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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

7 p.m., La Crosse Center
UW Varsity Band 2010 music program to be selected from the following
KOHL CENTER CLASSICS SING, SING, SING: The Legend of Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa
When visitors attend a Badger event at the Kohl Center for the first time, there are three things that become This year the musical world is also celebrating another centennial besides On Wisconsin. 1909 was the birth date of two
immediately apparent to them: the Kohl Center is a “state of art” facility, Badger teams are always well coached and giants in the field of jazz and legends in the Big Band era. Both clarinetist Benny Goodman and drummer Gene Krupa
ready to play and THE BAND continually fuels the raucous Badger fans to increasing levels of spirit and enthusiasm! were born in Chicago that year and both went on to be two of the most legendary musicians in America. Goodman was
Here are some selections that have become fan favorites in the Kohl Center: Lionel Richie’s exciting #1 hit “All Night crowned “The King of Swing” and universally acclaimed as one of the finest clarinet virtuosos in the world. Krupa
Long” … “La Bamba,” a tribute to rock legend Ritchie Valens … “Rock & Roll #2” … “Swingtown” … and although became the acknowledged model for Big Band Jazz and drumming and his dynamic, exciting performances brought
we always try to honor requests we’re still going to allow the tubas to play a feature number! drums “from the back of the band to the front of the stage” where he became a star performer. On January 16, 1938
these two jazz icons shared the stage at Carnegie Hall for what is considered by many the greatest jazz concert in history.
SOUNDS OF THE BEACH BOYS The highlight of the evening was an electrifying 11 minute performance of the swing “tone poem” entitled “Sing, Sing,
For nearly 50 years, their music has been a fascinating reflection of American life and evolving social trends. In the early Sing.” In tribute to these two master musicians the Wisconsin Band plays their own version of this classic.
1960’s three Wilson brothers and their cousin turned a high school garage band into one of the most popular rock
groups in history. Along with The Beatles, The Beach Boys were one of the true innovators of 20th Century music. MISS SAIGON
Their refreshing rhythmic structures, contemporary harmonies, and captivating melodies gave them instant recognition Long before its opening in New York, the musical presentation of “Miss Saigon” set theatrical records with the largest
and set a standard for all who would follow. Here are some tunes that remind us of surfing, cruising, happy times, and advanced ticket sale in the history of Broadway. It continued to break records all over the world and as one music critic
endless summers – “I Get Around” … “Fun, Fun, Fun” … “California Girls” … “Do It Again” … “Barbara Ann” … said, “Musicals come and musicals go, this one will stay.” Written and produced by the same brilliant team that gave the
“Be True To Your School” … and many more! world “Les Miserables” … “Miss Saigon” tells the tragic story of “Madame Butterfly” set against the grim anguish of the
Vietnam war. The music is appealing, innovative, and represents an unprecedented clash of two cultures. First premiered
AMEN … A CELEBRATION OF GOSPEL MUSIC in London on September 20, 1989, with dazzling stage affects … now 20 years later the true power of “Miss Saigon” lies
Gospel music, an ever changing, ever evolving musical form that is as uniquely American as jazz or bluegrass or rock in the story of love … of sacrifice … and of survival in a chaotic world. The melodies include “The Heat Is On In
and roll. This music can be traced back to what was once called “hillbilly hymns” or to that special uninhibited music Saigon” … “The Last Night Of The World” … “I Would Give My Life For You” … “The American Dream” … and
that was regularly presented in churches in the Deep South. For some it has always been music with an evangelical “This Is The Hour.” The Wisconsin Band is very pleased to present our special version of “Miss Saigon.”
message. For others it is simply music with a compelling rhythm and a memorable melody. Whatever its roots, gospel
music has had a profound affect on the world of popular music and its affect can be heard everywhere. The Wisconsin THE FIFTH QUARTER
Band offers this celebration with these old and new samplings of gospel music: “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” (a After surviving winning seasons … losing seasons… Rose Bowl seasons… and no bowl seasons … for over 30 years The
renowned hymn and a Dixieland favorite) … “Operator Give Me Heaven” (performed by such published artists as Fifth Quarter is still around … and may be around forever. The Fifth Quarter never fails to lift the spirits of Wisconsin
James Taylor and The Manhattan Transfer) … “Amen” (a traditional hymn written by 20th Century composer Jester fans, whether it’s after seeing an exciting Wisconsin victory or experiencing a heartbreaking Badger defeat. After having
Hairston) … “Walk Him Up The Stairs” (from the Broadway musical “Purlie.”) … and the traditional Favorite – “He’s spent the last several bowl seasons in Florida during the month of December, that state has been well exposed to The
Got The Whole World In His Hands.” Fifth Quarter and they have learned to anticipate the lengthy spirit of the post game celebration. They’ve danced,
they’ve sung, they’ve shouted, “When you say Wisconsin you’ve said it all!” … Done the “Chicken Dance” … and of
ON WISCONSIN … A CELEBRATION OF 100 YEARS course done the polka. It’s a phenomenon that seems to have no end!
On November 10, 1909, in the “Red Gym” on the shores of Lake Mendota, a new song was introduced at a
Homecoming pep rally by composer William Purdy and lyricist Carl Beck, and an enduring tradition began - the SONGS TO THEE WISCONSIN
tradition of On Wisconsin! Since that time it has been heard at every event Badger fans gather to honor the University, Songs to Thee Wisconsin. Ever let us sing
and it has been designated by the State Legislature as the “Official State Song.” After having performed the song Praise to alma mater, Ever let us bring
innumerable times, the Wisconsin Band fantasized about the character that famous song might convey if composers Queen of all the west, College we love best.
other than Mr. Purdy had composed it. We give you a sampling of some “variations” of On Wisconsin, that song that Queen of all the west, College we love best.
John Philip Sousa referred to as “the finest of all college marching songs.” You will hear On Wisconsin in a country
band version, in a Latin American style, a very Slavic On Wisconsin, as a ragtime classic, as a product of the Godfather
of Soul, James Brown, and you will hear On Wisconsin “Swing.” Since 1986, Gundersen Lutheran has proudly sponsored Children’s Miracle Network® (CMN). This network of
170 hospitals throughout the United States and Canada raises funds to benefit children with all types of medical
ECHOES FROM CAMP RANDALL challenges. CMN fundraising helps medical centers like Gundersen Lutheran provide the best care possible for
Camp Randall is the oldest stadium in the Big Ten and a stadium with a historical legacy that is unequalled anywhere. babies and children by supporting pediatric programs and services, equipment, technology and major capital
Not only does history surround the structure, but it has always been regarded as one of the toughest places in the initiatives that otherwise may not be available. Three key facts about CMN are: money raised stays in the service
country for a visiting football team to win. It is a historical fact that the Wisconsin Band built an enviable tradition at area to help children in the Tri-state Region, CMN helps families no matter where children receive their
the University even before Camp Randall Stadium was constructed; however, on game days the Band never fails to healthcare, and CMN can help no matter what the disease or injury.
contribute to the legacy of “The Camp.” The Band regularly features classics such as Carley Simon’s “Nobody Does It
Better” … the Big Band favorite “Lonesome Road” … and Duke Ellington’s monumental “It Don’t Mean A Thing If It
Ain’t Got That Swing.”