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A waterfall cannot stop a river . . .

no prison can stop those who seek

God . . . (See pages 8-9).
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us. Lord! on pages 8-9. 23 Heavenly Treasures Sent Ahead

2 3
Mark’s Gospel, chapter 6, records together. We often forget, because
Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand those who are suffering are faceless.
It is good to remember God’s full heart as the reports indicate
and what then followed. Jesus sent We do not see them – we cannot good hand with us. In Luke 16:25, new lessons, languages, countries,
his disciples by boat to Bethsaida, know them. But there is One, who the Word says . . . Son, remember. methods, and technology for God’s
while he retired to the mountain to assures us that it is not so with Him. . . . There have been several Good News.
pray. As darkness settled, a violent And He saw them . . . may be written recent activities that brought
Other memories are of the
storm ensued and the disciples over the life of every suffering saint. back memories of the dear Lord’s
passing of dear missionary friends
were in the middle of the sea. It is at In the Old Testament, the gracious dealing, leading, and
that point that the Scripture startles
with SLM. One was my brother-
wandering Hagar discovered that blessing.
us with this poignant statement, He in-law, Don Nabinger, who went
God had His eye on her as she sat In December, Joyce and I to be with the Lord last year. I had
saw them. by the well Lahi-roi, meaning the
reflected on our 54 years of service great respect and appreciation for
The sea of Galilee has a well of Him that liveth and seeth me
with Source of Light. God has his pioneer missionary work in the
circumference of thirty-three miles (Genesis 16:14). He is the same
and is thirteen miles long and eight today. He is alive – and He sees. And wonderfully provided for us and rugged Yukon village work, and
miles wide. It is impossible to see when He sees He comes to meet us for this faith ministry as it has later as he used our adapted Bible
even a large ship on a clear day in in our sufferings and trials. expanded beyond what we or other lessons to reach souls in many
the middle of the sea. Yet in the members could have imagined in villages. Another, Mel Sheppard
Western Christianity has known
blackest of nights, in the midst of those early years. Some of you, just went to be with the Savior he
little of the suffering endured by
the storm, Jesus not only saw them, the rest of the world, and thus we our readers, have been used of loved. It was my great privilege
but saw their desperation, toiling in easily lose the awareness of our God to help, by encouragement of to pray weekly with Mel in Cam
rowing. And He came to their aid, need for His presence. But suffering prayer, support, communication, Thompson’s prayer room, and to
walking on the waves in the midst of and persecution is nearer than and advice. To God be the glory for travel and minister with him here
the storm. we think. Enmity and contempt for the souls saved; the Word of God and in other countries.
Around the world today, in India, Christ and His people is increasing through Bible lessons distributed,
in Sudan, in Indonesia, in China, exponentially in this country and in
Recently it has been my
now in 144 languages with more
in North Korea, and in a growing Europe. Secular humanism as well privilege to visit churches that use
translations in process; disciples
number of lesser known places, as radical Islam present a clear and our Bible lessons for door-to-door
made; and many churches planted.
there swirls a thick, dark storm cloud present danger. But of this we may evangelism, neighborhood Bible
of persecution which surrounds the be assured, that no matter what our I have been reminded of our studies, Sunday school and prayer
people of God. It is now believed that situation may be, He will see us, Director, Dr. Bill Shade’s first meeting study, and prison ministry.
there have been more martyrs in this know our struggles, and in a manner message to us, “The best is yet to So Son, remember is not just for
generation than in all preceding ones befitting our need, will come walking be,” and have praised God with past blessings, but for what God is
on the waves to our aid. doing right now. Praise His Name!
4 5
hard time keeping up with the supply
of lessons. Please pray that God will
keep our shelves stocked with lessons
so that students will not have to wait
by Brian Trapp
to do lessons. We currently have 500
It was said that it “couldn’t be done.” to carry Bible lessons back and forth students on waiting lists.
How can a ministry be conducted chiefly from our office to students all over the A soldier recently wrote to share
through volunteers in a country where city? No one, unless it was someone this testimony: “I was attending an
the national average yearly income was committed to carrying out the Great African traditional cult. God met me
estimated by the World Bank in 2005 to Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ through the Bible lessons. Since that
Two of the ministry volunteers in front of the
be $120 (40 cents a day)? (Matthew 28:19-20). complex that houses our office. time, I decided to stop attending that
Most people in the city rely on public One must understand that Kinshasa, now a Discipleship Training Branch cult. I surrendered my heart to God.
transport to get from place to place and the capital of the Democratic Republic of Source of Light Ministries Now I can read the Bible, watch and
it is not free to ride in those taxis or of the Congo, doesn’t have a properly International in Madison, will celebrate listen to the Christian TV and radio
buses. How would these volunteers functioning postal system. Even if it its 8th anniversary this year. Vadette programs which I couldn’t do before.”
afford to pay for their transport? Not was functioning, most of the population Nlandu, a national Congolese, directs
only the cost of the transport was to could not afford to use it. the ministry with a board of national
be considered, but also the struggle to directors. They have enrolled 6,950
So, if a Bible correspondence
get that transport. Kinshasa is a city students, and 160 of these students have
program was going to work, the lessons
of over five million people and the reported that they have received Christ
would have to be hand delivered.
transportation system is not adequate through doing the lessons. King’s
In 2000, Brian and Gwenda Trapp
to meet the needs. One has to often Source of Light Congo is an officially
began a Source of Light Associate
wait for hours and then fight to get a recognized non-profit organization
Discipleship School in Kinshasa.
seat in the overly crowded run-down in the Congo and will complete the
Using a small laundry room as an
vehicle. Who would go through all that purchase of its own property this year.
office, they hired one worker, Alain
The ministry has recently partnered A school student sits on the sidewalk near the
Elembo, to process the French lessons. King’s office, doing her next Bible lesson.
with Missionary Aviation Fellowship,
Alain was a committed Christian and
who has agreed to take lessons into Another student wrote to say:
worked through the lessons eagerly.
areas where they fly regularly in the “Before, I was a tough guy. I was not
He passed the news onto his friends
interior of the Congo. Volunteers able to attend church service. These
and people began coming to the
traveling into neighboring countries lessons have changed my life. Even
office to pick up lessons for friends,
have also brought new students to the my neighbors noticed the difference in
family, work associates, churches, and
ministry from Rwanda and Congo me. I am now a deacon.”
military buddies. Soon, there were
people waiting outside the office, all It was said that it “couldn’t be
volunteers, to collect their lessons and The biggest challenge we now face done,” but God has done it! For with
take them to their mission fields. is keeping up with our volunteers. We God nothing shall be impossible
One of our volunteer couriers who hand-delivers have the laborers, but we are having a (Luke 1:37).
lessons by use of a local taxi in our city.
King’s Source of Light Congo,
6 7
to think and to choose if we will give Him our life. If
I would have had a spiritual leader, to show me the
way of God while I was a child, I am very confident
that my life would not have failed in such suffering
by Pavel Greucean
and painful loneliness, in which I have forever lost
the greatest and holiest gift: freedom. I come from a
“As a waterfall cannot stop a river in its way toward the
family where I received a chosen education, but the
sea, no prison can stop those who seek God with all their
years spent in school did not teach me to get closer to
hearts to return to Him,” confesses Adrian Stroe, a prisoner
faith in our heavenly Father, and now I greatly regret
for life in a maximum security penitentiary in Romania.
the time I have lost.
After he completed all the
Because correspondence courses with lots of
It is crazy to meditate on happiness, when you are
a convict . . . And it’s very daring to try to give a
happiness dedication, he continued to keep in
definition of happiness when you’re surrounded by
touch with his spiritual mentors, day
. . . is a high walls, cold bars, locks, and guards . . . when
by day wishing to learn, to understand
state of the Word of God and more of salvation.
you are afraid of everything and you are not sure
of anything . . . but still try to think about things
peace — From the moment he received Jesus as
that can fly over the walls, that can ignore the locks,
Lord and Savior, everyone around him
it’s a and the guards — the obvious looks, and even your
saw a radical change in his life — a
matter of change for the better in his character
own conscience which cruelly points a finger at you.
Think beautiful! And what can be more beautiful
choosing. and his behavior (which had been
than trying to define happiness! Do it from your own
really aggressive before).
view, with your own words; it could be a masterpiece
that could make your life more beautiful. Because
In 2002, Adrian had the initiative of starting a Christian
happiness . . . is a state of peace — it’s a matter of
magazine, which he name “Emanuel.” He worked hard
on that. His passion for Jesus culminated in the year of
2006, when he published a book, “Free in the Land of the
Adrian’s testimony encourages us to preserve the service
Lord.” In the book, he writes with lots of talent, giving his
that we were called to, because the correspondence
testimony of repentance, and essays about the new life in
ministry can bring the Light of the Gospel, salvation and
Christ that he is presently living.
freedom to anyone anywhere: both to those that are
“free,” but don’t appreciate their freedom, and to those
I live, now filled with faith that our Lord made each
who, because of the abuse that they have done, live the
and every one of us on the road of life, leaving us free
rest of their lives behind bars.
8 9
by Ben Watson

Who hath saved us, and called

us . . . according to his own purpose
and grace . . . (2 Timothy 1:9). This verse
adequately sums up the story of Haile Glenn brought Haile to see the ministry
Selassie Tefera and his wife, Tsedale. of Source of Light. When he saw the
courses and realized the powerful Nothing reveals who God is and
Born and reared in Christian homes
impact they could have on the country His care for us more than a
in Ethiopia, both Haile and Tsedale
of Ethiopia, Haile expressed a desire study of His names as recorded
came to know Jesus as personal
to financially support a Branch office in
Savior when they were teenagers. in Scripture – and no one is
Addis Ababa. Haile thought they would
Haile relates that the complete change more qualified to teach
live in America and support the ministry
in his sister’s life after she became a this subject than Dr. Hap
in Ethiopia, but God had other ideas.
Christian convinced him he should Struthers. Dr. Struthers
do the same and so, at the age of On a trip to Ethiopia in 2006, East has been presenting “The
seventeen, he trusted Christ as His Africa director, Jack Stiles, challenged
Names of God” series,
Savior. At the University of Ethiopia, Haile to consider returning to Ethiopia
Haile met and later married Tsedale. to direct the ministry there. His now called “Intimacy With
immediate reaction was, “No way.” God,” for over 20 years
In 1990, Haile received an to audiences all over the
This all changed as Haile began to
opportunity to immigrate to the United
observe how God was using him to world, and the effect has
States, where he hoped to achieve the
promote the ministry in Ethiopia been truly life-changing.
American dream. He was eventually
able to own a home, a car, and When Haile returned home, he
everything he and his family wanted. asked Tsedale if she would like to Now SLM is making this
He says that during those years, God return to Ethiopia as a missionary, and tremendous series, filmed
was shut up in a closet and once in she replied, “God has been talking to before a live audience,
a while he would open the door and me about that in my prayer time.” available on DVD. Over
talk to Him. Otherwise, he didn’t give eight hours of thrilling
The Tefera family, including their
God any time in his life. But that all exposition. You can own
three daughters, plan to return to
changed. the entire set for just
Ethiopia in July. Pray for their remain-
In 2004, former SLM director, ing support needs of approximately $49.00. Order your set
Glenn Dix, met Haile and later Tsedale. $1,500 per month, as they begin this on the order form on
Learning that they were Christians, vital work in Ethiopia. page 13.
10 11
Order/Information Request Form
o Please send CrossWalk 220 $10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk CMF $10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk IPR $10.00 per course
The CrossWalk courses are spiral- o Please send Biblical Prophecy $49.00 for 10 CDs
bound (8 1/2” x 11”) and each o Please send Names of God $49.00 for 4 DVDs
book is 100-123 pages in length. o Please send the Literature Information Packet o Tract Samples - $3.00
These courses, costing $10 each, o Please send information about WWBI o WW LIT and The Ezra Institute
are fantastic for interactive small-
group study. Preferred minimum order is $10. Please add 30% for Shipping & Handling.

Name _____________________________________ Phone _____________

CrossWalk 220 (CW-220) is a discipleship course of 13 lessons, to Address ______________________________________________________
ground the believer in the Christian life. City _______________________________ State ______ Zip ____________

CrossWalk Christian Marriage & Family (CW-CMF) has 14 lessons

and is designed to teach Biblical values for the family.
CrossWalk Interpersonal Relationships (CW-IPR), a 15-lesson
course, shows Biblical principles for handling everyday problems as we Emerson Brandon
May 2 - 4 – East Putnam Community Church,
relate to others.
Putnam, Connecticut
May 11 – Emmanuel Baptist Church, Old
Saybrook, Connecticut

Glenn Dix
An entire audio course on biblical prophecy, covering May 2 - 4 – Global Harvesters Conference,
the foundations of prophetic interpretation, and mov- Elizabethton, Tennessee
ing on through fulfilled prophecy to future prophecy
Dave Keener
from now till eternity. Each lecture (with questions to
June 20-24 – IFCA National Convention, Eugene, Oregon
stimulate learning) lasts approximately thirty minutes.
July 13-19 – Liberty Bible Camp, York, Pennsylvania
Your faith will grow and your heart will burn as you
listen to this set of twenty lectures by the Director of Bill Shade
SLM International, Dr. Bill Shade. A set includes 10 June 20-24 – IFCA National Convention, Eugene, Oregon
CDs, each containing two full lectures.
Price: $49.00
12 13
I AM GOD appears thirty- by Rosina Brandon
seven times in eight chapters of
Have you ever felt like a loser? Jesus motivated her to begin
Leviticus (Chapter 18-25). God Well, that was the state of mind Nita ministering to Scottish children,
was establishing His authority was in when she joined the navy giving them hope in Jesus. She and
for expecting certain conduct of and became a nurse. There she met Joe teamed in ministry, reaching
His people. It is a good reminder Joe Certain. Less than two months many through Billy Graham films
for us in the Madison Discipleship after they were married, the Navy and Bible studies.
shipped Joe to Scotland. Shortly Georgia became their home when
School for God’s authority in our after that, Nita got out of the Navy
lives and those of the students. God revealed a new plan for them.
by Bob Hearing and joined him there. She settled They sold their home, bought an RV,
in Dunoon, Scotland, “to make my and set out to “find a need and fill
sailor a happy life,” but something it.” Their travels have taken them
happened to her one day while Joe to Child Evangelism Fellowship,
was at the ship. Warrenton, Missouri, and Wycliffe
headquarters in Orlando, Florida.
They have been active in “Campers
on Mission” for several years.
A few months ago, a large RV
For some time, the active student enrollment has been on a turned into SLM parking lot. Two
“flat line,” but we have seen a “blip on the chart” that indicates people came in and with a hearty
the school has come to life and on the increase. This is due in a greeting said, “We’re the Certains, full-
large part to the students enrolling their friends. time mission ministry volunteers!”
What a joy to have servants so willing
to go anywhere, at any given moment,
We have seen an increase in the personnel. We thank God to serve Christ! Madison Discipleship
for four new people that have joined the team. I was asked to Nita sat down at her living room School is growing. They have been a
take over the leadership of the Madison Discipleship School table, a Bible was in her hand, one tremendous help, grading lessons and
maybe left by a former tenant? As sharing Bible truths with students.
last August. My wife, Wanda, is also a full-time volunteer. In she opened it, the words God is
September, Joe and Nita Certain joined us as volunteers with Their enthusiasm and excitement over
not mocked: for whatsoever a man what God is doing in a life is evident
the prison ministry. Joe came with a background of advising soweth, that shall he also reap every day. We’re glad they’re here!
prisoners how to live for the Lord. (Galatians 6:7), spoke to her. That
day her hungry heart responded as Two military veterans never
she wept tears of repentance. That would have thought they would
With this growth, it has put pressure on the staff because of night Joe returned to a changed ultimately become soldiers of the
space limitations. Increased expenditures and the need of home . . . and a changed wife. Her cross! Is it possible that you, too,
additional volunteers. Perhaps you should join the SLM Team. persistent testimony soon prompted should be filling a slot at SLM?
him to also follow the Lord Jesus. If you have questions, please call
The words of God through Leviticus are still true. I AM GOD.
706.342.0397 and ask for Judy.
Nita’s zeal to tell others about
14 15
organization called Goodnews for ahead of us is the same. Some look
All People, or GAP. SLM has been to the possibility of losing their
working with that organization for homes, their church buildings,
several years now on a peripheral and more. But they count it worth
level. In January, I flew to India the price to honor God and do the
by Bill Shade
and met with the GAP board and right thing. We here at SLM now
Director, Rev. Christudas Earla. face the challenge of a budget of

W hen, in the course of human

events, it becomes necessary
for one people to dissolve the bonds
contacted us, asking to come with
SLM and continue their ministry
under our direction. That meant
The result of that meeting was a
new partnership, known as SLM/
$10,000 per month — a budget for
which we are in no way prepared.
GAP. But God has been previous in all
which have connected them with resignation from AJI, and it
O n February 9, the Zonal else, and He will not fail us now.
another . . . Not pleasant words, also meant a huge step of faith
but, in the nature of the case,
necessary. So begins the document
involving support, properties,
and more. But so serious were the
Leaders faced the AJI Board
and leadership and presented
them with their resignations en
W e will return to India
before you read this article
and begin the process of total
that changed the course of history problems they felt compelled to
on this continent and created the take that step. mass. As of this writing, every reorganization for the greatest
leader from every zone in India has advance of the Gospel we have

land of liberty we enjoy today. or SLM to be able to aid joined with us. That means that ever made on that continent.

T here are times that such

action is still called for and
that time came for SLM in relation
them in a foreign country,
we have to have registration with
the Government as a religious
all of the pastors, evangelists, and
workers and all of the churches
Please pray for us — pray for
these men, these leaders, and
under their direction are now those who serve under them. Pray
to our former partnership with organization, or a partnership directly under
AJI India. After years of trying to with an existing national the SLM banner
correct the problems in the central organization. Again, God was – and there is
office, SLM decided to terminate previous. Seven years ago, I had such a spirit of
that relationship in January of expectation and
this year. But the problems were freedom as must
at the administrative level - the have been present
workers and evangelists of AJI when that first
were all doing an outstanding d o c u m e n t
job. Scores of churches planted, was signed in
hundreds of souls saved, yet we Philadelphia in
were forced by biblical principle 1776.
to take the action we did.
B ut ahead of SLM India Team

G od is always previous and

He was certainly previous
in this matter. No sooner had we
Christudas and Dr. Shade
the signers
of that document was a long and for wisdom and vision as we chart
the course of a new day in India,
helped a former student from difficult struggle and each of us
taken the action of separation involved in this action knows that and pray that God will meet their
from AJI than the Zonal Leaders Bharat Bible College establish an needs by meeting ours.
16 17
to have a book like ours to print a 12-lesson Bible course (bound will visit Beijing for the Summer
carry with them to church. together in one small volume) for just Olympics. It is the starting date
He taught a Sunday evening 25 cents per book. Your gift of $250 of the Games to be conducted in
Bible class using SLM’s New will provide 1,000 Bible courses to China from August 8-25. Will you
by Pat Dye
Life in Christ 1 course. He believers in China. Will you join with be attending? Is your answer “No”

W hat happens to trees and house

roofs and other buildings
during hurricane season in Florida?
has requested 6,000 of the New
Life in Christ 2 course, to teach his
congregations. Praise the Lord!
us in establishing the Chinese church
on the Solid Rock? Please earmark
your gift: “China Printing Project.”
again? That can be changed!
In response to a request from
our Chinese brethren, SLM
They are uprooted and damaged or
destroyed. Why? Because they were
not firmly “grounded,” or established
I n another large city, two men have
organized an extensive network of
church fellowship groups that have
has published a very attractive
Olympic souvenir booklet in the
Chinese language to be distributed
on a secure and sure foundation. during the Games. The booklet
targeted colleges and universities

S ince 2005, it has been the goal

of SLM to provide doctrinally
sound Bible study materials to
— 65% of their church members are
students. Most are new believers.
In mid-2007, SLM was delighted to
includes information about the
Olympics and a place to write
in new records. The heart of the
Mainland China. The purpose has provide 500 copies of the New Life booklet is a beautiful presentation
been that Chinese churches would be in Christ 1 to follow up these new of the Gospel, called “Who is
established in their faith. “Our hope believers. By the end of the year, the Jesus Christ?” Hundreds of
is built on nothing less than Jesus’ fellowships had grown to over 700 Chinese people are poised, ready
blood and righteousness” is as true members, so the leaders requested, to distribute the souvenir booklets.
for our brothers and sisters in China and SLM provided them with 1,000 Our goal is to complete the
as it is for us here in America. Nothing copies of New Life in Christ 2. It is printing of 100,000 booklets and
else but a firm understanding of our great joy to partner with these to get them into the hands of the
the living Word of God will provide Chinese church planters. distributors by June.
stability and security to the believer.

M ass distributions of SLM

literature characterized 2005-
I n 2008, SLM will be expanding its
ministry into other areas of China.
For this expansion, we will need
The printing facility that God has raised up
Each booklet, with 4-color
cover, will cost just 33 cents to
produce. For an investment of $330,
to print our SLM materials
2006, with just a few testimonies $5,000 to print more Bible courses. you can provide 1,000 booklets to
received about the impact of the Along with the explosive growth of be given to Chinese who have never
literature. In 2007, the focus shifted the Church in China, there has been heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
to more specific distributions and a proliferation of cults and various Ask God what He would have you
the testimonies and reports are exotic religions that masquerade to do to reach the goal of $33,000
thrilling. One missionary pastor was as biblical Christianity. So people for “Beijing 2008!” Earmark your
so impressed by the SLM courses understand the difference, we need Does the number 8-08-08 gift, “Beijing Olympic Project,”
that he began using them in all his to continue to publish and distribute mean anything to you? No? It and send to SLM, 1011 Mission
growing churches. He reported that books that contain solid Bible has great meaning to the almost Road, Madison, Georgia 30650.
the new believers were delighted teaching. Remember that we can eight million Chinese people who Thank you!

18 19
Alternative Media is working Homontowski. Joe and Penny
by Ray Walker
toward having a couple of our Bible are SLM Canada Directors and
Brother Mel, as many knew him, will courses online before the year when they came to Maryland to
be greatly missed. After joining Source ends. More courses are available in visit family for Christmas, Penny
of Light, he was appointed to work Braille and large print. Pray for this had a near heart attack. Without
with Pan American Testament League, exciting area of ministry. medical insurance in the United
where he served for 46 years. After States, emergency heart surgery
Brother Cam Thompson went to be with Pray for Brian and Gwenda
Trapp, and their two daughters, could be a big problem. But God
the Lord in 1961, his wife, Sister Dell,
SLM Congo, who are in the United undertook! Huge discounts were
carried on the work, ably assisted by
Mel Sheppard. Faithful, diligent, and States on a six-month furlough. given from the medical providers
humble are some of the words used to and God’s people sent gifts to take
Pan American Testament care of the rest.
describe him. He was a man of God
with a servant’s heart and a real man of
League, directed by Dell
Thompson, has had the able A Cambodian Army General
prayer. A number have spent much time received a bilingual Khmer/English
in seasons of prayer with him, inspiring assistance of SLM missionary,
Mel Sheppard, for 46 years. Pray New Life in Christ, course 1, and
them beyond their natural inclination
in this area. Many called upon him for that God will provide the help they because of the help it was to him,
special prayer and counsel. need since Mel’s Homegoing in he wants 2,000 more to distribute
January. to others in the army camps.
Brother Mel had many open doors as a preacher of the Word of God.
He had a good pastoral ministry, counseling with those who called, Daniel Sappor, SLM Ghana, Our Volunteer Workers,
wrote, or came by. He was a dear brother and friend to many. will continue deputation here in whether local and coming on a
Mel served as secretary for PATL, responsible for preparing news the United States until October. regular basis, or from a distance and
letters for mailing, as well as the packaging and sending out of Bibles and Pray that God will provide the coming for a specific period of time,
other materials. He also was adept as bookkeeper for the organization. financial needs to continue their are such an encouragement to us as
He acted as chauffeur for Mrs. Thompson when she was unable to drive. rural school projects, and the radio they assist in the heavy work load of
Other responsibilities included correspondence, ordering Bibles and Bible studies. These ministries the various departments of SLM.
Gospels in many languages, and making arrangements for the Gospel reach many Muslims in that needy We are grateful for our Pre-
distributions in many countries. This included over 200 contacts around country. Field missionaries and look forward
the world for ministry opportunities.
Pray for safety for SLM to the time when the Lord provides
When a giant tree is cut down out of the forest, it makes room for the their financial needs so that they
workers in the many countries that
growth and development of the younger trees, enabling them to reach can work with us full-time.
their potential. Brother Mel (or maybe someone close and dear to you are war-torn and where persecution
to whom you looked for strength and help) is no longer here for those is prevalent. People are searching The Administrators and
who looked to, or depended on him. Maybe the Lord wants you to follow for answers and Christ is that Board of Directors of SLM seek
Mel’s example and become a stalwart of the faith; a person of faith and answer. God’s wisdom and direction
prayer, who walks close to God and is able to be a help and guide to Praise the Lord for His for this expanding world-wide
others in their time of need. For thou art the glory of their strength: and ministry. Praise the Lord for their
care and provision for Penny
in thy favor our horn shall be exalted (Psalm 89:17). untiring leadership and direction.
20 21
John and Susan Cranmer began
their ministry with SLM International
in December, 1972. Over the years,
John and Susan have been involved in various areas of SLM’s ministry.
Presently, John is print shop clerk and responsible for submitting orders
for materials to be printed, and is also in charge of inventory control
for all lessons and literature printed. Susan is secretary for the Field
Ministries Department. Along with secretarial work, she spends many
hours a day tracking the ministry of our Discipleship Training Branches.
We at Source of Light commend John and Susan for 35 years of faithful

Gifts received in memory of:

Louis Crank by Mrs. Frances L. Crank
Sue Forte by Mrs. Carolyn K. Pasquarello
Sue Matthews by Ms. Eleanor C. Marzullo
Morris Messmore by Mrs. Mary Esther Messmore
Mel Murawski by Rev. & Mrs. Dennis D. Murawski
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Murawski
Mrs. H. Adele Newell
An Investment of: Can result in . . .
Ken Samuelson by Mrs. Valeda J. Samuelson
Wills Souls Saved
Bill & Julia Scifres by Mrs. Carole Schwab
Mel Sheppard by Clarkston High School Class of 1954 Grants Churches Planted
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rochon Stock Lessons Distributed
Mr. & Mrs. James Francis Rodgers
Rev. Walter G. Sandell Insurance Discipleship Training
Glen Ward, Jr. by Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Ingalsbe
Bob Wilkins by Mr. & Mrs. O’Donell Trumper
Mrs. Catherine L. Wesenberg
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Gifts received in honor of: tries International. Phone 800.776.1207 or 706.342.0397, or e-mail
Marjorie Hall by Mrs. Catherine H. Blacksher We will gladly answer your questions without
cost or obligation. All information will be kept in strictest confidence.
Source of Light Ministries International
reaches the people of the world
through Christ-centered and time-tested materials
which result in evangelism, discipleship,
and church planting.


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