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Letter of Motivation

380/18-C, Kunjaban, East Rampura

Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh
Phone: +8801714450796
University of Luxembourg
Luxembourg Business Academy
148 Avenue de la Faiencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to affirm my interest to apply for the program Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at
University of Luxembourg for the next available intake 2016/2017 academic year. I believe choosing this
program will be a prolific crossroads for my future prospect.
Innovation is an explicit tool for entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit changes as an
opportunity for an unlike business or service. Innovation itself is capable of being presented as a
discipline, capable of being learned, and capable of being practiced. Innovation is regarded as a way to
do something unusual and enhanced. Hence, it is considered the means of exploiting business
prospects. Every finished goods, whether physical product or service, are made of three things: natural
raw materials, physical and mental labor, and capital. Well, innovation is the new combination of these
three things. Entrepreneurs, as innovators, make the new combinations of these factors and present it
to the consumers for assessment. However, it is a technical apprehension of what innovation is about.
Furthermore, it does not give the entrepreneurs much of an idea about what innovation to make, or
how to make it, but it presages that innovation is a much broader concept than just inventing new
products or services.
The masters program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation will help me developing essential indulgent
and knowledge of how to experiment an innovative idea, product or service, how to finance start-up
ventures and innovation projects, and how to sell and market new products and services into national
and international market places. I will also get to learn how entrepreneurial firms compete for
customers in national and international markets, how to form strategies, and how to organize the
activities and operations to grow into successful and profitable business. It will also help me
understanding the hurdles, opportunities, fundamental requirements, and particular skills need to lead
and manage the process of innovation, business start-ups, high growth, and rapid change.
The masters program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is intensely correlated with my previous
academic background. Ever since, innovative entrepreneurship is distressing the business operations in
every aspect now a day, thus it has become more important to acclimatize the novelty for level business

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operations, and clutching the most market shares. In my professional life, I have observed that using the
ground-breaking strategies make the business operations much easier than the conventional way.
The University of Luxembourg is regarded a modern and dynamic university at the heart of Europe. The
university is renowned for its quality education and building on its dedication to responsible leadership
and entrepreneurship. Its well known for practical and pragmatic learning with an entrepreneurial
courage, and distinctly recognized for the quality of its program. Moreover, the university is highly
renowned for its effervescent and multinational student populace, and it will be my privilege to
complete the degree program with highly qualified faculty members and international group of
The professional aim of my life is to be a prominent businessman in my country. I have a plan to build up
my own business in E-Marketing and Online Commercial Trading Sector. Moreover, I want to serve my
country by exploring the new IT related business, diversifying the business trends, and creating
opportunities for young generation.
I am eagerly waiting to face new challenges and seeking ways to develop myself. I have such kinds of
collective skills that assist me to work alone and within a group as well, which is essential for both
professional and academic life. Though English is not my mother tongue, but I have fluent command
over that.
I have a strong faith that if I get the opportunity to study at University of Luxembourg, I can truly
develop my academic and professional skills in order to achieve aspires.
I will look forward to receiving your positive reply. Thank you so much for considering my request.

Sincerely yours,
MD Khairul Islam

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