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The sycamore trees in Morivis, municipality of Zrnovci will be protected
The association of citizens "Movement for Sustainable Development" from Kocani
and the company "Farmakem" from Skopje as a national coordinator of the Program
for nature conservation in Macedonia, signed an agreement on financing the project
"Protection and promotion of group sycamore trees in the village Morodvis" in the
municipality of Zrnovci. The project is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development
and Cooperation with 560 thousand denars.
Financial support for the business ideas (MTV1)
Jasmina Antic Atanasovski from Bitola for two months leads the first private center
for early childhood development in Pelagonija region. Working with children is her
realized dream, but she needs financial support to develop the business. "Filip
Moris" Tobacoo Cooperation- Prilep and "CEED" Macedonia, started the first project
in this region to support the business ideas and their development.

Young people leave from Macedonia in order to never return (RSE)
Higher living standards, better job or a better education are the main reasons why
young people want to move out of Macedonia. A recent study by the Friedrich Ebert
Foundation shows that 53 percent of the young people want to leave the country.
! (
Baily to the young people: Tell clearly what you need to stay in the
country! (
Soon are coming elections in Macedonia. This is an opportunity you as a youth to
become active and to interact with political actors for the phenomenon brain drain.
Clearly say what you need to stay here in the country. This was stated by the US
Ambassador to Macedonia, Jess Baily, at the opening of today's forum
Stop the violence against women and girls (
Every fifth woman in the country, and every third in the world is a victim of
violence. However the NGOs alerted that the number of women that are physically,
psychologically and sexually abused is much higher. Charging of violence in large
part is due to the distrust of the institutions and the social lynching.

Activism against violence against women and girls, an international

campaign of the United Nations (
16 Days of Activism against the Violence against women and girls is an international
campaign of the United Nations, which takes place every year in the period from
25th November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women)
and 10th December (International Human Rights Day). Association EQUAL FOR ALL
Kocani, this year will be part of the campaign organized by Zonta Club of Skopje,
with the support of USAID.
" 16-
"Put an end" the 16 days of activism against the gender violence are
continuing (Fokus)
Under the motto "Paint the world in orange: Put an end of the violence against
women and girls", the campaign began on 25th November when national landmarks
recognizable worldwide, including and the historic Stone Bridge in Skopje, gleamed
orange and sent the universal message for a world without violence.

Training for the municipalities to preserve biodiversity (
All 15 municipalities of Bregalnica basin, and Resen municipality and the
municipalities of the Southeast Region are included in training for capacity building
for the conservation of biological diversity and development of projects in this area.
The training whose first module was held today in hotel "Monastery" in Berovo is
part of the Program for conservation of nature.
Journey between the realm of stinging and the entrance to Hades (Nova
The dwarfish cactuses belong to the genus species that grows in Mexico. They
bloom in May and June, with whitish-yellow flower. The fruit is retained for a longer
period and has a reddish-purple color in a cylindrical shape. Somewhere down in the
south, near Demir Kapija, Vardar cuts the rocks of the crown Krastavec. Big
Krastavec is not even a mountain, more is a hill, say the locals, but his rocks create
impressive photo.
In Ponikva will build weekend cottages and a hotel (
From a total of 23 locations for building, Municipality of Kocani today managed to
sell eight plots allocated to the weekend - houses and a hotel in the winter recreational center Ponikva. In the public bidding was alienated land of 455 square
meters for the construction of a hotel with permissible maximum number of floors P
+ 1 + Pk, which was sold at a price of 91 denar per square meter...

Presented the cocktail "One pearl" as a future recognizable brand of Ohrid
In order to enrich the promotion of Ohrid as the most famous tourist center in the
country, the regional tourist cluster "ONE" in the supply of the catering facilities in
the city inserted branded Ohrid cocktail, "One pearl". The intention is that special
cocktail to be prepared and served in all interested restaurants across the city and
in a specific way...

Increased the prices of the catering services annually (
The prices of the catering services in November compared with October this year
are on the same level, and compared to November last year are increased by 0.7
percent, announced today the State Statistical Office. In the period from January to
November compared to the same period last year, the prices of the catering
products are increased by 0.4 percent.
If you charge me I will burn you with the children (Vest)
"If I charge him to the police, he will burn the house, together with me and the
children in it. He says, I've done it, I will ignite it", these words of a mother of two
children who suffered 20 years of violence from her husband , went off the alarm in
the SOS helpline for women victims of violence. Followed months of talks and
agreements with the operators, who encouraged her to charge the abuser...
: ? (
Debate: How to prevent the phenomenon of "brain drain"? (
More than half of young people would like to leave Macedonia, a third of them would
never come back, and high 40% as a most desirable place of employment see the
public sector. On the other hand, only 25% would start their own business. In order
to change this dire statistic in the country, the student organization AIESEC and the
Faculty of Economics organized Youth2Business forum whose aim is the awakening
of the awareness of students and young leaders on the need to urgently take steps
against the brain drain from Macedonia.
The Golden Mask and the Great Mother often travel to China (Dnevnik)
The most sold are commercial copies of the Golden Mask of Ohrid, of the terracotta
figure of the Great Mother, jewelry from the Hellenistic period and clay relief
glasses, and are selling and professional literature, maps and small souvenirs. The
foreigners and companies are the most common buyers in museum shops, say the
directors of several museums in the country.

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Greasing your skis, the season will start soon! (
As informed us Ivan Cimeski, director of the ski center "Zare Lazarevski", the ski
season in the Mavrovo depending on the weather conditions traditionally begins on
December 20, and most skiers have for the New Year and Christmas holidays.
Macedonia's largest ski resorts Mavrovo and Popova Shapka are ready for the new
ski season, just is missing the required amount of snow to allow skiers to enjoy in
the winter's recreational sports.