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“When the Lord touches

their hearts . . .”
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Source of Light Ministries International Summer 2009 6
Source of Light Ministries International is an independent, faith
mission that exists to bring people of every nation, language and
The Reaper ...End of the Earth
ethnicity into a mature relationship with Jesus Christ and into fellowship Source of Light Ministries International
with a local church.
SLM is a world-wide, disciple making, church planting mobilization that ON THE COVER
uses the medium of Bible lessons for all ages in both printed and electronic Using a portable
format to achieve its goals. The International Headquarters in Madison, baptistry, Guillermo
Georgia, and its Discipleship Training Branches (DTBs), and Associate Salazar (Chile)
Discipleship Schools (ADSs), distribute lessons throughout the world. baptizes inmates
who have come
Representatives, Missionaries, and Appointees of SLM are to know the Lord; 4 News & Views
available to present the ministry to churches, missionary conferences, family members are
and other groups. Contact the SLM PR office for scheduling. permitted to attend. “When the Lord touches
their hearts . . .”
5 Observations
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10 New Branch in Myanmar

For information on any of the ministries of SLM, see
11 Elephant Update or call 800. 776.1207.
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The Reaper
Summer 2009
Million Card Campaign 16 Joy of Giving
17 Nationals that make a
The Reaper is published by Source of Light Ministries International, Inc. and is sent free of charge to
anyone requesting it. Write or call to be placed on the mailing list. 18 Exceedingly Abundantly
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e a Bible
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rses are
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SLM International Administrative Council
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course ist 1 ___ _________ _ Apt ______
20 Philippine Director to
Life in Chr Name ___
1011 Mission Road Dr. B. Shade, General Director My New
* Teen/Y
oung Adu
lt (ages 14-2
ntry Called
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A Cou ___ ___ ___ _

Madison, Georgia 30650 R.R. Walker, Chief Financial Officer _________

es 12-13) City ___
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tee n (ag
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ns courses ress (optiona
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• Phone: 706.342.0397
See & D
CM-25 306501
o Young

E. Brandon, Director of Public Relations

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• There is irement.
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Time Requ ive a Certificate upo


and No o Adult
20 Destinations
• Fax: 706.342.9072 • You will
ion of each
course take

21 In Loving Memory

• E-mail: B. Watson, Director of Field Ministries

R.R. Walker, Director of Printing Operations 21 Speaking for God
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• Web Site:
B. Hearing, Director of MDS
Board of Directors 22 Prayer & Praise
D. Lowry, Chairman The Reaper
L. Valentine, Vice Chairman Editor: Billie Will

Daniel De Jong, Secretary Graphic Design: Marianne Rosenberger
E.B. Shoff, Treasurer
J.C. Carter • C. Mayfield
Prepress: SLM Publications
Production: SLM Printing
Dr. G.S. Palmer • Dr. R.J. Sans
Dr. B.H. Struthers • Dr. Earl Parvin
Through the years it has been our practice and privilege at Source of
Light to put aside activities for the “greater work” of prayer. In Acts 6:4
Evil communications corrupt good manners (1 Corinthians 15:33). Or it says, concerning the disciples, But we will give ourselves continually
as we might say it, “wrong thinking leads to wrong living.” to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.
There are two philosophies set forth in this fifteenth chapter of first Recently, our director was leaving for meetings in India, and he asked
Corinthians. One is the prevailing attitude of the world and most especially
me to lead the day of prayer. Before he left he shared some verses with
this generation. It proclaims, Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die
us which the Holy Spirit used in the hearts of some for confession and
(vs. 32). The world not only ascribes to that philosophy but has added its
prayer. As we went through the day with spontaneous response from our
own telling version, vis. “Let us eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we
die.” It is the philosophy of narcissism, if it pleases me it is right, or in other
missionaries to quickly lead in earnest prayer, I was reminded of many
words, “if it feels good, do it,” and it has left everyone who has ever tried previous days of prayer. The Acts 6:4 emphasis of prayer and ministry of
it utterly void of meaning. Life is cheap because “life is full of sound and the Word seems to be God’s mandate of operation for us.
fury, signifying nothing.” Sound familiar? Such a philosophy demands
Then a couple of weeks later, after Dr. Shade returned, we met at a Board
nothing because it offers nothing — yet in practice it costs everything.
member’s house in Charleston for a day of fasting and prayer. We were
The second philosophy set forth in this passage is found in verse fifty- anticipating God’s answers to a multitude of burdens.
eight, it calls forth the highest dedication and the most rigorous effort,
. . . be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Years ago, we prayed for a debt of $9,200, which had been borrowed in
Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. the early days for equipment. Since we needed more equipment, I asked
And on what basis does it make such demands? Upon the certain promise our missionaries to pray that God would enable us to pay off the $9,200,
of a resurrection from out of death, a judgment which will reward every which we did. Just two days later, a man came into my office to ask how
deed performed in the spirit of Christ, and an eternity of glory beyond much we owed. We had not published the need, so I was in awe that God
our wildest imaginations. had prompted his question. When I told him, he said that he would give
As you read these words, you are operating under one or the other of me a check for $6,200 and that he felt that he could cover the balance in
these two philosophies. One demands little, but will cost you everything; three months. I could scarcely wait to call the missionaries into chapel
the other demands everything, but offers more than you have ever so that we could offer the “sacrifice of praise.” After chapel, Wes Beam,
dreamed. Which one controls the way you live your life right now? For one of our printers, came to me and said, “Glenn, why didn’t we do
whosoever will save his life will lose it, but whosoever will lose his life for my this before?” The note was seven years old and within two days God
sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. For what shall it profit a man, if had answered. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye
he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:35-36). (Don’t shall receive, that your joy may be full (John 16:24). Ye rejoice with joy
miss the article, Nationals Who Make A Difference on page 17.) unspeakable and full of glory (1 Peter 1:8b), and so we did!

4 5
school through grade two), but the Bible. This is a teaching process
they do enjoy studying the Bible . . . but they are able to learn.
courses, making an effort to learn In Sunday school in both
We have been working for the by Vicky Salazar more of the Bible. churches, the teachers use the
Lord with Source of Light since with the families of the inmates Last winter this country church Bible courses for their lesson
1979 . . . a long time! Guillermo and other interested prisoners. The was in a flood. Many families materials. Each boy, girl, young
and I do many jobs as we have baptistry is getting old and has to around there lost their things, so person, or adult has a book to
oversight of two churches — one be repaired each time we have a we collected clothes to help them. study and they receive a diploma
in the city and one in the country. baptism. at the completion of their study.
We also work with SLM Bible It is difficult sometimes when Little-by-little they are learning
courses and Guillermo works with inmates are released from prison. more of the Bible and how to live
prisoners. They have to learn how to work the Christian life.
with their hands and not live by One of the things we focus on
stealing. Society does not have is marriage. Chile did not have
confidence that these men are a divorce law before 2006, but
changed, so they have to prove Rural church in the midst of flooding now we have divorce. We have
themselves. Some of these men seen several couples with many
are now pastors and leaders in their Our home in the city of Temuco problems in our churches, and
churches. We are thrilled when we had much wind damage to the this extends to church leaders
can see these men producing fruit. roof, which had to be repaired. and pastors, too. We are helping
We have been going to the rural We are also involved in the city by having special Marriage
church since 1996! It is difficult church which began with around 25 Encounters (retreats). (See the
to get there as the roads are very people. After three years, we have Spring 2007 issue of The Reaper,
bad. However, we love the place more than 60 in Sunday school. “Broken Vows.”) It takes us much
Song service at the prison We have had to teach the people time to prepare for these retreats,
and the people are simple and
Guillermo preaches in a prison, kind. The church is growing little- but it is very important for Christian
telling the inmates about Jesus by-little. Our brothers and sisters couples to have this training.
who loves them. Some are in in the Lord do not have much I (Vicky) have written some
prison because they are dangerous; education (some only attending material to help women that find
however, when the Lord touches themselves experiencing domestic
their hearts, their lives are violence. We are trying to organize
changed. They begin to study the Women Encounters where ladies
Bible courses which are helpful The church in the city of Temuco can tell of their experiences and
for their spiritual growth, and in how the Lord has helped them.
witnessing to other inmates. Many that the Bible is more important
are baptized, using our portable than what they think about things. Please pray much for us as
baptistry which we take inside Some do things according to their we continue to serve the Lord at
the prison. We have a ceremony Guillermo preaching at our rural church own standards and not according to “The End of the Earth.”

6 7
Panoramic Views of Renovation Site

line. God once promised Elijah, steel and I expect that by the time
. . . the barrel of meal shall not you are reading this article that will
by Bill Shade waste, neither shall the cruise of have been completed. We will need

I n our last REAPER, Richard

Beam wrote about taking a bolt
out of a steel column that he had
all of the old has been removed,
and the footers prepared to receive
oil fail . . . (1 Kings 17:14). To this
date, our little barrel of meal has
not wasted and our cruise of oil
to have the concrete poured for the
entire second floor (16,500 square
feet), and an elevator installed
put in 50 years ago as a young the new steel columns. The entire has not failed. to meet handicap requirements.
boy. He was celebrating not only electric service has been replaced We then must install a sprinkling

history, but first steps toward and approved and we will soon be his whole operation has been
removing the old to make room ready to erect the steel that will a series of miracles of God’s
for the new. As I write this article, give us a complete second floor. exceeding faithfulness. When we
couldn’t hire demolition crews

F rom the beginning God has

provided only the funds to
see us through each successive
God sent skilled volunteers to
accomplish the work. When
electrical changes were estimated
phase. When the next phase was at $47,000, God sent an electric
too expensive for our funds, God company from Pennsylvania to From above, you can see the size of the
sent professional volunteers to do both design and make the changes. 80’ x 80’ “hole” that is being made into
the work and keep the budget in They even donated a good portion two floors. Phil Winder is standing by
ladders on the ground floor.
of the material, bringing our
costs to about $10,000. When we system and finish the walls for the
couldn’t afford to have a company first floor. The amount still needed
cut the footers and prepare them is $168,500.
for us, (estimated cost $26,000),
our men, plus another group of
volunteers, accomplished the
whole job for under $2,000.
W e have set the tentative date
for dedication of the first
floor as September 23. Would you
earnestly pray, every day, that we

Upper left: Pulling wires for new electrical service; Lower left:
New electricl power distribution panel; Center: Volunteer team
I t appears now that we have
the funds needed to have a
professional company erect the
might see the completion of this
gargantuan task? Then come and
join us if you can on September 23,
from Grace Bible Church, other volunteers & SLM staff and maintenace workers. and celebrate God’s faithfulness.
8 9
by Pat Dye

In May of 2008, the country of Myanmar (formerly Burma) became

by Billie Will
the focus of international attention for a very tragic reason. A super-
cyclone hit the Irrawaddy Delta and claimed over 100,000 lives. Prior
to this event, many people were unaware of Myanmar’s existence. But Do you want to hear a story
God was aware. He has been moving and working in this staunchly that will make your day? We
(80%) Buddhist nation for a number of years. hope this will inspire you
In October of 2007, SLM personnel visited Myanmar for the to attempt great things for
first time to minister with God. Several months ago,
two church planters, and we told you about a national
to share SLM resources missionary in Nairobi, Kenya.
available in the Burmese
language. Our primary
His name is Benson Waema.
contact was Pastor Philip Source of Light put out the
Thang (pictured to right), challenge for our readers to
president of the Word become Paper Partners. We needed to buy huge rolls of paper for
Bible Seminary in Yangon, printing the Bible lessons. Benson had no money to give but he
the largest city. Pastor had a talent for drawing and he decided to draw a picture of the
Philip also sponsors
several missionaries on
Kilimanjaro elephant. He sent this to our director with the request:
the Bangladesh border and “Please show it to the people and maybe they will want to pay
Pastor Philip Thang and his wife, Mary
operates an orphanage. some money for it. Whatever they give, please put it on a roll of
After a subsequent visit in January of 2008, SLM began to pray paper to print the lessons.”
about opening a new Discipleship Training Branch in Myanmar. This request went out in The Reaper along with the promise
Simultaneously, God spoke to Pastor Philip’s heart to partner with SLM that with every gift of money to help purchase a roll of paper, a
as the new Branch Director. With joy, Asia Director, Pat Dye, returned
copy of the picture of the Kilimanjaro elephant would be sent out
to Myanmar in January of 2009, and assisted Pastor Philip in formally
starting the SLM work. Please pray for Pastor Philip as he prints and to the donor.
distributes the SLM Bible lessons throughout the country. The initial The response has been overwhelming and the funds are still
costs to SLM are approximately $4,000 to purchase the start-up printing coming in. Benson’s little “mite” has been blessed and multiplied.
equipment, and to print the first year’s lessons. If you would like to
More than $41,651 has come in — enough to buy 52 rolls of paper!
help with this need, please earmark your check, “Myanmar Account.”
Benson’s efforts have made him the biggest Paper Partner we have
The super-cyclone in 2008 claimed over 100,000 lives. Let’s claim ever had. Thanks to all of you who made it possible.
at least that many for the Kingdom of God in the years that lie ahead
for SLM in Myanmar.

10 11
STUDIES require detailed
study and are excellent
studies for the diligent
student. A certificate is
given for the completion of
The CrossWalk courses are
each of the New Testament spiral-bound (8 1/2” x 11”) and
Studies. Each study each book is 100-123 pages in
(including the test book- length. These courses, costing
let) costs $1.00, except $10 each, are fantastic for inter-
Galatians, which is $ .50
per booklet.
active small-group study.

CrossWalk 220 (CW-220) is a discipleship course of 13 lessons, to
The study of the Gospel of John has 23 lessons in a 56-page ground the believer in the Christian life.
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet.
CrossWalk Christian Marriage & Family (CW-CMF) has 14 lessons
and is designed to teach Biblical values for the family.
The study of the Gospel of Mark has 25 lessons in one 56-page
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet. CrossWalk Interpersonal Relationships (CW-IPR), a 15-lesson
course, shows Biblical principles for handling everyday problems as we
relate to others.
The study of the book of Acts has 17 lessons in one 48-page
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet.
Order/Information Request Form
o Please send New Testament Study: o John o Mark o Acts $ 1.00 per study
The study of the Epistle to the Galatians has 6 lessons in one
32-page booklet. The test is included in this booklet. o Please send New Testament Study: o Galatians $ .50 per study
o Please send CrossWalk 220 $ 10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk CMF $ 10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk IPR $ 10.00 per course
o Please send Intimacy with God $ 49.00 for 4 DVDs
taught by Dr. Hap Struthers, reveals who God
is and His care for us. This is more than a Preferred minimum order is $10. Please add 30% for Shipping & Handling.
study of the Names of God as recorded in
Scripture — and no one is more qualified to
Name _____________________________________ Phone _____________
teach this subject than Dr. Struthers. The series,
now called “Intimacy With God,” is made available on DVD Address ______________________________________________________
by SLM. This was filmed before a live audience, with over eight City _______________________________ State ______ Zip ____________
hours of thrilling exposition. You can own the entire set for just
12 13
Herb & Sylvia Pollard
served in West Africa and
Kenya for a total of thirty-
five years and they have
completed twelve years of
Gil & Fran Busenitz service with Source of Light
have served with two for a total of forty-seven years
mission organizations. of missionary service.
They completed sixteen
years of service with
Rural Home Missionary
Association and they Bill & Marianne Rosenberger , on loan from World Team, have
have now served with served at SLM Headquarters
SLM for thirty years for a in Madison, for twenty-one
total of forty-six years of years. Bill runs the four-
missionary service. color Heidelberg Press and
Marianne does Graphic
Design. Prior to this they
served for sixteen and one-
Pablo & Dalila Correa half years in Irian Jaya and
have completed thirty-one years of in The Netherlands briefly
service with Source of Light. They for a total of forty-two years
have worked in Peru and also in of missionary service.

Charlie & Billie Will

served for thirty-four years
Philip & Frances Fraiser on the island of Bonaire
have faithfully served with SLM with Trans World Radio.
for fifteen years. Philip runs the This year they complete
big Web press in the Print Shop. ten years with SLM in
Frances has been busy raising Madison, Georgia. This
their family and home-schooling gives them a total of forty-
them. four years.

14 15
by Bill Shade
As I stood looking at the new
compound, still under construction, I
remembered my last visit to Ignatius
Here are some needs at our Foreign Branches and Marjorie just before they left for
India. Theirs was a lovely home in
and at SLM Headquarters, that you can supply a restricted development in an up-
through your giving. scale suburb of Atlanta. It had every
modern convenience and lots of class
CHILE Equipment that was stolen — Camera & Projector $ 1,452 – after all, Ignatius had been in real
estate for almost thirty years.
HAITI Vehicle urgently needed for literature distribution $ 5,000
But this couple had heard the call of God to return to his native land of
Tuition for school children (per child) $ 100 India and to share the message that had changed their lives – and they had
ROMANIA Finish construction of the Discipleship Training Center (DTC) $ 17,500 obeyed. Now they live in a single room in the most austere of conditions,
sharing a rough concrete shower and toilet with the other staff, and cooking
LIBERIA Complete the Discipleship Training Center building $ 3,000 over an open fire. But I have never known them to be happier.
(Praise the Lord for $1,000 given so far)
God has opened up a ministry for them that is reaching people who
Malaria medicine for Sampson Hinneh $ 300
have never before heard the name of Jesus Christ. I spoke to a group of
GHANA Office Building in Muslim area $ 20,000 those people one day outside a village hut where a woman had been healed
through a simple prayer to Jesus. She had gathered all her relatives and
TOGO Projector & Generator for outdoor meetings $ 1,200 friends together for the occasion, and now, she and her whole village sat
ETHIOPIA Building project for this new ministry $ 79,500 earnestly waiting to hear the story that could change their lives forever.
Yes – there is a God who created them – and who loves them – though
INDIA Dodla Wilson: Visual Aid materials – (Laptop & Camera) $ 1,567
He hates sin and will punish it. This God became a man that He might
Christudas Earla: Jeep $ 8,375
pay the price of their redemption from Satan and sin. All who believe His
USA – Headquarters in Madison message and will turn to Him, He will save. They hear – and they believe –
Maintenance: 1 60” Finish Mower Deck $ 1,945 and a transformation occurs before our very eyes. They are free – forgiven
1 Troy Bilt lawn edger $ 200 – and have a present peace and a future hope.

Discipleship School: Small letter folder $ 1,500 As a trained nurse, Marjorie ministers to all who have a need. They
Lessons & Postage for 10 students per month $ 10 provide the children with a backpack (provided by a local church in
America) that is filled with such essentials as soap, toothpaste and brush,
Prepress: Ink Cartridges for CTP Proofer/each $ 99 comb, a blanket, and a Bible in their own language. Now, over 500 children
are asking for SLM Bible courses and we are trying to provide them.
General: Playground equipment $ 1,000
Please pray for this dedicated couple, who, in the sunset of life, have
Please send a separate note with your gift indicating how you want given the rest of their days on this earth for the service of the Savior they
your gift to be used. Thank you for your prayers and participation. love in a dark and difficult place.
16 17
realization was that children and adults, who
required medication for eye disease, were
by Ingrid Forbes turned away with NO CARE. The incredible
blessings that were easily missed initially
O n December 5, 2008, as the eleven member
medical team boarded the bus at First
Baptist Church Atlanta and headed for Atlanta’s
included the birth of a baby boy with little
trauma to the mother, and nearly 200 people
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the who were seen on a day when the clinic would
excitement and anticipation could only be normally have been closed.
described as “explosive yet reserved.” Hard work,
careful planning, and earnest prayer for safety had
brought the team to this day. Nine of the
G eraldine quickly became one of the
most sought-after team members as she
dispensed care packs with travel-sized soap,
eleven team members had never been on lotion, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to patients
a short-term missions trip. Finally they before they left the facility. Michelle and
were underway . . . Atlanta to Frankfurt Patience gave the expectant mothers “Mommy
to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Packs,” complete with diapers and a receiving There were many very ill
blanket for their delivery day. These items children

M onday December 8, was a holiday

in Ethiopia but the team was were unheard of and certainly not something they could afford to buy.
allowed to see patients at the Dukem
Health Clinic with the help of a few
of the clinic’s staff. By the end of the
T he persistent request was for the ailment we could not treat – eye
disease. Many of the children clearly had symptoms of the onset of
River Blindness which is largely due to the use of unclean water.
day close to 200 patients had been
treated, a baby boy had been delivered,
and numerous packs of vitamins and a
A s the team ploughed through the week, the number of patients seemed
to lessen somewhat. They were short on energy and completely out
of tears. The team’s hesitation to assess and treat patients with little or
variety of other medication had been
no equipment was replaced by confidence that they were doing exactly
dispensed. The team struggled with
what God had asked and equipped them to do.
limited equipment and facilities to
properly assess the condition of patients,
the level of poverty, and gross lack of
hygiene that the patients lived in. Waiting to be treated by the
medical team S ource of Light Ministries is building a clinic in Dukem to serve the
medical needs of the poorest in the community. It is scheduled to be
A fter the first day at the clinic,
tears, distress and feelings of shock mixed with utter disbelief, the
completed by May 2009.
team debriefed and regrouped for the remainder of the week. The level
of poverty was beyond anything any had seen and there was no point of
reference for the lack of medical care. The situation was only worsened
P ray for wisdom and guidance as the project
grows and develops, and for the calling out
and naming of the June 2009 medical team.
by the realization of the clinic’s need for sanitary measures. Completely
overwhelmed by the vast lack of medical care, the team found it difficult to
see how a week’s work could make any difference at all. The most crushing
T ruly, God is working in a marvelous way
in Ethiopia, exceedingly abundantly more
than we could ask or think! Building the clinic

18 19
by Pat Dye Gifts received in memory of:
SLM International is delighted to welcome our Philippine Branch Louis Crank by Mrs. Frances L. Crank
Director, Dr. Lucy Nacionales, and her co-workers to the USA for several Rev. Norm Hirschy by Mrs. Berdine B. Hirschy
months this summer. Dr. Nacionales founded “PhilSOL,” the Philippine
Source of Light, in 1980. Since that time, God has used her to spread
Nancy Hodges by The Edwards Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
the Word of God all over the Philippines: in churches, schools, prisons, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kammerer by Mrs. Mary Faith Phillips
hospitals, government agencies, and the military. Currently, there are eleven Lula Klaassen by Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wehmuller
national missionaries serving with Dr. Nacionales in thirteen regions of the Scott McCandless by Mr. & Mrs. Jon Calhoun
country. Each year several thousand people come to faith in Christ in the
Philippines through the united efforts of the PhilSOL staff. Bill Rinear by Mr. & Mrs. John J. Cranmer
Ruth W. Roop by Mrs. Kathleen A. Scott
The purpose of Dr. Nacionales’ trip is to raise funds for a very much-
needed new building to house the National Office in Manila. Every rainy B & J Scifres by Mrs. Carole Schwab
season, the roof leaks and there is continued damage to the office and living Dennick Skeels by Mrs. Renee B. Skeels
quarters. Now is the time to trust God to provide the $60,000 needed for a Doug Starkweather by Mrs. Ethel Powis
whole new facility. As Dr. Nacionales Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Wilkinson
speaks at meetings, and to supporting
churches, will you ask God to touch Ruth Sykes by Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Akker
hearts and to raise up the needed
funds? Perhaps you would also like to
contribute to this worthy project. If so,
please contact SLM Field Office (706-
342-0397) or fieldoffice@sourcelight.
by Ben Watson
org, and we will be happy to give you
further information. I never know what God is going to do You never know what God is going to do
Philippine Branch headquarters in Manila
when I speak for Him. when you speak for Him.
Bill Shade I spoke in a church in Omaha, And, my friend, you never
Nebraska, telling about the work know what God is going to do
June 22-26 – IFCA Convention, Kalamazoo, MI
of SLM. I mentioned that one of when you speak for Him. Try it.
July 1-4 – Solid Rock Bible Camp, Family our needs was a motorcycle for Share your burden for the ministry
Conference, Soldotna, AK our director in Togo. Following of SLM with a fellow Christian,
July 5-10 – Visiting Missionaries in Alaska the service, a man handed me a or the Gospel with a lost person.
check. I thanked him and thought, Then when God does something
July 30-31 – Grace Leadership Conference, “It’s probably $50 or $100. That’s
Quentin Road Church, Lake Zurich, IL wonderful and unexpected, write
wonderful! Praise the Lord.” Later
and tell us about it. You never
August 1 – Camp of the Nations Alumni my wife and I looked at the check
know what God will do when we
Reunion, South Gibson, PA and discovered it was for the full
speak for Him.
20 21
orphanage for children who are taking
the Bible courses.
Funds are still needed, along
with more volunteer work teams, to Many of our SLM Discipleship
complete the renovation and expansion Training Branches report an increase in
of the SLM headquarters building. the number of Associate Discipleship Imagine . . . a million invitations
Schools. A new WWBI school in to receive a FREE Bible lesson. People
In Japan, Director Takuji Yamazaki Calcutta, India, named “Ruby Bible
is in need of help in the Discipleship of any age can fill out the Invitation
College,” was inaugurated with 25
Training Branch, as one couple accepted students. Rejoice with us over the Card and receive a lesson appropriate for them! What an
a new ministry and moved away. many salvation decisions reported opportunity to reach hungry hearts with the message of Eternal Life.
Aloni Mwisaka, Director of the from around the world and that the
Discipleship Training Branch in Bible lessons are helping them to But we need your help! Would you be willing to receive and
Uganda, reported that after three days mature spiritually. distribute at least 100 of these attractive cards to your friends,
of evangelism in Muslim areas, the SLM Jamaica and Cote d’ Ivoire strangers, customers, neighbors, or people of any age?
team was attacked, causing physical rejoice in the safe arrival of a supply
injuries and destruction of equipment. of lessons. Many countries wait We believe SLM could expect a return of up to 10,000 new stu-
Pray for God’s protection, wisdom, and for months for their shipment and dents from such an effort. That is 10,000 people who will have a
courage as they continue to proclaim then may have trouble getting them Gospel presentation made to them, that may never hear in any oth-
God’s Word in this needy country. released from customs. er way. And, requests will continue to come in for years to come.
In India, SLM Calcutta, with Director The multi-purpose building in
Karunakar Jena, reported that their Dukem, Ethiopia, is coming along well Please: let me know how many cards you will personally
Muslim Literature Coordinator was as reported by SLM Ethiopia Director, distribute this year: One Hundred . . . Two Hundred . . . Five
beaten for sharing the Good News and Haile Tefera. Funds are needed for the Hundred . . . One Thousand . . . MORE? We will send you your
distributing Bible lessons. Prayer is also completion of the building.
requested for reaching other communities
supply of cards as soon as we hear from you.
in Northeast India, training more leaders, A gift of $10,000 enabled the
and beginning more Sunday schools and repair of the corn/rice mill in Ghana Will You accept our challenge to distribute these beautiful
fellowship groups. that is used by the villagers, giving cards in this crucial year of 2009?
opportunity for evangelism and
Brian and Gwenda Trapp, SLM discipleship. Income from the mill (Place in envelope in centerfold and mail)
Congo, request prayer for the walls helps to support the teachers of the
on the camp property to be completed I am ready to let the Lord use me to give these FREE lesson
Tefle Rural School. The school had
and for reliable power and water for request cards this year. I would like for you to send me:
to move and a $7,000 gift enabled
the property. them to erect temporary structures. o 100 cards o 200 cards o 500 cards o 1000 cards o More _____
At a village outreach, 134 prayed to
receive Christ or rededicate their life I will do all I can to distribute every card during this
to Christ, resulting in the planting of a calendar year of 2009.
SLM Togo/Benin Discipleship new church. Daniel Sappor, Director
Training Branch Director Sika Yawo of this Discipleship Training Branch, Name ___________________________________________________
praises God for 570 prisoners reached also reported that over 400 prisoners
with the Gospel and that they were Street ___________________________________________________
in a maximum security facility are
able to purchase land to build an studying SLM Bible lessons. City _____________________ State ________ Zip ______________
22 23
Source of Light Ministries International
reaches the people of the world
through Christ-centered and time-tested materials
which result in evangelism, discipleship,
and church planting.


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