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Just Imagine

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Spring 2009
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many years it has been meeting
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ministry and its needs to church- E. Brandon, Director of Public Relations
B. Watson, Director of Field Ministries 19 Overseas Projects for Prayer and Participation
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About the Front Cover Photo:
A Jamaican school child prays 21 Prayer & Praise
For information on any of the
ministries of SLM, please contact 22 Our Newest Board Member — Earl Parvin
23 The Joy of Giving
2 3
In 606 BC, the invading armies of Babylon
had surrounded Jerusalem. They occupied all
of the territory and their armies now camped in
and around the fallen cities, including a place called Anathoth.
Jeremiah was in prison for predicting the ultimate fall of the nation and When Jesus was preaching He frequently
her captivity for the next 70 years. In this impossible situation, a cousin referred to books. Paul admonished Timothy,
of the prophet visited him in . . . bring . . . the books. . . . We have a tremendous reservoir of
jail with a real estate proposal. excellent Christian books to assist us to know the greatest of all
Obviously, the man wanted to books, the Bible.
turn worthless property into
cash to care for his own survival, but who would be foolish enough to My sister, Rose, and I accompanied our mother to the local
buy occupied territory under these conditions? library where we used a child’s wagon to get Mom’s twenty books
As we know, Jeremiah did, and his Real Estate Counselor was none
and our few books home. She encouraged us to read broadly.
other than God Himself. The entire story is found in chapter thirty-two Later, when I started a Christian bookstore in Arrowhead
of Jeremiah. He paid the money and carefully secured the legal evidence Christian Center, in Binghamton, New York, Dr. Paul Griffis
of purchase, knowing full well that he would never own that land in his suggested that we mention, on our daily radio broadcast, that
lifetime. people could donate good used Christian books to our lending
Why did he do it? Well, first because God told him to. It is always library. We were overwhelmed with ten thousand books. Many
wisest and best to obey God, even when His command runs counter to people came to borrow and to bring books. This started in me a
human reason. Secondly, Jeremiah wanted to demonstrate his faith in great love for good Christian books.
Israel’s restoration. He had predicted it, now he was investing in it. But
Jeremiah did not even have a family that could one day look forward Despite two house fires that destroyed all of our books, my
to occupying that land when the restoration happened – so will he ever wife, Joyce, and I have found wonderful friends in good books to
recover his investment? enrich our lives as we have built up another good library.
Someday, perhaps not too many years hence, the King is coming to Source of Light has been involved with good books in Jamaican
set up the Kingdom He has promised. I suspect when he does, that land Christian bookstores. Through our World-Wide Bible Institute
deed will be found and I expect I will be visiting Jeremiah someday and World-Wide LIT programs, our Bible studies are based on
in peaceful little Anathoth where he will be enjoying the retirement excellent Christian books.
investment he made so long ago.
The best of all books to read is the Bible. Proverbs 4:20-22
Have you made any investments in the eternal Kingdom recently? It’s promises . . . attend to my words . . . for they are life . . . and they
going to be a long retirement.
are health. . . .
4 5
around. Despite the turmoil in the through the snare in the road. SLM
country, SLM was able to open a new discipleship in the north grew.
discipleship ministry in Cap Haitian
by Arthur Spalding
on the northern coast. T he following year was to be a
year of great steps. The United

S LM Haiti – who would have

thought or dreamed of its existence Spalding Family
or its impact. For my thoughts are Aristide, had called in voodoo priests
H aiti had a difficult period in 2005 Nations took the green light and went
and movement was very limited. after gang leaders, scattering them
Gangs which previously were limited throughout the country and hunting
not your thoughts, neither are your from Africa to rededicate the country to ghetto them down.
ways my ways, saith the LORD. to Satan. Christian churches across sections began

H aiti, a land that in 1804 was the land were calling upon God to
dedicated to Satan for 200 deliver the land from the hands of
controlling T he cost of food and fuel nearly
doubled in 2008. The financial
major routes base, coupled with unemployment,
years in ransom for its release from Satan. After much discussion and with arms they produced food riots on a national level.
the oppressive French colonists, was arguing about the voodoo ceremony, gained during Blame was laid on the prime minister
a land far from the Lord and far from the priests returned to Aristide and Local home the time of and he was removed. For Source of
hope. said they could not do it, because they unrest. During Light Haiti, God continues to give
could not agree and the spirits were this time the expansion of SLM was the increase. In 2008, we distributed
not with them. limited, but it was a great time to work 41,698 Bible study lessons. Our work

T he country was in a state of unrest in the local church. Attendance grew this past year was directed to a greater
and instability. The United States from 25 to highs of over 200. This
embassy evacuated all personnel, was a testing point for the church, as
locked down all transportation, and there was
President Aristide fled the country not a body
as a nationalist army marched on of mature
the capital to take control of power. b e l i eve r s
Haiti is a land of beauty! The marines helped maintain order who were
able to
S LM started impacting Haiti in the during this time until the United
Nations landed a peacekeeping force minister Village well Children who need the Lord
1990’s. By 2003, lessons were to all the
sent by bus to five cities throughout and Haiti established an interim
government lasting until 2006. Please new attendees and their children. number of young children, using the
the country, resulting in the SLM materials were used with the Explorers and Overcomers series.
enrollment of about 400 students and note that this new government was
in prayer before each meeting and young believers, grounding them in
65 salvation decisions. On December
13, 2003, the Arthur Spalding family,
contrary to the tide of unrest in the
read from the scriptures on national
television, giving constant reference
the basics of salvation and Christian
living. It is this group of young P
lease pray about what God might
have you do to meet the many
of 2009.
to the nation’s need to rely on God. people who today are key leaders in
country, moved to Haiti with the goal the church. • A forty-foot container for storage of
of making the discipleship ministry a
ministry of the local church in Haiti. T hat same year, hurricanes emptied
thousands of cubic meters of
R ene Préval became the president
of Haiti for the second time in
• The loading and shipping of the

I ndependence Day, January 1, water on the country of Haiti, literally container to Haiti with lessons
washing out towns and carrying them 2006. During that year, I was almost
2004, marked the bicentennial of kidnapped as I was delivering SLM • Translate lessons into Creole
the country and a potential turning downstream. Life takes on a new
lessons. God mercifully brought me • Print translated lessons
point of the nation. The president, significance when its fragility is all

6 7
by Ben Watson

by Rosina Brandon In 2009, Helping Hands Braille Ministry of Grand Rapids, Michigan, will
join Source of Light Ministries International in providing more tools to help
There it was; the church we were incentive for children to study the the blind person participate in his/her local church and in helping fulfill the
looking for. Once again our GPS, Word of God! Great Commission. Since 1999, Helping Hands has provided, free of charge,
co-named “Mizzy,” pointed us in Calvary Bible Church has been or at cost, devotional guides, such as Our Daily Bread and Keys for Kids,
the right direction. We had arrived! a Village Missions church since hymnals, Sunday school materials, and a variety of Christian books requested
Prior to this weekend engagement the early 1990’s. It began in a by blind people.
in Andover, Maine, we enjoyed schoolhouse on October 5, 1964,
this beautiful state for a week, Current information suggests that 95% of blind people in the United
where they met until building their States do not regularly attend church and of the five percent who do, many are
with its breathtaking scenery, the new facility several years later,
cool, blue waters of its magnificent unable to participate in the life of their church or in the wider opportunity of
now seen at the present location. making disciples. With the addition of Helping Hands equipment, volunteer
lakes, and we were always on the
lookout for the ever-present moose Compassion and love for the transcribers and proofreaders, and those additional people we hope to
lumbering across the highway. people? That’s exactly what we train, we hope to make it more possible than ever for the blind Christian to
saw in Pastor Kenneth Wagstaff participate in his local church and to grow in grace and in the knowledge of
As we pulled into the parking and his wife, Kathy. Believing that the Lord Jesus Christ through Christian books and SLM Bible courses.
lot of Calvary Bible Church, we a little child shall lead them, the
noticed the parsonage attached to Now that you are informed, there are two things you can do. First, you
prayer of the Wagstaffs and their can pray for this expanded outreach to blind people in the United States
the left of the church, but on the church family is to reach families
right . . . mailboxes? Why would a and overseas. You can look into becoming a Braille transcriber. Training
of the community for Christ by is available and Helping Hands can get you started. For more information
church want a bunch of mailboxes? teaching their children through
Each one had a name; i.e., Julia, contact
varied avenues of ministry, such
Rebecca, Drew, etc. Our curiosity as the Bible correspondence
was peaked! lessons, Awana Club,
The flag and summer camp at
was up Second Floor Expansion Ethiopia
Camp Good News. It Work continues at Headquarters with Directors Haile and Tsedale Tefera
on Cody’s was a privilege to hand the demolition of the existing kitchen, are praising the Lord for the start of the
box. What out award certificates Madison Discipleship School area, Dark- building in Dukem that will house the
for? Later to deserving students room, Graphics Department, Alternative SLM Ethiopia office, print shop, medical
on, when Media room, Audio Visual/Photography center, and dormitory.
the Sunday we were room, and several offices. All these de-
questioning there. May the Lord partments and offices have been moved
Tsedale and the three girls were able
the pastor’s wife, she shared to join Haile in Ethiopia in December to
expand His kingdom through this into other areas of the building. Please establish their home there.
with us that this was the church’s dedicated pastor and his wife in continue to pray for the $80,000 needed
for construction. Many additional work Continue to pray for the funds need-
“Mailbox Club.” When a lesson their desire to see Him work in ed to complete the Ethiopia multi-pur-
teams are needed to help in this project.
is ready to be checked, up goes hearts, as they encourage others to pose building and for additional month-
Perhaps your church or business could
the red flag. What an exciting “raise the flag.” help! ly support for the Tefera family.

8 9
in the Madison office, but around the
world. You will be looking for reports
by Bill Shade
of answers to the prayers you prayed
Can you imagine yourself directly yesterday as well.
involved in a Gospel outreach that is reaping a
harvest of souls from around the world. Such After prayer, imagine the work
had always been my dream – and perhaps it assignment for the day – printing
has been yours. Source of Light International has allowed me to see the 18,000 lessons for the Philippines.
fulfillment of that dream and it can do that for you as well. First, you will set up a cart to move
printed lessons to the collator that Working at the collator
Just imagine, your inbox is filled with last night’s E-mails giving in the Print Shop
stretches for fifty feet in a series of
greetings and reports from a dozen countries. You recognize the names chains, belts, cutters, and staplers that finally brings the product to a
of people you have never met, but through their letters you have built conveyor belt where exactly twenty-five lesson books, bound, cut, and
a warm and loving relationship with them. You know their joys, their completed will move forward to your coworker at the other end. He takes
burdens, and the names of their children. You have their picture on the every pile of twenty five and shrink wraps them, so that they will arrive
wall. As you read of the wonderful works of God taking place through at their destination clean and dry. When a cage has been filled, someone
their ministry, your own heart is filled with joy – a neighbor for whom will move them to shipping to be boxed and prepared to be loaded on a
you were praying came to Christ. The baby’s fever broke during the night truck, that will take it to a container, that will be placed on a ship, that
as believers prayed. Work on the village church is going forward, but will finally deliver the Word of Life to waiting evangelists and workers in
there is persecution. You feel like they are your family as you have born Manila. Those lessons will go to Bilibid Maximum Security Prison where
their burdens, needs, and joys before the Lord. You are actually a part of thousands have come to Christ, and others will go to churches, schools,
their lives and the work you will do from your office today will help and hospitals, and quietly many will find their way into the Muslim south,
strengthen them. Just imagine! where hungry hearts will meet the God of redemption for the first time.
Just imagine sitting at your desk in the Madison Discipleship School And imagine – all that, because you were there to make it happen. No
and opening the pile of envelopes to find the correspondence lesson from wonder at the end of the day, your heart is happy and rejoicing and you
a student whose name you know. Last month, as you graded his lesson and know the fulfillment of being a part of something of eternal importance.
prayed, you jotted a short note to encourage him to respond to the truth Just imagine.
he has now learned. You immediately go to the response form. “YES!” I could easily go on. Imagine working on the cutting edge of modern
He has given his life over to Christ. You ring the bell loudly. Your co- technology, converting powerful Bible lessons into a form where they are
workers and those in adjacent offices join you and the angels in Heaven available on the world-wide web — or recording them in audio for the
in rejoicing. Just imagine? seventy percent of the world that is functionally illiterate, loading them
Imagine yourself joining into a small device that is solar-powered and able to bring God’s message
your co-workers in the Print to a tribe or village far out in the jungle for years to come.
Shop for a brief Bible study and Today the unimaginable has become a reality. You no longer
prayer for the concerns that are have to Just Imagine. You can make it a reality right now. Reaching
in the Chapel Chats – a daily the world is really possible from Madison Georgia. You have only
memo that briefly describes one life, when will you start using it for eternity? Contact us at SLM@
needs and blessings from the or visit our website at He is no fool
Source of Light family, not only who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.
Madison Discipleship School
10 11
STUDIES require detailed
study and are excellent stud-
ies for the diligent student
since they are somewhat
advanced. A certificate is The CrossWalk courses are
given for the completion of spiral-bound (8 1/2” x 11”) and
each of the New Testament each book is 100-123 pages in
Studies. Each study (includ- length. These courses, costing
ing the test booklet) costs $10 each, are fantastic for inter-
$1.00, except Galatians,
which is $ .30 per booklet.
active small-group study.

CrossWalk 220 (CW-220) is a discipleship course of 13 lessons, to
The study of the Gospel of John has 23 lessons in a 56-page ground the believer in the Christian life.
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet.
CrossWalk Christian Marriage & Family (CW-CMF) has 14 lessons
and is designed to teach Biblical values for the family.
The study of the Gospel of Mark has 25 lessons in one 56-page
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet. CrossWalk Interpersonal Relationships (CW-IPR), a 15-lesson
course, shows Biblical principles for handling everyday problems as we
relate to others.
The study of the book of Acts has 17 lessons in one 48-page
booklet. The test for these lessons is in a separate booklet.
Order/Information Request Form
o Please send New Testament Study $ 1.00 per study
The study of the Epistle to the Galatians has 6 lessons in one
32-page booklet. The test is included in this booklet. o John o Mark o Acts o Galatians ($ .30 each)
o Please send CrossWalk 220 $10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk CMF $10.00 per course
o Please send CrossWalk IPR $10.00 per course
o Please send Intimacy with God $49.00 for 4 DVDs
taught by Dr. Hap Struthers, reveals who God
is and His care for us. This is more than a Preferred minimum order is $10. Please add 30% for Shipping & Handling.
study of the Names of God as recorded in
Scripture — and no one is more qualified to
Name _____________________________________ Phone _____________
teach this subject than Dr. Struthers. The
series, now called “Intimacy With God,” is made available on Address ______________________________________________________
DVD by SLM. This was filmed before a live audience, with over City _______________________________ State ______ Zip ____________
eight hours of thrilling exposition. You can own the entire set
for just $49.00.
12 13
Five of us came in our campers and spent the week of August 18,
2008, along with a group of seven from Pennsylvania, and were able
to dismantle about half of the
by Richard Beam

It was the summer of 1958 when the old steel building must A moment of history was celebrated as
Glenn Dix and myself removed a bolt
when I, as a 13-year-old, had the go to make room for a second
that we had installed a half-century
privilege of working with Source of floor for administrative offices and ago. On the left, Ray Walker, now Chief
Light men in constructing the new the Madison Discipleship School. Financial Officer, stopped by with his
80 X 80 steel building that would Not very often does one get Borden’s Ice Cream truck and gave us
house the headquarters and print to see the full circle of history in children free ice cream!
shop on the recently donated their lives. God has graciously
acreage outside of Madison, allowed me to participate in the
Georgia. “un-building” of that same steel
I remember shoveling sand building that I worked on 50 years
into the two-bag cement mixer as ago!
we poured the slab. I remember This is not a demolition of defeat
Charles Gilmore using a transit or failure. Oh no! It is another
to line up each of the footers that evidence of God’s continued
would support the steel girders. blessing on the ministry of
Bolts to hold the vertical girders spreading His Holy Word through Two wives from Campers On Mission
were welded to the tops of a rebar Bible correspondence lessons. provided much needed help in grading
cage, which was buried in the lessons. Both ladies were moved by the
concrete. Every girder lined up In my retirement, my wife and
student testimonies and prayer requests.
when assembly began! I have become involved with an
organization called Campers On
It was discovered that the Mission, which uses volunteers
freestanding girders would bend who donate their time for God’s
with the weight of an adult when Work.
the time came to bolt the roof
girder to the vertical post. This
13-year-old boy, however, was Where is that 13-year-old body
just light enough to climb up the when I need it? The original
ladder and insert that starting bolt galvanized siding had to be
and screw on the nut. removed. Paint had to be
chiseled off of the bolt heads
Over the years that followed, A group from Pennsylvania did a yeoman’s job
before the socket would fit.
God has blessed SLM with much in the dismantling process. Here, one of the
roof girders is being unbolted.
growth, and that original building
has been added to and now is Genesis 24:27 And he said; Let us remember the Good
contained within a much larger On the left, the five members of Campers blessed be the Lord God of my Hand of the Lord that is upon us
steel building. God is continuing to On Mission team; members of work team master Abraham . . . I being in the and give praise to His Glorious
bless and now the time has come from Pennsylvania are on the right. way, the Lord led me. . . . Name!

14 15
David was encouraged by Ray Walker, one of our staff members, to
come by and see the ministry. He came and agreed to stay if he could
be used. He has been a big help in several areas — switchboard,
by Billie Will housing, Madison Discipleship School, and the Print Shop.

We have been very happy to see new faces Our third “New Kid on the Block” is the family of Phil, Vera, and
coming on board to help here at SLM Daniel Winder. The Winders come from Ft
Headquarters. These “New Kids on the Block” Pierce, Florida. They have been here several
are a big encouragement to the staff. times in the last several years with work groups.
It almost seems like they have been a part of
Stewart Overbey comes to us from this ministry for a long time, not just a few
Springfield, Missouri. As a very young months.
child, Stewart contracted a virus that
eventually destroyed his sight. Stewart In Florida, the Winders owned and
says sight has never been a big part of operated a landscaping business.
his life because he never had it. Stewart Both Phil and Vera were involved
lives alone, walks to and from work, and in the business and they also were
does his own cooking. home schooling their son, Daniel,
who is now sixteen. Their church
His work at SLM is with the Alternative Media Department, reaching was very mission-minded and this
those with impaired vision as well as with the sighted. Ben Watson, the emphasis, along with the many
director of this department, was instrumental in getting Stewart here. mission work teams they took part in, impressed on their mind the call
Even though he had marketing and journalism training, Stewart had to missions. It seemed only natural that God would call them here to
decided that he wanted to go to seminary. Ben asked him what was Source of Light.
more important: scholastic credentials or ministry. Thank the Lord,
Stewart chose ministry! In talking with the Winders, Phil mentioned that when they came
up to a seminar for new candidates two years ago, they were very
David Mosbey hails from Tell City, Indiana. discouraged. They basically felt that SLM was not the way the Lord
He is a graduate of Washington Bible College. was leading them. Then something that Ben Watson said completely
He has worked turned things around. This comment, coupled with the book, Knowing
with several God’s Will, were the two factors that pointed the Winders in our
ministries that direction. We are happy to have them on board at last.
use SLM materials. David was saved at
the age of eleven and has been involved Phil is in training for the job of Director of Operations. As the name
in various Christian works since implies, this job covers many areas. Vera is concentrating on home
graduation from high school. He was a schooling for Daniel and she also is working in Madison to supplement
missionary for a time in inner-city New their support.
York City with Hope Bible Mission.
16 17
Greg and Chris Miller are our next New Kids Overseas Projects for Prayer and Participation
on the Block. They met in Pennsylvania and
they also met Jesus Christ there and this India – Christudas Earla Office equipment $ 570
changed their direction in life. They went to Building project $ 1,500
Brazil, South America, as missionaries for
thirty years. The Lord used them in several ministries: Amazon Valley Chile – Guillermo Salazar Ministry equipment $ 2,540
Academy, Word of Life Bible Repairs to house damaged in storm
Institute, Abaetetuba Conference
Center and Bible Institute of Haiti Vehicle for literature distribution $ 5,000
Belem, as well as in church
planting and teaching Bible in the Eastern Europe – Romania Finish Discipleship Training Center $ 17,000
public schools.
Liberia Finish Discipleship Training Center $ 4,000
After thirty years in discipleship Vehicle $ 5,500
type ministries, and due to some
health issues, they felt they should look for a ministry state side. They Ghana – Daniel Sappor Office Building $ 20,000
were encouraged to come by SLM and see the ministry. They were Reading Room/Café $ 10,000
impressed with the scope of the work and with the enthusiasm of the * Work team needed for building project – Contact SLM
Togo Generator for outdoor meetings $ 725
God led and their sending mission, CrossWorld, has agreed to
second them to Source of Light. Chris says this is their Golden Years Peru Financial needs
Challenge. Greg will act as the European director of SLM and oversee
WWBI (World Wide Bible Institute). He will also be involved with
the Alternative Media ministry reaching the blind and vision impaired.
Chris will be answering letters and grading lessons from our Spanish-
speaking students. The Millers have four grown children and eight
grandchildren and they are starting a new and challenging career with
Bill Shade
SLM. March 9-10 – SLM Board of Directors
Meeting, Madison, Georgia
We welcome all these New Kids on the Block to our staff.
April 5-11 – Northland Baptist Bible
All of these folks need monthly support. Please remember to pray for College, Dunbar, Wisconsin
them and for this need. They have agreed to come on to SLM to begin April 14-18 – ANAM Executive Forum,
ministry even though they are not fully supported. You may get further Carlinville, Illinois
information on their support needs by calling 1-800-776-1207 and ask
for Judy.

18 19
Sampson Hinneh, Director of
Source of Light Liberia, has been
Gifts received in memory of: suffering with malaria and typhoid
Pablo and Dalila Correa, fever. Due to rising costs, more
Sandra Aaron by Mr. James C. Aaron funds are needed to finish the
Directors of the Discipleship
Vernon Babb by Mrs. Melissa Babb Training Branch in Peru, are in building project.
Harold Beasley by Mrs. Libby Beasley Perdue desperate need of funds for the
Pray for political stability in
Carl Castello by Mr. & Mrs. Raymond R. Walker ministry, as well as personal
many countries, particularly the
Miriam Fraiser by Mr. Wayne M. Fraiser support.
Congo and Uganda.
H. Edward Gaines by Mrs. Lougenia Gaines Daniel Sappor, Director of
Mary Gilbert by Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Hill the Ghana Discipleship Training
Rev. Norm Hirschy by Mrs. Berdine B. Hirschy Branch, is in need of work teams
to help in building projects during
Edith Hurst by Mr. & Mrs. Leon Winton King
2009. Funds were received for a
A & F Ingalsbe by Mrs. Melissa Babb motorcycle for Sika Yawo, Director
Pat Lemmons by Mr. & Mrs. Virgie Ford In Chile, Directors Guillermo of SLM Togo.
Bill Rinear by Mr. & Mrs. Roy Eichner and Vicky Salazar have been busy
trying to assist those from their The containers of equipment
Mrs. Charlotte H. Hughes and supplies arrived safely in
country church who lost everything
Mrs. Joy E. Johnston in the floods. While helping in a Ethiopia. Director, Haile Tefera, is
Mr. Paul W. Rinear Marriage Encounter outreach some there directing the work.
Francis Rodgers by Mrs. James Francis Rodgers 100 miles from their home, a thief
robbed their home of a camera, Pastor Red Dizon, PhilSOL
B & J Scifres by Mrs. Carole Schwab (Philippine Source of Light) NBP
projector, cell phone, etc. Pray that
Ed Teat by Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Carpenter prison ministry, reported 3,201
God will supply their needs during
Mr. & Mrs. James E. King this difficult time. salvation decisions from inmates
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy O. Morgan in the first three quarters of 2008.
The Jamaica Discipleship
Peoples Bank – Conyers Progress continues with
Training Branch is in need of
RSC Conyers LLC more workers and finances for the demolition, construction,
Miss Marie B. Shattles the ministry. The storms last fall and renovation of areas of our
Headquarters, thanks to our
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Teat by Mrs. Carrie Shults affected the school ministry as the
roads were impassable, etc. Pray efficient Maintenance Department
Wilma Teat by Mr. & Mrs. Tommy O. Morgan and the volunteer work teams and
for health and strength for Joy
RSC Conyers LLC individuals who have helped.
Webster as she directs this ministry
Gifts received in honor of: and has decisions to make. There The new computer-to-plate
is also a need to sell the Clairdale system for the Print Shop is up and
Keith & Dorothy Van Der Linden by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Y. Woolford
property. running.
20 21
I grew up in a semi-Christian home,
faithfully taken to church by my mother
and then by both parents when my father Here are some items needed in our
was saved in middle age. We had a godly various departments that you can supply
pastor who faithfully proclaimed the Word
of God week by week. What a relief it was through your giving.
to discover that I had an advocate, a lawyer to plead my sinner’s case before
a perfect God, one who knew no sin and had died on Calvary’s Cross for me.
All I had to do was realize that I was a sinner, confess my sins, and He was
faithful and just to forgive me. Maintenance: 1 Brandco 612 Trencher $ 6,250.00
I am grateful that I have not experienced the “great sins of this world.” I
Print Shop: Challenge 2436A Jogger $ 2,895.00
don’t have those lingering doubts or fears or addictions that others confess.
Shrink wrap $ 133.00/roll
Even so, I was just as lost and in need of a Savior.

The Lord brought me under conviction that He wanted all of my life and so I Discipleship School: Postage for mailing lessons $ 3,000.00/mo
yielded to His direction to prepare for service in the Muslim world. At Columbia
Bible College, He directed to the field of Pakistan, and we prepared to teach Prepress: Xerox 24# paper $ 7.60/ream
in a Bible institute there. That Bible school never materialized and the Lord Proof Printer Ink Cartridges $ 99.00/ea
redirected us to a pastorate in Mansfield, Ohio. During that time, we were
General: 5 electric pencil sharpeners $ 16.00/ea
invited to develop the missions department of Appalachian Bible College.
Key Tags $ 6.98/pkg
Later, He asked us to become the Associate Director of Berean Mission
and manage their fourteen fields around the world. Then, He directed me to
become the Executive Director of the Association of North American Missions.
During that time, we moved to Florida, where my wife could care for her aged Please indicate the item you wish to help with and enclose this page
mother. We were members of a Bible church in Sarasota for several years with your gift in the envelope in the center of The Reaper.
where I was an associate pastor, in charge of Biblical counseling.
Now we are retired, living in Beckley, West Virginia, and members of
Item(s) I want to help provide ______________________________ $ _____________
Faith Baptist Church. My wife is in charge of the Children’s Church ministry Amount enclosed
and I administer the Faith Missions budget, at this time of $102,000. As Name _______________________________________________________________
opportunity affords, we give seminars on “Understanding Islam and the
Biblical Worldview.” Address _____________________________________________________________

Our four children are all around us and we attend church together. God is City _________________________________ State ________ Zip ______________
such a wonderful Savior and profound Friend. We love to serve HIM.

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