2008–2009 biennial Rep oRt

MiSSion oF tHe UniteD boaRD
The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia works to support a Christian presence in colleges and universities in Asia.

aboUt US
Founded in 1922, the United Board is a Christian organization that works through higher education institutions in Asia to express values such as justice, reconciliation and harmony between ethnic and religious communities, gender equity, care for the environment, and civil society. The United Board operates as both a programmatic and grantmaking organization and works in partnership with institutions of higher education across Asia.

This report marks a turning point for the United Board. Eight years ago, we opened a Hong Kong office in order to fully engage in challenges facing higher education in Asia. This base enabled us to expand our professional contacts and develop strong working relationships with universities and colleges across the region. It deepened our understanding of key issues confronting Asian educators and helped us identify countries and regions that particularly need support. As a result, the United Board’s Asia-wide network is stronger and more vital than ever. Our programs have been initiated and located in Asia, but going forward, they will be led by partner institutions in Asia in cooperation with the United Board. Programs will be pan-Asian, based at institutions in the region and driven by on-site experts. A brief introduction to our three new program initiatives — Environment, Inter-Religious Understanding and PeaceBuilding, and Local Knowledge — can be found on the next page. We could not have reached this new phase without the relationships developed through our signature programs, such as the United Board Fellows, Asian University Leaders, Regional Faculty Scholars and others featured in this report. These programs will continue to be a vital part of our work. We invite you to read comments from alumni, which vividly illustrate the tangible, lasting impacts of their experiences with the United Board. The highlights of two busy program years, described in these pages, show how the United Board and its partners continue to be important voices in Asia for the value of combining academic, moral and ethical training. We are grateful for your continuing support of these efforts.

Ching-mai Wu Chair, Board of Trustees

Patricia Stranahan President

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United Board initiatives are driven by our partner institutions across Asia. We currently support three pan-Asian initiatives — Environment, Inter-Religious Understanding and Peace-Building, and Local Knowledge — through our grant-making, fellowship programs and fundraising efforts. These initiatives build on the United Board’s rich tradition of educational capacity building and collaborative partnerships. which they are based. The Initiative’s coastal component addresses issues of sustainability, while its land component focuses on the interaction between environment and health. history and culture. The goal is to develop a sustainable network of institutions and scholars that can facilitate cooperation and continuing dialogue about religious traditions and community.

ENVIRONMENT The Environment Initiative uses the transformative power of education to develop the enhanced knowledge, values, attitudes, commitment and skills required to protect and improve the environment in Asia. Through support for environmental advocacy, it also strengthens connections between academic institutions and the communities in
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INTER-RELIgIOUS UNDERSTANDINg AND PEACE-BUILDINg The Inter-Religious Understanding and PeaceBuilding Initiative supports projects that build a shared understanding of the region’s religious traditions and respectfully consider differences within a substantive context of

In developing its initiatives, the United Board seeks the input of specialists at its partner institutions across Asia.

LOCAL KNOwLEDgE The rapid pace of globalization makes preservation of local knowledge — everything from local dialects and music to knowledge of medicinal plants — all the more urgent. The goal of the Local Knowledge Initiative is to provide Asia’s researchers, faculty and librarians with training and models that will enable them to make greater use of available digital tools to document, preserve and share disappearing cultural traditions.

The Environment Initiative uses the transformative power of education to improve and protect the environment in Asia.

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F A C U LT Y & L E A D E R S H I P D E V E L O P M E N T
United Board Fellows Program
Mid-level faculty and administrators at Asian institutions gain new skills, fresh perspectives and increased confidence through the United Board Fellows Program. The program helps prepare Fellows for leadership positions at their home institutions, through short-term placements that expose them to ways that other universities and colleges manage similar issues. Over the two-year program cycle, Fellows participate in two placements of four months each at universities in the United States, Asia and Australia. With the support of a mentor at each host institution, the Fellow participates in campus life and learns how peers put leadership concepts into practice. Particular focus is given to the positions and responsibilities that the Fellow is expected to fill eventually at the home institution. The individual builds a valuable network of contacts with colleagues at host institutions and with other Fellows.
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“Earlier I would wait for opportunities to come my way; now I try to create opportunities for my students.”
— United Board Fellow Lilian Jasper, University of Calcutta

United Board Fellows enrich their host institutions, helping to internationalize their campuses and their academic networks. Twenty-eight Fellows are participating in the 2008–2010 program; there were 29 in the 2006–2008 cohort. Since the program was introduced in 2002, a total of 110 Fellows from ten countries have been involved in the program.

Fellow Zhang Xunjie (top photo, back row, center) with students during her placement at Lingnan College, Hong Kong and Fellow Prathana Langkarpint at Valparaiso University in wintry Indiana (left photo).

“The United Board Fellows Program will definitely play an important role in my professional life.”
— United Board Fellow Qianhua Yang, guizhou Normal University

F A C U LT Y & L E A D E R S H I P D E V E L O P M E N T
Regional Faculty Scholarship Program
One effective means to strengthen Asia’s institutions of higher education is to increase the number of faculty with master’s or PhD degrees. The Regional Faculty Scholarship Program provides support for faculty seeking these advanced degrees, while building bridges between academic institutions in Asia. Today, more and more Asian universities offer high-quality advanced degree programs. The United Board builds on this trend, implementing the Regional Faculty Scholarship Program in partnership with 12 institutions in Australia, China, India,
“The United Board program is a valuable opportunity for teachers like me to learn and share our knowledge with Asian scholars and teachers and other international fellows.”
— Regional Scholar Sri Mulyani of Sanata Dharma University is a PhD candidate in English at Ateneo de Manila University

Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines and Thailand. These host universities recruit and select young faculty from United Boardrelated institutions, then oversee their programs of study. The scholars who participate in the program return to their home institutions with advanced degrees, international perspectives and networks, and strong English skills. They are able to develop new courses, employ new teaching methodologies, share knowledge with their colleagues and students, and gain access to additional sources of research material. They also help enrich their host institutions, by bringing new voices and different experiences to their classrooms and campuses. Since its founding in 2001, the program has helped 173 scholars complete their degrees. An additional 30 scholars will finish their degrees before the middle of 2010.

Debbie Bautista on the campus of Macquarie University with Regional Scholar Neil Rupidara (left) and former United Board Fellow Nguyen Minh Tho Le (right).

“My current study is applicable to my own local situation and will be a good take-off point for future work in my home university’s professional and outreach programs.”
— Regional Scholar Debbie Bautista of Ateneo de Manila University is a PhD candidate in psychology at www.UnitedBoard.org | 5 Macquarie University (Australia)

The Inter-Religious Understanding and Peace-Building Initiative supports projects that build a shared understanding of the 6 | www.UnitedBoard.org region’s religious traditions.

F A C U LT Y & L E A D E R S H I P D E V E L O P M E N T
Institute for Advanced Study in Asian Cultures and Theologies (IASACT)
Inter-religious understanding is central to the United Board’s mission and all of its programs. Through the Institute for Advanced Study in Asian Cultures and Theologies (IASACT), the United Board provides space and time for Asian theologians to deepen their own understanding of theologies and traditions. The program also creates a forum for colleagues from across Asia to discuss sensitive issues and explore common ground and differences. Over the course of the six-week residential program, scholars undertake research and writing in the broad area of Asian cultures and theologies. As a result, participants are better equipped to strengthen theological education in their universities and colleges, promote intra-Asian theological dialogue and encourage cross-disciplinary discussions. Representatives of the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley, California, also participate in IASACT, as a means to engage North American and Asian scholars in joint exploration of theologies. Each scholar completes a working paper while in residence at IASACT, which often leads to further sharing of their insights through published journal articles, a contributed chapter to a book or a completed dissertation. IASACT was introduced in 2004 and the composition of its participants illustrates the program’s success in facilitating broad, diverse dialogue. Since its inception, 92 scholars from 53 institutions in 14 countries have benefited from the time IASACT affords for reflection, interaction and network-building.

“One can truly, truly be productive in the environment provided by IASACT.”
— Bonita Aleaz, University of Calcutta

“I instill Christian and ethical values in my teaching in a more intense way after my experience with the United Board.”
— Pushpa Joseph, University of Madras

IASACT enables Asian theologians to deepen their understanding of theologies and traditions.

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F A C U LT Y & L E A D E R S H I P D E V E L O P M E N T
Asian University Leaders Program
New leaders of Asian universities and colleges benefit from a direct exchange of information with their peers, as well as from specialized skills training in fundraising and administration. The Asian University Leaders Program (AULP) convenes new university or college trustees, presidents, vice presidents, deans and key support staff from institutions across Asia for a four-day program of practical analysis and best practices. A key aspect of this program has been the opportunity for participants to reflect on the meaning of Christian presence in higher education in Asia and, in particular, within their own institutions. This helps lay the groundwork for discussion with their peers on academic excellence, quality assessment, and ethics and governance. AULP is an excellent opportunity to strengthen networks among the university leaders and, for the United Board, to renew relations with longtime partner institutions.
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While the typical AULP draws participants from across Asia, the United Board also has conducted country-specific leadership programs. In April 2009, a program in Hanoi provided a forum for leaders of Vietnamese universities and colleges to focus on administrative and academic issues particular to their country, its state of development and its educational practices. Nearly 100 administrators from 66 institutions have taken part in AULP regional workshops since the program’s inception in 2003. Country-specific workshops, which typically draw about 20 administrators, have been held in India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.
“I enjoyed the sessions which were very useful to me and also eye opening regarding the challenges ahead and also the responsibility as a Christian leader.”
— gunaseeli Sathiyamoorthy, Lady Doak College

“The program gave me information for evaluation and improvement, effective elements of leadership training and the ability to carry out my University’s strategic plan for capacity building and improvement of teaching quality.”
— Dr. Vo Van Sen, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University

AULP engages new university leaders from across Asia at its Hong Kong gathering or within a single country, such as Vietnam.

The Local Knowledge Initiative builds a network of institutions with the capacity to collect, preserve and share Asia’s rich repository of indigenous knowledge and cultural traditions.

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To meet the challenges of preparing students for the twenty-first century, Asian institutions of higher education often need to modernize their physical facilities. The United Board has served as an intermediary between several of its Asian partner institutions and U.S.-based funders for campus construction projects. One source of support has been a publicprivate partnership supported by the USAID’s Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA). ASHA provides grant assistance to U.S. organizations on behalf of selected schools, libraries and hospitals overseas that are founded or sponsored by U.S. citizens and incorporate America’s high standards for education. Since 1976, the United Board has received ASHA grants on behalf of six Asian universities, totaling more than $11 million. Most recently, the United Board has received funding for the construction of a women’s dormitory and a laboratory for the pharmacy program at Payap University in Thailand and for
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improving library technology at Satya Wacana University in Indonesia. The Henry Luce Foundation generously committed more than $1 million for the renovation of campus facilities at three Asian universities, which the United Board administered. At Central Philippines University, physical improvements will make it possible for the library to offer more student services. The renovated auditorium at Silliman University will enable the university to host lectures by leading public figures and cultural programs. At Satya Wacana Christian University, capital upgrades to the university center will help it play a more important role in campus life. The United Board administered these grants at no additional costs to the partner institution or the funders. Former trustee Ed Sue contributed his time and expertise as a consulting architect for the Luce reconstruction projects.

ASHA-supported construction of a dormitory at Payap University (top); planning for renovations supported by the Henry Luce Foundation.

The United Board convened or cosponsored the following seminars, workshops and consultations during the period of July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2009. Institute of Advanced Study in Asian Cultures and Theologies (IASACT) July 1–21, 2007 Hong Kong IASACT Faculty Committee Management November 17, 2007 Hong Kong Workshop on Women and Social Work in Asia December 16–18, 2007 Fuzhou, China Asia University Leadership Program January 22–Feburary 2, 2008 Hong Kong Service Learning Workshop May 21–31, 2008 Hong Kong Institute of Advanced Study in Asian Cultures and Theologies June 8–17, 2008 Hong Kong United Board Fellows Leadership Seminar July 28– Aug 2, 2008 Hong Kong Asian Christian Faculty Fellowship October 21–23, 2008 Manila, Philippines IASACT Faculty Committee Meeting November 8, 2008 Hong Kong Asian Christian Faculty Fellowship November 12–16, 2008 Bali, Indonesia Asian University Leadership Program February 2–7, 2009 Hong Kong Asian University Leadership Program April 13–20, 2009 Hanoi, Vietnam Environment Workshop May 2–6, 2009 Dumaguete City, Philippines Workshop on Digital Humanities in Asia May 20–22, 2009 Hong Kong Asian Pacific Regional Conference on Service Learning June 1–5, 2009 Hong Kong Liberal Arts Workshop June 1–5, 2009 Hong Kong Institute of Advanced Study in Asian Cultures and Theologies June 14–30, 2009 Hong Kong Environment Consultation June 25–27, 2009 Hong Kong

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The leaders of 12 of the United Board’s partner institutions shared their insights on challenges in higher education at a 12 | www.UnitedBoard.org November 2009 consultation with United Board staff.

The United Board’s partner institutions are instrumental in the successful development and implementation of its programs. Through this network of colleges and universities, the United Board is able to support leadership and faculty development and address pressing issues in higher education.
CAMBODIA Royal University of Phnom Penh CHINA Amity Foundation Central China Normal University Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Fudan University Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College Ginling Women’s College Guizhou Normal University Nanjing University Peking University Qinghai Normal University Renmin University of China Shaanxi Normal University Shanghai University Sichuan Normal University Sichuan University Suzhou University Xiamen University Yanbian University Yanbian University of Science and Technology Yanjing Theological Seminary Yunnan University Zhejiang University EAST TIMOR Universidade da Paz Universidade Nationale Timor Larosae HONg KONg Chinese University of Hong Kong (Chung Chi College) Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute of Sino-Christian Studies Lingnan University INDIA The American College Bishop Heber College Christ University Eastern Theological College Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute Isabella Thoburn College Lady Doak College Madras Christian College Scottish Church College St. Ann’s College of Education St. Christopher’s College of Education Stella Maris College Union Christian College University of Madras Women’s Christian College INDONESIA Artha Wacana Christian University Duta Wacana Christian University Gadjah Mada University Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies Maranatha Christian University Petra Christian University Parahyangan Catholic University Paulus Christian University Sam Ratulangi University Satya Wacana Christian University Universitas Kristen Indonesia Maluku Universitas Kristen Indonesia Toraja Universitas Pelita Harapan JAPAN International Christian University Sophia University Tokyo Union Theological Seminary KOREA Ewha Womans University Seoul Women’s University Soongsil University Yonsei University MYANMAR Myanmar Institute of Theology PHILIPPINES Ateneo de Manila University Central Philippine University De La Salle University Miriam College Silliman University Southern Christian College St. Scholastica’s College TAIwAN Chang Jung Christian University Fu Jen Catholic University Soochow University Tunghai University THAILAND Assumption University Payap University VIETNAM Hue University Institute for International Relations University of Social Sciences and Humanities Vietnam National University

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Individuals from many walks of life share the United Board’s commitment to supporting higher education in Asia. This past year, two individuals demonstrated this commitment with generous contributions. She returned to the United States in 1937 and married G.H. Wang, then China’s Vice Consul in Chicago, in 1938. They raised four children. She continued working as a nurse, then began a career as a financial advisor. More than 70 years after completing her own studies in China, Mrs. Wang’s desire to support young students in China remained strong. Her daughter Nancy said her mother felt this bequest to the United Board would create opportunities for other women in China to pursue their educational goals. College in Nanjing was a formative experience in her life. Thanks to her generosity, an endowment has been established to provide scholarships to Ginling students. She taught school in China and studied English before coming to the United States in 1947 as a scholarship student at Florida Southern College. After graduating in 1951, she moved to Washington and received a master’s degree in library science from Catholic University in 1956. She joined the Library of Congress staff in 1958. After her retirement in 2001, she started a fellowship program for students pursuing research on Asian studies at the Library of Congress. Her attorney said that Ms. Moeson believed Ginling College formed the foundation of her higher education and, thus launched her professional life. Her gift will help a new generation of young women pursue their own academic and professional aspirations.
Photo of Gladys Wang, courtesy of Nancy Wang. Photo of Florence Moeson, courtesy of Tien Doan and Judy Lu of the Asian Division, Library of Congress.

gladys wang Gladys Chin Wang, who made a generous bequest to the United Board in her will, was motivated by a sense of gratitude for the help she received for her own education in China in the 1930s. This remarkable woman, who died at age 96 in September 2008, left Chicago for China at the age of 12, attending True Light (Zhenguang) Middle School in Guangzhou, Yenching University (now Peking University) and Peking Union Medical College in Beijing. After receiving her nursing degree, she worked in Shanghai as the director of nursing arts for the Red Cross during the Japanese invasion.
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Florence Moeson Florence Tan Moeson, who died in November 2008, was another quiet philanthropist. She worked for more than 40 years as a cataloger of Chinese materials at the Library of Congress. A native of Guangzhou, a bequest in her will made it clear that her education at Ginling

We invite you to support the United Board’s work in the academic communities of Asia. Just as past contributions have established endowments that support much of our work, your contribution ensures the ongoing strength and vitality of the United Board. It strengthens the United Board’s network of colleges and universities so that it can respond to the emerging needs of Asia. We welcome both unrestricted gifts to support the work of the United Board and gifts designated for United Board approved projects at specific schools in Asia or for United Board projects, such as the United Board Fellows Program, Regional Scholars Program or Asian University Leaders Program. The United Board is a tax-exempt, charitable 501(c)(3) organization in the United States, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by U.S. law. Please note that gifts made to our Hong Kong office are tax-deductible in Hong Kong but not in the United States. To contribute via the United Board’s website: www.unitedboard.org/giving To make a gift by mail: United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1221 New York, NY 10115 or 1/F, Chung Chi College Administration Building Chinese University of Hong Kong Shatin, Hong Kong To make a gift of stocks or securities, please contact the United Board at 1.212.870.2600. Please consider remembering the work of the United Board in your estate plans.

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The United Board is grateful to the many donors who support its work. This list recognizes contributions received during the period July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2009 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, UNIVERSITY AND CHURCH DONORS American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Coast Carleton College Chung Chi Alumni Association of Southern California Filipino-American United Church of Christ — New York First Presbyterian Church Ginling Association in America National Chapter Ontario Silliman University Alumni Association People’s Ind. Church of Christ Phillipine American Community of Bergen County Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Foundation Presbyterian Church (USA) Worldwide Ministries Division Prospect Street United Methodist Church Silliman Alumni Association in Chicago (SAI) Silliman Alumni Association, Inc. Silliman Alumni Association Southern California Silliman Association Montreal Silliman University Alumni Association Houston Silliman University Alum Association National Capital Region

Silliman University Alumni Association, Pacific Northwest Chapter SLANF USA Midwest Chapter St. Luke’s Alumni Nursing Foundation USA St. Luke’s Alumni USA Foundation, Class of 1963 St. Luke’s Alumni USA Foundation, Class of 1965 St. Luke’s Alumni USA Foundation, Class of 1968 St. Luke’s Alumni USA Foundation, Class of 1969 St. Luke’s Alumni USA Foundation, Class of 1971 St. Luke’s Alumni USA Foundation, Class of 1977 Tunghai University Alumni Association of Northern Texas The United Church of Christ United Methodist Church — Women’s Division FOUNDATION AND TRUST DONORS American Schools and Hospitals Abroad — USAID Anonymous Bishop Yousoon Kim Memorial Foundation Chia Family Foundation, Inc. Chingwan Tcheng Trust The Freeman Foundation GE Foundation Harvard-Yenching Institute Allen and Jean Lovejoy Family Trust The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. Eleanor N. Marcy Trust Open Society Institute Tsai Fan Yu Foundation CORPORATE AND MATCHINg gIFTS ACP Health Care Resources, Inc.

Cassel Health Services, Inc. Golden Bear Insurance Lexmor Consulting Inc. Pfizer United Way Campaign Polytex Fibers Corporation Shilla Bakery TJ fuller Corp Vagthols Residential Care Center, Inc. Wachovia Bank, N.A. ESTATE gIFTS Estate of Mei Yu Dju Estate of Martha McCracken Howard Estate of Florence Tan Moeson Estate of Gladys Wang Estate of Judy Chang Wenderoth Estate of Melvin R. Watson BENEFACTORS — ($10,000 + ) Mr. C. J. Alexander Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Lejo Brana Mr. Richard G. Carter Prof. Su-Shing Chen Dr. Sun-Oak Choi Mr. Richard Chung Won Pal Chung Mr. and Mrs. Ravenel Curry Mrs. Independencia Brana de la Cruz Dr. and Mrs. Rolando Del Carmen Dr. Liberation Bongato Deleon Mrs. Elizabeth L. Engle Mrs. Clara S. John Dr. and Mrs. Eusebio C. Kho Choong H. Kim, M.D. Drs. Moon Hyun and Yong Cha Kim Sung Uk Kim Dr. and Mrs. Yong H. Kim Dr. Yoon Ok Kim Chol J. Lee, M.D. Dr. Christopher S. Lee Dong Kyu Lee Mr. and Mrs. Hasung Lee

Soon Yung Lee William Lee, M.D. Woong Bum Lee, M.D. Yong Hae Lee Ms. Laura Liao Dr. Young-Hee Lowe Chae Hyun Moon Dr. Noel Nequin Young Sun Oh, M.D. Ms. Pacita Bongato Pinero Luz Sobong Porter, Ph.D. Dr. Hi Jung Pyun Perlita and Juan Rebanal Julian and Ruth Schroeder Nak Kwang Shim Dr. and Mrs. Enrico Sobong Dr. Patricia Stranahan Edwin L. Tan, M.D. George Ken-Hsi and May Yung-Fun W. Wang Mr. Tyler T. Yang and Ms. Sandy Wang David D.K. and Hwa Sun Yoo Helena Hsien-Tsai Yu PATRONS — ($5,000 + ) Suck-Jun Bang Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bickford Wan-Yu Chen Francis and Gloria B. Uy Duane Drs. Janelle B. and Generoso D. Duremdes William W. Geis Jr. Dr. Ruth Hayhoe Mr. Rick Huang Dorothy T. H. and Emilian Hwang Dr. Si Eon Kim Mrs. Tai Soon Nam Kim Hoe Yong Lee Chih-Fei Lin Dr. Youngsik Moon Ms. Editha Z. Navarro Dr. Che Song Park J. Edward and Helen Ruiz Perez

Mr. Leo B. Ruiz Dr. Sang W. Song and Mrs. Chung H. C. Song Lee Hyun Sung Don L. and Karen Thornton Dr. and Mrs. Joaquin Uy Jui Kung Wang Therese and George Wang Dr. Frances Wu Dr. Molly C. Yieh SPONSORS — ($2,500.00 + ) Minnie Alexander Anonymous Ms. Jane E. Arp Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barone Kiril and Wendy Brana Shirong Chia Rosemarie Gerenia Friedman and William Friedman Dr. Doopyo A. Hong Dr. and Mrs. San-Pao Li Dr. Evangeline Manjares Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Miaw Mrs. Nellie B. Obligacion Dr. Patricia N. Page Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pierce Ms. Nelma O. Pineda Andrew and Marianna Price Dr. Loreto Calibo Sobong Fred and Virginia Ruiz Vergara Mrs. Louise S. Woodruff Mr. Kano Yamamoto SUSTAINERS — ($1,000.00 + ) Mr. Daniel D. Aguila Grace Aguinaldo Agustin Mrs. Evangelyn Alocilja Anonymous Ms. Nophie Silay Arellano Mr. and Mrs. Fernando P. Arendain Ms. Laura L. A. Bacerra

www.UnitedBoard.org 17 www.UnitedBoard.org || 17

Rev. and Mrs. Fred Baliad Mrs. Myrna P. Barinaga Mr. Francisco J. Beltran Dr. and Mrs. Constantino Bernardez Dr. Dae S. Bhyun Peter and Patricia Black Charles Booth, Ph. D. Ruth and Karl Bottigheimer Mr. and Mrs. Rollen C. Brana Ms. Emalyn Bravo Filinita Buaquina Bo K. Byun Rosemary Ebarle Cadiz Carmen M. Catzoela James and Sue Chan Dr. and Mrs. Po-Chuen Chan Hsueh-Rong Chang, Ph.D. I-Jen Chen and Chimin T. Chen Yung-Chi and Elaine H. C. Cheng Mr. and Mrs. Pei-Yuan Chia David and Joan Chiao Liang-Yu Chien Prof. Kiyoko Takeda Cho Doo Sup Choi Mr. Nelson L. Chow Rosally Dee De la Cruz Ms. Jocelyn F. del Carmen Ms. Elma Ada Divinagracia Mrs. Gloria L. Doig Mrs. Pacita Edrial Flores Phoebe Fu Mrs. Maria Antonia Guatelara Geary Dr. Michael Gilligan Mr. Seth Glickenhaus Dr. Lily W. Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. E. John Hamlin Dr. and Mrs. Ching-fen Hsiao Mr. Gary S. K. Hu Mr. Andrew Huang Janet E. Hunt, Esq. Miss Tita J. Jacildo Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jainga

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Mr. Hua-Jiun Jiang Dr. Joseph John Mrs. Renu R. Joseph Sagu Joseph Wook Ja Lee Ju, M.D. Yonok Jung Dr. Young Chai Kauh Mrs. Agnes K. Kim Dr. Chang Kwon Kim Choon Kyu Kim Professor Dong S. Kim and Dr. Hannah Paik Honggill Kim, M.D. Jibaik Kim, M.D. Mr. Joseph Y. Kim Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Klemz William Ku Joy M. Labor Mr. and Mrs. Ching S. Lai Dr. and Mrs. Allan H. Lee Dr. Bai O. Lee Mrs. Sung Jai Lee, M.D., P.C. Mrs. Grace M. Legaspi Ms. Christine D. Li Dr. and Mrs. Tingye Li Cely Lim Mr. David Jong Jae Lim Drs. Nan and Alice Lin Mr. Richard Lin Amy and Tony Liu Mr. and Mrs. Yung-nan and Hung-wen Liu Alan and Helen Lo Mrs. Doreen Loftin Mrs. Marie Losh Alan and Elissa Fe Lyman Chae Yong Ma Ms. Eulene Q. Mamaril Mrs. Achamma Mathai Gijo Mathai J. Mathews Mrs. Felella Kiamco Millman Ms. Iona Miranda

Dr. Oscar D. Monera Mr. Demeterio Navarro Mrs. Kathleen Nelson Ms. Margie Barraquias Ocariza Wilma Mae Parpana Pagulayan Geun Sil Paik, M.D. Lee Do Paik Joel and Jennifer Pal Ms. Rebecca Cusi Palma Dr. Joon Surh Park Seung Hah Park, M.D. Mrs. Sujata Paulose Teresita B. Paynor Mrs. Lily H. Peng Mr. Paul Pfeiffer Kyum Shik Pyun, M.D. Mr. Ernesto Quijada Jung Hwa Ree Mr. Arthur D. Rivera Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Francisco D. Somera Jr. Jin Hong Suk, M.D. Paul Sung, M.D. Mr. John C. Sutherland Mrs. Elsie Sy-Niebar Ms. Melanie Sze Ms. Celia Tadiar Luth Tenorio Mr. and Mrs. Chun-Tai Tseng Rose-Marie Tso-Ling Twu Mrs. Gloria A. Vergara Mrs. Vilma Villanueva-Molina 1969 Mrs. Gladys C. Wang Mr. Joseph Wang Aster Tung Ching Wang Wu Drs. Harry and Molly Yieh Yee Nar Yuen SUPPORTERS — ($500 + ) Ms. Lolita D. Abelon Dr. and Mrs. Sylvester Almiron Jr. Charles and Ann Anderson Anonymous Joel and Annalisa Atienza

Joo Won Bin, M.D. Mrs. Kathleen Anne Black Ms. Emilie S. Blanco and James Coyette Blanco Mr. Steven Boswell Dr. and Mrs. Michael Eric Y. Cabral Ms. Constance Chandler Yuan-Jou Chang Mr. Steven Cheng Miss Ying-wan Cheng Mr. Chan Ming Chien Dr. Linda A. Chisholm Mrs. Julia Wei-Hsien Chou Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Chuang Ms. Bella Amor Cintron K. Mammen Daniel Roque and Emma De la Cruz Ms. Regina De Leon Bellaflor De Los Reyes Cecilia Carbonell Del Rosario Mileva M. Dime Elizabeth Ann Donnelly Ms. Faith Manigsaca Duran Dale K. and Alice Edmondson Candy and Vincent Eng Mrs. John English Edwin Yi-wen Feng Ms. Emily Fries Mrs. Mary Frothingham Lirio Castillo Gallegos Ms. Ruth Miller Gates Dr. and Mrs. Agustin Gomez Mrs. Loretta C. Gorospe Irvin L. and Marcia Heimburger Sywn-Tien Shirley Hsiao Mr. Ken K. Hsieh Mr. and Mrs. Che Cheng Huang Miss Nancy Huang Yung Tsun Huang Mr. Paul Imperial Edmund H. and Diane R. Irvin Ms. Josephine Jalandoni Dr. and Mrs. James T. F. Kao

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Kuo Dr. Edwin S. Kwoh Dr. and Mrs. Jason Lai Dr. George H. Langeler Dr. Terrill Lautz Mr. and Mrs. An-Chi Lee Dr. Joseph Yuen Chor Lee Kate H.J.C. Lee, M.D. Won Jay Lee, M.D. Chung-Pao and Nancy Li Ms. Chin-Feng Lin Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred C. Ling Miss Eden M. Luntao Mr. Chyuan Ma Rev. and Mrs. Fabiana Malayang Rev. Rizalio and Mrs. Jane Manigsaca Mrs. Kiyomi Ikeda Matsuda Chang Hyun H. Min, M.D. Mrs. Ruth D. Ogilby Mr. and Mrs. Badoy and Deborah Omoso Ai-lien Yuan and Fen-Ching Ong Mrs. Martha B. Pickering Drs. Mariano and Helen Pocsidio Dr. and Mrs. Renato D. Querubin Mr. and Mrs. Federico Ranches Mr. Anthony Ruger Dr. Marilee K. Scaff Mrs. Jennifer Li Shen Tao Lin Teh Shwan Ms. Shih-Yuan Sneberger Ms. Ester Taclob Suelto Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Taylor Donna Tenorio Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Tenorio Ms. Angela Tieh Rosemarie Tornandizo-Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Archibald and Geneva Tubo Mrs. Mary C. Van Evera Dr. Romulo G. Villanueva Peter Wang Lan and John Woo

Mr. Allen Wu Chi B. Yang Dr. and Mrs. William C. T. Yang Mr. William Yen Mr. Paul K. Yuan CONTRIBUTORS — ($200 + ) Pete and Grace Agregado Mrs. Catherine E. Ambler Mr. Paul H. Anderson Anonymous Ms. Eve Quimpo Arcala Margaret L. Avison Jose and Arlette Baptista Mr. Louis Beduz Mr. Merle L. Bender Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Bercovitz Rev. and Mrs. Alden Besse Dr. John O. Blackburn Dr. and Mrs. Kim Bloom Richard and Melinda Boice Ms. Unidad R. Bonoan Dr. James L. Brewbaker Dr. Mary B. Bullock Mr. Robert R. Burn Rev. and Mrs. Richard Bush Simon Byun Dr. John Cabral Mr. and Mrs. Mariano Cabral Mr. Gordon G. Campbell Richard and Susanne Campbell Aura Alqueza Casabar Ms. Naty M. Cazaniga Mr. Thomas Chacko Christian and Lualhati Chamberland Ms. Betty Chang Ching-Ping Chang Ms. Ting Lan Chang Ms. Emily Felarca Chellappa Mr. Peter F. Chen Vincent (Wen-Sheng) Chen Wei-chi Chen Nai-weng Cheng

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Teresita J. Hudson Betty Lou Hummel Mrs. Edith W. Illick Dr. Mary Jacob Dr. and Mrs. Serafin Jimenez Mrs. Evelyn Quijano Jirasakhiran Mrs. Charlotte S. Johnson Mr. Harvey Ke Mrs. Sunny S. Kiang Ms. Marlene dela Cuesta Kostik Mr. Hsuan-tsun Kuo Dr. and Mrs. Wai-Hong Kwong Dr. Culver S. Ladd John and Bo Yeon Lee Dr. William Lesher Hsin-Ying and Mei-Chuan Li Mr. Kai Li Spencer S. Li Mrs. Yao-Wen Kwang Li Tzu-Yin Chang Lin Mrs. Leomarie Badrina Lind Kuen Shan Ling Mrs. Ruth K. Ling Dr. and Mrs. Chien Liu Mei-Sheng Liu Ms. Eden D. Llamas, M.D. Mr. Edward Lo Mr. and Mrs. Cheng-Yi Lu Wei Ma Ms. Alicia N. Maceda Hong Man Dr. and Mrs. Mani S. Mani Dr. Dorothy J. Marple Dr. Eulalio G. Maturan Nancy Spicer McHugh Miss Marie Melrose Mr. and Mrs. Artemio Merecido Mrs. Jessie Miranda Dr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Moffett Priscilla Arcangel Monido Dawna T. Mughal, Ph.D., R.D., FADA Mrs. Prasopsuk Nabangxang Wanida Nipataruedi

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Ms. Carol Echalico Bautista Romeo and Paraluman Bella Mr. Donald G. Benjamin Bruce and Dolores Beran Dr. Judith A. Berling Mr. and Mrs. Rufino A. Besana Ms. Lilia V. Brewbaker Ms. A. Maureen Brians Dr. Marissa Rachel Y. Cabral Ms. Vivian Flora Y. Cabral Mrs. Dedita Parreno Cacdac Wei Cai Ms. Edith C. Camanzo Ms. Anita C. Carino Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Carle Clarita Carreon Mr. Chito Castro Mr. Allen H. Chan Mrs. On-Kay Anita Ng Chan Stephen Chan and Alice Y. Man Mr. and Mrs. William K. W. Chan Ms. Yuen Chau Chan Mr. and Mrs. Ching J. Chang Ms. Randie Chang Mr. Ying-I Chang Raymond Wai-Man Che Mrs. Merian Chen Ms. Yuan Chen Ms. Clara Cheng Mr. Kun-Yao Cheng Mr. Raymond Cheng Stephen Cheng Mr. Nelson Chien Mr. Arthur Chou Ms. Flora Chow Paul and Ying Mei Chow Mr. and Mrs. John W. Christie Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Chu Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Chu Elvira T. Clark Gary and Marjorie Collins Mrs. Carolyn J. Conard

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Mr. Daniel Corpuz Ms. Sylvia Cruz Carmen and Rafael Dagnino Mrs. Margaret D. Darrow Precy Zamora Davodi Priscilla Z. Davoodi Richard and E. Janet Dayringer Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Cirilo DelCarmen Miss Eva Divinagracia Dr. and Mrs. Jared H. Dorn David and Chibi Martinez Eaton Ms. Nenita Misagal Ebalo Joseph and Joann Elder Mr. and Mrs. Ed Escares Ms. Ruth Z. Eschbach Ms. Teresita T. Estanislao Ms. Eva Y. Estimo Benjamin and Rosie Fan Frederick and Joyce Flores Col. and Mrs. Hayward L. Fong Ms. Miriam Nable Fontanilla Dr. and Mrs. Jose C. Gan Mr. and Mrs. Jason Garcia Ms. Vivien T. Gardner Mr. Peter F. Geithner Mrs. Lily D. Gelladuga Mrs. Margaret F. MacDonald Getaz Leah Pagsuberon Goltiao Felecitas Goodliff Nelia C. Grande Richard and Anne Griffis Ms. Maria Dolores E. Guadiz Mr. and Mrs. Sin-Fong Han Ms. Teresita Fabillar Hernando Ms. Grace De la Pena Hill Ms. Christina Batore Hing Mr. Richard Hollingsworth Mr. and Mrs. James Hong Mrs. Jane Hoover Dr. James C. Hostetler Mrs. Shu-Fang Hsia Lin Mr. Ke Chiang Hsieh Dr. and Mrs. Kang Hsu

Mr. and Mrs. Ling Kai P. Hsu Mr. Shang-Tsang Hsueh Mr. and Mrs. Chuen-Hsiung Hua Mr. and Mrs. Shing-Yi Huang Ling-ling Hung, Ph. D. Mrs. Janet M. Hunter Carlito and Belen Ana Imperial John Harry E. and Gladys Pearl Jabalde Ms. Rebecca Jabel Mrs. Alicia Jalipa Dr. H.R. Jayaraman Mr. Randolph Jennings and Ms. Mary M. Griep Ms. Dorothy E. Jones Ms. Sheila Kan Mr. and Mrs. Hsiao-Hung Kao Ms. Suey-Ju Kao Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Katzman Mr. Richard Alicando Kempis Mrs. Soon Hee Kye Kim Ms. Marilynd Barangan Kobran Sue Kok Philip L.Y. and Virginia Kong Mr. and Mrs. Johann Koo Bruce and Laura Lambert Philip Yuen-Sang Leung Mr. Chu-Tsing Li Mr. Chien-Peng Li and Mrs. Marian Tsai Li Tze-Chung Li Mrs. Ming-Djang Liao Ms. Amy Lie Dr. and Mrs. Hung C. Lin Dr. and Mrs. George Lindbeck Cynthia M. Llauder Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Lo Mr. Kai-Ming Lo Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Lodwick Ms. Alice De Leon Lopez Ms. Angelita Maglaya Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Howell Lowe Mr. Henry Luague

Ms. Lillian Ma Mrs. Beverly A. Martyn Meredith and Richard McCaughey Dr. Margaret V. McIntosh Ms. Epifania O. Mercado Ms. Madelyn Sablan Mercado Ms. Elizabeth Braga Millares Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Molina Mrs. Margaret S. Morash Mr. Lyle E. Nelson Mr. Samuel Ng Stuart Ng Mrs. Annie De Asis Niemiec Loreta R. Nisperos Rev. Hugh Outterson Dr. Yasuyuki Owada Ms. Ruth Pana Padilla Rev. and Mrs. James E. Palm Mr. George F. Pan Ms. Alicia Paner Anna Pang Mrs. Yolanda P. Panganiban Isagani and Zenaida Payumo Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Peterson Ms. Lina Philipp Faiga Jamaldin Qudah Corazon Requilman Querubin Mrs. Maritess Rafael Rev. Homer T. Rickabaugh Dale and Arlene Robb Mrs. Lady Hope P. Robillos Bernadette Roddy Ms. Nora Calaunan Rodriguez Chang S. and Myung Ja Roh Dr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Seaton Maria A. Sebastian Mrs. Mary Ellen Kwoh Shu Priscilla and Ted Si Curtis Smith Mrs. Joan Greene Smith Mr. and Mrs. Rowell and Maria Victoria Solon Dr. and Mrs. William M. Speidel

Ms. Jean H. Stem John Sullivan Cristine Baltazar Sy Lowell T. Taclob M.D. Dr. Phillips Talbot Serdna Gayares Tan Ms. Anna W. Tang Ms. Yung C. Tang Dy S. Teng Dr. Willi Toisuta Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Tong Ms. Lydia Catacutan Tragico Le Marie Tuble-Abellon Mrs. Patricia Chien-ping Hsu Tung Rev. and Mrs. Robert L. Turnipseed Ms. Loreta M. Uy Rolando R. and Rosemarie B. Uy Ms. Sally Hung Uy Eugene Vendiola Trinidad Concepcion Vetterli Ms. Liwliwa Reyes Villagomeza Johannes Villanueva Mr. and Mrs. Yieh-Ping Wan Elaine Wang Mrs. Phyllis Hunter Wiggin Patsy A. Williams Payette Mr. George Wong Ivy Yung-Hsu Wong Joseph and Cecilia Ng Wong Lisa Wong Mrs. Vivian M. Wong Mrs. Ardyce Worth Victor and Mildred Wu Chongjie Xue Yi-Min Yao Tai Yong Yum Mrs. Mary Grace Zerna-Corpuz FRIENDS Dr. Federico I. Agnir Christel Albert Ms. Jenny Alsua Mr. Alexdel Amor

Cherrie Martinez Amurao Mrs. Ruby G. S. Anderson Anna T. Crowell Fund Luisa Lucero Aragones Ms. Carolyn S. Bealle Hugh and Zenaida Duran Bennett George and Jennifer Beran Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Bosch Judith and Douglas Bowers Miss Nelly V. Brillantes Mr. Reuel B. Cainglet Miss Wanda J. Calhoun Ms. Julie Beltran Cavestany Mrs. Eleanor Ho Chang Mrs. Margaret K. Chang Mr. Richard C. Chang Mr. Hsin-Sheng Chen Dr. and Mrs. Hsi-Sheng Yue Chen Mr. Peter Chen Mrs. Diana Cheng Mr. K.C. Cheng Dick and Hsien Shu Hsu Chiu Dr. Kenneth Christopherson Mr. Johnston Chu Tsuchin Chu Evelyn Chua Chun Ken and Thuy Chung Mr. and Mrs. Denton H. Craley Mr. Michael A. Dadap Mary L. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. T. Reid Ecton Miss Martha L. Edge Mrs. Dorothy Z. Eister Ms. Emma Marcelo Espinosa Sonia Sawit Esquejo Maria Fan Mr. and Mrs. Noli Fortugaleza, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fu Joel and Maria Gamo Mr. and Mrs. Allen Garrido The Reverend James L. Gill Mrs. Vickie Gonzaga Mr. and Mrs. Jack Green

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Helsabeck Mr. Patrick Henry Nancy P. Heruela Rev. and Mrs. Mark Holmer Mr. Stanley Hoskins Mr. Michael Hui Jung-Chen Chou Johnson Dr. Merle R. Jordan Mr. Jerome J. Juarez Sr. Winnifred B. Judge Ms. Dixie Juntilla Nancy Kahl Ms. Wendy Kao Susan and C.C. King Nenita Kuhn Mr. Douglas Kwan L.L.M Ms. Leticia Vallar Lalas Zinnia L. Lapastora Mr. John F. Larberg Ms. Gina Lee David and Enith Levin Kun Boo Lim, M.D. Miss Pat M. Limpiado Huei C. Lo Hester Jason Long Esther K.H. Luk Tsoi Dr. Jessie G. Lutz Mr. Marvin Marsh Linda D. Matthew-Kuehn Trudy Maupin Ms. Alora Cadelina Mazella Dr. and Mrs. Delber L. McKee Mrs. Susan McKeever Jeanne McParland William and Susan Martin Meggs Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mierz Ms. Celestina P. Migallos Mr. Max Ming Mr. and Mrs. Alex S. Moffett Helen Knox Murphy Mrs. Mildred C. Myers Mr. Burjor Nargolwala

Manny and Fely Tan Narvaez Julia Noya Mr. Samuel Osamu Nukazawa Mrs. Jeane N. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Olson Guy Edsel and Isabelle Bully Omictin Sadiri R. Ordinario Rolden P. Ozoa Ms. Priscilla Padua-Andrada Mrs. Jocelyn E. Gerenia E. Pajares Mrs. Evangeline Tsukamoto Paman Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Pao Ms. Grace Maloco Paquiz Mr. and Mrs. James Parcon Dr. John Peale Mr. Emmanuel Pena Ms. Josefina C. R. Pia Mr. Donald Pierce Professor David Pong Rev. and Mrs. John E. Post Mr. Peter H. Prugh Dr. and Mrs. William Riley Mr. Markley Roberts Ms. Shirley Mae Villa Santiago Ms. Mercedes M. Saplan Ms. Eliabeth Caolboy Sardon Ms. Carolyn B. Sherman Dr. and Mrs. Roger L. Shinn Dr. Hallam C. Shorrock Jr. Dr. Hsien-Gieh Sie Ms. Deborah A. Smith Hermia G. Soo Mrs. WaiSun Soo-Hoo Anne and Terry Stark Mr. Stanley W. Stillman Dr. Charles H. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Palmer C. Sze Dr. and Mrs. William H. Talbot Ms. Eva Tapales Erling M. and Judith Temp Ms. Janet Teng Ms. Wanda F. Thornton Ms. Annie Gaton Tigtig

Ms. Jean P. Tinio Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tsai Ms. Geneva B. Tubo Charles P. C. Tung Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Underhill Mr. and Mrs. Sal Valoria Elizabeth A. Vetell Mrs. Georgia C. Weatherhead Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber Mr. and Mrs. David Weimer Mr. and Mrs. John F. Widergren Peter Young Rev. and Mrs. Paul W. Yount Mrs. Esther H. Zendt HONOR CONTRIBUTIONS In Honor of Prem Bernardez Dr. Federico I. Agnir Dr. and Mrs. Sylvester Almiron Jr. Mr. Alexdel Amor Hugh and Zenaida Duran Bennett Ms. Faith Manigsaca Duran Mrs. Elizabeth L. Engle Mrs. Maria Antonia Guatelara Geary Ms. Teresita Fabillar Hernando Nancy P. Heruela Mr. Paul Imperial Dr. Evangeline Manjares Mrs. Jocelyn E. Gerenia E. Pajares Mrs. Lady Hope P. Robillos Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Francisco D. Somera Jr. Dr. Romulo G. Villanueva In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. John Butt Mr. and Mrs. E. John Hamlin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pierce In Honor of Celebration of Livia and Bobby Francis Marriage in Nov. 2007 Therese and George Wang

In Honor of Maria Clara Donna Tenorio In Honor of College of Nursing Mrs. Felella Kiamco Millman In Honor of Rev. Dr. Salvador and Evangeline M. Dime Mileva M. Dime In Honor of Mrs. Rachel Jacob Dr. and Mrs. Mani S. Mani In Honor of Jerry Thornton’s Birthday Ms. Wanda F. Thornton In Honor of Paul L. Love Ms. Carla Petievich In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Mani S. Mani Mr. and Mrs. T. Reid Ecton In Honor of Gudelio D. and Nilda B. Manigsaca Joy M. Labor In Honor of Dr. Titus Mathews J. Mathews In Honor of Glenda Rivera, Class of 77 William W. Geis Jr. In Honor of Enrique Tenorio Donna Tenorio In Honor of the Work of Angel Alcala Dr. and Mrs. Eusebio C. Kho In Honor of William J. Yoder First Presbyterian Church Mr. and Mrs. E. John Hamlin Rev. Hugh Outterson

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In Honor of Xiao-Lin Zhang Rev. and Mrs. Robert L. Turnipseed MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS In Memory of Anecito and Avelina Absin Acuna Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Francisco D. Somera Jr. In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Pablo and Juanita Agustin Mrs. Gloria A. Vergara In Memory of Mrs. Virginia Arsenault Linda D. Matthew-Kuehn Trudy Maupin John Sullivan In Memory of Anastacio & Beatriz Aya-ay Ontario Silliman University Alumni Association In Memory of Rev. Manuel Bacerra Ms. Laura L. A. Bacerra In Memory of Genoveva E. Bernardez Dr. and Mrs. Constantino Bernardez In Memory of Lorenzo B. Bernardez Dr. and Mrs. Constantino Bernardez In Memory of Joyce Black Margaret L. Avison Mr. Louis Beduz Mrs. Kathleen Anne Black Peter and Patricia Black Winnifred B. Judge Nancy Kahl Celia Lerner Jeanne McParland William and Susan Martin Meggs Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mierz

In Memory of Vicente Ebarle Bev Caballo Rosemary Ebarle Cadiz In Memory of Alfredo P. Catedral Anonymous In Memory of Drs. Claro Ceniza Dr. and Mrs. Rolando Del Carmen In Memory of Dr. S.S. Chang Ginling Association in America National Chapter In Memory of Arthur Wei-Chung Chou Wei-chi Chen Mr. and Mrs. Chuang Teng In Memory of Clarita Limbaga Cusio and Artemio Cusio, Sr. Mrs. Loretta C. Gorospe In Memory of Dr. William P. Fenn Dr. and Mrs. Barrett Hazeltine In Memory of Atty. Eduardo Flores Ms. Jocelyn F. del Carmen In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Florencio Flores Ms. Jocelyn F. del Carmen In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. L.F. Heimburger Irvin L. and Marcia Heimburger In Memory of Mr. Lyman Hoover Ms. Carol V. Hoover In Memory of Mr. Joseph T. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Underhill In Memory of Mr. David H. Huang Dr. and Mrs. C. Herbert Wang In Memory of Dr. Josefa M. Ilano Mrs. Maria Antonia Guatelara Geary

In Memory of J. Rowland, J. Theron, and Bernice R. Illick Mrs. Edith W. Illick In Memory of Beatriz G. Juarez Mr. Jerome J. Juarez Sr. In Memory of Bishop Y. Kim Bishop Yousoon Kim Memorial Foundation In Memory of Beulah Kwoh Dr. Edwin S. Kwoh Mrs. Mary Ellen Kwoh Shu In Memory of Catalino Merto and Julita Lajato Mrs. Elizabeth L. Engle In Memory of Dr. Paul T. Lauby Carmen and Rafael Dagnino In Memory of Professor Eduardo and Ms. Maria Lecciones Mrs. Gloria L. Doig In Memory of Miss An-Veng Loh William Ku In Memory of Rev. Hilarion H. Macagba Mrs. Grace M. Legaspi In Memory of Hope Dagdayan Manigsaca Rev. Rizalio and Mrs. Jane Manigsaca In Memory of Demeterio Rosales and Felisa Marino Mr. Demeterio Navarro In Memory of Mrs. Elisabeth Luce Moore Carmen and Rafael Dagnino In Memory of Deograscias Zerna Navarro Ms. Editha Z. Navarro

In Memory of Ricardo Lopez Navarro Ms. Editha Z. Navarro In Memory of Mr. Manuel O. Obligacion Mrs. Nellie B. Obligacion In Memory of Herma Macagba Ochoco Mrs. Grace M. Legaspi In Memory of Ms. Grace Ong 1943 Ginling Association in America National Chapter In Memory of Sarah Kellogg Otis Mr. Terrell R. Otis In Memory of Fred M. Peng Mrs. Lily H. Peng In Memory of Dr. Mary Frances Reed Meredith and Richard McCaughey In Memory of Bishop Mercurio Serina Mrs. Glenda J. Hobart In Memory of Dr. Philip Shen Yee Nar Yuen In Memory of Dr. John H. Skillman Ms. Carolyn S. Bealle In Memory of Edith B. Sze Ms. Melanie Sze In Memory of Ms. and Mr. Margaret Tao 1947 Ginling Association in America National Chapter In Memory of Newton L. Thurber Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Taylor In Memory of Mariano and Gloria Garcia Vergara Mrs. Gloria A. Vergara

In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. Romulo O. Villanueva, Sr. Dr. Romulo G. Villanueva In Memory of Ms. Loretta Wang Ms. Randie Chang Maria Fan Ginling Association in America National Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Shing-Yi Huang Susan and C.C. King Philip L.Y. and Virginia Kong Mrs. Ming-Djang Liao Dr. and Mrs. Hung C. Lin Ai-lien Yuan and Fen-Ching Ong Priscilla and Ted Si Ms. Yung C. Tang Helena Hsien-Tsai Yu In Memory of Mrs. Lucy C. Wang Dorothy T. H. and Emilian Hwang In Memory of Sie Weipeng (Mrs. Lily Li) Dr. and Mrs. Tingye Li In Memory of Yu Xian Wen Ms. Helena Yu In Memory of Ms. Judy C. Wenderoth Rose-Marie Tso-Ling Twu Patsy A. Williams Payette In Memory of Mary F. Whittlesey Anonymous In Memory of Mrs. Hsien Wu Victor and Mildred Wu In Memory of T.Y. Wu Anonymous

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Y E AR EN D ED JU N E 30 , 2 009 WIT H SUM M AR I ZED I N F O RM AT I O N F O R 2 0 0 8 Unrestricted Support and Revenue Church board grants and gifts Foundation gifts General public gifts U.S. Government Change in value of beneficial interest in remainder trust Endowment income Other investment income Other income Net assets released from temporary restriction Total support and revenue Expenses Program services Management and general Fundraising Total expenses Excess (deficit) of support and revenue over expenses Other changes in net assets Investment return in excess (deficit) of amount designated for current operations Postretirement health benefit obligation Increase (decrease) in net assets Net assets Beginning of year End of year Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted 2009 Total 2008 Total

$891,520 434,420 4,906,329 6,744 30,110 3,120,798 9,389,921 6,700,785 1,101,719 466,797 8,269,301 1,120,620 (25,484,893)

$100,000 511,590 1,006,327 (80,065) 911,585 (3,120,798) (671,361)



$991,520 1,055,235 1,006,327 (80,065) 5,817,914 8,790 30,110 8,829,831 6,700,785 1,101,719 466,797 8,269,301

$190 $745,563 1,466,804 102,705 (51,519) 5,503,349 47,365 6,723 7,821,180 5,886,662 1,020,617 570,701 7,477,980 343,200 (17,758,082) (752,100)


(671,361) (3,200,288)


560,530 (28,685,181)

(24,364,273) 92,747,936 $68,383,663

(3,871,649) 11,645,915 $7,774,266

111,271 10,712,090 $10,823,361

(28,124,651) 115,105,941 $86,981,290

(18,166,982) 133,272,923 $115,105,941
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A copy of the United Board’s full audited financial statements prepared by Tait, Weller & Baker, Certified Public Accountant is available upon request.

Dr. Nancy E. Chapman Associate Master, Morningside College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong UNITED BOARD TRUSTEES Dr. Ching-mai wu (Chair) Vice Chairman, Pojaa.com Dr. Michael gilligan (Vice Chair) President, The Henry Luce Foundation Dr. Ruth Hayhoe (Secretary) Professor, Department of Theory and Policy Studies, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto; President Emerita, Hong Kong Institute of Education Mr. Anthony Ruger (Treasurer) Senior Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Theological Education, Auburn Theological Seminary, New York Dr. Paul P. Appasamy Vice Chancellor, Karunya University, Coimbatore, India Dr. Judith A. Berling Professor, Chinese Intellectual History and Religions and former Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Graduate Theological Union Dr. Charles Booth* Retired Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, The Bank of New York
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Dr. Shin Chiba Professor of Political Thought and Former Dean of the Graduate School, International Christian University, Japan Dr. I. John Hesselink* Former Professor of Theology, Tokyo Union Theological Seminary; President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus, Western Theological Seminary Janet E. Hunt, Esq. Former Senior Vice President and Division Manager, Personal Asset Management Division, Irving Trust Company Dr. william K. Lee President, Cardiac Associates of New Jersey; former Director of Cardiology,Valley Hospital Ridgewood, New Jersey; Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Dr. william Lesher* Chair, Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions; President Emeritus, Lutheran School of Theology

Sr. Mary John Mananzan OSB Prioress, Manila Priory of the Congregation of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing; President Emerita, St. Scholastica’s College Dr. D. Preman Niles Former General Secretary of the Council for World Mission and Emeritus Professor of Ecumenical Theology. Served on the staff of the World Council of Churches and the Christian Conference of Asia Dr. Joon Surh Park University Distinguished Professor and Dean of Myungji Christian Academy, Myungji University; Professor Emeritus, former Dean of the Theological College, the Graduate School, and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Yonsei University Dr. Elizabeth J. Perry Henry Rosovsky Professor of Government, Harvard University; Director, HarvardYenching Institute Mr. Barnabas Suebu* Governor of Papua; Former Indonesian Ambassador to Mexico, Honduras and Panama; Nenberm Advisory Boards of Association of Christian Intellectuals in Asia; Association of Pancasila Intellectuals, and Council of Christian Schools in Indonesia.

Dr. willi Toisuta President Emeritus, Satya Wacana University; Secretary, National Board of Accreditation for Indonesian Universities and Colleges; Founder and Chair, Institute for Good Governance and Regional Development, Indonesia Dr. Angela wai Ching wong Associate Professor, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, and Head, Graduate Division of Cultural Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr. Xinping Zhou* Professor and Director, Institute of World Religions and Director, Center for the Study of Religion, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences *Retired from the board in July 2009.

UNITED BOARD STAFF July 1, 2007 — June 30, 2009 Dr. Patricia Stranahan President Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann Vice President of Programs Ms. Mary Bruun Scarpinato Chief Financial Officer Mr. Raymond Bailey* Assistant to the President, Board Liaison Dr. Avron Boretz Program Director Ms. Melanie Chung Program Associate Ms. Anne Dyer* Staff Accountant Ms. Candy Eng* Vice President for Finance and Development Ms. Emily Fries* Director, Development and Communications Ms. Gloria Godfrey Program Associate Ms. Shanna M. Hamilton Assistant to the President, Board Liaison Dr. Nirmala Jeyaraj* Program Director Ms. Nancy Kavanagh* Accounting Assistant Ms. Iris Ng* Director, Finance and Administration Ms. Anne Ofstedal Director, Fellowship and Scholarship Programs Ms. Louisa So Program Associate Mr. Jason Wan* Program Associate Mr. Jonathan Wolff Director, Grants Management Ms. Catharina Worthington* Staff Accountant *On staff for part of this period.
Photo credits: p. 2, 3, 6: istockphoto p. 9: Sara Gavryck-Ji Design: Digital Design Group, Newton, MA

HeADquArterS 475 riverside Drive, Suite 1221 | New York, New York 10115 | united States 212.870.2600 | www.unitedboard.org PrOGrAM Office 1/f, chung chi college Administration Building The chinese university of Hong Kong | Shatin, Hong Kong | 852.3163.4215

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