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Having the privilege to serve for his last term, Councilor Pastor Ross
Resuello, has taken advantage of every chance to formulate ordinances and
craft resolutions that will not only give great benefit to the people today, but
will tremendously impact Tuguegarao City in the future.
Through the nine years of service as City Councilor, his passion to give
the BEST service to the people of Tuguegarao City, fuelled by his unending
desire to serve God and country, led him to his the BEST advocacy that guide
him in every endeavour he took.


SOCIAL SERVICES for the needy
TRANSFORMATION through faith in God
For his last three years as City Councilor, Pastor Ross, more than ever,
exerted his full efforts to deliver his BEST services for the Tuguegaraoenos.


In his capacity as the Chairman for the Committee on Trade,
Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, Hon. Resuello principally authored
two significant Ordinances regarding trade and industry.
City Ordinance 04-2014 otherwise known as the Tuguegarao City
Investments and Incentives Code of 2014 gave much needed services
and incentives to private enterprises to attract new investments, encourage
investment expansions and modernization projects of environmentally safe
industries and spur sustainable development in the City. This Ordinance
strengthened the economic potential of Tuguegarao City through the creation
of employment, promotion of consumer interest and transfer of relevant
technologies in agriculture, natural resources, eco-tourism, trade, industry
and services.
The passage City Ordinance No. 01- 2015, otherwise known as The
Barangay Micro Business Enterprises Ordinance, bolstered the Citys
commitment to hasten economic development by encouraging the formation
and growth of barangay micro business enterprises which effectively serve
as seedbeds of Filipino entrepreneurial talents, and integrating those in the
informal sector with the mainstream economy. The support given to these
barangay micro business enterprises will give more jobs and livelihood that
would alleviate poverty and bring better quality of life for Tuguegaraoenos.
Hon. Resuello also spearheaded Livelihood Development Seminars
in nine different schools in the City under the Jumpstarting Progress
thru SMEs (JPS Caravan) in coordination with the Tuguegarao Livelihood
Development Office, Lighthouse Cooperative, DOLE RO2 and DTI- Cagayan.
This encouraged entrepreneurship among parents of public elementary
schools and provided easier access to skills training.

The Chairman for the Committee on Trade, Industry and Cooperatives

was also assigned to be the Chairman of Pavvurulun Trade Fair 2013 which
included a trade fair with different exhibitors from around the country,
Livelihood Techno- Demo Seminar for aspiring businessmen and Variety
Shows sponsored by various Colleges and Universities in the City.
In the upcoming Paskuhan Trade Fair 2015, Hon. Resuello was once
again assigned to be the chairman. The Paskuhan Trade Fair will be held at
the Cathedral Grounds which will feature 30 exhibitors.
At the latter part of this year, Hon. Resuello passed two Ordinances
creating new positions for the City Investments and Promotions Office (City
Ord. 13- 2015) and additional positions for the Tuguegarao City Technology
and Livelihood Development Office (City Ord. 15-2015). This expansion in the
said offices will create a great economic impact in the City as it extends the
services given to future investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.



The annual school supplies distribution to barangay day care centers

and public elementary schools project since 2001 continued to be one of
Councilor Resuellos main advocacy. Coined as the Handog sa Mag-aaral
Project, the free haircut, values formation talk, feeding program and
distribution of slippers to select students and distribution of basic school
supplies not only helped the pupils who are in need but inspired recipients to
continually strive to study for the future and maintain the values of
faith, excellence and obedience.
Ordinance No. 02- 2013 also known as the Student Financial
Assistance (SFAP) Ordinance authored by Hon. Resuello, expanded the
scholarship program of Tuguegarao City. This gave 200 poor but deserving
students of Tuguegarao 3,000 Php per semester.
As president of the Parents-Teachers Association Federation in
Tuguegarao, Coun. Resuello also initiated the conduct of bloodletting
activities in coordination with the Regional Blood Bank and was able to
collect around 80 bags.
Hon. Resuello also actively mobilizes volunteers to help in the annual
Brigada Eskwela Project of the Department of Education. In fact, he
proposed an Ordinance institutionalizing the adopt-a-school of the
Department of Education. The proposed Ordinance encourages various
sectors of the society such as business sector, socio- civic organizations,
religious organizations, foreign volunteer organizations and government
agencies to adopt an elementary or secondary public school in the
City and provide assistance in the cleaning up, beautification,
upgrading and modernization of the public school.
Councilor Resuello also passed Resolutions of Commendation and
Appreciation to schools and residents of Tuguegarao who brought home
awards and distinction in the field of academics that gave honor and pride to
the City worthy of emulation by the youth.

c. SOCIAL SERVICES for the needy

Hon. Resuellos commitment to give a helping hand to those who are in
need, especially to the poor and marginalized, is evident in the programs and
projects he initiated throughout the years. Not to mention the weekly pile of
solicitation letters for financial assistance from the constituents.
The Mata-Linaw Project which gave free reading glasses to identified
residents has expanded to the other municipalities within the district. To
date, around 3000 beneficiaries are enjoying the free anchohos given by
Hon. Resuello.
Hon. Resuello is also a member of the Regional Advisory Council (RAC)
and Provincial Advisory Council (PAC) of the PNP. The PAC and RAC is vital in
assisting the PNP in their project execution and policy formulation.
Pending in the Committee Level of the 6th City Council is a proposed
Ordinance requiring motorcycle owners and users to secure their
parked motorcycles with a security chainlock. Coun. Resuello saw that
there is a need to prevent the notable number of motorcycle theft in the City.
And one way to dissuade thieves to commit crimes is by requiring
motorcycle owners to take some appropriate precautions and use
good quality security products, such as Chainlocks, will help lower
motorcycle theft.
During typhoon Lando, Coun. Resuello actively led the volunteers
in the packing and distribution of relief goods. He also initiated feeding
programs to the families who were devastated by the floods.
In 2014, Hon. Resuello in partnership with Lighthouse Cooperative
donated a water pump to Brgy. San Gabriel for faster and easier flood
management. Through the Rotary Club of Tuguegarao Citadel, Coun. Resuello
dispersed swines to select residents of Brgy. Capatan. This helped recipients
to start their own livelihood for their families.
His heart for service and volunteerism also led him to the creation of
City Ordinance No. 04- 2015 also known as the Volunteer Ordinance of
Tuguegarao City. This Ordinance promotes the participation of the various
sectors of the Filipino society in public and civic affairs and strengthen the
practice of volunteerism as a strategy in order to attain inclusive
development, cooperation and understanding. Hon. Resuello believes that
the inculcation of volunteerism as a way of life shall rekindle in
every Tuguegaraoeno the time-honored tradition of bayanihan to
foster social justice, solidarity and sustainable development.


TRANSFORMATION through Faith in God

As Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship Tuguegarao for 25

years, Pastor Ross acknowledges God as the center of everything and aims
to honor God with every endeavour he took. He believes that it is not our

physical nor mental capabilities that will lead us to our long desired change,
but our genuine faith in God that will give us transformation and revival in
the City.
His vision for Tuguegarao to be a God fearing City gave birth to City
Ordinance No. 04- 2013 also known as the Character City Ordinance of
Tuguegarao City. This Ordinance declared Tuguegarao City as a City of
Character and is pointed towards building a society where people are honest,
trustworthy, sensitive, caring, responsible, ethical, fair, respectful, polite,
friendly and God-fearing.
The Tuguegarao City Character Program starts with three basic values,
namely: Pammakatalo ta Diyos (Faith in God), Pangaya ta Kisattolay (Love of
Fellowen) and Anguffun ta Makaf (generous help to weak and the forgotten).
These three basic human values is given primordial importance in that the
law mandates it to be emphasized, developed and enhanced.
The Character City Program has been a landmark program for
the City. Various Civil Society Organizations, members of the academe,
Religious Organizations, TODAs and Barangay Workers have been actively
participating in the implementation of the Character City Program.
To maintain sustainability of the program, tarpaulins that highlight the
Character Trait of the month are distributed to Public Elementary and High
Schools, various National Government Agencies and Barangay Halls to
remind the constituents of the different values that we should put into heart.
The Every Nation Campus, the youth arm of Victory Christian
Fellowship Tuguegarao, also conducts Life Classes in Cattagaman
National High School and Linao National High School.
Volunteers and Church Staff led by Pastor Ross, coaches the students about
the values of Leadership, Integrity Faith and Excellence.
Now, Hon. Pastor Ross Resuello not only shares his BEST services to
the people of Tuguegarao but has also extended his full efforts to the Third
District of Cagayan. His desire to serve God and country led him to the
decision to offer himself for a higher position.
The ever energetic and workaholic Big Man of Tuguegarao is always
optimistic as he accepts a higher position of public service. With his humble
achievements and landmark legislations as City Councilor, he is ready and
will always continue to push for the BEST for the province of Cagayan.