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Issue #44 - December 2015

To crown up 2015, we as ask: 1. What has been your most outstanding moment(s) this year? 2. What would you do if you had only December to live?
has grown
there is a
involvePs. Johnson Magaya ment of
in the children’s ministry especially in
the morning service like never before. I
want to commend Ruth Namuyiga, the
Children’s ministry team leader, for
that achievement; it’s really such a
The creative learning center (CLC) has
also been so outstanding for me this
2. Well, for the time I have lived, I know
there isn’t much for me to gain from
this world. If possible, I would just love
to gather as many people as I could find
to pass my knowledge about the
kingdom of God to them. I believe
money or any other kind of wealth will
all remain on this side of life and thus
will not be beneficial at all in the end.
Over the years I have come to witness
how we have offered very little time to
seek truth from the Bible. Instead, we
have done a lot of lip service at the
expense of causing effect for God’s
sake. I appeal to the Christian
community to be sincere to God and
live a life worthy of their calling.

Sandra Babirye
1. For me 2015 was a just a normal year. It did not have a lot to
consider memorable.
2. I would celebrate all the life
God has given me till that date.

Dear Esteemed Reader,
been so faithful to me
much as I
occasionally failed
Him. He has
Florence Nalumu helped me to
realize many
of my problems. At some point this
year I had lost the purpose of salvation
in my life. God however helped me to
realize that He is the sole proprietor of
my life and it doesn’t matter whether
things work out my way or not — His
purpose for my life still remains
according to His will. This year I moved
out of my guardian’s home and being
my first time to stay alone, it was such
a terrifying moment but at the same
time gave me such a meaningful
environment to know myself more.

2015 has been another year of
God’s goodness and faithfulness to us as a Team .
Thank you very much for
continuing to read the Key
Ring, for your kind responses,
and for sharing it with friends
every month.
We want to thank, in a special
way, everyone who contributed to the different Key Rings
over the year and especially
our dear respondents.
Last year we asked you to pray
with us as we transitioned
from a Men’s Media Team to a
church Media Team. This year
we ask that you pray with us as
we work on an outreach
university students. As a
church we are surrounded by
very many university students
and we would like to impact
them for Jesus through media.
We wish you a Merry
Christmas and a blessed 2016!

Drop us an email at

Media Team

1.The most
thing this
the death of
my mother
in January
though I am
Jajja Mutiini
grateful she
stayed with me for that long.
Travelling to Kakiri to share the gospel
and serving at church — especially
during the Medical Week when people
call me musawo (doctor) — gave me
Also, I look back at my life and surely
me not having HIV today is only
because of God. He has been so good
to me; I am now 68 years old.
2. I would ask the Lord to forgive me
for all my sins so that I am found
worthy when I finally appear before
Him. I would also plant a garden for my
grandchildren — it’s better I leave
something for them than wish I had.

1.This year,
taught me to
live one day
at a time and
Him as my
Paul Kakooza provider in
financially, in relationships, and in
2. I can’t really imagine December to be
my last month alive but if God said so,
naked we came, naked we go. I would
dare to do more of God’s service like
never before. I would try as much as
God can allow me to teach His word to
people who don’t know Him. I can’t ask
for food or riches because after all, all
these things perish and I cannot consume more than enough. Therefore, I
would yearn to make Christ known.

2. Honestly, the things that I would like
to do, humanly, I cannot do them in a
month’s time. One, I would like to plant
about 100 acres of eucalyptus forest
but this cannot happen in a month
unless it’s a miracle. The other
thing is
to see a
holding a special metal
in his hand, asking for
my hand in marriage.
After those two, my
heart will be at rest.

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