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Letter of Transmittal

Date of submission: 13.4.2014

Tasnim Rezoana Tanim (TRT)
Member of Faculty
School of Business,
North South University,
Bashundhara, Dhaka.
Subject: Submission of Group Report.
Dear madam,
We are very pleased to submit our group report on Analysis of the management process of
Bank Asia incompliance with the course requirement and your instructions. It would be
impossible to begin any acknowledgement without appreciating Almighty. We want to
specially thank you honorable course Instructor, Tasnim Rezoana Tanim (TRT), for your
patient guidance and immense support. You are a remarkable mentor with excellent teaching
skills and a finely designed course outline which answered most of our problems. We would
like you to know that working on this project has given us vast experience as we had our first
interview with an actual member of one of the largest organizations in Bangladesh. As a
team, we found the process of compiling the report both interesting and challenging. We hope
that we covered all that was required.
Yours Sincerely,
Ashik Rahman, Shamim Al Mamun, Ta-Sin Jinat Upama, Marzia Hossain, Jannatul Mawa
Chandi, Sharmin Sarwar, Md. Shahnewaz Rahman

Background of the report

This report based on The management process of Bank Asia Limited.

Reason for preparing this report:

The main reason for preparing this report is to get authentic idea about the functions, skills,
roles and above all responsibilities of the manager of the organization and to improve the
value of our knowledge regarding the managers performances having a personal experience
by visiting the organization. It really helped us to have a good partial contact with the
organization. The main purpose of the report is to determine what is the difference and
similarity of managers roles and responsibilities between theory and in practice.

It is a project of managerial process and prime focus is on managerial functions and skills. In
order to accomplish the objectives, we have been visited the organization and then data have
been collected from Bank Asia Limited with the association of a manager of Bashundhara

Sources of data:
The sources of preparing this report are consolidations of major and important information.

Both primary and secondary sources of data are used to complete the study. They are-

1.Primary data:

Interviewing staffs and manager of Bank Asia Limited.

Personal acquaintance with the people of Bank Asia at Bashundhara Branch.

2. Secondary data:

Visiting the website-

Reading and analyzing the Bank Asia Sustainability Report 2012 , newspapers and

Scopes and Limitations:

Bank Asia has started commercial banking operations from November 27, 1999 with the
inauguration of the Banks Corporate Office at the Rangs Bhaban. A huge public response has
enabled the Bank to keep up the plan of expanding its network. The opening of the principal
office was the big leap forward and successively the opening of Gulshan and Chittagong
branch expanded the horizon of Bank Asia to bring its services to valued clients more
effectively. KYC, Know Your Customer, is a very important term that is gaining
importance day by day
We faced some problems alsoat the time of preparing this report such as time constraints and
some other realistic problem such as access to more internal information. In addition, it was
really difficult to accumulate confidential managerial strategy. The data given by Bank Asia

was not enough to complete this project and these data were available to us after overcoming
a hurdle of bureaucracy. Therefore this total project is based on primary and secondary data at
the same time along with implying our theoretical knowledge compatible with Bank Asias
managerial process.

Objective of this report:

Objective gives a true essence of purpose and direction. We set our plan in such a way that
we can achieve our goal and to reach our destination some specific objectives are pursued
that helped us to complete our project in due time.

Specific objectives:
1. To identity the functions, skills and responsibilities of a manager.
2. To identify the organogram of the organization.
3. Difference between theoretical and practical concept followed within the company.
4. To get the overall real picture of the corporate organization.


Todays business world is getting complicated increasingly. Thats why, managers roles are
becoming very crucial for an organization. Managers analyze pros & cons of the organization

properly & formulate managerial skills to make sure the growth of the organization. It is no
longer bizarre that managerial skill is important to the success of an organization in regards to
meeting the organization's goals and mission because it provides a firm foundation for
planning important business ideas. It is believed that management Function is an essential
factor to the success of an organization because they can plan every aspect of business
production to determine the most efficient methods. Managerial Function is very much part
of what managers do.
In this report, we have discussed the importance of strategic management. Also, we have
explained the management process of Bank Asia. In addition, we have described three types
of corporate strategies & competitive advantage of those strategies.
Strategic Management is important for helping managers cope with continually changing
situations. It helps co-ordinate and focus employee efforts on whats important. Here, we
have mentioned strategic management approaches of Bank Asia. We have described how
Bank Asia copes up with ever changing business world. We have showed that how Bank Asia
does whatever its in business to do, how it competes successfully, how it attracts and
satisfies its customers in order to achieve its goals.

Comapays Description

Bank Asia Limited is a schedule Bank under private sector established with in the ambit of
Bank Company Act, 1991 and was incorporated as a Public Limited Company Under
Company Act, 1994 on September 28, 1999. The Bank started commercial banking
operations from November 27, 1999 with the inauguration of the Banks Corporate Office at
the Rangs Bhaban. A huge public response has enabled the Bank to keep up the plan of
expanding its network. The opening of the principal office was the big leap forward and
successively the opening of Gulshan and Chittagong branch expanded the horizon of Bank
Asia to bring its services to valued clients more effectively. Within a short period, the bank
has opened four more branches in Dhaka and two branches in Sylhet and Kishorgonj. In
February 2001, Bank Asia took over the Bangladesh operation of The Bank of Nova Scotia,
the first acquisition of a foreign bank by a local bank in the banking history of Bangladesh.
Later, Bank Asia took over the Bangladesh operation of Muslim Commercial Bank of
Pakistan in December 2001. These courageous moves were possible for some visionary
decision makers and also dedicated team of professionals who are constantly putting their
best efforts to establish the bank as one of the leading concerns in the industry.
Bank Asia has so far been highly successful in keeping its customers satisfied with its high
quality service, while continuing its expansion to reach more people around the country.
Bank Asia conducts all types of commercial banking activities. The Bank is involved in most
of the areas of commercial banking operations. The core business of the Bank comprises of
trade finance, term finance, working capital finance and corporate finance. Bank Asia has
acted as the lead arranger in raising term loan for a number of projects under syndicated
finance and also participated in some cases under such financing arrangement. The Bank is
also providing personal credit, service related to local and foreign remittances and several

other products. The Personal Credit scheme of the Bank, which is designed to help the
fixed income group in raising standard of living is competitively priced and has been widely
appreciated by the customers. Bank Asias program under Poverty Alleviation Scheme
delivered through rural branches in the form of micro credit is playing an important role
towards socio economic development of the poor people in the rural areas.
The management of Bank Asia is determined to maintain and upgrade the quality of these
resources through continuous training and upgrading technology to keep pace with market
demands, new developments and practices of the competitors. Bank Asia entered the market
at a time when economic policy environment of the country is poised for higher level of
business activities and growth. The prevailing macroeconomic management and the
governments determination to carry on reforms in the banking sector provide a supporting
and encouraging environment.

Mission Statement of Bank Asia

* To assist in bringing high quality service to their customers and to participate in the growth
and expansion of our national economy.
* To set high standards of integrity and bring total satisfaction to their clients, shareholders
and employees.
* To become the most sought after bank in the country, rendering technology driven
innovative services by their dedicated team of professionals.


Bank Asia's vision is to have a poverty free Bangladesh in course of a generation in the new
Place customer interest and satisfaction as

first priority and provide customized

banking products and services
Value addition to the stakeholders through attaining excellence in banking operations
Maintain high ethical standard and transparency in dealings
Be a compliant institution through adhering to all regulatory requirements
Contribute significantly for the betterment of the society
Ensure higher degree of motivation and dignified working environment for our human

capital and respect optimal work-life balance

Committed to protect the environment and go green

millennium, reflecting the national dream. Our vision is to build a society where human
dignity and human rights receive the highest consideration along with reduction of poverty.


Corporate Objectives
Bank Asias objectives are reflected in the following areas:
* Highly personalized service.

* Customer-driven focus.
* Total commitment to quality.
* Contribution in the economy.
* Quality of human resources.
* Commitment to its clients at each level.
The company believes that communication with, and feedbacks from its clients help it
achieve its goal of providing world-class product and services. Bank Asia regularly conducts
client satisfaction surveys and make immediate accommodations and adjustments where
needed. It also constantly monitors its standards, and strives to meet clients requirements.

Products and Services

Bank Asia launched several financial products and services since its inception. Among them
are Monthly Savings Scheme, Monthly Benefit Scheme, Special Savings Scheme, Consumer
Credit Scheme, Small Loan Scheme, Rural Finance Scheme and E-cash (ATM). All of these
have received wide acceptance among the people.

Monthly Savings Scheme (DG+): The Prime objective of this scheme is to

encourage people to build up a habit of saving. In this scheme, one can save a fixed
amount of money every month and receive substantial lump sum of money after three
to five years.

Monthly Benefit Scheme (MB+): MB+ is a five (05) years scheme that lets
Depositors earn monthly benefit of Tk. 1000 or its multiple by minimum initial

deposit of Tk. 100,000 or its multiple and after maturity depositors will get refund of
his/her principal amount.

Special Savings Scheme (DB+): DB+ is a 7 (seven) or 10 (ten) years scheme. The
Deposit doubles in 7 years and triples in 10 years.

Bonus Savings Scheme: A savings Account with a minimum balance of Tk. 50,000
will attract not only the usual savings interest but also a further 10% bonus on interest.

Personal Credit: Personal credit is a relatively new field of collateral-free finance of

the Bank. People with fixed income can avail of these credit facilities to buy
household goods, consumer items, or to renovate existing house, etc.

Credit Loan: If customers are in possession of BSP (Bangladesh Sanchay Patra),

which will mature within the next 5 years, but they are in dire need of funds now, this
scheme can come to their rescue.

Rural Development Scheme: Rural Development Scheme has been evolved for the
rural people of the country to make them self-employed through financing various
income generating activities. This scheme is operated through the rural branches of
the Bank.

E-Cash Banking Facility: The E-cash card is an ATM card. It can be used as a
combination of debit facility. The E-cash card network offers all banking requirements
without ever setting foot in a bank. Its more than just an ATM service for quick cash
withdraws or account enquiries. E-cash card provides round the clock banking.

Credit Card Facilities: Bank Asia introduced credit card which name is Master card.

Acceptance: Bank Asia credit card is accepted more than 4,800 merchant outlets around the
country. Our wide range of merchants include hotels, restaurants, airlines& travel agents,
shopping malls and departmental stores, hospital & diagnostic centers, Jewellery shops,
electronics & computer shops, leather goods, mobiles & internet service providers, patrol
pumps and many more.

Bank Asia also gives preferences to local customer through its marketing efforts.Bank Asia
started operation in Bangladesh in 1999. By following prudent corporate marketing and risk
management policy, Bank Asia recognized as one of the leading bank in the country. Bank
Asia group has well-established corporate lending and credit risk management process which
involves analyzing customers need prudently and carefully, analyzing local culture and
economy, periodic analysis of industry, offering products in line with customers needs and
maintaining good asset portfolio.
KYC, Know Your Customer, is a very important term that is gaining importance day by
day. In lien with this principle, Bank Asia carries out a details analysis before entering onto a
relationship. Understanding business type is therefore very important as it assist the bank to
structure credit facilities in line with customers need. For example, Loan tenor and type for a
manufacturing concern should be different from that of the retailers.

The Bank provide incentive bonus to its employees on the basis of profit earned during the
year. This year the Bank provides several times basic salary as the incentive bonus to its


employees and two festival bonuses which motivates employees to perform effectively and
The employees of the Bank are young, energetic, cooperative and friendly. Their dealings
with the client are cooperative and friendly which creates attractive perception about the
client and interest to do business with the Bank.


Management is a complex and dynamic mixture of systematic techniques and common sense.
As with any complex process, the key to learning about management lies in dividing it into
readily understood pieces. There are two different ways in which we can analyze the
management process of any organization. One approach, dating back to early twentieth


century, is to identify managerial functions. A second, more recent approach focuses on

managerial skills.
Managerial functions are general administrative duties that need to be carried out in virtually
all productive organizations. Managerial skills, on the other hand, are specific observable
behaviors that effective managers exhibit. When we shift the focus from functions to skills,
we are moving from general to specific. To put it another way, functions tell us what
managers generally do, whereas skill tell us more precisely how they carried out those
Bank Asia also follow some managerial functions and skills while managing the people in the
organization. Their managerial functions and skills are mentioned below.

Structure of the Corporate Office


Directors and Key Persons Profile


The Board of Directors of Bank Asia Limited consists of 13 Directors including one
Chairman, one First Vice Chairman and one Second Vice Chairman. The list of Directors is
given below:

Managerial Functions


After finishing our interview with the managers of Bank Asia LTD. BANGLADESH, we
found that all the 8 managerial functions are carried out properly. The further proceedings and
analysis are entirely made on the base of their information.

1. Planning: According to the managers planning is the most important managerial function.
Because a severe wrong planning is enough to ruin the entire working system. The HR
department mainly engages in making plans for the followingsa. Measuring compensation and rewards of employees as payoffs as well as punishments.
b. Ensuring comfortable and uniform working condition
c. Fitting the right people for right jobs
d. Developing faster and efficient working methods for himself and employees
e. Recruitment, staffing and development training
Besides, documenting backup plans in an employees leave of absence, identifying pressures
and opportunities by considering internal and external factors like business expansion or
increase in number of departments, changes in technology and workforce changes are also

2. Decision making: Human Resource management is all about decision making. After a
plan is made on a certain aspect, a clear decision should be taken from the alternative courses


of action. So decisions are made after analyzing all the alternatives and considering
opportunity costs and long and short term effects on the company.

3. Organizing: The Company is operating through a well defined management structure

headed by Chairman but decision making authority is only on MD (CEO) under whom there
are executive directors, general managers and heads for various departments and according to
hierarchy, various senior mid-level and supervisory management staffs. The CEO and the
executive directors, general managers meet at regular intervals represented also by IT,
procurement finance, marketing and personnel heads. These meetings are also organized by
Top level managers.

4. Staffing: Staffing is a combined process of recruiting, training and developing people. In

recruitment and selecting process main job is done by HR department. First comes
advertisement. The main rule for advertisement in Bank Asia is Job Advertisements will be
posted on the leading national dailies and job sites. Then process starts with manpower
requisition and ends with development training. For a better recruitment and selection process
HR Dept. arranges:


Collecting suitable and better CVs


Arranging written exam


Arranging interviews



Ensure medical tests


Appointment letter and others

Finally suitable candidates are hired and provided with training facilities if needed.

5. Communicating: Communication is considered vital by the management as lack of

communication can have severe impact on a big organization like Bank Asia. Employees are
given monthly or weekly feedbacks on their performances. If any changes are needed to be
made the HR management team quickly arranges a meeting to inform everyone. Internal
clashes between team members or teams usually occur. In this case the HR manager usually
tries to solve the problem fast by one on one meetings or group briefing. For people who
are new to the organization handouts of rules and instructions are provided and also there are
rules and regulations posted in a few places in the office environment for a reminder.

6. Motivating: Bank Asia HR division has maintained some pragmatic ways to motivate all
level employees:

Providing employee satisfaction regarding: work policy, work environment,

supervising management, empowerment, monetary compensation and intangible benefits,

SMART objective, coworkers and plain communication.



Employee counseling


Rewarding the best member in a group

And many more.

7. Leading: Bank Asias HRM Department believes mostly on Democratic leadership style
where no discrimination is made on individual employee. Not everyone can become a leader.
A leader steps up to a problem and tries to solve it himself and makes sure others do not
suffer for a wrong decision he made. Thats why Bank Asia instructs its managers to follow:



Objectivity in dealing with others

8. Controlling: Bank Asia follows systematic methods (show cause, personal hearing,
suspension, enquiry, and punishment) while taking disciplinary actions against accused one to
control the group/team as per law. Besides, over expansion or squeeze of the company did
have certain damage on the company but these were handled by hiring more experienced
managers and further departmentalization with management teams for each department.


In Bank Asia all the 8 managerial functions are carried out in detail. This does not make the
management system perfect but very close to flawlessness.

Managerial Skill
Wilsons managerial skill which are used while managing employees

1. Technical Expertise& Clarification of goals and objectives: According to our

manager, for a manager of a telecommunication company it is a must to have vast
knowledge on technology regardless of the division and department. So, he has good
command over ORACLE and signaling. Besides, to monitor his employees he masters
operating CCTV. When he delegates a team, to make the goal clear to them he does some
homework on it and then explains what problems may emerge using his knowledge and
2. Problem Solving: When a team is made and given a short-term goal to achieve,
conflict and dispute is very common among group members regarding many
issues. At this point the Supervising HR manager has to take corrective decisions.
First he calls the leader and listens to him. Then separately he talks to all other
group members to sort out the real picture. Unlike many managers he does not
directly impose any decision rather he provides them some suggestions. On the
basis of the suggestions, the team then resolves their problem. If it does not work
then change in team setup is compulsory. He further mentioned that, employees
are vital assets to the company and they may fear downsizing or any other threats


when competitors increase. So the HR manager always tries to maintain positive

workplace culture. Offering things like competitive salaries, profit sharing, bonus
programs, pension and health plans, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement
sends a powerful message to employees about their importance at the
3. Imagination and Creativity: Better imagination pulls up a HR manager into the
next level. This is because imagination helps to foresee probable future courses of
actions and then acting to attain the best. Besides, good imaginary power may
give a message unconsciously about upcoming crises and problems. Consequently
this changes Contingency planning. Therefore in Bank Asia practice of
imagination is always appreciated. Creativity and imagination walk side by side.
Creative managers are highly motivated in Bank Asia, because only for them Bank
Asia can stand out as a distinct service provider from their counterparts.
4. Standards of Performance: When a goal is set up for a team, there must be some
measuring sticks to assess the team. Some measuring sticks (standards) followed
by Bank Asia HR are:
a. How well perceived about the goal
b. Sincerity
c. Efficiency in team-work
d. Internal relationship with group members
e. Promptness
f. Quality of outcome
5. Directing and Coaching& Solving problems as teams: It is important for HR
manager to give feedback and coaching to team members so that their efforts stay
aligned with the goals of the company and meet expectations. During an
employees first few weeks on the job, an employer should provide intensive
feedback. A 360 degree review is followed in weekly or monthly meeting and that


time the manager provides formal and informal feedback to employees. Few of
HRMs mentoring targets
a. Individual training needs analysis
b. Specially designed personal development plans aimed to develop specific

Training options to suit their learning style
On-hand support from other HR experts

6. Control of Details: When a HR manager delegates a team with duties, he keeps

himself in supervisory position. Therefore, the team leader informs the HR
manager about the progress in every week if it is a short-span project or in
monthly-basis for longer version.
7. Listening for Insights: Bank Asia HR division usually follows Democratic
leadership style ,i.e. they allow the subordinates to speak out their suggestions and
complains on valid bases. The noticeable part is Bank Asia HR managers are
bound to explain and give reason for their taken decisions to subordinates to
8. Coordinating and Cooperating: Motivation and punishments play vital role to
maintain cooperation. All managers and team leaders in Bank Asia put major
emphasis on working as a team as this company grew and expanded on team work.
Therefore cooperation is considered vital. If a team member is not working
properly or failing to meet his goals s/he is asked for a one on one meeting with
the manager where the employee is further motivated or his problems or
difficulties are solved. The leader also uses skills like flexible timing which
releases stress from employees and also considers subordinates as colleagues and
reduces any distance within members or seniors, so everyone is willing to work
with each other. If the problem of the employee is beyond rectification for his/her
lacking, then s/he is removed from the group.


9. Energy: A HR department deals with different humans directly. So, HR is all

about keeping connections with all the relevant people under the formation. And,
hence all level HR managers must be patient and energetic to listen different

10. Exerting Pressure: Before forming a team, members are made understood the
importance and urgency of teamwork. After then if any member fails to work
accordingly without rectifying his faults then punishments are imposed. The
measurement of punishment is proportionate to the severity of the offence.The
punishments could be:
a. Written warning
b. Suspension without pay for a period not exceeding 7 working days
c. Turnover without notice

Other Skills and function in Bank Asia Management

According to the branch manager of Bank Asia, the following skills are also widely used in the
day-to-day activities of the bank:


14 2 . .OK B nt 3 h eo . e i w n r ig n
6S k . k i 5 l e l . s e p&
AK ePmg oe it lpa hi t i b ene l ge
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FP au tn e c i t e i on nc es
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AI n r v g e u s m t o e r n s t
Management Process Analysis


SWOT Analysis of Bank Asia

Every organization is composed of some internal strengths and weaknesses and also has some
external opportunities and threats in its whole life cycle. The following will briefly introduce
the customer to the Bank Asias internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities
and threats as I have explored in the past ten weeks.

* Superior Quality: Bank Asia provides its customers excellent quality of service. It gives
the first priority to customer satisfaction.
* Dynamism: Bank Asia draws its strength from the adaptability and dynamism it possesses.
It has quickly adapted to world class standard in terms of banking services. Bank Asia has
also adapted state of the art technology to connect with the world for better communication to
integrate facilities.
* Financial Strength: Bank Asia is a finally sound company backed by the enormous
resource base of the mother concern Rangs Group. As result customers feel comfortable in
dealing with the company.
* Efficient Management: All the levels of the management of Bank Asia are solely directed
to maintain a culture of the betterment of the quality of the service and development of a
corporate brand image in the market through organization wide term approach and open
communication system.


* State of the Art Technology: Bank Asia utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure
consistent quality and operation. The corporate office is equipped with SWIFT (SWIFT is a
banking software, used by Bank Asia). All other branches are also equipped with SWIFT
* Experts: The key contributing factor behind the success of the Bank Asia is its employee,
who are highly trained and most competent in their own field. Bank Asia provides their
employees training both in-house and out side job.
* In-House Utility: Bank Asia is free from dependence on ever disruptive power supply of
our public sources. The company generates the required power through generator fed on
diesel. Water generation is done by deep tube wells on site and in abundance.
* Excellent Working Environment: Bank Asia provides its workforce an excellent place to
work in. Total complex has been centrally air conditioned. The interior decoration was done
exquisitely with choice of soothing colors and blend of artistic that is comparable to any
overseas bank.

* Limited Workforce: Bank Asia has limited human resources compared to its financial
activities. There are not many people to perform most of the tasks. As a result many of the
employees are burdened with extra workloads and work late hours with out any overtime
facilities. This might cause high employee turnover that will prove to be too costly to avoid.
* Problem in Delivery: Few of the Bank Asias products offered to its clients like Personal
Credit (PC) is lying idle due to proper marketing initiative from the management. These


products can easily be made available in attractive ways to increases its client base as well as
its deposit status.

* Government Support: Government of Bangladesh has rendered its full support to the
banking sector for a sound financial status of the country, as it has become one of the vital
sources of employment in the country now. Such government concern will facilitate and
support the long-term vision of Bank Asia.
* Evaluation of E-Banking: Emergence of e-banking will open more scope for Bank Asia
to reach the clients not only in Bangladesh but also in the global banking arena. Although the
bank has already entered the world of e-banking but yet to provide full electronic banking
facilities to its customer. A proper blend of Banking and information technology might give
the bank leverage to its competitors. Nevertheless there are ample opportunities for Bank
Asia to go for product innovation in line with the modern day need. The bank has yet to
develop credit card facility, lease financing and merchant banking.

* Merger and Acquisition: The worldwide trend of merging and acquisition in financial
institution is causing concentration. The industry and competitors are increasing in power
their respective areas.


* Poor Telecommunication Infrastructure: As previously mentioned, the world is

advancing e-technology very rapidly. Though Bank Asia has taken effort to join the stream of
information technology, it is not possible to complete the mission due to poor technology and
infrastructure of our country.

Frequent Currency Devaluation: Frequent devaluation of Taka exchange rate

fluctuations and particularly South-East Asian currency crisis adversely affects the business
* Emergence of Competitors: Due to high customer demand, more and more financial
institutions are being introduced in the country. There are already 52 banks of various types
are operating in the country. Many banks are entering the market with new and lucrative
products. The market for banking industry is now a buyer dominated market. Unless Bank
Asia can come up with attractive financial products in the market, it will have to face steep
competition in the days to come.

Strength and weaknesses of the managerial process of Bank Asia

1. The managers are technically expert. It means they can fully utilize their relevant
knowledge and experience. Sequentially it helps them to clarify their expectations
with appropriate languages to the subordinates.
2.Managers are cordial and constructive in case of solving problems.
3. Nurturing imagination and creativity is one of the mostly used skills in Bank

management. Therefore the employees are not stressed with doing the

same thing day after day.

4. The standards of performance are well set to get the maximum from each and
every employee and hence lead the company for advancement.


5.Directing, coaching and solving problems as a team is another widely used skill.
Through these Bank Asia ensures proper control and feedback for employees and
reaching to the goal.
6.Getting informed about delegated groups progress in weekly and monthly basis
through Control of Details helps managers to avoid messing up the planning.
7. Taking employees problems into consideration and providing flexible time so that
work does not interfere with personal life is a good way to maintain coordination
and cooperation. Motivation and punishment are two inseparable variables for
coordination and cooperation. Hence, employees manage to keep a good morale.
8. An energetic manager is an asset to any organization in two ways. First, s/he can
do extra duty beyond his/her fixed target if properly motivated. Second, he is an
inspiration for subordinates. Hence, the employees are motivated to do something

1. As the HR manager handles way too many things to prepare himself listening for
insights at the same time he skips out watching activities within the team.
2. If an employee is pressurized by the fear of losing job if goals are not achieved,
then it may motivate him to a negligible extent rather it may terrify him, which in
turn will not bring any good for the company.

Corporate Social responsibility

Bank Asia has been conscious of corporate social responsibility from the very beginning of
its operation in 1999. The Bank looks beyond short-term quantitative gains and concentrates
on issues which make the financial institution socially responsible and thus expects a
sustainable balanced growth.


Bank Asia has three major CSR programs. These are as follows:

Higher Study Scholarship

Ophthalmological Operation
Operating Computer Learning Centers


Bank Asia provides higher scholarship to rural poor meritorious students, who are studying in
important subjects in public universities. So far (since 2005) 215 students have been awarded
the scholarship. Of them, 94 scholarships have been provided this year. Total expenditure of
scholarship this year is Tk 53.08 lac for this purpose while Tk.1.57 crore till date. Next year
we have a plan to provide 100 more scholarships, which will raise beneficiary numbers to
334, and budget will be Tk 10.64 million/Tk 1.64 crore. The scholarships are given on the
basis of SSC and HSC results.
As a part of its corporate social responsibility, Bank Asia has provided higher studies
scholarship-2011 to 30 insolvent meritorious students of Chatkhil Upazila of Noakhali district
and Ramgonj Upazila of Laxmipur district today (Saturday, 21st January, 2012). Mr. Rumee
A Hossain, Director of the Bank, handed over the scholarship money to the students at a
function held a Chatkhil Upazila auditorium. Vice Chairman of the Bank Mr. Mohammed
Lakiotullah, Directors Mr. M. Irfan Syed, Mr. Shah Md. Nurul Alam, Mr. Mashiur Rahman,
President & Managing Director Mr. Md. Mehmood Husain, Deputy Managing Director Mr.
Mohammed Roshangir, Senior Executive Vice President Mr. Md. Arfan Ali, Zonal Head Mr.
Swapan Dasgupta and Chatkhil Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Ms. Anindita Roy
were also present. A large number of people including students, teachers, journalists,







It may be mentioned that Bank Asia gives scholarships for higher study to the meritorious
students in the rural areas, where the Bank has branches. A total of 134 (one hundred thirty
four) students have been selected for Bank Asia Higher Study Scholarship for the current
The Bank bears entire cost of cataract-related eye operations, whose parents are poor and
cannot afford the high cost of operations. Since 2006, 874 operations have been conducted
under the program at a cost of about Tk 92 lac (till July, 2010). Most of the children are
leading normal life and learning education.
Bank Asia, with the help of D-net, is operating 13 Computer Learning Centers (since 2006) in
rural areas, where rural youths learn computer education. A total of Tk 4.7 lac has been spent
for operational cost of these centers this year. Besides, 12 more learning centers have been set
up this year involving Tk.1.58 million/Tk.15.76 lac as a part of our expansion program. So
far, about 3000 youths received computer training though these centers, and cost involvement
in this CSR program is Tk.1.03 crore (till Dec. 2009).




By analyzing the overall management process of Bank Asia, some suggestions has been figured
out which will help this management structure to be more improved. These are:
Bank Asia has an Ethnocentric Attitude in working place because all of the major decisions
are made by the top management from abroad. So, they should start practicing a Geocentric
Attitude and choose the best decisions by developing more empowerment.
The overall process of any action or step taken by Bank Asia takes a lot of time to be
fulfilled since these actions, at first, have to be confirmed by board of directors overseas.
So, a simplistic and defined procedure should be enacted that saves time.
The branch managers of Bank Asia are not given enough power to take decisions as their
own. This wastes a lot of time, money and hinders management process. More
empowerment to branch managers is a must to overcome this problem.
Proper information on the branch locations and customer inquiry/complaint sectionare not
updated in the official website of Bank Asia. These IT drawbacks should be improved.
Until recently, Standard Chartered was one of those international banks that are not allowed
to have more than 5 branches. However, in order to increase its coverage, Standard Chartered
made the smart move to merge with Grindlays. This allowed Standard Chartered to increase
its number of branches to 26. A lucrative opportunity for Bank Asia would be to also consider
such mergers in order to increase its customer base. An increase in the number of branches
would allow Bank Asia to catch up to its competitors and also increase its diversity in terms
of services provided. Though Bank Asia has no immediate plans to merge with any other
banks, the option is on the table for them to take when they will.




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