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The biography of Hadrat Syed Shah Khamosh Sahib

Translated by
Mohammed Abdul Hafeez


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First Published 1437/2015
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be
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This is biography book of Hadrat Syed Shah Khamos Sahib
and it is very old book and which is written in Urdu language by
Syed Mohammed Shah Saber Hussaini and translated by me
first time into English.
This is a small book in which there are biography details of
Hadrat Syed Shah Khamos Sahib are added and in this book
there are some great achievements of this great Sheikh of
Deccan (South India) which are not yet known to the general
persons and other persons are published in a very interesting
style so for this reason the readers will find great interest and
attention in this matter.
From the above facts and details, if the readers will starts
reading this book’s first chapter and will not stop its reading till
they will reach its last chapter as in this book some interesting
events and as well as other great miracles and endeavours of
holy saint are added and this holy saint who was passed away
from the world some more than 233 years ago.
Even though this is a small book but due to its importance it
is so great due to coverage of many interesting events and
positive information in it so it is like an ocean of knowledge
and information about holy saint and who was passed away
from the world upon doing his great endeavours and many hard
tasks for the preaching and propagation work of Islam in the
area of the Deccan (South India) as well in some other native
states of India during the British rule of India. So this book is
small one but it will present the ocean of knowledge and


information for the guidance of people towards the right path of
This book is edited and formatted as per the great book
‘Muslim saints and Mystics‘ (Tadhkirtal Aliyah by Farid al din
Attar) which is very famous in the Western world among the
English knowing persons. So for this reason there will be some
small differences in it while comparing with the Urdu books
and its literature. The aim of this book is to present in the
Western world where there is great search and demand of the
books of Sufism and biographies of holy saints who lived and
spent their entire lives for the preaching and propagation of
Islamic religion in all corners of the world as per tradition and
practice of Allah’s last prophet.
To write about this great Sufi saint is not only it is difficult
and but it is very hard task as he was not only a great pious
personality of his time in Deccan (South India) region but he
was also a great Sufi Master in Deccan area who struggled hard
for the preaching and propagation of Islam centuries ago so in
brief he was Qu’tub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) of
his time in Deccan (South India) region and who did many great
endeavors for the preaching and propagation of Islam in South
India and in some northern Indian states of India and around it
and there was no such personality during his time.


The biography of Hadrat Syed Shah Khamosh Sahib

I am honoured to write the biography details of my ancestor
Hadrat Khajwa Syed Moinuddin Hussaini alias Hadrat Syed
Khasmos Sahib.
Even though his books of Diwan (collected odes of single
poet) of poetry were published at many native states of India in
Hyderabad, Punjab, Amroha and in Moradabad and in the above
places it was published his Diwan many times in which there
are find many printing mistakes but those books of poetry were
still out of stock and are in running in shortage. I have corrected
mistakes, and did explanation of the exegesis of Quranic verses
and sayings of the last prophet of Allah in the above poetry book
and after this edit work printed the book of Diwan.


His holy birth was took place on 4th Rajab 1204 Hegira in
city of Mohammabad Bider and his father was a famous Sufi
master of the Chishti and Nizami Order and it refers to a person
who is committed to a Murshid (spiritual master) in a Tariqa
(spiritual path) of Sufism and it is also known as a Salik (Arabic:
‫ك‬‎‫ )سسلالل‬and his name was well known as Hadrat Khajwa Syed shah
Meeran Maqdum Hussaini alias Hussaini Peeran. There were
three brothers of Hadrat Syed Khasmos Sahib and the details of
his brothers are as follows according to the age group.
1. Syed Shah Peeran Hussaini
2. Syed Shah Wali Ullah Hussaini
3. Syed Shah Ali Hussaini

His ancestors
Hadrat Syed Shah Yousuf Hussaini alias Shah Raju Qattal
Hussaini whose mausoleum is situated in Quladabad Sharif and
whose elder son was Syed Shah Hussain alias Hadrat Khaja
Chandan Hussaini and who was caliph of Hadrat Chiragh
Dehlavi and the linage of Hadrat Shah Khamos is belongs to
his sons.
The above saint’s younger son’s name is well known as
Khaja Bande Nawaz Gesu Daraz Mohammed Mohammed
Hussaini on whose mausoleum people from various walks of
life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the
Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the 15, 16 and 17


days of Zul-Qa`dah of Muslim calendar at the famous Band
Nawaz shrine (Dargah) in Gulbarga every year. Several hundred
thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and
beliefs, gather there to seek blessings .
One day when Hadrat Shah Khamosh was playing outside
of his house along with friends of age mates and at that time one
pious person and whose name Bands Ali Majzub Shah was
passed from there and he was watched him while playing with
the boys and he told him “You are tiger and you are playing with
jackals. ” And he was given to him the salt package which was
tied in cloth.
So after this event there was over powering of fondness of
Allah upon him. And there was affection and fondness of truth
so he began search for truth which was increased by him. His
interest was began in endeavours and daily recitals as well as
invocation of Allah. So for this reason he was asked permission
with his elder brother Syed Peeran Hussaini Sahib for the
journey. So his brother was provided him one horse and fellow
disciple for his journey. Before this journey, he has spent some
time in the loneliness.
As per line of the poetry of Hafiz Shirazi that “ His habit was
upset with the wine so he does not know what is meaning of the
colorful prayer mat and who is the spiritual guide and with
wine he does not know which type of wine it belongs.”
Upon covering one destination from Bider he was handed
over the horse to his spiritual fellow disciple and in his
thoughtfulness he was reached to the destination by foot journey
and visited the mausoleum of Hadrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti in


Ajmare city. And for many years he was there in Ajmare in his
attention and endeavours towards there in the mausoleum of
Khaja Gharib Nawaz. He was received command by the Sufi
master of the subcontinent Hadrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti to
proceed towards Punjab State and he was instructed to go
Manikpur where his favour of fate is available there with
Hadrat Hafiz Musa Sahib so he should approach with him and
get favour from there.So for this reason Hadrat Shah Khamosh
Sahib was reached in Punjab by covering the long journey by
When he was reached there and he was found one pious sufi
master and he was among large number of his disciple there and
that holy personality saw Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib then he
immediately put his head on his foot and told him he was sent
towards his Mashaiq (learned person) and your master is better
than himself. So for this cause all disciples were upset and
worried in this matter and asked him who is this young
gentleman.?. He said before them that “ He is Sadat (descendant
of the prophet’s family) from Deccan (South India) and he was sent
by Hadrat Khaja Mooinuddin Chisti and who is in search for his
purpose. This young gentle man is by birth a person of Velayat
(sainthood) and he was sent for the completion of stages of truth
of manifest and innermost.”
Before reaching of Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib to Manikpur
which is in Ambala district Hadrat Hafiz Musa Sahib was seen
Khaja Gharib Nawaz in his dream and who told him that his son
is coming towards him so take towards him.
Hafiz Musa Sahib was wake up from his dream and he was
given instruction to all disciples and persons who were present


in the shrine building to go and welcome the young gentleman
who was sent by Hadrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti.So all should
go to the village Majary which was two miles away from
Manikpur and pay him respect and bring him from there.So
many groups of pious caliphs and disciple went to welcome
Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib to village Majary and all were
honoured him and took him in the circle of invocation of Allah
and took him in the presence of their spiritual master in
At the other side Hadrat Hafiz Musa who was standing at the
door of the shrine and waiting for his arrival there. Upon his
arrival he was embraced him and all the persons who present
there were began weeping. He was granted a special room to
stay for him in the shrine building. He was given special respect
and status than general disciples and special caliphs and he was
made him a disciple and so in this way he was entered into the
fold of the chain of Sufi master in Manikpur. Upon his hard
endeavours and tasks he was given him caliphate and
As per the old system when the custodians of Hadrat Shah
Khamosh Sahib from Hyderabad when used to visit Manikpur
shrine then all disciples and persons of shrine of Hafiz Sahib and
village people used to gather two miles away from Manikpur in
village Majary in the circle of invocation of Allah to welcome
the custodian from Hyderabad and taken them to shrine of Hafiz
Sahib in circles of invocation of Allah.
In one biography of Hadrat Shah Khamosh which is 60 old
printed in which it is mentioned one event that “ Maulvi Amnat
Ali who is caliph of Hadrat Musa Hafiz heard by his master that


Hadrat Shah Khamosh is in his chain and as per favours he is
like Hadrat Niazmuddin Auliya Thani and he will be very
generous and due to his favours of innermost and manifest
(Zaheri) and these benefits which will be get available to the
people India and Deccan.”
One another caliph of Hadrat Hafiz Musa said “Moulana Mir
Hafiz was seen in the dream Meeran Bhiki Sahib who was great
grandfather of Hadrat Hafiz Musa Sahib who tieing turban with
his hand on the head of Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib. In the
morning he wake up and he was explained his dream with his
master Hafiz Sahib then he was told him that “ There is no
surprise as Meeran Bhiki Sahib is tieing turban on his head as he
accepted one in the shrine of Hadrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti
and who got favour from there and his is messenger from that
In city of Rupad Sharif in which the mausoleum of spiritual
master of Hadrat Hafiz Sahib is there and which is located some
miles away from Sarhind and where the room of Hadrat Shah
Khamosh Sahib is there and which famous even today for the
fulfillment of desires and wishes of the person who visit his
room there and in that room Shah Sahib used to busy in the
invocation of Allah and daily recital and endeavours there.
It is made available the information in many biography
books and history books that in invocation of Allah and recitals,
Hadrat Shah Khamos was much connected with his breaths and
for this reason even one of his single breath was not pass
without invocation of Allah and recitals. For this reason for a
period of 30 years he did not talk with anybody and even by sign
he used to talk very less.


Hadrat Syed Amant Ali Katgori and Syed Amant Ali of
Amrohi said that “ One day they were standing at the door of
room of Hafiz Sahib and at that time large number of people of
chain were present there and Hadrat Hafiz was tieing up turban
of the caliphate on the head of young gentle man Syed
Moinuddin Hussaini and awarded him the status of Qutub
(highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) of Deccan (South India) and
had instructed him to stay in Amroha till his life period and
used to visit him from there in every one month or two months
time and after his demise to go and stay in Deccan as per
instruction of Hadrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti and who was
awarded him the status of Qutub of Deccan region. His
spiritual master have been filled his chest with the knowledge of
innermost and manifest and revealed upon him all truths. ”
While going to Amroha he was stayed some days in the Delhi
and he stays in the Delhi has become well known to all people
there. The Mughal dynasty last King Bahdur Shah Zafar was
paid visit him he was presented his 21 gold coins to him as his
offering. After this he was stayed some period of time in
Amroha and Allahabad and in these two cities his mosques and
shrine buildings are well known and famous among the people
in the above cities. In Chandpur, Merat, Amroha and in
Allahabad there is large number of his disciples are available
there. From Moradabad he went to visit village Garali,
Chandpur, Mansourabad and he was stayed there for some short
period of time. For some period of time he was given instruction
of teaching and preaching to his fellow disciple Ghulam Ali
Shah in Amroha. In his absence, he was become in charge of a
circle of invocation of Allah and teaching and preaching work
there. He was stayed for a period of one year in the mosque of


Amroha and from there he was shifted to mosque of Balul Khan
and in which he was stayed for some years there and from there
he was shifted in the street of Patwalon and where he was
constructed one mosque and shrine building there and that
mosque is still famous and well know with mosque of Shah
Khamos Sahib.
This event was happened one day and which is very well
known and famous there that Amant Khan residence of street
Katwai in Armorha was organized one function in honour of
Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib an due to his devotion of the
Sheikh and he was also arranged a meeting of Samah (ecstasy)
and so for this reason large number people came over to his
residence where was arranged for the meals to all persons and
due to large number of people’s gathering he was worried and
upset and due to face reading of Amant Khan the Sheikh of time
was able to know that his worry and asked him to take him at the
place of Pakat (fried bread ) and the Sheikh was covered platter
of bread with his coverlet and put his Romal (handkerchief) on
the cauldron of cooked rice and asked him to starting serving
food to the people. Upon eating of all people with full
satisfaction but the food which was prepared was not used at all
and it was looking that nothing was not used to serve the people
from the cauldrons. Upon seeing this event there was news
spread in the city of his miracle and all were surprised in this
matter and many thousand people were become his disciples in
Amroha city due to the above event. Even today large number of
disciples of his chain are available in that city due to grace of
Allah and he has stayed there in that city for a period of ten
years and where he has performed many thousand miracle and
super natural events there.


Before the death of Hadrat Hafiz Musa Sahib, Hadrat Shah
Khasmos Sahib, Maulavi Amanat Ali Shah, Maulavi Hussain
Bakhash were made palanquin to bring Hafiz Musa Sahib to
Amroha from Manikpur and along with palanquin all the above
persons went to Manikpur to bring him from there to Amroha.
For this reason there was loud and cry in the Manikpur and the
people who made loud and cry presented themselves in the
presence of Hadrat Hafiz Musa Sahib and they have asked him
not to leave from Manikpur. So for this reason Hadrat Hafiz
Musa Sahib was entered in palanquin and he was sat there for
some time and he was came out from it and he was asked
Hadtrat Shah Khamosh Sahib to sit in the palanquin and he was
given him instruction to go to Amroha and continue the teaching
and preaching mission work there and in this way he sent all
caliphates and disciples back to Amroha who have visited
Manipur from Amroha.
After death of Haji Sahib, Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib left
Armoha with intention for Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah and he
was posted his caliphates in many states of India for the teaching
and preaching mission of Islamic religion. The details are
reproduced below.
1.Mavlavi Ghulam Yahiah at Javara
2.Mavlavi Mazher Ali Shah at Meerat
3.Miyan Abdullah Shah at Chandpur
4.Ahmed Shah in State of Rampur and still his shrine building is
available in Rampur and Hafiz Abdul Latif is custodian is there


5.Miyan Syed Qudratullah Shah who is son of Syed Azam Sahib
was given caliphate of Rupad.

In all the above native states of India , the favour and benefits
of the caliphates are being continued by the grace of Allah.
6. In Amroha, Moradabad Faiz Baksh Alam Miya Nabi Baksh
Sahib was given the shrine building of Amroha,Kuda Agah Amir
Ali Shah was given shrine work of Moradabad.
8.Qutub Shah was given the shrine work of Manikpur.
While appointing a large number of caliphates in all states of
India he was proceed to Afghanistan by road route and from
there he was reached to place Chist and he was there for a period
of one year while visiting the following mausoleums for the
purpose of obtaining favor and kindness.
1.Khaja Maudud Chisti
2.Khaja Abu Mohammed Abadal Chisti
3.Khaja Abu Ahmed Chisti who was spiritual master of Hadrat
Khaja Moinuddin Chisti

And while spending the above period there he was reached
Arabia via Damascus route . During this journey, he stayed for a
long time in the following places.


2.Najaf Asharaf
3.On the mountain of Thur he was taken with him Sattu
( parched barley meal) and water along with him and he was
engaged himself in Chilli (retire 40 days in mystic seclusion)
there in endeavours and mystical exercises. After a period of 40
days all his disciple and fellow travelers went to see him and due
to his weakness and powerlessness all of them covered in
coverlet and brought him to the city of Makkah.
In the shrine building of Manikpur arrangement of lunger
(public kitchen) for beggars was established through Miya
Qutub Shah. The village Bada Klan was purchased and kept for
the expense of public kichen of beggars in Amroha. There was
one house which belongs to Hadrat Khamos Sahib in Makkah
and Madina and during the period of Mohammedan Shah it was
given to Hejaz Railways as donation. In city of Makkah and
Madina thousand of people were become his disciples there.
Hadrat Mohammed Shah who is first caliphate of Hadrat
Shah Khamosh Sahib was given to the Muslim Wakf
(endowment) Board the area of Amir Shah of Gole bungalow in
which there is shrine building of his father Syed Peeran Hussaini
buried is there and also his paternal uncle Syed Amir Ali is
buried there. And other purposes of Wakf (endowment) and also
one part of income of the building was utilized for sending for
the use of public kitchen in Madina and financial aid to Makkah
and Madina and he was nominated its trustee Syed Akbar
Hussaini alias Bade Sahib for his entire life. The area situated in
compound of Amir Ali Shah and from its income monthly


Rupees 200.00 still being sent to public kitchen of Madina. After
arrival of his return from Arabia in India he has intention to
travel to Hyderabad. It was difficult for the people of Bider to
recognize him there. He was constructed one mosque and one
shrine building in the street of Chistiapura and which is still
available there due to help of Allah. In Bider a large number
people were become his disciples there. In the shrine building of
Bider Syed Baquer Hussaini who was the son of his younger
brother was stayed there.

After this he was arrived in Hyderabad city and he was
stayed in the mosque of Mustaidpura street along with his
disciples and other persons who were his fellow travelers during
the journey of many countries. Nawab Umdatul Mulk Shamsul
Umra upon visiting of Hadrat Shah Khamosh and he was praised
too much about him with King of Hyderabad Deccan (South
India) Nawab Nasir-ud Doualah. Nawab Nasir-ud Doulah King
of Hyderabad Deccan was invited him in Khilwatt palace which
is backside of Makkah mosque in Hyderabad city and in this
invitation all his disciples and other persons who were his fellow
travelers during the journey of many countries were also came
over there. The king of Hyderabad due to his kindness and
devotion was invited Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib to stay in his
palace along with him. But Shah Sahib told him that he is Fakir
(Darwesh) person and used to stay in the mosques along with his
many followers and Fakirs and due to invitation of the king of
Hyderabad that he want to live near him so for this reason Shah
Sahib was agreed to stay in the central mosque of Makkah and
lead in that mosque congregation prayers. And many times the


king used to attend his meetings of teaching and spiritual
knowledge in the shrine building there. There was an
arrangement of sending many kinds of food items from the royal
kitchen to the shrine building at the morning and evening time.
But generally cauldrons of Biryani (rice cooked in soup) and he
used to give away to the Fakirs all these royal dishes daily and
for him daily food supplies used to come from the house of
Shahsawar Baig Sahib who was brother of Hadrat Sardar Baig
Sahib and till his life time there was this tiffin supply of food
items for him from there. Also from the rulers of Paigah and
from the rich person there was supply of large number of trays
of royal dishes to him and which used to be distributed by him
among his Fakirs and needy persons there.
The total of number Fakirs who used to be present in the
shrine building were more than 300 and these Fakirs used to
start the meeting of invocation of Allah from early morning time
of 2’O clock and which sound and loud cry will be heard in the
whole city of Hyderabad and this information was available to
us from the many thousand old elder residents of Hyderabad city
in this matter. The celebration of Dawazdam Sharif (offering on
the day for Sunnite Saint Abdul Quadir Jilani) and Urs (death
anniversary) ceremony of Hadrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti was
celebration on the grand scale in the city. Baghdadi Sahib and
Hadrat Syed Rahmatullah Sahib was reported that they
accustomed to hear the loud and cry of invocation of Allah of
fakirs in Makkah mosque daily in the late of hours of the night
for many years in the street of Saroonagar. Hadrat Shah Khamos
Sahib where ever he was stayed in any country there he was
conducted the following meetings in which large number
people used to attend in it.


1. Meetings of invocation of Allah
2. Sama (ecstasy) meeting
3. Spiritual and preaching meeting
During the life time of King of Hyderabad Nasir-ud Doulah
and his son and prince Afzal-ud Doulah used to visit to the
shrine and his visits were increased too much there and he had
great devotion and fondness of the Sheikh of time and all female
members of these two royal kings of Hyderabad were become
his disciples. So for this reason many of the of royal family
members are buried in the area of the mausoleum of Hadrat
Shah Khamosh Sahib.
Afterward King of Hyderabad Mir Mahboob Ali Khan
Bahadur and King Mir Usman Ali Khan Bahadur were had too
much devotion and fondness of Hadrat Shah Khamsosh Sahib
and also with his shrine trustee Nawab Hadrat Syed Hashim
Hussaini and with Syed Asghar Hussaini and who was second
And almost all female royal family members of King Mir
Mahboob Ali Khan Bahadur were disciples of Hadrat Shah
Mohammed and all of them are buried in the mausoleum area of
Hadrtt Shah Khamosh Sahib. The King of Hyderabad Mir
Usman Ali Khan Bahadur was made all his sisters and royal
family members disciple of Hadrat Syed Asghar Hussaini Sahib
and rulers of Paigah estates and their family members were
likewise become disciples of Hadrat Syed Asghar Hussini
Sahib. Nawab Bashir-ud Doula’s wife and Nawab Iqbal-ud
Doula’s wife who were daughters of Nawab Afzal-ud Doula


were become disciples of Hadrat Mohammed Shah Sahib at that
Nawab Afzal-ud Doula due to his devotion and fondness was
granted three estates to Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib as his
offering and details are as follows and which were located at the
surrounding area of Atbala village.
1. Begumpet
2. Rezaguda
3. Chaderpa

But due to his perfection of Fakiri (mystic way) Hadrat Shah
Khamosh Sahib was not accepted the above offering from him.
So for this reason all the above estates are available in revenue
and survey land records in the name of Hadrat Shah Khamosh
One day Nawab Afzal-ud Doula has sent to him as his
offering a tray of jewelry of which was value of more than
Rupees 100,000 to him but Shah Sahib thought in his mind that
it may be a tray of mangoes or fruits so he was asked the persons
who were in his presence to remove the cover of the tray and
upon seeing the jewellery in the tray he was angry and upset in
this matter and he said “ What is used of the jewellery with the
Fakir (Darwesh) person and so return back it. ” At last the
persons in charge of the Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib has
informed the king about his unpleasantness of the offering and
the king has sent that tray to another Mashaiq (learned person).


From the olden time there were coming estate properties in
district Bider in the name of his family and the details are given
as follows were returned back by him to the government of
2.Shapur village

This event which is happened and which is very famous and
well known that Nawab Afzal-ud Doula Bahadur who came to
visit Hadrat Shah Sahib as his room’s door was small so there
was get in touch of the door of the room with head of Nawab
Sahib. So Nawab Sahib was requested him that if there will be
permission from him then he will demolish the old shrine
building and in its place two storey tall new shrine building will
be constructed by him. So Shah Sahib asked him “ How much
he spends to construct new shrine building.?” Then Nawab
Sahib told him that “ He will spend Rupees 200,000 for it.” Shah
Sahib told him to send Rupees 100,000 so that he can construct
by himself. So immediately the Nawab Sahib sent Rupees
100,000 on the carts. So he was given instruction that the all
amount to be sent to the house of Hafiz Mansour Ali. For this
reason carts of amount were sent to the house of Hafiz Mansour
Ali as who was caretaker taker of the shrine building. Hadrat
Shah Khamos Sahib was given him instruction to dig out old
inside and outside flooring of Makkah mosque which was
become in worse condition due to its very old construction and
so in its place to construct new flooring there. So for this reason
old flooring in the mosque was dig out and country type stones


were fixed with the mixing of mortar and in the court yard of
the mosque so new flooring work was completed and which is
still found in the Makkah mosque till seen by the author of this
biography in Urdu and in inside of the mosque white mortar
flooring work was constructed there and which was still found
in the Makkah mosque till seen by the author of this biography
in Urdu. During the period of King of Hyderabad Mir Usman
Ali Khan Bahadur the red cement flooring work was done
during the period of Malavi Anwar Allah Khan Sahib. Hadrat
Shah Khamos Sahib was arranged carpeting of white cotton
work in the whole Makkah mosque and among of those some of
them are even found in the mosque there and which are spread at
the visit of Makkah mosque by King Mir Usman Ali Khan
Bahadur. In the old booklets of Makkah mosque all these details
and information are found.
Hadrat Shah Sahib who is famous in construction mosques
was built total nine mosques in the former Indian States and the
details are mentioned as follows.
1.Manikpur Sharif district Ambala Tahsil Khadi where mosque
and shrine building were constructed.
2.Mosque and shrine building at Amroha
3.Moriadabad mosque
4.The Grand Mosque of Bejapur which is known as Shah
Khamosh mosque
5. In underneath area of the mausoleum of Baba Sharafuddin
Phadi Sharif a grand mosque was constructed.


6.Mosque in shrine of Shah Khamosh in which front portion was
constructed by royal steward Siddi Amber.
7.Mosque in Koheer and its roof and other works are in the
incomplete condition.
8. Mosque and shrine building in Bider
9.Mosque in the of compound of Mahboob Gunj was
constructed in the name of Amir Ali Shah.
The following pious personalities lived during the period of
Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib and their details are as follows.
1.Hadrat Maulana Shah Niaz Bareli
2.Hadrat Shah Sulaiman Tunsavi
3.Miya Hadrat Abdullah Sahib Dehlavi
4.Hadrat Jamadar Sahib Abul Alai
5.Shah Sadullah Sahib Naqsbandi
6.Maulavi Hafiz Mohamed Ali Chisti Nizami Khairabadi
7.Maulana Shujahuddin Hussain Chisti Quadri
8.Hadrat Maulavi Mohammed Hasan Sahib
9.Hadrat Mahmood Sahib Ahmedbadi
10. Hafiz Mohamed Ali Khairabadi
Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib used to call all of them brother
and there have been love and affection between all of them.


Shah Khamos Sahib used to perform five congregational
prayers in grand Makkah mosque in Hyderabad on daily basis
and when he was become old and weak than he used to begin
performing the daily prayers in the shrine building. It was his
practice that after performing Friday prayer he used to return
back to the shrine building and at that time Sama (ecstasy)
meeting will be started immediately and it will be continued up
to the Maghrib (sunset) prayer time and there will be break only
at the time of Asar (late afternoon) prayer.
Hadrat Mohammed Ali Sahib and Hadrat Shujauddin Sahib
usually attend the Friday meeting with Hadrat Shah Khamos
After demise of Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib, Hadrat Syed
Hashim Hussaini was become his caliphate in Hyderabad.
During the period of Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib , Hadrat Sardar
Baig Sahib, Khaja Miya Sahib who was well known as Syed
Mohammed Siddiq and who was spiritual master and elder of
brother of Syed Umar Sahib and these persons used to attend
Sama meeting in the shrine building of Shah Khamos Sahib after
performing the Friday prayers for a period of 30 years on the
regular basis. All these personalities as per “Bahim Fuqra Kan
Nafas Wahid.” And in among them there was unity and
affection and which was incomparable in this matter. After
attending the Sama (ecstasy) meetings in the shrine building of
Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib for a period of 30 to 40 years Hadrat
Khaja Miya Sahib wrote a letter in the service of Hadrat
Mohammed Shah and in which he has mentioned that “ He
belongs to disciple of Quaderi chain and in his Sufi chain
hearing of the Sama (ecstasy) is not permitted and if you kindly


accord him permission of the Sama then he will conduct the
Sama on the montly Fateha meeting of his father.”Hadrat
Mohammed Shah was given the permission of the Sama meeting
to him without any objection in happy mode. And from that time
the practice of conduct Sama meeting was started in the family
of Hadrat Khaja Miya Sahib.
One day this event was happened that after Friday prayer the
Sama meeting was in progress and there was lot of effect of it on
the audience in the meeting and at that time some young Arabic
boys were standing on the platform of the mosque and making
mocking of the Sufi persons there and among those boys
Mohammedan Hilal Shah who was niece of Jamadar Muslim
Jung was also there. Hadrat Shah Khamos’s caliph and disciple
Syed Bahsirullah Hussaini Sahib Raja Suri diverted the attention
of Hadrat Syed Shah Khamos Sahib towards those mocking
boys so his look of intoxication was fall on Mohammed Hilal
Shah then he was cried and fallen down from the platform of the
mosque towards shrine building and began uneasy and for
longer time and his condition was become critical. So for this
reason Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib was embraced him and
given water after blowing on it and spread on his face then he
got some ease and comfort in this matter. After coming back in
the condition of conscience he was caught by the foot of the
Sheikh and never left him. After this event he left all his
household and belongings and relatives and he was shifted in the
shrine building of Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib and he was
allotted duty of leading the circle of invocation of Allah. Upon
his hard tasks and endeavour Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib
granted him caliphate. Perhaps there is no state in India in which
disciples of Hilal Shah are not found and disciple of good


nature late Fakheruddin Shah Sahib are among them. Late
Fakeruddin Shah was his famous and pious caliph and his
second caliph is Qamaruddin Shah. Among his caliphs Bade
Khalifa is well known and famous and who was died during his
lifetime. Hadrat Hilal Shah used to organize annual ceremonies
of the Fatiha (reciting the first verse from the Quran) for his
It is the fact that an event which was happening on his sleeper
of his caliphate known as Bade Khalifa, Hadrat Shah Khamos
put his foot so for this reason he was put that sleeper in his
pillow and sewed it and used to keep under head during his
entire life period. And near his grave, the Qari Sulaiman’s grave
is situated there. And one more his disciple Hadrat Burhanuddin
Shah was there and who famous and well known in invocation
of Allah and due to his hard endeavours and tasks so he is called
Sultan of Zakirn (one who remembers). I could remember in my
eyes the effect of Sama on him and his dancing in the Sama
meeting. There was master in the love and intoxication is well
known in his caliphs and who was there and his name is well
known and famous as Syed Inam Allah Shah and who is buried
very near of the shrine building and who was well known for
his great invocation of Allah and who did hard endeavor in this
matter and there are many of his events are well known and
famous. As per “ Yam Jadid Riziq Jadid ” it meaning and
interpretation is that for a new day we should depend upon Allah
for sustenance. So he daily prepare food and eat it and used to
give others and take rest and not leave anything of today for the
eating for tomorrow. When caliph Ahmed Ali Shah was buried
in the shrine area of Shah Khamos Sahib and from that time he
did not left from the shrine area for ever and in the mosque of


shrine building he was Mutakif (retirement (to mosque) for
continued prayer) for a period of 70 years there. Hadrat Hasan
Mohammed Shah was also caliph and who used to engage
through the night in the worship of Allah and used to keep
fasting always and through the night he used to spent time in
the recitation. Always he used to keep his head without cover
and on his body no cloth did not found and he used to wear
black color tahband (sheet used as garment for lower part of
body) and only eat at the time of Sahar (pre dawn meals during
fasting month) and his nature was such as rindana (licentious)
and there was found him ecstasy always which will over
powering upon him. Syed Asadullah Hussaini Sahib Raja Suri,
and Hadrat Rajuallah Hussaini and caliph Hadrat Radaullah
Hussaini Bidari, Syed Waliullah Hussaini, who was younger son
of Syed Ali Shah Hussaini and these all were well known and
famous caliphs of Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib. Hadrat Khaja
Patel who was from Maragi Lam Kunda who used to wander in
the jungles in near Chutdgupa. Hadrat Ahsan Shah was also
caliph of him and he has spent his whole life without marriage
and he was used to keep veil on his face and did not put his look
and he did not use to see anybody and never match his look
with the look of anybody. During the period Shah Khamos Sahib
was followed silence then he went to see his fellow disciple and
whose name was Hadrat Mohammed Shah and whose
mausoleum is located at the bank of river Markanda in Punjab
and during his life time he went to visit him there and that a
person who belongs to the category of Qalenders (dauntless) and
he did not use to pray of manifest and that person told him why
did not talk?. And he informed him by signs that why did not
perform prayers.?. and he told him that “ If you will talk then he
will perform the prayers.” And at that time Miya Shah was took


water for ablution and prayer under leadership of Hadrat Shah
Khamos Sahib. And from that time as per agreement Shah Sahib
starting talking with everybody but he could not talk for a period
of 12 to 14 years continuously as he accustomed talk with signs
and till the time of his death Shah Khamosh Sahib used to talk
less with the people.
There are many thousand miracles and super natural acts of
Shah Khamosh Sahib but he was used to be unhappy and
unpleasant upon explanation of his miracles done by him. For
this reason the pen is unable to describe those many special
super natural acts done by Shah Khamosh Sahib. The old
authors of his biographies mentioned like that the Sheikh was
staying in the mosque of Balul khan then at that time one person
came into presence and informed him that he was lost his
jewellery of many thousand Rupees then at that time Shah
Khamosh Sahib told him that to arrange Niayz (make an
offering) of Sheikh Alim Abdul Haque Rudali at Tosha Sharif
and that person agreed in this matter and left from there.
However, that person could not get his lost jewelry. So that
person again visited Shah Khamosh Sahib and explained the
details so the Sheikh instructed him first fulfill his Niaz (make
an offering) of Tosha Sharif so that person went to the grocery
shop to purchase items of Niaz for and when the shop keeper put
sugar from the box on the weighing scale then jewellery package
tied in cloth which was fallen in the scale so grocer want to take
it but that person told him that package belongs to him and
grocer was given the package to him in which he was found his
lost jewelry items in it. And the grocer told him the name of the
thief. That person went to see the Sheikh in happily and


explained him all details so he told him that he was performed
offering of Tosha Sharif.
It is just an event of one day that King of Hyderabad Nawab
Afzal-ud Doula was presented Nabi Bagh in Nampally area to
Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib and he was accepted it due to
vicinity of Hadrat Yousuf Sahib and Sharif Sahib there. He was
visited that garden along with many hundred of disciples there
and the garden was well decorated and well maintained in all
sides but one side there was not found cleanliness and
decoration and so for this reason the Sheikh of time inquired
with the watchman of the garden in this matter and who told him
that there is big python used reside there in that place and for
this reason nobody dare to go near that place for the reason of
fear. From there, the Sheikh of time went to the mosque and he
was given instruction to his five disciple “ To convey his Salam
to python and tell him that now we have decided to reside here
so he should go somewhere.” So python left from burrow and
passing from the mosque building and he went towards of the
gate of the shrine of Hadrat Yousuf Sahib and Sharif Sahib and
from there python went towards grave yard side and back side of
him large number of many thousand people watching this super
natural event in that place and in that place the mausoleum of
Hadrat Shah Khamosh was built there.
During his stay at Manikpur Shah Sahib asked for water for
ablution, but there was no water available there at that time. So
Shah Sahib asked his servant to take water from one mango tree
which was there and Shah Sahib bend the small plant of mango
tree by holding his hand and so there was discharge of water
from the plant of mango and even today the water discharge is


available from that tree and many thousand people are using the
water of mango tree for remedy and relief of the diseases and
now its radius of the tree is 60 feet. During his stay in Amroha
once he was crossed the river and many thousand people
watched this super nature event and all people were surprised
that Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib crossed the river in the dry
condition without any marks of water on his foot.
The elder brother of Hadrat Shah Khamosh Syed Shah Meeran
Hussaini and who was father of Syed Mohammed Shah Hashim
Hussaini and who also pledged him and became his caliph.
Spiritual master Syed Mohammed Hashim Hussaini Sahib was
head Jamadar (minor army officer) of Sindhi army unit.
One day Hadrat Shah Khamos was given order to his caliphs
Hadrat Hilai Shah Sahib, Bahbud Ali Sahib Abul Alai to bring
Jamadar Syed Mohammed Hashim Hussaini and so both of them
went to his villa and conveyed the message of Hadrat Shah
Khamosh Sahib. The Jamadar Sahib was ordered to take out a
conveyance. All army under his control as per tradition of that
time along with elephants, horses and palanquins with all
necessaries came out of the villa and the army procession started
from there with army Jamadar Sahib reached in pomp and
show at the back side of the Makkah mosque and when Jamadar
Sahib was reached in the presence of his spiritual master in
military uniforms and medals then Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib
given order to his two caliphs to take out his military uniform
and medals from his body and in its place he should be given his
dress of Darweshi (mysticism) and awarded him saintly dress
and declared him his successor and after that Jamadar Sahib did
not come to know where his residence was gone and who will


take care of his family members and sons. He was engaged in
the service of his spiritual master to obtain favour from him.
When this news was reached to Farkhanda Yar Jung junior
and Nawab Nasir Jung and they have informed Nawab
Mukhtar- ul Mulk so then prime minister of the state of
Hyderabad was issued order of appointment of his elder son
Syed Shah Akbar Hussaini as Jamadar of Sindhi armed forces.
After this event the illness was started and Hadrat Syed Shah
Hashim Hussaini have arranged to made deciples two sons of
Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib, Syed Akbar Hussaini and Syed
Asghar Hussaini and also late Dr. Ashraf made disciple his son
staff surgeon of the King of Hyderabad Dr.Luqman-ud Doula
Bahadur with Hadrat Shah Khamos Sahib. And in this way
many thousand disciples and caliph’s sons have become
disciples of Shah Khamos Sahib during his illness period.
The health condition was declined due to illness and for this
reason doctors and physicians were so much engaged in the
treatment of Shah Khamos Sahib.
On the first of Zeqad on the Friday there was prevailed upon
him the condition of fainting in the presence of doctors and
physicians so for this reason all of them thought the Sheikh of
time left this mortal world. So there began loud and cry in this
matter. Even physicians upon checking his pulse beating they
confirmed that the Sheikh was left in this mortal world. Due to
loud and cry Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib was paid attention in
this matter and he was asked what is today.? And all of them
informed him that today is Friday. Then Hadrat Shah Khamosh
Sahib told with his tongue that “ Keeps it on Monday.” Senior


Farkhanda Yar Jung who was sitting there and requested him
that “ As it is matter of his option so he should remain some
more days in the world then it will be good.” Then Hadrat Shah
Khamosh Sahib told him in his reply “Kul Nafs Zaiq al Maot.”
When senior Farkhanda Yar Jung and Hadrat Mohammed Shah
Sahib explained this Quranic verse in such a way that all of us
began feeling of the fondness and liking of the death.
After the above event on the 4th Zeqad on Monday in the
Hegira year 1288, Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib prayed two
rakats of Zuhar (afternoon) prayer in congregation and in the
shrine building and during the prayer time his holy soul was
taken away and got freedom from the prison of the world.
The authors of biographies and historians wrote that on roofs
of all bungalows which were around Makkah mosque and up to
Charminar all officers and courtiers and richer persons were
there and there was no space left due to presence of elephants so
for the persons who were on the elephants were performed the
funeral prayer on them.
After demise of Hadrat Shah Khamosh Sahib the great
spriutal master was appointed his successor and caliph his
younger son Syed Mohammed Ashgar Hussaini and he left this
mortal world at the age of 84 years in the month of Muherram in
the year 1338 Hegira Islamic calendar.
My father Hadrat Syed Mohammed Ashgar Hussaini was
appointed the writer of this biography Syed Mohmmed Shah
Saber Hussaini as his succors and shrine custodian in the month
of Muherram in the year 1348 Hegira.This Fakir and Dervish
was given his succession to his son Syed Mohamed Qutubuddin


Hussani during the annual death ceremony time of Hadrat Syed
Khamos Sahib on 13 Muherran during year 1374 Hegira.

By Mohmmed Shah Saber Hussaini

The list of caliphs

1.Syed Mohammed Shah Hashim Hussani Sahib
2.Hadrat Bade Khalifah Sahib
3.Hadrat Mohammedan Bial Shah Sahib
4.Hadrat Khaja Patel Sahibdesert wanders in Chatgupa Gulberga
5.HadraT Qazi Burhanuddin Sahib
6.Hadrat Mir Ahmed Ali Shah Sahib
7.Hadrat Haji Syed Yousuf Sahib
8.Hadrat Syed Shah Maghdum Sahib
9.Hadrat Syed Ihsanullahs Shah Sahib
10. HadraSyed Inamullah Shah Sahib


11. Hadrat Syed Shah Waliullah Hussaini Sahib
12. Hadrat Syed Shah Peeran Hussaini Sahib
13. Hadrat Syed Shah Bashirullah Hussiani Sahib, Raja suri
14. Hadrat Syed Shah Raju-ullah Hussaini Sahib
15. Hadrat Syed Shah Ali Hussaini Sahib
16. Hadrat Syed Shah Asadullah Hussaini Sahib
17. Hadrat Syed Shah Baqer Hussaini Sahib
18. Hadrat Syed Shah Reda Hussaini Sahib
19. Hadrat Syed Shah Quadratallah Sahib , district Ambala
20. Hadrat Miya Mazher Ali Shah Sahib, Meerut
21. Hadrat Abdullah Sahib from Pacharan
22. Hadrat Ahmed shah Sahib, shrine of Rampur
23. Hadrat Qutub Sahib Manikpur
24. Hadrat Maulavi Ghulam Yahiah Sahib, Javara state
25 Hadrat Malavi Ali Shah Sahib, Amroha
26. Hadrat Malavi Ghulam Quddus Sahib
27. Hadrat Barhana Sahib
28. Hadrat Aurang Shah Sahib, desert wander
29. Hadrat Ghulam Farid Shah Sahib


30. Hadrat Munshi Syed Yousuf Hussain Sahib , Bider
31 Hadrat Kale Shah Sahib, Mawati
32. Hadrat Malavi Abdul Majid Sahib, Indori
33. Hadrat Hamza Ali Sahib , Badvi Pad
34. Hadrat Mir Hasan Ali Shah Sahib
35. Hadrat Mohammed Hayat Sahib
36. Hadrat Abdullah Shah Sahib , Banur Patyala
37. Hadrat Syed Shah Peeran Husaini Sahib, Mahbub Gunj
38. Hadrat Amir Ali Shah Sahib, Mahbub Gunj
38. Hadrat Syed Imam Ali Shah Sahib, in the court yard of
mosque of Phadi Sharif

The End

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