Aims of the session: 1. Gather ideas and advice from stakeholders to guide our work 2. Explore the meaning of ‘public art’ and ‘sustainability’ in the context of Craven 3. Help make the strategy particular to the nature & needs of Craven 4. Test a Provisional Draft Vision Facilitator/ documenting: Ian Banks, Atoll, Fran Smith, Beam In attendance: Alasdair Burman, Skipton Puppet Festival Andrew Mackay, Craven District Council Anthea Rathlin-Jones, The Mart Theatre Barbara Green, Visual Artist Bunty Leiger, Skipton Music Catherine Johnson, Craven District Council Dave Parker, Skipton Town Council Gill Birks, Glusburn Institute Julie Barker, Sustainable Tourism Manager, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Kate Maddison, Chrysalis Arts Mark Santon, Skipton Town Council Peter Watson, Head of Planning, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority 1

Part 1 - Introduction What I like about Craven… • • • • • • • • Guardian article – ‘Let’s move to Craven’ The Auction Mart – delivering art and agriculture Beautiful scenery – view to the Ribblehead viaduct from home Auction Mart programme – Art in the Pen – contemporary arts fair; Let it Grow project – sustainability and the environment Skipton bypass – in no way rural – potential for art on the roundabouts? - examples given from France Views and hidden gems Fossils Trig Points across Craven – historic monuments to a way of mapping

Initial thoughts: • • • • • • Potential to tie in with Bradford City of Film? Job creation from arts events – economic benefits Arts and Media – good way of defining the scope of the arts and includes design Funding available can often drive the kinds of artforms produced Differences between audiences for the arts – resident/ visitor- cultural mapping Temporary arts interventions can be useful for longer term marketing of a place, particularly if well documented. Can be a useful way of creating interventions in sensitive locations. • Shouldn’t be an imposed top down strategy


Part 2 - Definitions Sustainable (Development / Communities) Art & Design (& ‘Culture’?) Public Realm Craven District (with / without YDNP?) • • • • •

Definition of sustainable art – need to get away from idea that this is purely about recycling. More holistic view – sustainable implies legacy – not just about being ‘green’ Issues of travel and transport – guides the location of events Siting of artworks crucial – understandable process for commissioning. Fred Trueman – community engagement element missing from the process Concept of sustainable art and design and links to the arts and crafts movement

Part 3 - Evidence Base PSA 21 Cohesive, Empowered and Active Communities DCMS Departmental Strategic Objectives Planning Policy Statements – Design Quality, Innovative Housing, Open Space Regional Economic Strategy – Great Places York & North Yorkshire Cultural Strategy – Festivals/Culture/Outdoors/Volunteers Outdoor Arts Development Plan – Cultural Olympiad / Works of Scale / Development Turning Point Yorkshire & Humber – Visual Arts Development Integreat Regional Design Review Panel – Early Design Review for Placemaking Public Art Sustainability Assessment – Project-by-Project Appraisals • •

Include Craven District Council Sustainable Communities Strategy Visitor Economy Strategy – tourism, visitor impact and tourism partnership

Part 4 - Core Policy Core Strategy – including: Vision, Strategic Objectives & Settlement Strategy Housing Strategy and Distribution Economic Strategy and Distribution 3

Environment and Design Transport Part 5 - Mapping • • • • • Public Art Architectural / Environmental / Geological Other Online Databases Cultural Organisations – ACE RFO’s and Others Arts Audience Segmentation – Culture Vultures / Fun, Fashion & Friends / Mature Explorers / Family & Community Focused / Retired Arts & Crafts / Older Home bound •

Dales Jam – community jazz band. Professional artist employed to lead a group of volunteers – community driven. This model is a very efficient way of introducing professional quality arts to communities. Using a skill within a voluntary situation. Prof/voluntary mix – up’s the educational standard

Professional commissioning process – project development > fundraising > employing an artist – greater understanding needed of this process. Hard to prove the value of the arts.

Call for one to one consultation visits to be carried out with Auction Mart, Glusburn Institute and Victoria Hall

Part 5 Draft Vision Sustainable Art & Design as: Generic Architecture - bold-yet-sensitive; iconic; innovative housing; artist on design teams; Public Realm - Innovative Community Open Space; Creative Masterplanning Permanent Art & Design - Contemporary landmarks; artisan crafts New Media - Community Radio; Podcasts Creative Consultation - Playful Arts Activism; Public Interaction & Vox-Pop; Photography/Aural History Place Specific Programmes - Contemporary Art for Historic Places Temporary Arts - Challenging temporary public art; lighting & projection; Events & Festivals - Major Outdoor Arts Programme; Eco Tourism Events Sustainable Art & Design as: Specific Capacity Building - Further Funding of Culture & Festivals 4

Community Enabling - Supported Community Arts Networks Capital Projects - Craven Adventure Centre , Settle Riverside etc Sustainable Arts Outreach - More Sustainable Programmes; National Parks Arts Interpretation Artisan - Local Vernacular & Materials Iconic Land Art - Major Commissions Mapping & Exploration - Roving 'Wayfinding' Residencies Gateways - A59 / A65 'Dales Portals' Connections & Bridges - Forest of Bowland Shared Commissioning; Northern Rail / Northern Art Profile & Marketing - web resources & mapping Training & Artist Development - More Support, Networking & Crossover Professional - Professional CPD Programme; Design Review Capacity • • • •

Concern around using funding from a specific development – would this then need to be tied in to a specific area? Affordable Housing and Sport become key competitors to the Arts in this allocation of funds Response to embed artists into affordable housing development schemes – placemaking – sense of identity for place Town Council concerns – creating new arts projects when existing organisations and their work struggle to get funded. Needs to be addressed in the commissioning strategy – methodology of decision making

• •

Concern over needs of those working at grass roots level and a top down approach No creative forum in Craven – no cultural structure – networking for organisations/ individuals difficult due to geography and distance, also a reliance on volunteers, people working individually and time capacity

Craven Events website could be grown to form an archive for projects?


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