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Gaston College

Practical Nursing
Interpersonal Process Recording Example
Complete using Red ink for Patient Verbal and Non-verbal, and Blue ink for Nurse Verbal and Non-verbal. Evaluation should be in
black ink.
Evaluate each interaction, including communication technique used, if interaction was therapeutic and why.
Also evaluate overall interaction at the end of IPR.
Please make sure you are using 12-point font.

Patient and Nurse Verbal

Patient and Nurse Nonverbal


Hi Mr. Calloway, Im Samantha, a student

with Gaston College Practical Nursing
Program. I would like to talk with you for
a few minutes if you have time and dont
Nice to meet you, that will be fine with
How are you doing today?

Making eye contact, facing patient, within

personal space; shaking hand.

Initiated Informative introduction to get

acquainted and begin nurse-client

Shaking hand, sitting in chair maintaining

eye contact
Sat in chair facing patient

Ive been better, but Im doing alright.

It seems that something is bothering you.

Clinched eyebrows together, slight smile

Lean head left, lifted eyebrows

Ah, Im just missing my dog.

Im sorry to hear that, tell me a little about
your dog.
Well, I actually have 5 of them. A Labrador
retriever, two German short hair pointers,
and the wife has two fufu dogs.
Wow, you have a lot of dogs to keep up
with. Are the pointers hunting dogs?
The pointers are hunting dogs. The lab is
too scared of loud noises for that.
What do you hunt with the dogs? Are the
dogs trained?

Shifting in chair.
Nodding head showing understanding

Using personal space parameters to ensure

patient is comfortable.
Restatement, showing my focus and
concern for the patient.
Empathy, recognized the patients feelings.
Encouraging patient to elaborate

Holding hand up and counting dogs as they

are named. Raising eyebrows and smiling.

Eyebrows raised, head nodding slightly

Generalized conversation showing the
showing my surprise.
patient I am interested in the conversation.

Hands in lap interlaced, good eye contact

Eyebrows lowered showing my interest in
the hobby.

Opening communication, allowing the

patient to feel free to talk and gain trust.

Quall and grouse. They are trained to find

them, stop and point, and wait for me to
flush the fowl so I can shoot.
That is an interesting hobby and seems like
a lot of fun.
I am a bit anxious to get out of here.
Hunting season starts soon and I need to
start getting them prepared.
Would you tell me about why you have
been admitted to the hospital?
I have pneumonia, and they say I need
these IV antibiotics and fluids. Im feeling
much better. The physician is supposed to
be by here sometime to let me know if I
can go home today.
That is great to know that you are feeling
better. I can see why you may be a little
anxious to see the physician.
Yeah, Im ready to go.
I can understand wanting to get home.
What if the physician doesnt release you
today, how will you feel about that?
I want to go, But only if Im ready. I sure
dont want to have to come back.
Mr. Calloway that is a positive attitude to
have. Being well will allow you to prepare
for your upcoming hunting season.
He should be here soon.
I have a few more patients to talk with. If
you dont mind I would like to check back
with you and see how your visit with the
physician goes. Would that be ok?
That will be fine.
Mr. Calloway, thank you very much for
talking with me today. See you soon.
Thank you, see you later.

Patient talks with hand motions, hand

extended out palm down, pointing, being
very informative and detailed.
Smiling with eye contact.

Pt crosses legs, wiggling of the feet,

leaning on right arm.

Raising eyebrows, and moving hand in

open-palm position showing sincere
Making eye contact, lifts hand with IV,
looks at watch.

Exploring, focusing on patients


Smiling and nodding

Reflecting on stated feelings and showing


Slightly rubbing hands together.

Very mildly clinching eyes together,
focusing on a softer tone

Hands interlaced in lap, feet still, and good

eye contact
Nodding head

Looking at watch
Scooting toward the edge of my seat,
maintaining eye contact and smiling

Standing, smiling, hand offered

Accepting handshake

Showing the patient I am engaged in the


Focusing on the patients feelings and

allowing the patient to express his
Promoting insight and supporting his
Promoting closure, offering self by
intentions of returning.

Terminating communication and Restating

my intent to follow up.

Evaluation of the overall interaction.

I feel my overall interaction and communication between the patient and myself went well and was therapeutic. He
was very pleasant to talk with. We had a positive nurse-patient relationship from the initiation phase throughout
the working phase and the termination phase. It was important to me to discuss the possibility of not going home.
If he had shown signs of being upset if he was not discharged, this would have allowed me the opportunity to
address his feelings and concerns. I was able to carry out a therapeutic conversation with the patient by active
listening, using open ended questions, focusing on the patient, and providing feedback.