialization and then run according to the scheduler options set 74) Among following which already are present in INFA 8.. if unable to extract session log file Ans: Workflow Log 77) Failed to insert row in database target table. MIN (STRING).X.?? a) MD5. c) LEAST.

.?? a) Resusable b) Non Reusable c) Can be created in both WF and worklet designer Ans: A 82) Used outer join in SQ instead of Master and Detailed Join.Ans: Integration Service (Not sure) 81) Worklet can be. what about no of rows? a) No of rows will be same in both cases b) More no of rows in SQ c) Less no of rows in SQ d) Affects the performance Ans: B 83) Can we add ports to output group in HTTPS transformation? Ans: False 84) What happened with Rank transformation if two rank values match? a) Will skip the next value b) Will assign next value to another row c) Stop the mapping d) Give Error. Ans: A 85) Break point options available in debugger? a) Data break point b) Error break point .

Ans: C 86) What type of cache gives performance benefit? a) Dynamic b) Static c) Persistence/Shared d) No effects on performance. Ans: C 87) Difference between $$$SessSTARTTIME & SESSSTARTIME? Ans: $$$SessSTARTTIME – String datatype SESSSTARTIME – date/time datatype 88) In which session properties we can configured dynamic partitioning ? a) Properties Tab b) Config Tab c) d) Ans: Config 89) How can we identify source bottleneck in relational sources? a) Use a Test Read Mapping b) Use a DB query c) User filter Transformation d) All of the above Ans: D .c) Both d) Any one of the above.