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Mobile Monday Shanghai
Supported by: Australia • Stuart Bland Manager . Australia Mobile: +61 417 561 676 E-mail: .Victorian Government.Technology Industries ICT Business Development Victorian Government. www. AIMIA janelle@aimia. services. AIMIA is a membershipbased industry organisation that represents the interests of the overall digital industry in Australia. 450+ member organisations working in digital National TradeStart Manager. Chief Executive ceo@aimia. Looking to establish relationships with local Chinese digital industry. advertising.aimia. and applications.aimia. AIMIA John Butterworth.Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) • • • Founded in . Janelle www.

edu. 3D interactive environment motion capture facility as well as other industry design software. • Network with digital media businesses as well as educational institutions for training opportunities.Academy of Information Technology • Sydney based multimedia education institution that specialises in interactive digital media design training • • • • 2D/3D animation motion capture digital film-making 2D/3D games development • Technology & AIT We train with the latest multimedia workstations.nsw.nsw. Marketing E W www. Contact: Angela .

blackglass. Blackglass provides fully online integrated campaigns including but not limited to: • Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click • Search Engine Optimisation • Social Media Marketing • Email Marketing • Affiliate Marketing We are looking to develop key relationships – more specifically discuss partnership opportunities around mobile applications.Blackglass Pty Ltd • • • Blackglass is an Interactive Communications Agency specialising in digital strategy and www. Contact: Warren . Managing Director E: warren@blackglass.

Contact: James Kane. • Bulpadok's proprietary technology delivers rich media assets directly to mobile .bulpadok.Bulpadok • Bulpadok is a mobile software development company specializing in location based gaming. CEO E: info@bulpadok. Victoria's Secret and Sesame Street. Wrigley' www. • Bulpadok is looking for a local partner to develop location based games for a Chinese audience. Bulpadok works with major brands including GE. All media is stored in the cloud and can be updated remotely. W www. Direct . direct marketing and consumer personalisation technology for 23 years What We Do • Digital Printers. SMS and Purl campaigns We Would Like A Long Term Partnership • Digital print partner that prints and mails in China • Introduction to major customer partnerships in China for our suite of products • Assistance with marketing our products in China Contact: Ashley Email.Direct Digital Group Pty Ltd Who We Are • DDG is a digital marketing communications business specialising in digital printing.watson@directdigitalgroup. Database Management. Cross Media Specialists • Digital Consumer Products • Local Area Marketing • Website Design & Development. General Manager E ash.

com W: www.GRUDEN • • Todd Trevillion – CEO and Co-Founder Brent Trimnell-Ritchard – ECD and Co-Founder • • • Digital Agency and Software Development Asia Pac focused – enterprise Medium to large companies & organisations • Currently have an office in Qingdao. 12 staff – running for 2 years Last 2 years has been focused on operational efficiency & quality Wanting to set up partnerships / relationships Looking for companies across APAC • • • Design – Development – Implementation Contact: Todd Trevillion. CEO E: .gruden.

Publishers & Mobile Operators Equity partners Contact: Gary Isaacs. magazines or any other type of writing on offers publishers and authors a turnkey online offering. Managing Director E: gary@izdot. subscriptions. recipes. news. promote.iZDOT Ltd • Where readers read and writers publish Gary . Get world-wide revenue opportunities with zero startup cost. sell your books. I am looking for • • Partner with ISPs. Write. Managing Director About iZDOT • • • • Convert your authors’ work to untapped sales markets through global ePublishing iZDOT. P: +86 595 63147803 .澳洲网阵(中国)科技有限公司 • Daniel Rowan – General Manager. • In China looking to meet with companies who want to improve the outcomes from their digital investment. • To identify local partners who are in Web Development. Contact: Leo Zuang E: chaoyuan. Internetrix • Internetrix is an internet measurement company helping to turn hits and visits into customers.Internetrix .

We hope to introduce our service offering to the Chinese . digital marketing tools that are carefully structured to improve your results with less surveys or SMS. our modules will enhance your brand and provide you with live reporting on your clients. Whether you’re in need of e-newsletters. Contact: Poochee Yuen. user-friendly.PeopleLogic:) • • • • PeopleLogic have been empowering domestic and international businesses with email marketing solutions for almost 10 www. We have developed a series of highly functional. email campaigns. CEO E: pc. online event

We broadcast our content via the internet.roberts@unseentv. We produce content in multiple languages and have offices in Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Mobile and IPTV platforms to broadcast our content. We produce content which brands use to connect with the consumer. Currently we receive over 1. Looking to meet with local production houses.2 million viewers per month with over TV • • • Unseen TV is an online broadcaster producing and broadcasting content targeted at the youth demographic. mobile and IPTV . CEO E: earl. And also advertising agencies and media buyers.000 coming from China. Contact: Earl www.

the leading global Digital Distribution and Music Marketing Company Diverse background in Telecommunications. Developed a unique solution emphasising an Asian "homesick" model to provide digital music content. Looking for telecommunications companies and online music stores to sell our catalogue and Chinese content including music and music video to aggregate outside of China. Business Development and Strategy Director for Valleyarm. once Australasian partner of the . including a gateway for Western content owners to monetise content within Asia. Valleyarm specializes in Digital Distribution. sub publishing and marketing services to monetise Asian content outside of Asia. A Music Industry veteran of over 25 www. Co founder. Sales and Marketing. Digital Music.valleyarm. Publishing and online Marketing of Music and Video content.Valleyarm Digital Pty Ltd • • • • • Gary Mackenzie. Previous roles included CEO of AmpHead Music. Contact: Gary Mackenzie Business Development & Strategy Director E: gary@valleyarm. Focused primarily on content and services within Asia Pacific Region.

We are also looking for merchandise and licensing partners.ZAC Toons • ZAC Toons produces animated properties which are distributed via mobile www. online portals and TV channels in over 15 countries. Managing Director E: t. games and apps based on our . Contact: Troy Zafer. • ZAC Toons has a portfolio in excess of 1. • We are looking to find suitable distribution partners for our existing mobile content and TV programming as well as find potential coproduction partners for new series.000 pieces of mobile content based on the 50+ characters in the ZAC Toons catalogue.

com .AFASTERFUTURE. a diversified communications business providing written communications material.COM Contact: Brad Howarth. the process of commercialisation into global markets for Australian technology companies. Author of Innovation and Emerging Markets. Founder & Director. Lagrange Communications E: www. Will be posting articles relating to the digital mission to the Lagrange Communications blog at www. training and consulting to the high tech sector. Co-Author of forthcoming book “A Faster Future” – a study of the future for broadband applications and services on both fixed-line and wireless networks. Founder and Director of Lagrange WWW.Lagrange Communications • • • • Brad Howarth.lagrangecommunications.lagrangecommunications.

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