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As of right now no community paper in London

Thinks it can generate 2 million in ad sales

Community paper for London that celebrates its people, really positive edge, shows good things
happening that is often neglected by daily media. It would be made exclusively for and by
residents of London people would write articles and columns
Plan to target those with familes and homes in the community ages 25 64
Would be free and delivered weeklyto 100 000 london households
24-32 pages in length
newpaper industry is dominated by huge chain operations massive companies, no longer
community newspaper industries approaching 1 billion in annual revenue as an industry
becoming more and more dominated by corporate entities driven by efficiencies and profitability
huge companies now involved in buying community newspapers and starting there own for
economies of scale
Newspaper chains involved in community newspaper gave advetiseres access to regional or even
larger markets.
Huge compnies such as Quebecor and Torstar protect their markets by publishing community
newspapers in areas where they already have dailys
These companies already have so many connections in advertising they can literally crush
Key to success is to remain local, however with these large companies we see the dailys being so
similar to the weeklys except for few different changes.
70% of publications more widely read than dailys.
Tend to be kept longer
63% of ppl read last weekly issue vs 52% read yesterdays daily newspaper
advertisers like these stats obviously
3 major community newspaper players controlling entire industry in Ontario
advertising is the only way you can make money in the free paper industry obviously.
Newpaper advertising media has decreased overtime, while obviously free newspapers have
increased relatively new though.
85% of community newspaper revenue came from local advertisers. In order to attract more
national advertisers Canadas seven community newspapers created an allicance called
community media Canada
Papers in London

The pennysaver weekly free paper with no editorial content shared news and sales info.
London free press started London FYI literally same idea as ours, except hasnt really
affected market yet once they see us going in they will begin to pump money and lower ad
costs and do all the same things we have seen Quebecor do in the past.
Scene magazine- concetrates on young crowd with arts and entertainment owned by
Monthly papers 3 papers do this in London
London right now largest city in Canada without a city wide community newspaper
London free press background
- Used to be owned by Blackburn group massive prescene in London owned all the
media stations
- Aggresivelly killed off any start ups trying to compete
- Bought by Quebecor
- Has seen decreasing amount of reads in past few years
- Still has all major local retal advertisers from contracts how do we compete?
- Also has huge connections with national advertisors only daily newspaper in
southwestern Ontario who provides ads for national companies
- Discusses where London needs improvement- seen as negative. Our value prop cant just
be London seen in a positive light they will take this, there is no trademark or anything
of that nature. They can make the FYI positive.
- Big profitability can defend its market against competition we see what they have
done in the past, create same idea as companies, reduce ad rates etc.
- Killed off forest city news
- Runs the entire market
- Very expensive, but again can reduce price
The investors
-Mcleod tons of experience
-hume has good connections in industry, no print experience though
-hume may want to run for mayer or whatever
Value prop
-They think that they can exploit the fact that London free press only talks about negative parts
of London
- thinks they can create really cheap ad space in order to get smaller companies, but London free
press has contracts and also can reduce.
- going to twice the circulation as the London free press- this is only real value prop but
they can copy this. Twice the reach for half the cost London FYI might as well do the


How will London free press respond

Outsourcing can fuck them, only one place and if they mess up theyre screwed, not a lot
of control
Hume has no experience in this direct feel akward feeling

Lets face it, people read their local papers for the advertisements and flyers as well as the news
reports. When you want to know what sales or events are going on in the area, you turn to you
community newspaper. Community businesses need the paper to advertise effectively to their
target audience. After all, a small business in Boca Raton or Delray Beach isnt going to want to
advertise their services to all of Palm Beach County because their target audience is only within
this community.
These free community papers proudly serve the information needs of their communities across
this great land, while promoting local commerce, free enterprise, and public service. It is fitting
that recognition be given to this special effort to salute these publications, their owners and staff
for the continued contributions to the growth and success of local communities through their