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Chloe Allen

Professor Voltz
UWRT 1102-026
October 14, 2015
Journal #7
After keeping a log of all my texts, emails, notes and other forms of writing, I have
learned that I write-an awful lot. For twenty-four hours, I attempted to keep a record of
everything I wrote-or typed-and it was rather difficult. Throughout a twenty-four hour period, I
texted my boyfriend, six of my best friends, my sister, and my mom. I also emailed three people:
two professors and the secretary of Kapa Delta, my sorority. I took lots of notes in my LBST, and
none in my other courses. As far as social media goes, I posted on Facebook once and I
retweeted a few things on Twitter.
I use my iPhone for all forms of text messaging, because I can use emojis and better
express what Im trying to say. In the text messages to my boyfriend, we asked each other a lot
of questions. Things such as: how is your day going? How do you feel? Have you eaten today?
In technical terms, we used a lot of investigative writing when speaking to one another. We also
heavily utilized opinionative writing. There was an instance throughout the twenty-four hours in
which we didnt necessarily agree or disagree on the subject, we just both freely expressed our
opinions on it. We also spend a large chunk of our time entertaining one another with memes,
which usually ends in lots of crying-laughing emojis.
In the texts with my best friends, I have two separate group messages I am a part of. One
of the two contains my two friends, Hunter and Savannah, who attend UNC Charlotte. Within
that group message most of our writing is entertaining or story-telling. We tell lots of jokes and
make fun of one another, and often tell each other about things that have just happened. We also

Chloe Allen
Professor Voltz
UWRT 1102-026
October 14, 2015
inform each other of our whereabouts, and whose room were going to meet in. The other group
message Im a part of is four of my friends from back home in Lincolnton. The majority of my
writings consist of storytelling about Charlotte and things that are going on. We also often
screenshot things from Twitter that people we deem stupid have posted; I guess that would be
considered opinionative writing. The text messages to my mom and my sister were both
concerning my whereabouts, and informing them of my plans.
I also emailed a few times during the twenty-four hours of recording my writing. I
emailed the secretary of my sorority, Kappa Delta, to inform her I would not be going to
International Girls Day. I then emailed two of my professors about my prior absences in their
classes, and the work I needed to make up. In all of my emails I noticed I was very formal, which
I suppose is a good thing. Youre supposed to be formal when addressing a person in authority.
On social media, I am definitely myself-just the best version of myself. I dont write
formal posts, but I dont allow myself to sound ignorant. On a normal day, my Facebook posts
usually consist of many shares from Bernie Sanders and kittens playing. But on this particular
day, my Facebook post was a sweet photo of my letters given to me by my sorority big. They
are hanging nicely on my wall, and I wanted to show them off. However on twitter, I did retweet
a few humorous memes making fun of Donald Trump. Opinionative writing I guess? Factual
information if you ask me of course.
I took loads of notes in my LBST-Health and Quality of Life-class during the twenty-four
hours. Im very particular about the way I write my notes. My notes are always organized, I have

Chloe Allen
Professor Voltz
UWRT 1102-026
October 14, 2015
a system for the different types of bullet points I use and Im extremely verbal, that way I can
remember why I wrote whatever I did.
From recording my writing, I realized I spend a great deal of my time utilizing
opinionative writing. I know that I am a VERY opinionated person, but it shines through
everything; my texts, my social media posts, and my tone of voice in person. I also often utilize
the interrogative type of writing. I ask lots of questions, to all of my friends and often my
boyfriend. Not only do I ask other people questions though, I ask myself questions too. In my
notes I write questions down and answer them. I also provide lots, and I mean LOTS, of details
in my notes. But once again, I provide lots of details in all of my forms of writing, Im very
detail oriented. Its also quite funny to see how my tone changes from texts, to emails and then to
social media. Virtually all of my writing is public, besides my notes, and thats pretty wild to
think about. Overall, I learned a lot from recording my writing for twenty-four hours and proved
some theories I previously had about myself: Im opinionated, very detailed and very nosey.