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Source of Light Ministries International
Source of Light Ministries International is an independent, faith mission
that exists to bring people of every nation, language, and ethnicity into a mature
relationship with Jesus Christ and into fellowship with a local church.
SLM is a world-wide, disciple making, church planting mobilization that uses
the medium of Bible lessons for all ages in both printed and electronic format
to achieve its goals. The International Headquarters in Madison, Georgia, and its
Discipleship Training Branches (DTBs), and Associate Discipleship Schools (ADSs),
distribute lessons throughout the world.
Representatives, Missionaries, and Appointees of SLM are available to
present the ministry to churches, missionary conferences, and other groups.
Contact the SLM PR office for scheduling.
For information on any of the ministries of SLM, see or call 800. 776.1207.

the Reaper
Spring 2010
The Reaper is published by Source of Light Ministries International, Inc. and is sent free of charge to
anyone requesting it. Write or call to be placed on the mailing list.

SLM International Administrative Council

1011 Mission Road Dr. B. Shade, General Director
Madison, Georgia 30650 R.R. Walker, Chief Financial Officer
• Phone: 706.342.0397 P. Winder, Director of Operations
• Fax: 706.342.9072 G. Miller, Interim Director of Field Ministries
• E-mail:
R.R. Walker, Director of Printing Operations
• Web Site:
B. Hearing, Director of MDS
Board of Directors B. James, Director of Public Relations
D. Lowry, Chairman
L. Valentine, Vice Chairman
The Reaper
Dr. B.H. Struthers, Secretary
Barry Blenis, Treasurer Editor: Billie Will
J.C. Carter • C. Mayfield Graphic Design: Marianne Rosenberger
Dr. G.S. Palmer • Dr. R.J. Sans Director of Publications: Ray Walker
E.B. Shoff • Dr. Earl Parvin Prepress: SLM Publications
Dr. A. Cooper • D. Head Production: SLM Printing
M. Stringer
the Reaper
Source of Light Ministries International


Spring 2010

Florence Lim (SLM–Singapore Branch Missionary
Director) and her husband have a
multi-cultural ministry.
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We are daily bombarded with and we arrived back on the field at
news that is catastrophic. Economic about the same time in the morning
collapse, a faltering war in that the call had come.
Afghanistan, an all-out effort on the “As we wearily set down our
part of powerful forces backed by luggage, our youngest son just
government to destroy all influence stood there in the living room and
of Christianity in this country, and with tears in his eyes asked, ‘Daddy,
the not-so-gradual loss of all those now what are we going to do?’ I
rights once guaranteed us by the said, ‘son, we are going to do what
Constitution — bad news on every we have always done. This tragedy
hand. Someone asked me the other isn’t going to change a thing. Look,
day, “Now what are we going to when I married your mother I didn’t
do?” say, I’ll stay with you as long as
I remember some years ago a you care for the house and serve
dear friend of mine who had served me good meals, and don’t burn the
in Missions all his adult life told me toast. I told her I would be faithful
the following story. He said, “our for better or for worse, until death.
oldest son had been committed to I told God the same thing when I
Missions since he was very young. became a missionary. So son, go get
He felt called to serve with us, and your pajamas on and go to bed. We’ll
after college he was accepted by our just keep doing what God has called
mission board. He had raised all his us to do.’ ”
necessary support and was ready to That’s what we are going to do
fly out to join us in a few days. He took here at Source of Light Ministries.
one final meeting at a small church, Our missionaries didn’t come here
and as he drove to that meeting on because it was easy, or comfortable,
that snowy, icy road his car went nor did they commit themselves to
into a skid. I got that call at 3 am that this work as long as everything went
every parent dreads to hear, telling smoothly. We’re here because God
me that my son had been killed in called us and we are here to stay.
an accident. Our supporting church
was wonderful and they provided So now what are we going to do in
the monies we needed so that we the face of all these pressures? We’ll
could all fly home for the funeral. just keep doing what God has called
It was an exhausting time for us all us to do. . . “Providing the Tools to
Finish the Task.”
A t Source of Light, we are burdened to bring children to faith in God
and to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. As they know
Him, many times children have faith that God can do anything. I love to be
with children to see how they trust God for many things in their lives.

Y ears ago Joy Thompson asked her daddy, Cam Thompson, author of
our Master Secrets of Prayer, how much a tricycle would cost. Then
she asked how many pennies it would be, and began to pray specifically. A
few days later, a girl who was heading to college suggested that her father
donate her piggy bank to some mission project, so it was given to Cam.
When they counted the pennies, the total was just a few dollars more than
the cost of the tricycle. Cam told Joy that God even remembered the sales

I n our early years of missionary service at Source of Light, our income

was one tenth of what I had previously. Some friends donated used
clothing to the missionaries. Our daughter, Jeanne, began praying for a
graduation dress, so I checked in our “missionary boutique” for a dress. I
found a used dress and showed it to Jeanne, but she said, “That’s not the
dress that I asked God for” so we told her to keep praying. Soon I learned
that a new dress had come in, still in a box. When we showed the glisten-
ing white dress to Jeanne, she said, “That’s the dress I asked God for!” I
suggested that she try it on. I have never forgotten her statement of faith
when she said, “God knows my size,” and it fit perfectly.

M any times since, I have been reminded that God knows the size of
our expanding need worldwide as Source of Light continues to op-
erate by faith in the God who cannot fail – for He is God! He knows our

by Florence Lim

In 1982, I was approached by a reach out to other students of the

staff member of Child Evangelism school by hanging around at the
Fellowship to serve as one of their school canteen. Lessons given to
Bible Correspondence Ministry the students in class were allowed
teachers. Having a heart to serve to be taken home.
God ever since I had accepted the
Lord Jesus as my personal Saviour After some years, even though I
in 1973, I accepted the invitation was offered by a church to consider
readily, though I must confess that making this ministry a part of the
I was a bit apprehensive about my church’s outreach, I rejected the
ability to do the job well. offer because my outreach work

After some time

of serving in that
ministry, my heart
and courage to do
more grew for that
ministry, and I
accepted more offers
and became involved
in face-to-face teach-
ings, outreach, and
evangelism. I was SLM — Singapore Board members meet to discuss outreach
invited to give an
educational program in a primary might be limited. I desired to follow
school (for ages 7 to 12 years old). the purpose statement of SLM:
Since it was a mission school, I to disseminate Gospel literature,
took the opportunity to use it as portions of Scripture . . . into the
an outreach program, and right hands of the multitudes in as many
away thought of using Source lands and languages as possible.
of Light Bible lessons. The total
number of students assigned to I would like to share with
me was slightly more than 280. In you the ministry of Source of
addition to this group of students, Light — Singapore. Singapore
I also took the opportunity to is a multi-cultural and a multi-
this group of people, because
they are away from their loved
ones and in a foreign land.
I believe that knowing God
loves and cares for them is
very important and hope this
will bring comfort and joy to
them. Besides providing free
Bible lessons, we also give
Office staff at work away complete Bibles, to
those who request them.
religious country. Thus, we have
to be very careful in our outreach With God’s abundant grace, was
work. Singapore is very blessed how Source of Light — Singapore
and the society is very open to got started and kept going and
Christianity, although we need growing despite many challenging
to observe mutual respect for the moments along the way. I am
other religions (namely Buddhism, always very grateful to those who
Islam, Hinduism, etc.). For this keep praying and supporting this
reason, you can find many para ministry. Without their response
churches setting up their offices in to God’s leading, this ministry
Singapore, besides many churches would not have been able to exist.
of various denominations.
As far back as 1985, we saw
many foreign workers from various
countries flocking to Singapore
to work, the latest largely from
mainland China. Thus, there was a
saying that we do not have to even
travel out for an overseas mission;
the Lord has brought the mission
to our doorstep. This is very true
in the ministry of SLM for a large
percentage of our students are
foreign workers in Singapore.
Many of these foreign workers only
have one day a month off (mostly
on a Sunday), or no off-day at all.
It has always been my burden for Bible lessons ready for distribution

by Antonio Bibiano Sobrino
The Source of  Light Bible courses
have been in our country for more
than 40 years and they are a blessing
to many who take and minister with
these courses.
Antonio with his wife
We consider this ministry as an
efficient tool to do missions. In Acts 1:8, we see that to do missions we
receive the necessary power to do so. But ye shall receive power after
that the Holy Ghost is come upon you. To accomplish this command
you shall be witnesses unto me; for a simultaneous global and local
outreach both in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and unto
the uttermost part of the earth.

The courses are being used with

great results for evangelism in the
prisons, in the public schools, and
for evangelism in the churches.
The courses are even used by non-
christian teachers that need this
material for religious education.
Children awarded certificates We believe that the biggest
blessing of the Bible courses here
in Brazil is in planting churches. The Source of Light Baptist Church
is proof of how the courses can be used. We began this ministry five
years ago and God has saved many people and edified the Christians.
We would like for you to
pray for the conclusion of the
construction of our church.
The church is located in a very
poor area, but we have seen the
believers trying to be generous
in their investments in the
church. We would appreciate Church building under construction
your prayers because after we
finish this church we would like to plant another one the same way.

We want to thank each one of our supporters and we promise to

pray for each one. We are certain of your support and wish you God’s
blessings (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Matching Fund Met !
Recently I walked out into the Expansion Project with some guests. They
had been here months ago and were excited about our progress. All the steel
is in place, the second floor poured, partitions up, wiring going in, elevator
ready to install, fire barriers in place, 5000 square feet of ceramic tile ready
to lay — Wow! God is so good. Then came the phone call that told us that
the $50,000 matching grant had just been met. We have so much for which
to praise God.

Expansion Project – Looking Ahead !

The next step is the installation of heating and
cooling units. The price tag is $2,900
per unit and we will need eight units
for the first floor area. Providing one
unit would be a great project for a
church or other group to take on.
We need to begin this work at
once. Looking ahead, we will need
Elevator shaft under approximately $85,000 in addition to
construction the above to finish (not furnish) the
newly created office and production space. Our God has not failed us yet, and
we can rest in His faithfulness for
the future. Thank you for your
earnest prayers and generous
gifts. Great is your reward in
Please send all gifts marked
Expansion Project
to SLM International
1011 Mission Road,
Madison, Georgia The new
30650, or you may Madison
give online at: www. School ­— a work in

It is thrilling to see second generation missionaries. David Ingalsbe,
son of Marvin and Betty, SLM Missionaries, grew up here at Source of
Light Ministries. He was saved at an early age, and committed his life
to serve the Lord in Missions. He married a local girl, Debbie West, and
they both attended Moody Bible Institute. David graduated and went on
to complete Moody Aviation training in preparation to be a missionary
pilot. However, the Lord did not continue to lead in that direction.
David and Debbie have
four children, Nathaniel (14),
Nicole (11), Abigail (5), and
Lilly Beth (22 months). They
are very active in Centennial
Baptist Church.
SLM has been very
much in need of people in
our Printing Department
and David was working
part-time there. With Bill
Rosenberger unable to run
the Heidelberg four-color
press alone, we were looking
to the Lord to supply that
need. We asked David if he would pray about joining the work as an
Associate Missionary. This was at a time when God was really doing
something in their lives.
On September 13, 2009, God clearly used His Word to confirm their
decision in joining Source of Light. Isaiah 43:19, For I am about to do a
brand new thing. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a
pathway through the wilderness for my people to come home. I will create rivers
for them in the desert! (NLT)
We praise God for bringing this dedicated couple on board. They
will need to raise about $2,500 support per month. If you would like
them to present the burden of their heart to your church or group, please
contact them at: 1040 West Road, Rutledge, Georgia 30663; 706-474-2513;, or directly through Source of Light.

One of the most . . . if not THE
most-needed item at Source of Light is
PAPER. Not writing tablets, nor legal
sheets, but huge rolls of paper that
weigh 1,200 pounds and looks like a
slice of jelly-roll made to appease the
appetite of a giant!
Our giant King Press gobbles up
one of these enormous rolls of paper
in a matter of two hours. When the printing job is finished we have 18,000
Bible lessons ready to be folded and shipped out to hearts hungry for God’s
“How would you like to FEED THE
“ How can I do that?”
“ I have a suggestion. You know it
is Spring time now and what comes
after Spring?”
“Summer comes and vacation
comes and we get to do a lot of fun things!”
“Right, Summer comes and what happens in the summer at your
“There are the regular services each week and . . . I’ve got it . . .
“Right, and every Vacation Bible School looks for some project for the
children. Why not make that goal a roll of paper to FEED THE GIANT?”
“That’s a super idea!”
Each roll costs $800 dollars. Set your goal high and challenge your Bible
School students to give and FEED THE GIANT!”
Contact Source of Light Ministries at 706-342-0397, with the results of
FEED THE GIANT at your Bible School!

BASIC BIBLE TRUTHS is a course on great Bi-
ble themes. This study is more advanced than
many of our popular level courses and may be
used for older teens and adults. Mature believ-
ers will find it helpful, as will newer Christians.
These studies are doctrinal in nature with
great foundational truths, leading to more seri-
ous Bible study.
Book 1 REPENTANCE • Called Unto Repentance
Book 2 FAITH • The Evidence of Things Not Seen
Book 3 REGENERATION • Created in His Image
Book 4 JUSTIFICATION • Accepted in the Beloved
Book 5 ADOPTION • Sons Not Servants
Book 6 PRAYER • Master Secrets of Prayer
Book 7 SANCTIFICATION • Called Unto Holiness
Book 8 GLORIFICATION • Called Unto His Eternal Glory
Book 9 HOLY SPIRIT • The Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

KNOW & GROW is a basic course for new believers.

Know It is ideal for new convert classes and for all believ-
& Grow Book 1 ers who have not had extensive Bible study. The
detailed exercises help the students as they learn
to pray and study God’s Word. There are three
booklets in this course.

The entire Christian Experience from Salvation to Sanctification to Glorification

is set forth in picture form in the Tabernacle. This C-D includes five one-hour PowerPoint studies,
Leader’s Scripts that accompany each slide, and Student’s Notes for each session. You can now
have this tremendous tool for your students at a cost of just $15.00 plus postage. That’s five complete
sessions with every major spiritual truth clearly explained.

Beyond the Bible Lessons for all ages for
which SLM is most well known, there is
a whole special Department of Bible
Studies called Advanced Studies. In
the world of Advanced Studies, you
can take up to thirty-three college level
courses through the WW LIT Department,
or get a complete three-year Bible Institute
Education through the World-Wide Bible
Institute. Let me challenge you to look
into this tremendous opportunity for
Biblical and Theological education.
Contact: or call:
706-342-0397 ext. 165. You may also
look us up on the web at www.sourcelight.
org. The link for Advanced Studies is:

Order/Information Request Form

q Basic Bible Truths $ 6.75 per course (9 booklets)
q Know and Grow $ 1.65 per course (3 booklets)
q The Tabernacle in Power Point $ 15.00 per CD
q Please send the Literature Information Packet
q Please send information about WWBI Advanced Studies
q WW LIT and The Ezra Institute
Preferred minimum order is $10. Please add 30% for Shipping & Handling.
Name _____________________________________ Phone _____________
Address ______________________________________________________
City _______________________________ State ______ Zip ____________

by Bill Shade

I never had a conversation like that before. I had called Pastor

Brad Waters to ask a favor. One of our foreign nationals had
just arrived and I called to see if Grace Baptist Church would be
interested in having him present his work at a Wednesday evening
prayer service. It was a last minute request, so I was prepared to
hear a response of “not this time.” I was not prepared for what I
did hear.
Pastor Waters asked, “Is
this man someone we could
support?” I was so surprised
by the question I had to pause
a moment before answering.
“Absolutely!” I told him. “He
has been our director in that
country for ten years now
and has seen thousands come
to Christ and be discipled
through our lessons.” Pastor
Brad assured me the church would love to hear him, and that they
wanted to support that kind of person. Then he shocked me a
second time with his next statement, “When you come,” he said,
“be prepared to give us the names of at least three other Source of
Light missionaries we can support. We are so sold on the work, that
we want to have a large partnership with all SLM is doing around
the world.”
Grace Baptist Church of Monroe, Georgia did meet our
missionary. They did take him on for regular support along with
three others, and through that connection GBC has become the
church home of some of our people. Those who attend there report
people being saved and baptized on a regular basis. A fervent love
for souls and missions, that begins with the leadership, is evident
throughout the church family. GBC is a church that is making a

Bill and Bonnie James met as
teenagers in Florida at a Youth for
Christ rally. Married forty-four
years, they have three sons and
four grandchildren. Two of their
sons are in ministry. Two of their
grandchildren are in Alaska where
their oldest son and his wife serve in a small village as missionary
dorm parents to Native teenagers.  
Bill was working with IBM as a programmer when he was called into
ministry over thirty years ago. He began printing tracts as a part of a street
ministry in the Atlanta-inner city projects. Over 18 million tracts, many
in Spanish, were printed during a period of 15 years. In 1990, Bill took
a mission trip to the former USSR before the breakup of communism.
Soon after he began working with the Bible League to help send Bibles
behind the iron curtain. He also worked with Bibles for the World mailing
Scriptures into Central America where so many of his tracts were being
distributed. This was during his forty plus trips there.
In 1994, Bill was part of the founding of The Christian Care Medi-
Share Ministry, for pastors, missionaries, Christian business men and their
families world-wide. He served with them for 12 years. In 2001, Bill had
a heart attack and knew that God had spared his life for some specific job
yet to be done. In 2006, when Bill and Bonnie took a mission trip to Alaska
with their church, they knew it was to work with missions there. That has
been their heartbeat since that trip.    
They knew right away that SLM was a perfect match for the people hard
to reach in the villages of the frozen north. Bonnie had graded lessons at a
Baptist church fifteen years ago and was familiar with the materials. Last
year, they felt the Lord was leading them to join SLM. Bill will be serving
as Director of Public Relations as well as a Field Representative. They pray
that the Lord will open doors for many more Bible correspondence schools,
especially in Alaska.  

by Elaine Schiffer
In 2008, we realized that God was a very good start on building the house.
calling us to sell our home and use the However, we knew we would have to
money to start a new Branch of SLM on finish it after our house was sold.
the south coast of Jamaica. Don and I The house was about half done. I had
moved forward, incorporating as Follow
to leave for Jamaica to take care of some
the Source Discipleship Training Centre.
paperwork. I was going to have to tell
We did not realize how long it had been
the workers who were doing such a great
in the planning!
job, that they would have to stop. I hated
When we started looking at property in to do that. If they got an offer to work
the area where we work, we found
that there was nothing available
that we could afford. There was a
property there, owned by a good
friend. It was a beautiful place
but far more then we could ever
afford, even if he had wanted to
sell it.
Finally we asked if he would
consider dividing the property
and selling us a small piece.
God did a miracle. He placed the
desire in his heart to donate the The back of the 1,200 square foot, two-bedroom mission
entire property of over four acres house at Follow the Source Discipleship Training
for this ministry! However, we Centre. The veranda faces the sea and under the veranda is
knew we would have to sell our an 8,000-gallon water tank. The house, including the roof, is
home in the US before we could cement to withstand hurricanes.
begin to build the mission house. another job, they would not be available
One night, as Don and I were talking, until it was complete. Yet I didn’t see
we discussed a very small lot in the that there was a choice.
mountains that we had inherited. It had
My bags were packed. I checked
been purchased in the mid 1960s, on a
my E-mail one more time. There it was
tax sale for $250. We knew it wouldn’t
. . . our account statement from SLM.
bring much but we wouldn’t need the lot.
Somehow we had another $5,000 in
So, we decided to sell it. Two hours after
the account! We were amazed. Since I
our conversation we received a call, with
couldn’t get into the bank before I left,
an offer for that little lot. It seems that it
I made arrangements to have the money
had become a popular tourist area. We
wired to the bank in Jamaica before I left
were able to sell the lot for enough to get
for the airport. Once again we had seen

God’s hands in what we were doing. ministry had not been our idea! It was
Isn’t it amazing that we worry about God’s! He knew, back when that lot was
where We are going to come up with the purchased for $250 that He was going to
money?? We thought we had to buy land. use it to build an SLM Branch in Jamaica,
We thought we had to sell our house some 45 years later! Our house isn’t sold
before doing anything . . . However, God as yet, but we are confident that God is in
had other plans. I suddenly realized this control. He has the plans for Follow the
Source DTC, in Jamaica.

Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world, and the largest
Muslim country in the world, with a population of 240,000,000. Does God
love Muslims? He must, since He just enabled SLM to establish a new
Branch in Indonesia. 
Early in 2008, God raised up a man,
Brother P (pictured at right), who has a
tremendous burden to reach his country for
Christ. He quit his well-paying job in the
business world in 2007, and began to pray
that God would direct him into ministry.
Little did Brother P know that SLM was
also praying in 2007, that God would lead
them to an Indonesian man with a burden
and a vision to start a new SLM work in the
country. Needless to say, God answered both prayers. When Brother P heard
about SLM, he contacted our office requesting that a representative come to
Jakarta, the capital city, to introduce the SLM ministry. 
After a visit to Jakarta in June of 2008, SLM personnel agreed that
God had His hand on this man. Therefore, on a second visit to Jakarta in
October 2009, Risograph printing equipment was purchased for Brother
P to begin publishing and distributing the SLM Bible courses in the
Indonesian language. He will begin on his home island of Java where he
has contacts with 80-100 pastors.  
Give thanks to God, and pray for Brother P as he starts the SLM Branch
in Indonesia. As God’s Word goes forth, we believe God will use Brother
P and his coworkers to bring in a very large harvest that He has prepared,
and to greatly strengthen the existing churches in Indonesia. God loves
Muslim people and wants them to be heirs of eternal life. His working in
Brother P’s life is all the evidence you need.

God saved me when I was 11 years old and I dedicated my
life to be a missionary when I was 12. I had a burning desire
to be a missionary and wanted to go to the most primitive
people in the world.
After graduating from high school, I went to Tennessee
Temple University. While waiting for God to show me “my
place” I heard a missionary speak about a place in what was
then Dutch New Guinea.  He showed slides from a village
named Senggo. The people were very primitive (in the Stone
Age culture some were still practicing headhunting and
When I saw his slides it seemed as if God said, “That is
going to be your place.” 
In July, 1964, I went to “my place,” which at that time had
become a part of Indonesia and was Irian Barat, Indonesia —
now Irian Jaya or West Papua, Indonesia.
During my 40 years and three months there, I never once
doubted that I was in God’s will. He gave me the almost
unbelievable privilege of reducing the unwritten language to
writing and translating the New Testament into two languages
— Citak and Tamnim. 
I got to be the first white person to go into an area where the
people were still practicing headhunting and cannibalism. I got
to participate in the church dedication in one of those villages
and hear Boar, the village chief, and former headhunter say,
“Thank you for coming. Thank you for telling us how to go to
Heaven. You brought us out of the darkness into the light.”
God is good and it is a privilege to serve Him. 

My journey with the Lord has been a story of taking
someone weak, unqualified, and spiritually inconsistent
to inconceivable places. My story is one of a great God
using an imperfect vessel for a unique calling that
becomes most apparent when I am forced to look back
and recognize what He has done in my life.
God developed leadership experience as I passed
through management positions in Corporate America. I
developed business experience through the starting of
a small business.  I continued to develop patience and
sensitivity through a wonderful wife and two teenage
But the most significant development has been
spiritual.  God placed me in a Christian home and
brought me to Himself when I was young. He nurtured
me through a Baptist church in Decatur, Georgia, to a
point of total surrender in 1986.
The “unexpected” and “unrealistic” becomes most
evident as my current church, Crosspointe Ministries,
partnered with Source of Light Ministries in the
establishment of a Christian School in Ethiopia. At age
52, this is a season of total dependency on God as I
discover my inadequacy and His sufficiency.   
I am honored to now serve on the Board of Source
of Light Ministries, as well as, Elder at Crosspointe
Ministries.  The future is God’s and the possibilities are

transportation needs in addition to
their ongoing ministry needs. If the
The Alternative Media Department Lord burdens your heart, contact the
received training in November Field Department for details.
through BEE World (Biblical Education
by Extension) to enable them to get There are many ongoing translation
our courses online. Pray that they will projects in progress. Pray for their
continue to make good progress toward completion and the funds to get the
that goal, made easier through the completed translations into print.
training received.
Guillermo and Vicky Salazar, SLM
Chile, continue to minister in two
churches and in prisons. Pray that
God would heal Guillermo’s kidney The ministry in China is growing and
problem. they now have the first two semesters
of World Wide Bible Institute studies
Pablo and Dalila Correa, SLM Peru, available for use in training pastors.
returned to Peru on November 10, These pastors are assisting in materials
2009, although still under supported. for North Korea and will carry them in
Pray that God will provide their at the risk of their lives.
needs so that the ministry will not be
hindered. The money received for the $50,000
matching funds was a fantastic provision
At the International Headquarters to be able to continue with the
in Madison, Georgia, continue to pray expansion project at the Headquarters
for the need of additional staff, funds building in Madison, Georgia.
to complete the Expansion Project, and
additional funding for our overseas PhilSOL Director, Dr. Luz Nacionales,
Discipleship Training Branches. praises the Lord for the funds provided
for their new headquarters building in
Many of our Discipleship Training the Philippines.
Branches have equipment and

Bill Shade
March 8-9 – Board of Director’s Meeting, Madison, GA
March 22-23 – IFCA Regional Meetings, Family Bible
Church, Martinez, GA
April 14-May 5 – PhilSol, The Philippines
May 7-9 – Fellowship of Believers, Menomonie, WI

Gifts received in memory of:
Vernon Babb by Mrs. Melissa Babb
Leah Bowers by Rev. & Mrs. Don Lowry
Dr. & Mrs. William K. Shade
Charlene Carter by Rev. & Mrs. Don Lowry
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Redlinger
Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Shoff
Dr. & Mrs. William K. Shade
Nancy Harvey by Mr. & Mrs. David A. Giles
Rev. Norman Hirschy by Mrs. Berdine B. Hirschy
Alpha & Fannie Ingalsbe by Mrs. Melissa Babb
Arlene Wilkins by Mr. & Mrs. Donald Laven
Olene Wilson by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rochon

Here are some needs at our Foreign Branches

that you can supply through your giving.

CHILE Projector that was stolen $ 1,226

PERU Personal monthly support needed $ 1,300
ROMANIA Pavel: Computer & Copy Machine $ 1,950
LIBERIA Urgent need for a generator Need Met $ 600
GHANA Office Building in Muslim area $ 19,500
IVORY COAST Laptop & CD Duplicator $ 1,863
INDIA Dodla Wilson: Visual Aid materials $ 3,248
Christudas Earla: Jeep $ 8,375
PHILIPPINES Headquarters building project Phase 1 $ 36,300
TOGO Laptop Computer $ 1,500

Please send a separate note with your gift indicating how you want
your gift to be used. Thank you for your prayers and participation.

. . . where moth and rust
doth corrupt and where
thieves break through and
steal (Matthew 6:19).
That’s how Jesus described our earthly treasure store. You
can lock it up and seal it and make it as safe as you can, but the
lesson of the recent economic turmoil is clear — all we thought
we had will inevitably be eaten away, and thieves will most
certainly steal (as many trusting investors tragically learned).
All of which brings up a rather important point; Jesus said
the problem was that we had our savings in the wrong Bank!
The Bank called “earth” is vulnerable to all kinds of dangers that
will eventually reduce all our savings to nothing ­— absolutely
certain! On the other hand, the Bank called Heaven is so secure
that every treasure placed there will be waiting our arrival and
add to our enjoyment forever.
Heavenly treasures are the investments we make in the only
thing in the world that is eternal — the souls of men and women.
A tract handed to a stranger, a Bible lesson sent to a seeking
heart, a fervent prayer lifted to God on behalf of another. Jesus
promised that not even a cup of cold water given in His name
would go unnoticed. Amazingly, even earthly mammon can
be made eternal when invested in the salvation of souls (Luke
16:9). Jesus taught that resources invested in the salvation of
souls would produce eternal friends who would welcome us in
So what Bank do you trust? Where do you have your
investments? When things fail, where will your treasures be?
May we invite you to consider investing in the ministry of SLM
International. Every year SLM’s investments reap 27,000 souls
or more – and that investment is in the right Bank. Contact Ray
Walker at 706-342-0397 or go to
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