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Digital Marketing
By Cybil Shepherd Faelden
You cant just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By
the time you get it built, theyll want something new.
- Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple)


Cybil Shepherd B. Faelden

Digital Marketing Executive

With Digital Marketing in mind, you can never go away with the above marketing channels thus I will
feature my experiences with all of the above.

Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive


E-Commerce: Increase ROI with Google Shopping
Campaign 01 is the top seller of apparel products with a specific niche
targeting only the judicial industry. Hes dilemma was that hes only doing text ads on
Google search network and he wants to expand his target market moving sales to a
higher level.
By the end of the first month, client was amazed with how great and powerful
to have an image ad on Google search results page it is more compelling since the
product image, price, brand and special text ads are there. Moving forward, product
feed optimization and product segregation to further improve product listing ads.
The Approach:

Offered Product Listing Ads or Google Shopping Campaigns

Ensure products feeds are segregated according to product id
Ensure campaign setup is done right and product targets are used
Create compelling ad copies that shows our value added proposition

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are search ads that include richer product information, such as product image, price, and merchant name, without
requiring additional keywords or ad text. Whenever a user enters a search query relevant to an item in your Google Merchant Center account,
Google will automatically show the most relevant products along with the associated image, price and product name.

The Results:

Revenue through CPC soared from $922.47 to $2,519.12

Increase cost of $71.07 for the whole month of April
ROI from 186.82% increased to 541.81%
Total number of sessions almost hit double without doubling the cost
Bounce went crazy down from 24.59% to amazingly 1.41%

Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive


Lead Generation: Reaching for the Converting Audience
Campaign 02 is Perths #1 Painter Service Provider
and wants to brand a new website solely for the purpose of generating leads,
building email list and target Melbourne market for such service.
The website was built under our agency in accordance with the plan, goals
and objectives the client laid. We were able to deliver quality, unique and
compelling content as landing page for our pay per click campaign. Online forms
were able to capture high quality leads though they are 3 step processes.
Clients YouTube video was created to
advertise the new brand and additional content to
the website. Moving forward, weve advice the
client to target Display Network for a larger reach,
cheaper cost and creativity is limitless.

The Approach:
Competitor Analysis to verify whos who in the target market and what
keywords are they using
Build a strategic pay per click campaign based on clients services offered in his
Conversion tracking for get free quote and contact us form as lead generation
Ad copies were made compelling and to feature an offer unique from other
advertisers online
Promoted his Brand with a 1 minute YouTube Video

The Results:

Conversion Rate is rocking 10% ( 1 out of every 10 clicks)

Cost per Click is on an Avg. of $7.5 ranking #2 on Google SERP
Every lead would turn to at least $500 worth of project
By the end of first month, client got 50 conversions (both contact us and get a

Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive


Remarketing with Google Analytics
Campaign 03 is a 3-Star hotel/resort in Gold Coast, Australia has someone to do his
Google Adwords campaign however its not success. From Google Analytics, weve identified a lot
of traffic sources that have a lot of visits but very few conversions. Through our campaign audit,
were discovered that first time visitors are less likely to convert/book for reservation. We were
able to identify our clients campaign weaknesses and strengths thus an action-based marketing
plan was made to capture every visitor we have in our website.
Our game plan is to encourage and reengage our visitors who didnt book initially
offering them more value for them to return and complete a reservation. We are challenge to
develop strategies as to ad copies (text, banners and animation) and bring them to a dedicated
relevant landing page for both desktop/tablet and mobile. Moving forward, everything is
under improvement and strategies are made along the way.

The Approach:
Remarketing Campaign
Remarketing lets you segment your audience of past site visitors and deliver relevant ads for your search and display campaigns
based on the actions people have taken on your site.

- Establish a remarketing list segregated from traffic sources, medium, all pages and campaigns created
- Design relevant ad copies text, banner, animated and video ads.
- Define groups in accordance to booking cycle, location, on-site behavior and more.
Contextual Targeting via Display Network
Contextual Targeting lets you show your message to users exactly when theyre reading about your products and services across the
millions of web pages in the google network automatically and in real time.

Created more lead generation forms Inquire Now, Get Best Rates, Online Promo and Call Tracking.
The Results:
Goal Conversion Rate increased by 31.70% -- from Q1 2.18% to Q2 (not yet done) 2.87%
More calls turned to reservations
Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive


Your Brand across and through Digital Marketing

Campaign 04 is a penalized website by Google due to

improper practices that 2013 thus all keyword rankings are dead and
gone. As per audit, all efforts and plans for 2014 would run through ways of making people
aware of the brand and its still up selling graduation items.
The Approach:

Paid Advertising Campaign Google, Facebook and Bing/Yahoo

Social Media Accounts (G+, Facebook & Twitter)
Landing page optimization design and feel.
Product Listing Ads
Content development

The Results:
Revenue from all campaigns are no where far from previous year despite losing 50% due to almost zero organic
Google+ Followers running 962 in total
Facebook page likes are running 35, 495 in total
Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads were able to bring our total cost by 50%
Overall ROI from Jan May 2013 300%+ to Jan May 2014 700%
Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive

For more than 2 years now, Ive been working for more than 200 unique
websites in order to run a pay-per-click advertising for their products and services.
All those years, I am so bless for having a mentor who made me dream that I can
definitely do digital marketing. I started working under him -- learning firsthand
experience and all best practices regarding pay-perclick advertising.
I have this motto of keeping myself better each
day and make sure of solving peoples marketing and
advertising problems. If one is into digital marketing
then one should prepare the mind and the heart of
improving clients business by identifying the strength
and weaknesses, able to continuously improve
his/her knowledge as to strategy and should know the
latest trend, features and what not. Its either you
innovate or die. One needs to keep up with change.
Digital Marketing is so broad and overly dynamic
that we need to break every factor and identify them
uniquely to bring about clarity in the eyes of diversity and chaos. It is a puzzle
about knowing which pieces work, putting them togetherreorganizing and
strategizing, and further explore the market to open up for something new.

How I solve a puzzle,


Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive




In Digital Marketing, there is only one rule: There Are No Rules. We do what
we do based on best practice guidelines, experiences that we earn and knowledge
that we gain from reading other experiences but not all of them would work for all
campaigns. Every campaign is unique even they are of the same niche, industry,
target market and website; the strategies that apply to one does not necessarily
apply to the other. With that in mind, a marketer needs to seek to be able to find
more than what meets the eye.

My strategy in everything is always to divide and conquer for Digital

Marketing this is called Digital Decoupling (I happened to figure the term exist
now). This is where you need to identify whats on hand SWOT Analysis
(Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats). Adding a name or simply
labeling everything would give you the idea of where to start. Most people would
do the the best practices immediately without even gauging the problems a
particular campaign have.
The first phase in everything is about seeking and finding factors in order to
know what needs working, to establish key objectives and to identify questions.
Remember, a doctor needs to diagnose before treatment.

Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive

So youve find the challenges, identify what you have and establish goals
needed to accomplish. The next phase is about formulating ways to solve the
problems, moves to incorporate all things and steps to take in achieving the goals.

This is where strategies are made, plans are born and the to dos are laid
down in the process in order to explore solutions in conjunction with the services
and skills the team has to offer.
For me this is where, I ask myself of what I can do to bring change and what
steps I will take to accomplish the tasks at hand. I figured Digital Marketing needs
SMART Goals also specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely; where
one can work his/her abilities in a graceful manner.

Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive

This goes to what you do FIRST.
I keep a checklist of how I fix things:
Prioritize by where your client make money quickly
Do the big things
This is where we launch the components of our custom tailored digital marketing
strategy. We press the start button by setting everything live. People tend to think
that when they made the changes the work is officially done however that is
ordinary; to be extraordinary, we do a little EXTRA.
The word is T.E.S.T.
A test is either planned or unplanned.
One needs to undergo such phase in
fixing things in order to innovate and
refine strategies. Planned tests are
more calculated risks and data gathered
can be use to optimize strategy. While
the ones that surprised us and brought
about sudden changes from our plans
and strategies are more detours of
success. Yes, I call them detours. Its
when you are flexible and being able to
adopt in a diverse environment makes
you stronger and wiser that your campaigns would also become better.
More or less, things are better off when youve experienced it and learned
from what is there to learn. Its a matter of choice.
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Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing will never end its continuous and evolving. The way
marketers should be is to become one with the elements of marketing and
advertising in order to soar and fly.
Fly means expansion and going to greater heights this is where companies
are moving outside the box, face new challenges and conquer unidentified
territories. It is frightening thats a fact but for the brave, its a new battle to win.

Its is more about now rather than how, now rather than before; for now is
the start to forever and with digital marketing, its for you to decide to go far or

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Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive

In Summary, theres no perfect system or even law for marketing and

advertising in this digital world. Theres a long list of factors and strategies all for
one sole purpose: your customers.

Ive read about 3 Keys to Digital Marketing Success (I dont know why the #3)
but yeah I figured the following are true to my case:
Manage complex customer relationships across a variety of channels
both traditional and digital
Respond to and initiate dynamic customer interactions
Extract and continue to give value to your customers

~Thank You~

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Cybil Shepherd Faelden
Digital Marketing Executive