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Girl Talk

A girl talk girl

is like a
caterpillar who
seeks to become
herself...a beautiful
Erynn Mozier

Letter From
Girl Talks
Dear Girls,
At the age of fifteen, I had a dream that every middle school girl would have a place
she could go to just let her hair down and be free to express who she truly is. Today,
one girl at a time, my dream is becoming a reality.
As you read this Handbook, my hope is that you will feel a desire to inspire
teenage girls, just as Girl Talk will inspire you. Girl Talks purpose is to give girls a
place to go to openly talk about issues they face daily and as a result, get much
needed advice from Leaders like you! For me, I found it easiest to give advice from
my own personal experiences. With your help, I believe together we can create a
solid foundation for young teenagers everywhere. Your participation will not only
make a difference in middle school girls lives, but in your life as well.
I want to truly thank you for wanting to be a part of Girl Talk. Its Leaders like you that
make this program successful. Know that we at Girl Talk are here to help you. Our
website is full of resources to ensure your programs success.
Lastly, Id like to leave you with some Beauty Tips that Audrey Hepburn highly
recommended for every girl!
For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in
people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a
friend run her fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge that
you never walk alone. People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed,
revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone. Remember, if you ever
need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow
older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself, and the
other for helping others.

Haley Kilpatrick

Girl Talk, Inc.

Founder & Executive Director

Table Of Contents
Section One
About Girl Talk
What Is Girl Talk?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
History of Girl Talk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Section Two

Getting Started

Get Organized

Why Do I Need This Handbook?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Leader Expectations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Getting Started and Approved . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Leadership & Advisor Contracts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Learn to Manage and Delegate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

Create an Anonymous Question Box. . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Get the Word Out. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Prepare for the Meeting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

Now That Youre Official...

Running Your Chapter

Leader Login. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

Leader Lessons & Worksheets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Complete List of Lesson Topics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Tips for Chapter Success & Sustainability . . . . . . . . 26

Sample Meeting Schedule. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Introduce Yourself. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
Tips & Ideas for Successful Chapter Meetings. . . . .34
Get Involved in Your Community. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Report Back to Us. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

Section Three
Glossary of Terms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Timeout for Testimonials. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Frequently Asked Questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
Girl Talk Scholarships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51

Section One

About Girl Talk

Getting Started
Now That
Youre Official

Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

What is Girl Talk?

Mission Statement
Reaching more than 30,000 girls in forty-three states and six countries, Girl Talk is a 501(c)3 national nonprofit
organization that establishes positive weekly peer-to-peer mentoring programs for middle school girls, which are led by
high school girls. We exist to help young teenage girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and recognize the value
of community service.
Girl Talk is a nationally recognized mentoring program that offers fun, positive weekly meetings, community service
projects and friendship-building activities for middle school girls.
Girl Talk Chapters are led by high school girls (Leaders) who serve as mentors, and in turn, Girl Talk Leaders develop
leadership skills that they will carry with them throughout life. Girl Talk Chapters help young teenage girls build selfesteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service.
Girl Talk is free to any high school girl who wants to make a difference in her community by Starting a Girl Talk
Chapter (Visit and click Start a Chapter). All Girl Talk materials are available on our website.
Our online community (Leader Login Section) provides you with all of the Leader Resources you will need to ensure
your Chapters success (i.e. Leader Lessons, scholarship applications, Girl Talk Blog, Leader and Advisor discussion
boards, upload pictures of your Chapter, download graphics to design flyers, etc.).
Girl Talk is designed to reach ALL middle school girls. Therefore, we welcome non-traditional Chapters (home school,
athletic teams, youth groups, churches, neighborhood clubs, etc.) as well. We encourage high school girls to think
outside the box if their school is unable to host Girl Talk meetings before or after school. Everything you need to know
about Starting a Chapter is on our website (

Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

History of Girl Talk

How Girl Talk Got Its Start

Middle school. Who likes middle school? Words can be hurtful, you feel like nobody gets you and all you want to do
is fit in. Wait. You mean there is someone other than you that feels the same way? The answer is yes. You are not
alone. As a matter of fact, this is how our story starts. Its about a young girl who at times, felt left out when she was
in middle school. As middle school came and went, things started to shape up and high school was a lot easier. After
talking with friends about middle school, the young girl realized that even though she felt like she was the only one she
wasnt alone. She realized this was a problem that affected EVERY girl at some point in her middle school life, and this
is how Girl Talk was born.
At 15 years old, Albany, GA native, Haley Kilpatrick wanted to make a difference. The idea was a program that would
help girls get through their challenging middle school years, with the help of high school girls. She thought that she
could do this cost efficiently by using space in her school before and after school, using trained school employees
as her advisors (teachers and guidance counselors), and creating a leadership opportunity for high school girls by
mentoring their younger peers. It is a fact that middle school girls look up to high school girls, and high school girls
arent always the best role models.
Haley thought that she could create a peer-to-peer mentoring program that would inspire high school girls to become
positive role models to their younger peers and this would also allow middle school girls to hear the right messages
from the high school girls (in partnership with teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors) who they are so influenced
by. She believed that if young girls were taken care of emotionally that they would excel academically.
After pitching her idea to the headmaster and guidance counselor at her school, Haley was set to begin the program,
which she called Girl Talk in the Fall of 2002. Haley would meet for one hour, once a week with interested middle
school girls, and they would tackle issues and problems the girls faced on a daily basis. Haley even provided the
girls with an anonymous question box where they could leave questions and concerns that they wanted to discuss in
future meetings. Haleys community witnessed the program and it slowly spread across Georgia and then across the
Southeast. Haley invested her college savings into Girl Talk, created the original Girl Talk Handbook, and would print
and mail a copy of the Handbook to interested new Leaders and Advisors.

Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

History of Girltalk (continued)

It wasnt long before she realized she was truly on to something and needed help. Haley asked
Atlantas Brown Bag Marketing for help building a website. She envisioned a Virtual Headquarters
and Brown Bag Marketing made this dream a reality at no cost to the organization.
In 2005, she set big goals. Haley wanted to see Girl Talk in all fifty states by 2010, graduate college
in 4 years and inspire a minimum of 100 Chapters per year. Today Girl Talk is one of the fastest
growing mentoring programs in the country and is reaching more than 35,000 girls each week.
As Girl Talk continues to grow, it is being featured nationally on CNN, The Today Show, NBC
Nightly News with Brian Williams, TBS, Hallmark Channel, CosmoGIRL! Magazine, and American
Eagle Outfitters stores. Haley is very proud to have such incredible success with a very limited
budget. She wants to extend a thank you to the Albany and Atlanta businesses and families who
believed in her as a teenager and encouraged her to make her dream a reality.
When asked if she is proud, she replies, Are you kidding me? We are just scratching the
surface. Im humbled that 35,000 girls are being reached each week, but there are 12.6 million
girls that we want to inspire. Ive got to get back to work. Haley graduated college with a B.S.
in Communication in 2007, and works full time as Girl Talks Executive Director. Girl Talk and
its resources are 100% free. The approved Chapter Leaders and Advisors log in and are taken
to a section of the website designed exclusively to support them. Here they can download
Leader Lessons, upload Chapter pictures, get useful tips from other Leaders, apply for Girl Talk
Scholarships and Awards, and so much more. We truly feel that this is only the beginning, and with
support from people like you we know we will reach our goals.

To learn more about the Founder, visit and

click About Girl Talk/Our Team/Founder, Haley Kilpatrick.

A sister is not always a friend, but a

friend is always a sister.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Why Do I Need This Handbook?

The Girl Talk Handbook is designed to include step-by-step instructions on
how to create and successfully run your Girl Talk Chapter. It includes ideas,
important resources and tips to ensure your Chapters success.

Why Do I Need To Make My

Chapter Official?
Girl Talk Leaders must complete the official Chapter registration process
(submitting online information and contracts, registering in Leader
Login) in order to be activated to access Girl Talks materials online.
Only registered users from official Chapters have access to the
Leader Login section of our Web site. Here you can download weekly
Leader Lessons & Worksheets, communicate with other Leaders around
the country, read Girl Talk blog postings, receive updates on new Girl
Talk materials, opportunities, and events, read testimonials and inspiration from other Chapters, upload photos, apply for scholarships and
much more!
We will work with your local media to promote your Chapter in the paper,
magazines and other news outlets.
Girl Talk can feature your Chapters good work on our main site to inspire other Chapters to be more like yours.
Only Girl Talk Leaders who apply to Start a Chapter will be eligible for
Girl Talk Scholarships.

How Do I Make My Chapter Official?

To apply to start a Chapter, visit and click Start
a Chapter. Detailed instructions on the process and what youll need to
complete it are in this section.

Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

leader expectations
Girl Talk Leaders must be female high school students (grades 9-12). They are expected to be strong role
models and community leaders. The following requirements have been set for Girl Talk Leaders.

1. A Leader must demonstrate a strong commitment to Girl Talk and should be proactive and creative in
encouraging new girls to join the group.
2. She must abide by the rules and regulations of the Girl Talk Handbook, and must sign and make a personal
commitment to honoring her Leadership Contract.
3. She must commit to leading one weekly meeting with middle school girls as well as spend at least one
hour of preparation each week with the other Girl Talk Leader(s).
4. She is expected to complete at least 10 hours of community service each semester OUTSIDE of serving as a
Girl Talk Leader. This can be done alone, with other Leaders, or with the Chapter as a whole.
5. A Leader is responsible for keeping her Chapters adult sponsor fully informed about events, her community service hours and any ideas or changes shed like to make in her weekly meetings.
6. She must agree to mail or email Girl Talk a simple Monthly Report about her Girl Talk program no later
than the 15th of the following month.
7. She must work hard to create sustainability for her Chapter before she graduates by training younger
peers to be Girl Talk Leaders. (Some Chapters may need to use a Girl Talk Leader application to select
successor Leaders.)
8. A Girl Talk Leader is expected to want to be there for her middle school girls. She should try to send
encouraging notes, attend events that are important to them, and call or email to let them know she
cares. Her role as a mentor and friend is very important to them, and a Girl Talk Leader should take that
responsibility seriously.
9. A Girl Talk Leader should learn to delegate tasks to other Leaders and Advisors, and work hard to manage
her Chapter in a way that is effective and inclusive.
10. She must strive to be a positive role model and a community leader at all times. She must hold herself up
to the highest standards. She must understand that as a Girl Talk Leader, any bad decisions she makes will
not only affect her, but her role as a mentor and the reputation of Girl Talk as well.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Getting Started and Approved

First Things First

If you decide to bring Girl Talk to your school or community, you will first need to find an adult Advisor. Your Advisor
can be a school counselor, teacher, mom or any trusted adult. Next, schedule a meeting to get Girl Talk approved at
your school, church or community group (feel free to use the Girl Talk PowerPoint and other materials on our website
for your presentation. Visit and click Girl Talk Resources/Girl Talk Toolbox). Once youve secured both an Advisor and your school or other organizations approval, you are ready to apply to become an official
Girl Talk Chapter. Log on to and click Start a Chapter to begin the application process.

What You Will Need To Apply

When you begin the application process online, you will be prompted to provide the following information online:
Middle & High School (or other organization with which your Chapter will be affiliated) name, address, and phone
Advisor & Leader Contact Info: You will be asked for basic contact information (name, address, and phone) and
will also be required to have the following things:

Email Address (both Leader and Advisor): Double check to make sure you enter emails correctly. This is the
address your Chapter Confirmation Code will be sent to and this will also be your username
to access the Leader Login section of the website

Signed Leadership and Advisor Contracts: Available at Talk Resources/

Girl Talk Toolbox

Copies of Leader and Advisor Photo ID (drivers license, school ID, etc.): This is for your protection. When
working with minors we are required by law to ensure that you are who you say you are.
Once you have completed the online portion of the application process, you will be emailed a Chapter Confirmation
Code which must be included in the contracts you submit. Once you receive this code, you may either mail or scan
and email your contracts and IDs to Girl Talk at the addresses listed on the contract. When all information is received
and approved, you will receive notification that you have been successfully activated in our system, and you will have
access to the Leader Login portion of the website where you will find all the materials you need for your
Chapter meetings.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One


Contract Commitment
The purpose of the Leader & Advisor Contracts is to give you an overview of your commitments to Girl Talk and the
girls you will be working with. Your Advisor is a key part of your Chapters success, so choose a person who believes
in your Girl Talk Chapter as much as you do. Read the contract carefully and make a commitment to your Advisor, the
girls you will be helping, and yourself as a representative of Girl Talk. Once you have both read over your contracts,
you and your Advisor should sign them and make copies for each of your binders. Mail or scan and email the original
contracts to Girl Talk (along with a copy of your photo IDs), keep a copy for yourself, and exchange a copy with your
Advisor for your records.

*Tip: Use a binder to keep all of your important Girl Talk information. This will help you stay organized and will allow
you to pass it down to future Leaders when you graduate.




Leadership Contract
I will be on time for meetings, which will be held once a week for approximately one hour. I realize that my Chapter cannot
meet without a Leader and an Advisor present. In order to properly plan meetings, I will let my Advisor know in advance if I
cannot attend an upcoming meeting.
I agree to always set a good example for each middle school girl who attends Girl Talk. I realize the girls look up to me and they
value my opinion. Therefore, in addition to walking the walk and talking the talk in person, I will make responsible choices
when posting pictures, comments, and status updates online.
I will lend a helping hand, listen, and offer wholesome advice to those who seek it. Each semester, I commit to making my
community a better place by volunteering a minimum of 10 hours of community service outside of Girl Talk. I realize that I can
do my community service project by myself, with my Leaders, or with the involvement of my entire Chapter.
I commit to completing a Girl Talk Monthly Report in the Leader Login section of the website no later than the 15th of the
following month. What is said in Girl Talk stays in Girl Talk. This is the golden rule. The only time this rule may be broken is if
someone has been hurt or might get hurt if information is not passed on to my Chapter Advisor.
I have an Advisor who believes in me and the middle school girls we will be reaching through Girl Talk. We agree to work
together and maintain a constant line of communication regarding our Chapter. Together we will take advantage of the
resources available through Girl Talks Leader Login site. We will download Lessons & Worksheets, share suggestions, upload
pictures, add new users, ask questions when needed, and use the tips and resources made available to us to help ensure our
Chapters success.
Most importantly, I am excited to be a Girl Talk Leader and am doing this to positively impact young lives.

You and your Advisor(s) need to make a copy of your drivers license/school ID to submit with your Contracts. Please scan and
email all documents to or mail to: Girl Talk, 3490 Piedmont Rd NE Suite 1104, Atlanta, GA

Leader Name (Printed)____________________________ Leader Signature_____________________ Grade______Date_________

Advisor Name(Printed)___________________________________ Advisor Signature______________________________________
Chapter Name_______________________________________________________________ Date_____________________________
2012 Girl Talk, Inc., Girl Talk, the Girl Talk logo and Desire to Inspire are trademarks of Girl Talk, Inc.



Advisor Contract
I will be on time for meetings, which will be held once a week for approximately one hour. I realize that my Chapter cannot
meet without a Leader and an Advisor present. In order to properly plan meetings, I will let my Leader(s) know in advance if I
cannot attend an upcoming meeting so they can find an approved adult volunteer or cancel that weeks meeting.
I agree to always set a good example for each girl who attends Girl Talk. I realize my Leader(s) look up to me as an adult
mentor and they value my opinion. I will hold my Leader(s) accountable to high moral standards, keep track of their 10 hours
of community service each semester, and remind them to submit their Monthly Reports no later than the 15th of the following
month. It is my job to encourage and support my Leader(s) to create a Girl Talk Chapter that will be successful and sustainable
for years to come.
I realize that my Leader(s) have been told to come to me immediately with a situation they are not prepared to handle. In this
rare circumstance, I promise to help those who seek my assistance to the best of my ability. I know that what is said in Girl Talk
stays in Girl Talk. The only time this rule may be broken is if someone has been hurt or might get hurt if the information is not
passed on to me.
If we need to meet for community service projects, create posters, plan future meetings, etc., I will do my best to arrange my
schedule to be there for my Leader(s). I have these girls best interest at heart and want to support them. I can confirm that I
have not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor that would prevent me from being an appropriate Chapter Advisor.
I have Leader(s) who believe in Girl Talk and the middle school girls we will be reaching. We agree to work together and
maintain a constant line of communication regarding our Chapter. Together we will take advantage of the resources available
through Girl Talks Leader Login site. We will download Lessons & Worksheets, share suggestions, upload pictures, add new
users, ask questions when needed and use the tips and resources made available to us to help ensure our Chapters success.
Most importantly, I am excited to be a Girl Talk Chapter Advisor and am committing to this role in the hopes of positively
impacting young lives.

You and your Leaders(s) need to make a copy of your drivers license/school ID to submit with your Contracts. Please scan and
email all documents to or mail to: Girl Talk, 3490 Piedmont Rd NE Suite 1104, Atlanta, GA

Advisor Name (Printed)_____________________________________Advisor Signature___________________________________

Chapter Name_________________________________________________Date__________________________________________
Leader Name (Printed)______________________Leader Signature_____________________Grade________Date____________
2012 Girl Talk, Inc., Girl Talk, the Girl Talk logo and Desire to Inspire are trademarks of Girl Talk, Inc.

Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Getting Started and Approved (continued)

Chapter Approval Checklist


I have completed my online application to Start a Chapter


I have received an email with my Chapter Confirmation Code and I have written it in the top right corner of my
Leadership and Advisor Contracts


I have read, signed and mailed or emailed my Leader and Advisor Contracts to Girl Talk c/o Chapter Application,
3490 Piedmont Road NE, Suite 1104, Atlanta, GA 30305


I have given a signed copy of my Leader Contract to my Advisor and I have a copy of my Advisors Contract


My Advisor and I both have signed copies of our own Contracts to keep for our records


I have received an email notifying me that my Chapter has been approved and my access to
Leader Login has been activated



Leader Login
After youve completed your application to become our newest Girl Talk Chapter and
mailed or emailed your required documents, you will receive an email that your Chapter
has been approved. You and your Advisor can now access Girl Talks Leader Login
section where you will find all of the necessary materials to run your Girl Talk meetings.
Your username is your email address and your password is the password you assigned
yourself. Girl Talk cannot see your password, so if you forget your password, please click
Forgot Password so you can reset it. Once you are logged in, you will find much more
than just Chapter Resources. Here you can apply for scholarships, upload photos, ideas
or questions, read our Girl Talk Blog for inspiration and exciting event news and even
download Girl Talk graphics to create your own Chapter promotional materials! There
is a library of documents for you to use in spreading the word, soliciting support, and
organizing activities. This section is also where you will submit your Monthly Reports (no
later than the 15th of the following month). Please do not forget to do this and know that it
takes no more than five minutes.
IMPORTANT! Please know that as you add Leaders and Advisors, it is very important
that you register them as users in Leader Login. You simply login and click Add Leaders
and Advisors and follow the steps to allow your new Chapter leaders to obtain access all
of the materials. It is critical that we have their contact information so that we can share
all of Girl Talks news and opportunities with them, too.
We are always adding new materials and information, and we welcome your thoughts
and suggestions!

Leader Login on Homepage


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

leader lessons & worksheets

Girl Talk has more than 100 Lesson/Worksheets for you to choose from.
The curriculum includes topics such as gossip, bullying, body image, community service, friendship, and talking to your
parents. Each Lesson opens with a fun icebreaker, is then broken into five steps (Share, Show, Know, Grow and Go), and
concludes with a weekly challenge pertaining to that weeks topic.
The Lessons are designed to be completed in an hour and help the Leader initiate conversation and share specific
stories with the girls. Girl Talk Leaders and Advisors access these Lessons via Leader Login using their username and
password. (Leader Login View Leader Resources All Lessons & Worksheets)
Each Girl Talk Lesson has a Middle School Girl Worksheet that corresponds with each topic. The worksheets have room
for your Girl Talk Girls to take notes, write questions they may have and/or write things that you shared with them to use
later for inspiration. Encourage Girls to use a separate binder or folder to keep their worksheets in throughout the year.
Please take a close look, on the following page, at our complete list of all the Girl Talk Leader Lessons & Worksheets
which are all available for download through Leader Login once your Chapter is approved.

A real friend is one who

walks in when the rest of the
world walks out.
- Walter Winchell


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Lesson Topics
Beautiful Body Image


Dressing for Your Body Type

Material Madness
Stop Comparing Yourself
Whats the Deal with Name Brands?

Being Nice
How to Choose Good Friends
The New Girl
You Can Do It!

Being a Friend
10 Characteristics of a Friend
How to be a Good Friend
True Friends
What Being a Friend Means

Being Tech Savvy

Internet Safety
Posting Pictures
Texting & Driving

Being True to You

Being Real
Being Yourself & No One Else
Self Respect
Stand Up for What is Right
You Complete Yourself

Boys & Dating

Boyfriend Material
Dating vs. Not Dating
Myth Busters
Why Abstinence?

Downplay the Drama

Cliques & How Not to Be One
Fighting Friends
How to Handle Being Left Out
Power of the Tongue

Getting to Know You

Being a Leader
Choosing to be Kind
Family Tree: Your Ancestry
Whats Cool About Me?
Who Am I?
Who Do You Want to Be?

Girls Growing Up
Finding Your Talent
What Do I Want to Be?

Girl Talk Green

10 Ways to Go Green
Eating Organic
Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint
Protecting Your Environment

Life Lessons
Embarrassing Moments

Life Skills
Managing Your Money
Setting Goals
Social Secrets
Time Management

Avoid Avoidance
Dealing with Divorce
How to Talk to Your Parents
Open up to Your Parents
Quit Quitting


Personal Creativity
Anonymous Question Box
Being Creative
Get Organized!
Meeting New People
Uplifting Posters

Personality Traits
Becoming a Team Player
Looking at the Glass Half Full
Solution Oriented
Staying Motivated

Community Service
Getting Involved
Its Not About Me
Random Acts of Kindness
Take and Give

Self Health
Healthy Eating
Hello Hygiene!
Learning to Let Go
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Stress and How to Handle It

Serious Topics
Being Lonely
Sticky Situations
Teen Pregnancy

Teen Partying
Party Girl
The Wrong Crowd
Tough Decisions
Underage Drinking
Whats the Deal with Drugs?

Example of what Girl Talk Lessons and Worksheets look like.

This should give you an idea of how your meetings will flow.

haract er

lets talk abou

10 C



it out!
and act
le body
your who rn around and n.
you use
ors, ex
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loses si
per-Sciss back. On the co
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like R
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wins fin
This ga
ir up an
e girls pa Lady. Whoever arting:
Have th
re a ke r
e, Man
e before
either Ap te each gestur t saying ooo,
ce b
ur ches
ats the
at on yo
Man be
and the
ex your
the Man
Man - Fl tsy like a prissy , Lady beats
e Lady
Lady beats th
. Once
me, Ape
e friends ose. In
In the ga
any clos
ry cl
dnt have ey became ve
were th
and th
felt like
ol, she
er friends
away. H what a friend w
dle scho ade many new
ted mid
When Be d playing lacros , Beccas gran e didnt truly un
h grad
of her 8t and keep her sp that difficult tim
the fall
ort Becc lped her throug
to supp
ds he
until he
t them kn
introduce th
time. Le
h a hard
write wha
u throug a friend is and
ends he
ribe wha
n your fri e girls to desc
a tim
Ask th
girls of
to you.
Tell the
poster bo
oard or
what fri
a chalkb
they sa

Ape, Man, Lad

real life story


leader talk



personal ex

the issue


ch up w
self arou
end mat
be your
up forwdwiselcul your qualities of a6)friSo
you can
you need

See ho
ble whe
7) Availa
l and tru
d helpfu
1) Loya
iving an ho shares your
eone w
2) Hones g
hs with
9) Som
who laug
3) Forg
10) So
4) Enco listener
ese char
have th these qualities
5) A good
ends to
t share
nt for fri
it im
Why is
all 10
if your fri
re e m b
act out
you do
ap and
a way to
What do
could cl
up with
the girls
p come
e each
to groups ios)! Example:
somethi inary names
e girls in
ng posi
Divide th tics (not in scen
tive abou e to be used in
Girl Talk
t someo
characte creative!
ne you
you are
cheer. Be

lets talk ab


10 Charact

e r:

lets grow


others thou

gmakoea difference!

eri stics of

a Friend

e and liv
When B e the girls to
ngca st
arted m
iddle sc
the fall
of her 8t g lacrosse, sh ol, she felt like
cite the
h grade
s th
year, B made many ne e didnt have
Have th
ca and
any clos
w friends
until he
ep her
spirits up dmother pass and they beca friends. Once
her thro
ed away
ugh that She didnt tru
. Her fri e very close.
ly unde
ds were
what a
friend w e

weekly chal

Listen to
What ch hat your Girl
Talk lead
er has
tics do
you thin
k make say about bein
up a go
g a frien
od frien

personal exa



the issue sing


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Talk on


Example of what Girl Talk Lessons and Worksheets look like.

This should give you an idea of how your meetings will flow.

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Share yo
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Help de
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is week!

Girl Talk
Inc. |
rks are
Girl Talk,
ized as
to Inspir
e, and
tary to
the Girl
their re
Talk log
o are tra
e owne
rs. Repr
of Girl Ta
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itten co
nsent by


Talk on



Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Tips for Chapter Success & Sustainability

Tips From The Top

Calling all Girl Talk Leaders! Here are some key tips to make certain that everyone benefits from your Girl Talk
Chapter, and that it is around to help your younger peers for years to come (even after your graduate). We want to
provide you with all of the tools you need to ensure that you leave a lasting Girl Talk legacy.

Login to Leader Login at least once a week


See what is new (we are always adding new resources to help you)


Post ideas and suggestions to the Leader & Advisor Forum


Post Chapter pictures to inspire others


Download graphics to create your own posters, fliers, stationary, Girl Talk Leader business cards, etc.


Read Girl Talks Blog


Raise funds so your Chapter can order from Tees & More, a Girl Talk Store (30% goes to help Girl Talk grow)


Apply for scholarships

Add any new Leaders or Advisors to your Chapter (via Leader Login) so they can access everything & we
know how to communicate important Girl Talk information with them

How? Login and click Add New User and follow the steps

Update your contact information (email, mailing address, phone number, etc.) if it changes

We email reminders, news about events and new scholarship information


If your email address is not current, we have no way of getting in touch with you

Use your Anonymous Question Box


The girls are more likely to get involved if they are excited and interested in what you are talking about


One of Girl Talks lessons explains how and why to use an Anonymous Question Box. You can create a box and
leave it in a central location where girls can anonymously leave questions about things theyd like to discuss in
meetings. You will have a better understanding of the issues your girls are facing and can incorporate that into
your meetings; they will have a safe way to let you know what they need help with and how you can make Girl
Talk even more impactful for them.


Encourage young girls to share good news to celebrate others too!

Submit your Monthly Report


Be sure to include ideas for us, Leader Lessons you would like to see, what works for your
Chapter, what doesnt work, etc.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Tips for Chapter Success & Sustainability (continued)

Complete your community service hour requirements (& we encourage you to invite your middle
school girls to be a part of it too)
Promote your Chapter! The more Girls you have attending the more girls you can inspire and
positively impact

Go where the middle school girls are (post fliers in their halls, lunch, sports activities, carpool line, etc.)


Advertise to their parents; getting encouragement at home and support for making time and arrangements
to attend can be a big help

Always have an Advisor who is just as inspired as you are


You need their support!


If your Advisor doesnt seem excited about Girl Talk, we encourage you to talk with your administrators to
find a replacement or simply add another Advisor who believes in you and what you are doing.

Collect your Girls key contact information names, phone numbers, emails so you can
stay in touch

Send a weekly email reminder to the girls who attend (give them a sneak peek of next weeks meeting!)


Encourage them to invite friends (maybe even offer a prize to the Girl who brings the most new attendees)

Check your email often


Girl Talk will email you important information (not often, but when we do it is important) about events, prizes,
opportunities, scholarships, partnerships, etc.


Be prompt in responding to emails you may get from your Girls

In the spring of each year, identify the 8th graders who regularly attend Girl Talk

Let them know that you think they would be a great Girl Talk Leader next year & start training & allowing
them to shadow you (so next year, they are ready to step in)

Create a Girl Talk Blog for your Chapter, keep the Girls up to date

Blog about what you talked about in your last meeting, what is coming up, cool speakers you are
trying to bring in, etc.

Plan Girl Talk events outside of your weekly meetings (slumber parties, bowling, movie trips, etc.);
this is a great time to bond and really get to know your Girls


Section Two


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Learn to Manage and Delegate

A good leader knows how to delegate!

Get together with your team of leaders and Advisors and establish roles for each person. Come up with jobs that
need to be filled for you and your Chapter. Your Chapter will be more successful if you have clear responsibilities
and engage interested leaders in a meaningful way. For Example:

Freshman Leader(s) in charge of recruitment & events

Work to get to know middle school girls and encourage them to come, educate parents about Girl Talk at
PTA/Open Houses, charge of promoting any Girl Talk related event.

Sophomore Leader(s) in charge of communications

Email reminders, post flyers, keep track of girls email addresses/contact info, celebrate birthdays, etc.

Junior Leader(s) in charge of community service & fundraising

Help plan the community service project for the semester if middle school girls want to participate and work
with Chapter & Leaders to help raise funds for Girl Talk through Fuel for Inspiration.

Senior Leader(s) in charge of submit Monthly Reports and lead weekly lessons
Advisor in charge of refreshments

Seeks and schedules volunteers to sponsor refreshments.

If you dont have any other Leaders yet, thats okay! Think about getting some other girls you know involved in
helping you over time, and try to involve girls from other grades so that they can step into your role when you
graduate. Plenty of very successful Chapters have only one Leader at a time, and others have dozens! Do what
works for you and the Girls in your group. Get others involved as you grow, and remember that being a part of
Girl Talk is a gift to both the Girls and the Leaders dont be afraid to invite a friend to help; shell probably thank
you for it later!


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Create an Anonymous Question Box

The Anonymous Question Box is a place for Girls to voice their concerns and feelings and raise questions that they want
answered in future meetings.
The Girls can use the box for positive questions and announcements too. The Anonymous Question Box serves as a
tool/reference for Girl Talk Leaders and gives you topics to address in your weekly meetings.
Take some time before your first meeting to create an anonymous question box, or plan to do it in the meeting. Be
creative! Use markers, stickers, paper or paint to make the box fun. Feel free to post pictures of your box on the
Leader Forum on the Leader Login section of our Web site. The girls will agree on a safe place to put the question
box that will be available throughout the week, such as a teachers classroom, school library or counselors office.
The box should be checked on a weekly basis. The questions that are in the box will help serve as a starting point
for meetings.
How to Make One:
There are so many ways to create an Anonymous Question Box! Here is a picture of a Girl Talk Anonymous Question Box that a Girl Talk Leader from Georgia made. You can use a shoebox or tissue box (or any box about the size
that you would like), wrap it in wrapping paper or construction paper and then decorate it to perfection! If youd like,
download and print the Girl Talk logo and fun graphics to use to decorate.
The following are real examples of questions that have been asked through the Anonymous Question Box. These
questions can be something you use for your first few meetings until your girls feel ready and comfortable enough to
use the box.

Why do so-called friends consistently talk about

you or your other friends?
I just wanted to congratulate Amber because she
made all As and made the cheerleading team!
Why do some of my friends that hated each other
before hang out all the time now?
Why do friends make fun of you when they know
you will get upset?
What do you do if someone is being mean?
Why do girls act like they are my friend one day and
then are really mean and ignore me the next day?

Tip: Get Girl Talk graphics from the

Leader Login section on the website


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Get the Word Out

Before your first meeting, take some time to post flyers in the middle school hallways. If the middle school is a part
of the high school, you can put a flyer on each of the girls lockers. You can make your flyer from scratch or you can
design one on a computer. Either way, make sure that you have ALL the information the girls will need to attend your
first meeting (Where? When? Whats Girl Talk? Who can I call if I have a question?). You will find cool graphics and
sample fliers on the Leader Login section of our website that you can use in creating your posters. You can also
email or mail a letter to promote Girl Talk to the middle school girls and/or their parents (samples available in Leader
Log-in). Ask a teacher or counselor for help with this if you need it. The more the girls and their parents understand
what youre doing, the more support and involvement you will get. So make a splash advertising your new Chapter,
especially before the first meeting!

Prepare for the Meeting

Always prepare for your meetings in advance. You will be more

relaxed and everyone will have more fun if you put a little time into
preparing for your time with the Girls.
All Girl Talk Leaders should meet after school and read concerns expressed in the Anonymous Question Box (once
you have introduced it to the girls and they are using it; for the first meeting, pick a topic of your choice.) Leaders will
use this as a guide in choosing the weeks Lesson. Download the lesson materials you need from the Leader Login
section of the website, and plan who will lead the meeting. Every Lesson should be opened with a personal story
or experience from a Leader. Have a brief run-through of the Lesson; plan any activities and the materials you may
need for it, and confirm that you have taken care of all the details necessary around your meeting space, snacks, etc.
Leaders should leave feeling extremely prepared for their upcoming Girl Talk meeting.

Wall Posters


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Sample Meeting Schedule

Here is a sample schedule from one of our Leaders showing you how her Girl Talk meetings flow. You do not
need to follow this exactly, but it gives you an idea of an active Girl Talk Chapter. At this particular school, meetings are held from 3:15 4:15pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Sample Schedule

Girls arrive & eat snacks brought in by a different volunteer each week and socialize for


Begin Lesson for the week. Meetings open by playing a fun game known as an Icebreaker.


The Leader usually opens with a topic (usually one addressed through the Anonymous


Discuss the topic, always including the girls comments and asking them for their input.


Divide up into groups to discuss what was learned that day. A Leader is assigned to every

10 15 minutes.
This allows the girls to laugh and get excited about the days Lesson.
Question Box), and then she shares a personal story reflecting that issue.
Together everyone comes to a solution on how to handle a challenging situation. For example, if someone is spreading a rumor about should you react?
group to lead discussion. The older girls in the group are encouraged to also participate
and begin taking on a leadership role.


The Leaders give the girls a challenge for the week and the next week they are encouraged to tell their stories of how they carried out the challenge. Then girls are dismissed
until next week!


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Introduce Yourself

A Bit Of Me For My Girls To See!

Take some time to fill this out so your Girls can get to know you better. Make more than enough copies to hand out at
the first meeting. If you want to make the note a little more personal, feel free to edit it. Please be sure that you have
the easiest way to contact you included.

Hey Girls,
My name is ____________ and I am your Girl Talk Leader! We are going to have a lot of fun this year. If you need to
talk to me outside of Girl Talk, do not hesitate to contact me. I have included both my phone number and e-mail address for you to have. I cant wait to get to know you better!
Truly Inspired,
Phone Number: __________________________
E-mail Address: ___________________________
Feel free to change this note to best suit you. This is just a starting point. You can make it longer and add as much
information as you would like your Girls to know about you. If you feel inspired, please post your sample letters on the
Leader Forum in the Leader Login section of the website to share your ideas with other Girl Talk Leaders.

A Few Of Your Favorite Things

Use this form to learn about your girls or create your own form. This will help you get to know the Girls better. This
form will help you remember details and ways you can cheer a girl up, acknowledge an accomplishment or remember
a birthday. The ideas are endless!
Name: ________________________
Locker Number: __________________
Birthday: _______________________
E-mail Address: __________________
Whats Your Favorite:
Hobbies: ______________________


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Tips & Ideas for successful Chapter Meetings


Arrive early and be ready to great the girls with a smile. They are looking forward to seeing YOU!


Remember it is up to you to make your Chapter a success. We always encourage you to spice things up by
putting reminders on the girls lockers or in the halls, meeting outside, having a fun, completely interactive lesson, writing cards to people at nursing homes, making inspirational signs for the school walls or having a guest
speaker. We encourage you to have fun with it and be creative!


Make sure that your meetings allow plenty of time and encouragement for the Girls to speak up. Help to move
the conversation along by sharing your own experiences, but make sure to LISTEN when they speak and create
an environment where they feel safe to do so. One way to do this is to make sure the Girls understand one of the
most important rules of Girl Talk: What is said at Girl Talk stays at Girl Talk.


Have your leaders spread out and sit in different parts of the circle or group when you are talking about a Lesson
or topic. It can be intimidating to the Girls for all the leaders to sit or stand in the front.

Birthday Calendar
This is a very fun activity! This is a huge wall calendar made by Girl Talk Leaders. Supplies needed are paper, glitter,
glue, tape and markers. Have the calendar up and ready to write on when the Girls came in for their first meeting, and
have the Girls write their birthdays on the calendar. Every month, a different mom brings a cake to a meeting, and
everyone sings Happy Birthday to all of the Middle School Girls that have a birthday that month. (This is just an idea
that you might like to try! It really makes the Girls feel special.)

Wall Posters
Wall posters are something fun that you can do with the girls right before a break, during exams, or at a time when
things at school are getting hectic. All you need is some posterboard, markers, and a list of inspirational quotes. You
can pull quotes from the internet, books, song lyrics, and even various Girl Talk material! You can give them quotes
you have selected or let them pick quotes that they like. Help the girls with their posters, or make some yourself with
other Leaders. When the posters are done, hang them in places where they will inspire others. Take lots of pictures
and send them our way!

Be Creative
Part of what makes Girl Talk a success is that Leaders try to make everything as fun as possible for the Girls that are
involved. There are so many different ways that you, as a Leader, can make the Girls in your Chapter want to come
to Girl Talk every week. You can do something as simple as making flyers or attending one of their sports activities to
show you care. You are the key to the success of your Girl Talk Chapter. Remember that you should not feel limited
to these activities; they are merely a starting point. If you find activities that work and you would like us to know about
them, please inspire other Chapters by posting your ideas in Leader Login.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Get Involved in Your Community!

Each Leader is required to complete 10 hours of community service each semester. We encourage you to share this with
your Girls and make community service a part of your Chapter activities.

You can complete your community service hours on an individual basis, Girl Talk Leaders can do a project together,
or you can get your whole Chapter involved. Whatever you do, dont forget to talk about your experience as a
volunteer in your next Chapter meeting. Your Girls will be so inspired!
Be sure to turn in your hours to your Chapter Advisor; wed also love for you to post your pictures on the Leader
Login page at We would love to see all that you are doing to make a positive impact on your

Report Back to Us
The Girl Talk Monthly Report is easy to fill out and gives Girl Talk a way to stay informed about how great your Chapter
is doing!
All reports are due by the 15th of the following month Leader Login Submit my Monthly Report
This is one of your Leader Requirements and if not submitted on time and regularly, you will not be eligible for Girl
Talk Scholarships.

*Tip: Because Girl Talk is free, we need your help to keep it growing. Learn more about how you can help Girl Talk by
getting your community service hours sponsored through our Girl Talk Gives Back campaign. Read more in Leader Login!


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Never, never, never give up.

-Winston Churchill


Section Three

Get to Know
Girl Talk

Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Girl Talk Glossary of Terms

Learn the Girl Talk lingoso you are always in the know!

Girl Talk Leader:

A Leader is any high school girl in grades 9-12 who has completed the Chapter

Application Process and whose local Girl Talk Chapter has been approved. A Girl Talk Leader hosts weekly Girl Talk
meetings for one hour and uses her own creativity, as well as Girl Talk resources, to be an effective mentor to middle
school girls. She must also complete 10 hours of community service outside of Girl Talk each semester to be eligible
for Girl Talk Scholarships.

Girl Talk Advisor:

An adult female who is committed to supporting Girl Talk Leaders by being present at

all Girl Talk events, helping to coordinate when needed and encouraging her Leaders. A Girl Talk Adult Advisor also
holds the Leaders accountable the Girl Talk Leader Contract and community service requirements.

Girl Talk Girl:

Leadership Contract:

A middle school girl who attends Girl Talk each week.

A contract that is signed by all Girl Talk Leaders before their Chapter can be

approved. The contract is a document that shows their level of commitment to bettering the lives of middle school
girls in their community, as well as holding each Leader accountable to high standards that are fit for a role model.
Each Leader is required to send a signed copy to Girl Talk along with a copy of a photo ID.

Advisor Contract:

A contract that is signed by all Girl Talk Adult Advisors before their Chapter can be

approved. The contract is a document that shows their level of commitment to Girl Talk and to supporting their Girl
Talk Leader(s). In addition to supporting Girl Talk, the Advisor agrees that she has not been convicted of a felony and
has the girls best interest at heart. Each Advisor is required to send a signed copy to Girl Talk along with a copy of a
photo ID.

Leader Login:

This section of the Girl Talk website is for approved Chapters Girl Talk Leaders and Advisors

only. This site can be accessed by clicking Leader Login on the pink buttons on the right side of every page on
our website.
Through our Leader Login section, Leaders and Advisors access and download their weekly Leader Lessons and
Worksheets, apply for scholarships, post ideas and ask questions with other Girl Talk Chapters across the country.
Girls can also upload Chapter photos, submit their Monthly Reports and download Girl Talk graphics to design their
own flyers, stationery, Girl Talk Leader business cards, t-shirts, etc. Girl Talk is able to operate cost efficiently because
all of our materials and resources are downloadable online.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Girl Talk Glossary of Terms (continued)

Leader Lessons:

Girl Talk has more than 100 Lessons for our Leaders to choose from. The Lessons

include topics such as Gossip, Community Service, Being Nice, Healthy Eating, etc. Each Lesson opens with a
fun icebreaker and is then broken into five steps (Share, Show, Know, Grow and Go) and concludes with a weekly
challenge pertaining to that weeks Lesson. The Lessons are designed to be completed in an hour and help the
Leader initiate conversation and share specific stories with the girls. Girl Talk Leaders and Advisors access these
Lessons via Leader Login using their username and password. (Leader Login View Leader Resources All
Lessons & Worksheets)

Lesson Worksheets:

Each Girl Talk Lesson has a Middle School Girl Worksheet that corresponds with

each topic. The worksheets have room for your Girl Talk Girls to take notes, write questions they may have and/or
write things that you shared with them to use later for inspiration. Encourage your Girls to use a separate binder or
folder to keep their worksheets in. (Leader Login View Leader Resources All Lessons and Worksheets)

*Tip: Maybe offer a special surprise to the Girl who has the most worksheets at the end of the year.
This will help them stay organized, encourage regular attendance and also inspire them to reference
their worksheets in times of need.

Girl Talk Complete Curriculum Book:

Girl Talks 250 page Curriculum Book comes complete

with all of our Leader Lessons and corresponding Worksheets. The book is high quality, printed in color, tabbed and
bound. Through rapid growth in various school systems, we found that some school districts would rather purchase a
tangible book instead of downloading the Lessons each week. Each book is $450 and is tax deductible. To purchase
our complete Curriculum Book, please click Have a Question? Contact Us at the bottom right hand corner of our
Web site and include how many books you need, your shipping address and method of payment (check or credit
card). After payment is received, someone will contact you within 72 hours to confirm shipment. Please note that all of
these resources are available online at no cost.

Girl Talk Handbook:

The Girl Talk handbook is a guide for Girl Talk Leaders on how to start a Chapter

in her community. It explains the level of commitment necessary, and how to create and run a successful Chapter.
We encourage the girls to print the Girl Talk Handbook from their computers. A high quality, color copy, bound version
is available for purchase at $75 each. The purchase is tax deductible and can be purchased by clicking Have a
Question? Contact Us at the bottom right hand corner of our Web site and include how many handbooks you need,
your shipping address and method of payment (check or credit card). After payment is received, someone will contact
you within 72 hours to confirm shipment. Please note that the Handbook is available online at no cost.

Start A Chapter:

If you are interested in starting a Girl Talk Chapter in your community you should

encourage a high school girl to become a Girl Talk Leader. She then would log on to our website and follow the
instructions for starting a Girl Talk Chapter. You can help by downloading and printing the Girl Talk Handbook for her
to gain a clear understanding of what being a part of Girl Talk is all about.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Girl Talk Glossary of Terms (continued)

In the News:

This is the section where we get to fill you in on any recent television shows, newspaper articles,

or magazine articles that Girl Talk is featured in. Make sure to check it out. You can watch clips of our Today Show
Appearance, CNN, CosmoGirl! Magazine, etc.

Girl Talk Toolbox:

This section allows the public to view the Girl Talk

Handbook, Informative PowerPoint Presentation, a sample Leader Lesson, and the

Leader and Advisor Contract. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as
you need to inspire you to Start a Chapter in your community.

Girl Talk Family:

These are Girl Talk Leaders, Girl Talk Girls and Girl Talk


Girl Talk Store:

Girl Talk Girls and Leaders everywhere wanted product

with Girl Talks logo and graphics on it. Your requests were heard and we are proud to have a store where you can
purchase all things Girl Talk! The best part is that 30% of all sales go back to Girl Talk. So have fun shopping and
while you do, know that you are making a difference in the lives of young girls all over the country.

Project Inside Out:

Girl Talk hosts a week long summer day camp for middle school girls (Girl Talk

Leaders serve as Counselors to complete community service hour requirements) in select cities. Project Inside Out
is open to any middle school girl (doesnt have to attend Girl Talk) and focuses on leadership, positive self-image and
community service. The girls listen to key-note speakers and attend three Impact Sessions each day, which are
led by high school girls who focus on topics related to the mission of the camp. Girl Talk can bring the camp to your
community with a commitment of a minimum of 50 girls and donated space. To learn more about the camp, please
click Have a Question? Contact Us and leave your contact information, noting that it pertains to Project Inside Out.
Someone will contact you within 72 hours.



Girl Talk Handbook | Section Three

Time Out for Testimonials

Girl Talk is Buzzing...

W.T. Henry, Headmaster, Deerfield-Windsor School
In my 45 years of educational leadership, I have not witnessed a more productive activity for middle
school girls. I only wish that all of the girls at the age level across the country could have the privilege of a
similar experience.

Kara Friedman, MS, EdS, NCC, LPS, Girl Talk Advisor & Advisory Board Member
Girl Talk has proven itself to be a highly effective program with both our Middle and Upper School girls.
It provides the older girls with a positive and organized way to be leaders while providing the younger
girls with tools to help them grow into healthy independent woman. There is no doubt in my mind that our
students will look back and remember the advice they were given and experiences they had with their Girl
Talk leaders and peers. It is a powerful, fun, and exciting addition to our school day!

meredith head, Girl Talk Leader & Teen Advisory Board Member
I am a Girl Talk Leader and have been for the past two years. Middle school was so hard for me and
when I heard about Girl Talk, I instantly knew I could give back and help middle school girls not go
through what I did. What I didnt know was that being a Girl Talk Leader would open so many doors for
me as a community leader. I love being greeted with hugs by middle school girls I see around town, but
most importantly I am proud of the difference this program has allowed me to make in my community. I
am truly a better person because of it and look forward to this school year and becoming even better. Let
me know if I can help any new Leaders. Thank you Girl Talk!

collins, Girl Talk Girl

Its easy for girls to judge you by what you wear and what you look like, but because of Girl Talk I have
learned to see through their misconceptions.

stevi perry, Miss Teen U.S.A. 2008

Girl Talk is a support system for young girls. The program helps girls find strength and courage within
themselves, which is so important to their self esteem during the teenage years. Even as Miss Teen USA,
the times I have volunteered and worked with various Chapters, I have walked out feeling empowered!
Keep up the good work.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Three

Kelli Ritter, PH.D. & Girl Talk Advisory Board Member

Honestly I was so impressed with Haley as the founder of Girl Talk that I wanted to learn more about the
organization and certainly see how I might help. There are several reasons I believe in Girl Talk and the
mission of helping young girls. First of all, I was once a young girl in middle school and I remember how
difficult those years were. Personally and professionally I recognize the challenges of the pre-teen and
early teen years and Girl Talk makes a difference by allowing girls to explore key issues and build skills
around a healthy respect for self and others, interpersonal relationships, effective communication, as
well as some of the specific concerns the girls might have. One of the more impressive aspects of Girl
Talk is the safe environment for the exploration and skill building. And even more importantly in an
environment in which these young girls thrive a group setting with high school girls mentoring the
younger girlsthis model is the most developmentally appropriate and effective model for interacting
with this particular age group.

betty siegel, Founder, Siegel Institute For Leadership, Kennesaw State University
Your work in establishing a mentoring program for middle school girls is an inspiration to other young
women who want to make a difference in their school and community.

chad michael murray, Actor

Girl Talk makes a difference in a young girls life everyday- I wish I would have had Guy Talk when I was
growing up.

chandra czape Turner,

Former Executive Editor Cosmogirl Magazine & Current Executive Editor for Parents Magazine
CosmoGIRL! honored Haley Kilpatrick with the CosmoGIRL! of the Year Scholarship last year for her
creative and thoughtful idea to start a mentoring program for middle school girls. Haley is doing on a
grass-roots level what CosmoGIRL! does on a national level; she helps teen girls feel more comfortable in
their own skin.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Three

robert johnston, Girl Talk Dad

I am amazed at the success of Girl Talk. Dads are unaware of what their daughters go through, and a
lot of dads who hear the issues dont take them seriously. The impact girls have on other girls really puts
things into perspective.

jackie, Girl Talk Girl, 7th Grade

Girl Talk has taught me that I am someone special.

Mia, Girl Talk Girl, 8th Grade

Our sixth grade class was the worst the school had ever seen! Through Girl Talk we changed that.

caleigh, Girl Talk Leader, 10th Grade

Girl Talk teaches you to respect everyone and T.H.I.N.K before you talk. I have also learned that you
need to treat people with kindness and respect.

Maureen, Parent Of A Girl Talk Leader

I think for girls to know that they are not alone in this and to help each other through it is such
a wonderful thing.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Three

mary catherine kinney,

Girl Talk Leader (4 Yrs) & 2006 National Leader Of The Year
Do you remember your middle school years? I certainly do. My experience was full of uncertainty about who I was
and what I stood for. I strove to be a Leader, but when no one else agreed with me, my efforts fell to the wayside, and
I followed the crowd. The crowd that I followed was the popular one. I cant tell you how many times I tried to nudge
into the tight knit circle formed at break to be a part of the daily gossip. Gossiping went against everything I wanted to
be, but I felt to be included it was necessary.
Once I entered high school, I finally found out who I was. I am Mary Catherine, a strong, independent leader who
doesnt need the popular girls approval to succeed. I started mentoring through Girl Talk and found that I was not
the only one who experienced this in middle school. From mentoring young girls through their middle school years,
my life has been enriched. I have found and a sense of accomplishment in seeing the cruel cycle of middle school
change. Girls are finally standing up for themselves and carving out their own path, one tat others will follow in the
future. Not only do the girls benefit from Girl Talk but the Leaders do as well.
From being a Leader, I have developed essential skills that have spilled over into other aspects of my life. Selflessness and generosity become a way of life for Leaders and that positive spirit shapes the girls attitudes. Being a
Leader requires dedication to the high expectations placed before you. Whether you realize it or not, the girls you
mentor are religiously watching and following your footsteps because you represent a woman they wish to become.
Leading Girl Talk requires dedication that is immensely rewarding because you help transform lives.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Three

Kerry Grogin,
2009 Co-National Leader of the Year
At the end of my sophomore year in high-school, I started
drifting away from good friends and good decisions. Instead
of saying No to peer-pressure, I gave into it. By the end of my junior
year, I was on the verge of being kicked out of my high school. During the summer, I did some serious soul-searching and found myself.
I decided to devote my senior year to a project that helped young girls
avoid peer-pressure and bad-decision making. After a couple of weeks
of researching different organizations, I found Girl Talk and saw that it
was exactly what I was looking for! I contacted different administrators
in my school and proposed my ideas. After several meetings during the
summer, my Academic Dean and Non-Academic Administrator agreed
to incorporate Girl Talk into Westminster. Over the next two months, I
diligently prepared for the coming school year.
Although some students and teachers were unsure if my change was
genuine, I have proved to them and to myself that people can change
and make a difference. The Westminster Academy Chapter includes all
112 middle school girls and 35 high school Leaders. Over the course of
the school year, I have planned and participated in several community
service projects. In October, I helped plan The Walk for Life 2008, a
fundraiser and walk-a-thon aimed at preventing abortions and promoting life. In November of 2008, I found a wonderful organization Called
Broward Childrens Center, a home for mentally and physically challenged children and teenagers. Since November, our Girl Talk Leaders
and I have volunteered on a weekly basis at the center, playing and
working with the kids. In December, I organized a gift drive for the Childrens Center. We collected several boxes of toys and games. Some
of the Girl Talk Girls and I went to the Childrens Center and handed
out the gifts. We spent hours playing with the kids and their new toys!
In April, my Advisors, several Girl Talk Leaders and I planned a special
slumber party for all the middle school girls. It was a fun-filled night with
dancing and games.
Girl Talk has changed my life in so many ways. It has been a great
outlet for me and I have every intention of working with Girl Talk in the
years to come. I told myself when I started my Chapter, if I could help
one girl avoid the mistakes I made when I was younger, everything I
went through would be worth it. My dreams have come true this year
and I am so thankful for the continued encouragement and opportunities Girl Talk has provided me with.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Three

Ariel Henley,
2009 Co-National Leader of the Year
I was inspired to start a Girl Talk Chapter after seeing all of the tragedy at my school. There were girls getting pregnant, girls in clinics for eating disorders, girls addicted to drugs or alcohol and even one girl who committed suicide,
because of her personal body image.
Growing up with Crouzon Syndrome, a rare, life threatening disease where the bones in the head dont grow, I was
well aware of the struggles and cruelty kids at the middle and high school level displayed. I knew what these girls
were going through, but it still upset me and I felt helpless. These were girls I knew, girls I had been friends with. I
knew I had to be different, and not let them bring me down.
Through starting and leading a Girl Talk Chapter, I have grown as a person and truly become a better person. I am
much wiser, independent and have developed leadership skills. Throughout this experience, I have learned that if you
want something to change, YOU have to do it. If you wait around for things just to become different over night, youre
wasting time. Change starts with one person, and I have realized that person can be me.
I now know that anything is possible, and Girl Talk has shown me that. I always thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but
after becoming a Girl Talk Leader, I have discovered that my passion is working with students in middle school. I am
now planning to go to school to become an 8th grade middle school English and history teacher. I plan to start more
Chapters of Girl Talk while I am away at school, and even when I begin working as a teacher. Girl Talk has changed
my life, and I want to help so that it changes other girls lives as well.



Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Frequently asked questions

What Is Girl Talk?

Girl Talk is a nationally recognized peer-to-peer mentoring program that pairs middle school girls with high school
girls who serve as mentors. The concept of Girl Talk was developed in the fall of 2002 by Haley Kilpatrick, Girl
Talks Founder & Executive Director. At the age of fifteen, she began brainstorming ideas for an organization that
could help middle school girls with the daily triumphs and trials of being a young teen. She wanted to make a
difference. Seeing her young sister go through the same troubles she went through in middle school motivated her
to find a solution.
Girl Talk is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Girl Talks Web site is

What Is Girl Talks Mission?

We exist to help young teenage girls build
self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and
recognize the value of community service.

What Programs Does Girl

Talk Offer?
Girl Talk creates and supports Girl Talk
Chapters, unique peer-to-peer mentoring
programs that pair middle school girls with
high school girls who serve as mentors. Girl Talk
helps middle school girls build self-esteem through
positive weekly meetings, learn the importance of
community service, and, most importantly, benefit
from a valuable relationship with a high school Girl Talk
Leader. The organization provides an extensive curriculum
of lessons and activities on topics relevant to middle school
girls (bullying, body image, friendship, parents, etc.) that serve
as a guide for discussion and interaction at the weekly meetings.
These materials are provided at no cost and are available online
once a Chapter has been approved.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section Two

Frequently Asked Questions (continued)

Why The Need For Girl Talk?

Research consistently demonstrates that mentoring directly and positively affects youth. A study conducted by the
research organization Public/Private Ventures found the following benefits of mentoring: Girls are 46% less likely to
begin using illegal drugs, 27% less likely to begin using alcohol, 52% less likely to skip school, are more confident
in their academic performance, and get along better with their families. Girl Talk believes that middle school girls will
grow and learn from one another through our positive weekly lessons.

How Much Does Girl Talk Cost?

Girl Talk is absolutely FREE. There are no dues or membership fees. The only cost is your time.

Who Can Start A Girl Talk Chapter?

Girl Talk Chapters can be started by any passionate and motivated high school girl who wishes to develop a
mentoring relationship with middle school girls.

What Makes Girl Talk Different From Other Organizations?

Unlike typical mentoring relationships where an adult serves as a mentor, Girl Talks unique program empowers
high school girls to be mentors to younger middle school girls. Peer-to-peer mentoring is proven effective because
students are better able to relate to one another.

How Do I Purchase A Girl Talk Curriculum Book?

The entire Girl Talk Curriculum book is available for purchase for $450. Please visit Talk
Resources/Girl Talk Store for more information on how to purchase the curriculum book. The book is available for
download free under Leader Resources on the Leader Login section of the Web site.


Girl Talk Handbook | Section One

Girl Talk Scholarships

Girl Talk is fortunate to have thousands of dedicated high school Leaders around the
country who are making a difference in the lives of countless middle school girls every
day. Girl Talks success is because of Leaders like you. To recognize you, Girl Talk has
created the National Girl Talk Leader of the Year Award, given in honor of our Founding
Sponsor, the Bell Family Foundation. This award is given each spring to the Girl Talk
Leader who best exemplifies the mission and values of Girl Talk.

Must be a 12th Grade (senior) Girl Talk Leader
Must be a Leader who has been involved in her community through service projects
and run a successful Chapter that will continue to grow because of her leadership.

Leaders Will Need To Submit:

Leaders Will Need To Submit:
1. Scholarship Application

Available on the Leader Login section of our Web site. Log in and click Awards/

Scholarships to apply.

2. One Letter of Recommendation

This can be from a fellow Leader, Girl Talk Advisor, teacher, counselor, social worker,

school administrator, community leader, a middle school girl or parent (whose life you

have impacted through Girl Talk).

3. Three Chapter Photos

This can be of you in action, doing community service with your other Leaders/Advi

sors or even a group picture of your Chapter. Inspire creative!

All applications must be submitted by March 15th to be considered. Dont miss out on getting your hard work as a Girl Talk Leader recognized!
Be sure to check out our site frequently because we are always working on additional
scholarships to honor amazing Girl Talk Leaders.


Notes & Inspiration

Notes & Inspiration

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