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MANU CHOPRA | | P.O Box 16979, Stanford, CA - 94309

9/13 present

Stanford University (BS in Computer Science (to be conferred on 6/17)

Coursework: Machine Learning (R, Matlab, Python), Convolutional Neural Networks (Python), Artificial Intelligence, iOS
Programming (Swift), Web development (Javascript, HTML, CSS), Computer Organization & Systems (C, C++, Assembly),
Programming Abstractions & Methodology (C++, Java), Human Computer Interaction, Haptics, Mechatronics and

starting in 9/15

Instructor, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

starting in 9/15

CS106 Section Leader | CS 198 Program | Department of Computer Science, Stanford University

6/15 present

Leading and teaching Stanford's first CS+Social Good class called CS 90SI - Using Web Technologies to Change
The World. Received over 300 applications for 20 spots.
The class will cover advanced topics related to web development and students will work on small teams to
implement high-impact projects for partner organizations including Google, SIRUM, Govt. Of Delhi among others.

Leading section on programming methodology, Java, C++, recursion, algorithmic analysis, and data structures.
Helping students debug code; grading assignments and exams.

Software Engineering Intern, Pebble

Working on the App and Experiences Squad responsible for improving user experience for Pebble smartwatches.

Projects include making the Pebble Appstore more intelligent by predicting which apps or watchfaces a user is

interested in, extracting context from user emails to automatically push reminders to the watch etc. Working with
both front-end and back-end technologies.

12/14 - present

Co-Founder, CS+Social Good, Stanford University

12/14 3/15

Research Team Member, Machine Learning Independent Research, Stanford University

11/11 - present

Co-founded, leading and structuring Stanfords first student group focused on the intersection of Computer
Science and social change.

Classified the syllables ba, ku,im and si from imagined speech EEG signals
Created several unique neural networks that are successfully able to classify syllable pairs from the EEG data with
over 98 percent accuracy.

Inventor, Anti Molestation Device For Women

Invented and Patented Anti Molestation Device, Declared Innovator of the Year by the Indian President.
Programmed the device to give a shock of 0.08 Amperes enough to temporarily paralyze the molester. Clicks
nonstop pictures of the molester and sends it to the nearest police station after facial recognition. Has an
emergency-messaging chip. Featured by BBC, CNN and over 50 international media sources.


InVideo Search: A video search engine that allows you to magically search for scenes/actions/objects inside videos. Built at GreyLock
HackFest 2015 and won the 3 Best Hack Overall. Uses a 16 layer convolutional neural network to extract information from video
TreeID: An automatic leaf image recognition system for plant species identification that can correctly classify all of the 60,000 trees on
Stanfords campus. The system is based on a Growing Convolutional Neural Network model.
SmartBox: A web-based personal assistant that processes natural language, recognizes voice and measures your brain activity and
connects you to the relevant service. Won the Best Commerce Hack by eBay/PayPal at CalHacks 2014 (competed with 1500+
Bridge To China: Travelled to Qingling Village in Chongqing Province, China and designed and constructed two bridges and renovated
the sanitation system for the local school.
SafeRoute: Built an Android app with Google IGN that uses crowd sourced data and published police records to provide safest routes
between any two destinations.
Sannu (Transforming Healthcare In Nigeria): Android app for healthcare workers in Kano, Nigeria to achieve a higher standard of work


Nominated among Indias 20 Most Brilliant Minds Under 20 by Times Of India and won Indias most prestigious scholarship, Times
Member of the Stanford Garage at Pejman Ventures, Kairos Society Fellow and Organizer, TreeHacks (Stanfords first intercollegiate