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Source of Light Ministries International
Source of Light Ministries International is an independent, faith
mission that exists to bring people of every nation, language and
ethnicity into a mature relationship with Jesus Christ and into fellowship
with a local church.
SLM is a world-wide, disciple making, church planting mobilization that
uses the medium of Bible lessons for all ages in both printed and electronic
format to achieve its goals. The International Headquarters in Madison,
Georgia, and its Discipleship Training Branches (DTBs), and Associate
Discipleship Schools (ADSs), distribute lessons throughout the world.
Representatives, Missionaries, and Appointees of SLM are
available to present the ministry to churches, missionary conferences,
and other groups. Contact the SLM PR office for scheduling.
For information on any of the ministries of SLM, see or call 800. 776.1207.

The Reaper
Fall 2009
The Reaper is published by Source of Light Ministries International, Inc. and is sent free of charge to
anyone requesting it. Write or call to be placed on the mailing list.

SLM International
1011 Mission Road Administrative Council
Madison, Georgia 30650 Dr. B. Shade, General Director
• Phone: 706.342.0397 R.R. Walker, Chief Financial Officer
• Fax: 706.342.9072 P. Winder, Director of Operations
• E-mail: E. Brandon, Director of Public Relations
• Web Site: B. Watson, Director of Field Ministries
R.R. Walker, Director of Printing Operations
Board of Directors B. Hearing, Director of MDS
D. Lowry, Chairman
L. Valentine, Vice Chairman The Reaper
Daniel De Jong, Secretary Editor: Billie Will
E.B. Shoff, Treasurer Graphic Design: Marianne Rosenberger
J.C. Carter • C. Mayfield Prepress: SLM Publications
Dr. G.S. Palmer • Dr. R.J. Sans Production: SLM Printing
Dr. B.H. Struthers • Dr. Earl Parvin
Barry Blenis
FALL 2009
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Source of Light Ministries International

Church in Himachal Pradesh, India. Read about

4 News & Views

North India ~ a Step 5 Observations

Towards Progress 6 South Africa
page 16 12 SLM Materials
18 Destinations
19 Phenomena of the Seed
20 Expansion Update
21 Prayer & Praise
22 With the Lord
— Don Adcox

8 The World Is in Crisis . . . 22 In Loving Memory

23 The Joy of Giving
the gypsy people in Argentina

10 11
new more new
workers ~ workers ~
the Lewis family the Titus family
We live in the midst of an economic crisis. Like a creeping disease
it continues to spread causing financial paralysis and commercial
death. Rational economists who analyze our present malaise are
not hopeful. They predict a long hard financial winter with dire and
depressing consequences. From a logical and rational point of view,
they are probably right. But the Christian must look at everything,
including the present situation, from a very different perspective.
Jesus once spoke of a time of terrible famine in Israel, during
which a believing woman fed her son and her houseguest (Elijah)
every day from a barrel of meal that would not waste and a cruise of
oil that would not fail ( Luke 4:25, 26). Is the God of Elijah unavailable
to us?
Those who have had the privilege of living by faith have a great
advantage in times like these. Around them others can only evaluate
the situation and apply the earth’s best logic to the problem. Those
who live in the expectation of the miraculous look and anticipate the
provision and blessing of God.
I was trying to comfort my daughter recently who was going
through a crisis in the family business. I reminded her of a time when
God had intervened in our family when all human hope was gone.
Her response encouraged me. She said, “I know Dad. I grew up living in
the expectation of the miraculous and watching God show up when we
needed Him most.”
That’s such an important lesson, and perhaps God is using the
present situation to help many of His dear children to learn to live in
the expectation of the miraculous. Are you ready to be teachable?
In recent months, it has been my great delight and privilege
to be working on the history of Source of Light. This clearly
demonstrates that the walk of faith is not static; the Holy Spirit’s
work never becomes stereotyped; His mercies are new every
morning. As I review past issues of The Reaper, the unmistakable
image of our Lord shines through the many facets of His love and
His leading with the brightness of a gem. We say with Solomon,
Blessed be the Lord . . . there hath not failed one word of all his good
promise . . . (1 Kings 8:56). So the history of Source of Light is
really HIS STORY.

Our desire is to ascribe praise and glory to the One who only does
wondrous things. We would say with Mary, . . . my soul doth magnify
the Lord. This is especially encouraging, following a year when many
faith ministries have experienced sharp financial curtailment of
activities; God has graciously provided for our needs.

So we continue to operate by faith. Seeing things before they

appear is called faith. Hebrews 11:1 states it clearly, Now faith is
the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So
for all of the souls who need to be reached; ones who need to be
discipled with the Word of God by our Discipleship Schools and
Branches; additional staff, buildings, equipment, and adequate
funding; for new courses to be added, with new technologies, our
focus continues to be Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of
our faith, to continue HIS STORY of Source of Light.

by Fanie Buys

On Source of Light’s website children’s Bible in their own

you’ll find the words: Providing language and the older children one
the tools to finish the task. At SLM in the language of their choice.
South Africa we are doing just
that. Ministries and churches are
busy reaching out with the Gospel
through our follow-up material. It
is a privilege to work with them and
provide Bible lesson materials.
The town where one of our
discipleship ministries is situated
is aptly named Hopetown. Many Young people studying their Bibles
found the Savior through the using SLM Bible lessons
ministry of Batho ba Lesedi (People
of Light). They started using SLM About thirty women attend
lessons in 2005. They have 160 a weekly Bible study and do
students that attend the classes. needlework. Every evening ninety
They are divided according to age hungry children get supper at the
and their ability to read. The lesson school. During holidays there are
is presented and they complete the Bible lessons, stories, games, and
questions. Volunteers help mark the snacks at the Bible school. The
lessons. As soon as the first course lady leading this ministry, Helena
has been completed, the smaller van Zyl, writes: All these things
children are possible, because our heavenly
receive a Father looks after His children. I
am still not sure how we got all
the material to build the Bible
school. Farmers in the area donate
meat, grain, and vegetables. From
other communities we receive old
clothes. There are also people
regularly giving donations. We
have never been worried about
finances and food.
Children studying SLM Bible lessons Chris Heyns, leading a prison
• There is Rita, a lady, already
on pension, who visits schools
and does The Mailbox Club
lessons with the children,
Many hundreds of children
are reached.
• This week Stella from Zambia
took a few thousand lessons
to use at a mission station in
Children waiting in line for food • There is Pastor Arnold in
— plates of food waiting for them Zimbabwe with a heart for
children’s ministry. He reaches
ministry writes: In the city of many in this country where
Roodepoort, a group of seven there is much suffering.
persons runs the Source of Light
• The Lord laid the Chinese
Bible Studies correspondence
community in South Africa on
school. The school was started by our hearts. There are about
two persons in 2004. Our initial 400,000 Chinese in South
enrollment was around 70 students Africa of which only 2% are
and our numbers soon exceeded Christians. We’ve made contact
the 100 mark. with them and ordered the
lessons in Chinese, which they
In the early days of Christianity,
are presently using.
the faith was spread through
believers who were scattered from Through SLM South Africa’s
Jerusalem throughout the known Discipleship ministry, we are
world. In our case, something reaching many in the prisons.
similar happened, albeit on a Praise the Lord, there are also
miniature scale. Students were many in the towns across South
transferred to other prisons and Africa using the lessons.
soon enrolled their new fellow
inmates as students. Currently,
we offer six courses to some 425
students in nine prisons spread
over three provinces.
Space and time doesn’t permit a
long description of each ministry/
person to whom we have the
privilege to provide ministry tools. Prisoners receive Bible lessons once a week
by Jorge Ovando

I do not know what is

happening with the employees
where you live, but here in
Argentina we are seeing a
strong crisis. We have gotten
used to saying . . . Nevertheless
Ovando Family — Jorge is the Argentina the world is in Crisis, but we
Branch Director are IN CHRIST.
By the mercy of God and His pure grace we finished the
construction of the classrooms for our Kindergarten. This year,
we began our educational
ministry with the highest
number of students. Praise the
Lord for 158 in our Christian
School, 47 in our Kindergarten,
“Lucecitas” or “Little Light,”
17 adult students in CEA Luz
or “Be Light,” 48 students in
our Bible Institute, “School of
Ministers,” and 289 students of Students enrolled in the SLM courses
Source of Light courses, only in
our church.
On several occasions when
thousands of pilgrims were coming
to the city of Lujan to visit the “lady of
Lujan,” we served water and gave them
evangelistic pamphlets. We also loaned
them our restroom facilities and chairs
for tired people. The police estimate that
1.5 million people come to Lujan in every
youth pilgrimage. At the leprosy hospital

Other Ministries . . . One team from our church
visits the hospital for leprosy
every Saturday, preaching the
Gospel and trying to give them
support in their need.
We also work with the
people who are in the process
of rehabilitation. We have four
programs on different radio
stations. Our goal is to have
six more in order to be ready
when God gives us our own
One of the radio programs in progress FM Radio Station.
Every Friday, many people meet to pray for every need and
for the salvation of souls.
We also began a work
among the gypsy people. Some
of them have begun to come to
the church. They suffered a lot,
because the society rejected
them. Work amongst the gypsy people
Each Saturday, children
between 8-13 years meet in the Polideportivo of Lujan with a
team of our church. We teach them the lessons of the Bible and
then we play sports.

Future Ministries . . .
Please pray as we plan for the future of the following projects . . .
• Our own place to hold retreats, camps, and have a farm
• A bookstore and distribution center for Christian books for
all of Argentina
• Our own FM Radio Station
• The Jail ministry and Drug recovery rehabilitation (we
currently have three recovery programs in progress)

by Rosina Brandon

Paul was also raised in a

Christian home and confessed his
sin, accepting Christ as a young boy.
He is a graduate of Baptist Bible
College, Jamestown Community
College, and Grand Rapids Baptist
Seminary. Paul is listed in Who’s
Who in Education and has served
as Instructor of New Testament
Survey at Faith Bible Institute and
Educational Technology Supervisor
at GRBS. He has also served as
Each of us has met very gifted Minister of Education in his home
individuals, who are unpretentious church.
in their manner. One would never Paul has been accepted to
know that underneath their humble serve with SLM as Coordinator of
exterior lays much wisdom and Advanced Biblical Studies. He will
experience, just waiting to be be responsible for the academic
revealed. This is how I felt when portion of the Extreme Assignment
meeting the Lewis family for the Apprentice Program, as well as the
first time. Paul and Judith (Judy) expansion of the SLM Advanced
Lewis, have two sons, James and Studies program, both domestically
Cameron, and a daughter, Kristi. and overseas.
What a beautiful family!
When you have individuals
Judy was raised in a Christian with a pulsating love for discipling,
home, making a profession of mentoring, and counseling people,
faith as a child, but realizing it these are people God can use in
was head knowledge, made sure His kingdom. To contact them:
of her salvation as an adult. Her
involvement in church has been
long-term; treasurer for 18 years, To send a gift to the Lewis
children’s teacher in Sunday family, make your check out to
school and KidZone (a children’s SLM International. Attach a note:
church-time program) for 13 years, “For the Paul Lewis Family.” Mail
displaying a consistent service for the to: 1011 Mission Road, Madison,
Lord. Her desire is to work alongside Georgia 30650. You will receive a
her husband in the ministry here. tax-deductible receipt.

by Rosina Brandon

sold their beautiful home in a

nice area, relocating to a needy
locality. Providing resources to
those who have need, they have
watched God work in the lives
of their neighbors through a
ministry called, In His Great Name
Ministries. They are making an
impact in their community.
Mike and Judy have spent
Hunger Pangs . . . Are they many years in the education field,
of the heart, or is there a need mostly at Landmark Christian
for physical nourishment? Which School in Fairburn, Georgia. While
comes first? Thousands of people there Mike also served as coach,
overseas are without food, Dean of Students, and campus
sufficient shelter, or clothing. pastor. Mission trips with LCS
When it comes to serving the to Source of Light East Africa
disadvantaged, would you be broadened Mike’s vision to serve
the one? You say, “Sure I’d be in that country. His soul’s desire
glad to help.” Even though the is to help change the culture in
ministry may be unfamiliar to Kenya, have ministry in churches,
you, a monetary gift is sent to and help produce a generation of
that faraway country . . . and you young people with character and
feel satisfied. But is it enough? integrity who love God with all
their heart.
What happens to the neighbor
in the same situation? Could SLM International is privileged
there be any better way to apply to have Mike and Judy Titus. We
practical Christian love than to rejoice in the integral part they
make a difference, say in the will have in the ministry of Source
lives of the “people next door?” of Light East Africa.
We would like you to meet a Contact info:
couple who are doing just that.
Mike and Judy Titus, with their Home Phone: 770.774.8971, or
two sons, Joshua and Kristophor,

STUDIES require detailed
study and are excellent
studies for the diligent
student. A certificate is
given for the completion of
each of the New Testament
Studies. Each study
(including the test book-
let) costs $1.00, except
Galatians, which is $ .50
per booklet.
The study of the Gospel of John has 23 lessons in a 56-page
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet.
The study of the Gospel of Mark has 25 lessons in one 56-page
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet.
The study of the book of Acts has 17 lessons in one 48-page
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet.
The study of the Epistle to the Galatians has 6 lessons in one 32-
page booklet. The test is included in this booklet.

taught by Dr. Hap Struthers, reveals who God

is and His care for us. This is more than a
study of the Names of God as recorded in
Scripture — and no one is more qualified
to teach this subject than Dr. Struthers.
The series, now called “Intimacy With God,” is
made available on DVD by SLM. This was filmed before a live
audience, with over eight hours of thrilling exposition. You
can own the entire set for just $49.00.
The CrossWalk courses are spiral-
bound (8 1/2” x 11”) and each
book is 100-150 pages in length.
These courses, costing $10 each,
are fantastic for interactive
small-group study.

CrossWalk 220 (CW-220) is a discipleship course of 13 lessons, to

ground the believer in the Christian life.
CrossWalk Christian Marriage & Family (CW-CMF) has 14 lessons
and is designed to teach Biblical values for the family.
CrossWalk Interpersonal Relationships (CW-IPR), a 15-lesson
course, shows Biblical principles for handling everyday problems as we
relate to others.

Order/Information Request Form

o Please send New Testament Study: o John o Mark o Acts $ 1.00 per study
o Please send New Testament Study: o Galatians $ .50 per study
o Please send CrossWalk 220 $ 10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk CMF $ 10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk IPR $ 10.00 per course
o Please send Intimacy with God $ 49.00 for 4 DVDs

Preferred minimum order is $10. Please add 30% for Shipping & Handling.

Name _____________________________________ Phone _____________

Address ______________________________________________________
City _______________________________ State ______ Zip ____________

by Pablo Correa

Providing Christ-centered ma-

terial to prisoners is an essential
part of our ministry. Lessons and
resources are shared with the
prisoners of the San Pedro Jail, a
facility built for 2,000 inmates, but
now houses over 10,000. It is our
desire to provide lessons to this
prison and others, throughout Peru.
Please pray for Victor Salazar and
Francisco Laos, as they coordinate
Pablo & Dalila Correa
our prison ministry.
We also provide opportunities
It has been more than 30 years for short-term mission trips. The
since the Source of Light Ministries last team to visit Peru worked in the
field office was opened in Peru. town of Cuper, where we shared
Now, over 4,500,000 lessons have the Word of God and provided
been distributed, with more than medical assistance to a school and
300 churches in Peru using lessons
for evangelism, discipleship, and
Since 1992, Source of Light
Ministries Peru has been required
by the government to print lessons
in the country. This creates a need
for funds designated specifically
for lesson printing, since cities
throughout Peru request lessons. In a poor section of Lima, Pablo leads a young
Please pray for Graciela Tam man (injured in a fight) to the Lord
and Yolanda Carbajal, as their
work expedites the processing of orphanage. We were able to give
lessons. medical attention to 83 children
and their families. Please pray that

It brings glory to God and thrills
our hearts, to see three faithful
men that we trained personally
in Denver, Colorado — Juan
Romero, Reyes Valenzuela, and
Carlos Lopez — now serving as
pastors in local churches.
We invite you to partner with
us in our ministry in Peru. You can
pray or give financially, toward the
Cusco hospital where we share the Gospel

funds and people become available

for short-term missions in Peru.
We are involved in spreading the
Good News of Jesus Christ through
the venue of television and radio.
This gives us an extended outreach
to share that message. Please pray
that sponsors are provided to pay The Lord at work
for the air time. We want to provide
Christian resources to the people in many needs that are mentioned
Peru with the publication of books. above. We desire to reach those
that have not yet heard the salvation
message of Jesus Christ, and also
to disciple and train believers to
further the Good News in Peru.
To send a gift to the Peru
ministry or the Correa’s, make
your check payable to SLM
International. Attach a note
indicating how you want your
gift to be used and mail to: 1011
Mission Road, Madison, Georgia
30650. You will receive a tax-
deductible receipt.
Pablo Correa teaching God’s Word on radio
by Sanjeeb Sahu
Our correspondence students
have increased tremendously and it
is a joy to see lives being changed.
One student in Mumbai faced a
certain problem in her life and she
was very discouraged. When asked
which course she is doing, she
Sanjeeb Sahu Family
said the fifth course. She was told,
When I first joined the ministry “You are doing the fifth course
in 1988, I was not very sure where and you are DISCOURAGED!”
to begin. Young, and all alone, with The student felt embarrassed and
little experience about the ministry. confessed that she needed to have
I prayed. God gave me this promise more faith. Immediately she was
from 1 Chronicles 28:10, Consider reminded of what D.L. Moody said
now, for the Lord has chosen you
to build a temple as a sanctuary.
Be strong and do the work. There
was no turning back. From a few
correspondence students and a
church which started with just
three families, God has traveled
with us in our journey to expand
the ministry to four Indian states
and the country of Nepal. Fellowship group in Delhi studies Bible lessons

(mentioned in the previous course)

that faith increases as we read the
Word of God. She was encouraged
to read His Word. Many lives have
been changed just by reading the
Word of God.
We praise God for the impact
of these courses in the lives of the
Sending the Bible lessons from our Delhi office people. We are thankful that the
The Church in Nepal
main courses have been translated Uttarakhand, people have been
and printed into different Indian reached with the Word of God and
languages, but there is also a need many lives have been changed by
to translate the children’s courses the Gospel.
into the Hindi language. Please The church in Nepal has grown
pray for the finances needed. in number. People here are mostly
The Lord gave me the burden addicted to liquor and drugs.
to start a ministry in Himachal Liquor is freely sold in the market
Pradesh (picture on front cover) everywhere and it is even common
which is called a “land of gods among the ladies. Nepal, which
and goddess” It is one of the least was previously ruled by a king,
evangelized states of India. Every has become a democratic country.
village has an idol. Most of the Now, the situation is better and it is
people are demon possessed and easier to share the Gospel.
we hear many strange but true Orissa, my birthplace, and
stories as to how they are held in where I spent my entire childhood,
bondage by these evil spirits. Fear has now become a place for
is a common factor among them, as persecution of Christians. It is
well as physical diseases. Doctors written in the Bible that those who
can find nothing wrong in their follow and obey God are blessed.
bodies, yet they suffer from illness. We read again and again in the
I praise God that many people have Scriptures that God hates idol
been delivered from their troubles worship and they are cursed. So
and have found peace and changes when people in different villages in
in their lives. Orissa became believers, they were
Uttar Pradesh is a state with blessed. There was no caste system
a huge population, and ministry and the believers enjoyed their
is going on in many villages. In freedom. God blessed them in their
to go back to their own villages.
They are unable to get jobs because
they are Christians. In spite of strict
security measures, violence against
Christians continues. Recently, a
church has been started to minister
to the Christians who have come
from the relief camps. Pray for

Relief workers in prayer before going out to

businesses while the unbelievers
were not blessed. The tension and
jealousy actually started from this.
The murder of a Swami Saraswati
was only an excuse to put the blame
on the innocent Christians. They
were driven from their homes. I Victims in Khandhamal
was burdened to help the Christians
living in relief camps and I thank these believers, as many of them
Him for enabling me to go there have lost everything, including dear
and help people financially. Now, friends and family members. Over
the relief camps have closed and 40,000 Christian families have
the Christians have scattered to been affected. Pray for wisdom and
different places, trying to make a strength to handle every situation
living. It is sad that they are not able in their lives.

Bill Shade
September 21-22 – SLM Board of Director’s
Meeting, Madison, GA
October 9-11 – Bible Conference, Cornerstone
Bible Church, Berwick, PA
October 12 – SLM Half Day of Prayer, Madison, GA
October 16-18 – Missions Conference, Grapeville
Baptist Church, Climax, NY
November 12-14 – ANAM General Council
Meeting, Madison, GA
by Ray Walker

Ecclesiastes 11:6 says, In the

morning sow thy seed, and in the
evening withhold not thine hand:
for thou knowest not whether
shall prosper, either this or that,
or whether they both shall be
alike good.
It has been our privilege at
Source of Light Ministries to
partner with a host of people
over the years in the literature least three ladies working in our
ministry. office on the French lessons for
I was talking with missionary a long time. Our dear Florence
Shirley Moody on the phone. Houck spent much of her time
Teasing her a bit, I told her she had and money, grading lessons,
cost SLM hundreds of thousands making contacts to help with the
of dollars over the years. Then I French, and making trips to Haiti.
told her that we were getting ready This eventually resulted in the
to send almost forty thousand founding of SLM Haiti.
dollars worth of materials to our We have had a lot of Associate
Discipleship Training Branch in Discipleship Schools over the
Haiti. She was indeed thrilled. years and partnered with many
Shirley used SLM materials different ones in getting out
to follow-up her Christian film the Gospel of the Lord Jesus
ministry for many years. She had Christ. We never know just
such tremendous response from which contacts may develop
a ministry trip to Haiti (where into a ministry with phenomenal
she had the contacts come to us growth. It reminds us of the song,
here at Madison for the follow- “Little is Much when God is in it.”
up with the Bible courses). Are you allowing God to use
This caused the French work to you to the maximum of your
almost overwhelm us. We had at potential?
by Bill Shade
Once that happens we will
proceed with erection of the steel,
the pouring of the concrete, the
installation of the elevator and begin
to finish the first floor, constructing
the offices, bathrooms, etc. There is
much to be accomplished, but God
has graciously sent team after team
of volunteer workers and we have
every expectation that our faithful
Pulling electric wires in preparation for new
heavenly Father will continue to
electrical service bringing us up to code
carry us through this task.
As I write I am keenly aware What can you do? First pray
that there is a time lapse that occurs for our staff and those who are
till you can read what I write, so I working with the project. Pray for
will do my best to bridge that as those who are in close, difficult,
much as I can. often noisy office quarters awaiting
First of all let me speak of the completion of the new offices.
where we are at this moment. Pray for more volunteers and pray
We have completely removed for the safety of the volunteers who
all of the 80 x 80 structure from come. Pray for funds – at this point
the center of the building and we have about half the amount
have prepared the footings for needed to complete the first floor.
the structural columns that will We will need an approximate
form the base for the second floor. $100,000 additional to accomplish
Major electric service has been this over the next three months.
brought up to code requirements Despite a slumping economy, God
and everything is now ready to is able! I believe He will provide
proceed. At present we are waiting all we need to complete what He
for the final MEP (mechanical/ has begun. Pray with us; If two of
electrical/plumbing) drawings and you shall agree on earth touching anything
the permits to go ahead. I expect that they shall ask, it shall be done for them
all of this to be accomplished in of my Father which is in heaven (Matthew
the next few weeks. 18:19).
• The Print Shop has been hindered • Praise the Lord for the progress
in keeping up with the workload made in the Million Card Cam-
due to the shortage of staff in the paign. Many of you have assisted
bindery. in giving out the cards and God
• SLM Haiti Director, Art Spald- is giving the increase in new stu-
ing, is praying for property on dents receiving the Word of God.
which to construct a SLM Haiti • Miguel Sanchez, SLM Bolivia, is
building. praising the Lord for a truck to as-
• In Brazil, prayer is requested sist him in the ministry.
for the salvation of children and • The Creole translation of A Country
teachers as the Bible lessons are Called Heaven is completed and the
being used in the schools and also Creole Explorers course is being
for the construction of the Source used in prison ministry in Haiti.
of Light Baptist Church to be • We are thankful for God's provi-
completed. sion of new personnel working
• Pablo and Dalila Correa, SLM in the Alternative Media Depart-
Peru, have been in the United ment, John Hemphill and Bev
States for a few months to raise Mullens. John has directed the
much-needed financial support to Helping Hands Ministry which
enable them to continue to serve is being incorporated into SLM.
the Lord in their home country. Bev has served with Biblical
• With the economic downturn in Ministries Worldwide where part
our country, giving to the General of her time was working with the
Fund has been down, as is true deaf/blind ministry.
with many missions and church- • Ignatius and Marjorie Lakra, SLM
es. Pray that the work of getting India in rural Orissa, praise the
the Word of God to lost people Lord for an increasing number of
around the world through the Bi- believing families and the requests
ble lessons will not be hindered. to open three more centers for per-
Additional funds are still needed secuted Christians. They have also
for the expansion program as started a children’s home with sev-
well. The target date for having en children. Their ministry center
the main floor offices completed is almost complete.
is September 23. • Reports are received from our Dis-
• Daniel Sappor, Director of SLM cipleship Training Branches and
Ghana, requests prayer for funds Associate Discipleship Schools
to pay for one year's rent for the around the world of many lives
Northern Sector office while who have come to Christ and are
plans are being made to construct being discipled through the Bible
an office next year. lessons.

Donald Adcox was born into a Christian family in
Springfield, Tennessee, on May 30, 1920.  At the age of
ten he was saved and baptized at First Baptist Church,
Springfield, Tennessee.
 Mr. Adcox served in the Signal Corps of the Third Army
in France, Germany, and Austria in World War II.  He later
graduated from Brevard College, Brevard, North Carolina. 
Don then attended Furman University in Greenville, South
Carolina. He was a resident of Hendersonville, North Carolina.
Don served as a member of the General Board of North Carolina Baptists
and with Gary Harthcock, he was co-founder of the North Carolina Baptist
Laymen’s Witnessing Foundation and served as President of the North Carolina
Baptist Brotherhood for three years.
  He, along with his wife, was active in leading Witnessing Meetings in
churches throughout Eastern America and in England, France, Switzerland,
Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary. Mr. Adcox was a sought-after speaker
in churches and Baptist state conventions and a speaker at the Southern Baptist
Convention in Miami. His business and church-related travels took him to all
fifty states and eighty-four countries. 
 He served from 2000 to 2009 on the Board of Directors for Source of Light
Ministries International, a ministry he dearly loved.  Donald Adcox was called
home by his Lord Jesus Christ on Tuesday, May 19, 2009, surrounded by his
wife and loving family.  We at SLM feel a keen loss and will miss him greatly.
Don’s wife, Gerry, went home to be with the Lord on June 10, 2009. 

Gifts received in memory of:

Vernon Babb by Mrs. Melissa Babb
Lillian Duncan by Rev. & Mrs. Ronald A. Orovitz
Mr. Ronald D. Orovitz
A & F Ingalsbe by Mrs. Melissa Babb
Bessie Skipper by Ms. Ruth M. Collett
Doug Starkweather by Mrs. Sheryl A. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Kress

Here are some needs at our Foreign Branches
and at SLM Headquarters, that you can supply
through your giving.

CHILE Equipment that was stolen — Projector $ 1,226

HAITI Tuition for school children (per child) $ 100
(Praise the Lord — the vehicle they needed was supplied)
PERU Branch support (per month) $ 1,000
ROMANIA Pavel: Finish construction of the DTC $ 17,500
LIBERIA Malaria medicine for Sampson Hinneh $ 300
(Praise the Lord for funds to complete the Discipleship Training Center)
GHANA Office Building in Muslim area $ 19,500
TOGO (Praise the Lord for funds to purchase a generator)
ETHIOPIA (Praise the Lord for funds received) $ 9,500
INDIA Dodla Wilson: Visual Aid materials – (Laptop) $ 1,113
Christudas Earla: Jeep $ 8,375
PHILIPPINES Headquarters building project in Manila $ 60,000
USA – Headquarters in Madison
Alternative Media: 10 cartons of Braille paper $ 300
Discipleship School: 3 Dymo Address Label Printers $ 1,000
50 Life Application Bibles/Workbooks $ 500
Postage to mail 500 first-time lessons $ 100
Operations: 5’ x 10’ Utility Trailer $ 1,000
Hospitality: 2 Vacuum Cleaners /1 Rug Shampooer $ 500
Misc. cleaning supplies $ 40

Please send a separate note with your gift indicating how you want
your gift to be used. Thank you for your prayers and participation.
Source of Light Ministries International
reaches the people of the world
through Christ-centered and time-tested materials
which result in evangelism, discipleship,
and church planting.


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The Reaper
Fall 2009

Providing the Tools to Finish the Task

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