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This chapter deals with the methods and techniques of the study, research
instrument, data gathering procedure, and the data processing and statistical instrument of
Methods and Techniques of the Study
Data collected was primary through a well-defined questionnaire. These variables
were recognized and response from Barangay Bintog, Plaridel, Bulacan was clear and
understandable. The descriptive correlation method was used in this study.
The researcher have used the descriptive research method where in the study is
focused on present situations. The purpose is to find the new truth, which may come in
different forms such as insights into factors, and more accurate formulation of the
problem to be solved and many others.
Since this study measured data that already exist and the number of respondents is
not large, the descriptive-correlation method of studies is best suited.
Population of the Study
The population of this study is composed of 50 high school students and 50 stay
at home fathers of Barangay Bintog, Plaridel, Bulacan.
Research Instrument

Descriptive method, it may be said as the fact finding with adequate

interpretation. It is something more and beyond data-gathering. Descriptive research, also
known as statistical research, describes data and characteristics about the population or
phenomenon being studied. There are three main types of descriptive methods:
observational methods, case-study methods and survey methods.

The researcher used one instrument in the investigation as follows: a questionnaire for the
The survey asks for names or any identifying information. We informed the
students to answer the questions based on their understanding. It is consisted of 55
questions that will be rate 5-1, as 5 being the highest. Questions were based as the answer
in our specific problem.
Data Gathering Procedure
The general title proposed by the researchers was checked, revised and rechecked
by the researcher's adviser to maintain conformity on the subject of research. The first
step was to ask the permission from the principal to conduct the survey. The
questionnaire was distributed to the respondents after securing the permit. Copies of the
approved questionnaire were distributed in order to gather the relevant data.
After data gathering, the researcher now collected it for tallying the scores and to
apply the statistical treatment to be used with study
Data Processing and Statistical Treatment

Statistical analysis was performed using correlation analysis and descriptive

statistics. Every answer in the instrument will be counted and will get the weighted mean
in each number. The data gathered from the respondents was carefully analyzed and
evaluated by the researcher. The researchers conducted a careful distribution of the
survey questionnaires.


Verbal Interpretation


Strongly Agree
Moderately Agree
Strongly Disagree

Notes in Chapter III

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