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To study ITB, project and design basis such as scope of work, overall project schedule, basic design data,
client specification, client standard drawings, existing drawings, and plot plan.

To assist in planning and organizing piping engineering activities and manpower requirement for the project.

To coordinate piping design and engineering effort with other area Lead Engineers and disciplines of the

To prepare piping information list and layout and document list following standard procedure created for the

To prepare piping general specification inclusive of specification for piping arrangement, piping support

To interpret and evaluate stress/vibration analysis result and provides necessary recommendation on
resolving the method of analysis.

To develop conceptual routing, piping layout and piping information of major critical equipment of the project
such as tower/column, airfin coolers, heaters, compressors and reactors, preferably in 3D CAD format.

To provide field engineering support/advice towards piping installation and testing at construction site.

To perform the function inherent to Piping Key Person as designated by Piping Department Manager.

To evaluate the performance of and provide counselling and guidance to members of the project.

To perform other tasks that may be assigned by the Department Manager.

To carry out engineering support work during the construction phase of the project.


Bachelor degree of any four years BS Engineering course preferably Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
combination of education and experience.

Minimum of 3 years in the field of piping design involving detailed design, stress evaluation and production

Ability to use computer equipment and peripherals to carry out routine computing tasks.

Basic Knowledge of AutoCAD/Cad Pipe and Microstation 2D CAD.

Basic knowledge of 3D Model review through Naviswork or SPR.

analyse. quadratic equations and other applicable formulas. contracts reports and instructions. Ability to apply mathematical concepts in piping calculations such as exponents.  Strong leadership qualities and analytical and reasoning abilities.  Good interpersonal and communication.  Ability to read. . logarithms. trigonometric functions. and interpret common technical information.  Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from clients and ability to write effective minutes of meeting and other related business communications.