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Part A (2 Marks)
1. Define Research
2. What are the objectives of research?
3. Explain the characteristic of research.
4. Bring out the criteria of good research.
5. Define Hypothesis?
6. What are the Characteristic Of Hypothesis?
7. Describe the types of hypothesis.
8. What are the sources of hypothesis?
9. What are the characteristic of a good hypothesis?
10. Explain Research Design.
11. What are the characteristics of the Research Design?
12. State the significance of research design
13. What is meant by Descriptive Analytical Research.?
14. What is meant by Quantitative VS Qualitative Research?
15. What is meant by Conceptual Vs Empirical Research?
16. What is meant by Theoretical And Empirical Research?
17. What is meant by Cross Sectional And Time Series Research?
18. What is meant by Laboratory Research?
19. What is meant by Clinical Or Diagnostic Research?
20. What is meant by Exploratory Research?
Part B (16 Marks)
1. Explain in detail the various types of research design
2. Bring out the procedure for hypothesis testing
3. What are the types research explain with its business application
4. Bring out the basic steps in research process
5. Narrate the problems encountered by researcher in India
6. What is a research design? Discuss various research designs.
7. What do you meant by Historical Research?
8. What are the Rules in Hypothesis Development?
9. Define hypothesis and explain different types.
10. Explain in detail the research in an evolutionary perspective

Define Experimental Research design


What are the advantages of experimental designs.


Explain Internal Validity.


What do you understand by measurement?


Describe the Characteristics Of Sound Measurement.


What is Scaling?


Define Likert Scale.


What is scalogram ?


What is Multidimensional scaling ?

10. Explain Factor Scales?


What are the features of the research design?


What is meant by Exploratory Studies ?


What is meant by Descriptive Studies?


What is meant by Casual Relationship/ experimental research Design?

15. What are the Factors Affecting Research Design?

16. What is meant by Experimental Research design?
17. What are the advantage of Experimental Research design?
18. What are the disadvantages of Experimental Research design?
19. What is meant by Pilot test revise and test?
20. What is meant by Analyse the data?
1. Describe the different methods of scales construction, pointing out the merits and
demerits of each.
2. What is attitude ? What are its component ? What types of scales are used to measure
3. What are the steps involved in the construction of a semantic differential scale?
4. Narrate the procedure for developing a scalogram and illustrate the same by an example.
5. Explain the major types of experimental designsof the various methods of achieving
validity in experimentation, which is most

important ? Why ?

6. What is scaling ? Describe the various scaling techniques used in business research.
7. What do you mean by measurement? Explain the most widely used classification
8. of measurement scales with examples
9. Discuss the importance of sampling techniques
10. i.Explain in detail the construction of questionnaire .
ii.Explain in detail the determinants of optimal size.
1. State the advantages of sampling:
2. What is Primary Data?
3. Define Secondary data.
4. State the Sources of secondary data?
5. Explain the Characteristics of Secondary Data.
6. Define Warranty Card
7. What is Consumer Panel?
8. Define Observation.
9. Explain Focused Interview.
10. State Pilot Study.
11. Define Questionnaire.
12.What are the Characteristic of a good sample design?
13.What are the Advantages Of Sampling?
14.What is meant by DATA ?
15.What is meant by Primary Data?
16.What is meant by Secondary data?
17.What is meant by Questionnaire :?
18.What do you mean by Interview ?
19. What do you mean by Observation :?
20.What is meant by Feedback?
1. Describe the various methods of collecting primary data
2. What do you mean by Observation. Explain various types of observation.
3. Explain interview method of data collection . How To Make Interview Successful ?
4. Explain the technique of sampling with its merits & demerits.
5. Distinguish between questionnaire & schedule.
6. Distinguish between an experiment and survey.
7. Enumerate the different methods of collecting data. Explain its merits & demerits.
8. What do you mean by questionnaire technique? Discuss the pre requisites for setting
9. Bringout essentials of a good questionnaire.
10. Discuss the important projective techniques.
1. What do you mean by multivariate techniques?
2. What are Variable in Multivariate Analysis?
3. Write short notes of factor analysis.
4. What is the significance of using multiple discriminate analyses?
5. What is of multiple regressions?
6. What is meant by multicollinearity?
7. What is canonical analysis ?
8. Illustrate the research uses of multiple regression.
9. Explain the application of SPSS with its features.
10. What is meant by Univariate Analysis?
11. What is meant by Bivariate Analysis?
12. What is meant Multivariate Analysis?
13.What is meant by Exploratory Variable?
14.What is meant by Criterion Variable?
15. What is meant by Observable & Latent variable?
16. What is meant by Discrete variable & Continuous Variable?
17. What is meant by Dummy Variable?
18. What is meant by Factor Analysis?
19. What is meant by Cluster Analysis?

What is meant by Canonical Correlation Analysis?

1. What are the purposes of statistical analysis of research data?
2. Briefly explain the application of SPSS with its features.
3. Name the important multivariate techniques and explain the important characteristics of each
one of such techniques.
4. What is descriptive analysis? What are its purposes?
5. What is factor analysis? What are its purposes? What are its research applications?
6. What is multiple discriminant analysis? When and why is it used? Illustrate.
7. Define Cluster analysis. State the various its types with pros & cons.
8. Bring out the method of various factor analysis.
9. Explain the applications of statistical software for data analysis.
10. Explain in detail the bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques


1. Define research report

2. Explain the Objectives of a Report.
3. What are various types of business reports?
4. Describe the characteristic of a good report.
5. Define Bibliography
6. What is meant by Research Report ?
7. What are the Objectives of a Report ?
8. What are the types of business reports?
9. What are the On the Basis Of Frequency ?
10.What are the On the Bases of Function ?
11.What are the On the Bases of the Nature of the Subject?
12.What are the On the Basis of the Number of Persons entrusted with Drafting of reports ?
13.What is meant by Research Report?
14. What is meant by Popular Report?
15. What is meant by Oral Presentation?
16. What is meant by Quotations?
17. What is meant by the footnotes?
18. What are the different types research report?
19. Explain the needs of executive summary.
20. Explain the ethics in research
Part B

1. Describe the consideration and steps involved in planning report writing work.
2. Describe the layout or format of a research report.
3. Describe briefly the various elements included in a research report.
4. Discuss the rules / mechanisms of writing a research report
5. Discuss the need for preparing rough draft.
6. Discuss the main components that should be taken into account in the mechanisms of
thesis writing.
7. Describe the steps in research in writing report.
8. Discuss the significance of report writing.
9. Write an essay on report writing?
10. Ethical behavior of research subjectivity and objectivity in research.