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The United States wouldn't benefit from the the separation of presidential powers into more than

one official. It may seem that this would increase the productivity of the country because one
person wouldn't be under as much stress. This would also make it possible for a more bipartisan
executive power. Still, these advantages are out shined by the downfalls. Having more people in
charge of things leaves more chance for an unworthy, unqualified, or traitorous individual to take
office. Splitting powers also leads to governmental heads who only care about the part of
government which they head, and will put the needs of that department ahead of the country.
The pressure that surrounds the president helps him to not do a perfect job, but a job that thinks
of all angles and generally improves the state of the country. The ability to switch hats is not a
skill held by many people, having this responsibility fazes unworthy candidates out of the mix
and keeps the presidency pure. The United States is one of the best countries in the world
because of how things are done. Presidents are meant to do the job they do.
Having to play the role of Chief Politician can greatly hinder the effectiveness of the president in
his other hats. This is because just as congress members are held within the boundaries and
voting parameters of political parties, so is the president. The democrats or republicans all look
to him as their the leader to vote certain ways and always support them. Therefore the president
cannot have a change of heart and must always stay true to his party or he will lack support on
either side and fail to pass legislation. Fearful of that outcome he must be ever vigilant and stay
within the constraints of his party's ideals. This prevents the president from getting certain good
legislation passed. Another problem with being Chief Politician comes from the other party.
Much of the legislation the president tries to endorse will be shot down by the other party just
because of differing ideologies. Being the Chief Politician hurts the president's ability to increase
productivity and hinders the progress of the nation.
Most of the time president’s use the power of executive orders during times of war or times of
instability in the country. Times when the nations economy were in danger, or times where
Congress would not do its part in combating inequality. In many cases the executive orders
have less of an effect on the American people and more effect in helping America as a nation.
They serve as a rapid way for the president to keep the nation from collapsing and helping
Americans in the future.
The idea of executive orders themselves doesn’t violate the idea of separation of powers but
some of the actions they achieve do. The executive order power helps the nation stay on its feet
while Congress is at stalemate. Still, some executive orders step on the toes of the legislators,
especially like Executive Order 11615, passed by RIchard Nixon, which disallowed landlords
from raising rent, employers from raising salaries, and merchants from raising the prices of their
products for 90 days. While likely being unconstitutional, it is also a decision for Congress rather
than the president. Another executive order that may have broken the separation of powers is
Executive Order 10340, created my Harry Truman, which allowed the Secretary of Commerce to
cease the nation’s steel mills and prevent them from closing. An act like this, which was proved
unconstitutional, is an overstep of the president’s powers, and only the Congress can truly make
a heinous decision like that. Still, most of the time executive orders are constitutionally correct
documents that allow for the president to do his job. They don’t step over the idea of separation

but help to keep things running smoothly.of powers. .