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A model is a simplified representation of some aspect of the world.

In what
ways may models help or hinder the research for knowledge?

A model by definition is “a schematic description of a system, theory, or
phenomenon that accounts for its known or inferred properties and may be
used for further study of its characteristics”(source) that implies that a model is
supposed to be a helping hand while searching for knowledge in any subject.
Sometimes however models can appear to be quite confusing as they are to
general or too far away from real life situations. So how and in what way
models can help and hinder the search for knowledge in natural sciences,
human sciences and arts I am going to argue in the following essay.

In school we learn all our subjects with the help of models and especially in
natural sciences we need them in order to assume what might happen if, say in
biology, in a cell there is a lack of oxygen and we know and can explain with a
model of a cell and of the respiratory cycle how anaerobic respiration works
and what it does and needs. With the help of the model and through logical
connecting of facts that the student might already have, he can develop the
thought in his or her mind and therefore gain new knowledge about a
theoretical process that was proven to take place in the human body. Another
model, which however is not as accurate also in Biology is the Sigmoid
Population growth curve. It displays the population growth of a species over a
period of time that settled in a new place. It is a generalised idea, which does
not have to take place but is very likely to and has already been seen in various
areas and populations even in human population. With the knowledge of this
model people make assumptions about the development of a population which

Also the sine function is a model for us in order to understand how the Ferris Wheel is being generated. For instance the model of the sine function. However the result was different from what he expected. such as in astronomy. Hence here it can be said that the models in particular the area of mathematics help us for the search for knowledge. Not only that but also in Art. and through this new models. sine or other functions can be shown for waves of different frequencies. namely where all of the positive charge and most of the mass of the atom are contained in a compact nucleus. People made assumptions like that about the earth too and apparently we already went above the actual carrying capacity of the earth and our population is still growing. Therefore these models helped us in the search for knowledge. I have studied a lot of models which then can be applied to real life cases. This again shows that some proposed models. is an aid for us to understand cycle that occur in nature. as without the sine function. In fact Rutherford‘s experiment invalidated Thompson‘s model. hence a new model has been created.1That shows that some models are to general in order to gain true knowledge from them. as they have led us to a new acquired knowledge. In Mathematics.will eventually reach a point at which it cannot grow anymore called the carrying capacity. after his discovery Rutherford did his gold foil experiment in order to confirm Thompson‘s model.J Thompson‘s cathode experiment. That shows that some models are to general in order to gain true knowledge from them. He gestated the first atom model. has been disaproved. have been created.lexic. Another example which shows that some models in natural science are not reliable is the case of the . 1 http://www. where they rely heavily on the sine function.

However the models of art only help us in the search for artistic knowledge. In the Arts models can also be something different. In this way the art work hinders us from knowing more about the intentions of this . His model we assume was a woman or a man that must have looked just like an everyday person. which lets people detach from the painting emotionally as she seems less human in a way. Therefore it can be said that those models help us to understand everyday knowledge. A good example for that is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. For each kind of art there are several characteristics at which a person may that be an artist or a normal person can recognise an art piece. However logically anyone can differentiate between a Picasso and a Monet as the differences are easy to be seen but it takes a lot of study to empirically know the different models. Even in art there are models in order to distinguish what kind of art an art piece happens to be. That means we can only understand and use the models if we understand art so to a normal human being that does not want to have a deeper knowledge about art and its backgrounds and the fine borders between the styles those models are useless. however DaVinci whether on purpose or not left out any emotion and lets the person appear extremely emotionless and cold. Models can also be interpreted as being rules about how to specifically draw or paint something so that it is art. A very good example for that would be the Mona Lisa by Leonardo would be harder to create the Ferris Wheel. Although he drew a women in a realistic way. In this case they are too subject specific for someone to use. For example we know that abstract art does not hold on to classic lines and where a lot of interpretation has to happen in order to understand it. her eyebrows are missing.

is simply because humanity is irrational and it is challenging to predict their behavior. Since the Phillips Curve showed them that inflation can be tackled at another time. Hence here it shows that a re-done model led to a more developed knowledge. Therefore humanity is being influenced by a numerous of other things. Consequently when talking about a model which is based on human behavior. and when making a decision it is also being influenced by emotions. which then might lead to other knowledge being found out and other discoveries to be made. The result of this policy was that unemployment rose as well as inflation. in fact the many people empirically came to the knowledge that there is a trade-off between inflation and unemployment. they suggest to picture. what emotions he or she was feeling. such as in social science. Consequently some governments such as Spain decreased interest rates in order to minimize the unemployment rate. is whether those models legitimately resemble to the reality. However this is a trigger for people to want to find out more about this painter and painting.painting and also about the person being drawn. It can be said that the first model which was made logically did not prove to be right. Hence here it shows that this model was not a truthful representation of some aspect of the world.The economic model of the Phillips Curve was created in order to show that there is an inverse trade-off between the unemployment and inflation in a country. this model was later redone in order to assimilate to a real-life cases. regardless of the increased inflation. it has to be taken . Also in social sciences there are several models which were created in order to predict human behavior.we don’t know much about the actual model or if it was a real person at all. The reason why some models do not fulfill their requirement. The knowledge issues which hereby arises.

. There are models that are needed in order for humans to make predictions and in order to explain some parts of the world to others and then again there are models that are less important.into consideration that there are many factors that can influence the search for knowledge as well as it depends on the human being itself and its situation. But overall the models created exist in order to simplify a complicated theory and in order to explain something so the answer to the question can be answered with that most models help in the research for knowledge. So in conclusion we can see that it always depends on the model and what the model is needed for to know whether or not it is helpful in the search for knowledge.