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Aal ichth. [ail] m (-[e]s/-e) eel; '2glatt adj. (as) slippery as an eel.
Aas [a:s] n 1. (-es/S-e) carrion,
carcass; 2. fig. (-es/Aser) beast;
geier orn. m vulture.
ab [ap] 1. prp. (dat.): Briissel from
Brussels onwards; ~ Fabrik, Lager

ge-, h) untie, unbind, remove;



ex works, warehouse, etc.;

prp. (dat., F ace):
erstem or

ersten Marz from March 1st, on

and after March 1st; 3. prp. (gen.)

less; ~ Unkosten less charges; 4. adv.
time: von jetzt
from now on, in
future; und zu from time to time,
now and then; von da ~ from that

time forward; space: thea. exit, pi.







abander|n ['ap'-] vlt. (sep., -ge-3 h)

alter, modify; parI. amend; Sung
/ alteration, modification; parI.
amendment (to bill, etc.); Sungsantrag parl. m amendment.


abarbeiten ['ap'-] vlt. (sep., -ge-3 h)

work off (debt); sich drudge, toil.
Abart ['ap'-] / variety.
Abbau w 1. (-[els/no pi.) pulling
down, demolition (of structure);
dismantling (of machine, etc.); dismissal, discharge (of personnel);
reduction (of staff, prices, etc.);
cut (of prices, etc.); 2.
working, exploitation; Sen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) pull or take down,
demolish (structure);
(machine, etc.); dismiss, discharge
(personnel); reduce (staff, prices,

etc.); cut (prices, etc.);


ab beifien vlt. (irr. beiBen, sep.,
ge-, h) bite off; ' bekommen vft.
(irr. kommen, sep., no -ge-, h) get
off; s-n Teil or et. get one s share;
be hurt, get hurt.


abberufjen vlt. ' (irr. rufen, sep., no

ge-, h) recall; Sung / recall.
abjbestellen v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)

countermand, cancel one's order

for (goods, etc.); cancel one's subscription to, discontinue (newspaper, etc.); '~biegen vli. (irr. biegen, sep., -ge-, sein) p. turn off;
road: turn off, bend; noch rechts
turn right (left); von e-r

turn off a road.

Abbild n likeness; image; Sen

[ dsn] vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) figure,
represent; sj e ist ouf der ersten
Se/te abgebildet her picture is on
the front page; ~ung [' durj] /
picture, illustration.
abbinden v/t. (irr. binden, sep.,



ligate, tie up.


Abbitte / apology;
leisten or tun
make one s apology (be/ j-m wegen
et. to s.o. for; 'Sn vft. (irr.
bitten, sep., -ge-, h): j-m et.
apologize to s.o. for
ab|blasen v/t. (irr. blasen, sep.,
ge-, h) blow off (dust, etc.); call
off (strike, etc.), cancel; X break
off (attack); ' blattern v/i. (sep.,
ge-, sein) paint, etc.: scale, peel


s 'n: desquamate;


the leaves; '~blenden (sep., -ge-, h)

1 v/t. screen (light); mot. dim, dip
(headlights); 2. vfi. mot. dim or dip
the headlights; phot, stop down;
blitzen F v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)
meet with a rebuff; ~ lassen snub;
brausen (sep., -ge-) 1. v/refl. (h)
have a shower(-bath), douche; 2. F
vli. (sein) rush off; ' brechen (irr.
brechen, sep., -ge-) 1. vlt. (h) break
off (a. fig.); pull down, demolish
(building, etc.); strike (tent); fig.
stop; das Lager
break up camp,
strike tents; 2. v/i. (sein) break off;
3 fig. v/i. (h) stop; Lbremsen v/t.
and v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) slow down;
brake; ' brennen (irr. brennen,
sep., -ge-) 1. v/t. (h) burn down
(building, etc.); let or set off (fire'
work); 2. v/i. (sein) burn away or
down; s. abgebrannt; Lbringen
vlt. (irr. bringen, sep., -ge-, h) get
off; j-n
von argue s.o. out of;
dissuade s.o. from; '~brdckeln v/i.
(sep., -ge-, sein) crumble (a. 'f).
Abbruch m pulling down, demolition (of building, etc.); rupture (of
relations); breaking off (of negotiations, etc.); fig. damage, injury; j-m
tun damage s.o.







scald; s. abgebruht; ' biirsten vft.

(sep., -ge-, h) brush off (dirt, etc.);
brush (coat, etc.); Lbiifien v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) expiate, atone for
(sin, etc.); serve (sentence).
Abe [a:be'tse:] n (-/-) ABC, alpha-/
abdank en vli. (sep., -ge-, h) resign; ruler: abdicate; 'Sung/W-en)
resignation; abdication.

abldecken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) uncover; untile (roof); unroof (building); clear (table); cover; ' dichten
vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) make tight; seal
up (window, etc.); pack (gland,
etc.); ' dienen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h):
s-e Ze/t
X serve one's time;
drangen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) push
aside; ' drehen (sep., -ge-, h)


1 u/r. twist off (wire); turn off

(water, gas, etc.); switch off
(light); 2. &, %t v/i. change one's
course; ' drosseln mot. vjt. (sep.,
ge-, h) throttle.
Abdruck m (-[e]s/=e) impression,
print, mark; cast; 'Sen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) print; publish (article).
abdriicken (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.
fire (gun, etc.); F hug or squeeze
affectionately; sich
leave an impression or a mark; 2. v/i. pull the
Abend I'aibant] m (sl-e) evening;
am r, in the evening, at night; heute
abend tonight; morgen (gestern)
abend tomorrow (last) night; s.
essen; ' anzug m evening dress;
blatt n evening paper; ' brot n
dammerung /
supper, dinner;
(evening) twilight, dusk; lessen n
Abendbrot; ' gesellschaft /
evening party; ' kasse thea. f boxoffice; ' kleid n evening dress or
gown; ' land n (-[e]s/no pi.) the
Occident; Slandisch adj. ['UendiJ]
western, occidental; ' mahl eccl. n
(-[e]s/-e) the (Holy) Communion
the Lord's Supper; ' rot n evening
or sunset glow.
[evening, i
abends adv. [ oibants] in the!


20 -

m departure platform; ' slauf m

skiing: downhill race; ' ssignal n
starting-signal; ' szeit / time of
a. time of sailing.
Abfall m defection (von from), falling away (from); esp. pol. secession
(from); eccl. apostasy (from); often
Abfalle pi. waste, refuse, rubbish
Am. a. garbage; clippings pi.
pi.; at butcher's: offal;
eimer m dust-bin. Am. ash can;
Sen vfi. (irr. fallen, sep., -ge-, se/n)
leaves, etc.: fall (off); ground etc.:
slope (down); fig. fall away (von
from); esp. pol. secede (from); eccl.
apostatize (from); gegen come off
badly by comparison with, be inferior to; ' erzeugnis n waste prod,

uct; by-product.

abfallig adj. judgement, etc.: adverse, unfavourable; remark: dis-


paraging, depreciatory.
waste product.


ablfangen vlt. (irr. fangen, sep.,

ge-, h) catch; snatch (ball, etc.);
intercept (letter, etc.); Aj

X check (attack); %t flatten out;

mot., St right; ' farben i>/j. (sep.,
ge-, h): der Pullover farbt ab the
colo(u)r of the pull-over runs (auf
acc. on);
auf (acc.) influence, af-



Abendjschule / evening school,

night-school; ' sonne / setting

sim; ' toilette / evening dress;
zeiwind m evening breeze;
tung / evening paper.
Abenteu|er ['a-.bantDvar] n (si-)
adventure; Serlich adj. adventurous; fig.: strange; wild, fantastic;


abfassjen vjt. (sep., -ge-, b) com-



rer ['ovrar] m (-s/-) adventurer.

aber ['aibar] 1. adv. again; Tausende
Tausende thousands upon
thousands; 2. cj. but; oder otherwise, (or) else; 3. int.:
then!; ,
come, come!;
no!, on the contrary!; 4. 2 n (-s/-)

pose, write, pen; catch (thief, etc.);

Sung / composition; wording.

ablfaulen vji. (sep., -ge-, se/n) rot

off; ' fegen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)
sweep off; ' feilen v/t. (sep., -ge-,
h) file off.


Aberlglaube m superstition; 2glaubisch adj. [' gbYbiJ] sui>erstitious.

aberkenn|en ['ap'-] v/t. (irr. kennen, sep., no -ge-, h): j-m et.
deprive s.o. of (a. r r); dispossess
s.o. of; 'Sung/(-/-en) deprivation (a. **z); dispossession.

aber|malig adj. ['oibarmaili?] repeated; finals adv.




abfertig|en ['apfertigan] vjt. (sep.,

ge-, h) dispatch (a. Si); customs:
clear; serve, attend to (customer);
j-n kurz snub s.o.; 'Sung f(-l-en)

dispatch; customs: clearance;schroffe snub.

[(oif), discharge.!
abfeuern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) fire/
abfindjen vlt. (irr. finden, sep.,
ge-, h) satisfy, pay off (creditor);
compensate; sich m/t et.
to; put up with;
Sung / (-/-en) setdement; satisfaction; compensation; 'SungCssumme) /indemnity; compensation.
ablflachen v/t. ' and v/refl. (sep.,
ge-, h) flatten; flauen v/i. (sep.,
ge-, sein) wind, etc.: abate; interest,
etc.: flag; f business: slacken; ' fliegen vji. (irr. fliegen, sep., -ge-,


once more.

ab|ernten ['ap'-] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

se/n) leave by plane;


reap, harvest; essen [ ap'-] (/rr.

essen, sep., -ge-} h) 1. vjt. clear

(plate); 2. v/i. finish eating; ' fahren (irr. fahren, sep., -ge-) 1. v/i.
(se/n) leave (nach for), depart (for),
start (for); set out or off (for);
2 v/t. (h) carry or cart away (load).
Abfahrt / departure (noch for),


* take off,


fliefien v/i. (irr. flieBen,

sep., -ge-, se/n) drain or flow off or


* m take-off, start, de-i


start (for); setting out or off (for);

Abflufi m flowing or draining off

or away; discharge (a. jF); drain
(a. fig.); sink; outlet (of lake, etc.).
abfordern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h): j-m

skiing: downhill run; ' sbahnsteig

et. r, demand of or from s.o.


Abfuhr f'apfurr] / (-/-en) removal;

fig. rebuff.

abfiihrlen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v\t.

lead off or away; march (prisoner)

off; pay over (money) (an acc. to);

2 & vli. purge (the bowels), loosen


the bowels; ' end

adj. purgative,

aperient, laxative; 2mittel & n

purgative, aperient, laxative.

abfiillen vft. (sep.-, -ge-, h) decant;

in Flaschen

ab -f less, minus; 2. v/t. (h)

measure by steps; patrol.

abge|hetzt adj. ['apgahetst] harassed; exhausted; run down;

breathless; -kartet F adj. [' kartatj:
Soche prearranged affair,
put-up job; ' legen adj. remote,
distant; secluded; out-of-the-way;
macht adj. f maxt]: ~! it's a
bargain or deal!; magert adj.
t margart] emaciated; neigt adj.
[ naikt] disinclined (dat. for;


bottle; 8/er in Fdsser


rack casks with beer.



21 -

Abgabe / sports: pass; casting (of

zu tun to do), averse (to; from do-

s vote)i sale (of shares, etc.);

mst ~n pi. taxes p/.; rates pi.. Am.
local taxes p/.; duties pL \ 'Sfrei adj.
tax-free; duty-free; 'Snpflichtig
adj. taxable; dutiable; liable to tax
or duty.
Abgang m departure; start; thea.
exit (a. fig.); retirement (from a
job); loss, wastage; deficiency (in
weighty etc.); & discharge; # miscarriage; noch von der Schu/e after
leaving school.
abgangig adj. missing.
Abgangszeugnis n (school-)leaving certificate. Am. a. diploma.
Abgas n waste gas; esp. mot. exhaust gas.
[toil-worn, worn-out. 1

ing), unwilling (zu tun to do);

nutzt adj. [ nutst] worn-out.
Abgeordnete ['apga'Drdnata] m, f



abgearbeitet adj. [ apga'arbartat]/



(-n/-n) deputy

delegate; in Germany : member of the Bundestag or

Landtag; Bn. Member of Parliament, Am. Representative.

abgerissen/fe. adj. ragged; shabby;

style, speech: abrupt, broken.

Abgesandte m, f (-nj-n) envoy;


abgeschieden fig. adj. isolated,

secluded, retired; 2helt / (-/-en)

emissary; ambassador.

seclusion; retirement.

abgeschlossen adj. flat: self-contained; training, etc.: complete.

abgeschmackt adj. ['apgajmakt]
tasteless; tactless; 'Eheit / (-/-en)


abgeben vjt. (irr. geben, sep., -ge-,

h) leave (be/, an dat. at); hand in
(paper, etc.); deposit, leave (luggage);
cast (one s vote); sports: pass (ball,
etc.); sell, dispose of (goods); give off
(heat, etc.); e-e Erklarung make a
statement; s-e Meinung
one s opinion (iiber acc. on); j-m
et. von et. give s.o. some of;
e-n guten Ge/ehrten
make a good
scholar; sich mit occupy o.s. with
sie gibt sich gem mit Kindern
ab she loves to be among children.
abgelbrannt adj. burnt down; F
fig. hard up, si. broke; briiht fig.
adj. [' bryrt] hardened, callous;
droschen adj. trite, hackneyed;
feimt adj. [' fannt] cunning,
crafty; ' griffen adj. worn; book:
hartet adj. ['
hsrtet] hardened (gegen to), inured
(to); harmt adj. ['Jizimt] care'




abgehen (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-)

1 v/i. (sein) go off or away; leave,

start, depart; letter, etc.: be dis'

patched; post: go; thea. make one s

exit; side-road: branch off; goods:
sell; button, etc.: come off; sram,
etc.: come out;
be discharged;
(von e-m Arm) ~ give up a post;
retire; von der Schule ~ leave school;
von digress from (main subject);
deviate from (rule); alter, change
(one's opinion); relinquish (plan,
etc.); diese Eigenschaft geht ihm ab
he lacks this quality; gut end well,
pass off well; hiervon geht or gehen

tastelessness; tactlessness.

abgesehen adj.: ~ von apart from,

Am. a. aside from.

abgelspannt fig. adj. ['apgajpant)

exhausted, tired, run down;

standen adj. stale, flat; ' storben

adj. numb; dead; stumpft adj.
[ Jtumpft] blunt(ed); fig. indifferent (gegen to); ' tragen adj.
worn-out; threadbare, shabby.
abgewohnen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h):
break or cure s.o. of;
j-m et
sich das Rauchen give up smoking.
abgezehrt adj. [ apgatseirt] emaci'


ated, wasted.



v/t. (irr.

ge-, h) pour off;



decant; cast.

Abglanz m reflection (a. fig.).

abgleiten v/i. (irr. gleiten, sep.,
ge-, sein) slip off; slide off; glide
1 Abgott m idol.
abgottisch adv. [ apgoetiJJ: j-n
lieben idolize or worship s.o.; dote
(up)on s.o.
ab grasen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) graze;
fig. scour; ' grenzen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) mark off, delimit; demarcate (a. fig.); fig. define.
Abgrund m abyss; precipice;
chasm, gulf; am Rande des


the brink of disaster.


Abgufi m cast.
ab|hacken vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) chop
or cut off; Jbaken fig. vlt. (sep.,
ge-j h) tick or check off; ' halten

vjt. (irr. halten, sep., -ge-, h) hold

(meeting, examination, etc.); keep
out (rain); j-n von der Arbeit keep


from his work; j-n da von

et. zu tun keep or restrain s.o. from
doing; et. von j-m keep
handeln v/t.
away from s.o.;
s o


(sep.3 -ge-, h) discuss, treat; j-m

et. bargain out of s.o.
abhanden adv. [ap handan]: kom-

Abkehr fig. ['apkeir] / (-/no pi.)

estrangement (von from); withdrawal (from); 'Sen v/t. (sep., -ge-,
h) sweep off; sich
von turn away
from; fig.: take no further interest
in; become estranged from; with-



Abhandlung / treatise (iiber acc.

[upjon), dissertation ([upjon, con-

cerning); essay.






draw from.

men get lost.

abhangen 1. v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) take

down (picture, etc.);
2 vli. (i'rr. hangen, sep., -ge-, h):

von depend (up)on.

abhangig adj. ['apherji?]: , von depi.)
pendent (up)on; 'Skeit /
dependence (von [up]on).

ab|harmen [ apherman] v/refl.

(sep., -ge-, h) pine away (iiber acc.

at); Lharten vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)

harden (gegen to), inure (to); sich
harden o.s. (gegen to), inure o.s.
(to); ' hauen (i'rr. houen, sep.,
ge-) 1. v/t. (h) cut or chop off;
2 F v/i. (se/n) be off; hau ab! si.
beat it!, scram!; '~hauten v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) skin, flay; '~heben
(jrr. heben, sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. lift
or take off; teleph. lift (receiver);
(with)draw (money); sich
stand out against; fig. a. contrast
with; 2. vji. cut (the cards); teleph.
lift the receiver; ' heilen vji. (sep.,
ge-, se/n) heal (up); helfen v/i.
(jrr. helfen, sep., -ge-, h): e-m Ubel

abjklingen v/i. (irr. klingen, sep.,

ge-, se/n) fade away; pain, etc.: die

down;pain, illness: ease off; '~klopfen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. knock (dust,
etc.) off; dust (coat, etc.); & sound,
percuss; 2. v/i. conductor: stop the
orchestra; ' knicken v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) snap or break off; bend
off; ' kndpfen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
unbutton; F j-m Geld
get money
out of s.o.; ' kochen (sep., -ge-, h)
1 vjt. boil; scald (milk); 2. v/i.
cook in the open air (a. ); Lkommandieren X v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)
detach, detail; second (officer).
Abkomme ['apkoma] m (-n/-n)


abkommen 1. v/i. (irr. kommen,

sep., -ge-, se/n) come away, get
away or off; von e-r Ansicht ~ change
one s opinion; von e-m
digress from a topic; vom Wege
lose one's way; 2. 2 n (-s/-) agree'


abk6mm|lich adj. [ apkoemlig] dispensable; available; er ist nicht

he cannot be spared; Sling ['Uig]
m (-s/-e) descendant.

ablkoppeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) uncouple; ' kratzen (sep., -ge-) 1. v/t.
(h) scrape off; 2. s/. v/i. (se/n) kick


cure or redress an evil; dem ist

nicht abzuhelfen there is nothing to

be done about it; ' hetzen v/refl.
(sep., -ge-, h) tire o.s. out; rush,
Abhilfe / remedy, redress, relief;
schaffen take remedial measures.

the bucket; ' kiihlen vjt. (sep.,

ge-, h) cool; refrigerate; sich cool

down (a. fig.).
Abkunft ['apkunft] / (-l\*e) descent; origin, extraction; birth.



s o



ablholen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) fetch;

call for, come for; j-n von der Bahn

m go to meet s.o. at the station;
holzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) fell,
cut down (trees); deforest; ' horchen & v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) auscultate, sound; ' horen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) listen in to, intercept (telephone conversation); e-n Schiiler m
hear a pupil's lesson.
Abitur [abi'tu-.r] n (-s/S-e) schoolleaving examination (qualifying for
university entrance).

abljagen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h): j-m et.




viation; short cut.


abladen vjt. (irr. laden, sep., -ge-, h)

unload; dump (rubbish, etc.).


Ablage / place of deposit; filing

tray; files pi.; cloak-room.
abllagern (sep., -ge-) 1. v/t. (h)
season (wood, wine); age (wine);
sich m setde; be deposited; 2. v/i.
(se/n) wood, wine: season; wine: age;

Classen (irr. lassen, sep., -ge-, h)

1 v/t. let (liquid) run off; let
off (steam); drain (pond, etc.);
2 v/i. leave off (von et. [doing]




shorten; abbreviate (word, story,

etc.)', den Weg
take a short cut;
Sung/C-Z-en) abridgement; abbre-


abhobeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) plane

(away, down).
abhold adj. ['aphDlt] averse (dat.
to; ill-disposed (towards


22 -

Ablauf m running off; outlet, drain;
sports: start; fig. expiration, end;
noch m von at the end of; 'Sen (nr.

' from s.o.; ' kanzeln

laufen, sep., -ge-) 1. v/i. (se/n) run

F v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) reprimand, F

tell s.o. off; ' kaufen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h): j-m et. m buy or purchase

off; drain off; period of time: expire; "f- bill of exchange: fall due;
clock, etc.: run down; thread, film:
unwind; spool: run out; gut


from s.o.


well; 2. v/t. (h) wear out ( shoes);

scour (region, etc.); sich die Beine ~
run one s legs off; s. Rang.

town, etc.); 'Sung/notice of with-


drawal; notice of departure.



Ableben n (-s/ no pi.) death, decease (esp. 2*j)j 2*j demise.


abjlecken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) lick

(off); '~legen (fep., -ge-, h) 1. v/r.
take off (garments); leave off (arments); give up, break o.s. of (habit);
file (documents, letters, etc.); make
(confession, vow); take (oar/i, examination); Zeugnis bear witness (fur
to; von of); j. Rechenschaft; 2.
take off one's (hat and) coat.


m (-s/-) layer, shoot.
ablehn[en (sep., -ge-, h) 1. r/r. decline, refuse; reject (doctrine, candidate, etc.); turn down (proposal,
etc.); 2. vli. decline; dankend ~ decline with thanks; ' end adj. negative; 'filing / (-/-en) refusal; rejection.


23 -

abmesslen vjt. (irr. messen, sep.,

ge-, h) measure; 'Sung / (-/-en)


ab|montieren v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)

disassemble; dismantle, strip (machinery); remove (tyre, etc.);
miihen vfrefl. (sep., -ge-, h) drudge,

toil; ' nagen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)

gnaw off; pick (botie).

Abnahme ['apnarma] / (-/S-n)
taking off; removal; # amputation;
f taking delivery;
purchase; -f
sale; acceptance (of machine,
etc.); administering (of oath); decrease, diminution; loss (of weight).


abnehrn|en (zrr. nehmen, sep., -ge-,

h) 1. v/t. take off; remove; telepk.

lift (receiver); & amputate; gather
(fruit); accept (machine, etc.);
j-m et
take from s.o.;
buy or purchase from s.o.;
j-m zuviel overcharge s.o.; 2. vli.
decrease, diminish; decline; lose
weight; moon: wane; storm: abate;
days: grow shorter; 'Ser * m (-s/-)
buyer; customer; consumer.
Abneigung / aversion (gegen to);

ableit[en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) divert

(river, etc.); drain off or away (wa-

ter, etc.); gr., fie, fig. derive (aus,

von iiom);fig. infer (from); Sung/
diversion; drainage; gr.,
derivation (a. fig.).


abllenken r/r. (sep., -ge-, h) turn

aside; divert (suspicion, etc.) (von

disinclination (to); dislike (to, of,

from); phys., etc.: deflect (rays, etc.);

distract s.o.
j-n von der Arbeit
from his work; ' lesen v/t. (irr.
lesen, sep., -ge-, h) read (speech,
etc.); read (off) (values from instruments);
leugnen vjt. (sep., -ge-,

for); antipathy (against, to).

abnorm adj. [ap'norm] abnormal;
anomalous; exceptional; Si'tat /
(-/-en) abnormality; anomaly

h) deny, disavow, disown.



abnotigen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h): j-m



ablieferjn v/t. (sep., -ge-s h) deliver; hand over; surrender; 'Sung/


extort from s.o.

abinutzen vlt. and v/refl. (sep.,

niitzen v/t. and vJrefL
fe-j h),
(sep.,-ge-, h) wear out; 'Snutzung/,
Sniitzung /(-/-en) wear (and tear).
Abonniement [abanfeVma:] n (-si



abloschen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) blot

(up) (ink); temper (steel).
ablosjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) detach;
take off; X, etc.: relieve; supersede
(predecessor in office); discharge
(debt); redeem (obligation); sich
come off; fig. alternate, take turns;
Sung / detachment; Xj etc.: relief; fig. supersession; discharge;
abmachlen vft. (sep., -ge-, h) remove, detach; fig. setde, arrange
(business, etc.); agree (up)on (price,
etc.); 'Sung / (-/-en) arrangement,
settlement; agreement.

abmagerln vli. (sep., -ge-, sein)

lose flesh; grow lean or thin; 'Sung
/ (-/-en) emaciation.


abjmahen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) mow

(off); ' malen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)


Abmarsch m start; X marching

off; 'Sieren v/i. (sep., no -ge-, sein)
start; X march off.
abmeldlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h): j-n
von der Schule
give notice of the
withdrawal of a pupil (from school);
sich polizeilich
give notice to the
police of one s departure (from

s) subscription (auf acc. to); ent

m (-enj-en) subscriber;
Sieren [Jniirsn] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

[ nent]

subscribe to (newspaper); Siert adj.

U fni:rt]:

sein auf (acc.) take in

(newspaper, etc.).

abordn|en Tap9-] vlt. (sep., -ge-, h)

depute, delegate. Am. a. deputize;
Sung / delegation, deputation.
Abort [a'bart] m (-[e]s/-e) lavatory,

ablpassen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) fit,

adjust; watch for, wait for (s.o.,

opportunity); waylay s.o.; ' pfliikken vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) pick, pluck
(off), gather; ' plagen v/refl. (sep.,
ge-, h) toil; ' platzen v/i. (sep.,
ge-, sein) burst off; fly off; ' prallen v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein) rebound,
bounce (off); ricochet; ' putzen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) dean (off, up);
wipe off; polish; ' raten v/i. (irr.
raten, sep., -ge-, h): j-m
von dissuade s.o. from, advise s.o. against;
raumen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) clear
(away); '~reagieren v/t. (sep., no

ge-, h) work off (one s anger, etc.);


F a. let off steam.


24 -

mate; value; assess; 'Sung/valuation; estimate; assessment.


abrechn|en (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.

dedua; settle (account); 2. v/i.: mit
settle (acj-m settle with s.o.
counts) with s.o., F get even with



Sung / settlement (of ac-

counts); deduction, discount.


Abrede/: in

stdlen deny or ques-


Abschaum m (-[e)s/no pi.) scum;

fig. a. dregs pi.
Abscheu m (-[e]s/no pi.) horror
(vor dat. of), abhorrence (of); loathing (of); disgust (for).
abscheuern vft. (sep., -ge-, h)




abreib|en v/t. (irr. re/ben, sep.,

rub off; rub down (body);
polish; Sung / rub-down; F fig.



scour (off); wear out; chafe, abrade.

abscheulich adj. [ap'/ovli?] abominable, detestable, horrid; Skeit /
(-/-en) detestableness; atrocity


Abreise / departure (noch for); '2n

vfi. (sep., -ge-, se/ n) depart (noch

for), leave (for), start (for), set out



abreifijen (irr. reiBen, sep., -ge-)

1 v/t. (h) tear or pull off; pull down

(building); s. abgerissen; 2. v/i.

(se/'n) break off; button, etc.: come


ab|schicken vft. (sep., -ge-, h) send

off, dispatch;

post, esp. Am.

mail; ' schieben vft. (irr. schieben,
sep., -ge-, h) push or shove off.
Abschied ['apji:t] m (-[e]s/S-e)
departure; parting, leave-taking,
farewell; dismissal, X discharge;
nehmen take leave (von of), bid

off; 'Skalender m tear-off calendar.

farewell (to); j-m den ~ geben

dismiss s.o.,
discharge s.o.;
nehmen resign, retire; ' sfeier / farewell party; ' sgesuch n


ab|richten v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) train

(animal), break (horse) (in); '~riegeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) bolt, bar

(door); block (road).

Abrifi m draft; summary, abstract;
(brief) outlines pi.; brief survey.



abjrollen (sep., -ge-) v/t. (h) and

v/i. (sein) unroll; uncoil; unwind,
unreel; roll off; ' riicken (sep.,
ge-) 1. v/t. (h) move off or away
(von from), remove; 2.
v/i. (sein)

march off, withdraw.


Abruf tn call; recall; auf

-if on
call; 'Sen v/t. (irr. rufen, sep., -ge-,
h) call off (a. Y)>
away; recall;
Si call out.


abjrunden v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) rovrnd

(ofO; '*rupfen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

pluck off.
abrupt adj. [ap'rupt] abrupt.



abriistjen X /. (sep-, -ge-, h)

disarm; 'Sung X / disarmament.






tive; ~e Antwort refusal, denial.

Abschiagszahlung / payment on
account; instal(l)ment.


abschleifen vft. (irr. schleifen, sep.,

ge-, h) grind off; fig. refine, polish.
Abschlepp|dienst mot. m towing

service. Am. a. wrecking service;


Sen vft. (sep., -ge-, h) drag off;

mot. tow off.


abschliefien (nr. schlieBen, sep.,

ge-, h) 1. vft. lock (up); seal
(up); conclude (letter, etc.); settle
(account); balance (the books); effect
(insurance); contract (loan); fig. seclude, isolate; e-n Handel ~ strike
a bargain; sich seclude o.s.; 2. vfi.
conclude; ' d 1. adj. concluding;


final; 2. adv. in conclusion.

AbschluG m settlement; conclu'

priifung / final
examination, finals /., Am. a. graduation; ' zeugnis n leaving certificate; diploma.
sion; seal;


ab|schalen vft. (sep., -ge-, h) peel

abschatz|en vft. (sep., -ge-, h) esti-




(off), pare; bark (tree); '-.schalten

vft. (sep., -ge-, h) switch off, turn
off or out; / disconnect.

off, strike

abschlagig adj. [ apjlergi?] nega-


refuse; recall (invitation); 2. vfi.

guest: decline; j-m
cancel one s
appointment with s.o.
absagen vft. (sep., -ge-, h) saw off;
F fig. sack s.o.
Absatz m stop, pause; typ. paragraph; Y sale; heel (of shoe); landing (of stairs); 'Sfahig -f adj. saleable, marketable; ' markt -f m
market, outlet; moglichkeit
opening, outlet.
abschaben vft. (sep., -ge-, h)
scrape off.
abschaff|en vft. (sep., -ge-, h)
abolish; abrogate (law); dismiss
(servants); 'Sung/(-/-en) abolition;
abrogation; dismissal.


(head); refuse (request); repel (at-


Absage / cancellation; refusal; 'Sn

(sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. cancel, call off;



abrutschen v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)

* skid.



slip off, glide down;


sep., -ge-, h) shoot off; shoot, discharge, fire (off) (fire-arm); launch
(rocket); kill, shoot; (shoot or bring)
down (aircraft); s. Vogel; '~schinden vfrefl. (irr. schinden, sep., -ge-,
h) toil and moil, slave, drudge; '*,schirmen vft. (sep., -ge-, h) shield
(gegen from); screen (from), screen
off (from); '~schlachten vft. (sep.,
ge-, h) slaughter, butcher.
Abschlag "f m reduction (in price);
auf on account; Sen [ gan] vft.
(irr. schlagen, sep., -ge-, h) knock





ab|schmeicheln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h):

j-m et ~ coax out of s.o.; '~schmelzen (irr. schmelzen, sep.}


ge-) v/t. (h) and v/i. (se/n) melt

(off); fuse; ' schmieren v/t.
(seP-, -&e-j ft) lubricate, grease;

25 '

m (-$/-) layer, shoot.
absetzlen (sep., -ge-, b) 1. r/r. set
or put down, deposit; deduct (sum);
take off (hat); remove, dismiss
(official); depose, dethrone (king);
drop, put down (passenger); -if sell
(goods); typ. set up (in type); thea.:
ein Stiick take off a play; 2. vfi.
break off, stop, pause; 'Sung /
(-/-en) deposition; removal dis-


schnallen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) unbuckle; take off (ski, etc.); ,~schneiden (rrr. schneiden, sep.,

ge-> ft) !. v/t. cut (off); slice off;

den Weg take a short cut; j-m das
Wort ~ cut s.o. short; 2. r/i.: gut

come out or off well.


Abschnitt m A" segment; 'f coupon; ryp. section, paragraph; counterfoil, Am. a. stub (of cheque, etc.);
stage (of journey); phase (0/ cfere/opment); period (of time).
ablschopfen' v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
skim (off); schrauben v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) vmscrew, screw off.
abschrecken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
deter (von from); scare away; ' d
adj. deterrent; repulsive, forbidding.
abschreibjen (irr. schreiben, sep.,
ge-, h) 1. v/t. copy; write off (debt,
etc.); plagiarize; in school: crib;
2 v/i. send a refusal; 'fier m copyist; plagiarist; 'Sung T / (-/-en)
abschreiten r/t. (irr. schreiten,
sep., -ge-, h) pace (off); e-e Ehren-


Absicht/W-en) intention, purpose,

design; 'Slich 1. adj. intentional;


absitzen (irr. sitzen, sep., -ge-)

1 vji. (se/n) rider: dismount; 2. v/t.

2 adv. on purpose.

(h) serve (sentence), F do (time).

absolut adj. [apzo'luit] absolute.

absolvieren [apzol'viiran] r/r. (tw

ge-, h) absolve; complete (studies);
get through, graduate from (school).



wache inspect a guard of hono(u)r.

Abschrift / copy, duplicate.


ge-, h) absorb; ' speisen fig. vjt.

(sep., -ge-, h) put s.o. off.
abspenstig adj. ['apjpenstic]: ~
machen entice away (von from).

absperr|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) lock;

shut off; bar (way); block (road);
turn off (gas, etc.); 'Shahn m stopcock.


Abschufi m discharge (of fire-arm);

launching (of rocket); hunt, shooting; shooting down, downing (of
aircraft); ' rampe / launching

abjspielen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) play

(record, etc.); play back (tape recording); sich
happen, take place;
sprechen v/t. (irr. sprechen, sep.,
ge-, h) deny; arrange, agree;
springen v/i. (irr. spr/ngen, sep.,
ge-, se/n) jump down or off; 2g*
jump, bale out, (Am. only) bail out;


abschiissig adj. [ apjysi?] sloping;


ablschiitteln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

shake off (a. fig.); fig. get rid of;
vSchwachen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
weaken, lessen, diminish; schweifen v/i. (sep., -ge-, se/n) deviate; fig.
digress; ' schwenken v/i. (sep.,
ge-, se/n) swerve; X wheel;
schworen v/i. (irr. schworen,
sep., -ge-, h) abjure; forswear;
segeln v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein) set


Absprung m jump; sports: takeoff.



abspiilen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) wash


abstammlen v/i. (sep., -ge-, se/n)

up; rinse.
be descended; gr. be derived (both:
von from); 'Sung / (-/-en) descent;
gr. derivation.

sail, sail away.


Abstand m distance; interval;

compensation, indemnification;


nehmen von desist from.

abseh|bar adj. [ apze:ba:r]: in ~er

Ze/t in the not-too-distant future;
en (irr. sehen, sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.

(foresee; j-m et. ~ learn by

observing s.o.; es abgesehen haben
auf (acc.) have an eye on, be aiming
at; 2. r/i.: ~ von refrain from; disregard.
abseits ['apzaits] 1. adv. aside,

apart; football, etc.: oft side; 2.prp.

(gen.) aside from; off (the road).
absendlen v/t. ([irr. senden,] sep.,
ge-, t) send off, dispatch;
post, esp. Am. mail; Ser











ab|sorbieren [apzDr'bitrsn] vlt. (tw

abschiirflen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

graze, abrade (skin); Sung / (-/-en)


secrete; sich

draw; 'Sung / (-/-en) separation; &



absengen vft. (sep., -ge-,h) singe off.

ab|statten ['apjtatsn] v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h): e-n Besucb
pay a visit;


return or render thanks;


stauben v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) dust.

abstechjen (trr. stechen, sep., -ge-,
h) 1. v/t. cut (sods); stick (pig, sheep,
etc.); stab (animal); 2. v/i. contrast

(von with); 'Ser m (-s/-) excursion,

trip; detour.

ablstecken vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) vmpin,

imdo; fit, pin (dress); sum. mark

out; ' stehen v/i. (irr. stehen, sep.,
ge-, ft) stand off; stick out, protrude; s. abgestanden; ' steigen
r/t. (irr. steigen, sep., -ge-, sein)


descend; alight (von from) (carriage); get off, dismount (from)

(horse); put up (in dat. at) (hotel))

26 -



abtreibjen (zrr. treiben, sep., -ge-)

1 v/t. (h) drive away or off; em
procvu-e abortion; 2.

stellen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) put

down; stop, turn off (gas, etc.);

park (car); fig. put an end to;
stempeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
stamp; ' sterben v/i. (irr. sterben,
sep., -ge-, sein) die off; limb', mortify.
Abstieg ['apjtiik] m (-[e]s/-e) descent; . decline.
abstimm|en { sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/i.
vote; 2. v/t. tune in (radio); fig.:
harmonize; time; balance (books);
2ung / voting; vote; tuning.
(si-) teetotal(l)er.
abstoppen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.
stop; slow down; sports: clock,
time; 2. v/i. stop.
abstofien v/t. (irr. stoBen, sep.,
ge-, h) knock off; push off; clear
off (goods); fig. repel; sich die Horner
sow one s wild oats; '*Afig.
adj. repulsive.
abstrakt adj. [ap strakt] abstract.
ab|streichen vlt. (irr. streichen,
sep., -ge-, h) take or wipe off;
streifen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) strip
off; take or pull off (glove, etc.);
slip off (dress); wipe (shoes); ' streiten v/t. (irr. streiten, sep., -ge-, h)
contest, dispute; deny.
Abstrich m deduction, cut;& swab.
ablstufen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) graduate; gradate; ' stumpfen (sep.,
ge-) 1. v/t. (h) blunt;
dull (mind);

v/i. (sein) drift off; 'Eung f

(-/-en) abortion


abtrennen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) detach; separate; sever (limbs, etc.);

take (trimmings) off (dress).


abtretlen (zrr. treten, sep., -ge-)

1 vjt. (h) wear down (heels); wear
out (steps, etc.); fig. cede, transfer;
vfi. (sein) retire, withdraw;
resign; thea. make one s exit; 'Ser
m (-si-) doormat; 'Eung / (-/-en)



cession, transfer.

abltrocknen (sep., -ge-) 1. vjt. (h)

dry (up); wipe (dry); sich
oneself, rub oneself down; 2. /.

(sein) dry up, become dry; Ltropfen vji. (sep., -ge-, sein) liquid: drip;
dishes, vegetables: drain.
abtriinnig adj. ['aptryni?] unfaithful, disloyal; eccl. apostate; e [' ga]
m (-n/-n) deserter; eccl. apostate.

abjtun v/t. (irr. tun, sep., -ge-, h)

take off; setde (matter);fig.: dispose
of; dismiss; ~urteilen ['ap?-] v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) pass sentence on s.o.;
wagen v/t. ([irr. vvogen,] sep., -ge-,
h) weigh (out); fig. consider care-


fig. vji. (sein) become dull.


Absturz m fall;



ablstiirzen v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)

fall down;
crash; ' suchen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) search (nach for);
scour or comb (area) (for).
absurd adj. [ap'zurt] absurd, preposterous.


[aps'tses] m (Abszesses/

Abszesse) abscess.

Abt [apt] m (-[e]s/--=e) abbot.

abtakeln & v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) vmrig,
dismantle, strip.
Abtei [ap'tai] / (-/-en) abbey.
Abl'teil E n compartment; 'teilen
vft. (sep., -ge-, h) divide; A par-

tition off; '~teilung / division;

teilung / department; ward (of
hospital); compartment;
detachment; teilungsleiter m head of a



abtelegraphieren v/i. (sep., no -ge-,

h) cancel a visit, etc. by telegram.
Abtissin [ep'tisinJ/ Z-nen) abbess.
ab|toten v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) destroy,
kill (bacteria, etc.); Ltragen v/t.
(irr. tragen, sep., -ge-, h) carry off;
pull down (building); wear out
(garment); pay (debt).
abtraglich adj. ['aptre:kli?] injurious, detrimental.

fully; ' walzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

roll away; fig. shift; ' wandeln
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) vary, modify;
wandern v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)
wander away; migrate (von from).
Abwandlung / modification, variation.

abwarten (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. wait

for, await; s-e Ze/t
bide one's
time; 2. v/i. wait.
abwarts adv. ['apverts] down, downward(s).
abwaschen vjt. (irr. waschen, sep.,


ge-, h) wash (off, away); bathe;

sponge off; wash up (dishes, etc.).
abwechseln (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.
vary; alternate; 2. v/i. vary; alternate; mit j-m take turns; ' d adj.


lAbwechs(e)lung / (-/-en) change;

alternation; variation; diversion;

for a change.
Abweg m: auf e geraten go astray;

ig adj. [' gi?] erroneous, wrong.

Abwehr/defenlce, Am. -se; warding off (of thrust, etc.); ' dienst X
m counter-espionage service; Sen



v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) ward off; avert;

repulse, repel, ward off (attack,
abweichjen v/i. (irr. weichen, sep.,
ge-, sein) deviate (von from),
swerve (from); differ (from); compass-needle: deviate; '2ung/(-/-en)
deviation; difference; deflexion,
(Am. only) deflection.
abweiden v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) graze.
abweisjen v/t. (irr. weisen, sep.,

ge-, h) refuse, reject; repel (a. X);



end adj. unfriendly, cool;

Sung / refusal, rejection; repulse
(a. X); rebuff.
ablwenden vjt. (\trr. wenden,] sep.y
ge-, h) turn away; avert (disaster,
etc.); parry (thrust); sich ~ turn
away (von from); werfen v/t. (irr.
werfen, sep., -ge-, h) throw off;
drop (bombs); shed, cast (skin, etc.);
shed (leaves); yield (profit).
abwert|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) devaluate; Sung / devaluation.
abwesen|d adj. [ apveizant] absent;
Sheit / (-/S -en) absence.
ablwickeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) un'


27 -

regard; sich in acht nehmen be

careful; be on one s guard (vor j-m
or et. against s.o. or; look out
(for s.o. or
achtbar adj. respectable.
achte adj. eighth; SI
n (-si-)
eighth (part).


achten (ge-, h) 1. v/t. respect,

esteem; regard; 2. v/i.: auf (acc.)
pay attention to; achte auf meine
Worte mark or mind my words;
da8 see to it that, take



wind, unreel,




(business); ' wiegen v/t. (irr. wiegen,

sep., -ge-, h) weigh (out) (goods);
wiscben v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) wipe
(off); ' wiirgen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h)
strangle, throttle, choke; mot. stall;
Lzahlen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) pay off;
pay by instal(l)ments; ' zahlen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) count (out, over).
Abzahlung / instal(l)ment, payment on account; ' sgeschaft n

care that.

achten ['ectan] v/t. (ge-, h) outlaw,

proscribe; ban.
Achter m (-s/-) rowing: eight.
achtfach adj. ['axtfax] eightfold.
achtgeben v/i. (irr. geben, sep.,
e-, h) be careful; pay attention
(auf acc. to); take care (of); gib

acht! look or watch out!, be careful!


achtlos adj. inattentive, careless,


Acht'stundentag m eight-hour day.

Achtung / (-/no pi.) attention;
respect, esteem, regard; ~.' look out!,
X attention!;
Stufe.' mind the
step!; 'Ssvoll adj. respectful.


abzapfen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) tap,

draw off.


Abzehrung / (-/-en) wasting away,

emaciation; # consumption.
Abzeichen n badge;
* marking.

ab|zeichnen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)

copy, draw; mark off; initial; tick



achtzehn adj. eighteen; ~te adj.

P ta] eighteenth.
achtzig adj. ['axtsi<;] eighty; Lste
adj. eightieth.
achzen ['egtsan] v/i. (ge-, h) groan,


off; sich gegen stand out against;

ziehen (irr. ziehen, sep., -ge-)
1 v/t. (h) take off, remove;
subtract; strip (bed); bottle (wine);
phot, print (film); typ. pull (proof);
take out (key); das Fell *. skin
(animal); 2. v/i. (sein) go away; X
march off; smoke: escape; thunder-

Acker ['akar] m (-s/--) field; ' bau

m agriculture; farming; 'Sbautreibend adj. agricultural, farm-

storm, clouds: move on.

add (up); Stion [adi tsjo:n]/(-/-en)

addition, adding up.
Adel ['aidal] m (-s/no pi.) nobility,
aristocracy; Sig adj. noble; 'Sn
v/t. (ge-, h) ennoble (a. fig.); Brt.
knight, raise to the peerage; ' sstand m nobility; aristocracy; Brt.


Abzug m departure; X withdrawal,

retreat; drain; outlet; deduction

(of sum); phot, print; typ. proof
abziiglich prp. (gen.) ['aptsyrklig]
less, minus, deducting.
Abzugsrohr n waste-pipe.

abzweig|en ['aptsvaigan] (sep., -ge-)

1 v/t. (h) branch; divert (money);

branch off; 2. v/i. (sein)
branch off; 'Sung / (-/-en) branch;
ach int. [ax] oh!, ah!, alas!;
oh, I see!

Achse ['aksa] / (-/-n) axis; : axle;

shaft; axle(-tree) (of carriage); auf
der ~ on the move.

Achsel ['aksal] / (-/-n) shoulder;

die ~n zucken shrug one's shoulders; ' hohle / armpit.
acht1 [axt] 1. adj. eight; in ~ Tagen
today week, this day week; vor

Tagen a week ago; 2. S / (-/-en)

(figure) eight.
Acht2 [ ] / (./no pi.) ban, outlawry;
attention; auBer acht lassen dis-

ing; ' gerate njpl. farm implements pi.; ' land n arable land;
Sn v/t. and v/i. (ge-, h) plough,
till. Am. plow.

addi|eren [a'dhran] v/t. (no -ge-, hi)




Ader ['aidar] / (-/-n)

wood, etc.:
vein; anat.: vein; artery; zur
lassen bleed.

adieu int. [a'djo:] good-bye, farewell, adieu, F cheerio.

Adjektiv gr. ['atjsktiif] n (-s/-e) adjective.
Adler orn. ['a:dbr] m (-s/-) eagle;
nase / aquiline nose.

adlig adj. ['ardli?] noble; Se f' ga]

m (-n/-n) nobleman, peer.
Admiral -A- [atmi'ra:!] m (-s/-e, e)

adopt|ieren [adop'tiiran] v/t. (no

ge-, h) adopt; Sivkind U'tirf-] n
adopted child.
Adressat [adre'sa:t] m (-enj-en)
addressee; consignee (of goods).
Adrefibuch [a'dres-J n directory.


Adressje [a'drEsa] / (-/-n) address;

direction; per
care of (abbr. c/o);
ieren [ 'siiran] v/t. {no -ge-, h)
address, direct; Y consign; falsch

adrett adj. [a'drst] smart, neat.

Adverb gr. [at'vErp] (-s/-/en)

Affare [a'terra] / (-/-n) (love) affair;

matter, business, incident.
Affe zo. f'afa] m (-n/-n) ape; monkey.

Affekt [a'fekt] m (-[e]s/-e) emotion;

passion; Siert adj. [Jn:rt] affected.
affig F adj. foppish; affected; silly.


[afri'karnar] m (-s/-)

African; Sisch adj. African.

After anat. ['aftar] m (-s/-) anus.
Agent [a'gsnt] m (-en/-en) agent;
broker; pol. (secret) agent;
U tuir] / (-/-en) agency.
aggressiv adj. [agre'si.-f] aggressive.
Agio -f ['aisio] (-s/?20 pi.) agio,



[brooch. \

Agraffe [a'grafa] / (-/-n) clasp;/


agrarisch adj. [a grarrij] agrarian.

Agypt|er [ei'gyptar] m (-s/-) Egyptian; 2isch adj. Egyptian.
ah int. [a:] ah!

aha int. [a'ha] aha!, I see!

Ahle ['aria] / (-/-n) awl, pricker;
Ahn [a:n] m (-[e]s, -en/-en) ancestor;
en pi. a. forefathers pi.
ahneln [ Einsln] v/t. (ge-, h) be like,


ahnen ['ainan] v/t. (fe-, h) have a

presentiment of or that; suspect;

ahnlich adj. ['sinli?] like, resembling; similar (dat. to); iro.: das
sieht ihm
that s just like him;
Skeit / (-/-en) likeness, resemblance; similarity.
Ahnung ['arnuq] / (-/-en) presentiment; foreboding; notion, idea;


Sslos adj. unsuspecting; 'Ssvoll

adj. full of misgivings.

['aihom] m (-s/-e) maple

['Eire] / (-/-n) ear, head;
/esen glean.
Akademi|e [akada'mi:] / (-/-n)
academy, society; ker [ 'dermiksr]
m (-s/-) university man, esp. Am.
university graduate; 2sch adj.


deimij] academic.

[a'kaitsja] / (-/-n) acacia.
v/t. and v/refl. (no -ge-, h) acclimatize, Am. acclimate.

Akkord [a'kort] m (-[e]s/-e) / chord;

f: contract; agreement; composition; im
by the piece or job;
Arbeit/ piece-work; arbeiter m
piece-worker; ~lohn m piecewages pi.

28 -


akkredit|ieren [akredi'tiirsn] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) accredit (bei to); 2iv

[Jti:f] n (-s/-e) credentials pi.; "f

letter of credit.

Akku F ['aku] m (-s/-s), emulator Umu'lartor] m (sj-en)

accumulator, (storage-)battery.
Akkusativ gr. ['akuzadrf] m (-s/-e)
accusative (case).
Akrobat [akro'bait] m (-en/-en)/
Akt [akt] m (-[e]s/-e) act(ion), deed;
thea. act; paint, nude.
Akte ['akta]/(-/-n) document, deed;
file; n pi. records pi., papers pi.;
deeds pi., documents pi.; files pL;
zu den

n to be filed; zu den

legen file; ' ndeckel m folder; ' .nmappe /, ' ntasche / portfolio;
briefcase; ' nzeichen n reference
or file number.

Aktie -f ['aktsja] / (-/-n) share. Am.

stock; n 6es/tzen hold shares. Am.
hold stock; ' nbesitz m share-

holdings pi.. Am. stockholdings pi.;

ngesellschaft / appr. joint-stock
company. Am. (stock) corporation;
nkapital n share-capital. Am.
capital stock.
Aktion [ak'tsjorn] / (-/-en) action;


/., etc.: campaign, drive;

X operation; ~ar [Jn:r] m (-s/-e)

shareholder. Am. stockholder.

aktiv adj. [ak'tiif] active.

Aktiv|a "t" [ak'tirva] n/pl. assets pi.;

posten [ 'ti:f-] m asset (a. fig.).
aktuell adj. [aktu'el] current, present-day, up-to-date, topical.

Akustjik [a'kustik] /(-/?pi.) acoustics sg., pi.; isch adj. acoustic.


akut adj. [a kuit] acute.

Akzent [ak'tsent] m (-[e]s/-e) accent;
stress; Suieren Uu'irren] v/t. (no
ge-, h) accent(uate); stress.

Akzept f [ak'tsspt] n (-[e]s/-e)

acceptance; ~ant Y [ tant] m
(-enj-en) acceptor; Sieren U riiran]


vft. (no -ge-, h) accept.

Alarm [a'larm] m (-[e]s/-e) alarm;
blasen or schlagen
sound or

give the alarm; ..bereitschaft /:

in sein stand by; Sieren U'mirran]
v/t. (no -ge-, h) alarm.
[a'laun] m (-[e]s/-e) alum.
albern adj. ['albam] silly, foohsh.
Album ['album] n (s/Alben) album.
['alga] / (-/-n) alga, seaweed.
Algebra A" ['algebra] / (-fno pi.)
['a:libi] n (-s/-s) alibi.

[ali'menta] pi. alimony.
Alkohol ['alkohol] m (-s/-e) alcohol;
2frei adj. non-alcoholic, esp. Am.
soft; ~es Restaurant temperance
restaurant; ~iker [ hoilikar] m
(si-) alcoholic; 2isch adj. [ 'horli
alcoholic; ' schmuggler m liquorsmuggler, Am. bootlegger; ' verbot n prohibition; ' vergiftung /
alcoholic poisoning.


all1 [al] 1. pran. all;

es in


em on the whole; vor


rechtigung/exclusive right; 2be-

sitz m exclusive possession; herrscher m absolute monarch, auto-

ig adj. only, ex-

clusive, sole; 2sein n loneliness,




adj. p.: alone in the world; single;

building, etc.: isolated, detached;
verkauf m exclusive sale; monopoly; Svertreter m sole representative or agent; Svertrieb m sole
distributors pi.
allemal adv. fals ma:!] always; ein
fur once (and) for all.
allen falls adv. if need be; possibly, perhaps; at best.
allenthalben t adv. ['alant'halbsn]
allerl best adj. best ... of all, very
best; dings adv. ('Jdigs] indeed;
to be sure;
certainly!. Am. F
sure!; Verst 1. adj. first ... of all,
very first; foremost; 2. adv.: zu

alli lerjen


allj jahrlich 1. adj. annual; 2. adv.



annually, every year; 'Smacht /

(-/no pi ) omnipotence; 'machtig
adj. omnipotent, almighty; mahlich U'me:li<;] 1. adj. gradual;
2 adv. gradually, by degrees.
[alopa'ti:] allopathy.
all seitig adj. ['alzaitig] universal;
all-round; 'Sstrom / m (-[e]s/no
pi.) alternating current/direa current (abbr. A.C./D.C); '2tag m
workday; week-day; fig. everyday
life, daily routine; Jtaglich adj.
daily; fig. common, trivial; tagsleben n (-s/no pi.) everyday life;
wissend adj. omniscient; 'wissenheit
/ (-/no pi.) omniscience;
Jwochentlich adj. weekly; ' zu
adv. (much) too; ' zu'viel adv. too


Aim [aim] / (-/-en) Alpine pasture,


Alxnosen ['almoizan] n (-s/-) alms;

pi. alms pi., charity.
Alpldruck ['alp-] m (-[e]s/=e),

Jirucken n (slno pi.) night-



Alpen ['alpan] pi. Alps pi.

Alphabet [alfa'bert] n (-[e]s/-e)
alphabet; 2isch adj. alphabetic(al).
Alptraum m nightmare.
als cj. [als] than; as, like; (in one's
capacity) as; but, except; temporal:
after, when; as;
ob as if, as
though; so v/ e/ as much as; er ist

first of all.

zu dumm,

Allergie 4? [aler'gi:] / (-/-n) allergy.

allerl'hand adj. of all kinds err
sorts; F das ist ja / F I say!; 5/.
that's the limit!; 'S'heiligen n
{-jno pi ) All Saints' Day; Jei adj.
[Vlai] of all kinds or sorts; 'E'lei n
(-s/-s) medley; Jletzt 1. adj. last
of all, very last; latest {netss, fashion,
etc.); 2. adv.: zu
last of all;
Jliebst 1. adj. dearest of all;


(most) lovely; 2. adv.: am

en best

of all; 'Jmeist 1. adj. most;

2 adv.: am en mosdy; chiefly;


nachst adj. very next; l neu(e)st

adj. the very latest; 'E'seelen n
{-Ino pi ) All Souls' Day; 'Jseits
adv. on all sides; universally;
Jwenigst adv.: am en least of all.

times, for ever.


alll gegenwartig adj. omnipresent,

1. adj.
ge mein
general; common; universal; 2. adv.:
im en in general, generally; 'Sge'


stand it; *.'bald adv.

Jdann adv. then.


also ['alzo:] 1. adv. thus, so; 2. cj.

therefore, so, consequendy; no l
there you are!
alt1 adj. [alt] old; aged; ancient,
antique; stale; second-hancL
Alt2 J U] m (-s/-e) alto, contralto.
Altar [al'tarr] m (-[e]s/=e) altar.
Alteisen ['alt'-] n scrap-iron.
Alte (-n/-n) 1. m old man; F: der
the governor; hist.: die ~n pi. the
ancients pi.; 2. / old woman.
Alter n (-s/-) age; old age; seniority;
er ist in me/ nem
he is my age;
von mitt/erem
alter adj. ['eltar] older; senior; der

Bruder the elder brother.

altern ['altsm] r/z. (ge~y h, se/n)

grow old, age.
Alternative [altema'tirva] / (-/-n)


meinheit / (-/no pi.) generality;

universality; general public; S'heilmittel n panacea, cure-all (both
a fig.).
Allianz [ali'ants] / (-/-en) alliance.

daB er es verste/ien

konnte he is too stupid to under-


allel samt adv. one and all, all

together; Vzeit adv. always, at all

v/re/l. (no -ge-, h) ally

(m/'t to, with); 2te m (-nf-n)






first of all; 2. adj. all; every, each;

be/de both of them; auf e
Falle in any case, at all events; ~e
Tage every day;
zwei Minuten
every two minutes.
All2 U] n (sltio pi.) the universe.
alle F adj. all gone;
werden come
to an end; supplies, etc.: run out.
Allee [a'le:] / (-/-n) avenue; (treelined) walk.
alle in [a lain] 1. adj. alone; single;
unassisted; 2. adv. alone; only;
3 cj. yet, only, but, however; 2be-

crat; diaator;

29 -

alternative; kene

haben have no


AltersIgrenze / age-limit; retirement age; ' heim n old people's

home; '-.rente / old-age pension;
fischwach adj. decrepit; senile;
schwache / decrepitude; 'wer'

sorgung / old-age pension.


30 -

Altertum ['altarturm] n 1. (-s/no

pi.) antiquity; 2. (-s/ er) mst Altertumer pi. antiquities pi.
altertuinlich adj. [ altartyimli?]
ancient, antique, archaic.

health; '.Jjefugnis / competence,

authority; ' bereich m, ' bezirk

m jurisdiction; ' blatt n gazette;



Altertumslforscher m archaeol'

ogist; kunde / arch(a)eology.

altest adj. ['eltsst] oldest; eldest
(sister, etc.); earliest (recollectiom);
Se m (-n/-n) elder; senior; mein ~r
my eldest (son).





sommer m Indian summer; gossamer.



(-s/no pi ) aluminium. Am. alu.


am prp. [am] = an dem.




Ambofl ['ambos] m (Amfaosses/Ambosse) anvil.

adj. [ambu'lant]:
Behandelter out-patient; 2z [~ts] /
(-/-en) ambulance
Ameise zo. ['aimaiza] / (-/-n) ant;


nhaufen m ant-hill.



in / (-/-nen) American;
2isch adj. American.
Amme ['ams] / (-/-n) (wet-)nurse.
Amnestic [amnes'ti:] / (-/-n) amnesty, general pardon.
Amor ['aimor] m (s/no pi.) Cupid.
Amortis|ation [amortiza'tsjom] /
(-/-en) amortization redemption;
Sieren U'ziiran] vjt. (no -ge-, h)
amortize, redeem; pay off.
Ampel ['ampal] / (-/-n) hanging
lamp; traffic light.
Amphibie zo. [am'firbja] / (-/-n)




Amt [arm] n (-[e]s/=er) office; post;

charge; office, board; official duty,
function; (telephone) exchange;

Sieren U'thran] v/i. (no -ge-, hj

hold office; officiate; 'Slich adj.

official; ' mann m district administrator; hist, bailiff.

Amtsjarzt m medical officer of


vorsteher m head official.

let, charm.

amiisjant adj. [amy'zant] amusing,

entertaining; sieren [ .'ziirsn] vjt.
(no -ge-, h) amuse, entertain; sich
amuse or enjoy o.s., have a good

an [an] 1. prp. (dot.) at; on, upon;

in; against; to; by, near, close
der Themse on the Thames;
der Wand on or against the wall;
es ist
dir zu inf. it is up to you
to inf.; am Leben alive; am 1. Mdrz
on March 1st; am Morgen in the
morning; 2. prp. (acc.) to; on; on
to; at; against; about; bis
far as, up to; 3. adv. on; von heute
from this day forth, from today;
von nun or jetzt ~ from now on.
analog adj. [ana'loik] analogous
(dat. or zu to, with).
Analphabet [anOalfa'beu] m (-en/
en) illiterate (person).

Analys|e [ana'lyiza] / (-/-n) analysis; Sieren [Jziirsn] vjt. (no

ge-, h) analy|se3 Am. -ze.
Anamie jF [ane'mi:] / (-/-n) an(a)e-


Ananas ['ananas] / (-/-, -se) pineapple.

Anarchic [anar'gi:]/(-/-n) anarchy.
Anatorn |ie [anato'mi:] / (-/no pi.)
anatomy; Sisch adj. [JtoimiJ]

anbahnen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pave

the way for, initiate; open up; sich
be opening up.
Anbau m 1. S (-[els/no pi.) cultivation; 2. A (-[e]s/-ten) outbuilding,
annex, extension, addition; 'Sen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) f cultivate, grow;
A add (an acc. to); 'attache S f
arable land.


anbehalten vlt. (irr. halten, sep., no

ge-, h) keep (garment, etc.) on.



m oath of office; ' einfiih-

Amulett [amu'kt] n (-[e]s/-e) amu-

Ampulle [am'pulal/C-Z-n) ampoule.

Amput|ation # [amputa'tsjoin] /
(-/-en) amputation; Sieren
I tiiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) amputate;
ierte m (-n/-n) amputee.
Amsel orn. ['amzal] / (-/-n) black-


rung / inauguration; ' fiihrung /

administration; '~geheimnis
official secret; ' gericht n appr.
district court; ' geschafte nlpl.
official duties pi.; ',gewalt / (official) authority; ' Jbandlung / official act; ' niederlegung/ /S-en)
resignation; ' richter m appr. district court judge; ' siegel n official


Altistin $ [al'tistin] / (-/-nen) altosinger, contralto-singer.

altklug adj. precocious, forward.
altlich adj. feltli?] elderly, oldish.
Alt|material n junk, scrap; salvage; ' meister m doyen, dean, F
Grand Old Man (a. sports); sports:
ex-champion; 'Smodisch adj. oldfashioned;
n waste
paper; Lphilologe m classical
philologist or scholar; stadt/ old
town or city; Lwarenhandler m



adv. enclosed.

anjbeifien (irr. be/Cen, sep., -ge-, h)

v/t. bite into; 2. v/i. fish: bite;

bellen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) bark at;
(sep., no -ge-, h) appoint, fix; ' beten v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) adore, worship.
Anbetracht m: in , considering, in


consideration of.


anbetteln r/r. {sep., -go-, h) beg

31 -

andrehen r/r. (sep., -ge-, h) turn

on (gas, etc.); f switch on (light).

androhlen r/r. (sep., -ge-, h): j-m

from, solicit alms of.


Anbetung / (-/S-en) worship,

adoration; Eswurdig adj. adorable.





an bieten


(irr. b/eten, sep.,

binden v/t. (irr.

fe-, h) offer;
binden, sep., -ge-, h) bind, tie (up);
an (Jar., acc.) tie to; s. angebun<fen;
blasen c/r. (irr. blasen. sep.,
ge-, h) blow at or (up)on.
Anblick m look; view; sight, aspect; Sen r/r. (sep., -ge-, b) look
at; glance at; view; eye.
aniblinzeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) wink




brechen (irr. brechen, sep.,

ge-) 1. vlt. (h) break into (provisions, etc.); open (bottle, etc.); 2. r/'.
(se/n) begin; Jay: break, dawn;
brennen (irr. brennen, sep., -ge-)
1 /'. (h) set on fire; light (ci>ar,
etc.); 2. c/i. (sem) catch fire; bum;
Vbringen vlt. (irr. bringen, sep.,


aneignen [ an'-] v/refl. (sep.


disgust, sicken.

Anerbieten ['an'-] n (-s/-) offer.

anerkannt adj. ['an'-] acknowledged, recognized.
anerkenn en ['an9-] r/r. (irr. ken-

nen, sep., no -ge-, b) acknowledge

(als as), recognize; appreciate; own

(child); hono(u)r (bill); 'Sung /

(-/-en) acknowledgement; recogni

tion; appreciation.

anfahrjen (irr. fahren, sep., -ge-)


Anbruch m (-[e]s.'no pi.) begin-

ning; break (of day).


1 r/Y. (se/n) start; *A descend; an.

gefanren kommen drive up; 2. r r.

(b) run into; carrv-, convey; \-n .
let fly at s.o.; 'St/approach; drive.
m fit, attack; 'Sen (irr.

fallen, sep., -ge-) 1. r/r. (b) attack;

assail; 2. r/:. (sefn) accumulate;

anbriillen v t (sep., -ge-, b) roar at.


Andacht ['andaxt] / (-/-en) devotion(s pi.); prayers pi.

andachtig adj. [ andEqti?] devout.

andauern vji. (sep., -ge-, b) last,
continue, go on.
Andenken n (si-) memory, re-

membrance; keepsake, souvenir;

rum an (acc.) in memory of.
ander adj. ['andsr] other; different; nest; opposite; cm ~.en Tag
(on) the next day; e-n Tag um den
en every other day; ein ,_er Freund
another friend; n/chts es nothing

on the other hand.


andern [ encbm] vj t. (ge h) alter;

change; ich kann es nicht
I can t
help it; s/cb
alter; change.



andem'falls adv. otherwise, else.




differently (els from); else; /. .
somebody else; icb fcann nicht ,
ich muB weinen I cannot help crying; ~ werden change.


ander'seits adv. s. andererseits.

anders'wo adv. elsewhere.


anderthalb adj. [ andsrt halp] one

and a half.

ter); grower

['andsrsr zarts]

andererseits adv.

money: accrue.

anfallig adj. [:anfEli?] susceptible

(fur to); prone to (diseases, etc.).
Anfang m beginning, start, commencement; Mai at the beginning
of May, early in May; 'Sen r/r.
and r/r. (irr. fangen, sep., -ge-, b)
begin, start, commence.
Anfang!er ['anfopr] m (-$,'-) beginner; 'Slich 1. adj. initial; 2. adv.
in the beginning.
anfangs adv. ['anfags] in the beginning; 'Sbuchstabe m initial (let-

Anderung / (-/-en) change, alteration.

ander warts adv. ['andar'verts]

elsewhere; Vweitig 1. adj. other;


2 adv. otherwise.



andeutjen v,t. (sep., -ge-, b) indi-





Sung / intimation; hint;


Andrang m rush; Jf congestion.

andre adj. ['andre] s. andere.

anforderjn r/r. (sep., -ge-, h) demand; request; claim; Sung / demand; request; claim.

cate; hint; intimate; imply; sug'

capital letter; Sgriin-

de [' grynds] m'pl. elements pi.

anfassen (sep., -ge-, b) 1. r/r. seize;
touch; handle; 2. v i. lend a hand.
anfechtlbar adj. [ anfftba:r] contestable; '~en r/r. (irr. fechten, sep.,
ge-, b) contest, dispute; th avoid
(contract); 'Sung / (-/-en) contestation;
avoidance; fig. temptation.
anlfertigen [ anfertigan] r/r. (sep.,
ge-, b) make, manufacture;
feuchten r/r. (sep., -ge-, b) moisten, wet, damp; ' feuern r'r. (sep.,
ge-, h) fire, heat; sports: cheer;
ig. encourage;
flehen r/r. (sep.,
ge-, b) implore;
fliegen Sg* v/t.
(irr. fliegen, sep., -ge-, h) approach,
head for (airport, etc.); 'Sflug m
approach (flight); fig. touch,



acquire; adopt;

seize; usurp.



aneinander adv. [an'ai'nandar] together; -geraten r/i. (irr. roten,

sep., no -ge-, sein) clash (mit with).
anekeln ['an'-] r/r. (sep., -ge- h)

ge-, h) bring; fix (an dat. to), attach (to); place; T disp>ose of
(goods); lodge (complaint); s. ange-

threaten s.o. with; 'Sting






Anfrage / inquiry; Sn r i. (sep.,

ge-, h) ask (be/ j-m s.o.); inquire

(bei j-m nccb et. of s.o. about


an|freunden ['anfroyndsn] v/refl.

(sep., -ge-, fi): sich


Anfuhr ['anfuir] / (-/-en) conveyance, carriage.

anfiihrlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) lead;

allege; X command; quote, cite
(authority, passage, etc.); dupe, fool,

trick; 'Ser m (ring)leader; 'Sungszeichen n/pl. quotation marks pi.,


Angabe / declaration; statement;

instruction; F fig. bragging, showing off.
angeb|en (irr. geben, sep., -ge-, h)
1 v/t. declare; state; specify; allege;
give (name, reason); f quote (prices);
denounce, inform
v/i. cards: deal first; F fig. brag,
show off. Am. blow; 2er m (-s/-)
informer; F braggart. Am. blowhard; lich adj. T plig] supposed;
pretended, alleged.
angeboren adj. innate, inborn; &
Angebot n offer (a. "f); at auction
sale: bid; -f supply.
ange|bracht adj. appropriate, suitable; well-timed;
bunden adj.:
kurz ~ sein be short (gegen with).
angehen (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-)
1 v/i. (sein) begin; meat, etc.: go
bad, go off; es geht an it will do;
2 v/t. (h): j-n
concern s.o.; das
geht dich nichts an that is no business of yours.



angeh6r|en v/i. (sep., no -ge-, h)

belong to; 2ige ['Ugs] m,f(-nl-n):
seine n pi. his relations pi.; die
nachsten ~n pi. the next of kin.
['angsklatkts] m, f
(-nj-n) the accused; prisoner (at the
bar); defendant.

Angel ['arpl] / (-l-n) hinge; fishingtackle, fishing-rod.

angelegen adj.: sich et.
sein lassen make one's business;


heit / business, concern, affair,




Angelschnur / fishing-line.
angelmessen adj. suitable, appropriate; reasonable; adequate;
nehm adj. pleasant, agreeable,
pleasing; sehr
glad or pleased to
meet you; ~regt adj. [ rerktj stim-



ulated; discussion: animated, lively;


take to (smoking).
Angewohnheit / custom, habit.
Angina # [arj'gitna] / (-/Angineri)
angina; tonsillitis.

angleichen v/t. (irr. gleichen, sep.,

ge-, h) assimilate (on acc. to, with),
adjust (to); sich ~ an (acc.) assimi-

late to or with, adjust or adapt o.s.


Angler ['arjbr] m (-s/-) angler.

angliedern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) join;
annex; affiliate.

Anglist [aq'glist] m (-en/-en) professor or student of English, Angli(ci)st.

angreiflen v/t. (irr. greifen, sep.,
ge-j h) touch; draw upon (capital,
provisions); attack; affect (health,
corrode; exhaust;
2er m (-s/-) aggressor, assailant.
angrenzend adj. adjacent; adjoining.
Angriff m attack, assault; in , nehmen set about; skrieg m offensive
war; slustig adj. aggressive.
Angst [aqst] / (-/=e) fear; anxiety;
anguish; ich habe ~ I am afraid (vor
dat. of); ' hase m coward.
angstigen [ erjstigsn] v/t. (ge-, h)
frighten, alarm; sich
be afraid
(vor dat. of); be alarmed (um about).
angstlich adj. [ erjstlig] vmeasy,
nervous; anxious; afraid; scrupulous; timid; keit f(-lno pi.) anxiety; scrupulousness; timidity.
an|haben v/t. (irr. haben, sep., -ge-,
h) have (garment) on; das kann mir
that can t do me any harm;
haften v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) stick,
adhere (dat. to); haken v/t. (sep.,
ge-s h) hook on; tick (off). Am.
check (off) (name, item).
anhalten (irr. ha/ten, sep., -ge-, h)
1 v/t. stop; j-n
zu et. keep s.o. to






Angellsachse m Anglo-Saxon; '2-


face to

sachsisch adj. Anglo-Saxon.



Angellgerat n fishing-tackle;
(ge-j h) 1. v/i. fish (nach for), angle
(for) (both a. ig.); ~ in fish (river,
etc.); 2. v/t. fish (trout);
fig. m pivot.


countenance; von

face; 'Ss prp. (gen.) in view of.

angestammt adj. ['angsjtamt] hereditary, innate.
Angestellte ['angajtelts] m,/(-n/-n)
employee; die .n pi. the staff.
ange|trunken adj. tipsy; ~wandt
adj. [' vant] apphed; '.vwiesen
adj.: sein auf (acc.) be dependent
or thrown (up)on.
angewohnen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h):
accustom s.o. to; sich
j-m et
get into the habit of;



Angesicht n (-[e]s/-er, -e) face,


inverted commas pi.




mit make

friends with; ' frieren v/i. (irr.

frieren, sep., -ge-, se/n) freeze on
(on dat. or acc. to); ' ftigen v/t.
{sep., -ge-, h) join, attach (on acc.
to); ' fiihlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
feel, touch; sich

32 -

sehen adj. respected, esteemed.

th.; den Atem

hold one s breath;


v/i. continue, last; stop; um ein

propose to a girl; ' d
adj. continuous; persevering.
Anhaltspunkt m clue.
Anhang m appendix, supplement
(to book, etc.); followers pi., adher2

ents pi.

anhanglen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.

hang on; affix, attach, join; add;
couple (on) (coach, vehicle); 2. vji.



(irr. hangen) adhere to; 'Ser m (-s/-)


adherent, follower; pendant (of

necklace, etc.); label, tag; trailer
(behind car, etc.).
anhanglich adj. ['anheqli?] devoted,
attached; 'Skeit / (-/mo pi.) devo-

ankiindiglen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) announce; advertise; 'fiung / announcement; advertisement.


crank up; die Wirtschaft


anhauchen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

breathe on; blow (fingers).
anhauf|en v/t. and virefl. ' (sep.,
ge-, h) pile up, accumulate; JBung
/ accumulation.

smile at.

Anlage/construction; installation;
plant; grounds pl.} park; plan,
arrangement, layout; enclosure (to
investment; talent; predisposition, tendency; offentliche

anlheben v/t. (irr. heben, sep., -ge-,

h) lift, raise; ' heften v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) fasten (on acc. to); stitch

an'heini|fallen v/t. (irr. fallen, sep.,

ge-, sein): j-m fall to s.o.; stel-

n pi. public gardens pi.; '~kapital

m invested capital.
anlangen (sep., -ge-) 1. vft. (sein)
arrive at; 2. v/t. (h) F touch; con~

cern; was mich anlangt as far as I

am concerned, (speaking) for my-

len v/t. (sep., -ge-, h): j-m et.


leave to s.o.


Anhieb m: auf
at the first go.
Anhohe / rise, elevation, hill.

anhdren v/t. (sep., -ge-, ft) listen to;

Anlafi ['anlas] m (An/osses/An/osse)

occasion; ohne a//en
without any



[ani'lim] n (s/no pi.)


ankampfen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h):

gegen struggle against.
Ankauf m purchase.
['aqkar] m (-s/-) anchor;
vor gehen cast anchor; ' kette

the occasion of.


anchor; ' uhr/ lever watch.

anketten vft. (sep., -ge-, h) chain

(on dat. or acc. to).


Anklage / accusation, charge;

a indictment; 'Sn v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
accuse (gen. or wegen of), charge


Anklager m accuser; dffentlicher

(dressing); lay in (provisions); Feuer

an (acc.) set fire to; 2. v/i.
land; moor;
auf (acc.) aim at;
lehnen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) lean (on
acc. against); leave or set (door)
ajar; sich
an (acc.) lean against

j S public prosecutor. Am. district


anklammem v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

cling (an dat.

or acc. to).

Anklang nti

an (acc.) suggestion

of, <v finden meet with approval.


an kleben v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) stick

on (on dat. or acc. to); glue on (to);
paste on (to); gum on (to); ' kleiden v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) dress; skh
dress (o.s.); ' klopfen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) knock (an acc. at); ' knipsen f v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) turn or
switch on;1Jkniipfen (sep., -ge-, h)
1 v/t. tie (on dat. or acc. to); fig.
begin; Verb/ndungen
form connexions or (Am. only) connections;
2 v/t. refer (on acc. to); ' kommen
vli. (irr. kommen, sep., -ge-, sein)
auf (acc.) depend (up)on;
es darauf lassen run the risk, risk
it; darauf kommt es an that is the
point; es kommt nicht darauf an it

or on.

Anleihe ['anlaia] / (-/-n) loan.

anleitjen vft. (sep., -ge-, h) guide

(zu to); instruct (in dat. in); 'Sung

/ guidance, instruction; guide.
Anliegen (-s/-) desire, request.

does not matter.

Ankommling fankoemliq] m (-sf-e)

new-comer, new arrival.

an | legen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. vft. put

(garment); found (town); & apply

a. indict (for).


clip on; sich

Anlauf m start, run; 'Sen (irr. laufen, sep., -ge-) 1. v/i. (sein) run up;
start; tarnish, (grow) dim; rv gegen
run against; 2. & v/t. (h) call or
touch at (port).
(on acc. to, against); lay out (garden);
invest (money); level (gun); put on


anlassjen v/t. (irr. lassen, sep., -ge-,

h) F leave or keep (garment, etc.) on;

leave (light, etc.) on; start, set
going; sich gut
promise well;
2er mot. m (-s/-) starter.
anlafilich prp. (gen.) fanlesli?] on

/cable; 'En & vft. and vji. (ge-, h)


F boost

the economy; '~lacheln vlt. (sep.,

ge-, h), ' lachen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)



/ (-/mo pi.)

anjkurbeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) mot.

Anhangsel ['anhegzal] n (-s/-) ap-




tion, attachment.



33 -

anjlocken vft. '(sep., -ge-, h) allure,

entice; decoy; machen vft. (sep.,
ge-, h) fasten (an acc. to), fix (to);

make, light (fire); switch on

(light); dress (salad); '~malen vft.
(sep., -ge-, h) paint.
Anmarsch m approach.

anmafilen ['anmarsan] vfrefl. (sep.,

ge-, h) arrogate to o.s.; assume (right); presume; ' end adj.
arrogant; 'Sung / (-/-en) arrogance, presumption.


anmeld|en vft. (sep., -ge-, h) announce, notify; sich ~ bei make an

appointment with; 'Sung / announcement, notification.


anmerk|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) mark;

note down; j-m et.


anjrennen vji. (irr. rennen, sep.,

observe or

ge-, se/n):
gegen nm against;
ongeronnt kommen come running;
richten vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) prepare, dress (food, salad); cause, do

perceive in s.o.; 'Eung/C-Z-en)






anmessen v/t. (irr. messen, sep.,

ge-, h): j-m e-n Anzug ~ measure
s.o. for a suit; s. cmgemessen.
nmut / (-/o pi.) grace, charm,
loveliness; 'Sig adj. charming,
graceful, lovely.
anjnageln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) nail
on (an acc. to); Lnahen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) sew on (an acc. to).

anriichig adj. ['anry i?] disreputable.

anriicken v/i. (sep., -ge-, se/n)



Anruf m call (a. teleph.); 'Sen v/t.

(irr. rufen, sep., -ge-, h) call (zum
Zeugen to witness); teleph. ring up,
F phone. Am. call up; hail (ship);
invoke (God, etc.); appeal to (s.o.'s

annaherjnd adj. ['anneiamt] approximate; 'Sung / (-/-en) approach.

Annahme ['annaima] / (-/-n) acceptance; receiving-office; fig. assumption, supposition.
annehm|bar adj. acceptable;price:
reasonable; ' en (irr. nehmen, sep.,
ge-, h) 1. v/t. accept, take; fig.:
suppose, take it. Am. guess; assume; contract (habit); adopt
(child); parl. pass (bill); sich
(gen.) ~ attend to; befriend
s.o.; 2. //'. accept;
'21ichkeit /
(-/-en) amenity agreeableness.
Annexion [anek'sjoin] / (-/-en) an-


anriihren v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) touch;



Ansage / announcement; 'Sn vjt.

(sep., -ge-, h) announce; ' r m (s/-)
announcer; compere. Am. master
of ceremonies.


ansammeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) collect, gather; accumulate, amass;

sich ~ collect, gather; accumulate.
ansassig adj. ['anzssi?] resident.

Ansatz m start.


anlschaffen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pro-

cure, provide; purchase; sich et.

provide or supply o.s. with;
schalten / v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
connect; switch on (light).


Annonce [a'noisa] f (-/-n) advertisement.

anonym adj. [ano'nyim] anonyanordnfen [ an'-] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
order; arrange; direct; 'Sung /
arrangement; direction; order.
anpacken vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) seize,
grasp ;fig. tackle.


anpassjen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) fit,

adapt, suit; adjust; try or fit (garment) on; sich adapt o.s. (dat. to);
Sung / (-/-en) adaptation; '~ungsfahig adj. adaptable.
anpflanzjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) cultivate, plant; 'Sung / cultivation;
Anprall ['anpral] m (-[e]sl\-e)
impact; 'Sen vji. (sep., -ge-, se/n)
strike (an acc. against).
anpreisen v/t. (irr. preisen, sep.,
ge-, h) commend, praise; boost,


Anprobe / try-on, fitting.

anlprobieren v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)
try or fit on; ' raten v/t. (irr. raten,
sep., -ge-, h) advise; rechnen v/t.


anschaujen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) look

at, view; ' lich adj. clear, vivid;

Anschauung / (-/-en) view; perception; conception; intuition;
contemplation; ' smaterial n illustrative material; ~sunterricht ['anJauurjs'-] m visual instruction, object-lessons pi.; Lsvermogen n
intuitive faculty.
Anscheln m (-[e]s/o pi.) appearance; 'Send adj. apparent, seeming.

an|schicken vlrefl. (sep., -ge-, h):

sich ~, et. zu tun get ready for;
prepare for; set about doing


Am. bulletin

board; Sen

[' gan] (irr. schlagen, sep., -ge-, h)

1 v/t. strike (an dat. or acc. against),
knock (against); post up (bill); /
touch; level (gun); estimate, rate;
2 vji. strike (an acc. against), knock
(against); dog: bark; & take (effect);
food: agree (bei with); ~saule
[' k-] / advertising pillar; zettel
[' k-] m notice; placard poster,



Anrecht n right, title, claim (auf

acc. to).

th.; ~schirren [' Jiran] v/t. (sep.,



Anrede / address; 'Sn v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) address, speak to.
anreglen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) stimulate; suggest; 'Mend adj. stimulative, stimulating; suggestive; 'Sung
/stimulation; suggestion.
Anreiz m incentive; 'Sen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, /)) stimulate; incite.

ge-, h) harness.
Anschlag nt stop, catch; j
touch; notice; placard, poster, bill;
estimate; calculation; plot; e-n
auf j-n veriiben make an attempt on
s.o. s life; ~brett [ k-] n notice-

(sep., -ge-, h) charge; hoch



34 -


anschllefien vjt. (irr. schlieBen,

sep., -ge-, h) fix with a lock; join,
attach, annex; , / connect; sich
j-m M join s.o.; sich e-r Meinung


follow an opinion;

adj. adjacent

35 '

ansied|eln v/t. and vjrefl. (sep.,

ge-, h) settle; Sler m settler; '2'

(an acc. to); subsequent (to).


Anschlufl m joining; S,
gas, etc.: connexionj (Am. only)
haben an (acc.) fi,
boat: connect with; C5 run in con-

nexion with;
finden make friends
(on acc. with), F pal up (with);
bekommen get through;

Ldose f f (wall) socket; ' zug S

m connecting train, connexion.

lung / settlement.
Ansinnen n (-s/-) request, demand.
anspannlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
stretch; put or harness (horses, etc.)
to the carriage, etc.; fig. strain,
exert; Sung fig. f strain, exertion.
anspeien v/t. (irr. sf>e/en, sep., -ge-,


h) spit (up)on or at.


anspiellen v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) cards:


an[schmiegen vjrefl. (sep., -ge-, h):

lead; sports: lead off; football: kick

off; ~ auf (acc.) allude to, hint at;

sich an (acc.) nestle to; '- schmieren r/t. (sep., -ge-, h) (be)smear,

grease; F fig. cheat; '~schnallen

r/t. (sep., -ge-, h) buckle on; bitte
fasten seat-belts, please!;
schnauzen F r/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
snap at, blow s.o. up. Am. a. bawl
s o
out; ' schneiden v/t. (irr.
schneiden, sep., -ge-, h) cut; broach



Sung / (-/-en) allusion, hint.

anspitzen r/t. (sep., -ge-, h) point,



Ansporn m (-[e]s/*v -e) spur; 'Sen

vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) spur s.o. on.
Ansprache / address, speech; e-e
ho/ten deliver an address.

Anschnitt m first cut or slice.


anlschrauben v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

screw on (on dat. or acc. to);
schreiben vjt. (irr. schreiben, sep.,
ge-, h) write down; sports, games:
score; et. lassen have charged
to one's account; buy on cred-

it; ' schreien v/t. (irr. schreien,

sep., -ge-, h) shout at.
Anschrift / address.
anjschuldigen ['anjuldigan] v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) accuse, incriminate;
schwarzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
blacken;/z. a. defame.
anschwelljen (irr. schwellen, sep.,
ge-) 1. v/i. (sein) swell; increase,
rise; 2. vft. (h) swell; 'Sung /
anschwemmjen ['anjveman] vft.
(sep., -ge-, h) wash ashore; gevl.
deposit (alluvium); 'Sung / (-/-en)
wash; geol. alluvial deposits pL,


ansprechen vft. (irr. sprechen, sep.,

ge-, h) speak to, address; appeal

to; 'd adj. appealing.
anlspringen (z rr. springen, sep.,
ge-) 1. v/i. (sein) engine: start;
2 v/t. (h) jump (up)on, leap at;
spritzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) splash
0-n mit et on s.o.); (be-)
Anspruch m claim (a. *%) (auf acc,
to), pretension (to);
title (to);
haben auf (acc.) be entitled to; in


nehmen claim; Ze/t in ~ neh'

men take up time; Sslos adj. unpretentious; unassuming; 'Ssvoll

adj. pretentious.


ansehen 1. vft. (irr. sehen, sep.,


ge-, h) (take a) look at; view; re-

gard, consider (o/s as); et. mit

fur take for; mon
sieht ihm sein Alter nicht an he does

not look his age; 2. S n (-s/no pi.)

authority, prestige; respect; F appearance, aspect.

ansehnlich adj. ['anzemli?] considerable; good-looking.

anlseilen mount, v/t. and v/re/L
(sep., -ge-, h) rope; ' sengen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) singe; ' etzen (sep.,
ge-, h) 1. v/t. put (on acc. to); add
(to); fix, appoint (date); rate; fix,
quote (prices); charge; put forth
(leaves, etc.); put on (flesh); put
(food) on (to boil); Rost
rust; 2.
v/i. try; start; get ready.
Ansicht / (-/-en) sight, view; fig.
view, opinion; meiner ~ nach in my
opinion; zur
on approval; ' s(post)karte / picture postcard;
ssache / matter of opinion.


anlspulen r/t. (sep., -ge-, h) s. on-

schwemmen; ' stacheln r/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) goad (on).
Anstalt ['anjtalt] / (-/-en) establishment, institution; en treffen zu
make arrangements for.
Anstand m 1. (-[e]s/=e) hunt, stand;
objection; 2. (-[e]s/S=e) good
manners pi.; decency, propriety.
anstandig adj. ['anjtendig] decent;
respectable; price: fair, handsome;
2keit/(-/*v-en) decency.
Anstandslgefiihl n sense of propriety; tact; Slos a<ir. unhesitatingly.
anstarren r/t. (sep., -ge-, h) stare


or gaze at.

anstatt prp. (gen.) and cj. [an'/tat]

instead of.

anstaunen r/t. (sep., -ge-, h) gaze


ansteck|en r/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pin

at s.o. or in wonder.

on; put on (ring); & infect; set on

fire; kindle (fire); light (candle,
etc.); ' end adj. infectious; contagious; fig. a. catching; 'Sung
(-/-en) infection; contagion




anlstehen v/i. (irr. stehen, sep.,

ge-, h) queue up (nach for). Am.

stand in line (for); ' steigen v/i.

(irr. steigen, sep., -ge-, sein) ground:
rise, ascend; fig. increase.

anstell[en r/t. (sep.} -ge-, h) engage,






periments); draw (comparison); turn

on (light, etc.); manage; stch
queue up (noch for). Am. line up
(for); sich dumm
set about
stupidly; ' ig adj. handy, skil(l)ful;
fiung/place, position, job; employ'


Anstieg ['anjthk] m (-[e]s/-e) ascent.

anstiftlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) instigate; '2er m instigator; 'Sung /
anstimmen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h)
strike up (tune).
Anstofi m football: kick-off; fig.

impulse; offen|ce. Am. -se;

erregen give offence (be/ to); ~ nehmen an (dot.) take offence at;

geben zu et. start, initiate


th.; 'Sen (irr. stoflen, sep., -ge-)

1 v/t. (h) push, knock (acc. or an


against); nudge; 2. v/i. (sein) knock

(on acc. against); border (on, upon);
adjoin; 3. v/i. (h): mit der Zunge
lisp; ouf y-s Gesundheit drink (to)
s.o. s health;
Send adj. adjoining.
anstofiig adj. ['anjtoisig] shocking.
anlstrahlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
illuminate; floodlight (building, etc.);
fig. beam at s.o.; ' streben vjt.
(sep., -ge-, h) aim at, aspire to,


strive for.

anstreichlen vlt. (irr. stre/c/ien,

sep.y -ge-, h) paint; whitewash;
mark; underline (mistake); 'Ser m
(si-) house-painter; decorator.

anstrengjen ['anjtregan] v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) exert; try (eyes); fatigue;
ProzeB bring an action (gegen j-n

36 '

Anti-Rakete/anti-ballistic missile.
antiseptisch jF adj. [anti'zeptij]
Antlitz ['antlits] n (-esl\ -e) face,

Antrag ['antrcuk] m (-[e]s/-e) offer,

proposal; application, request; parl.
motion; stellen auf (acc.) make an
application for; parl. put a motion
for; ' steller m (-s/-) applicant;
parl. mover; $% petitioner.


to s.o.; ',vwachsen v/i. (irr. wochsen, sep., -ge-, sein) take root; .
on (acc.) grow on

Sung / (-/-en) exertion, strain,


anstiirmen v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)

storm, rush.


Anteil m share, portion;

on (dat.) take an interest in;
sympathize with; ~nahme t' na:ma] / (-/no pi.) sympathy; interest;
scheln't *n share-certificate.
Antenne [an'tena] / (-/-n) aerial.
Antialkoholiker [anti'alko'hoilikar,
] m (-si-) teetotaller.
antik adj. [an'ti:k] antique.
Antilope zo. [anti'loipa] / (-/-n)


Anwalt ['anvalt] m (-[e]s/e) lawyer;

solicitor. Am. attorney; counsel;
barrister. Am. counsellor; fig.

Anwandlung /fit; impulse.

Anwarter m candidate, aspirant;

Anwartschaft ['anvartjaft] / (-/-en)

expectancy; candidacy; prospect
(ouf acc. of).

Am. check; draft; s. Postanweisung.

Antipathic [antipa'tirJ/ Z-n) antipathy.


antippen F vft. (sep., -ge-, h) tap.




second-hand bookseller; *iat Uar'

ja:t] n (-[e]s/-e) second-hand bookshop ; Sisch adj. and adv. [JkvairiJ]

anwendjen vlt. ([irr. wenden,] sep.,

ge-, h) employ, use; apply (ouf

acc. to); s. angewandt; 'Sung /

anwerben v/t. (irr. werben, sep.,
ge-, h) X enlist, enrol(l); engage.

Anwesen n estate; property.

anwesenjd adj. present; 'Sheit /


Antiquitaten [antikvi'te an] flpl.

antiques pi.

anweislen vlt. (irr. we/sen, sep.,

ge-, h) assign; instruct; direct; s.
angewiesen; 'Sung / assignment;
instruction; direction; if: cheque,



(en)trust s.o. with,

entrust to s.o.; confide



an|vertrauen vlt. (sep., no -ge-, h):

j-m et

against s.o.); sich exert o.s.; ' end

adj. strenuous; trying (fur to);

anjtreffen v/t. (irr. treffen, sep.,

ge-, h) meet with, find; ' treiben

(irr. treiben, sep., -ge-) 1. v/i. (sein)
drift ashore; 2. v/t. (b) drive (on);
fig. impel; ' treten (irr. treten, sep.,
ge-) 1. v/t. (b) enter upon (office);
take up (position); set out on
(journey); enter upon take possession of (inheritance); 2. v/i. (sein)
take one's place; X fall in'
Antrieb m motive, impulse;
drive, propulsion.
Antritt m (-[e]s/*v -e) entrance
(into office); taking up (of position);
setting out (on journey); entering
into possession (of inheritance).
antun v/t. (irr. tun, sep., -ge-, h):
do to s.o.; sich et.
j-m et
lay hands on o.s.
Antwort/(-/-en) answer, reply (ouf
acc. to); 'Sen (ge-, h) 1. v/i. answer
(j-m s.o.), reply (j-m to s.o.; both:
auf acc. to); 2. v/t. answer (auf acc.
to), reply (to); Lschein m (international) reply coupon.

Anstrich m paint, colo(u)r; coat

(-ing); g : tinge; air.
Ansturm m assault; onset;
(acc.) rush for; -f tun on (bank).


(-/no pi ) presence.
Anzahl / (-/no pi.) number; quantity.



37 -


task; paper; workmanship; be/ der

anzahl.en r/r. (sep., -ge-, h) pay on

account; pay a deposit; 'Sung /
(first) instal(l)ment; deposit.
anzapfen c/r. (sep., -ge-, h) tap.
Anzeichen n sjmptom; sign.

at work; sich on die


hoben be in (out of) work; die

advice; adver-

tisement; ri information; '11 r/f.

toil; 2. c/f. work; make.

Arbeiter m (-s/-) worker; workman, labo(u)rer, hand; ' in /
(-l-nen) female worker; working
woman, workwoman; ' klasse /
working class(es pi.); Lpartei /
Labo(u)r Party; ' schaft /(-/-en),


(Po -ge-j ) announce, notify; "f*

advise; advertise; indicate;
instrument: indicate, show; ther-

mometer: read {degrees); j-n ~

denounce s.o., inform against s.o.
anziehen (/rr. z/e/ien, sep., -ge-, hi)
1 v/t. draw, pull; draw (rein);
tighten (screa); put on (garment);
dress; J??. attract; 2 r/z. draw;
prices: rise; ' d ac//. attractive,



Anziehung / attraction; ' skraft/

attractive power; attraction.


Anzug m 1. (-[e]s/=e) dress; stiit;

2 (-[e]s/?jo p/.): im
se/n storm:
be gathering; danger: be impend.


anziiglich aJ/. [ antsy.kli?] personal;

Skeit / (-/-en) personality.
anziinden vlt. (sep., -ge-, hi) light,
kindle; strike (match); set (building)

on fire.

apathisch a<f/ [a'paitij] apathetic

Apfel ['apfal] m (-s/=) apple; '-.mus
n apple-sauce;
sine U'zuna] /

(-/-n) orange;


wein m cider.

Apostel [a'pastslj m (-s/-) apostle.

Apostroph [apa'smr-f] m (-s/-e)
Apotheke [apo'teika] / (-/-n) chemist's shop, pharmacy,
m. drugstore;
r m (si-) chemist. Am,
druggist, pharmacist.
Apparat [apa'rait] m (-[e]s/-e) apparatus; deWce; teleph.: am
speaking!; teleph.: am

Appell [a'pel] m (-s/-e)

inspection; parade; fig. appeal (on
acc. to); Sieren [ liiren] vfi. (no
ge-, h) app>eal (on acc. to).
Appetit [ape'ti:!] m (-[e]s/-e) appetite; lich adj. appetizing, sa-

vo(u)ry, dainty.



Arbeitlgeber m (-s/-), ' geberin/


(-l-nen) employer;


' nehmerin



arbeitsam adj. industrious.
Arbeitslamt n labo(u)r exchange;
anzug m overall; ' beschaffung
/ (-/-en) provision of work; ' bescheinigung / certificate of employment; ' einkommen n earned
income; 'Efahig adj. able to work;
gericht n labo(u)r or industrial
' kleidung / working
clothes pi.;
kraft / working
power; worker, hand; Arbeitskrafte
pi. a. labo(u)r; ' leistung / efficiency; power (of engine); output
(of factory); ' lohn m wages pL,
pay; 'Slos adj. out of work, unemployed; lose m (-n/-n): die
pi. the unemployed pi.; ' losenunterstiitzung / unemplojTnent
benefit; beziehen F be on the dole;
Josigkeit / (-Ino pi.) unemployment; ' markt m labo(u)r market;
minister m AVinister of Labour,
Am. Secretary of Labor; ' nachweis(stelle /) m employment
registry office. Am. labor registry
niederlegung / (-/-en)
strike. Am. F a. walkout; pause/
break, intermission; ' platz m place
raum m workof work; job;
room; 'Sscheu adj. work-shy;
scheu / aversion to work;
schutzgesetz n protective labo(u)r
law; 'tag m working day, workday; 'Sunfahig adj. incapable of
working; disabled; weise / practice, method of working; ' willige
m (-n/-n) non-striker; ' zeit /
working time; working hours pi.;
zeug n tools pi.; ' zimmer n
workroom; study.
Archaoiloge [arceo'kcga] m (-n/-n)
logie Uo gi:] /
(-(no pi ) arch(a)eology.
Arche ['args] / (-/-n) ark.
Architekt [ar i'tekt] m (-en/-en)
ur [ tuir] / (-/-en)




hold the line.


stand m working class(es pi.),



mochen, on

gehen set to work; (ke/'ne)

n/eder/egen stop work, do\ *n tools;

Sen (ge-, h) 1. v i. work; labo(u)r,

Anzeige ['antsaiga] / (-/-n) notice,






Aprikose [apri'koizs] / (-/-n) apricot.

April [a'pril] m (-[s]/-e) ApriL

Aquarell [akva'rel] n (-s/-e) watercolo(u)r (painting), aquarelle.
[a'kvarrium] n (-s/
Aquarien) aquarium
Aquator [e'kvcutor] m (-s/S -en)

Ara [;e:ra] /(-/S. Aren) era.

Arab'er ['arabar] m (si-) Arab;

Arbeit ['arban] / (-/-en) work;

labo(u)rJ toil; emploj-ment, job;








Archiv [ar' izf] n (s -e) archivespL;

record office.

Areal [are'arl] n (-s/-e) area.


Arena [a'rema] / (-/Arenen) arena;

bullring; (circus-)ring.

arg adj. [ark] bad; wicked; gross.

Arger ['ergar] m {-sjno pi.) vexation,
annoyance; anger; 'Slich adj.
vexed, F mad angry (auf, iiber acc.
at, with j.o.)j annoying, vexatious; n vjt. (ge-, h) annoy, vex,
irritate, fret; bother; s/'ch
angry or vexed (iiber acc. at, about
with s.o.); ' nis n (-ses/-se)
scandal, offen|ce,
Argjlist / (,-lno pi.) cunning, craft
(-iness); 'Slistig adj. crafty, cunning; '21os adj. guileless; artless,
unsuspecting; ~wohn [' voin] m
(-[e]s/no pi ) suspicion; Swohnen
[' voinan] vjt. (ge-, h) suspect;
fiwohnisch adj. suspicious.
Arie / ['airja] / (-/-n) aria.
Aristokrat [aristo'krait] m (.-enI-en),
in / (-/-nen) aristocrat; ie Ukra'
ti:] / (-/-n) aristocracy.
Arkade [ar'karda] / (-/-n) arcade.
arm1 adj. [arm] poor.
Arm2 U] m (-[e]s/-e) arm; branch
(of river, etc.); F: j-n auf den
nehmen pull s.o. s leg.
Armaturenbrett [arma'tuirenbret]


38 -

Arznei [arts'nai] / (-/-en) medicine,

F physic; ~kunde / (-/tjo pi.)
pharmaceutics; ~mittel n medicine, drug.
Arzt [airtst] m (-es/=e) doctor, medical man; physician.
Arztin ['eirtstin] / (-/-nen) woman
or lady doctor.
arztlich adj. ['eirtstlig] medical.
As [as] n (-ses/-se) ace.
Asche ['aj3]/(-/-n) ash(espi.); ' nbahn / sports: cinder-track, mot.

dirt-track; ' .nbecher m ash-uay;

nbrodel [, nbr0:d3l] n (s/no pi.),
nputtel [' nputal] n 1. (sJtw pi.)
Cinderella; 2. (-s/-) drudge.
Ascher'mittwoch m Ash Wednes-




Asiat [az'jan] m (-en/-en), in /

(-/-nen) Asiatic Asian; 2isch adj.

Asiatic, Asian.

Asket [as'keit] m (-en/-en) ascedc.

Asphalt [as'falt] m (-[e]s/-e) asphalt;

ieren U'tiiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)



Arm|band n bracelet; ~banduhr

[ armbant'-] / wrist watch;

afS [a:s] pret. of essen.
Assistent [asis'tent] m (-en/-en),
in / (-/-nen) assistant.
Ast [ast] m (-esj-e) branch, bough;
knot (in timber); Lloch n knot-hole.

bruch m fracture of the arm.

Armee [ar'me:] / (-/-n) army.

Armel ['ermal] m (-s/-) sleeve;
kanal m the (English) Channel.

Astro|naut [astro'naut] m (-en/-en)

astronaut; ~nom [ noim] m (-en/

en) astronomer.

Armenlhaus n alms-house, Brt.

workhouse; ' pflege / poor

relief; '..pfleger m guardian of the
poor; welfare officer; ' unterstiitzung / poor relief.
armllch adj. [ Ermlig] s. armselig.
armselig adj. poor; wretched;
miserable; shabby; paltry.
Armut ['armurt] / (-/no pi.) poverty.
Aroma [a'ro.'ma] n (s/Aromen,
Aromata, -s) aroma, flavo(u)r;



Arrest [a'rest] m (-es/-e) arrest;

confinement; seizure (of goods);
detention (of pupil, etc.);
bekommen be kept in.
Art [a:rt] / (-/-en) kind, sort; , zo.
species; manner, way; nature;
manners pi.; breed, race (of animals); auf die(se) ~ in this way;
Sen v/i. (ge-, sein):
nach take
[artery. l

Asyl [a'zy:!] n (-s/-e) asylum; fig.


Atelier [ata'lje:] n (-s/-s) studio.

Atem ['artam] m (s/no pi.) breath;
out of breath; Slos adj.
breathless; '-not
/ difficulty in
breathing; ' pause / breathingspace; ' .zug m breath, respiration.
Ather ['s.'tar] m 1. (s/no pi.) the
ether; 2.
(-s/-) ether; 2isch adj.
[e'terrij] ethereal, etheric.
Athlet [at'leit] m (-en/-en), in /
ik / (-/no pi.)
(-/-nen) athlete;
athletics mst sg.; 2isch adj. athletic.
atlantisch adj. [at'lantij] Atlantic.
Atlas ['atlas] m 1. geogr. (-/no pi.)
Atlas; 2. (-, -ses/se, Atlanten)
maps: atlas; 3. (-, -ses/se) textiles:


atmen ['aitman] v/i. and v/t. (ge-,h)



Arterie anat. [ar'teirja] / (-/-n)/


artig adj. [ a:rtig] good3 well-behaved; civil, polite; 'Skeit / (-/-en)

good behavio(u)r; politeness; civility, a. civilities pi.
Artikel [ar'tkkal] m (-s/-) article;
Artillerie [artila'ri:] / (-/-n) artillery.

Artist [ar'tist] m (-en/-en), *in /

(-(-nen) circus performer

asch'grau adj. ash-grey, ashy, Am.

asen hunt, ['eizan] r/: (ge-, h) graze,

n instrument board, dash-board.


Atmosphar|e [atmD'sfEire] / (-/-n)

atmosphere; 2isch adj. atmospheric.
Atmung / (-/-en) breathing, respiration.
Atom [a'toim] n (-s/-e) atom; 2ar
adj. [ato'mair] atomic; ~bombe /

atomic bomb, atom-bomb, A-bomb;

energie / atomic or nuclear

energy; ~forschung / atomic
or nuclear research; ~kern m
atomic nucleus; ~kraftwerk n


Lbieten vlt. (irr. bieten, sep., -ge-,

h) summon; exert; X raise; Lbinden v/t. (irr. binden, sep., -ge-, h)
untie; ' bleiben vji. (irr. bleiben,
sep., -ge-, sein) sit up; door, etc.:
remain open; ' blenden (sep.,
ge-, h) 1. mot. vji. turn up the
headlights; 2. vjt. fade in (scene);
Lblicken v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) look
up; raise one s eyes; blitzen v/i.
(sep., -ge-, h, sein) flash (up);
bliihen v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein) bloomj

nuclear power station; ~meiler m

atomic pile, nuclear reactor; ~physiker m atomic physicist; *,reaktor m nuclear reactor, atomic pile;
versuch m atomic test; ~waffe /
atomic or nuclear weapon; wissenschaftler m atomic scientist;
zeitalter n atomic age.
Attent|at [aten'toit] n (-[e]s/-e) (attempted) assassination; fig. outrage; ~ater [ E'.tar] m (-s/-) as-


aufbrausen/z . v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)

fly into a passion; ' d adj. hottempered.


auflbrechen (irr.


Attribut [atri'buit] n (-(e]s/-e) attribute; gr. attributive.

atz|en ['etsan] vjt. (ge-, h) corrode;
& cauterize; etch (metal plate);
Lend adj. corrosive; caustic (a.
fig.),- 'Sung / (-/-en) corrosion; &
cauterization; etching.
au int. [au] oh!; ouch!
auch cj. [aux] also, too, likewise;
even; ~ nicht neither, nor; wo
(/mmer) wher(eso)ever; ist es
wahr? is it really true?
Audienz [audi'ents] / (-/-en) audience, hearing.
auf [auf] 1. prp. (dat.) (up)on; in;
at; of; by;
dem Tisch (up)on
the table; ~ dem Morkt in the
market; ~ der Universitat at the

e-m Ball at a ball;
2 prp. (acc.) on; in; at; to; towards (a.
... zu); up;
in German; ~ e-e Entfernung von at
a range of; die Post etc. gehen go
to the post-office, etc.;
ein Pfund
gehen 20 Schilling 20 shillings go to
a pound; es geht neun it is getting
on to nine; ... bin on the strength
of; 3. adv. up(wards); . und ab
gehen walk up and down or to and
fro; 4. cj.: ~ dafi (in order) that;
dafi nicht that not, lest; 5. int.:

ritate 5.0.

Aufbruch m departure, start.

auf Ibiigeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) iron;
burden v/t. (sep., -ge-, h): j-m et.
impose on s.o.; Ldecken
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) uncover; spread
(cloth); fig. disclose; Ldrangen

vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) force, obtrude

(j-m [up]on s.o.); Ldrehen v/t.

(sep., -ge-, h) turn on (gas, etc.).
aufdringlich adj. obtrusive.
Aufdruck m (-[e]s/-e) imprint;




ge-j h) work off (arrears of work);

furbish up; F do up (garments);
atmen fig. ['auf'-] v/i. (sep.,
ge-, h) breathe again.





auf lessen [ auf'-] v/t. (irr. essen,

sep., -ge-, h) eat up; Lfahren v/i.
(irr. fahren, sep., -ge-, sein) ascend;
startup; , fly out ;& run aground;
mot. drive or run (auf acc. against,

Auffahrt / ascent; driving up; approach; drive. Am. driveway;

srampe / ramp.




Aufenthalt ['aufenthaltTm (-[e]s/-e)

stay; residence; delay; $ stop; Lsgenehmigung / residence permit.
auferlegen [ auf'erleigan] vjt. (sep.,
no -ge-, h) impose (j-m on s.o.).
auferstehjen ['auferjie n] vji.
(irr. stehen, sep., no -ge-, sein) rise
(from the dead); 'Sung / (-/-en)

Aufbau m (-[e]s/no pi.) building

up; construction (of play, etc.);
F esp. Am. setup (of organization);
mot. body (of car, etc.); Sen v/t.


aufeinander adv. [auf'ai'nandar]

one after or upon another; Sfolge/
succession; ~folgend adj. succes-





brechen, sep.,

ge-) 1. v/t. (h) break open; force

open; 2. v/i. (sein) burst open; set
out (nach for); Lbringen v/t. (irr.
bringen, sep., -ge-, h) raise (money,
troops); capture (ship); rouse or ir-

Attrappe [a'trapa] / (-/-n) dummy.




sailant, assassin.

Attest [a1 test] n (-es/-e) certificate;

Sieren U'tiiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)
attest, certify.
Attraktion [atrak'tsjoin] / (-/-en)


39 -

(sep., -ge-, h) erect, build up; con-



ge-, sein) be conspicuous; j-m

fallend adj., '~fallig
adj. striking; conspicuous; flashy.
auffangen v/t. (irr. fangen, sep.,
ge-, h) catch (up); parry (thrust).
auffass|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) conceive;
Sung/ conception; interpretation;

auflbauschen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

puff out; fig. exaggerate; Lbeifien
v/t. (irr. be/Cen, sep., -ge-, h) crack;
Lbekommen v/t. (irr. kommen,
sep., no -ge-, h) get open (door); be
given (a task); Lbessern v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) raise (salary); Lbewahren

vjt. (sep., no -ge-, h) keep; preserve;

aufjfallen v/i. (irr. fallen, sep.,


strike s.o.;




auffinden v/t. (irr. finden, sep.,

ge-, h) find, trace, discover, locate.
aufforderln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) ask,


aufheb|en v/t. (irr. heben, sep.,

ge-, h) lift (up), raise; pick up;
raise (siege); keep, preserve; cancel,
annul, abolish; break off (engagement); break up (meeting); sich
neutralize; die Tafel rise from the
table; gut aufgehoben sein be well
looked after; viel Aufhebens machen
make a fuss (von about); 'Sung /
(-/-en) raising; abolition; annulment; breaking up.

invite; call (up)on; esp.




Sung / invitation; esp. jfj


auffrischen (sep., -ge-) 1. v/t. (h)

freshen up, touch up; brush up

(knowledge); revive; 2. vji. (sein)

wind: freshen.

auffiihr|en vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) thea.

represent, perform, act; enumerate;

enter (in list); einzeln ~ specify,

Am. itemize; sich ~ behave; 'Sung
/ thea. performance; enumeration;
entry; specification; conduct.
Aufgabe / task; problem; school:
homework; posting. Am. mailing
(of letter); booking (of luggage),
Am. checking (of baggage); resignation (from office); abandonment;
giving up (business); es sich zur


auf jheitern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) cheer

up; sich
weather: clear up; face:
brighten; '~hellen v/t. and v/refl.
(sep., -ge-, h) brighten.


aufhetz|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) incite,

instigate s.o.; 'Sung / (-/-en) instigation, incitement.


aufjholen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.

make up (for);
haul up; 2. v/i.
gain (gegen on); pull up (to);
horen v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) cease,
stop; Am. quit (all: zu tun doing);
F: da hort (sich) doch alles auf!

machen make it one's business.


Aufgang m ascent;



that's the limit!, Am. that beats



aufgeben (r rr. geben, sep., -ge-, h)

1 v/t. give up, abandon; resign
from (office); insert (advertisement);
post. Am. mail (letter); book (luggage), Am. check (baggage); hand in,
send (telegram); -if give (order); set,
Am. assign (homework); set (riddle);
2 v/i. give up or in.
Aufgebot n public notice; X levy;
fig. array; banns pi. (of marriage).
aufgeben v/i. (irr. gehen, sep.,
ge-, sein) open; & leave no remainder; sewing: come apart; paste,
star, curtain: rise; seed: come up;
in (dat.) be merged in; fig. be
devoted to (work); in Flammen go

everything!; ' kaufen v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) buy up.


aufklarjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) clear

up; enlighten (iiber acc. on); X
reconnoitjre. Am. -er; sich
up; Sung / enlightenment; X re'


auf jkleben vlt. (sep., -ge-,

h) paste
on, stick on, affix on;



up in flames.

aufgeklart adj. ['aufgaklerrt] enlightened; '2heit / (-/no pi.) enlightenment.

Aufgeld "t" n agio, premium.
aufge|legt adj. ['aufgaleikt] dis-

v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) unlatch;

knopfen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) un-



40 -

aufkommen 1. v/i. (irr. kommen,

sep., -ge-, sein) rise; recover (from
illness); come up; come into fashion
or use; thought: arise;
fur et.
answer for;
gegen prevail
against s.o.; 2. 2 n (-sl?io pi.) rise;

auf|krempeln [ aufkrempaln] v/t.

(sep., -ge-, h) turn up, roll up;
tuck up; ' lachen v/i. (sep., -ge-, h)

posed (zu for); in the mood (zu inf.

burst out laughing; '~laden v/t.

for ger., to inf.); gut (schlecht) in

a good (bad) humo(u)r; ' schlossen fig. adj. open-minded; *,weckt
fig. adj. [' .vekt] bright.

(irr. laden, sep., -ge-, h) load; #

auf)gieCen v/t. (irr. gielien, sep.,

h) pour (on); make (tea);

greifen v/t. (irr. greifen, sep.,
ge-j h) snatch up, fig. take up;l
AufgufJ m infusion.
auf |haben (irr. haben, sep., -ge-, h)
1 vlt. have on (hat); have open
(door); have to do (task); 2. F vli.i
das Geschaft hat auf the shop is
open; 'shaken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
unhook; 1 haken v/t. (irr. halten,
sep., -ge-, h) keep open; stop, detain,
delay; hold up (traffic); sich stay;
sich be/ dwell on; sich mit spend
one s time on; ' hangen v/t. (irr.
hangen, sep., -ge-, h) hang (up);




Auflage/edition (of book); circulation (of newspaper); @ support.

auf|lassen v/t. (irr. lassen, sep.,
ge-, h) F leave open (door, etc.); F
keep on (hat); tfz cede; Llauern
v/i. (sep., -ge-, h): j-m lie in wait


for s.o.

Auflauf rn concourse; riot; dish:

souffle; Sen v/i. (irr. Iaufen, sep.,
ge-, sein) interest: accrue;
auflegen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. put
on, lay on; apply (auf acc. to);
print, publish (book); teleph. hang
up; 2. teleph. v/i. ring off.


auflehnjen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) lean

(on); sich ~ lean (on); fig. rebel,
revolt (gegen against); Sung /

(-/-en) rebellion



auf jlesen v/t. (irr. lesen, sep., -ge-,

h) gather, pick up; ' leuchten v/i.
( sep., -ge-, h) flash (up); 'Uiegen

v/i. (irr. liegen, sep., -ge-, h) lie

(ouf dat. on).
aufloslbar adj. (dis)soluble; ' en
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) undo (knot);
break up ( meeting); dissolve (salt,
etc.; marriage, business. Parliament,

etc.); solve (fc, riddle); disintegrate;

fig. aufgeldst upset; 'Sung / (dis-)
solution; disintegration.

aufmach|en vjt. (sep., 'ge-, h)

open; undo (dress, parcel); put up
(umbrella); make up, get up; s/'ch
wind: rise; set out (noch acc. for);
make for;



41 -

excite; sich
get excited or upset
(iiber acc. about); aufgeregt excited; upset; 'Sung / excitement
auf|reiben v/t. (irr. reiben, sep.,
ge-, h) chafe (skin, etc.); fig.: de,

stroy; exhaust, wear s.o. out; '(v-

reiften (irr. reifien, sep., -ge-) 1. vlt.

(h) rip or tear up or open; fling
open (door); open (eyes) wide;
2 vfi. (sein) split open, burst.
aufreizjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) incite,
up; '~end adj. provocative;
ung / instigation.
aufrichten vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) set
up, erect; sich stand up; straight.

en; sit up (in bed).

answer the

door; 'ung / (-/-en) make-up,


aufmarschieren v/i. (sep., no -ge-,

sein) form into line;

aufmerksam adj. attentive (gegen
to); ;-n
mochen auf (acc.) call
s.o. s attention to;
Skeit / (-/-en)


aufrichtig adj. sincere, candid;

keit / sincerity, cando(u)r.
aufriegeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) unbolt.

Aufrifi A *n elevation.
aufrollen v/t. and vlrefl. (sep.,

Aufruf m call, summons; 'en vlt.

(irr. rufen, sep., -ge-, h) call up;

attention; token.

aufmuntern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

shot; shooting (of a film); '2fahig

adj. capable of absorbing; mind:
receptive (fur of); Lgebiihr / admission fee; Lgerat n phot, camera; recorder; ' priifung / entrance examination.

aufnehmen v/t. (irr. nehmen, sep.,

ge-, h) take up; pick up; take 5.0.
in; take down (dictation, etc.); take in (mentally); receive (guests);
admit; raise, borrow (money); draw
up, record; shoot (film); phot, take
(picture); gut (ubel) take well (ill);

call on s.o.

Aufruhr ['aufru:r] m (-[e]s/-e) uproar, tumult; riot, rebellion.

aufruhr I en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) stir
up; revive; fig. rake up; 'er m
(-s/-) rebel; Lerisch adj rebel.


Aufriistung X / (re)armament.
auf Irtitteln vft. (sep., -ge-, h) shake
up; rouse; Lsagen v/t. (sep., -ge-,


h) say, repeat; recite.

aufsassig adj. ['aufzesi?] rebellious.
Aufsatz m essay; composition;

aufjsaugen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) suck


mit be a match for.

aufopfer|n ['auf?-] vft. (sep., -ge-,

h) sacrifice; 'ung / sacrifice.
auf Ipassen v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) attend
(ouf acc. to); watch; at school: be
attentive; look out; auf (acc.) take
care of; ' platzen v/i. (sep., -ge-,
sein) burst (open); ' polieren v/t.
(sep., no -ge-, h) polish up; '~prallen v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein): auf den
Boden strike the ground; '*,pumpen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) blow up (tyre,
etc.); '~raffen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
snatch up; sich rouse o.s. (zu for);
muster up one's energy; ' raumen
(sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. put in order;
tidy (up). Am. straighten up; clear
away; 2. v/i. tidy up;
mit do
away with.
aufrecht adj. and adv. upright (a.
fig.), erect; Lerhalten v/t. (irr.
halten, sep., no -ge-, h) maintain,
uphold; 'erhaltimg / (-/no pi.)

aufreglen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) stir up,

ge-, h) roll up; unroll.



rouse; encourage; cheer up.

Aufnahme ['aufnarma] /(-/-n) taking up (of work); reception; admission; phot.: taking; photograph,


up; 'm absorb; ' scheuchen vft.

(sep., -ge-, h) scare (away); disturb;
rouse; ' scheuern v/t. (sep., -ge-,
h) scour;
chafe; Lschichten v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) pile up; ' schieben
v/t. (irr. schieben, sep., -ge-, h) slide
open; /fc.: put off; defer, postpone;
Aufschlag m striking; impact; additional or extra charge; facing (on
coat), lapel (of coat); cuff (on sleeve);
tum-up (on trousers); tennis: service; en [' gan] (irr. schlagen, sep.,
ge-) 1. vlt. (h) open; turn up
(sleeve, etc.); take up (abode); pitch
(tent); raise (prices); cut (one's knee)


open; 2. v/i. (sein) strike, hit; "frise,



(in price);



aufjschliefien v/t. (irr. schlieBen,

sep., -ge-, h) unlock, open; Lschlitzen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) slit or rip

1 Aufschlufi fig. m information.


auf|schnallen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)

unbuckle; Lschnappen (sep., -ge-)
1. vft. (h) snatch; fig. pick up;
2. v/i. (sein) snap open; '~schnei-


prick open; & lance; ' stecken v/t.

(sep., -ge-, h) pin up; put up (hair);
stehen v/i. (irr. stehen, sep., -ge-)
1 (sein) stand up; rise, get up; revolt; 2. F (h) stand open; ' steigen
vji. (irr. steigen, sep., -ge-, sein) rise,

den (irr. schneiden, sep., -ge-, h)


v/t. cut open; cut up (meat);

fig. v/i. brag, boast.


Aufschnitt m (slices pi. of) cold

meat, Am. cold cuts p/.


aufIschniiren vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)

untie; unlace; ' schrauben v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) screw (auf acc. on);
unscrew; ' schrecken (sep., -ge-)
vft. (h) startle; 2. vji. (irr.
schrecken, sein) start (up).



Aufschrei m shriek, scream; fig.


auf|schreiben v/t. (irr. schreiben,

Sep., -ge-, h) write down;
schreien v/i. (irr. schreien, sep.,
ge-, h) cry out, scream.
Aufschrift / inscription; address,
direction (on letter); label.
Aufschub m deferment; delay;
adjournment; respite.
auflschiirfen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)


Sung / putting up; drawing up;


erection; nomination;

graze (skin); Lschwingen v/refl.

(irr. schwingen, sep., -ge-, h) soar,
rise; sich zu et.
bring o.s. to do



Aufschwung m fig. rise, Am. upswing; Y boom.

aufsehen 1. v/i. (irr. sehen, sep.,
ge-, h) look up; 2. 2 n (-s/no pi.)

Aufstieg ['aufjtkk] m (-[e]s/-e)

ascent. Am. a. ascension; fig. rise.
auf [stobern fig. v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
hunt up; ' stofien (irr. stoBen, sep.,
ge-) 1. v/t. (h) push open;
(acc.) knock against; 2. vji. (h, sein)
offood: rise, repeat; belch; ' streichen v/t. (irr. streichen, sep., -ge-,
h) spread (butter).
Aufstrich m spread (for bread).


auf Istiitzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) prop

up, support; sich
auf (acc.)
lean on; '~suchen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
visit (places); go to see 5.0., look


erregen cause a sensa-

tion; Lerregend adj. sensational.

Aufseher m overseer; inspector.
aufsetzen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. set
up; put on (hat, countenance); draw
up (document); sich
sit up; 2.
v/i. touch down.
1 Aufsicht / (-/-en) inspection, supervision ; store: shopwalker. Am. floorwalker; ' sbehorde/board of con'



auf|tauchen vli. (sep., -ge-, sein)

emerge, appear, turn up; tauen
(sep., -ge-) 1. v/t. (h) thaw; 2. v/i.
(sein) thaw (a. fig.); Lteilen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) divide (up), share.
Auftrag ['auftrcrk] m (-[e]s/*e)

commission; instruction; mission;

j% mandate; Y order; 2en [' gan]
vjt. (irr. tragen, sep., -ge-, h) serve

trol; ' srat m board of directors.

auf|sitzen v/i. (irr. sitzen, sep.,

ge-j f>) rider: mount;


(up) (meal); lay on (paint); wear

out (dress); j-m et.
charge s.o.
with; ~geber [' k-] m (-s/-)
employer; customer; principal; serteilung [' ks'ertailuq] / (-/-en)
placing of an order.

spiefien v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pierce;

with horns: gore; run through,
spear; ' springen v/i. (irr. springer, sep., -ge-, sein) jump up; door:
fly open; crack; skin: chap; ' ptiren v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) hunt up;
track down; ' stacheln fig. vjt.
(sep., -ge-, h) goad; incite, instigate;
stampfen v/i. (sep., -ge-, h)


Auftakt m i upbeat; fig. prelude,

preliminaries pi.


v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) stretch; put up

(umbrella); spread (sails); '~sparen
vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) save; fig. reserve;
speichern vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)
store up; ' sperren vjt. (sep., -ge-,
h) open wide; ' spielen (sep., -ge-,
h) 1. v/t. and vji. strike up; 2. v/refl.
show off; sich
als set up for;

take off; rider: mount.

aufstell|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) set

up, put up; X draw up; post (sentries); make (assertion); set (example); erect (column); set (trap);
nominate (candidate); draw up
(bill); lay down (rule); make out
(list); set up, establish (record);



42 -


auf|treffen v/i. (irr. treffen, sep.,

ge-, sein) strike, hit; treiben v/t.

(irr. treiben, sep., -ge-, h) hunt up;

raise (money); trennen v/t. (sep.,
ge-> h) rip; unstitch (seam).
auftreten 1. v/i. (irr. treten, sep.,
ge-, sein) tread; thea., witness, etc.:
appear (als as); behave, act; difficulties: arise; 2. 2 n (-s/no pi.) appearance; occurrence (of events);




stamp (one s foot).


Aufstand m insurrection; rebellion;

uprising, revolt.
aufstandisch adj. ['aufjtendij] rebellious; 'Se m (-n/-n) insurgent,

Auftrieb m phys. and fig. buoyancy; St lift;y?g. impetus.

Auftritt m thea. scene (a. fig.);
appearance (of actor).
auf |trumpfen . vji.' (sep., -ge-, hi)
put one s foot down; tun v/t. (irr.
tun, sep., -ge-, h) open; sich open;
chasm: yawn; society: form; ' tiirmen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pile or heap



auf|stapeln vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) pile


stechen vlt.
up; -f store (up);
(irr. stechen, sep., -ge-, h) pvmcture,


up; sich

tower up; pile up; diffiwachen v/i.

(sep., -ge-, se/n) awake, wake up;
wachsen v/i. (irr. wochsen, sep.,
ge-, se/n) grow up.
Aufwallung / ebullition, surge.
Aufwand ['aufvant] m (-[e]s/n? pi.)
expense, expenditure (on dat. of);
pomp; splendid or great display (0/

culties: accumulate;

43 -

wind (up) (clock, etc.); j-n

.o., pull s.o.'s leg; Saiten auf e-e
Violine string a violin; 2. v/i. (se/n)
X draw up; storm: approach.
Aufzucht / rearing, breeding.
Aufzug m hoist; lift. Am. elevator; thea. act; attire; show.


aufzwingen v/t. (irr. zw/ngen, sep.,

ge-, h): j-m et.
force upon

words, etc.).



Augapfel ['auk9-] m eyeball.

Auge ['auga] n (-s/-n) eye; sight;

Aufwartelfrau / charwoman. Am.

cleaning woman; '211 vli. (sep.,
ge-, h) wait (up)on s.o., attend on

bud; in me/nen n in my view;

behalten keep an eye on;
keep in mind; ous den n ver//eren
lose sight of;
zudriicken turn






warm up.

s.o.i wait (at table).

aufwarts adv. ['aufvsrts] upward(s).
Aufwartung / attendance; visit;
j-m s-e machen pay one's respects

a blind eye (be/ to); ins

strike the eye; grofle .n mochen
open one's eyes wide; unter v/er n
face to face, privately; ke/n zutun

to s.o., call on s.o.


aufwaschlen v/t. (irr.' waschen,

sep., -ge-, h) wash up; 2wasser n


(sep., ' -ge-, h)



blick m moment, instant; 'Sblicklich 1. adj. instantaneous;

momentary; present; 2. adv. instant(aneous)ly; at present; '-

braue / eyebrow; ' entziindung

/ inflammation of the eye; ',*heilkunde / ophthalmology; 'klinik / ophthalmic hospital; '~leiden & n eye-complaint; ' licht
eyesight; 'Jtid eyelid; ' mafi n:
e/n gutes a sure eye; nodi dem
by eye; Mmerk [' .rnerk] n (-[e]s/?
pi.): se/n
richten auf (acc.) turn

ization; revaluation.



aufwickeln v/t. and vjrefl. (sep.,

ge-, h) wind up, roll up.
aufwiegel|n ['aufvirgaln] vlt. (sep.,
ge-, h) stir up, incite, instigate;
Sung / (-/-en) instigation.
aufwiegen fig. vjt. (irr. w/egen,
sep., -ge-, h) make up for.
Aufwiegler f'aufviigbr] m (si-)
agitator; instigator.
aufwirbeln (sep., -ge-) 1. vlt. (h)
whirl up; raise (dust); fig. viel Staub
create a sensation; 2. v/i. (se/n)
whirl up.


aufwischjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

wipe up; 'Slappen m floor-cloth.
aufwiihlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) turn
up; g. stir.



aufzahllen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) count

vp;fig. enumerate. Am. a. call off;

specify. Am. itemize; 'Sung /
(-/-en) enumeration; specification
aufjzaumen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
bridle; ' .zehren vlt. (sep., -ge-, h)


to; have

aufzeichnjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

draw; note down; record; 'Sung/
note; record.

auf|zeigen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) show;

demonstrate; point out (mistakes,
etc.); disclose; ' ziehen (irr. z/ehen, sep., -ge-) 1. v/t. (h) draw or
pull up; (pull) open; hoist (flag);
bring up (child); mount (picture);


view; '~schein

nebmen examine, view, inspect; 'S

scheinlich adj. evident; ' wasser
eyewash, eye-lotion; ' wimper/
eyelash; ' zeuge m eyewitness.
August [au'gust] m (-[e]s, - /-e)
Auktion [auk'tsjoin] / (-/-en) auction; Mator Uo'naitor] m (-s/-en)


Aula ['aula]/(-/Au/en, -s) (assembly)

hall. Am. auditorium.

aus [aus] l.prp. (dat.) out of; from;

of; by; for; in;
Achtung out of
respect; ~ London kommen come
from London;

this reason;

d/esem Grunde for

Ihrem Brief ersehe /ch

I see from your letter; 2. adv. out;

over; d/e Schule ist ~ school is over;
F: von m/r for all I care; auf et.
se/n be keen on; es ist ~ m/t
ihm it is all over with him; das

Spiel ist i the game is up!; er weil}

weder e/n noch



not to get a wink of sleep.

Augenfarzt m oculist, eye-doctor;


auflwecken vlt.

awake(n), wake (up);
(sep., -ge-) 1. vjt. (h) soften; soak;
2 vfi. (se/n) soften, become soft;
weisen v/t. (irr. we/sen, sep.,
ge-, h) show, exhibit; produce;
wenden v/t. ([irr. wenden,] sep.,
ge-, h) spend; Muhe take pains;
werfen vlt. (irr. werfen, sep.,
ge-, h) raise (a. question).
aufwertjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) revalorize; revalue; Sung / revalor-



he is at his wit


end; on instruments, etc.: an - ~

on - off.

ausarbeit|en ['aus'-] v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) work out; elaborate; Sung

/ (-/-en) working-out; elaboration;


ausjarten ['aus'-] v/i. (sep., -ge-,

se/n) degenerate; get out of hand;
atmen ['aus'-]


-ge-, h)


1 v/i. breathe out; 2. vlt. breathe

out; exhale (vapour, etc.); ' baggern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) dredge
(river, etc.); excavate (ground).
Ausbau m (-[e]s/-ten) extension;
completion; development; 'Sen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) develop; extend;
finish, complete; dismantle

44 -

arette); fig. express; '~lich adj. ex-


ausbedingen v/t. (irr. bedingen,

sep., no -ge-, h) stipulate.
ausbesserln v/t. (sep., -ge-s h)
mend, repair. Am. F a. fix; Sung/
repair, mending.
Ausbeutle / (-l\-n) gain, profit;
output; 'Sen v]t. (sep.,
fe-j h) exploit; sweat (workers);
ung / (-/-en) exploitation.
ausbild|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) form,

press, explicit.


perspiration; odo(u)r, smell.

to pieces; disassemble, disman-

tle; ~setzen fig. v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

explain; sich m/t j-m + compound
with s.o.; argue with s.o.; have it
out with s.o.; sich m/t e-m Problem


get down to a problem; come to

grips with a problem; Ssetzung /
(-/-en) explanation; discussion; settlement (with creditors, etc.); kriege,


ausbitten v/t. (irr. bitten, sep., -ge-,

h): s/c/? et.. request; insist on


ausbleiben 1. vji. (irr. bleiben, sep.,

ge-, se/n) stay away, fail to appear;
2 2 m (slno pi.) non-arrival, non-



choice; select(ed).
auserwahlen [ aus'-] v/t. (sep., no
ge-, h) select, choose.

Ausblick m outlook (auf acc. over,

on), view (of), prospect (of); fig.


outlook (on).

drill; ' brechen (irr. brechen, sep.,

ge-) 1. v/t. (h) break out; vomit;
2 v/i. (sein) break out; Jig. burst
out (laughing, etc.).






spread (out); stretch (out) (arms,

wings); display; sich ~ spread;

Sung / (-/S-en) spreading.

ausbrennen (irr. brennen, sep.,
ge-) 1. v/t. (h) burn out;
cauterize; 2. v/i. (sein) burn out.
Ausbruch m outbreak; eruption
(of volcano); escape (from prison);
outburst (of emotion).
auslbriiten v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) hatch
(a. fig.); ' biirgern vjt. (sep., -ge-,

h) denationalize, expatriate.

Ausdauer / perseverance; '2nd

adj. persevering;
ausdehnjen v/t. and v/refl. (sep.,
ge-, h) extend (auf acc. to); expand;
stretch; 'Sung / expansion; exten-

for a drive; rut (road);

sion; extent.

ausldenken v/t. (irr. denken, sep.,

ge-, h) think out. Am. a. think
s th. up, contrive, devise, invent;
imagine; '~ddrren v/t. (sep., -ge-,
h) dry up; parch; ' drehen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) turn off (radio, gas);
turn out, switch off (light).
Ausdruck m 1. (-[e]s/n<7 pi.) expression; 2. (-[e]s/=e) expression;



ausdriickjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, b)

press, squeeze (out); stub out (cig-

* lower

(undercarriage); '2t / drive; excursion; way out, exit (of garage, etc.);
gateway; departure.
Ausfall m falling out;
loss; deficit; 'Sen v/i. (irr. fallen, sep., -ge-,
sein) fall out; not to take place;
turn out, prove; lassen drop; cancel; die Schule folk aus there is no
school; Send adj. offensive, instilling.
ausjfasern v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)
ravel out, fray; ' fegen v/t. (sep.,
ge- h) sweep (out).
[ ausfertigan]
(sep., -ge-, h) draw up (document);
make out (bill, etc.); issue (passport);
Sung / (-/-en) drawing up; issue;
draft; copy; in doppelter
in duplicate.
[dien find out; discover.1
ausfindig adj. ['ausfindi?]:
Ausflucht / (-/=e) excuse, evasion,




ausahr|en (irr. fabren, sep., -ge-)

1 v/i. (sein) drive out, go for a
drive; 4 leave (port); 2. v/t. (b)
take (baby) out (i;i pram); take s.o.

aus|bohren v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) bore,



armed conflict.

auserlesen adj. ['aus9-] exquisite,


appearance; absence.


Ausdiinstung / (-/-en) exhalation;

auseinander adv. [aus'ai'nandar]

asunder, apart; separate(d); ~bringen v/t. (irr. bringen, sep., -ge-, h)
separate, sever; ~gehen v/i. (irr.
gehen, sep., -ge-, sein) meeting,
crowd: break up; opinions: differ;
friends: part; crowd: disperse;
roads: diverge; ~nehmen v/t. (irr.
nehmen, sep. -ge-, h) take apart or

X drill; 'Sung / development;

training; instruction; education; X


ausdrucks|los adj. inexpressive,

expressionless; blank; ' voll adj.
expressive; 'Sweise / mode of expression; style.

develop; train; instruct, educate;


shift, subterfuge.

Ausflug m trip, excursion, outing.

Ausfliigler ['ausflyrklar] m (-s/-)
excursionist, tripper, tourist.
Ausflufl m flowing out; discharge
(a. jF); outlet, outfall.
aus|fragen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) interrogate, Am. a. quiz; sound; ' fransen v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein) fray.
Ausfuhr -f ['ausfu:r] / (-/-en) exportation); ' artikel "t" m export



ausfiihrlbar adj. practicable; 'f

ausgiebig adj. fausgiibi?] abundant, plentiful; meal: substantial.

exportable; ' en vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)


ausgiefien v/t. (irr. gielien, sep.,

execute, carry out, perform. Am. a.

fill; Y export; explain; j-n



Ausfuhrlgenehmigung / export
' handel



ausfiihrlich 1. adj. detailed; comprehensive; circumstantial; 2. adv.

in detail, at (some) length; 'Skeit/
(-/no pi ) minuteness of detail; particularity; comprehensiveness; co-


ausjgleiten v/i. (irr. gleiten, sep.,

ge-, sein) slip, slide; Lgraben vjt.



(irr. graben, sep., -ge-, h) dig out

or up (a. fig.); excavate; exhume

Ausfiihrung / execution, performance; workmanship; type, make;

explanation; ' sbestimmungen If
flpl. export regulations pi.



turn out well, etc.; leer

away empty-handed; von et.

AusguC m sink; ' eimer m sloppail.


ausjhaken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) unhook; ' halten (irr. halten, sep.,
ge-, h) 1. v/t. endure, bear, stand;
/ sustain (note); 2. v/i. hold out;
last; haudigen [' hsndigan] v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) deliver up, hand over,


Aushang m notice, placard, poster.

aushangejn 1. v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
hang or put out; unhinge (door);
2 v/i. (irr. hangen, sep., -ge-, h)
have been hung or put out; '2schild n signboard.
aus]barren fausharsn] v/i. (sep.,

ge-, h) persevere; hold out; ' hau-

chen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) breathe out,

exhale; ' heben v/t. (irr. heben,
sep., -ge-, h) dig (trench); unhinge
(door); recruit, levy (soldiers); excavate (earth); rob (nest); clean out,
raid (nest of criminals); '~helfen v/i.
(irr. helfen, sep., -ge-, h) help out.
Aushilfje / (temporary) help or
assistance; s/e hat e-e

she has s.o.

to help out; 'Ssweise adv. as a
makeshift; temporarily.

aushohljen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) hollow out; 'Sung / hollow.


ausjholen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/i.

raise one's hand (as if to strike);
go far back (in narrating
s th.); 2. v/t. sound, pump s.o.;
horchen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) sound,
pump s.o.; Lhungern v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) starve (out); 'Jhusten v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) cough up; Lkennen
v/refl. (irr. kennen, sep., -ge-, h)
know one's way (about place); be
well versed, be at home (in subject);



ausge|lassen fig. adj. frolicsome,

boisterous; Lnommen prp. 1. (acc.)

except (for); 2. (nom.): Anwesende

present company excepted; ~pragt
adj. [' prsikt] marked, pronounced;
rechnet fig. adv. t' rsgnat] just;
er he of all people; heute today
of all days; '~schlossen fig. adj.
ausgestalten v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)
arrange (celebration); et. zu et.
develop or turn into

er kennt sich aus he knows what's

what; ' kleiden v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

undress; line, coat; sich


tsai nat] excellent.


dress; '~klopfen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

beat (out); dust (garment); knock
out (pipe); Jkliigeln ['Jdyigaln]
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) work out;

ausgejsucht fig. adj. ['ausgazurxt]

wachsen adj.
exquisite, choice;
full-grown; zeichnet . adj. f -

['ausguk] m (-[e]s/-e)


Ausfuhrlverbot embargo on ex-

ports; ' waren flpl. exports pi.',

Mzoll m export duty.
ausfiillen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) fill out
or up; fill in, complete {form)'. Am.
fill out (blank).
Ausgabe/distribution; edition (of
book); expense, expenditure; issue
(of shares, etc.); issuing office.
Ausgang m going out; exit; way
out; outlet; end; result; Lskapital
f n original capital; ' spunkt m
starting-point; ' sstellung / starting-position.
ausgeben v/t. (irr. geben, sep., -ge-,
h) give out; spend (money); issue
(shares, etc.); sich
fiir pass o.s.
off for, pretend to be.
ausge|beult adj. ['ausgaboylt] baggy; bombt adj. [' bompt] bombed
out; wdehnt adj. [' deint] expansive, vast, extensive; ~dient adj.
[Ldi:nt] worn out; superannuated;
retired, pensioned off; er Soldat
ex-serviceman, veteran; ' falien
fig. adj. odd, queer, unusual.
ausgehen v/i. (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-,
sein) go out; take a walk; end; colour: fade; hair: fall out; money,
provisions: run out; uns gehen die
Vorrate aus we run out of provisions; darauf
aim at; gut etc.

ge-, h) pour out.

Ausgleich fausglai?] m (-[e]s/-e)

compromise; compensation; if settlement; sports: equalization (of
tennis: deuce (score of 40 all);
Sen v/t. (irr. gleichen, sep., -ge-, h)
equalize; compensate (loss); -f

s.o. out.



45 -

contrive; puzzle out.


auskommen 1. v/i. (irr. kommen,

sep., -ge-, sein) get out; escape;


46 -

mit manage with; get on with

out, erase; 'Josen v/t. (sep., -ge- h)


ohne do without; mit dem



make both ends meet; 2. 2 n


draw (lots) for.


(s/no pi.) competence, competency.

auskundschaften v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

auslos|en vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) release; redeem, ransom (prisoner);

redeem (from pawn); fig. cause,

explore; X reconnoit|re. Am. -er,

start; arouse (applause); '2er m


Auskunft ['auskunft] /
information; inquiry office, inquiries pi.,
Am. information desk; ' sstelle /
inquiry officej inquiries pi.. Am.

(s/-) @ release, esp. phot, trigger.

auslliiften v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) air,
ventilate; ' machen v/t. (sep., -ge-


h) make out, sight, spot; sum:

amount to; constitute, make up;
put out (fire); / turn out, switch
off (light); agree on, arrange; settle;

information bureau.

ausllachen v/t. (sep., -ge-j h) laugh

at, deride; laden vjt. (irr. laden,
sep., -ge-, h) unload; discharge
(cargo from ship); cancel s.o.'s invitation, put off (guest).
Auslage / display, show (of goods);
in der
in the (shop) window;
pi. expenses pi.
Ausland n (-[e]s/o pi.): das foreign countries pi.; ins , im

es mocht nichts aus it does not matter; wiirc/e es Ihnen et. , wenn ...?

would you mind (ger.) ...?; ' ma-

len v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) paint; sich eU

picture to o.s., imagine
Ausmafi n dimension(s pi.), meas~

ure ment(s pi.); fig. extent.



Ausland|er ['auslsndsr] m (-s/-)j


h) measure.

Ausnahmje ['ausnaima] / (-/-n)

exception; Ssweise adv. by way of


auslass|en r/r. (irr. lassen, sep.,

ge-, h) let out (water); melt (down)
(butter); render down (fat); let out
(garment); let down (hem); leave

out, omit (word); cut out; miss

or cut out (meal); miss (dance); s-n
Zorn an j-m
vent one's anger on
s o
iifaer (acc.) say
about; express one s opinion about;
Sung / (-/-en) omission; remark,
utterance; 'Sungszeichen gr. n



aus|laufen v/i. (irr. laufen, sep.,

ge-, se/n) run or leak out (ous et.


of; leak; end (in; machine: run down; & (set) sail; '
leeren vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) empty;
3? evacuate (bowels).


auslegjen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) lay

out; display (goods); explain, interpret; advance (money); Sung /

(-/-en) explanation, interpretation.


ausjleihen v/t. (irr. leihen, sep.,

ge-, h) lend (out), esp. Am. loan;
lernen vli. (sep., -ge-, h) finish
one s apprenticeship; man lernt n/e

exception; exceptionally.

ausnehmen v/t. (irr. nehmen, sep.,

ge-, h) take out; draw (fowl); F

fleece s.o.; fig. except, exempt; '4
1 adj. exceptional; 2. adv. exceedingly.
aus|nutzen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) utilize; take advantage of; esp.
packen (sep., -ge-, h)
1 v/t. unpack; 2. F fig. v/i. speak
one s
pfeifen thea. v/t.
(irr. pfeifen, sep., -ge-, h) hiss; ',*plaudern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) blab
or let out;
polstern v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) stuff, pad; wad; Lprobieren v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h) try, test.
Auspuff mot. ['auspuf] m (-[e]s/-e)
gas mot. n exhaust gas;
Lrohr mot. n exhaust-pipe; ' topf




mot. m silencer. Am. muffler.


aus|putzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

quartieren v/t. (sep., no
ge-j h) dislodge;
billet out; '


Auslese / choice, selection; fig.

pick; Sn v/t. (irr. lesen, sep., -ge-,
h) pick out, select; finish reading


auslieferin v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) hand

or turn over, deliver (up); extradite

(criminal); ausgeliefert se/n (dot.)

be at the mercy of; 'Sung / delivery; extradition.
aus|liegen v/i. (irr. liegen, sep.,
ge-, h) be displayed, be on show;
loschen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) put
out, switch off (light); extinguish
(fire) (a. fig.); efface (word); wipe


radieren v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)

erase; ' rangieren v/t. (sep., no





aus we live and learn.



erin / (-/-nen) foreigner; alien;

Sisch adj. foreign;
zo. exotic.
Auslandskorrespondent m foreign correspondent.


(sep., -ge-, h) emaciate; exhaust;

merzen [' msrtsan] v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) eliminate; eradicate; ',messen v/t. (irr. messen, sep., -ge-,

ge-, h) discard; Lrauben v/t.

(sep., -ge-, h) rob; ransack; ' raumen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) empty, clear
(out); remove (furniture); Lrechnen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) calcxilate,
compute; reckon (out). Am. figure
out or up (all a. fig.).
Ausrede / excuse, evasion, subterfuge; 'Sn (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/i. finish
lassen hear s.o. out;
2 v/t.: j-m et.
dissuade s.o. from



ausreichen v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) suffice; '~d adj. sufficient.

Ausreise / departure;




ausreifijen (j rr. re/Ben, sep., -ge-)

1 .v/t. (h) pull or tear out; 2. vfi.
(se/n) run away; 'Ser m runaway.
ausjrenken ['ausreqkan] v/t. (sep.,
richten vjt.
ge-, h) dislocate;
(sep., -ge-, h) straighten; X dress;
adjust; deliver (message); do, effect;
accomplish; obtain; arrange (feast);

richte ihr e-n Gru/3 von mir aus!

remember me to her!;

rotten t1


Ausschlufl m exclusion; expulsion;

sports: disqualification.
ausschmiicken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
adorn, decorate; fig. embellish.
Ausschnitt m cut; decollete, (low)
neck (of dress); cutting. Am. clipping (from newspaper); fig. part,

ausschreib|en v/t. (irr. schreiben,

sep., -ge-, h) write out; copy; write
out (word) in full; make out (invoice); announce; advertise; 'Sung/
(-/-en) announcement; advertise-

rDtan] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) root out;

fig. extirpate, exterminate.
Ausruf m cry; exclamation; 'Sen
(j'rr. rufen, sep., -ge-,h) 1. vji. ' cry
out, exclaim; 2. v/t. proclaim; e


ausschreitjen (irr. schreiten, sep.,

zeichen n exclamation mark. Am.

exclamation point; ' ung/(-/-en)

proclamation; ' ungszeichen n s.
[-ge-, h) rest.l
ausruhen v/u, v/t. and vlrefl. (sep.,)
ausriistlen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) fit
out; equip; '2ung / outfit, equipment, fittings pi.


aussaen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) sow;fig.i

Aussage / statement; declaration;

2<2 evidence; gr. predicate; '2n
(sep., -ge-, h) 1. vjt. state, declare;
2<2 depose; 2. $% vjt. give evidence.


Aussatz Jf m (-es/no pi.) leprosy.


aus | saugen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) suck

(out); g. exhaust (land); ' schalten v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) eliminate; #
cut out, switch off, turn off or out

ge-) 1. v/i. (se/n) step out, take

long strides; 2. v/t. (h) pace (room),
measure by steps; 'Sung / (-/-en)
excess; en pi. riots pi.
Ausschufi m refuse, waste, rubbish; committee, board.
aus schiitteln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
shake out; ' schiitten v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) pour out; spill; Y distribute (dividend); j-m se/n Herz pour

out one's heart to s.o.; '

be on the look-out for, watch for.

ausscheidjen (irr. scheiden, sep.,

ge-) 1. v/t. (h) separate; /*, fr,

physiol. eliminate; & secrete;

v/t. (se/n) retire; withdraw;
sports: drop out; 'Sung / separation; elimination (a. sports); &



ausschwitzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)



aussehen 1. v/i. (irr. sehen, sep.,

ge-, h) look; w/e sieht er ous?

what does he look like?; es sieht

nach Regen aus it looks like rain;

S n (-si no pi.) look(s pi.), ap-


auslschiffen vlt. and vlrefl. (sep.,

ge-, h) disembark; ' schimpfen

vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) scold, tell s.o.

off, berate; schirren [' Jiran] vjt.

(sep., -ge-, h) unharness; '~schlachten v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) cut up; cannibalize (car, etc.); fig. exploit,
make the most of; '~schlafen (zrr.
schlafen, sep., -ge-, h) 1. vfr sleep
one's fill; 2. v/t. sleep off (effects
of drink, etc.).
Ausschlag m
eruption rash;
deflexion (of pointer); den
settle it; Sen [' gan] (irr. schlogen,
sep., 'ge-) 1. v/t. (h) knock or beat
out; line; refuse, decline; 2. v/i. (h)
horse: kick; pointer: deflect; 3. v/i.
(h, se/n) bud; Sgebend adj. ['Jk-I


ausschliefijen v/t. (irr. schlieften,

auBen adv. ['ausan] (on the) outside; von

her from (the) outside;
(hin) outward(s); 'Saufnahme / film: outdoor shot;

Sbordmotor m outboard motor.


aussenden v/t. ([irr. senden,] sep.,

ge-, h) send out.
Aul5en|hafen m outport; ' handel
minister m
m foreign trade;
foreign minister; Foreign Secretary,
Am. Secretary of State; ' ministerium n foreign ministry; Foreign
Office, Am. State Department;
politik / foreign policy; 'Spolitisch adj'. of or referring to foreign
affairs; ' seite / outside, surface;
seiter m (-s/-) outsider; stande
t" [' Jtenda] pi. outstanding debts
pi.. Am. accounts pi. receivable;
welt / outer or outside world.
aufier ['ausar] 1. prp. (dat.) out of;
beside(s). Am. aside from; except;
sich se/n be beside o.s. (vor Freude
with joy); 2. cj.: dafi except that;
wenn unless; ' dem cj. besides,




auBere ['ovsara] 1. adj. exterior,

outer, external, outward; 2. S n

( uGer[e]n/H0 pi.) exterior, outside,

Sep., 'ge-, h) shut or lock out; fig.:

exclude; expel; sports: disqualify;

Jich adj. exclusive.




men v/i. (sep., -ge-, se/n) swarm

out; .v (lassen) X extend, deploy.
Sung / (-/-en) debauchery, excess.

Ausschank ['ausjaqk] m (-[e]s/e)
retail (of alcoholic drinks); public
house, F pub.
Ausschau/(-/o/)/.):~ halten nach


47 -

outward appearance.





1 prp. (gen.) outside, out of; beyond; 2. adv. on the outside.
aufierlich adj. ['ovsarlig] external,
outward; 'Skeit / (-/-en) superficiality; formality.
aufiern ['ovsarn] v/t. (ge-, h) utter,
express; advance; sich
manifest itself; p. express o.s.
aufier'ordentlich adj. extraordi-

48 -

(daughter); get up (book); 'Sung/



Aussicht / (-/-en) view (ouf acc.

of); fig. prospect (of), chance (of);
in ~ haben have in prospect; 'fislos
adj. hopeless, desperate; 'Ssreich
adj. promising, full of promise.

aussohn|en ['auszoman] vjt. (sep.,

ge-, h) reconcile s.o. (m/t to,
with s.o.); sich
reconcile o.s. (to
with s.o.); 'Sung / (-/-en)








single out; separate.

ausjspannen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.


stretch, extend; F fig. steal (s.o. s

girl friend); unharness (draught
animal); 2. fig. v/i. (take a) rest,
relax; ' speien v/t. and v/i. (irr.
spe/en, sep., -ge-, h) spit out.


aus|stechen v/t. (irr. stechen, sep.


aussperr en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

shut out; lock out (workmen); 'Sung
/ (-/-en) lock-out.

ausjspielen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.

play (card); 2. z;/t.
cards: lead; er
hot ausgespielt he is done for;
spionieren v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)
spy out.
[cent; discussion.)

Aussprache / pronunciation, ac-/



aussprechen (t rr. sprechen, sep.,

ge-, h) 1. v/t. pronounce, express;
fiir (gegen) declare o.s. for
(against); 2. v/i. finish speaking.

Ausspruch m utterance; saying;



ausjspucken vfi. and v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) spit out; Lspiilen v/t. (sep.,


ge-, h) 1. v/i. payments: be out-

2. w/r. endure, bear;
steigen v/i. (irr. ste/ gen, sep.,
ge-, sein) get out or off, alight.
ausstell|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) ex'

hibit; make out (invoice); issue

(document); draw (&//); 'Ser w (-s/-)
exhibitor; drawer; 'Sung / exhibition, show; 'Sungsraum m

ge-, sein) die out; become extinct.


Aussteuer / trousseau, dowry.

ausstopfen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) stuff;
wad, pad.

ausstofilen v/t. (irr. stolien, sep.,

ge-, h) thrust out, eject; expel;

utter (cry); heave (sigh); X cashier;
Sung / (-/-en) expulsion.
aus|strahlen v/t. and v/i. (sep.,
ge-, h) radiate; ' strecken v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) stretch (out); ' streichen v/t. (irr. streichen, sep., -ge-,h)
strike out; smooth (down); '/vstreuen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) scatter;
spread (rumours); Lstromen (sep.,
ge-) 1. v/i. (sein) stream out; gas,
light: emanate; gas, steam: escape;
2 v/t. (h) pour (out); '~suchen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) choose, select.
Austausch m exchange; 'Sbar adj.
exchangeable; 'Sen v/t. (sep., -ge-,
h) exchange.


austeillen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) distribute; deal out (blows); 'Sung /


Auster zo. ['austar] / (-/-n) oyster.

austragen v/t. (irr. trogen, sep.,
ge-, h) deliver (letters, etc.); hold


Austral|ier [au'strarliar] m (-si-)



ge-, h) cut out (a. fig.); put out

(eye); ' stehen (irr. stehen, sep.,

aussetz|en (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. set


equipment; furni-

aussterben v/i. (irr. sterben, sep.,

or put out; lower (boat); promise

(reward); settle (pension); bequeath;
expose (child); expose (dat. to);
an (dat.) find fault with;
2 v/i. intermit; fail; activity: stop;
suspend; mot. misfire;
ung /
(-/-en) exposure (of child, to weather, etc.) (a. tfz).






ture; supply; dowry; get-up (of

aufierst ['ovsarst] 1. adj. outermost;

fig. utmost, extreme; 2. adv. extremely, highly.
aufierstande adj. [ausar'Jtanda]
unable, not in a position.
Aulierung / (-/-en) utterance,


ge-, h) rinse.

Ausstand m strike. Am. F a. walk-

out; in den

treten go on strike,

Am. F a. walk out.


ausstatt|en [ ausjtatan] v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) fit out, equip; furnish;

supply (m/t with); give a dowry to

Australian; Sisch adj. Australian.


austreibjen v/t. (irr. tre/faen,

ge-, h) drive out; expel; 'Sung /

(-/-en) expulsion


aus | treten (irr. treten, sep., -ge-)

1 v/t. (h) tread or stamp out; wear
out (shoes); wear down (steps);

v/i. (sein) emerge, come out;





(ous from); F ease o.s.;



leave (society, etc.); ' trinken (irr.

trinken, sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. drink

up; empty, drain; 2. v/i. finish
drinking; 'Stritt m leaving; retirement; ' trocknen (sep., -ge-) 1. v/t.
(h) dry up; drain (land); parch
(throat, earth); 2. vji. (sein) dry up.
ausiiblen ['aus'-] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
exercise; practi|se. Am. -ce (profession); exert (influence); 'Sung /
practice; exercise.


Ausverkauf if m selling off or out

(of stock); sale; 'St Tj thea. adj.

sold out; theatre notice: full home'.



Auszahlung / payment.

lAuszehrung/(-/-en) consumption.

auszeichnlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

mark (out); fig. distinguish (sich

Auswahl / choice; selection;


[choose, select.!




Auswander|er m emigrant; 'Sn

vji. (sep., -ge-} se/n) emigrate; ung





ausziehlen (irr. ziehen, sep., -ge-)

1 v/t. (h) draw out, extract; take
off (garment); sich undress; 2. v/i.
(sein) set out; move (out), remove,
move house; 'Splatte/leaf (of table).

/ emigration.

auswartiig adj. ['ausverti?] out-oftown; non-resident; foreign; das

Auswdrtige Amt s. AuBenminister/um;
adv. [ s] ouuvard(s); out
of doors; out of town; abroad;


Auszug m departure; X marching



essen dine out.


auswechseln 1. v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

exchange; change; replace; 2. 2 n
(s/no pi.) exchange; replacement.
Ausweg m way out (a. fig.); outlet;
fig. expedient.
ausweichen vfi. (irr. we/chen, sep.,
ge-, sein) make way (for); fig.
evade, avoid;
adj. evasive.
Ausweis f'ausvais] m (-es/-e) (bank)
return; identity card. Am. identification (card); Sen [' zan] v/t. (irr.
weisen, sep., -ge-, h) turn out, expel;
evict; deport; show, prove; sich
prove one s identity;
njpl. identity papers pi.; ~ung
[ zurj] / expvdsion; ' ungsbefehl
m expulsion order.
ausweiten o/r. and v/refl. (sep.,
ge-, h) widen, stretch, expand.
auswendig 1. adj. outward, outside; 2. adv. outwardly, outside;
fig. by heart.

expectorate; allow (sum of money);

werten v/t. (sep., -ge-, hi) evaluate; analyze, interpret; utilize, exploit; ' wickeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
unwrap; ' wiegen vft. (irr. wiegen,
sep., -ge-, h) weigh out; ' wirken
v/refl. (sep., -ge-, h) take effect,
operate; sich
auf (acc.) affect;


Swirkimg / effect; ' wischen v/t.

(sep., -ge-, h) wipe out, efface;
wringen v/t. (irr. wringen, sep.,
ge-, h) wring out.



haltestelle / bus stop;



Udi'dakt] m (-en/-en) autodidact,

self-taught person; ' droschke /
taxi(-cab). Am. cab; ' fahrer m
motorist; 'gramm n autograph;
Jgrammjager m autograph hunt~

er; ' handler m car dealer; ' kino

n drive-in cinema; krat [Jkra:t]

m (-enI-en) autocrat; kratie [ a'

ti:] / (-l-n) autocracy; ~mat

[ 'mart] m (-en/-en) automaton;
slot-machine, vending machine;
Jmatenrestaurant n self-service
restaurant. Am. automat; mation

[ ma'tsjorn] / (-/no pi.) automation; S'matisch adj. automatic;

mechaniker m car mechanic;
Mmobil [ mo bi:l] n (-s/-e) s. Auto;
Snom adj. [ 'no:m] autonomous;
nomie Uo'mi:] f(-l-n) autonomy.
Autor ['atrtDr] m (-s/-en) author.
Autoreparaturwerkstatt / car
repair shop, garage.
Autorin [au'to rin] / (-/-nen) au-i
autorilsieren [autori'ziiren] v/t. (no
ge-, h) authorize; tar adj. [Jtzii]
authoritarian; 2'tat / (-/-en) authority.


Autolstrafie / motor-road; Lver-


growth (a. fig.), protuberance.

Auswurf m # expectoration; i
f g.
refuse, dregs pi.




(from book); summary; if statement (of account), [tic, genuine.

authentisch adj. [au'tentij] authenAuto ['auto] n (-s/-s) (motor-)car,
Am. a. automobile;
fahren drive,
motor; '~bahn / motorway, autobahn; biogra'phie / autobiography; bus [ Ujus] ot (-ses/-se)
(motor-)bus; (motor) coach; ' bus-


auslwerfen vjt. (irr. werfen, sep.,

ge-, h) throw out, cast; eject; #

s.); 'Sung/marking; distinction;

hono(u)r; decoration.





49 -

mietung / (-/-en) car hire service.


[avi'ziiran] v/t. (no

out; pay s.o. off; ' zahlen v/u

(sep., -ge-, h) count out.

ge-, h) advise.
Axt [akst] / (-/=e) ax(e).
[atsety'lem] n (s/no
pi.) acetylene.
[2n adj. azure.!
Azur [a'tsuir] m (s/no pi.) azure;)

Bach [bax] m (-[e]s/=e) brook. Am.

v/t. bake; fry; dry (fruit); 2. v/i.


auslzahlen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pay

fbak-] n (-[e]s/-e)/

Backe ['baka] / (-/-n) cheek.

backen ['bakan] (t'rr., ge-, h) 1.


bake; fry.


a. run.



(side-)whiskers pU,
Am. a. sideburns pi.; ' zahn m
molar (tooth), grinder.


Backer ['bekar] m (-s/-) baker; ~ei

U'rai] / (-/-en) baker s (shop),
Back|fisch m fried fish; fig. girl in
her teens, teenager. Am. a. bobby



obst n dried fruit; Lofen

tn oven; ' pflaume/prune; Lpulver n baking-powder; ' stein m

brick; Lware / baker's ware.
Bad [ba:t] n (-[e]s/=er) bath; in river,

50 -


Bake ['barka] / (-/-n)

beacon; 5
Bakterie [bak'teirja] / (-/-n) barterium, microbe, germ.
bald adv. [bait] soon; shortly; before long; F almost, nearly; early;
so als moglich as soon as possible;


don now here, now there;


,ig adj. [' dig] speedy;

f early reply.
Baldrian ['baldriain] m (-s/-e)

Bade|anstalt ['barda'-] / (public

Balg [balk] 1. m (-[e]s/-e) skin;

swimming) baths pi.; ' anzug m

bathing-costume, bathing-suit;
hose / bathing-drawers pi., (bathing) trunks pi.; Lkappe/bathingcap; 'Jkur/spa treatment; '*mantel m bathing-gown. Am. bathrobe;

body (of doll); bellows pi.; 2. F m, n

(-[e]s/er) brat, urchin; 2en ['bal-

etc.: a. bathe; 5. Bodeort; e/n

men take or have a bath.



meister m bath attendant; swim-

ming-instructor; '2n (ge-, h) 1. vjt.

bath {baby, etc.); bathe {eyes, etc.);
2 vli. bath, tub; have or take a bath;
in river, etc.: bathe;
gehen go
swimming; ' ofen m geyser, boiler,

gan] v/refl. (ge-, h) scviffle (urn for),

wrestle (for).

Balken ['balkan] m (-s/-) beam;


Balkon [bal'ko:; .'koin] m (s/s;

s/-e) balcony; thea. dress circle,
Am. balcony;
tiir / French







watering-place; spa; seaside resort;




' strand

mer n bathroom.

Bagatell|e [baga'tEla] / (-/-n) trifle,

trifling matter, bagatelle; Si'sieren
vjt. {no -ge-, h) minimize (the



at the ball.


bathing-beach; ' tuch n bathtowel; ' wanne /bath-tub; ' zim-


Ball [bai] m (-[e]s/=e) ball; geogr.,

ast. a. globe; ball, dance; auf dem



Bagger ['bagar] m (si-) excavator;

dredge(r); 'Sn vfi. and vjt. (ge-, h)
excavate; dredge.
Bahn [ba:n] / (-/-en) course; path;
@$ railway. Am. railroad; mot. lane;
trajectory (of bullet, etc.); ast. orbit;
sports: track, course, lane; skating:
rink; bowling: alley; Sbrechend
adj. pioneer(ing), epoch-making;
art: avant-gardist; ' damm m railway embankment. Am. railroad
embankment; 'Sen vjt. (ge-, h)
clear, open (up) (way); den Weg
prepare or pave the way (dat. for);
s/di e-n Weg ~ force or work or
elbow one's way;1 Jhof m (railway-)
station. Am. (railroad-)station;
linie / railway-line. Am. railroad
line; ' steig m platform; ' steigkarte / platform ticket; ' iibergang m level crossing. Am. grade
Bahre ['baira] / (-/-n) stretcher,

litter; bier.

Bai [bai] / (-/-en) bay; creek.

Baisse t [lbe:s(3)] / (-/-n) depression (on the market); fall (in prices);
auf M spekulieren
bear, spectilate
for a fall. Am. sell short; ' pekulant m bear.

Bajonett X [bajo'net] n (-[e]s/-e)

bayonet; das
aufpflanzen fix the

[ba'laida] /

(-/-n) bal-


Ballast ['balast] m (-es/ -e) ballast; . burden, impediment; dead

ballen1 v/t. (ge-, h) (form into a)
ball; clench (fist); sich (form into
a) ball; cluster.

Ballen2 m (-s/-) bale; anat. ball;

Papier ten reams pi.
BaUett [ba'lEt] n (-[e]s/-e) ballet;
anzer [ba'lettentsar] m (si-)

ball]f6rmig adj. ['balfcermig] ballshaped, globular; Skleid n ball'


Ballon [ba'lo:; o:n] m (sis; -s/-s,

e) balloon.

Balljsaal m ball-room; '~spiel n


ball-game, game of ball.

Balsam ['balzcnm] m (-s/-e) balsam,
balm (a. fig.); Sieren Ua'miiran]
v/t. (no -ge-, h) embalm.
Balz [baits] / (-/-en) mating season;
display (by cock-bird).
Bambus ['bambus] m (ses/se)
bamboo; ' rohr n bamboo, cane.

banal adj. [ba'na:l] commonplace,

banal, trite; trivial; 2itat Uali'te:t]
/ (-/-en) banality; commonplace;
Banane [ba'nama] / (-/-n) banana;
nstecker / m banana plug.
Band [bant] 1. m (-[e]s/=e) volume;
2 n (-[e]s/=er) band; ribbon; tape;
anat. ligament; 3. fig. n (-[e]s/-e)
bond, tie; 4. 2 pret. of binden.

Bandag|e [ban'daisa] /(-/-n) bandage; Sieren Ua jiiran] vlt. (no

ge-, h) (apply a) bandage.
Bande ['banda] / (-/-n) billiards:


, gang, band.

bandigen ['bendigan] v/t. (ge-, h)


tame; break in {horse); subdue (a.

fig-),' fig- restrain- master.

Bandit [ban'dkt] m (-en/-en) banditBand.mafi n tape measure; ' sage

/ band-saw; '. scheibe anat. f

intervertebral disc; ' wurm zo. m


bang adj. [bar)], e adj. [' a] anxious

(um about), uneasy (about), concerned (for); m/r j st

I am afraid

(vor dat. of); /-m bangs machen

frighten or scare s.o.; 'en o/i.
(gt-, h) be anxious or worried (um


[baqk] / 1.

(-/=e) bench;

school: desk; F durch die


exception, all through; auf die

lange schieben put off, postpone;
shelve; 2.
(-/-en) bank; Geld auf
der money in the bank; ' anweisung / cheque. Am. check; aus'

weis m bank return or statement;


beamte m bank clerk or official;

einlage / deposit,
Bankett [baq'ket] n (-[e]5/-e) ban'


51 '

Barenzwinger m bear-pit.
barfufi adj. and adv. ['barr-J,

barg [bark] pret. of bergen.

Barjgeld n cash ready money;
Sgeldlos adj. cashless; ~er Zahlungsverkehr cashless money transfers pi.; Shauptig adj. and adv.
C hDTptii;] bare-headed, uncovered.
Bariton S ['boiritDn] m (-s/-e)


Barkasse & [bar'kasa] / (-/-n)/

barmherzig adj. [barm'hertsi?]
merciful, charitable; der
Samor/ter the good Samaritan; 2e
Sc/iwester Sister of Mercy or Charity; keit / (-/-en) mercy, charity.
Barometer [baro'-J n barometer.
Baron [ba'roin] m (-s/-e) baron; -on
/ (-/-nen) baroness.
Barre ['bare] / (-/-n) bar.
Barren f'baren] m (-s/-) metalL bar,
ingot, bullion; gymnastics: parallel
bars pL
Barriere [bar'jsrre] / (-/-n) barrier.
Barrikade [bari'kotda] / (-/-n)


banking operation; ' haus n bank(ing-house).

Bankier [baqk'je:] m (-s/-s) banker.
Bank konto n bank(ing) account;
note / (bank) note. Am. (bank)


bankrott [bag'krot] 1. adj. bankrupt; 2. 2 m (-[e]s/-e) bankruptcy,

insolvency, failure;
machen fail,
go or become bankrupt.
Bankwesen n banking.
Bann [ban] m (-[e]s/-e) ban; fig.
spell; eccl. excommunication; '2en
v/t. (ge-, h) banish (a. fig.); exorcize
(devil)') avert (danger); eccl. excommunicate; spellbind.
Banner ['banarj n (-s/-) banner (a.
fig.); standard; ' trager m stand'


Bannjfluch m anathema; '.jneile

/ precincts pL; rh area around
government buildings aithin tahich
processions and meetings are prohibited.

bar1 [bcur]

1. adj.: e-r Sache

destitute or devoid of;


Ge/d ready money, cash; er Unsinn

sheer nonsense; 2. adv.:


pav in cash, pay money down.

Bar2 U] / (-/-s) bar; night-club.
Bar [berr] m (-en/-en) bear; j-m e-n
en aufbinden hoax s.o.
Baracke [ba'raka] / (-/-n) barrack;
nlager n hutment.
Barbar [bar'borrj m (-en/-en) barbarian; ~ei [ a'rai] / (-/-en) barbarism; barbarity; 2isch [ 'bcurij]
adj. barbarian; barbarous; art,
taste: barbaric.

Barjbestand m cash in hand; '~betrag m amount in cash.


n err/chten raise barri-


barsch adj. [bar/] rude, gruff, rouglu

Barlschaft / (-/-en) ready money,
m open cheque,

Am. open check.



adj. and adv. [ Jy-.sig] barefoot.

Banklgeheimnis n banker's duty

of secrecy;
geschaft T n bank
(-ing) transaction


barst [barst] pret. of bersten.

Bart [ba:rt] m (-[ejs/ ) beard; bit
(t>/ key); sich e-n
wachsen lassen
grow a beard.
bartig adj. ['be-.rtig] bearded.
bartlos adj. beardless.
Barzahlung / cash payment; nur
T terms strictly cash.
Basis ['Ixnzis] / (-/5asen) base; fig.


Bafi J" [bas] m (Basses/Bdsse) bass;


geige / bass-viol.
Bassist [ba'sist] m (-en/-en) bass
Bast [bast] m (-es/-e) bast; velvet
(on antlers).
Bastard ['bastart] m (-[e]s/-e) bastard; half-breed; zo., % hybrid.

bastjeln ['bastsln] (ge-, h) 1. r/f.

build, F rig up; 2. vli. build; 'Sler

m (si-) amateur craftsman, do-ityourself man.
bat [ban] pret. of bitten.
Bataillon [batal'join] n (-s/-)

Batist [ba'tist] m (-[e]s/-e) cambric

[bats'ri:] / (-/-n)
Bau [bau] m 1. (-[e]s/m7 pL) building, construction; build, frame;
(-[e]s/-ten) building, edifice;
3 (-[e]s/-e) burrow, den (a. fig.),


Baujarbeiter m workman in the

building trade; ' art/architecture,
style; method of construction;
mat. type, modeL


Bauch [baux] tn
abdomen, belly;



bottom; 'Sig adj. big-bellied, bulgy;

Uandung / belly landing; ' redner m ventriloquist; ' schmerzen
mlpl., Lweh n (slnopl.) belly-ache,

bauen ['bauan] (ge-, h) 1. v/t. build,

construct; erect, raise; build, make
(nest); make (violin, etc.); 2. v/i.


auf (acc.) trust (in); rely

Bauer ['bauar] 1. m (-n, -s/-n)

fanner; peasant, countryman; chess:
pawn; 2. n, m (-s/-) (bird-)cage.

Bauerin ['baYsrinj / (-l-nen) farm'

s wife; peasant woman.

Bauerlaubnis ['bau'-] / building




haus n farm-house; ' hof

baulfallig adj. out of repair,

geriist n scaffold
(-ing); 'Shandwerker m craftsman
in the building trade; 'Sherr m
owner; 'Sholz n timber. Am. lum-

ber; 'Sjahr n year of construction;

1969 1969 model or make; '2ka-

sten m box of bricks; 'Skunst /


baulich adj. architectural; structural; in gotem en Zustand in good

Baum [baum] m (-[e]s/=e) tree.

Baumeister m architect.

baumeln ['baumaln] v/i. (ge-s h)

dangle, swing; m/'t den Beinen
dangle or swing one's legs.

Baumlschere / (e/'ne a pair of)

pruning-shears pi.; ' schule f

nursery (of young trees); ' stamm
m trunk; ' wolle / cotton; Swollen adj. (made of) cotton.
Baujplan m architect's or building
plan; ' platzwi building plot or site,
Am. location; '~polizei / Board of

Bausch [bauj] m (-es/-e, e) pad;
bolster; wad; in ~ und Bogen altogether, wholesale, in the lump;

Sen vjt. (ge-, h) swell; sich bulge,

swell out, billow (out).


Bau!stein m brick, building stone;

building block; fig. element;
stelle / building site; ' stil m (architectural) style; '~stoff m building material; ' unternehmer m
building contractor; ' zaun m

Bay|er ['baiar] m (-n/-n) Bavarian;



beanspruchjen [ba'anjpruxan] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) claim, demand; require
(efforts, time, space, etc.); stress;
Sung / (-/-en) claim; demand (gen.
on); stress, strain.

beantragen [ba'antraigan] v/t. (no

m farm.


tionary; Civil Servant.


ferjar] m (-s/-) trickster, confidence

officer. Am. a. officeholder; func-

objection (gen. to).







(no -ge-, h) intend, mean, propose

(zu tun to do, doing).
be'achtjen v/t. (no -ge-, h) pay attention to; notice; observe; ~enswert adj. noteworthy, remarkable;
lich adj. remarkable; considerable; Sung / attention; consideration; notice; observance.
Beamte [ba'amta] m (-n/-n) official,

beanstandjen [ba'anjtandan] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) object to; Sung/(-/-en)




be'angstigend adj. alarming, dis-

or count or depend on.


52 -

risch adj. Bavarian.

[ba'tsilan-] m
(germ-)carrier; ~us Uus] m (-/8az/7/en) bacillus, germ.

beabsichtigen [ba'apzigtigan] v/t.

ge-, h) apply for;

parl. move,
make a motion; propose.

be'antwortlen vlt. (no -ge-, h) answer (a. fig.), reply to; Sung /
(-/-en) answer reply; in (gen.) in

answer or reply to.

be'arbeitlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) work;


till; dress (leather); hew (stone);

treat; 2% be in charge
of (case); edit, revise (book); adapt
(nach from); esp. J" arrange; j-n
work on s.o.; batter s.o.; Sung /
(-/-en) working; revision (of book);
thea. adaptation; esp. J arrangement; processing;
be'argwohnen v/t. (no -ge-, h) suspect, be suspicious of.



v/t. (no -ge-, h) inspea, superintend, supervise, control; look after

(child); Sung / (-/-en) inspection,
supervision, control.
be'auftrag|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) commission (zu inf. to inf.), charge (m/t
with); Ste Ukta] m (-n/-n) commissioner; representative; deputy;

be'bauen v/t. (no -ge-, h) A build



beben t'beiban] vli. (ge-, h) shake

(vor dat. with), tremble (with);
shiver (with); earth: quake.
Becher ['be ar] m (-s/-) cup (a.
Becken ['bekan] n (-s/-) basin. Am.
bowl; f cymbal(s pi.); anat.
bedacht adj. [ba'daxt]:
sein auf
(acc.) look after, be concerned
about, be careful or mindful of;
sein zu inf. be anxious
to inf.
bedachtig adj. [ba'decti?] deliber.


bedang [ba'darj] pret. of bedingen.

be'danken v/refl. (no -ge-, h): sich
bei j-m fur et. ~ thank s.o. for


Bedarf [ba'darf] m (-[e]s/o pi.)

need (an dat. oO, want (of); "f demand (for); sartikel [ba darfs*-]
m p/. necessaries pi., requisites pi.
bedauerlich adj. [ba'dauarli?] regrettable, deplorable.
be'dauern 1. r/r. (no -ge~, h) feel
or be sorry for s.o.; pity 5.0.; regret,
deplore; 2. 2 n (-s/m? p/.) regret; pity; swert adj. pitiable, deplorable.
be deck en r/r. (no -ge-, h) cover;
X escort; & convoy; ~t adj. sky:
overcast; Sung / cover(ing);

escort; w convoy.

be'denken 1. r/r. (irr. denken, no

ge-, h) consider; think over;
j-n in s-m Testament
s o in one's will; 2. 2 n (-s/-) consideration: objection; hesitation;
scruple; *los adj. unscrupulous.
be'denklich adj. doubtful; character: a. dubious; situation, etc.: dangerous, critical; delicate; risky.
Be'denkzeit / time for reflection;
ich gebe dir e-e Stunde
I give
you one hour to think it over.

be deut en vlt. (no -ge-, h) mean,

signify; stand for; end adj. important, prominent; sum, etc. considerable; sam adj. significant.

Be'deutung/meaning, significance;
importance; 2slos adj. insignificant; meaningless; 2svoll adj. significant; swandel ling, m semantic change.

be'dienSen (no -ge-, h) 1. r/r. serve;

wait on; operate, work (machim);

serve Cgun); answer (telephone);


at tabU: help o.s.; 2. r/i
serve; wait (at table); cards: follow

suit; Sung / (-/-en) service, esp. "f

anendance;in restaurant, etc.: service; waiter, waitress; shop assistants p/.).

bedinglen [ba'dirjan] r/r. ([jrr.,] no

ge-, h) condition; stipulate; require; cause; imply;
adj. condi-

tional (durch on); restricted:

se/ n

durch be conditioned by; 2ung /

en) condition; stipulation; en
pi. -t terms pi.; ungslos adj. un(


be'drang en r/r. (no -ge-, h) press

hard, beset; Snis / (-/-se) distress.
be'drohjen r/r. (no -ge-, h) threaten;
menace; ~Aich adj. threatening;
ung / threat, menace (gen. to).
be'driick'en r/r. (no -ge-, h) oppress; depress; deject; ung /
(- -en) oppression; depression; dejection.

bedungen [ba'duipnl p.p. of bedingen.

be'diirf [en r 1. (irr. durfen, no -ge-,

h): e-r Soche - need or want or re-

quire; Snis n (-ses,-se) need,

want, requirement; sein
verrichten relieve o.s. or nature; 2nisan-


53 '

stalt [ba dyrfnis9-] / public convenience, Am. comfort station;

tig adj. needy, poor, indigent.
be'ehren r'r. (no -ge-, h) hono(u)r,
favo(u)r; ich beehre mich zu inf.
I have the hono(u)r to inf.
be'eilen vfrefl. (no -ge-, hi) hasten,
hurry, make haste. Am. F a. husde.
beeindrucken [ba'amdrukanj r'r.
(no -ge-, h) impress, make an impression on.

beeinflusslen [ba'amflusssn] r/r.

(no -ge-, h) influence; affect; parL
lobby; 2ung / (-/-en) influence;
par/, lobbying.
beeintrachtig en [ba'amtrtftigsn]
r/r. (no -ge-, h) impair, injure, affect (adversely); Sung / (-/-en) impairment (gen. of); injury (to).
be'end en r r. (no -ge-, h), igen
[ igan] v,!. (no -ge-, h) (bring to
an) end, finish, terminate; Sigtmg
Uigui]] / (-/-en) ending, termina.


beengt adj. [bs'erjkt] space: narrow,

confined, cramped; sich
feel cramped (for room); feel oppressed or uneasy.
be'erben r/r. (no -ge-, h): j-n
s o


s heir.

beerdig en [ba'ezrdigsn] r/r. (no

fe-, h) bury; Sung/(-/-en) bxirial,


Beere ['beira] / (-/-n) berry.

Beet y [be ] n (-[e]s;-e) bed.

befahigjen [ba'fengsn] r/r. (no

ge-, h) enable (zu inf. to inf.);

qualify (fur, zu for); t adj. [ gt]

(cap)able; Sung / (-/-en) qualification: capacity.

befahl [bs'fa:!] pret. of befehlen.
befahr bar adj. [ba'fatrbair] passable, practicable, trafficable;

navigable; en r r. (irr. fahren. no

ge-, h) drive or travel on; -if navigate (river).
be fallen r/r. O'rr. fallen, no -ge-, h)
attack; befall; disease: a. strike;
fejr: seize.
be fangen adj. embarrassed; selfconscious; prejudiced (a. fz)l fl
bias(s)ed; Sheit / (- -en) embarrassment; self-consciousness;
bias, prejudice.
be'fassen vlrefl. (no -ge-, h): sich
mit occupy o.s. with; engage in;

attend to; deal with.

Befehl [bs'fe-J] m (-[e]s/-e) command (uber acc. of); order; 2en

(irr., no -ge-, h) 1. r/r. command;

order; 2. r'l. command; 2igen

[ igan] r/r. (no -ge- h) command.
Be'fehlshaber m (-si-) command-

er(-in-chief); isch adj. imperious.

be'festigjen r/r. (no -ge-, h) fasten

(on dat. to), fix (to), attach (to);
fortify; fig. strengthen; Sung /
(-/-en) fixing fastening; X fortifi,


. strengthening.


be'feuchten vlt. (no -ge-, h) moisten, damp; wet.

be'finden 1. v/refl. (irr. finden, no

ge-, h) be; 2. 2 n (-s/no pi.) (state

of) health.

be'flaggen v/t. (no -ge-, h) flag.

be'flecken v/t. (no -ge-, h) spot,
stain (a. fig.); fig. sully.

beflissen a4/. [ba'flissn] studious;

Sheit / (-/no pi.) studiousness, assiduity.
befohlen [ba'foibnjp.p. of befehlen.
be'folglen v/t. (no -ge-, h) follow,
take (advice); obey (rule); adhere
to (principle); Sung / (-/S-en) observance (of); adherence (to).

be'forderfn v/t. (no -ge-, h) convey,

carry; haul (goods), transport; forward;

ship (a. &); promote (to

54 -


begann [ba'gan] pret. of beginnen.

be'geben vjt. (irr. geben, no -ge-, h)
f- negotiate (bill of exchange); sich
happen; sich . nach go to, make
for; s/ch in Gefahr
expose o.s. to
begegn|en [ba'geignan] v/i. (no
ge-, sein) meet s.o. or, meet
with; incident: happen to; anticipate, prevent; Sung / (-/-en) meet"

be'geben v/t. (irr. gehen, no -ge-, h)
walk (on); inspect; celebrate (birthday, etc.); commit (crime); make
(mistake); ein Unrecht
do wrong.

begehr|en [ba'gerran] v/t. (no -ge-,

h) demand, require; desire, crave
(for); long for; ~lich adj. desirous,

be) (a. X); Sung / conveyance,

transport(ation), forwarding; promotion; Sungsmittel n (means of)
transport. Am. (means of) transpor-

begeister|n [ba'gaistam] v/t. (no


Be'gier /, ~de Uda] / (-/-n) desire
(nach for), appetite (for); concupiscence; Sig adj. eager (nach for,
auf acc. for; zu inf. to inf.), desirous (nach of; zu inf. to in/.),
anxious (zu inf. to inf.).
be'giefien vjt. (irr. g/eflen, no -ge-,
h) water; baste (roasting meat); F
wet (bargain).
Beginn [ba'gin] m (-[e]s/no pi.) beginning, start, commencement;
origin; Sen vjt. and v/i. (irr. no
ge-> h) begin, start, commence.
beglaubiglen [ba'glaubigan] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) attest, certify; legalize,
authenticate; Sung / (-/-en) attestation, certification; legalization;
Sungsschreiben n credentials pi.
v/t. (irr. g/e/chen, no
ge-, h) pay, settle (bill, debt).

be'fragen v/t. (no -ge-, h) question,

interview; interrogate.

be'freilen v/t. (no -ge-, h) (set) free

(von from); liberate (nation, mind,
etc.) (from); rescue (captive) (from);
exempt 5.0. (from); deliver s.o. (aus,
von from); 2er m liberator; Sung/
(-/-en) liberation deliverance; exemption.
Befremden [ba'fremdan] n (-s/ nv
pi.) surprise.
befreund|en [ba'froYndsn] virefl.
(no -ge-, h): sich mit j-m

friends with s.o.; s/ch mit et.

used to, reconcile o.s. to;
.et adj. friendly; on friendly terms;
sein be friends.

(no -ge-, h) satisfy; appease (hunger); meet (expectations, demand);
pay off (creditor); _end adj. satisfactory; Sung / (-/-en) satisfaction.
be'fristen v/t. (no -ge-, h) set a

be'fruchtlen v/t. (no -ge-. h) fertilize; fructify; fecundate; impregnate; Sung / (-/-en) fertilization;
fructification; fecundation; impregnation.
Befug|nis [ba'furknis] / (-l-se)
authority, warrant; esp. 2*1 competence; St adj. authorized; competent.

be'fiihlen vlt. (no -ge-, h) feel;

touch, handle, finger.
Be'fund m (-[e]s/-e) result; finding(s pi.) # diagnosis.

be'fiirchtlen vlt. (no -ge-, h) fear,

apprehend; suspect; Sung/(-/-en)
fear, apprehension, suspicion.
befiirworten [ba'fyirvortan] v/t. (no
ge-, h) plead for, advocate.

begab|t adj. [bs'garpt] gifted, talented; Sung Ubug] / (-/-en) gift,

talent(s pi.).

ge-, h) inspire, fill with enthusiasm; sich

fur feel enthusiastic

about; Sung/(-/nopi.) enthusiasm,

be'gleit|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) accompany (a. / auf dat. on), escort; attend (a. fig.); see (5.0. home, etc.);
2er m (-s/-) companion, attendant;
escort; / accompanist; 2erscheinung / attendant symptom; 2schreiben n covering letter; Sung
/ (-/-en) company; attendants pi.,
retinue (of sovereign, etc.); esp. X
X convoy; / accompaniment.

be'gliickwiinschen v/t. (no -ge-, h)

congratulate (zu on).
begnadig|en [ba'gnardigan] v/t. (no
ge-, h) pardon;pol. amnesty; Sung
/ (-/-en) pardon; pol. amnesty.
begniigen [ba'gnyigsn] v/refl. (no
ge-, h): sich
mit content o.s.

with, be satisfied with.

begonnen [ba'gonan] p.p. of beginnen.

be'graben vlt. (irr. graben, no -ge-,

h) bury (a. fig.); inter.

Begrabnis jWgreipnis] n (-ses/-se)

burial; funeral, obsequies pi.


begradigen [ba'graidigan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) straighten (road, frontier,


55 -

mit make shift with; sich


do without; ~sheim n temporary



be'greif |en v/t. (irr. greifen, no -ge-,

h) comprehend, understand; ~lich
adj. comprehensible.

be'grenzjen v/t. (no -ge-, h) bound,

border; fig. limit; Stheit / (-/-en)
limitation (of knowledge); narrow-

ness (of mind); Sung / (-/-en)

boundary; bound, limit; limitation.
Be'griff m idea, notion, conception;
sein zu inf.
comprehension; z m
be about or going to inf.
be'grundjen v/t. (no -ge-, h) establish, found; give reasons for, substantiate (claim charge); Sung /
establishment, foundation; , substantiation (of claim or charge);

behend adj. [ba'hent], e adj. Uda]

nimble, agile; smart; Sigkeit [~d-]/
(-jnopl ) nimbleness, agility; smart.


[lodge, shelter. \

be'herbergen vjt. (no -ge-, h))

be'herrschjen vlt. (no -ge-, h) rule
(over), govern; command (situation,
etc.); have command of (language);
sich control o.s.; Ser m ruler (gen.
over, of); Sung/(-/-en) command


beherzigen [ba'hertsigan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) take to heart, (bear in)


be'hexen v/t. (no -ge-, h) bewitch.

be'hilflich adj.: j-m sein help s.o.
(be/ in).


be'grxifllen vjt. (no -ge-, h) greet,

welcome; salute; Sung / (-/-en)
greeting, welcome; salutation.
begiinstiglen [ba'gynstigan] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) favo(u)r; encourage;
patronize; Sung (-/-en) /favo(u)r;
encouragement; patronage.

begutachten [ba'gun9-] v/t. (no

ge-, h) give an opinion on; exam-

be'hindern v/t. (no -ge-, h) hinder,

hamper, impede; handicap; obstruct (a. traffic, etc.).
Behorde [ba'hoirda] /(-/-n) authority, mst authorities pi.; board;

be'hiiten v/t. (no -ge-, h) guard, preserve (vor dat. from).

behutsam adj. [ba'hurtzcrm] cau-

ine; ~ lassen obtain expert opinion on, submit to an expert.

tious, careful; Skeit / (-/no pi.)

begiitert adj. [ba'gynart] wealthy,

bei prp. (dat.) [bai] address: ~

Schmidt care of (abbr. c/o) Schmidt;
Buchhandler at the bookseller's;


be'haart adj. hairy.

behabig adj. [ba'heibi?] phlegmatic,
comfort-loving; figure: portly.
be'haftet adj. afflicted (with disease,

behagjen [ba'hargan] 1. v/i. (no

ge-, h) please or suit s.o.; 2. S n

(s/no pi.) comfort, ease; -.lich

adj. [~k-] comfortable; cosy, snug.

be'halten v/t. (irr. halten, no -ge-, h)

regain; keep (fur sich to o.s.); re-


uns with us; ~ der Hand nehmen

take by the hand; ich habe kein

Geld ~ mir I have no money about
or on me; der Kirche near the


Behalter [ba'hEltar] m (-s/-) container, receptacle; box; for liquid:

reservoir; for oil, etc.: tank.
be'handjeln v/t. (no -ge-, h) treat;
deal with (a. subject); process;
treat; dress (wound); Slung /
treatment; handling; processing.
be'hangen vft. (no -ge-, h) hang,
drape (mit with); sich
mit cover
or load o.s. with (jewellery).
beharrlen [ba'haran] v/i. (no -ge-,
h) persist (ouf dat. in); ~lich adj.
persistent; Slichkeit / (-/no pi.)
be'hauen v/t. (no -ge-, h) hew;
trim (wood).

behaupt]en [ba'hauptan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) assert; maintain; Sung /

(-/-en) assertion; statement

Behausung [ba'hauzur)] / (-/-en)

habitation; lodging.

Be'helf m (-[els/-e) expedient,

(make)shift; s. Notbehelf; Sen
v/refl. (irr. helfen, no -ge-, h): sich

Schiller he/flt as

Schiller says; die Schlacht

loo the Battle of Waterloo;


Close We/n over a glass of wine;

alledem for all that; Stunden neh-



guter Gesundheit in good

health; wie es

take lessons from or with;

gunstigem Wetter weather permitting.

beibehalten v/t. (irr. halten, sep.,
no -ge-, h) keep up, retain.
Beiblatt n supplement (zu to).
beibringen vjt. (irr. bringen, sep.,
ge-, h) bring forward; produce
(witness, etc.); j-m et. ~ impart
(news, etc.) to s.o.; teach s.o.;
inflict (defeat, wound, etc.) on s.o.
Beichte ['bai9t3]/(-/-n) confession;
Sn vlt. and v/i. (ge-, h) confess.
beide adj. f'baida] both; nur wir

just the two of us; in .n Fd7/en in

either case.

beider|lei adi. ['baidarlai] of both

kinds; ~ Geschlechts of either sex;

seitig 1. adj. on both sides; mutual; 2. adv. mutually; ' seits

1 prp. on both sides (gen. of);
2 adv. mutually.
Beifahrer m (-s/-) (front-seat) passenger; assistant driver; motor racing: co-driver.


56 -


Beifall nt (-[e]s/no pi.) approbation;

applause; cheers pi.
beifallig adj. approving; favourBeifallsruf nt acclaim; ~epl. cheers
beifiigen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) add;

aid and abet s.o.

beikommen v/i. (irr. kommen, sep.,

ge-, sein) get at.
Beil [bail] 71 (-[e]s/-e) hatchet;
chopper; cleaver; ax(e).
Beilage / supplement (to news-

paper); F trimming- pi. (of meal);

vegetables pi.
beilaufig adj. ['baibyfi?] casual;

beileglen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) add

(dot. to); enclose; settle (dispute);

Sung / (-/-en) settlement.
Beileid ['bailait] condolence; j-m
bezeigen condole with s.o.
(zu on, upon).
beiliegen vji. (irr. liegen, sep., -ge-,
h) be enclosed (dat. with).
beimessen vjt. (irr. messen, sep.,
ge-, h) attribute (dat. to), ascribe
(to); attach (importance) (to).


beimisch|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h): e-r

Sache et.
mix with;
Sung / admixture.
Bein [bain] n (-[e]s/-e) leg; bone.
Ibeinah(e) adv. almost, nearly.
Beiname m appellation; nickname.
Beinbruch m fracture of the leg.
beiordnen ['bai'-] vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)
adjoin; co-ordinate (a. gr.).

beipflichten vji. (sep., -ge-, h)

agree with 5.0.; assent to


Beirat m (-[e]s/=e) adviser, counseI(l)or; advisory board.

be'irren v/t. (no -ge-, h) confuse.
beisammen adv. [bai'zaman] together.

(gen.) or


bei'seite adv. aside fapart; Spafi

joking apart!

beisetz|en vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) bury,

inter; 'Sung / (-/-en) burial, funeral.

Beisitzer jfe m (-s/-) assessor; associate judge; member (of committee).

Beispiel n example, instance; zum
for example or instance; 'Shaft
adj. exemplary; 'Slos adj. unprecedented, unparalleled; unheard of.
beifien ['baisan] (irr., ge-, h) 1. vjt.
bite; fleas, etc.: bite, sting; 2. vji.
bite (auf acc. on; in acc. into);
fleas, etc.: bite, sting; smoke: bite,
burn (in dat. in); pepper, etc.: bite,

ge-, h): j-m

help s.o.

stand by or assist or

h) contribute (zu to).

Beitrag ['baitratk] m (-[e]sl-e) contribution; share; subscription Am.
dues pi.; article (in newspaper etc.).


bei|treten v/i. (irr. treten, sep.,

ge-, sein) join (politicalparty, etc.);

Stritt m joining.
Beiwagen m side-car (of motorcycle) ; trailer (of tram).
Beiwerk n accessories pi.
beiwohnen vji. (sep., -ge-, h) assist
or be present at, attend.
bei'zeiten adv. early; in good time.
beizen ['baitsan] vjt. (ge-, h) corrode; metall, pickle; bate (hides);
stain (wood);
cauterize; hunt.



bejahen [ba'jaian] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

answer in the affirmative, affirm;
d adj. affirmative.
be'jahrt adj. aged.
Bejahung / (-/-en) affirmation, affirmative answer; fig. acceptance.

be'jammern s. beklagen.

be'kampfen v/t. (no -ge-, h) fight

(against), combat; , oppose.
bekannt adj. [ba'kant] known (dat.
to); j-n mit j-m machen introduce
s o to s.o.; 2e m,f (-nj-n) acquaintance, mst friend; ~lich adv. as you
know; ~machen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)
make known; Smachung / (-/-en)
publication; public notice; Sschaft
/ (-/-en) acquaintance.

be'kehrjen vlt. (no -ge-, h) convert;

Ste m, f (-nj-n) convert; Sung /

(-/-en) conversion (zu to)

be'kennjen vft. (irr. kennen, no -ge-,

h) admit; confess; sich schuldig
2% plead guilty; sich
zu declare

for; profess; Stnis n (-sesl

o s

von in the presence of s.o., in s.o.'s


beistehen vfi. (irr. slehen, sep.




beisteuern v/t. and vji. (sep., -ge-

Beigeschmack m (-[e]s/no pi.)

slight flavo(u)r; smack (of) (a. fig.).
Beihilfe/aid; allowance; for study:
grant; for project: subsidy; *h aiding and abetting; j-m
leisten th

Beisein n presence; im





pungent (both a. fig.); pepper, etc.

Beistand m assistance.



burn (auf dat. on); '~d adj. biting





se) confession; creed.

be'klagen v/t. (no -ge-, h) lament,

deplore; sich
complain (iiber acc.
of, about); swert adj. deplorable,
Beklagte [ba'klarkta] m, f (-nj-n)
civil case: defendant

the accused.

be'klatschen vlt. (no -ge-, h) applaud, clap.

be'kleben vjt. (no -ge-, h) glue or
stick on; mit Etiketten

label; mit Papier

up with paper; e-e Mauer mit Plakaten
paste (up) posters on a

bekleckem F [ba'klekarn] v/t. (no

stain (garment); sich ~ soil



s clothes.

be'klecksen v/t. (no -ge-, h) stain,

daub; blot.


be'kleidlen vlt. (no -ge-, h) clothe,

dress; hold, fill (office, etc.);
invest with; Sung / clothing,
clothes pi.

be kJemmJen vlt. (no -ge-, h) oppress; ung / (-/-en) oppression;

anguish, anxiety.
be'kommen (irr. kommen, no -ge-)
1 r/r. (h) get, receive; obtain; get,
catch (illness); have (baby); catch
(train, etc.); Zahne
teethe, cut
one s teeth; 2. v/i. (se/n): j-m (gut)
agree with s.o.; j-m nicht or
schlecht disagree with s.o.
wholesome (dat. to).


bekostig'en [bs'koestigsn] r/r. (no

ge-, h) board, feed; Sung / (-/S
en) board(ing).
be'kraftiglen r/r. (no -ge-, h) confirm; ung / (-[-en) confirmation.
be'kranzen v/t. (no -ge-, h) wreathe;


be'kritteln r/r. (no -ge-, h) carp at,


be'kiimmern r/r. (no -ge-, h) afflict,

grieve; trouble; s. kummern.
be'laden r/r. (irr. laden, no -ge-, h)
load; fig. burden.
Belag [ba'laik] m (-[e]s/=e) covering; coat(ing); surface (of road);
foil (of mirror); # fur (on tongue);
(slices of) ham, etc. (on bread); filling (of roll).
Belagerjer [ba'largsrar] m (-$!-)
besieger; n t/r. (no -ge-, h) besiege,
beleaguer; ung / siege.
Belang [ba'laq] m (-[e]s/-e) importance; e pi. interests pi.; Sen t/r.
(no -ge-, h) concern; rz sue; 21os

adj. unimportant; josigkeit /

(-/-en) insignificance

be'Iasten r/r. (no -ge-, h) load; fig.

incriminate; mortgage
(estate, etc.); j-s Konto (mit e-r
T charge or debit s.o.'s
account (with a sum).

belastiglen [bs'lsstigsn] r/r. (no

ge-, h) molest; trouble, bother;
Sung / molestation; trouble.
Be'lastung/W-en) load (a. /, 0);
fig. burden; -f debit; encumbrance;
I t incrimination; erbliche
hereditary taint; szeuge rh m witness

for the prosecution.

be'laufen vjrefl. (irr. laufen, no -ge-,

h): sich
auf (acc.) amount to.
be'Iauschen r/r. (no -ge-, h) overhear, eavesdrop on 5.0.
be'Iebjen fig. vlt. (no -ge-, h) enliven, animate; stimulate; ~t adj.
street: busy, crowded; stock exchange: brisk; conversation: lively,


57 -

Am. a. sign up for (course of lectures,

term); ein Brotchen mit et.
s th. on a roll, fill a roll with;
schaft / (-/-en) personnel, staff;
labo(u)r force; stelle / reference;
St adj. engaged, occupied; hotel,
etc.: full; voice: thick, husky;
tongue: coated, furred;
es 6rot
(open) sandwich.
be'lehrlen r/r. (no -ge-, h) instruct,
inform; sich
lessen take ad%ice;
end adj. instructive; Sung/(-/-en)
instruction; information; advice.
beleibt adj. [ba'laipt] corpulent,
stout, bulky, portly.


beleidig|en [ba'laidigsn] r/r. (no

ge-, h) offend (s.o.; ear, eye, etc.);
insult; ..end adj. offensive; insult-

ing; Sung / (-/-en) offen|ce. Am.

se; insult.

be'lesen adj. well-read.

be'leucht|en r/r. (no -ge-, h) light

(up), illuminate (a. fig.); fig. shed
or throw light on; Sung / (-/-en)
light(ing); illumination: Sungskorper m lighting appliance.
be'lichtlen phot. v/t. (no -ge-, h)
expose; Sung phot, / exposure.
Be'liebjen n (-s/o pi.) will, choice;

at will; es steht in Ihrem

I leave it you to; Sig 1. adj. any;

jeder e anyone; 2. adv. at pleasure;
v/e/e as many as you like; St adj.
Upt] popular (bei with); *theit /
(-/no pi ) popularity.
be'lieferjn r/r. (r/o -ge-, h) supply,
furnish (mit with); Sung/ (-'no pi.)


bellen fbdan] v/i. (ge-, h) bark.

belobigen [ba'loibigsn] r/r. (no -ge-,
h) commend, praise.

be'lohnlen r/r. (no -ge-, h) reward;

recompense; Sung/(-/-en) reward;

be'liigen r/r. (irr. lugen, no -ge-, h):


lie to s.o.

belustiglen [bs'lusdgan] r'r. (no

ge-, h) amuse, entertain; s/ch
amuse o.s.; Sung / (-/-en) amuse-

ment, entertainment.

bemachtigen fba'mectigsn] vlrefl.

(no -ge-, h): sich e-r Sache * take
hold of, seize; sich e-r

Person lay hands on s.o., seize s.o.

be'malen r/r. (no -ge-, h) cover
with paint; paint; daub.
bemangeln [bs'merpln] r/r. (no

ge-, h) find fault with, cavil at.

be'mannen r/r. (no -ge-, h) man.

be'merk bar adj. perceptible; en

r/r. (no -ge-, h) notice, perceive;
remark, mention;
enswert adj.
remarkable (wegen for); Sung /
(-/-en) remark
bemitleiden [bs'mitlaidsn] r/r. (no
ge-, h) pity, commiserate (with);
swert adj. pitiable.

Beleg [ba'leik] m (-[e]s/-e) proof;

(supporting) evidence; document;
voucher; Sen Ugsn] r/r. (no -ge-, h)
cover; reserve (seat, etc.); prove,

verify; ttm v enrol(l) or register for,


be'miihlen r/r. (no -ge-, h) trouble

(j-n in or wegen eu s.o. about;


trouble o.s.; endeavo(u)r;
s/di urn e-e Ste//e
apply for a
position; ung / (-/-en) trouble;
endeavo(u)r3 effort.

be'nachbart adj. neighbo(u)ring;

adjoining, adjacent (to).

benachrichtigien [ba'naixrigtigan]
v/t. (no -ge-, h) inform, notify; Y
advise; ung/(-/-en) information;




58 -

be'raub|en vlt. (no -ge- h) rob,

deprive (gen. of); Sung / (-/-en)
robbery, deprivation.
be'rauschen v/t. (no -ge-, h) in,

toxicate (a. jig.).

be'rechn|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) calculate; if charge (zu at); ~end adj.
calculating, selfish; Sung / calculation.

berechtig|en [ba'rEgtigan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) j-n
zu entitle s.o. to;
authorize s.o. to; ~t adj. [ qt]
entitled (zu to); qualified (to);
claim: legitimate; Sung / (-/-en)

v/t. (no -ge-, h) place s.o. at a dis-

advantage, discriminate against s.o.;

handicap; s/di benachteiligt fuhlen
feel handicapped or at a disadvantage; Sung / (-/-en) disadvantage;
discrimination; handicap.
be'nehmen 1. vlrefl. (irr. nehmen,
no -ge-, h) behave (o.s.); 2. 2 n
(s/no pi.) behavio(u)r, conduct.
be'neiden v/t. (no -ge-, h) envy (j-n
um et. s.o.; ,swert adj.

be'nennen v/t. (irr. nennen, no -ge-,

h) name.
[rascal; urchin.)


title (zu to); authorization.

be'red|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) talk

over; persuade s.o.; gossip about
s o
Ssamkeit Utza:mkait] / (-/no
pi.) eloquence; ~t adj. Ut] eloquent
{a. fig.).
Be'reich m, n (-[e]s/-e) area; reach;
fig. scope, sphere; science, etc.:
field, province; Sern v\l. (no -ge-,h)
enrich; sich enrich o.s.; ~erung/
(-/-en) enrichment


Bengel ['beipl] m (-s/-) (little)/

be'reif|en vjt. (no -ge-, h) hoop

benommen adj. [ba'noman] bemused, dazed, stunned;

se/n be

(barrel); tyre, (A m. only) tire (wheel);

Sung / (-/-en) (set of) tyres pi.,
(Am. only) (set of) tires pi.
be'reisen v/t. (no -ge-, h) tour (in),

in a daze.

be'notigen v/t. (no -ge-, h) need,

require, want.

travel (over); commercial traveller:

cover (district).

be'nutzlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) use (a.

patent, etc.); make use of; avail o.s.

of (opportunity); take (tram, etc.);

Sung / use.
Benzin [bEn'tsirn] n (-s/-e)
benzine; mot. petrol, F juice. Am.
gasoline, F gas; motor m petrol
engine. Am. gasoline engine; j.

beobacht|en [ba'oibaxtan] v/t. (no


h) observe;

watch; police:

bereit adj. [ba'rait] ready, prepared;

en v/t. (no -ge-, h) prepare; give
(joy, trouble, etc.); ~s adv. already;
Sschaft / (-/-en) readiness; police:
squad; ~stellen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
place ready; provide; Sung /
(-/-en) preparation;
willig adj.
ready, willing; Swilligkeit / (-/no
pi.) readiness, willingness.
be'reuen v/t. (no -ge-, h) repent (of);

shadow; 2er m (si-) observer; Sung

/ (-/-en) observation.

beordern [ba'Drdarn] v/t. (no -ge-,

h) order, command.

regret, rue.

Berg [berk] m (-[e]s/-e) mountain;

hill; ~e pi. von F heaps pi. of, piles
pi. of; uber den se/n be out of the

be'packen v/t. (no -ge-, h) load (m/t

[(m/t with).l

wood. Am. be out of the woods;

iiber o//e ~e off and away; die Haare

be'pflanzen v/t. (no -ge-, h) plant/

bequem adj. [ba'kveim] convenient;

standen ihm zu
e his hair stood
on end; S'ab adv. downhill (a. fig.);

comfortable; p.: easy-going; lazy;

en vjrefl. (no -ge-, h): sich

S'an adv. s. bergauf; ' arbeiter m

miner; S auf adv. uphill (a. fig.);
/ mountain railway;
bau m (-[e]slpl.) mining.
bergen ['bergan] v/t. (irr., ge-, h)
save; rescue s.o.; & salvage,

condescend to; consent to; Slich-

keit / (-/-en) convenience; comfort, ease; indolence.

be'rat|en (irr. roten, no -ge-, h)

1 v/t. advise s.o.; consider, debate,
discuss; sich confer (m/t j-m
with s.o.; uber et. on or about;
2 v/i. confer; u>er et.



debate, discuss, confer on or

about; Ser m (-s/-) adviser,

counsel(l)or; consultant; ~schlagen (no -ge-, h) 1. v/i. s. beraten 2;
2 vjrefl. confer (m/t j-m with s.o.;
uber el. on or about; Sung /
(-/-en) advice; debate; consultation;
conference; Sungsstelle/advisory


bergig adj. ['bcrgig] mountainous,


Berg|kette / mountain chain or

mann 2$ m (-[e]s/Bergrange;
leute) miner; ' predigt / (-/no pi.)



on the Mount;

recht n mining laws pi.;



mot. n mountain race; ' riicken m

ridge; ' rutsch m landslide, land~



spitze / mountain peak;

steiger m (si-) mountaineer;
Lsturz m s. Bergrutsch.



Bergung / (-/-en) & salvage; rescue; ~sarbeiten [ bergugs'-] f/pl.

salvage operations pi.; rescue work.
Bergwerk n mine; ~saktien ['berkverks9-] f/pl. mining shares pi.
Bericht [ba'rict] m (-[e]s/-e) report
(iiber acc. on); account (of); Sen
(no -ge-, h) 1. v/t. report; j-m et.

inform s.o. of; tell s.o. about

th.; 2. v/i. report (uber acc. on);

journalist: a. cover (iiber et.;
,erstatter m (-s/-) reporter; correspondent; erstattung / reporting; report(s pi.).

berichtigjen [ba'rigtigan] vlt. (no

ge-, h) correct (s.o.; error, mistake,

etc.); put right (mistake)', emend

(corrupt text);
settle (claim, debt,
etc.); Sung / (-/-en) correction;
emendation; settlement.

be'riechen v/t. (irr. r/echen, no

ge-, h) smell or sniff at.
Berliner [ber'limar] 1. m (-s/-)
Berliner; 2. adj. (of) Berlin.
Bernstein ['bemjtam] m amber;
schwarzer jet.
bersten ['berstan] v/i. (irr., ge-,
sein) burst (fig. vor dat. with).

beriichtigt adj. [ba'ry ti t] notorious (wegen for), ill-famed.

beriicksichtiglen [ba'rykzi tigan]
vjt. (no -ge-, h) take into consideration, pay regard to;
consider 5.0.; Sung / (-/-en) consideration; regard.
Beruf [ba'ruif] m (-[e]s/-e) calling;
profession; vocation; trade; occupation; Sen 1. v/t. (irr. rufen, no
ge-, h): j-n zu e-m Amt appoint
s.o. to an office; sich auf j-n

to s.o.; 2. adj. competent; qualified; Slich adj. professional; vocational.

Be'rufsjausbildung / vocational
or professional training; beratung
/vocational guidance; -Jdeidung/
work clothes pi.; ~krankheit / occupational disease; ~schule/vocational school; spieler m sports:
professional (player); Statig adj.
working; tatige Ugs] pi. working
people pi.
Be'rufung / (-/-en) appointment
(zu to); ** appeal (be? dat. to);
reference (auf acc. to); -vSgericht
n court of appeal.
be'mhen vji. (no -ge-, h):
(dat.) rest or be based on; et. auf
sich lassen let a matter rest.

beruhig|en [ba'rurigan] v/t. (no

ge-. h) quiet, calm; soothe; srch

calm down; Sung / (-/-en) calming

(down); soothing; comfort; Sungsmittel # n sedative.
beriihmt adj. [ba'ryimt] famous

(wegen for); celebrated; Sheit /

(-/-en) fame, renown; famous or
celebrated person, celebrity; person
of note.


59 -

be'riihrlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) touch

(a. fig.); touch (up)on (subject);
Sung / (-/-en) contact; touch; in
kommen mit come into contact with.

be1 sag I en v/t. (no -ge-, h) say;

mean, signify;
adj. Ukt] (afore-)
said; above(-mentioned).
besanftigen [ba'zenftigan] v/t. (no
ge-, h) appease, calm, soothe.
Be'satz m (-es/=e) trimming; braid.

Be'satzung / X occupation troops

pl'i X garrison;
* crew; smacht X / occupying power.

be'schadigfen v/t. (no -ge-, h)

damage, injure; Sung / damage,

injury (gen. to).
be'schaffen 1. v/t. (no -ge-, h)
procure; provide; raise (money);
2 adj.: gut (schlecht) ~ sein be in
good (bad) condition or state; Sheit
/(-/-en) state, condition; properties

beschaftigjen [ba'Jsftigan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) employ, occupy; keep busy;
sich ~ occupy or busy o.s.; Sung/
(-/-en) employment; occupation
be'schamlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) (put
to) shame, make 5.0. feel ashamed;
Mend adj. shameful; humiliating;
t adj. ashamed (iiber acc. of);
Sung /(-/-en) shame; humiliation.
beschatten [ba'Jatan] v/t. (no -ge-,h)
shade; . shadow s.o.. Am. si. tails.o.
be'schaujen v/t. (no -ge-, h) look at,
view; examine, inspect (goods, etc.);
lich adj. contemplative, medita-


Bescheid [ba'Jait] m (-[e]s/-e) answer; 2*2 decision; information

(iiber acc. on, about);
geben let


bekommen be informed
h/nter/assen leave

word (be? with, at);

wr ssen be
informed, know, F be in the know.
bescheiden adj. [ba'Jaidan] modest,

unassuming; Sheit / (-/wo pi.)

bescheinigjen [ba'Jamigan] vlt.
(no -ge-, h) certify, attest; den mf>fong
acknowledge receipt; es
w/rd hiermit bescheinigt, do8 this is
to certify that; Sung / (-/-en)
certification, attestation; certificate;
receipt; acknowledgement.
be'schenken v/t. (no -ge-, h): j-n
make s.o. a present; j-n mit et.
present s.o. with; j-n reichlich
shower s.o. with gifts.

be'scher|en v/t. (?io -ge-, h): j-n

give s.o. presents (esp. for Christmas); Sung / (-/-en) presentation
of gifts; F fig. mess.

be'schiefl|en vlt. (irr. schielien, no

ge-, h) fire or shoot at or on;
bombard (a. phys.), shell; Sung /

(-/-en) bombardment

be'schimpf|en vlt. (no -ge-, h)

abuse, insult; call s.o. names; Sung
/ (-/-en) abuse; insult, affront.


be'schirmen v/t. (no -ge-, h) shelter,

shield, guard, protect (vor dat.
from); defend (against).
be'schlafen v/t. (:rr. schlafen, no
ge-, h): et.
sleep on a matter,

take counsel of one's pillow.

Be'schlag m @ metal fitting(s pl.)i

turnishing(s pi.) (of door, etc.); shoe
(of wheel, etc.); (horse)shoe; jfe
seizure, confiscation; in ~ nefimen,
m/t ~ belegen seize; jf* seize, attach
(real estate, salary, etc.); confiscate
(goods, etc.); monopolize s.o.'s

be'schlagen 1. v/t. (irr. schlagen,

no -ge-, h) cover (m/t with); fit,
mount; shoe (horse); hobnail (shoe);
2 v/t. (irr. schlagen, no -ge-, h)

window, wall, etc.: steam up; mirror,

etc. cloud or film over; 3. adj.
windows, etc.: steamed-up; fig. well
versed (auf, in dat. in).

Beschlagnahme [ba'/Iarknaima] /

seizure; confiscation (of

contraband goods, etc.); 2*5 seques-

tration, distraint (of property); X

requisition (of houses etc.); embargo, detention (of ship); 2n v/t. (no
ge-, h) seize; attach (real estate);
confiscate; **z sequestrate, distrain
upon (property); X requisition;


beschleuniglen [ba'/bynigan] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) mot. accelerate; hasten,
speed up; s-e Schritte
one s steps; 2ung/(-/-en) accelera'


be'schliefien v/t. (irr. schlieBen, no


ge-, h) end, close, wind up; resolve,


Be'schlufi m decision, resolution,

Am. a. resolve; *** decree; Sfahig

adj.: sein form or have a quorum;
fassung / (passing of a) resolution.

be'schmieren v/t. (no -ge-, h)

(be)smear (with grease, etc.).
be'schmutzen vjt. (no -ge-, h) soil
(a. fig.), dirty; bespatter.
be'schneiden vlt. (irr. schneiden,
no -ge-, h) clip, cut; lop (tree); trim,
clip (hair, hedge, etc.); dress (vinestock, etc.); fig. cut down, curtail,
F slash.

besch6nig|en [bs'Jo igan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) gloss over, paUiate; 2ung/

(-/-en) gloss, palliation.

beschrank|en [ba'Jreqkan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) confine, limit, restrict. Am.
curb; sich
auf (acc.) confine
o s to; ~t fig. adj. of limited intelligence; Sung / (-/-en) limitation,


be'schreibjen v/t. (irr. schreiben,

no -ge-, h) write on (piece of paper,
etc.), cover with writing; describe,
give a description of; Sung/(-/-en)
description; account.

be'schriftjen v/t. (no -ge-, h) in-

60 -


scribe; letter; Sung / (-/-en) inscription; lettering.




(no -ge-, h) accuse (gen. of [doing]

th.), esp. tfr charge (with); Ste
[ kta] m,f(-nl-n) the accused; Sung

/ (-/-en) accusation, charge.

Be'schufi m (Beschusses/no



be'schiitzlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) protect, shelter, guard (vor dat. from);
Ser m (-s/-) protector; Sung /
(-/-en) protection
be'schwatzen v/t. (no -ge-, h) talk
s o
into (doing), coax 5.0. into
Beschwerde [ba'Jverrda] / (-/-n)
trouble; # complaint; complaint
(tiber acc. about);
(gegen to);
buch n complaints


beschwerjen [bs'Jverran] v/t. (no

ge-, h) burden (a. fig.); weight

(loose sheets, etc.); lie heavy on

(stomach); weigh on (mind, etc.);
complain (iiber acc. about,
of; be/ to); ~lich adj. troublesome.
beschwichtigen [ba'JVigtigan] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) appease, calm (down),

be'schwindeln v/t. (no -ge-, h) tell

a fib or lie; cheat, F diddle (urn out
be'schwipst F adj. tipsy.
be'schworlen v/t. (irr. schworen, no
ge-, h) take an oath on;
implore or entreat s.o.; conjure (up),
invoke (spirit); Sung / (-/-en) conjuration.
be'seelen v/t. (no -ge-, h) animate,
be'sehen v/t. (irr. sehen, no -ge-, h)
look at; inspect; s;ch et.
look at

th.; inspea

beseitig|en Ibs'zaitigan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) remove, do away with;

Sung / (-/-en) removal.

Besen ['beizan] m (-s/-)


stiel m broomstick.

besessen adj. [ba'zesan] obsessed,

possessed (von by, with); w/e

like mad; Se m, f (-n/-n) demoniac.

be'setzjen v/t. (no -ge-, h) occupy

(seat, table, etc.); fill (post, etc.);
man (orchestra); thea. cast (play);

X occupy; trim (dress, etc.); set

(crown with jewels, etc.); *,t adj.
engaged, occupied; seat: taken; F
bus, etc.: full up; hotel: full; teleph.
engaged. Am. busy; Sung / (-/-en)
thea. cast; X occupation.
besichtig|en [ba'zigtigan] v/t. (no
ge-, h) view, look over; inspect (a.
X); visit; Sung / (-/-en) sightseeing; visit (gen. to); inspection (a.
be'siedjeln v/t. (no -ge-, h) colonize,
settle; populate; Slung / (-/-en)

colonization, settlement.


be'siegeln vlt. {no -ge-, h) seal (a.

be'siegen v/t. (no -ge-, h) conquer;
defeat, beat (a. sports).

be'sinn|en v/re/L (irr. sinnen, no

ge-, h) reflect, consider; sich auf
(acc.) remember, think of; lich


61 -

you very much; sich von s-r en

Se/te zeigen be on one's best behavio(u)r; 2. adv. best; am en best;
oufs e, ens in the best way possible; zum en geben recite (poem),
tell (story), oblige with (song); j-n
zum *.en haben or ha/ten make fun

adj. reflective, contemplative.

Be'sinnung / (-Ino pi.) reflection;

consideration; consciousness; (w/eder) zur
kommen recover consciousness; fig. come to one s
senses; 2slos adj unconscious.
Be'sitz m possession; in ~ nehmen,
ergreifen von take possession of;
Sanzeigend r. adj. possessive; Sen
v/t. (irr. s/tzen, no -ge-, h) possess;
<wer m (si-) possessor, owner, proprietor; den
wechseln change
hands; ~ergreifung / taking possession (von of), occupation; tum
n (-s/=er), ung/(-/-en) possession;


property; estate.

be'sohlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) sole.

besold|en [bs'zoldan] v/t. (no -ge-,
h) pay a salary to (civilservant, etc.)',
pay (soldier); Sung / (-/-en) pay;
besonder adj'. [ba'zondar] particular, special; peculiar; separate; 2heitf (-/-en) particularity; peculiarity; ~s adv. especially, particularly; chiefly, mainly; separately.
besonnen adj'. [ba'zDnan] sensible,
considerate, level-headed; prudent;
discreet; 2heit / (-/no pi.) considerateness; prudence; discretion;
presence of mind.

be'sorglen v/t. (no -ge-, h) get (j-m

et. s.o., procure ( for s.o.);
do, manage; 2nis [ knis] / (-/-se)
apprehension, fear, anxiety, concern (iiber acc. about, at); jiiserregend adj. alarming;
Ukt] uneasy (um about); worried
(about), concerned (about); anxious
(um for, about); Sung / (-/-en) procurement; management; errand;
en mochen go shopping.

be'sprech|en v/t. (irr. sprechen, no

of s.o., F pull s.o. s leg; ich danke

ens! thank you very much!
Be'stand m (continued) existence;

continuance; stock; .if stock-in-

trade; "f cash in hand; haben be

lasting, last.
be'standig adj. constant, steady;
lasting; continual; weather', settled;
2keit / (-/-en) constancy, steadiness; continuance.

Jtants9-] / stock-taking. Am. inventory; *teil m component, constituent; element, ingredient; part.
be'starken vlt. (no -ge-, h) confirm,
suengthen, encourage (in dot. in).
bestatig|en [ba'Jteitigan] vlt. confirm (a. 2* verdict, T order); attest;
verify (statement, etc.); ratify (law,
treaty); -f acknowledge (receipt);
Sung /(-/-en) confirmation; attestation; verification; ratification;

bestatt|en [ba'Jtatan] vft. (no -ge-,

h) bury, inter; Sung/(-/-en) burial,
interment; funeral; Sungsinstitut
[ba'Jtatuqs9-] n undertakers pi.
Beste 1. n (-n/no pi.) the best
(thing); zu deinem *n in your interest; zum

n der Armen for the

benefit of the poor; das ~ daraus

machen make the best of it; 2. m,f
in s-r Klasse
(-n/-n): er ist der
he is the best in his class.

Besteck [ba'Jtek] n (-[e]s/-e) #

(case or set of) surgical instruments

pi.; (single set of) knife, fork and

spoon; (complete set of) cutlery,
Am. a. flatware.

be'stehen 1. v/t. (irr. stehen, no -ge-,

h) come off victorious in (combat,
etc.); have (adventure); stand, un-

dergo (well) (test, trial); pass (test,

examination); 2. v/i. (irr. stehen, no
ge-, h) be, exist; continue, last;
auf (dat.) insist (up)on;
aus con-

ge-, h) discuss, talk over; arrange; review (book, etc.); sich
mit confer with (Ober acc. about);

Sung / (-/-en) discussion; review;

sist of; 3. 2 n (-s/no pi.) existence;


be'spritzen vlt. (no -ge-, h) splash,


h) steal from, rob.

besser ['besar] 1. adj. better; superior; 2. adv. better; ' n v/t. (ge-, h)
(make) better, improve; reform;
sich ,v get or become better, improve, change for the better; mend

s ways; 'Sung / (-/-en) improvement; change for the better;

reform (of character);

ment, recovery; gute

a speedy recovery!

I wish you

best [best] 1. adj. best; der erste

e (just) anybody; en Dank thank

continuance; passing.
be'stehlen vlt. (irr. steh/en, no -ge-,

be'steig]en vjt. (irr. steigen, no -ge-,

h) climb (up) (mountain, tree, etc.);
mount (horse, bicycle, etc.); ascend
(throne); get into or on, board (bus,

train, plane); 2ung/ ascent; accession (to throne).

be'stelljen vlt. (no -ge-, h) order;

a place an order for; subscribe
to (newspaper, etc.); book, reserve
(room, seat, etc.); make an appointment with s.o.; send for (taxi, etc.);
cultivate, till (soil, etc.); give (mes.



62 -

sage, greetings); j-n zu sich

for s.o.; Sung/order; subscription
(to); booking, esp. Am. reservation;
S cultivation; message.
besten'falls adv. at (the) best.

betatigen [ba'teitigan] vft. (no -ge-,

be'steuerjn v/t. (no -ge-, h) tax;

Sung / taxation.

betaubjen [ba'tDvban] vjt. (no -ge-,

bestilalisch adj. [best'jailij] bestial;

brutal; inhuman; weather, etc.: F
beastly; e [Lja] / (-/-") beast; fig.
brute, beast, inhuman person.
be'stimmen (no -ge-, h) 1. v/t. determine, decide; fix (date, place,
price, etc.); appoint (date, time,
place, etc.); prescribe; define (species, word, etc.); j-n fur or zu et.
designate or intend s.o. for;
2 v/i.:
uber (acc.) dispose of.
be'stimmt 1. adj. voice, manner, etc.:
decided, determined, firm; time,
etc.: appointed, fixed; point, number. etc.: certain; answer, etc.: positive; tone, answer, intention, idea:
definite (a. gr.);
nach &
bound for; 2. adv. certainly, surely;
Sheit / (-/-en) determination, firmness; certainty.
Be'stimmung/determination; destination (of s.o. for the church, etc.);
designation, appointment (of s.o. as
successor, etc.); definition; * provision (in document); (amtliche) en
pi. (official) regulations pi.;
[b3lJtimur|sv-] m destination.
be'straflen v/t. (no -ge-, h) punish

(wegen, fiir for; mit with); Sung/

(-/-en) punishment

be'strahllen v/t. (no -ge-, h) irradiate (a. jb8<); Sung/irradiation;

ray treatment, radiotherapy.
Bc'streblen n (sjno pi.), ~ung /
(-/-en) effort endeavo(u)r.
be'streichen /r. (irr. streichen, no
ge-, h) coat, cover; spread; mit



be'streiten v/t. (irr. streiten, no

ge-. h) contest, dispute, challenge
(point, right, etc.); deny (facts, guilt,
etc.); defray (expenses, etc.); fill

be'streuen v/t. (no -ge-, h) strew,

sprinkle (mit with); mit Mehl
flour; mit Zucker sugar.
be'stiirmen v/t. (no -ge-, h) storm,
assail (a. fig.); pester, plague (s.o.
with questions, etc.).





with consternation (iiber acc. at);

Sung/(-/-en)constemation, dismay.
Besuch [bs'zuix] m (-[e]s/-e) visit
(gen., be/, in dot. to); call (be/ on;
in dat. at); attendance (gen. at)
(lecture, church, etc.); visitor(s pi.),
company; Sen v/t. (no -ge-, h) visit;
call on, go to see; attend (school,
etc.); frequent; ~er m visitor, caller;
szeit / visiting hours pi.
be'tasten v/t. (no -ge-, h) touch,
feel, finger; # palpate.

h) operate (machine, etc.); put on

apply (brake); sich als act or work
as; sich po/i'isch
dabble in poli,


h) stun (a. fig.), daze (by blow, noise,

etc.); deafen (by noise, etc.); slaughtering: stun (animal); # anaesthe-

tize; Sung /(-/-en)


an(a)esthesia; fig. stupefaction; Sungsmittel # n narcotic,
beteilig|en [ba'tailigan] vlt. (no
ge-, h): j-n
give s.o. a share (an
dat. in); sich
take part (an dat.,
bei in), participate (a. i%) (in); Ste
[~qt3] m, f (-n/-n) person or party
concerned; Sung / (-/-en) participation (a. 2%, -f), partnership;
share, interest (a. +).
beten ['bertan] vji. (ge-, h) pray (urn
for), say one's prayers; at table:

say grace

be'teuerjn v/t. (no -ge- h) protest

(one's innocence); swear (to;
that); Sung / protestation; solemn

be'titeln vjt. (no -ge-, h) entitle

(book, etc.); style (s.o. 'baron', etc.).
Beton [be'to:; be'torn] m (-s/-s;
s/-e) concrete.
be'tonen v/t. (no -ge-, h) stress; fig.
a emphasize.
betonieren [beto'nirran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) concrete.
Be'tonung / (-/-en) stress; empha-


betdrjen [ba'toiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

dazzle; infatuate, bewitch; Sung/
(-/-en) infatuation
Betracht [ba'traxt] m (-[e]s/no pi.):
ziehen take into consideration;
(nicht) in
kommen (not to) come
into question; Sen vjt. (no -ge-, h)
view; contemplate; fig. a. con.


betrachtlich adj. [bs'trEQtli?] considerable.

Be'trachtung / (-/-en) view; contemplation; consideration.

amount, sum; Sen Ugan] 1. vft.
(irr. tragen, no -ge-, h) amount to;
2 v/refl. (irr. tragen. no -ge-, h)
behave (o.s.); 3. S n (-s/wo pi.) behaviour, conduct.
be'trauen v/t. (no -ge-, h): j-n mit
et. entrust or charge s.o. with
be'trauem v/t. (no -ge-, h) mourn

(for, over).

Betreff [ba'tref] m (-[e]s/-e) at head

of letter: reference; Sen v}t. (irr.
treffen, no -ge-y h) befall; refer to;
concern; was ... betrifft as for, as
to; Send adj. concerning; das
Geschoft the business referred to
or in question; Ss prp. (gen.) concerning; as to.


be'treiben 1. vft. (Jrr. tre/ben, no

ge-, h) carry on (business, etc.);

pursue (one s studies); operate (rai7toay line, etc.); 2. 2 n (s/no pi.):
auf von at or by s.o. s instigation.
be'treten 1. vjt. (irr. treten, no -ge-,
h) step on; enter (room, etc.); 2. adj.

beugjen ['borgan] v/t. (ge-, h) bend,

bow; . humble, break (pride); gr.


inflect (word), decline (noun, adjective); sich , bend (vor dat. to), bow


embarrassed, abashed.

betreujen [ba'trovan] vjt. (no -ge-,

h) look after; attend to; care for;

Sung / (-/no pi.) care (gen. of, for).

Betrieb [ba'tritp] m (-[e]s/-e) working, running, esp. Am. operation;
business, firm, enterprise; plant,
works 5.; workshop. Am. a. shop;
fig. busde; in working; sam adj.

(to); 'Sung / (-/-en) bending; gr.

inflection, declension.

Beule ['boYla] / (-/-n) bump, swelling; boil; on metal, etc.: dent.

beunruhig|en [ba'unruugan] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) disturb, trouble, disquiet, alarm; sich
uber (acc.) be
vmeasy about, worry about; Sung /
(-/no pi ) disturbance; alarm; un.



ticate; Sung / (-/-en) attestation,



instructions pi.; ausflug m firm's

outing; ferien pi. (firm s, works)
holiday; fiihrer m s. Betr/ebs/e/ter; -kapital n working capital;
kosten pi. working expenses pi.,
Am. operating costs pi. leiter m
(works) manager, superintendent;

certification, authentication.

beurlaub|en [ba'utrlauban] v/t. (no


ge-, h) give or grant 5.0. leave (of

absence); give 5.0. time off; sus-

pend (civil servant, etc.); Sung /

(-/-en) leave (of absence); suspen-


jeitung / management;


rial n working materials pi.;

rolling stock; rat m works council;
Ssicher adj. safe to operate; foolproof; stoning / breakdown;
unfall m industrial accident, acci-


beurteiljen [ba'urtailan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) judge (nach by); Sung /

(-/-en) judg(e)ment
Beute ['borta] / (-/no pi.) booty,
spoil(s pi.); loot; prey; hunt, bag;
fig. prey, victim (gen. to).
Beutel ['boYtal] m (-s/-) bag; purse;

dent while at work.



be'triiben v/t. (no -ge-, h) grieve,


Be'trug m cheat(ing); fraud (a. jij);


be'triiglen vft. (irr. trugen, no -ge-,

h) deceive; cheat (a. at games); defraud; F skin; 2er m (-s/-) cheat,
deceiver, impostor, confidence man,
swindler, trickster;
erisch adj.
deceitful, fraudulent.

be'trunken adj. drunken; pred.

drunk; e m (-n/-n) drunk(en man).
Bett [bet] n (-[e]s/-en) bed; ' bezug
m plumeau case; Ldecke/blanket;
bedspread, coverlet.

Bettellbrief ['betal-] m begging

letter; ei U'lai] / (-/-en) begging,

mendicancy; 'Sn vji. (ge-, h) beg

(urn for);
gehen go begging;
stab m: an den bringen reduce to
Bettjgestell n bedstead; Slagerig
adj. [' lergari?] bedridden, confined to bed. Am. a. bedfast;
laken n sheet.

Bettler ['betbr] m (-s/-) beggar,

Am. si. panhandler.
Bettliiberzug m plumeau case;
uch ['bettu:x] n sheet; ' vorleger
m bedside rug; ' wasche / bedlinen; ' zeug n bedding.
be'tupfen v/t. (no -ge-, h) dab.


Beutezug m plundering expedition.

bevolkerln [ba'fcelkam] v/t. (no
ge-, h) people, populate; Sung /

(-/-en) population

bevollmachtig]en [ba'folmegtigan]
v/t. (no -ge-, h) authorize, empower;
Ste Ufta] m,/(-n/-n)authorized person or agent, deputy; pol. plenipotentiary; Sung / (-/-en) authorization.

be'vor cj. before.

bevormund|en /fe. [ba'forrmimdan]
v/t. (no -ge-, h) patronize, keep in
tutelage; Sung ig. f (-/-en) patronizing, tutelage.
be'vorstehen v/i. (irr. steben, sep.,
ge-, h) be approaching, be near;
crisis, etc.: be imminent; j-m
in store for s.o., await s.o.; *,d adj.
approaching; imminent.

be'trinken vlrefl. (irr. trinken, no

ge-, h) get drunk.
betroffen adj. [ba'trofan] afflicted
(von by), stricken (with); fig. dis-


[ba'uirkundan] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) attest, certify, authen-

active; industrious.



63 -

bevorzugjen [ba'foirtsuigan] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) prefer; favo(u)r; &

privilege; Sung/(-/-en) preference.
be'wach|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) guard,
watch; Sung /(-/-en) guard; escort.
bewaffn|en [ba'vafnan] v/t. (no
ge-, h) arm; Sung / (-/-en) arma-

ment; arms pi.

be'wahren v/t. (no -ge-, h) keep,

preserve (mst fig.: secret, silence,
be'wahren v/refl. (no -ge-, h) stand
the test, prove a success; s/ch
prove o.s. (as) (a good teacher, etc.);
sich in prove o.s. efficient in (one s
profession, etc.); sich nicht

a failure.


be'wahrheiten v/refl. (no -ge-, h)

prove (to be) true; prophecy, etc.:
come true.

be'wahrt adj. friend, etc.: tried;

solicitor, etc.: experienced; friendship, etc.: long-standing; remedy,
etc.: proved, proven.

ten der


probation; in Zei-

in times of trial; s. be-

sfrist 2% / probation.

bewaldet adj. [ba'valdat] wooded,

woody. Am. a. timbered.

bewaltigen tba'veltigan] vjt. (no

ge-, h) overcome (obstacle); master
(difficulty); accomplish (task).
be'wandert adj. (well) versed (in
dat. in), proficient (in); in e-m Fach
sein have a thorough knowledge of a subject.

64 -


be'wirken v/t. (no -ge-, h) cause;

bring about, effect.

be'wirtlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) entertain;

schaften v/t. (no -ge-, h) farm
(land); f cultivate (field); manage
(farm, etc.); ration (food, etc.); control (foreign exchange, etc.); Sung/
(-/-en) entertainment; hospitality
bewog [ba'voik] pret. of bewegen1;
en [ba'vorgan] p.p. of bewegen1.
be'wohnlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) inhabit,
live in; occupy; Ser m (s/-) inhab~

itant; occupant.

bew61k|en [ba'voelkan] v/refl. (no

ge-, h) sky: cloud up or over; brow:
cloud over, darken; ~t adj. sky:
clouded, cloudy, overcast; brow:
clouded, darkened; Sung/ (-/no pi.)
clouds pi.

be'wasserln v/t. (no -ge-, h) water

be'wunderln v/t. (no -ge-, h) admire

(garden, lawn, etc.); irrigate (land,

etc.); Sung / (-/-en) watering; irri-

(wegen for); ~nswert adj. admirable; Sung / (-/-en) admiration.

bewufit adj. [ba'vust] deliberate, in-


bewegen1 [ba'vergan] v/t. (irr., no


ge-, h): j-n ~ zu induce or get s.o.

sein be

conscious or aware of; die

Sache the matter in question; ~los


beweg|en2 U] v/t. and v/refl. (no

ge-, h) move, stir; Sgrund [ k-] m
motive (gen., fur for); lich adj.
Uk-] movable; p., mind, etc.: agile,
versatile; active; Slichkeit [Jc-] /
(-/no pi ) mobility; agility, versatility;
adj. Ukt] sea: rough, heavy;
fig. moved, touched; voice: choked,
trembling; life: eventful; times,
etc.: stirring, stormy; 2ung/(-/-en)
movement; motion (a. phys.); fig.
emotion; in setzen set going or in
motion; ~ungslos adj. motionless,


be'weinen v/t. (no -ge-, h) weep or

cry over; lament (for, over).
Beweis [ba'vais] m (-es/-e) proof
(fur of); (e pi.) evidence (esp. j );

Sen [ zan] v/t. (irr. weisen, no -ge-,

h) prove; show (interest, etc.);
fiihrung/argumentation; grund
m argument;
material evidence; stiick n (piece of) evidence;
2% exhibit.
[leave it at that.)
be'wenden vb.: es dabei ~ lassenf

be'werblen v/refl. (irr. werben, no

ge-, h): sicb ~ urn apply for. Am.
run for; stand for; compete for
(prize); court (woman); Ser m (-$/-)
applicant (um for); candidate; com-

petitor; suitor; Sung/application;

candidature; competition; courtship; Sungsschreiben n (letter of)

bewerkstelligen [ba'verk/tsligsn]
v/t. (no -ge-, h) manage, effect,
bring about.

be'wert|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) value

(auf acc. at; nach by); Sung/valuation.

bewillig|en [ba'viligan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) grant, allow; Sung/(-/-en)
grant, allowance.

tentional; sich e-r Sache

adj. unconscious; Ssein n (-s/nopl.)


be'zahllen (no -ge-, h) 1. v/t. pay;

pay for ( purchased); pay off,
settle (debt); 2. v/i. pay (fur for);
Sung / payment; settlement.
be'zahmen v/t. (no -ge-, h) tame
(animal); restrain (one's anger, etc.);
sich control or restrain o.s.

be'zauberjn v/t. (no -ge-, h) bewitch, enchant (a. fig.); fig. charm,
fascinate; Sung / (-/-en) enchantment, spell; fascination.

be'zeichnlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) mark;

describe (als as), call; ~end adj.
characteristic, typical (fiir of); Sung
/ indication (of direction, etc.);
mark, sign, symbol; name, designation, denomination.

be'zeugen v/t. (no -ge-, h) jfe testify

to, bear witness to (both a. fig.);

be'ziehlen v/t. (irr. ziehen, no -ge-,

h) cover (upholstered furniture, etc.);
put cover on (cushion, etc.); move
into (flat, etc.); enter (university);
draw (salary, pension, etc.); get, be
supplied with (goods); take in
(newspaper, etc.); sich ~ sky: cloud
over; sich ~ auf (acc.) refer to; Ser
tn (-s/-) subscriber (gen. to).
Be'ziehung/relation (zu et. to;
zu j-m with s.o.); connexion, (Am.
only) connection (zu with); in dieser in this respect; Ssweise adv.
respectively; or rather.

Bezirk [ba'tsirk] m (-[e]s/-e) district, Am. a. precinct; s. Wahlbezirk.

Bezogene -f [ba'tsoigana] m (-n/-n)


Bezug [ba'tsuik] m cover(ing), case;

purchase (of goods); subscription


(w netsspaper); in
auf (arc.) with
regard or reference to, as to; ~ nehmen auf (acc.) refer to, make reference to.

beziiglich [ba'tsyddic] 1. adj. relative, relating {both: auf acc. to);

2 trrp. {gen.) regarding, concerning.
Be'zugsbedingungen flpl. terms
pi. of delivery.
be'zwecken vjt. {no -ge-, h) aim at;

bilden ['bildan] c/r. (ge-, h) form;

shape; fig.: educate, train {s.o.,
mind, etc.); develop {mind, etc.);
form, be, constitute {obstacle, etc.);
form; fig. educate o.s., improve one s mind; sich e-e Meinung _ form an opinion'

m/'t intend by.

be'zweifeln vjt. {no -ge-, h) doubt,


be'zwingjen vlt. {irr. zwingen, no

ge-, h) conquer {fortress, mountain,





difficulty, etc.); sich keep o.s. under control, restrain o.s.; Sung /
{-I-en) conquest; mastering
Bibel ['bubal] /(-/-n) Bible.

Biber zo. ['bizbsrj m (-s/-) beaver.

Bibliothek [bibUo'teA] / (-/-en)
library; ar Ue'ka;r] m (-s/-e)

bibUsch adj. ['birbUn biblical,

scriptural; ~e Geschichte Scripture.
bieder adj. ['bi:d3r] honest, upright,
worthy {a.iro.); simple-minded; '2
keit / (-/no pi.) honesty, uprightness; simple-mindedness.
biegjen f'biigan] {irr., ge-) 1. vlt.
{h) bend; 2. v/refl. (h) bend; sich vor
Lachen double up with laughter; 3.
c/j. (se/ n): um e-e cke turn (round)
a comer; sam aJ;. [ biizaan]
cn rc, etc.: flexible; body: lithe, supple; pliant (a. fig.); Ssamlceit /
{-!no pi ) flexibility; suppleness;
pliability; 'Sung / (-/-en) bend,
wind {of road, river); curve {of road,





Bilderjbuch ['bildar-J n picturebook; ' galerie / picture-gallery;


ratsel n rebus.

Bildiflache /: F auf der erscheinen appear on the scene; F von dec

verschwinden disappear (from the

scene); '..funk m radio picture
transmission; television; ' hauer
m {-si-) sculptor; hauerei U rai]
/ (-/-en) sculpture; 'Slich adj. pictorial; tcord, etc.: figurative; 'nis
n {-sesj-se) portrait; rohre / picture or television tube; ' saule /
statue; ' schirm m (television)
screen; 'S chon adj. most beautiful; ' seite / face, head {of coin);
streifen m picture or film strip;
telegraphie / {-/no pi.) phototelegraphy.
Bildung / (-/-en) forming, formation {both a. gr.: of plural, etc.);
constitution {of committee, etc.);
education; culture; (good) breed'


[sg.; billiard-table.\
Billard ['bUjart] n (-s/-e) billiards/
biliig adj. ['bilig] just, equitable;
fair; price: reasonable, moderate;
goods: cheap, inexpensive; recht
und * right and proper; en t' flsn]
v/t. (ge-, h) approve of. Am. a. approbate; 'Skeit f{-}no pi.) justness,
equity; fairness: reasonableness,
moderateness; Sting [ gur)] f

(-/S-en) approval sanction.


Biene zo. ['bima] / (-/-n) bee; ' nkonigin / queen bee; 'jikorb m
(bee)hive; ' nschwarm m swarm
of bees; ' nstock m (bee)hive; n
zucht / bee-keeping;
m bee-keeper.
Bier [biu:] n (-[e]s/-e) beer; he//es
pale beer, ale; dunkles dark beer;
stout, porter;
vom FaB beer on
draught; '..brauer m brewer;
brauerei / brewery; ' garten m
beer-garden; ' krug m beer-mug,


Binde ['binds] / (-/-n) band; tie;

# bandage; (arm-)sling; s. Damenbinde; ' gewebe anat. n connective tissue; ' glied n connecting
link; ' haut anat. f conjunctiva;
/ conjunctivitis; '2n (irr., ge-, h) 1. v/t. bind,
tie (an acc. to); bind {book, etc.);
make {broom, vrreath, etc.); knot
(rie); sich
bind ar commit or engage o.s.; 2. vfi. bind; unite;
cement, etc.: set, harden; ' strich

m hyphen;

Am. stein.

Biest fbirst] n (-es/-er) beast, brute.

bieten ['binsn] (irr., ge-, h) 1. vjt.

B innenverkehr

65 -




wort gr. n (-[e]s =er)

Bindfaden ['bint-] m string; packthread.

at auction sale: bid; sich

opportunity, etc.: offer itself, arise,

occur; 2.
vfi. at auction sale: bid.
Bigamie [bi:ga,mi:J/(-/-n) bigamy.
Bilanz [bi'lants] / (-/-en) balance;
balance-sheet. Am. a. statement;
fig. result, outcome; die
strike a balance; fig. take stock {of
one s life, etc.).
Bild [bilt] n (-[e]s/-er) picture; image; illustration; portrait; /zg. idea,
notion; ' bericht m press: picture



Bindung / (-/-en) binding (a. of

ski); $ slur, tie, ligature; fig. commitment (a. pol.); engagement; -~en
pi. bonds pi., ties pi.

binnen prp. {dat., a. gen.) ['binan]


kurzem before long.

gewasser n inland water;
hafen m close port; ' handel m



domestic or home trade. Am. do-

mestic commerce;


land n inland,

interior; '*verkehr m inland traffic

or transport.


['binza] / (-/-n) rush; F: in
die ~n gehen go to pot; ' .nwahrheit /, ' nweisheit / truism.
Biochemie [bioge'mi:] / (-/no pi.)


[biogra'fi:] / (-/-n)

biography; 2isch adj. U'gratfiJ]


Biolog|ie [biolo'gi:] / (-/no pi.)

biology; isch adj. U'loigiJ] biological.


fbirkaJ/C-Z-n) birch(-tree).

Birne f'bima] / (-/-n)

swell out (sails); sich

sails: belly
(out), swell out; sfo'rr: balloon out;
2 & v/i. cause flatulence; Lend &
adj. flatulent; Sung # / (-/-en)


flatulence, F wind.

Blam|age [bla'maisa] / (-/-n) disgrace, shame; Sieren [Jmiiran]

v/t. (no -ge-, h) make a fool of s.o.,
disgrace; sich
make a fool of o.s.
blank adj. [blaqk] shining, shiny,
bright; polished; F fig. broke.

blanko "f ['blaqko] 1. adj. form, etc.:


blank, not filled in; in blank; 2. adv.:

verkaufen stock exchange: sell

(electric) bulb; fig. $1. nob. Am.


bis [bis] 1. prp. (ace.) space: to, as

far as; time: till, until, by; zwei

full power of attorney, carte blanche.

dre; two or three, two to three;


auf we/ teres until further orders,

Blaschen #

count up to four; alle ~ auf dre/

all but or except three; 2. cj. till,

Bisamratte zo. ['biizam-] / muskrat.

Bischof ['bijaf] m (-s/=e) bishop.

bischoflich adj. ['bifeflig] episcopal.
bisher adv. [bis'heir] hitherto, up
to now, so far; ~ig adj. until now;
hitherto existing; former.
Bifi [bis] 1. m (BissesJBisse) bite;
2 2 pret. of be/Gen.
bifichen ['bis an] 1. adj.: ein
little, a (little) bit of; 2. adv.: ein
a little (bit).
Bissen ['bisan] m (si-) mouthful;

ware of the dog!

Bistum ['bistuim] n (-s/er) bishopric, diocese.
bisweilen adv. [bis'vaibn] sometimes, at times, now and then.

Bitte fbita] / (-/-n) request (um

for); entreaty; auf j-s
(hin) at
s request.


bitten O'rr., ge-, h) 1. v/t.: j-n um

ask or beg s.o. for; j-n
um Entschuldigung
beg s.o. s
pardon; dtirfte ich Sie um Feuer
may I trouble you for a light?;
bitte please; (w/e) bitte? (I beg
your) pardon?; bittel offering
(please,) help yourself, (please,) do

take some or one; danke (schon) -

bitte (sehr)! thank you - not at all,

re welcome, don t mention it,
F that's all right; 2. v/i.: um et.
ask or beg for
bitter adj. fbitar] bitter (a. fig.);
frost: sharp; 'fikeit/(-/-en) bitterness; fig. a. acrimony; 'Jtfch adv.

Bittlgang eccl. m procession; '


schrift / petition;
(si-) petitioner.




blafi adj. [bias] pale (vor dat. with);

werden turn pale; keine blasse
Ahnung not the faintest idea.
Blasse ['blesa] / (-/no pi.) paleness.
Blatt [blat] n (-[e]s/=er) leaf (of book,
%); petal (of flower); leaf, sheet (of
paper); J" sheet; blade (of oar, saw,

airscrew, etc.); sheet (of metal);

bissig adj. biting (a. fig.); remark:

cutting; Achtung, er Hundl be-


Blase fblaiza] / (-/-n) bubble;

blister (a. &); anat. bladder; bleb
(in glass); flaw; Lbalg m (ein
a pair of) bellows pi.; Sn (irr., ge-,
h) 1. vft. blow; blow, sound; play
(wind-instrument); 2. vji. blow.
Bias | instrument i ['blais-l n
wind-instrument; 'Jkapelle / brass

morsel; bite.



vesicle, small bhster.

for the meantime; ~ v/'er zahlen



Sscheck m blank cheque,

Am. blank check; 'Sunterschrift /
blank signature; 'Svollmacht /




66 -



blah|en ['bleran] (ge-, h) 1. vlt. inflate, distend, swell out; belly (out),

cards: hand; (news)paper.

Blattern # ['blatam] pi. smallpox.
blattern ['bletam] v/i. (ge-, h): in
e-m Such
leaf through a book,
thumb a book.

Blattemarb|e / pock-mark; '2ig

adj. pock-marked.
Blatterteig m puff paste.
Blatt|gold n gold-leaf, gold-foil;
Llaus zo.f plant-louse; '~pflanze/
foliage plant.
blau [blau] 1. adj. blue; Ffig. drunk,
tight, boozy; er Fleck bruise; ,es
Auge black eye; mit e-m ,en >Auge
dovon/commen get off cheaply; 2. 2
n (s/no pi.) blue (colo[u]r); Fahrt
ins ~e mystery tour.
blauen ['bbvan] v/t. (ge-, h) (dye)/
blaulgrau adj. bluish grey; '2jacke -tfr / bluejacket, sailor.
blaulich adj. bluish.



/ (-[no pi.) hydro-

cyanic or prussic acid.

Blech [ble?] n (-[e]s/-e) sheet metal;
metal sheet, plate; F fig. balderdash,
rubbish. Am. si. a. baloney;

biichse / tin. Am. can; '2ern adj.

(of) tin; sound: brassy; sound, voice:
tinny; '~musik / brass-band music; Lwaren flpl. tinware.
Blei [blai] (-[e]s/-e) 1. n lead; 2. F n,
m (lead) pencil.



67 -

bleiben ['blaiban] vji. (irr., ge-,

se/n) remain, stay; be left; ruhig
keep calm; . be/ keep to, stick
to b/tte bleiben S/e am Apparat teleph. hold the line, please;
adj. lasting, permanent; Classen
vlt. (irr. lassen, sep., no -ge-, h)

flash; '2er mot. m (si-) flashing

indicator; 'euer n flashing light.
blinzeln ['blintssln] vli. (ge-, h)

leave alone; laB das bleiben I

blitzt it is lightening; '-gesprach

teleph. n special priority call;
lichtphot. n flash-light; '2'schnell
adv. vtixh lightning speed;
strahl m flash of lightning.
Block [bbk] m 1. (-[e]s/=e) block;
slab (of cooking chocolate); block,
log (of wood); ingot (of metal);
parl., pol.,
bloc; 2. (-[e]s/=e, -s)
block (of houses); pad, block (of
paper); _ade X, & [Jkcnds] /

don't do it!; leave it alone!; stop

that (noise, etc.)1.

bleich adj. [blai?] pale (vor dat.

with); ' en (ge-) 1. vlt. (h) make
pale; bleach; blanch; 2. vfi. (irr.,
se/n) bleach; lose coloCvOr, fade;
siichtig # adj. chlorotic green~


bleiem adj. (of) lead, leaden (a.fig.).


Bleilrohr n lead pipe; ' soldat m

tlft m (lead) pencil;
stifthiilse / pencil cap; ' stiftspitzer m (si-) pencil-sharpener;
f lead-poisoning.
Blendje ['blsnds] / (-/-n) phot, diaphragm, stop; A blind or sham
window; "Sen (ge-, h) 1. v/t. blind;
dazzle (both a. fig.); 2. vfi. light:
dazzle the eyes; J at erne ['blent-]
/ dark lantern.
blicb [blic] pret. of bleichen 2.
Blick [blik] m (-[e]s/-e) glance,
look; view (auf acc. of); auf den
at first sight; ein bcser
an evil or angry look; Sen v/i. (ge-,
h) look, glance (auf acc, nach at);
fang m eye-catcher.
blieb [bli:p] pret. of bleiben.
blies [bli:s] pret. of blasen.
blind adj. [blint] blind (a. fig.: gegen, fur to; vor dat. with); metal:
dull, tarnished; trindcno: opaque
(with age, dirt); mirror: clouded,
dull; cartridge: blank; er Alarm
false alarm;
er Passagier stowaway; auf e-m Auge blind in one

tin soldier;

blink (ar light, etc.); wink.

Blitz [blits] m (-esl-e) lightning;
ableiter m (si-) lightning-con-

ductor; 'Sen v/i. (ge-, h) flash; es

adebrecher m
(-l-n) blockade;
(-s/-) blockade-runner; ' haus n


log cabin; Sieren U'kirran] (no

fe-j h) 1. v/t. block (up); lock
(wheel); 2. v/i. brakes, etc.: jam.
blod adj. [bloit], ~e adj. V da]
imbecile; stupid, dull; silly; 'Sheit
/ (-/-en) imbecility; stupidity, dullness; silliness; 'Ssinn m imbecility;
rubbish, nonsense;
sinnig adj.
imbecile; idiotic, stupid, foolish.
bloken ['blorkan] v/i. (ge-, h) sheep,


calf: bleat.




Blinddarm anat. m blind gut; appendix; entziindung #/appen'


Blinde ['blinds] (-n/-n) 1. m blind

man; 2. / blind woman; nanstalt
['blindsn'-] / institute for the

' nheim n home for the

blind; ' nhund m guide dog. Am.

seeing-eye dog; ' nschrift /




blofi [blo:s] 1. adj. bare, naked;



e Worte mere words; mit

en Auge wahrnehmbar visible

to the naked eye; 2. adv. only,

merely, simply, just.
Blofie ['blaisa] / (-/-n) bareness,
nakedness; fig. weak point or spot;

sich e-e ~ geben give o.s. away; lay

o s.

open to attack; fce/ne ~ bieten

be invulnerable.

blofillegen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) lay

bate, expose; ' stellen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) expose, compromise, unmask; sich
compromise o.s.

bliihen ['] v/i. (ge-, h) blossom, flower, bloom; fig. flourish,

thrive, prosper; Y boom.
Blume ['bluima] / (-l-n) flower;
wine: bouquet; beer: froth.
Blumenlbeet n flower-bed;
blatt n petal; 'chandler m florist;
straufi m bouquet or bunch of
flowers; ' topf m flowerpot;


blindjfliegen 2? (irr. fliegen, sep.,

ge-) v/t. (h) and v/i. (se/n) fly blind
or on instruments; Sflug Sg* m
blind flying or flight; 'Sganger m
M blind shell, dud; F fig. washout;
heit/ (-(no pi.) blindness; clings
adv. [ Jiijs] blindly; at random;
Sschleiche zo. f (-l-n) slow-worm,
blind-worm; ' schreiben v/t. and
vji. (irr. schreiben, sep., -ge-, h)





blink[en ['blirjkan] vfi. (ge-, h) star,

light: twinkle; metal, leather, glass,
etc.: shine; signal (with lamps),





zucht / floriculture.
Bluse fbluiza] / (-/-n) blouse.
Blut [blurt] n (-[e]slno pi.) blood;
n, vergieBen shed blood; boses




' an-

drang # m congestion; 'Sarm adj.

bloodless, # an(a)emic; ' armut
/ an(a)emia; '..bad n carnage,
massacre; '~bank
f blood bank;
blase /blood blister; ' druck m

blood pressure; Sdiirstig adj.

[ '-.dyrstic] bloodthirsty.
Bliite fblyita] / (-l-n) blossom,


bloom, flower;

esp. fig.

prime, heyday {of life).

68 -


paper); 'Sformig adj. arched;


gang A tn arcade; ' .lampe # f

arc-lamp; Lschiitze m archer

Blutegel ['bluu'eigal] m (-s/-) leech.

bluten vji. (ge-, h) bleed (ous


bleed at the

Bohle ['borb] / (-/-n) thick plank,

Blutergufi # ['bluit?-] m effusion

Bohne ['botna] / (-/-n) bean; grilne

pi. French beans pi.. Am. string

from); ous der Nose



of blood.

Bliitezeit / flowering period or

time; fig. a. prime, heyday.
BlutlgefaB anat. n blood-vessel;
gerinnsel # [' garinzal] n (-s/-)
clot of blood; ' gruppe / blood
group; ' hund zo. m bloodhound.
blutig adj. bloody, blood-stained;
es /st me/n

beans pi.; weilie ~n pi. haricot beans

pi.; F blaue n pi. bullets pi.; ' nstange / beanpole (a. F fig.).
bohnern ['bomarn] v/t. (ge-, h)
polish (floor, etc.), (bees)wax (floor).

bohrjen f'borran] (ge-, h) 1. v/t.

bore, drill (hole); sink, bore (well,

er Ernst I am dead

serious; er Anfanger mere beginner, F greenhorn.

Blut|k6rperchen ['bluttkcerpargan]
n (s/-) blood corpuscle; Lkreislauf m (blood) circulation; ' lache
/ pool of blood; 'Sleer adj., 'Slos
adj. bloodless; ' probe / blood
test; ' rache / blood feud or revenge or vengeance, vendetta; '2'
rot adj. blood-red; crimson;Sriinstig adj. [' rynstic] bloodthirsty;
bloody; ' schande / incest;
spender m blood-donor; '2stillend
adj. blood-sta(u)nching; ' sturz &
m h(a)emorrhage; '2sverwandt
adj. related by blood (m/t to); ' sverwandtschaft / blood-relationship, consanguinity; ' iibertragung / blood-transfusion; ' ung /
(-/-en) bleeding
Sunterlaufen adj. eye: bloodshot;
vergiefien n bloodshed;
vergiftung / blood-poisoning.
Bo [bo] / (-/-en) gust, squall.
Bock [bok] m (-[ejs/ e) deer, hare,
rabbit: buck; he-goat, F billy-goat;
sheep: ram; gymnastics: buck; e-n


shaft); bore, cut, drive (tunnel, etc.);

2 v/i. drill (a. dentistry); bore; 'Ser

m (-si-) borer, drill.


boig adj. squally, gusty;

Boje ['bocja] / (-/-n) buoy.
Bollwerk X ['bolverk] n bastion,
bulwark (a. fig.).
Bolzen ['boltsan] m (-s/-) bolt.
Bombard I ement [bombarda'ma:]
n (sj-s) bombardment; bombing;
shelling; Sieren U'di:ran] vjt. (no
ge-, h) bomb; shell; bombard (a.


Bombe ['bomba] / (-/-n) bomb; ?.

bomb-shell; '2nsicher adj. bombproof; F g. dead sure; Lnschaden

m bomb damage;



m (-s/-)


Bon 'f' [bo:] m (-s/-s) coupon; voucher; credit note.

Bonbon [bo'bo:] m, n (-s/-s) sweet

(-meat) bon-bon, F goody. Am.

Bonze F ['bontsa] m (-n/-n) bigwig,

Am. a. big shot.
Boot [bo:t] n (-[e]s/-e) boat; '~shaus
n boat-house; ' smann m C-[e]s/
8oots/eute) boatswain.

schielien commit a blunder, si.

commit a bloomer; den ~ zum

Bord [bort] (-[e]s/-e) 1. n shelf;

Gartner machen set the fox to keep

the geese; 'Sen v/i. (ge-, h) horse:
buck; child: sulk; p. be obstinate or
refractory; mot. move jerkily. Am.
F a. buck; 'Sig adj. stubborn, obstinate, pigheaded; ' sprung m
leap-frog; gymnastics: vault over
the buck; Bockspriinge machen

(ship, aircraft, etc.); Uber

overboard; von
gehen go ashore;
m wireless or radio
operator; ' stein m kerb. Am. curb.
borgen ['borgan] v/t. (ge-, b) borrow
(von, bei from, of); lend. Am. a.
loan (/-m et. to s.o.).
Borke [lbDrka]/(-/-n) bark (of tree).
borniert adj. [bor'nhrt] narrowminded, of restricted intelligence.
Borsalbe ['borr-] / boracic oint-

caper, cut capers.

Boden ['boidan] m (-s/-) ground;

S soil; bottom; floor; loft; ' kammer / garret, attic; 'filos adj.
bottomless; fig. enormous; unheard-of; ' personal * n groimd
personnel or staff. Am. groimd
crew; ' reform / land reform;
satz m grounds pi., sediment;
schatze ['..Jetsa] m/pl. mineral
resources/)/.; 'Sstandig adj.native,
bog [bo:k] pret. of biegen.
Bogen ['borgan] m (-s/-, .*) bow,
bend, curve;
arc; & arch; skiing: turn; skating: curve; sheet (0/

m: an

on board, aboard


Borse f'bcerza] / (-/-n) purse; t


money-market; ' nbericht m market report; 'Snfahig adj. stock:
negotiable on the stock exchange;
nkurs m quotation; ' nmakler
m stock-broker; ' nnotierung /
(official, stock exchange) quotation; ' npapiere n/pl. listed securities pi.; ' nspekulant m stockjobber; ' nzeitung / financial


or stigmatize s.o.; ' mauer / fire

(-proof) wall; ' schaden m damage
caused by or loss suffered by fire;
Sschatzen v\t. {ge-, h) lay {town)
under contribution; sack, pillage;
statte /, Lstelle / scene of fire;
stifter m incendiary. Am. F a.

Borst|e ['borsts] / (-/-n) bristle {of

hog or brush, etc.); 'fiig adj. bristly.
Borte ['borts] / (-/-n) border {of
carpet, etc.); braid, lace.
bosartlg adj. malicious, vicious;
malignant; 'Skeit / (-/-en) viciousness; & malignity.
Boschung ['boejui}] / (-/-en) slope;
embankment {of railway); bank
{of river).
bose ['beiza] 1. adj. bad, evil, wicked ; malevolent, spiteful; angry (iiber
acc. at, about; auf j-n with s.o.);
er me/nt es nicht ~ he means no

harm; 2. 2 n {-njno pi.) evil; Swicht

[ vi t] m (-[e]s/-er, -e) villain,


bos | haft adj. ['borshaft] wicked;

spiteful; malicious; Sheit/(-/-en)

wickedness; malice; spite.


boswillig adj. malevolent;

malice prepense; es Verlassen
wilful desertion; 'fikeit/
(-/-en) malevolence
bot [bo:t] pret. of bieten.
Botan|ik [bo'tarnik] / {-[no pi.)
botany; ..iker m (-s/-) botanist;
2isch adj. botanical.
Bote ['boits] m (-n/-n) messenger;
ngang m errand; Botenfonfe

machen run errands.


Botschaft / (-/-en) message; pol.

embassy; ' er m (-s/-) ambassador;
in British Commontoealth countries:

High Commissioner.
Bottich ['botic] m (-[e]s/-e) tub;
wash-tub; brewing: tun. vat.
Bouillon [bu'ljo:] / (-/-s) beef tea.
Bowie ['bo s] / (-/-n) vessel: bowl;
cold drink consisting of fruit, hock
and champagne or soda-water: appr.
box|en ['boksan] 1. vli. (jge-, h) box;
2 v/t. (ge-, h) punch s.o.; 3. 2 n
{-sfnopl ) boxing; pugilism; er m
(-s/-) boxer; pugilist; Shandschuh
m boxing-glove; 'Skampf m boxing-match, bout, fight;
sport m
Boykott [boY'kot] (-[e]s/-e) boycott;
2ieren U'tiiran] v/t. {no -ge-, h)



69 -

firebug; ' stiftung / arson;


[Lduri] / (-/-en) surf, surge, breakers pi.; ' wache / fire-watch;

wunde / bum; scald; ' zeichen
n brand.

brannte ['branta] pret. of brennen.

Branntwein ['brantvam] m brandy,
spirits pi.; whisk(e)y; gin; ' brennerei / distillery.
braten ['bra-.tsn] 1. v/t. {irr., ge-, h)
in oven: roast; grill; in frying-pan:
fry; bake {apple); am SpieB
on a spit, barbecue; 2. v/i. {irr.,
ge-, h) roast; grill; fry; in der Sonne
p. roast or grill in the sun; 3.2 m
{-si-) roast (meat); joint; '2fett n
dripping; '2soCe / gravy.
Bratlfisch m fried fish; ' hering
m grilled herring; ' huhn n roast
chicken; ' kartoffeln pi. fried
potatoes pi.; '..ofen m (kitchen)
oven; ' pfanne/frying-pan. Am. a.
skillet; ' rohre f s. Bratofen.
Branch [braux] m (-[e]s/=e) custom,
usage; use, habit; practice; '2bar
adj. p., thing: useful; p. capable,
able; thing: serviceable; '2en (h)
1 v/t. {ge-) need, want; require;
take {time); use; 2. v/aux. (no -ge-):
du brauchst es nur zu sagen you
only have to say so; er hotte nicht

zu kommen

he need not have

come; '..turn n (-[e]s/=er) custom;

tradition; folklore.

Braue ['braua] / (-/-n) eyebrow.

brau|en ['brauan] v/t. {ge-, h) brew;


2er m {-si-) brewer; 2erei [ 'rai]

/(-/-en) brewery; 'Shaus n brewery.
braun adj. [braun] brown; horse:
werden get a tan {on one's

Braune ['brevna] / {-Ino pi.) brown

colo(u)r; (sun) tan; '2n (ge-, h) 1.
v/t. make or dye brown; sun: tan;
2 v/i. tan.


brach [bra:x] 1. pret. of brechen;

S adv. fallow; uncultivated
{both a. fig.).
brachte ['braxts] pret. of bringen.
Branche + I'brarja] / (-/-n) line
(of business), trade; branch.
Brand [brant] w (-[e]s/=e) burning;
fire, blaze; # gangrene;
, S
blight, smut, mildew; '..blase /
blister; ' bornbe / incendiary
bomb; Sen [' dsn] v/i. {ge-, h)
surge (a. fig.), break {an acc, gegen
against); ' fleck m bum; 2ig adj.
V diq]
S bhghted, smutted;
gangrenous; 'mal brand; fig.
stigma, blemish; Smarken v\t.
(ge-, h) brand {animal); fig. brand


Braunkohle / brown coal, lignite.

braunlich adj. brownish.
Brause ['brauza] / (-/-n) rose,
sprinkling-nozzle {of watering can);





bad n shower(-bath);

'Uimonade / fizzy lemonade; '2n v/i.

{ge-, h) wind, water, etc.: roar; rush;
have a shower(-bath); ' pulver n
effervescent powder.
Braut [braut] / (-/=e) fiancee; on
wedding-day: bride; ' fuhrer m
best man.

Brautigam ['broytigam] m (-s/-e)

fiance; on wedding-day: bride-


groom, Am. a. groom.


Brautjjungfer / bridesmaid;



kleid n wedding-dress; ' kranz m

stinging nettle; ' glas n burning

bridal wreath; 'Ueute /., ' paar n

engaged couple; on wedding-day:
bride and bridegroom; ' schleier


m bridal veil.

brav adj. [bra:f] honest, upright;

good, well-behaved; brave.
bravo int. ['braivo] bravo!, well

Bravour [bra'vurr] / {-jno pi.)

bravery, courage; brilliance.
Brecheisen ['bres'-] n crowbar;
(burglar's) jemmy. Am. a. jimmy.

70 -

brechen (irr., ge-)

1. v/t. (hi)

break; pluck (flower); refract (ray,

etc.); fold (sheet of paper); quarry
(stone); vomit; die Ehe
adultery; sich
break (one s leg,
etc.); opt. be refracted; 2. v/L (h)
break; vomit; mit j-m break with
s o
3. v/i. (sei'n) break, get broken;


bones: break, fracture,


Brech|mittel # n emetic; F fig.



reiz m nausea;



/ crowbar. Am. a. pry; ' ung opt.

f (-/-en) refraction.
Brei [brai] m (-[e]s/-e) paste; pulp;
mash; pap (for babies); made of
oatmeal: porridge;
(rice, etc.)
pudding; 'Sig adj. pasty; pulpy;

breit adj. [bran] broad, wide; zehn


ten metres wide; ~e Schich-

ten der 8ev6/kerung large sections

of or the bulk of the population;

beinig 1. adj. with legs wide

apart; 2. adv.:
gehen straddle.
Breite ['braita] / (-/-n) breadth,
width; ast., geogr. latitude; '2n v/t.
(ge-, h) spread; ' ngrad m degree
of latitude;
nkreis m parallel (of


holz n firewood; '..mate-


' 61 n


fuel-oil; ' punkt m focus, focal

point; in den
riicken bring into
focus (a. fig.); im des Interesses

stehen be the focus of interest;

Lschere/curling-tongs pi.; ' spiritus m methylated spirit; ' stoff
m combustible; mot. fuel.

brenzlig ['brentsli?] 1. adj. burnt;

matter: dangerous; situation: precarious; er Geruch burnt smell,
smell of burning; 2. adv.: es riecht
it smells of burning.
Bresche ['breja] / (-/-n) breach (a.
fig-), gap; m die spr/'ngen help s.o.

out of a dilemma.

Brett [bret] n (-[e]s/-er) board;

plank; shelf; spring-board; 1 ..spiel
n game played on a board.
Brezel ['brertsal] / (-/-n) pretzel.
Brief [bri:f] m (-[e]s/-e) letter; ' aufschrift / address (on a letter);
beschwerer m (-s/-) paperweight; ' bogen m sheet of notepaper; ' geheimnis n secrecy of
correspondence; ' karte / correspondence card (with envelope);
kasten m letter-box; pillar-box;
Am. mailbox; 'Slich adj. and adv.
by letter, in writing; ' marke /
(postage) stamp; ' markensammlung / stamp-collection; ' offner
m letter-opener; ' vordner m letterfile; Lpapier n notepaper; ' porto
n postage; ' post / mail, post;
tasche / wallet. Am. a. billfold;
Ltaube / carrier pigeon, homing
pigeon, homer; ' trager m postman, Am. mailman;
waage / letterm envelope;
balance; ' wechsel m correspondence;
zensur / postal censorship.
briet [bri:t] pret. of braten.
Brikett [bri'ket] n (-[e]s/-s) briquet




breitlmachen vjrefl. (sep., -ge-, h)

spread o.s.; take up room; schlagen vlt. (irr. schlagen, sep., -ge-, h):
F j-n persuade s.o.; F j-n zu et.

talk s.o. into (doing); 'fiseite

& f broadside.

Bremse ['bremza] / (-/-n) zo. gadfly; horse-fly; brake; 'Sn (ge-, h)

v/i. brake, put on the brakes; slow
down; 2. v/t. brake, put on the
brakes to; slow down; . curb.
Bremslklotz m brake-block;
wheel chock; pedal brake pedal;
weg m braking distance.
brenn|bar adj. ['brenba:r] combustible, burnable; 'Sdauer / burning
time; ' en (irr., ge-, h) 1. v/t. burn;
distil(l) (brandy); roast (coffee);
bake (brick, etc.); 2. v/i. bum;
be ablaze, be on fire; wound, eye:
smart, burn; nettle: sting; vor
burn with impatience;
F darauf
zu inf. be burning to
inf.; es brennt! fire!




Brennjer m (-s/-) p. distiller; fixture: burner; ~essel ['brennessl] /


Brillant [bril'jant] 1. m (-en/-en)
brilliant, cut diamond; 2. 2 adj.

brilliant; ~ring m diamond ring.

Brille ['brib] / (-/-n) (e/'ne a pair
of) glasses pi. or spectacles pi.;

goggles/?/.; lavatory seat; Lnfutteral n spectacle-case; ntrager m


person who wears glasses.

bringen ['brirpn] v/t. (irr., ge-, h)

bring; take; see (s.o. home, etc.);
put (in order); make (sacrifice);
yield (interest); an den Mann
dispose of, get rid of; j-n dazu ,
et. zu tun make or get s.o. to do

th.; et. mit sich ~ involve;

deprive s.o. of;

make s.o. laugh.
Brise ['briiza] / (-/-n) breeze.
j-n um et

j-n zum Lachen

Brit|e ['brits] m (-n/-n) Briton, Am.


Britisher; die ~n pi. the British

pi.; 'fiisch adj. British.


71 -

brockeln ['brcekaln] v/i. Cge-, h)

beef tea; F dirty water; drink: F

crumble; become brittle.

Brocken ['brokan] 1. m (-s/-) piece;

lump (0/ earth or stone, etc.);
morsel (of food); F ein barter
hard nut; 2. 2 v/t. (ge-} h): Brot in
die Suppe
break bread into soup.
brodeln ['brordoln] v/i. (ge-, h)
bubble, simmer.

dishwater; 'S'heiC adj. scalding hot;


des Gelachter roar of laughter.

brummlen f'bruman] v/t. (ge- h)


p. speak

in a deep voice, mumble;

growl (a. fig.); insect: buzz; engine:
buzz, boom; fig. grumble. Am. F


strauch m blackberry bush.

Bronchlialkatarrh & [broniji'a:!katar] m bronchial catarrh; ' ien
anat. flpl. bronchi(a) pi.; itis #
tis] / (-IBronchitiden) bronU

grouch; mir brummt der Schiidel

my head is buzzing; '2bar fig m

grumbler, growler, Atn. F grouch;


er m (-s/-) bluebottle; dungbeetle; ' ig adj. grumbling. Am. F


booklet; brochure; pamphlet.

Brot [bro:t] n (-[e]s/-e) bread; loaf;
sein ~ verdienen earn one s living;
aufstrich m spread.
Briitchen fbro-.t an] n (-s/-) roll.
Brot|korb m: j-m den hoher hangen put s.o. on short allowance;
filos fig. adj. unemployed; unprofitable; Lrinde / crust;
schneidemaschine / bread-cutter; '~schnitte / shce of bread;
studium n utilitarian study;
teig m bread dough.
Bruch [brux] (-[e]s/=e) break(ing);
breach; # fracture (of bones);
hernia; crack; fold (in paper);
crease (in cloth); split (in silk);
fraction; breach (of promise); violation (of oath, etc.); violation, infringement (oflawy etc.); ' band

n truss.



['bry i?]


brittle, voice: cracked.



/ crash-land-

ing; ' rechnung / fractional arithmetic, F fractions pi.; Ostrich A" m

fraction bar; ' stiick n fragment
(a. fig.); ' teil m fraction; im
Sekunde in a split second; ' .zahl
/ fraction(al) number.
Briicke ['bryka] / (-/-n) bridge;
carpet: rug; sports: bridge; e-e ~
schlagen Uber (acc.) build or throw
a bridge across, bridge (river); 'n
kopf X m bridge-head; Lnpfeiler
m pier (of bridge).
Bruder fbruidar] m (-s/-) brother;
eccl. (lay) brother, friar; ' krieg m

fratricidal or civil war;

fraternal kiss.

'~ku m

briiderlich ['bryrdarli?] 1. adj.

brotherly, fraternal; 2. adv.:
teilen share and share alike; 'Ekeit /
(-Ino pi ) brotherliness, fraternity.

Briihle ['bryiaJ/H-n) broth; stock;

wurfel m beef cube.

briillen ['brybn] v/i. (ge-, h) roar;

bellow; cattle: low; bull: bellow;
vor Lachen
roar with laughter;

Brombeer|e ['brom-] /blackberry;

Bronze ['broisa] / (-/-n) bronze;

medaille / bronze medal.
Brosche ['broja] / (-/-n) brooch.
broschierlen [bro'Jirran] v/t. (no
ge-3 h) sew, stitch (book); ~t adj.
book: paper-backed, paper-bound;
fabric: figured.
Broschiire [bro'Jyira] / (-/-n)








Brunft hum. [brunft] / (-/=e) rut;

Lzeit / rutting season.
Brunnen ['brunan] m (-s/-) well;
spring; fountain (a. i
f g.);
graben sink a well; ' wasser n
pump-water, well-water.

Brunst [brunst] / (-/=e) zo. rut (of

male animal), heat (of female animal); lust, sexual desire.

briinstig adj. f'brynsti?] zo. rutting,

in heat; lustful.

Brust [brust] / (-/=e) chest, anat.

thorax; breast; (woman's) breast(s
pi.), bosom; aus voller at the top
of one s voice, lustily; Lbild n halflength portrait.
brtisten ['bryctan] v/refl. (ge-, h)
boast, brag.


Brust I fell anat. n pleura; ' fellentziindung 4? / pleurisy; Lkasten





thorax; '*,schwimmen n (sjno

pi.) breast-stroke.
Briistung ['brystur)] / (-/-en) balustrade, parapet.
Brustwarze anat. f nipple.
Brut [bruit] / (-/-en) brooding,
sitting; brood; hatch; fry, spawn
(of fish); fig. F brood, (bad) lot.
brutal adj. [bru'tail] brutal; 2itat
[ ali'teit] / (-/-en) brutality.
Brutapparat zo. f'bruit9-] m incubator.

briiten ['bryitan] vji. (ge-, h) brood,

sit (on egg); incubate;
diber (dot.)
brood over.

Brutkasten # m incubator.

brutto "f adv. ['bruto] gross; gewicht n gross weight; registertonne / gross register ton; '2verdienst m gross earnings pi.
Bube ['buiba] m (-n/-n) boy, lad;
knave, rogue; cards: knave, jack;
nstreich m,
nstiick n boyish
prank; knavish trick.
Buch [bu:x] n (-[e]s/=er) book;
volume; ' binder m (book-)binder;
drucker m printer; druckerei
U rai] / printing; printing-office,
Am. print shop.


Buche $ ['birxa] / (-/-n) beech.

buchen t'buixan] v/t. (ge-, h) book,

reserve (passage, flight, etc.); bookkeeping: book (item, sum), enter
(transaction) in the books; et. als
count as a success.


['by:?3r-] w

closing of or balancing of books;

Lbrett n bookshelf; ei U'rai] /
(-/-en) library; ' freund m booklover, bibliophil(e); ' revisor -f w
(-s/-en) auditor; accovmtant;

72 -


nan'-] f/pl. stage directions p!.;

Lnbild n scene(ry); decor; stage
design; ' ndichter m playwright
dramatist; ' nlaufbahn / stage
career; ' nstiick n stage play.

buk [bu:k] pret. of backer).

['bul-] n porthole
bull's eye; ' dogge zo. /bulldog.

Bulle ['bula] 1. zo. m (-n/-n) bull;


eccl. f (-/-n) bull.

Bummel F ['bumal] m (-s/-) stroll;

schrank m bookcase; ' wurm m

spree, pub-crawl, si. binge;

U'lai] / (-/-en) dawdling; negli-


gence; 'Sn v/i. (ge-) 1. (sein) stroll,

Buch|fink orn. m chaffinch; ' hal-

saunter; pub-crawl; 2. (h) dawdle

ter m (si-) book-keeper; ' haltung / book-keeping; Lhandel m

(on way, at work), waste time;

streik m go-slow (strike). Am.
slowdown; Lzug m slow train. Am.
way train.
Bummler ['bumlar] m (-s/-) saunterer, stroller; loafer. Am. F a. bum;


book-trade; ' handler m bookseUer; ' Jbandlung / bookshop,

Am. bookstore.

Biichse ['byksa] / (-/-n) box, case;

tin. Am. can; rifle; '~nfleisch n
tinned meat. Am. canned meat;
noffner ['byksan?-] m tin-opener,
Am. can opener.

Buchstab|e ['burxjtaiba] m (-n/-n)

letter, character; typ. type; Sieren
[ a'bkran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) spell.
buchstablich ['buixjteiplig] 1. adj.
literal; 2. adv. literally; word for

Bucht [buxt] / (-/-en) bay; bight;

creek, inlet.

Buchung / (-/-en) booking, reservation; book-keeping: entry.

Buckel ['bukal] 1. m (-s/-) hump,
hunch; humpback, hunchback;
boss, stud, knob; 2. / (-/-n) boss,
stud, knob.

buckelig adj. s. bucklig.

biicken ['bykan] v/refl. (ge-, h)
bend (down), stoop.
bucklig adj. ['buklig] humpbacked,

Buckling ['bykliq] m (-s/-e) bloater,

red herring; , bow.
Bude ['buida] / (-/-n) stall, booth;
hut, cabin. Am. shack; F: place;
den; (student's, etc.) digs pi.
Budget [by1 doe:] n (s/s) budget.
Biifett [by'fe:; by'fet] n (-[e]s/-s;
[e]s/-e) sideboard, buffet; buffet,

bar. Am. a. counter; ko/tes ~ buffet

supper or lunch.
Biiffel f'byfal] m (-s/-) zo. buffalo;
F fig. lout, blockhead.
Bug [bu:k] m (-[e]s/-e) * bow;
nose; fold; (sharp) crease.
Biigel ['byigal] m (s/-) bow (of
spectacles, etc.); handle (of handbag,
etc.); coat-hanger; stirrup; ' brett
n ironing-board; Leisen n (flat-)
iron; ' falte / crease; '2n v/t. (ge-,
h) iron (shirt, etc.), press (suit,

skirt, etc.).

Biihne ['byrna] / (-/-n) platform (a.

@); scaffold; thea. stage; fig.: die
the stage; die polhische* the political scene; ~nanweisungen ['by:-


Bund [bunt] 1. m (-[e]s/-e) pol.

union, federation, confederacy;
(waist-, neck-, wrist)band; 2. n
bundle (of faggots);

bundle, truss (of hay or straw);

bunch (of radishes, etc.).
Biindel f'byndal] n (si-) bundle,
bunch; 'Sn vjt. (ge-, h) make into
a bundle, bundle up.

Bundes|bahn ['bundas-J / Federal

Railway(s pi.); ' bank / Federal
Bank; ' genosse m ally; Lgerichtshof m Federal Supreme
Court; '~kanzler m Federal Chancellor; Lministerium n Federal

Alinistry; ' post / Federal Postal

Administration; Lprasident m
President of the Federal Republic;
Lrat m Bundesrat, Upper House
of German Parliament; ' republik
/ Federal Republic; ' staat in
federal state; confederation; Ltag
m Bundestag, Lower House of
German Parliament.

biindig adj. ['byndig] style, speech:

concise, to the point, terse.
Biindnis ['byntnis] n (ses/se)
alliance; agreement.
Bunker ['burikar] m (si-)
fuel, etc.: bunker; bin; air-raid
shelter; X bunker, pill-box; 4(submarine) pen.
bunt adj. [bunt] (multi-)colo(u)red,
colo(u)rful; motley; bird, flower,
etc.: variegated; bright, gay; fig.
mixed, motley; full of variety;
Sdruck m colo(u)r-print(ing);
Sstift m colo(u)red pencil, crayon.
Biirde ['byrda] / (-/-n) burden (a.
fig.: fur j-n to s.o.), load.
Burg [burk]/(-/-en) castle; fortress,
citadel (a. fig.).
Biirge s% ['byrga] m (-n/-n) guarantor, security, surety, bailsman;
sponsor; '2n v/i. (ge-, h): fur j-n
stand guarantee or surety or security
for s.o.. Am. a. bond s.o.; stand


73 -


bail for s.o.; vouch or answer for

tuft, handful (of hair); wisp (of

sponsor s.o.; fiir et.

security for guarantee;

straw or hair).

s o.;


vouch or answer for

Burger ['byrgar] m (-s/-) citizen;

townsman; ' krieg m civil war.
biirgerlich adj. civic, civil;
Ki/che plain cooking; Verlust der
en Ehrenrechte loss of civil rights;
BQrgerliches Gesetzbuch German
Civil Code; 'Se m (-n/-n) commoner.

Buschlholz n brushwood, underwood; 'Sig adj. hairy eyebrows, etc.:

bushy, shaggy; covered with bushes
or scrub, bushy; ' messer n bush-

knife; machete; ' neger m maroon;

werk n bushes pL, shrubbery

Busen ['buizan] m (-s/-) bosom,

breast (esp. of woman); fig. bosom,
heart; geog. bay, gulf; ' freund m


Biirgerlmeister m mayor; in Germany. a. burgomaster; in Scotland:

provost; ' recht n civic rights pi.;
citizenship; ' schaft / (-/-en)
citizens pi.; ' steig m pavement,
Am. sidewalk; ' wehr / militia.
Biirgschaft ['byrkjaft] / (-/-en)
security; bail; guarantee.
Biiro [by'ro:] n (-s/-s) office; angestellte m, / (-n/-n) clerk; arbeit / office-work; klammer /
paper-clip; ~krat [ o'krait] m
(-en/-en) bureaucrat; kratie Uokra'ti:] / (-/-n) bureaucracy; red
tape; Skratisch adj. Uo'kraitiJ]
bureaucratic; stunden///)/. office
hours/)/.; vorsteher m head or

senior clerk.

Bursch [burj] m (-en/-en),

[' a]
m (-n/-n) boy, lad, youth; F chap,
Am. a. guy; e/n ubler a bad lot, F
a bad egg.
burschikos adj. [burji'kois] free and
easy; esp. girl: boyish, unaffected,
Burste ['byrsta] / (-/-n) brush; 'Sn
v/t. (ge-, ft) brush.
Busch [bu/] m (-es/=e) bush,

Caf6 [ka'fe:] n (-s/-s) cafe, coffeehouse.

Cape [ke:p] n (-s/-s) cape.

Cell list / [tje'list] m (-en/-en)
} [' .o] n
violoncellist, ( )cellist;
(-s/-s Celli) violonceUo, (')cello.
Celsius ['tselzius]: 5 Grad
5 C) five degrees centigrade.
Chaiselongue [jz(3)'lo:]/(-/-n, -s)
chaise longue, lounge, couch.
Champagner [Jam'panjar] m (-s/-)
Champignon ['Jampinjo] m (-s/-s)
champignon, (common) mushroom.
Chance [7a:s(3)] / (-/-n) chance;
keine haben not to stand a chance;
sich e/ne
entgehen lassen miss a
chance or an opportunity; die ~n
sind gleich the chances or odds are


bosom friend.

Bussard om. f'busart] m (-[e]s/-e)


Bufie ['bursa] / (-/-n) atonement

(for sms), penance; repentance;
satisfaction; fine; tun do penance.
biifien fbyrsan] (ge-, h) 1. vjt. expiate, atone for (sin, crime); er
muflte es m/t s-m Leben
he paid
for it with his life; das so//st du m/'r

/ you'll pay for that!; 2. vji. atone,

pay (fiir for).


Biifier m (-s/-) penitent.

bufilfertig adj. penitent, repentant,

contrite; 'Sfertigkeit / (-/no pi.)
repentance, contrition; 'Stag m day
of repentance; BuC- und Bettag day

of prayer and repentance.

Buste t'bysta] / (-/-n) bust; ' nhalter m (si-) brassiere F bra.
Biittenpapier ['bytan-] n handmade paper.
Butter ['butar] / (-jno pi.) butter;
/ buttercup; ' brot n

(slice or piece of) bread and butter;

F: fur e;n
for a song; ' brotpapier n greaseproof paper; ' dose /
butter-dish; ' fafi n butter-chum;
milch/buttermilk; 'Sn vji. (ge-,
h) churn.

Biischel t'byjal} n (-s/-) bunch;

Am. a. brush.

Chaos ['karos] n (-/no pi.) chaos.

Charakter [ka'raktar] m (-s/-e)
character; nature; bild n character (sketch); darsteller thea. m
character actor;

fehler m fault in


s character; Sfest adj. of firm

or strong character; Si'sieren v/t.
(no -ge-, h) characterize, describe
(als acc. as); ~i'sierung / (-/-en),
vistik U'ristik] / (-/-en) characterization; Sistisch adj. U'ristiJ] characteristic or typical (fur of); Slich
adj. of or concerning (the) character; 21os adj. characterless, without
(strength of) character, spineless;
rolle thea. f character role; ~zug
m characteristic, feature, trait.


charmjant adj. [Jar'mant] charming, winning; Se Lfarm] m (sino

pi.) charm jgrace.


Chassis [Ja'si:] n (-/-) mot., radio:

74 -


ral(e); hymn; ' gesang m choral

singing, chorus; Lsanger m mem-

frame, chassis.

Chauffeur [Jo'foir] m (-s/-e) chauf-

ber oi a choir; chorister.

Christ [kristl m (-enj-en) Christian;

feur, driver.


Chaussee [Jo'se:] / (-/-n) highway,

(high) road.
Chauvinismus [Jovi'nismus] m (-/

baum m Ch istmas-tree; ' en-

heit/(-Ino o/.): die Christendom;

entum n (s/n ./.) Christianity;
kind n (-[e]s/wo pi.) Christ-child,
Infant Jesus; 'Slicfc adj. Christian.
Chrom [k o:m] n (slno pi.) metal:


no pi.) jingoism; chauvinism.

Chef [Jet] m (-s/-s) head, chief; -f
principal, F boss; senior partner.
Chemjie [ge'mi:] / (-/wo pi.) chem-

istry; ~iefaser / chemical fib|re,

chromium; pigment: chrome.

chromatiucn J", opt. adj. [kro'ma:-

Am. -er; ikalien [u'kailjan] flpl.

chemicals ph; -.iker ['geimikar] m

tij] chromatic.
Chronik ['kroinik] / (-/-en) chronicle.

(sj-) (analytical) chemist; 2isch

chronisch adj. ['kroinij] disease:

chronic (a. jig.).
Chronist [kro'nist] m (-en/-en)


adj. [ (jermij] chemical.

Chiffr|e ['Jiwrl / (-/-n) number;

cipher; in advertisement: box num-


ber; 2ieren [Ji'frirran] vjt. (no -ge-,

b) cipher, code (message, etc.); write

in cod; or cipher.

Chinesle [gi'neiza] m (-n/-n) Chinese, contp. Chinaman; Sisch adj.



[?i'ni:n] n (-s/no pi.)


chronologisch adj. [krono'loigij]

circa adv. ['tsirka] about, approximately.
Clique ['klika] / (-/-n) clique, set,
group, coterie; Lnwirtschaft /
(-Ino pi ) cliquism.
Conferencier [kofera'sje:] m (-s/-s)

Chirurg [gi'rurk] m (-en/-en) surgeon; Ue U gi:] / (-l-n) surgery;

Sisch adi. [ gij] surgical.
Chlor "J, [klo:r] (s/no pi.) chlorine; Sen vlt. (ge-, h) chlorinate
(water); ' kalk
m chloride of




[kloro'form] n (-/no

pi.) chloroform; Sieren # [Jmi:ran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) chloroform.

Cholera # ['koibra] / (-Ino pi.)

compere, Am. master of ceremonies.

Couch ikautj] / (-/-es) couch.

Coup6 [ku'pe:] n (s/s) mot. coup6;


Couplet [ku'ple:] n (-s/-s) comic or

music-hall song.
Coupon [ku'po:] m (-s/-s) coupon;
dividend-warrant; counterfoil.


t [kur'ta a] / (-/-n)



cholerisch adj. [ko le:riJ] choleric,


Cousin [ku'zS] m (-s/-s),

(-l-n) cousin
Creme [kre:m, kre:m] / (-/-s) cream
(a. fig.: only sg.).
Cut [koet, kat] m (s/s), ~away
['koetave:, katave:] m (s/s) cutaway (coat), morning coat.

Chor [ko:r] m 1. A a. n (-[e]s/-e, -e)

2 (-[e]s/-e) in drama: chorus; singers: choir chorus; piece of music:
chorus; ~al [ko ra:!] m (-s/--e) cho.





(of ger.); besides; nevertheless, yet,

where; fi/er und ~ here and there;

bin ich here I am; ~ haben wir's!
there we are!; von an from there;

for all that; was ist schon

does it matter?; /ossen w/r es
let's leave it at that;
bleiben stick

time: ~ erst only then, not till then;

von ~ an from that time (on), since

da'beijbleiben v/i. (irr. bleiben,

da [da:] 1. adv. space: there;

to one's point, persist in it.

sep., -ge-, sein) stay with it or them;

sein v/i. (irr. sein, sep., -ge-, sein)
be present or there; ~stehen vji.
(irr. stehen, sep., -ge-, h) stand by

then; hier und ~ now and then or

again; 2. cj. time: as, when, while;

nun, ~ du es einmal gesagt hast
now (that) you have mentioned it;
causal: as, since, because;
krank war, konnte ich nicht kom'

men as or since I was ill I couldn


dabei adv. [da'bai, when emphatic:

dciibai] near (at hand), by; about,

going (zu inf. to inf.), on the point

or near.

dableiben vli. (iir. bleiben, sep.,

ge-, sein) stay, remain.
da capo adv. [da'kaipo] at opera,

etc.: encore.

Dach [dax] n (-[e]s/-er) roof; fig.

antenne / roof aerial;


m (-s/-) roofer; tiler;

fenster n skylight; dormer window;
garten m roofgesellschaft
/ holdgarden;
ing company; ' kammer / attic,
garret; pappe / roofing feh;
rinne / gutter, eaves pi.
dachte ['daxta] prei. of denken.
Dachs zo. [daksj m (-es -e) badger;

singles pi.; 'haft adj. ladylike;

Jconiektion / ladies' ready-made
clothes pi.; ' mannschaft/sports:







bau m (-[e]s -e) badger's earth.


Dach.sparren m rafter; ' stube /

attic, garret; stuhl m roof framework; ziegel m (roofing) tile.
dadurch [da'durg, xzhen emphatic:



da:dur<;] 1. adv. for this reason, in

this manner or way, thus; by it or
that; 2. cj.: , daB owing to (the fact
that), because; by ger.
dafur adv. [da'fy: tchen emphatic:
da yrr] for it or that; instead (of
it); in return (for it), in exchange;
sein be in favo(u)r of it; se/n zu
inf. be for ger., be in favo(u)r of
it is not his
ger.; er konn ntchis
fault; sorgen, daB see to it that.
Da'fiirhalten n (s rw pi.)
' : nach
in my opinion.


dagegen [da" gc.gsn. tshen emphatic: 'dargegan] 1. adv. against it or

that; in comparison with it, compared to it;
se/n be against it, be
opposed to it; ich habe nichts
have no objection (to it); 2. cj. on
the other hand, however.

daheim adv. [da'hann] at home.

daher [da'heir, tshen emphatic: 'da:he:r] 1. adv. from there; prefixed
to verts of motion: along; fig. from
this, hence;
kam es, daB thus it

happened that; 2. cj. therefore;

that is (the reason) why.
dahin adv. [da'hin zchen emphatic:
dadiin] there, to that place; gone,
past; prefixed to verbs of motion:

along; j-n
bringen, daB induce
to inf.; m-e Meinung gebt ~,

s o

daB my opinion is that.

da'hingestellt adj.: es se/n lassen

Gob) leave it undecided (whether).
dahinter adv. [da'hiniar. tchen emphatic: 'daihintar] behind it or
that, at the back of it; es stedct

nichts there is nothing in it.

da'hinterkommen v/i. (rr. kommen, sep., -ge-, se/n) find out
about it.

damallig adj. ['daimarlig] then, of

thay time; der e Bes/tzer the then
owner; ' s adv. then, at that time.

Daraast [da'mast] m (-es/-e) damask.

Dame ['darma] /(- -n) lady; danc-

ing, etc.: partner; cards, chess:

brett n
queen; s. Domesp/e/;
draught-board. Am. checkerboard.


Damen binde / (woman's) sani-

tary towel. Am. sanitary napkin;

doppel n tennis: women's doubles pi.; '~einzel n tennis: women's



75 -


s team;
ladies' tailor, dressmaker.


Damespiel n (game oO draughts

pi.. Am. (game oO checkers pi.

dam it 1. adv. [da'mit, tshen emphatic: 'darmit] uith it or that,

therewith, herewith; by it or that;
was w/// er _ sogen? what does he
mean by it?; w/e steht es ? how




agree to it; 2. cj. (in order) that, in

order to inf., so (that); , n/cht lest,

(so as) to avoid that; for fear that

{all trith subjunctive).

damlich F adj. ['deunli?]



Damm [dam] m (-[e]s'=e) dam;

dike, dyke; S embankment; em-

bankment, Am. levee (o/ river);


bruch m
roadway; fig. barrier;
bursting of a dam or dike.
dammeriig adj. [ demari?] dusky;

Slicht n twilight; ' n v i. (ge-, h)

dawn (a. fig.: F j-m on s.o.); grow

dark or dusky; 'Sung / (-/-en) twilight, dusk; in the morning: dawn.
Damon ['deimon) m (-s'-en) demon; Sisch adj. [dE'mornin demoniac(al).

Dampf [dampf] m (-[e]s'e) steam;

vapo(u)r; ' bad n vaix)(u)r-bath;
boot n steamboat; 'Sen vli. (ge-,

h) steam.

dampfen ['dempfan] r/r. (ge-, h)

deaden (pain, noise, force of blcra);
muffle {bell, drum, oar); damp
{sound, oscillation, fig. enthusiasm);
/ mute {stringed instrument); soften
{colour, light); attenuate {tcave);
steam {cloth, food); stew {meat,
fruit); fig. suppress, curb {emotion).
Dampfer m {-si-) steamer, steamship.
Dampfer m {-s -) damper (a. J of
piano); J mute {for violin, etc.).
DampfIheizung / steam-heating;
Jtessel m (steam-yboiler; 'maschine / steam-engine; ' schiff n
steamer, steamship; ' walze /


danach adv. [da na:x. tshen emphatic: 'da:na:x] after it or that;

afterwards; subsequendy; accord-

ingly; ich fragte ihn

I asked him
about it; iro. er sieht ganz
he looks very much like it.

Dane ['d:na ] m (-n/-n) Dane.

daneben adv. (da'nerban, tshen emphatic: 'da:ne:ban] next to it or

that, beside it or that; besides,
moreover; beside the mark.

da'nebengehen F v/i. {irr. gehen,

sep-> -ge-, se/n) bullet, etc.: miss the
target or mark; remark, etc.: miss


s effect, F misfire.





(irr. liegen, sep., -ge-. h) be laid up

(an dat. with); trade', be depressed.
danisch adj. ['deinij] Danish.
Dank [darjk] 1. m (-[e]s/no pi.)
thanks pi., gratitude; reward; j-m
sagen thank s.o.; Gott sei ~i
thank God!; 2. 2 prp. (dat.)
owing or thanks to; '2bar adj.
thankful, grateful (j-m to s.o.; fur

for); profitable; ' .barkeit / (-jno

pi.) gratitude; 'Sen v/i. (ge-, h)

thank (j-m fur et. s.o. for;
danke (schon)! thank you (very

much)!; danke thank you; Jne/n,

danke no, thank you; n/chts zu
don't mention it; 'Senswert adj.

thing: one can be grateful for; efforts, etc.: kind; task, etc.: rewarding, worth-while; ' gebet n thanksgiving (prayer); schreiben n let'

76 -


lay open, expose, disclose; show;

explain; demonstrate; point out;
Sung / (-/-en) exposition; explanation; statement.

Darlehen ['da:rle:3n] n (-s/-) loan.

Darm [darm] m (-[e]s/=e) gut, anat.
intestine; (sausage-)skin; Ddrmepl.
intestines pi., bowels pi.

darstelljen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) rep-

resent; show, depict; delineate;

describe; actor: interpret (character, part), represent (character);
graphic arts: graph, plot (curve,
etc.); '2er thea. m (-s/-) interpreter
(of a part); actor; 'Sung / representation; thea. performance.
dartun vlt. (irr. tun, sep., -ge-, h)
prove; demonstrate; set forth.
dariiber adv. [da'ryibar, when emphatic: 'dairyibar] over it or that;
across it; in the meantime;

ter of thanks.

dann adv. [dan] then;

und wann
(every) now and then.
daran adv. [da'ran, when emphatic:
dairan] at (or by, in, on, to) it or
that; sich festhalten hold on tight
to it; ~ festhalten stick to it; nahe
sein zu inf. be on the point or
verge of ger.
da'rangehen vli. (irr. gehen, sep.,
ge-, sein) set to work; set about

over it; ein Buch

darum [da'rum, when emphatic:

da:rum] 1. adv. around it or that;
er kiimmert s/ch nicht



, he does

not care; es hande/t s/ch

zu inf.
the point is to inf.; 2. cj. therefore,
for that reason;
ist er nicht gekommen that's (the reason) why


schreiben write

a book about it.




den Jahre vergehen it will take

years; wir sind
hinweg we got

he hasn't come.


phatic: dairauf] space: on (top of)

darunter adv. [da'runtar, when em-

it or that; time: thereupon, after it

or that; am Tage
the day after,
the next or following day; zwe/


that; beneath it; among them; less;


under; was verstehst du ~1 what


zwe/ jahre und

two years later; ~ kommt es




two years and

do you understand by it?

an that s what matters; ~hin adv.


[darauf'hin, when emphatic: 'da:-


das [das] s. der.

phatic: 'dairaus] out of it or that,

dasein ['da:-] 1. v/i. (irr. sein, sep.,

ge-, sein) be there or present;
exist; 2. S n (-s/tto pi.) existence,

from it or that; ~ folgt hence it

follows; was ist ~ geworden? what

dafi cj. [das] that; ~ nicht less;

raufhin] thereupon.
daraus adv. [da'raus,



life; being.
es sei denn,

has become of it?; ich mache mir

I don t care or mind

out ger.; nicht


(about it).
darben ['darban] v/i. (ge-, h) suffer
want; starve.

darbiet|en ['da:r-] v/t. (irr. bieten,

sep., -ge-, h) offer, present; perform; 'Sung / (-/-en) thea., etc.:

darbringen v/t. (irr. bringen, sep.,

ge-, h) offer; make (sacrifice).




adv. [da'rain, when em'

da:rain] into it or that,


da'reinjfinden vlrefl. (irr. finden,

sep., -ge-, h) put up with it; mischen v/refl. (sep., -ge-, h) interfere (with it); ~reden vli. (sep.,

ge-, h) interrupt;

, interfere.

darin adv. [da'rin, when emphatic:

da:rin] in it or that; therein; es
war n/chts ~ there was nothing in
it or them.

darleg|en ['da:r-] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

unless; ohne ~ with-

ich wulite not that

I know of.

dastehen v/i. (irr. stehen, sep., -ge-,

h) stand (there).

Daten ['da:t3n] pi. data pi. (a. ),

facts pi.; particulars pi.; '~verarbeitung / (-/-en) data processing.
datieren [da'tiiran] v/t. and v/i. (no
ge-, h) date.

Dativ gr. ['da:ti:f] m (-s/-e) dative/

Dattel ['datal] / (-/-n) date.

Datum ['da:tum] n (-s/Daten) date.
Dauer ['dauar] / (-jno pi.) length,
duration; continuance; auf die
in the long run; fur die
von for a

period or term of; von

sein last
well; 'Shaft adj. peace, etc.: lasting; material, etc.: durable; colour,
dye: fast; '~karte / season ticket,
Am. commutation ticket; '~lauf m

jog-trot; endurance-run; '2n v/i.

(ge-, h) continue, last; take (time);
welle / permanent wave, F perm.


Daumen fdauman] m (-s/-) thumb;

halten keep one's fingers
j-tn den
crossed (for s.o.); ' vabdruck m
(-[e]s/e) thumb-print
Daune ['dauna] / (-/-n): (n pi.)
' ndecke / eiderdown
davon adv. [da'fon, when emphatic:
darfon] of it or that; thereof; from
it or that; off, away; was habe ich
what do I get from it?; das
kommt ~/ it serves you right!

etc.: vague; Len v/t. (ge-, h) extend; stretch; 'Sung / (-/-en) extension; stretch(ing).

da'von|kommen v/i. (irr. kommen,

sep.y -ge-, se/n) escape, get off;
laufen v/i. (irr. laufen, sep., -ge-,
n) nm away.
davor adv. [da'foir, when emphatic:
da:fo:r] space: before it or that, in
front of it or that; er furchtet sich



he is afraid of it.

dazu adv. [da'tsu:, when emphatic:

dci:tsu:] to it or that; for it or that;
for that purpose; in addition to
that; noch
at that;
gehort Ze/ t
it requires time.

Deich [daig] m (-[e]s/-e) dike, dyke.

Deichsel ['daiksal] / (-/-n) pole,

deinpctfj. pron. [dam] your; der (die,

das) e yours; ich b/n , I am yours;
die Deinen pi. your family;
erseits adv. [' ar'zaits] for or on your
part; Les'gleichen pron. your like,
your (own) kind, F the like(s) of

Dekan eccl. and univ. [de'kain] m

(-s/-e) dean
Deklamjation [deklama'tsjorn] /
(-/-en) declamation; reciting; 2ieren U'mitran] vlt. and v/i. (no -ge-,

h) recite; declaim.

Deklinjation gr. [deklina'tsjoin] /

(-/-en) declension; Sieren gr [
nirran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) decline.
Dekorjateur [dekora'toir] m (-s/-e)


decorator; window-dresser; thea.

scene-painter; ~ation [ .'tsjoin] /
(-/-en) decoration; (window-)dressing; thea. scenery; Sieren [Jriiran]
vft. (no -ge-, h) decorate; dress

da'zujgehorig adj. belonging to it;

kommen v/i. (irr. kommen, sep.,

ge-, se/n) appear (on the scene);


find time.

dazwischen adv. [da'tsvijan] between (them), in between; kommen v/i. (irr. kommen, sep., -ge-,
sein) thing: intervene, happen.

Debatt|e [de'bata] / (-/-n) debate;

ieren U'tiiran] (no -ge-, h) 1. v/t.
discuss; debate; 2. vfi. debate
(Uber acc. on).
Debiit [de'by:] n (-s/-s) first appear-


77 -

Dekret [de'kreit] n (-[e]s/-e) decree.
delikat adj. [deli'kait] delicate (a.
fig.); delicious; fig. ticklish; Sesse
Ua'tesa] / (-/-n) delicacy; dainty.
Delphin zo. [derfim] m (-s/-e) dol-


Dementji [de'menti] n (-s/-s) (formal) denial; Sieren U'tiiran] v/t. (no

ge-, h) deny, give a (formal) denial


ance, debut.

dechiffrieren [deji'friiran] v/t. (no

ge-, h) decipher, decode.
Deck & [dek] n (-[e]s/-s,
deck; Ladresse / cover (address);

Lbett n feather bed.

Decke ['dska] / (-/-n) cover(ing);

blanket; (travel[l]ing) rug; ceiling;

LI m (-s/-) lid, cover (of box or pot,

etc.); lid (of piano); (book-)cover;

2n (ge-, h) 1. v/t. cover; den Tisch

lay the table; 2. v/i. paint: cover.
Deck]mantel m cloak, mask, disguise; ' name m assumed name,
pseudonym; Lung/ (-/-en) cover;
defekt [de'fekt] 1. adj. defective,

faulty; 2. m (-[e]s/-e) defect,


dem|entsprechend adv., Lgemafi

adv. correspondingly, accordingly;
Lnach adv. therefore, hence; accordingly; L nachst adv. soon,
shortly, before long.

demobili'sierjen (no -ge-, h) 1. v/t.

demobilize; disarm; 2. v/i. disarm;

Sung / (-/-en) demobilization.
Demokrat [demo'krait] m (-en/-en)
democrat; .ie Ua'ti:] / (-/-n) democracy; Sisch adj. [JkraitiJ ]


demolieren [demo'liiran] v/t. (no

ge-j h) demolish.

Demonstrjation [demonstra'tsjoin]
/ (-/-en) demonstration; Sieren
U striiran] v/t. and v/i. (no -ge-, h)


[dei'i'nirran] v/t. (no

Demontjage [deman'tarsa] / (-/-n)

ge-, h) define; Sition Ui tsjoin] /

(-/-en) definition; itiv adj. Ui'tiif]

disassembly; dismantling; Sieren

U'tiiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) disassem-



definite; definitive.

ble; dismantle.

Deflzit t I'derfitsit] n (-s/-e) deficit, deficiency.

Degen ['deigan] m (-s/-) sword;
fencing: epee.
degradieren [degra'dirran] v/t. (no
ge-j b) degrade. Am. a. demote.

Demut ['de:mu:t] / (-/no pi.) humility, humbleness.

demiitig adj. ['deimyitig] humble;
en [Lgan] v/t. (ge-, h) humble,

dehn|bar adj. ['dernbair] extensi-

ceivable; thinkable, imaginable;

2 adv.: , einfach most simple;

ble; elastic; metal: ductile; notion,


denkjbar ['der)kba:r] 1. adj. con.


en (irr., ge-, h) 1. v/i. think;


{ace.) think of; remember;

(ace.) think about; ;-m zu
set s.o. thinking; 2. v/r. think; s/ch
imagine or fancy; das
hobe fch m/r gedacht I thought as
much; 'Smal n monument; memo-

rial; 'Sschrift / memorandum;

memoir; 'Sstein nt memorial stone;
Lwiirdig adj. memorable; 'Szettel
fig. m lesson.

denn [dsn] 1. cj. for; mehr

yc more

than ever; 2. adv. then; es sei

dafi unless, except; w/eso

how so.
dennoch c/. ['dennox] yet, still,
nevertheless; though.

Denunz|iant [denun'tsjant] m (-en/

en) informer; Nation [ 'tsjom] f
(-/-en) denxinciation; Sieren U'tsi:-

rsn] vft. {no -ge-, h) inform against,


Depesche [de'psjs] / (-/-n) dispatch; telegram, F wire; wireless.

deponieren [depo'niirsn] v/t. (no
ge-, h) deposit.
Depositen f [depo'ziitan] pi. deposits pi.; ~bank / deposit bank.
der [de:r], die [di:], das [das] 1. art.
the; 2. dem. pron. that, this; he,
she, it; d/e pi. these, those, they,

78 -

Detail [de'tai] n (-s/-s) detail.

Detektiv [detsk'tirf] m (-s/-e) detective.

deuten ['dDYtsn] (ge-, h) 1. v/t.

interpret; read (srars, dream, etc.)i
2 v/i.:
auf (acc.) point at.
deutlich adj. clear, distinct, plain.
deutsch adj. [dDYtJ] German; 'Se
m, f (-n/-n) German.
Deutung / (-/-en) interpretation,

Devise [de'viizs] / (-/-n) motto; n
pi. -if foreign exchange or currency.
Dezember [de'tssmbar] m (-[s]/-)

dezent adj. [de'tssnt] attire, etc.:

decent, modest; literature, etc.: decent; behaviour: decent, proper;
music, colour: soft, restrained; lighting, etc.: subdued.
Dezernat [detser'nart] n (-[e]s/-e)
(administrative) department.
dezimal adj. [detsi'ma:!] decimal;
Sbruch m decimal fraction; Sstelle

/ decimal place.



dezi'mieren v/t. (no -ge-, hi) decimate; fig. a. reduce (drastically).

Diadem [dia'de:m] n (-s/-e) diadem.
Diagnose [dia'gnoiza] / (-/-n) diagnosis.

them; 3. rel. pron. who, which, that.

diagonal adj. [diago'na:!] diagonal;

der'artig adj. such, of such a kind

2e / (-/-n) diagonal.
Dialekt [dia'lekt] m (-[e]s/-e) dialect; isch adj. dialectal.

of this or that kind.

derb adj. [derp] cloth: coarse, rough;

shoes, etc.: stout, strong; ore, etc.:
massive; p.: sturdy; rough; food:
coarse; p., manners: rough, coarse;
way of speaking: blunt, unrefined;
joke: crude; humour: broad.
der'gleichen adj. such, of that

Dialog [dia'lotk] m (-[e]s/-e) dialogue, Am. a. dialog.

Diamant [dia'mant] m (-en/-en)

Diat [di'e:t] / (-tno pi.) diet; diat

leben live on a diet.
[yourself. \

kind; used as a noun: the like, such

dich pers. pron. [di?] you; ~ (se/bst)/

a thing; und ~ and the like; nichts

nothing of the kind.

dicht [di t] 1. adj. fog, rain, etc.:

dense; fog, forest, hair: thick; eyebrows: bushy, thick; crowd: thick,
dense; shoe, etc.: (water)tight;
2 adv.:
an (dot.) or bei close to.
dichten1 v/t. (ge-, h) make tight.

der- ['deirjeiniga], 'die-, 'dasjenige

dem. pron. he who, she who, that

which; diejenigen pi. those who,

those which.

der- [deir'zslbs], die-, das'selbe

dem. pron. the same; he, she, it.

Desert|eur [dezsr'toir] m (-s/-e)

deserter; ieren [Jthrsn] v/i. (no
ge-, sein) desert.
desgleichen [dss'glaicsn] 1. dem.
pron. such a thing; 2. cj. likewise.
deshalb ['dsshalp] 1. cj. for this or
that reason; therefore; 2. adv.: ich
tot es nur ~, weil I did it only be-


dichtjen2 (ge-, h) 1. v/t. compose,

write; 2. vji. compose or write
poetry; 2er m (-s/-) poet; author;
erisch adj. poetic(al); 'Ekunst /



desinfizieren [dss'infi'tsiirsn] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) disinfect.
Despot [dss'poit] m (-en/-en) despot; 2isch adj. despotic.
destillieren [desti'liirsn] v/t. (no
ge-, h) distil.
desto adv. ['desto] (all, so much)
besser all the better;
stounter (all) the more astonished.
deswegen cj. and adv. ['dss'veigsn]




Dichtung1 / (-/-en) seal(ing).

Dichtung2 / (-/-en) poetry; fiction;
poem, poetic work.
dick adj. [dik] wall, material, etc.:
thick; book: thick, bulky; p. fat,
stout; 'Se/ Z-n) thickness; bulk-

iness;/>. fatness, stoutness; 'jEellig

adj. p. thick-skinned; ' tlussig adj.
thick; viscid, viscous, syrupy; icht
[' i?t] n (-[e]s/-e) thicket; 'kopf m
stubborn person, F pig-headed

person; ~leibig adj. [ Jaibi?] cor'

pulent; i
f g. bulky.
die [di:] s. der.

Dieb [di:p] m (-[e]s/-e) thief. Am.

F a. crook; ~erei [di:b3'rai]/(-/-en)
thieving, thievery.


Diebesjbande ['dkbas-] / band of

thieves; '~gut n stolen goods pi.

diebjisch adj. ['dkbij] thievish;


malicious; Sstahl [ dirp-] m (-[e]s/

e) theft, rh mst larceny.
Dieie fdiila] / (-/-n) board, plank;
hall. Am. a. hallway.
dienen ['dirnan] vji. (ge-, h) serve
p-m s o als as; zu for; dazu, zu

inf. to inf.); wom/'t kann ich

what can I do for you?
Diener m (si-) (man-, domestic)
servant; fig. bow (vor dat. to); ' in
/ (-/-nen) (woman-)servant, maid;
schaf t / (-/-en) servants pi.
dienlich adj. useful, convenient;
expedient, suitable.
Dienst [di:nst] m (-es/-e) service;
duty; employment;
hoben be on
duty; im (oufler)
on (off) duty.
Dienstag ['di:nsta:k] m (-[e]s/-e)
Dienstjalter n seniority, length of
service; Sbar adj. subject (J-m to
s.o.); subservient (to);
' bote m
domestic (servant). Am. help;
fieifrig adj. (over-)eager (in one's
duty); 'fifrei adj. off duty; er Tag
day off; ' herr m master; employer;
Jeistimg / service; 'Elich adj.

official; '-jnadchen n maid. Am.

help; '~mann m (street-)porterj

stunden flpl. office hours pi.;
Btauglich adj. fit for service or
duty; tuend adj. [' tuiant] on
duty; 'Suntauglich adj. unfit for
service or duty; ' weg m official
channels pi.; '-wohnung / official


79 -




diploma, certificate.
Diplomat [diplo'moit] m (-en/-en)
diplomat; diplomatist; ie Ua'ti:]/
(-/no pL) diplomacy; Sisch adj
[Jmaitif] diplomauc (a. fig.).
dir pers. pron. [diir] (to) you.
direkt [di'rekt] 1. adj. direa; er
Wagen Sf through carriage, Am.
through car; 2. adv. direct(Iy);

2ion U'tsjom] / (-/-en) direction;

management; board of directors;
2or [di'rektor] m (-s/-en) direaor;
manager; headmaster. Am. principal; Sorin [ 'to:rin] / (-/-nen)
headmistress. Am. principal; Srice
[ '111:5(3)] /

Diriglent / [diri'gent] m (-en/-en)

conduaor; Sieren
[ 'girran] v/t.
and v/i. (no -ge-, h) conduct.
Dirne ['dima] / (-/-n) prostitute.
Disharmon[ie J [disharmo'ni:] /
(-!-n) disharmony dissonance (both
o fig.); Sisch adj. [JmoiniJ] dis,

cordant, dissonant.

Diskont -f [dis'kont] m (-s/-e) discount; ieren [ 'tirran] v/t. (no

ge-, h) discoimt.

diskret adj. [dis'kreit] discreet;

2ion [ e'tsjoai] / (-{no pi.) discretion.

Diskujsslon [disku'sjom] / (-/-en)

discussion, debate; 2'tieren (no

ge-, h) 1. u/r. cSscxiss, debate;

vji.: ~ uber (acc.) have a discussion about, debate (up)on.


dispo|nieren [dispo'ni an] v/i. (no

ge-, h) make arrangements; plan

dies [di:s], er ['di:zar],

es fdiizas] adj. and dem. pron,
tbis;diesepl. these; d/eser Togeone
of these days; used as a noun', this
one; he, she, it; diese pi. they.
Dieselmotor ['diaal-] m Diesel

ahead; dispose (iiber acc. of); 2sition [ d'tsjom] / (-/-en) disposition; arrangement; disposal.
Distanz [di'stants] / (-/-en) distance
(a. fig.)', Sieren [Jtsi:ran] v[refl.
(no -ge-, h): sich
von dis(as)so-

dies | j ahrig adj. ['diisjeiri?] of this

Distel * ['distal] / (-/-n) thistle.

Distrikt [di'strikt] m (-[e]s/-e) district; region; area.
Disziplin [distsi'plfcn] / (-/-en) dis-


year, this year s; '~mal adv. this

time; for (tids) once; seits [' zarts]
1 adv. on this
on This side of.

side; 2. prp. (gen.)


Dietrich ['dinrig] m (-s/-e) skeleton

key; picklock.
Differenz [difa'rents] / (-/-en) difference; disagreement.
Diktat [dik'tan] n (-[e]s/-e) dictation; noch ~ at or from dictation;
mjor Uor] m (-s/-en) dictator; o-

risch adj. [ a'torrij] dictatorial;

ur [ a mir] / (-/-en) dictatorship.

dik'tieren vju arid v/i. (no -ge-, h)



m (-en/-en)

dilettante,, dabbler; amateur.

e in good spirits; vor o//en


first of all, above all.



Dividjende -f [divi'denda] / (-/-n)

dividend; Sieren U'dirran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) divide (durch by).
Diwan ['dirvcun] m (-s/-e) divan.
doch [dox] 1. cj. but, though; however, yet; 2. adv. in answer to
negative question: yes; 6/st du noch

nicht fertig? -

aren't you ready

yet? - yes, I am; also ! I knew

it!, I was right after all!; komm ~
herein! do come in!; n/'cht


Ding [dir)] n (-[e]s/-e) thing; guter


ciate o.s. from.

[difte'ri:] / (-/-n)


Docht [doxt] m (-[e]s/-e) wick.

Dock * [dak] n (-[e]s/-s) dock.
Dogge zo. ['doga] / (-/-n) Great

lDobleom.Vdo-A3]f(-l-n) Gack)daw.
Doktor ['doktar] m (-s/-en) doctor.
Dokument [doku'ment] n (-[e]s/-e)


document; * instrument;

arf ilm

[Jtair-] m documentary- (film).

Dolch [dol?] m (-[e]s/-e) dagger;
poniard; ' stofi m dagger-thrust.
Dollar ['cblar] m (-s/-s) doUar.
dolmetschlen ['dolmstjan] v/i. and
vjt. (fe-, h) interpret; '2er m (-s/-)
Dom [do:m] m (-[e]s/-e) cathedral.
Domane [do'insms] /(-/-n) domain
(c. fig.); province.
Domino ['doimino] (-s/-s) 1. m
domino; 2. n (game of) dominoes
Donner ['donsr] m (si-) thunder;
Sn v/i. (ge-, h) thunder (a. fig.);
schlag m thunderclap (a. fig.);
stag m Thursday; ' wetter n
thimderstorm; I- fig. telling off; F:
my word!, by Jove!; F zum !
F confound it!, si. damn it.

Doppel ['cbpsl] n (-s/-) duplicate;

tennis, etc.:

double. Am. doubles

pi.; ' bett n double bed; ' decker

m (-s/-) %t biplane; double-decker
(bus); ' ehe / bigamy; ganger
i gsqar] m (-s/-) double; punkt
m colon;
sinn m double meaning,
ambiguity;1 Ssinnig adj. ambiguous,
equivocal; stecker / m two-way
adapter; St 1. adj. double; 2. adv.
doubly; twice; ' zentner m quintal; Sztingig adj. [' xsyqiq] two'






Dorf [darf] n (-[e]s/=er) village; ' bewohner m villager.

Dorn [dom] m 1. (-[e]s/-en) thorn
(a. fig.)., prickle, spine; ;-m ein im
Auge se/n be a thorn in s.o.'s flesh
or side; 2. (-[e]s/-e) tongue (of
buckle); spike (of running-shoe, etc.);
punch; 'Sig adj. thorny (a. fig.).

dorr)en ['dcenm] v/t. (ge-, h) dry;

Sfleisch n dried meat; 'Sgemiise
n dried vegetables pi.; Sobst n


dried fruit.

Dorsch ichtk. [dorf] m (-es/-e)

dort adv. [dort] there; over there;

her adv. from there; '*hin adv.

there, to that place; ' ig adj. there,

in or of that place.
Dose f'doiza] / (-/-n) box; tin. Am.
can; noffner [ doizsn'-] m (si-)
tin-opener. Am. can opener.
Dosis ['dorzis] / (-/Dosen) dose (a.
ig.)dotieren [do'tiiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)



Dotter ['dotar] m, n (-s/-) yolk.

Dozent [do'tssnt] m (-en/-en) (university) lecturer. Am. assistant
Drache ['draxa] m (-n/-n) dragon;
n m (-s/-) kite; fig. termagant,
shrew, battle-axe.

Dragoner [dra'goinsr] m (s/-)

dragoon (a. fig.).
Draht [dra:t] m (-[e]s/=e) wire; 'Sen

80 -


v/t. (ge-, h) telegraph, wire; ' geflecht n (-[e]sl-e) wire netting;

hindernis X " wire entanglement; Sig adj. p. wiry; 'Slos adj.


wireless; ' seilbahn / funicular

' stift m wire tack;
zieher F fig. m (-s/-) wire-puller.
drall adj. [dral] girl, legs, etc.:
plump; woman: buxom.

Drama ['drarma] n (s/Dramen)

drama; ~tiker [dra'maitikar] m
(s/-) dramatist; Stisch adj. [dra'
mortij] dramatic.
dran F adv. [dran] s. da ran; er ist
gut (iibel)
he s well (badly) off;
ich bin it's my turn.
Drang [drarj] 1. m (-[e]s/1*v=e)

pressure, rush; fig. urge; 2. S pret.

of dringen.
drangen ['dreqan] (ge-, h) 1. vft.
press (a. fig.), push; fig. urge;
creditor: dun; sich crowd, throng;
2 v/i. press, be pressing or urgent.
drangsalieren [draqza'lizrsn] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) harass, vex, plague.
drastisch adj. ['drastij] drastic.
drauf F adv. [drauf] s. darauf; und
dran se/n zu inf. be on the point of
ger.; Sganger [ gsipr] m (s/-)
dare-devil. Am. si. a. go-getter.
draus F adv. [draus] s. daraus.
draufien adv. ['drauson] outside;
out of doors; abroad; out at sea.
drechs|eln ['dreksaln] v/t. (ge-, h)
turn (tsood, etc.); Sler [' sbr] m


(si-) turner.
Dreck F [drek] m (-[e]slno pi.) dirt;
mud; filth (a. fig.); fig. trash; F
am Stecken haben not

to have a

clean slate; F das geht dich einen

on that s none of your business;
Sig adj. dirty; filthy.
Dreh | bank [' dre:-] f(-he) (turning-)
lathe; 'Sbar adj. revolving, rotating;
bleistift m propelling pencil;
buch n scenario, script; ' biihne
thea. f revolving stage; 'Sen f/r.
(ge-, h) turn; shoot (film); roll
(cigarette); es dreht sich darum zu
ifif. it is a matter of ger.; sich
turn; ' kreuz n turnstile; ' orgel/
barrel-organ; ' punkt m centre


of rotation, Am. center of rotation,

pivot (a. fig.); ' strom / m three~


stuhl m swivelphase current;

chair; ' tiir/revolving door; ' ung
/ (-/-en) turn; rotation.
drei adj. [drai] three; ' beinig adj.
three-legged; 'Seek n triangle;
eckig adj. triangular; ~erlei adj.



lai] of three kinds or sorts;

ach adj. [' fax] threefold, treble,
triple; ' farbig adj. three-colo(u)r(ed); Sfufi m tripod; jahrig
adj. [' je:ri?] three-year-old; trienar




mal adv. three times;



lig adj. done or repeated three

times; three; S meilenzone
/three-mile limit; 'Srad n tricycle.



seitig adj. three-sided; trilateral;

Lsilbig adj. trisyllabic.
dreifiig adj. ['draisi?] thirty; '~ste
adj. thirtieth.
dreist adj. [draist] bold, audacious;
cheeky, saucy; 'Sigkeit / (-/-en)
boldness, audacity; cheek, sauciness.

dreilstimmig $ adj. for or in three

voices; ~tagig adj. [' teigi?] threeday; ' teilig adj. in three parts,
tripartite; ' zehn(te) adj. thirteen(th).

dresch|en ['drejan] u/t. and vji.

(irr., ge-, h) thresh; thrash; 'Eflegel
m flail;


2maschine / threshing-


dressieren [dre'siiran] vlt. (no -ge-,

h) train; break in (horse).

drillen X ,

fdribn] v/t. (ge-, h)


Drillinge ['drilirja] tnlpl. triplets pi.

drin F adv. [drin] s. darin.
dringen ['drirpn] vji. (irr., ge-)
1 (se/n):
durch force one's way
through, penetrate or pierce
s th.; ~ aus break forth from
noise: come from;
in (acc.) penetrate into; in j-n urge or press s.o.;

an die Offentlichkeit

get abroad;

auf (acc.) insist on, press
for; Ld adj. urgent, pressing;
suspicion: strong.
dringlich adj. urgent, pressing;
fikeit / (-Ino pi.) urgency.
drinnen adv. ['drinan] inside; in2


sure; squeeze (of hand, etc.); 2. typ.

(-[e]s/-e) print(ing);
bogen m
printed sheet; '~buchstabe m

block letter.

drucken f'drukan] v/t. (ge-, h) print;

lassen have printed, publish.

drucken ['drykan] (ge-, h) 1. v/t.

press; squeeze (hand, etc.); force
down (prices, wages, etc.); lower
(record); press, push (button, etc.).
F sich ~ vor (dat.) or von shirk
(work, etc.); 2. v/i. shoe: pinch. .
Drucker m (s/-) printer.
Driicker m (s/-) door-handle;
Drucker[ei [druka'rai] / (-/-en)
printing office. Am. printery, print
shop; Lschwarze / printer s or


Druck|fehler m misprint; Lfehlerverzeichnis n errata pi.; '2ertig adj. ready for press;'Jkammer
/ pressurized cabin; Lknopf m
patent fastener, snap-fastener;
push-button; 'JUift / compressed
air; Lpumpe / pressure pump;
sache(n pi.)
/ printed matter,

Am. a. second-class or third-class



schrift / block letters;

publication; ' taste / press key.
drum F adv., cj. [drum] s. darum.
drunter F adv. ['druntar] s. dorunter.

Driise anat. ['dryrza] / (-/-n) gland.

du pers. pron. [du:] you.
Dublette [du'blsta] / (-/-n) dupUcate.

dritt|e adj. ['drita] third; '2el n

(-s/-) third;
ens adv. thirdly;
Lletzt adj. last but two.
Drogje ['droiga] / (-/-n) drug;
erie [droga'ri:] / (-/-n) chemist's

(shop). Am. drugstore;

ist [dro-


gist] m (-enI-en) (retail pharma-

ceutical) chemist.

drohen ['droian] v/i. (ge-, h) threaten, menace.

Drohne ['drorna] / (-/-n) zo. drone

{a. fig.).
drohnen ['drornan] v/i. (ge-, h)
voice, etc.: resound; cannon, drum,
etc.: roar; voice, cannon: boom.
Drohung ['droiurj] / (-/-en) threat,

drolligajy. ['droli?] amusing, quaint,


Dromedar zo. [drDme'dair] n (-s/-e)

drosch [droj] pret. of dreschen.
Droschke ['drojka] / (-j-n) taxi
(-cab) Am. a. cab, hack; ' nkutscher m cabman, driver. Am. a.


Drossel orn. Vdros3l]f(-l-n) thrush;

2n v/t. (ge-, h) throttle.
driiben adv. ['dryiban] over there,

driiber F adv. ['dryibar] s. daruber.

Druck [druk] m 1. (-[e]s/'=e) pres6 SWEII


81 -



v/refl. (ge-, h)

duck, crouch; fig. cringe (vor dat.

to, before).

Dudelsack r ['duidal-] m bagpipes

Duell [du'el] n (-s/-e) duel; Sieren
[dus'liiran] v/refl. (no -ge-, h)
(fight a) duel (mit with).
Duett .T [du'st] n (-[e]s/-e) duet.
Duft [duft] m (-[e]sl-e) scent, fragrance, perfume; 'fien v/i. (ge-, h)
smell, have a scent, be fragrant;
Send adj. fragrant; 'Sig adj. dainty,

duldjen ['duldan] (ge-, h) 1. v/t.

bear, stand, endure, suffer (pain,
grief, etc.); tolerate, put up with;
2 v/i. suffer; ~sam adj. V~t-] tolerant; 'Ssamkeit / (-/no pi.) tolerance; ung [' dur)] / (-/S-en)

toleration; sufferance.

dumm adj. [dum] stupid, dull. Am.

F dumb; 'Sheit / (-/-en) stupidity,
dullness; stupid or foolish action;
Skopf m fool, blockhead. Am. si. a.

dumpf adj. [dumpf] smell, air, eta

musty, fusty; atmosphere: stuffy,
heavy; sound, sensation, etc.: dull;
ig adj. cellar, etc.: damp, musty.
Diine ['dyma] / (-/-n) dune, sandhill.


82 -

Dung [durj] m (-[e]s/no pi.) dung,


dunge|n ['dyrjan] vjt. (ge-, h) dung,

manure; fertilize; 'fir m (-s/-) 5.
Dung; fertilizer.
dunkel ['durjkal] 1. adj. dark; dim;
fig. obscure; idea, etc.: dim, faint,
vague; 2. 2 n (-s/no pi.) s. Dunkelheit.

Dunkel f'dyqkal] m (-s/no pi.)

conceit, arrogance; 'fihaft adj. conceited, arrogant.

Dunkeljheit/(-/mop/.) darkness (a.

JfeO; fig. obscurity; ' kammer

phot, f dark-room; 'fin v/i. (ge-, h)
grow dark, darken.
diinn adj. [dyn] paper, material,
voice, etc.: thin; hair, population,
etc.: thin, sparse; liquid: thin,
watery; aj r: rare(fied).
Dunst [dunst] m (-es/=e) vapo(u)r;
haze, mist; fume.
diinsten ['dynstan] (ge-. h) 1. v/t.
steam (fish, etc.); stew (fruit, etc.);
2 w/i. steam.

dringen (irr. dringen) 1. [' driqanj

v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein) penetrate

(through); win acceptance (mit for)
(proposal); 2. U'drirpn] v/t. (no
ge-, h) penetrate, pierce; water,
smell, etc.: permeate.
1 adv. in confusion or disorder;
pell-mell; 2.2 n (-s/-) muddle, mess,
confusion; bringen v/t. (irr. bringen, sep., -ge-, h) confuse s.o.; fig.
mix (things) up; werfen v/t. (irr.
werfen, sep., -ge-, h) throw into


ran] v/t. (sep., -ge-, sein) go or pass

or drive through; 2. [Jfarran] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) go or pass or travel or
drive through; traverse (tract of
country, etc.);'St/passage (through);

dunstig adj. vaporous; hazy.

Duplikat [dupli'ka:t] n (-[e]s/-e)


durch [dur?] 1. prp. (acc.) through;

2 adv.: die ganze Nacht
night long;
through and
through; thoroughly.
durcharbeiten ['dur?'-] (sep., -ge-,
h) 1. v/u study thoroughly; sich
durch work through (book, etc.);
2 vli. work without a break.
durch 'aus
through; thoroughly; by all means;
absolutely, quite; nicht not at all,
by no means.
durchjbiegen v/t. (irr. 6/egen, sep.,
ge-, h) bend; deflect (beam, etc.);
beam, etc.: deflect, sag;
blattern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) glance
or skim through (book, etc.). Am.
thumb through, skim; 'Sblick m:
auf (acc.) view through to, vista
over, view of; '~blicken v/i. (sep.,

Durchfall m # diarrh(o)ea; F fig.

failure. Am. a. flunk; Sen (irr. fallen) 1. [' falan] v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)
fall through; fail, F get ploughed
(in examination); thea. be a failure,
5/. be a flop;
lassen reject, F
plough; 2. U'falan] v/t. (no -ge-, h)
fall or drop through (space).


durchjfechten v/t. (irr. fechten,

sep., -ge-, h) fight or see

through; ' finden v/refl. (irr. finden, sep., -ge-, h) find one's way

durchj'flechten v/t. (irr. flechten,

no -ge-, h) interweave, intertwine;
Jforschen v/t. (no -ge-, h) search
through, investigate; explore (region, etc.).

ge-, h) look through;

lassen, daft

give to understand that.




-ge-, h)

supply with blood; Jbohren v/t.

(no -ge-, h) pierce; perforate; mit
Blicken look daggers at 5.0.

durchlbraten v/t. (irr. braten, sep.,

ge-, h) roast thoroughly; brechen
(irr. brechen) 1. [' .bre an] v/i. (sep.,
ge-, sein) break through or apart;
2 ['~] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) break apart
or in two; 3. U'breijan] v/t. (no
ge-, h) break through, breach; run
(blockade); crash (sound barrier);
brennen v/i. (irr. brennen, sep.,
ge-, sein) fuse: blow; F fig. run
away; woman: elope; ' bringen
v/t. (irr. bringen, sep., -ge-, h) bring
or get through; dissipate, squander
(money); 'fibruch m X break.

verboten / no thorough-


Dur J" [du:r] (-/-) major.

, mix up.

durchfahrjen (irr. fahren) 1. [' fa:-


breach; fig.

durch'denken v/t. (irr. denken, no

ge-, h) think over thoroughly.
durch|drangen v/refl. (sep., -ge-,h)
force or push one's way through;



ultimate success.





Durchfuhr if f (-/-en) transit.

durchfuhrjbar adj. ['dur?fy:rba:r]

practicable, feasible, workable; ' en
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) lead or take
through or across; fig. carry out or
through; realize; 'fiungsbestimmung / (implementing) regulation.
Durchgang m passage; -f transit;
sports: run; Lsverkehr m through
traffic; -f- transit traffic; ' szoll m
transit duty.
durchgebraten adj. well done.
durchgehen (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-)
1 v/i. (sein) go or walk through;
bill: pass, be carried; run away or
off; abscond; woman: elope; horse:
bolt; 2. v/t. (sein) go through (street,
etc.); 3. v/t. (h, sein) go or look or
read through (work, book, etc.); ' d
1 adj. continuous; .er Zug through
train; 2. adv. generally; throughout.
durch'geistigt adj. spiritual.


durchjgreifen v/i. (irr. greifen,



sep., -ge-, h) put one s hand

through; fig. take drastic measures
or steps; ' greifend adj. drastic;
radical, sweeping; ' halten (nr.
halten, sep., -ge-, h) 1. vjt. keep up
{pace, etc.),' 2. W. hold out;
hauen vft. (irr. hauen, sep., -ge-, h)
cut or chop through; fig. give 5.0.
a good hiding; ' helfen v/i. (irr.

helfen, sep., -ge-, h) help through

(a. fig.)', Lkampfen v/t. (.sep.,
ge-j *>) fight out; sich fight one s
way through; Lkneten v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) knead or work thoroughly;
kommen v/i. (irr. kommen, sep.,
ge-, sein) come or get or pass
through; sick person: pull through;
in examination: pass.
durch'kreuzen v/t. (no -ge-, h)
cross, foil, thwart (plan, etc.).

83 -


asunder, tear in two; ~schauen (h)

1 [' /auan] v/i. and v/t. (sep., -ge-)
look through; 2. fig. U'Jauan] v/t.
(no -ge-) see through.
durchscheinen v/i. (irr. scheinen,
sep., -ge-, h) shine through; ' d
adj translucent; transparent.
durchscheuern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
rub through; ~schiefien (rr. schieBen) 1. [' Ji:s3n] v/i. (sep., -ge-, h)
shoot through; 2. [ ] v/i. (sep.,




ge-, sein) water: shoot or race

through; 3. U'Jrsan] v/t. (no -ge-,h)

shoot through; typ.: space out

(lines); interleave (book).


come through; take or have effect;

[JJlaigan] v/t. (no -ge-, h) pierce;
bullet: penetrate; 'Send adj'. effective, telling;
papier ['Jc-] n

copying paper.

durchschneiden v/t. (irr. schneiden,

h) 1. [' Jnaidan] (sep., -ge-) cut
through; 2. U'Jnaidsn] (no _ge_)
cut through, cut in two.



(no -ge-, h) perforate, make holes

h) 1. v/i. see or look through; 2. v/t.

(sep., -ge-, h) filter, strain; ~setzen

v/t. (h) 1. [' zetsan] (sep., -ge-) put
(plan, etc.) through; force through;
seinen Kopf ~ have one s way; sich
opinion, etc.: gain acceptance;
2 U'zetssn] (no -ge-) intersperse.
Durchsicht / looking through or
over; examination; correcdon; typ.
reading; 'Sig adj. glass, water, etc.:
transparent; , clear, lucid; Ligkeit / (-/no pi.) transparency; fig.


durchmachen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

go through (difficult times, etc.);

undergo (suffering).
Durchmesser m (-s/-) diameter.
durch'nassen v/t. (no -ge-, h) wet
through, soak, drench.

durchlnehmen vft. (irr. nehmen,

sep., -ge-, h) go through or over
(subject); ' pausen v/t. (sep., -ge-,

h) trace, calk (design, etc.).

durchqueren [durc'kverran] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) cross, traverse.
durchlrechnen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
(re)calculate, check; '2reise / journey or way through; reisen 1.1'
raizan] v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein) travel
or pass through; 2. [ 'raizan] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) travel over or through
or across; 'Sreisende m, f (-n/-n)
person travel(l)ing through. Am. a.
transient; fi% through passenger;
reifien (irr. reiBen, sep., -ge-) 1. v/i.
(sein) tear, break; 2. v/t. (h) tear


swert m average value.

durchjsehen (irr. sehen, sep., -ge-,

see or look through; look
over, go over; Lseihen v/t.

f g. investigate.
durchlochem [durg'lcegam]

Durchschnitt m cutting through;

section, profile; & intersection;
fig. average; /m ~ on an average;
Slich 1. adj. average; normal;
2 adv. on an average; normally;


durchlesen v/t. (irr. lesen, sep.,

ge-, h) read through.
durchleuchten (h) 1. [' bv tan]
v/i. (sep., -ge-) shine through;
2 [JbYgtan] v/t. (no -ge-) # X-ray;

[' Jlarganj v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

break or pass through; strain (peas,

etc.); sich
get along, make one's
way; 2. r~] v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) typ.

Durch|lafi ['durglas] m (DurchlasseslDurchlasse) passage; 'Slassen v/t. (irr. lassen, sep., -ge-, h)
let pass, allow to pass, let through;
Wosser leak; 'Slassig adj. pervious (to), permeable (to); leaky.
durchlaufen (irr. laufen) 1. ['Uaufsn] v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein) run or pass
through; 2. r~] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
wear out (shoes, etc.); 3. [ 'laufsn]
vlt. (no -ge-, h) pass through (stages,
departments, etc.); sports: cover
durch'leben v/t. (no -ge-, h) go or
live through.

Durchschlag m colander, strainer;

carbon copy; Sen (irr. schlagen)

clarity, lucidity.

durchjsickern v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)

seep or ooze through; news, etc.:

leak out; ~sieben vft. (h) 1. [' zirban] (sep., -ge-) sieve, sift; bolt
(flour); 2. [Jzirban] (no -ge-) riddle
(with bullets); '~sprechen v/t. (irr.
sprechen, sep., -ge-, h) discuss, talk
over; ~stechen v/t. (irr. stechen, h)
[' Jtesan] (sep., -ge-) stick
(needle, etc.) through; stick
through; 2. U'/te an] (mo -ge-)
pierce; cut through (dike, etc.);
stecken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pass or
stick through.
Durchstich m cut(ting).

durch'stobern v/t. (no -ge-, h)

ransack (room, pockets, etc.); rum-






durchzwangen v/refl. (sep., -ge-, h)

squeeze o.s. through.
diirfen ['dyrfan] (irr., h) 1. v/i. (ge-):
ich darf (nicht) I am (not) allowed
to; 2. vjaux. (no -ge-): ich darf inf.
I am permitted or allowed to inf.;
I may inf.; du darfst nicht inf. you
must not inf.; iro.: wenn ich bitten
darf if you please.
durfte ['durfta] pret. of diirfen.



durchstreichen v/r. (z'rr. streichen,

Sep., -ge-. h) strike or cross out,




-ge-, h)

roam or wander through or over or


durch'suchjen v/r.



84 -

(no -ge-, h)

Sung / (-/-en)


durchtrieben adj. [durc'triiban]

cunning, artful; 2heit / (-/no pi.)
ctmning, artfulness.
durch'wachen vlt. (no -ge-, h)
pass (the night) waking.
durcfa'wachsen adj. bacon: streaky.
durchwandern 1. [Lvandam] v/t.
(sep., -ge-, sein) walk or pass
through; 2. [ 'vandam] vjt. (no
ge-, h) walk or pass through (place,
area, etc.).
durch'weben v/t. (no -ge-, h)
interweave; fig. a. intersperse.


diirr adj. [dyr] wood, leaves, etc.:

dry; land: barren, arid; p. gaunt,

lean, skinny; '2e / (-/-n) dryness;

barrenness; leanness.

Durst [durst] m (-es/no pi.) thirst

(nach for);
haben be thirsty.

diirsten ['dyrstan] v/i. (ge-, h):

nach thirst for.

durstig adj. thirsty (nach for).

Dusche ['duja] / (-/-n) shower
(-bath); 2n vlrefl. and v/i. (ge-, h)

have a shower(-bath).
Diise ['] / (-/-n) nozzle; %
jet; ~nantrieb [' n'-] m jet propulsion; mit
jet-propelled; ' n
flugzeug n jet(-propelled) aircraft, F jet; ' njager
m jet
duster adj. ['dyistar] dark, gloomy
(both a. fig.); light: dim; ig.: sad;
depressing; 'Sheit / (-/no pi.),
2keit / (-Ino pi.) gloom(iness).
Dutzend ['dutsant] n (-sf-e) dozen;
e/n /er a dozen eggs; e von Leuten dozens of people; 'Sweise adv.
by the dozen, in dozens.

durchweg adv. ['dur<;vek] throughout, without exception.

durch|weichen 1. [' vai an] v/i.

(sep., -ge-, sein) soak; 2. U'vaKjan]


vjt. (no -ge-, h) soak, drench; winden vlrefl. (irr. winden, sep., -ge-, h)
worm or thread one s way through;
wiihlen (h) I.fig. [ vyrlan] vlrefl.
(sep., -ge-) work one's way through;
2 U'vyibn] v/t. (no -ge-) rummage; '~zahlen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h)
covmt; ziehen (irr. ziehen) 1. f'
tsiran] v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein) pass or
go or come or march through;
[M v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pull
(thread, etc.) through; 3. [Jtsiian]
v/t. (no -ge-, h) go or travel through;
scent, etc.: fill, pervade (room, etc.).
durch'zucken v/t. (no -ge-, h)
flash through.
Durchzug m passage through;
draught. Am. draft.




Dynamjik [dy'normik] / (-Ino pi.)

dynamics; Sisch adj. dynamic(al).
Dynamit [dyna'mirt] n (sjno pi.)
Dynamo [dy'na:mo] m (-s/-s), ~ma-

schine / dynamo, generator.



Ebbe t'eba] / (-/-n) ebb(-tide); low
tide; 'Sn v/i. (ge-, sein) ebb.
eben ['e:ban] 1. adj. even; plain,

level; A* plane; zu er Erde on the

ground floor. Am. on the first
floor; 2. adv. exactly; just;
erst just now; 'Sbild n image,

likeness; ..biirtig adj. [' byrti?] of

equal birth; j-m ~ sein be a match
for s.o., be s.o.'s equal; Vda adv.,
Lda'selbst adv. at the very (same)
place, just there; quoting books:
ibidem (abbr. ib., ibid.); 'Jder,
die, 'Jdas dem. pron. = '~der'
selbe, ' die'selbe, ' das'selbe
dem. pron. the very (same); '







Ebene ['e:bana] / (-/-n) plain; &

plane; fig. level.
ebenjerdig adj. and adv. at street
level; on the ground floor. Am. on
the first floor; '*falls adv. likewise; 'Sholz n ebony; '*mafi n sym-

metry; harmony; regularity (of

' mafiig adj. symmetrical;
o adv. just so; just as ...; likewise;






adv. just as much; ' sowenig

adv. just as litde or few (pi.), no



83 -

Eber zo. ['etbar] m (-s/-) boar;


/ mountain-ash.
ebnen [ e bnsnj r/r. (fe-, h) level;




Echo ['eco] n (-s/-s) echo.

echt adj. [egt] genuine; true; pure;
real; colour', fast; document', authen-

tic; 'Sheit / (-/<> />/.) genuineness;

purity; reality; fastness; authenticity.
Eck [ek] n (-[e]s/-e) s. cke; '-ball
m sports: comer-kick; e / (-/-n)
comer; edge; Sigo f;. angiilar; fig.
platz m comer-seat;




stein m comer-stone;
canine tooth.

zahn m

(gen.) in hono(u)r of; '2n o/r. (ge-,

h) hono(u)r; esteem.

ehrenlamtlich adj. honorary; 'burger m honorary citizen; 'Sdoktor m honorary doctor; 'Serklarung / (full) apology; 2gast m
guest of hono(u)r; Sgericht n


haft adj. honourable; Skodex m code of hono(u)r; Slegion ['-legiorn] / (-{no

pi.) Legion of Hono(u)r; 'Smarm m
man of hono(u)r; Smitglied n
honorary member; 'Splatz m place
of hono(u)r; 'Srecht n: burgerliche
e pi. civil rights pi.-, 'Srettung/
rehabilitation; ruhrigoJ/. defamatory-; Ssache/affair of hono(u)r;
point of hono(u)r; '-voll adj. hono(u)rable; '-wert adj. hono(u)rable;
Swort n
(-[e]s/-e) word of

cious; organs of the body: vital; '

denkend adj. noble-minded; '2rnarm m nobleman; Smut m generosity; -miitig adj. [' myrti?]
noble-minded, generous; '2stein m

precious stone; gem.

Edikt [e'dikt] n (-[e]s/-e) edict.


Efeu $ ['eifDY] m l-s/no pi.) ivy.




ehr|erbietig adj. [ e 'erbirtic] respectful; 2erbietung/(-/-en) rev'


erence; furcht/(-/S-en) respect

awe; ' furchtgebietend adj. aweinspiring, awesome; -fiirchtig adj.
[ fyr tic] respectful; 'Sgefiihl n
(-[e]s!no pi ) sense of hono(u)r;
Sgeiz m ambition; '-geizig adj.




Egge ['zgs] f (-/-n) harrow; 'Sn c/r.

Cge-.. h) harrow.
Egoisjmus [ego'ismus] m (-/Ego/'smen) ego(t)ism; -t m (-en/-en) ego(t)ist; tisch adj. selfish, ego(t)is-



adj. honest; ccmmerce,

game: fair; opinion: candid; - wahrt
am langsten honesty is the best
policy; 'Skeit / (-/no pL) honesty;

ehe1 cj. I'eis] before.

Ehe2 [-j/(-/-n) marriage; matrimonjr;

anbahnung / (-/-en) matrimonial agency; ' brecher m (-s/-)
brecherin / (-/-nen)
bruch m adultery;
frau/wife; '-gatte m, '-gattin/
spouse; ' leute pL married people
pL; 'Slich adj. confugal; child: legitimate; '-losigkeit / (-/no pi.) celibacy; single life.
ehemal'ig adj. ['ersmodic] former,
ex-...; old; ' s adv. formerly.
Ehejinann m husband; '-paar n


ehrlos adj. dishono(u)rable, infamous:


married couple.
eher adv. sooner; rather; more
likely; ;'e
desto besser the sooner


the better.

Elhering m wedding ring.

ehera adj. ['ersm] brazen, of brass.

Ehe|scheidung/divorce; '-schlieCung / (-/-en) (contraction of) marriage; ' stand m (-[e]s/no pi.) married state, matrimony; '-stifter m,
stifterin / (-/-nen) matchmaker;
vermittlung f s. Eheanbchnung;
versprechen n promise of mar-


igkeit/(-/-en) dishonesty,






edel adj. [ etdal] noble; miru pre-

Effekt [E'fekt] m (-[e]s/-e) effect;

en pi. effects pl.i't: securities pL;
stocks pL; -enhandel m dealing in
stocks; -hascherei [Jiaja'rat] /
(-/-en) claptrap; iv adj U'tir/]
effective; Suieren Uu iiran] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) effect; esecute. Am. a.
fill; Svoll adj. effective, striking.
egal adj. [e go:!] equal; F all the


Ehre ['eirej / (-l-n) hono(u)r; zu

court of hono(u)r;

Ehrabschneider ['e:r*ap/naid3r] m
(si-) slanderer.
ehrbar adj. hono(u)rable, respectable; modest; 'Skeit f(-lno pi.) respectability; modesty.



ehrlsam adj. s. ehrbar;



Sung /

(-/-en) hono(u)r (conferred on s o.)i



vergessen adj. dishono(u)rable,

infamous; 'Sverlust ft m (-es/no
pi.) loss of civil rights; '-wiirdig
adj. venerable, reverend.
ei1 int. [ai] ah!, indeed!
Ei'2 [-] n (-[e]s/-er) eggipkysiol.ovum.
Eibe % ['aiba] / (-/-n) yew(-tree).
['ai?3] / (-l-n) oak(-tree);
1 [U] / (-l-n) % acorn; irds:
club; -thaher cm. [' herar] m
(s/-) jay.
eichen1 ('ai?3n] v/t. (ge-, h) ga(u)ge.
eichen2 adj. [-] oaken, of oak.
Eich|h6rnchen zo. ['ai hcemcpn] n
(si-) squirrel; '-mafi n standard.
Eid fan] m (-es/-e) oath; 'Sbriichig


adj.: - wercfen break one s -oath.

Eidechse zo. ['aidks3]/(-/-n) lizard.

eidesstattlich ft adj. [ aidas-] in
lieu of (an) oath; -e Erklarung statutory declaration.



eidlich 1. adj. sworn; 2. adv. on

86 -

ein|arbeiten ['am9-] r/r. (sep., -ge-,

h): j-n ~ in (acc.) make s.o. acquainted with; armig adj. ['am'-]
one-armed; aschern ['ain'ejam]
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) bum to ashes;


Eidotter m, n yolk.


Eier|kuchen m omelet(te), pan-

cake; ' schale / egg-shell; ' stock

anat. tn ovary; ' uhr / egg-timer.
Eifer ['aifsr] m {-sjno pi.) zeal;
eagerness; ardo(u)r; ' er tn (-s/-)
sucht f(-lnopl.) jealousy;

cremate (dead body); 'Sascherung

/(-/-en) cremation; atmen ['am9-]
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) breathe, inhale;



Ssiichtig adj. jealous (ouf acc. of).

eifrig adj. ['aifri?] zealous, eager;



augig adj. ['ain'oygi?] one-eyed.

EinbahnstraCe / one-way street.
einbalsamieren vlt. (sep., no -ge-,


h) embalm.


eigen adj. [ aigsn] own; particular;

strange, odd; in compounds:
owned; peculiar (dor. to); 'Eart/
artig adj. peculiar;
singular; Sbrotler f breitlar] m
(-s/-) odd or eccentric person,



crank; Sgewicht n dead weight;

handig adj. and adv. [' hsndi?]

with one s own hands;


Sheim n




language: idiom;
Sliebe /
self-love; Slob n self-praise;
machtig adj. arbitrary; Sname m
proper name; niitzig adj. f' nytsi?]
self-interested, selfish;
expressly, specially; on purpose.
Eigenschaft / (-/-en) quality (o/
5.0.); property (of; in s-r
in his capacity as; ' swort gr. n
(-[e]s/=er) adjective
Eigensinn m (~[e]slnopl.) obstinacy;
Sig adj. wil(l)ful, obstinate.
eigentlich 1. adj. proper; actual;
true, real; 2. adv. properly (speaking).
Eigentum n (-s/=er) property.
Eigentiimler ['aigsntyrmar] m (-s/-)
owner, proprietor; lich adj. peculiar; odd;
lichkeit / (-/-en)
Eigentumslrecht n ownership;


einbettjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) embed; 'Szimmer n single(-bedded)



einbild|en v/refl. (sep., -ge-, h)

fancy, imagine; 'Sung / imagina-

tion, fancy; conceit.

einbinden v/t. (irr. binden, sep.,
ge-, h) bind (books).
Einblick m insight (in acc. into).
einbrechen (j rr. brechen, sep.,
ge-) 1. v/t. (h) break open; 2. v/i.
(se/n) break in; of night, etc.: set in;
in (acc.) break into (house).
Einbrecher m at night: burglar;
by day: housebreaker.
Einbruch m
invasion; housebreaking, burglary; be/ ~ der Nocht
(s)diebstahl m
at nightfall;
house-breaking, burglary.



einbiirgerln ['ambyrgam] v/t. (sep.,


ge-, h) naturalize; Sung / (-/-en)




Einlbufie/loss; 'Sbiifien v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) lose, forfeit.
ein|dammen ['amdsmsn] v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) dam (up); embank (river);
fig. check; '~deutig adj unequiv-

eigenwillig adj. self-willed;

, in-

ocal; clear, plain.


eign|en [ aignan] v/refl. (ge-, h):

sich ~ fur be suited for; Sung /


eindringjen v/i. (irr. dr/ngen, sep.,

ge-, se/n) enter; penetrate; intrude;

in (acc.) penetrate (into); force

s way into; invade (country);

(-/-en) aptitude suitability.




m express messenger;

durch n by special delivery;

m express letter. Am. special delivery letter.
Eile ['aila] / (-/no pi.) haste, speed;
hurry; 'Sn v/i. (ge-. se/'n) hasten,
make haste; hurry; letter, affair:
be urgent; Snds adv. ['~ts] quickly,


Am. induct.


copyright; Lwohnung / freehold


ein|bauen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) build

in; install (engine, etc.); '~behalten
v/t. (irr. ho/ten, sep., no -ge- h)
detain; ' berufen v/t. (irr. rufen,
sep., no -ge-, h) convene; X call UP>

house of one's own; homestead;

2heit/(-/-en) peculiarity; oddity;



Eillfracht /, '~gut n express goods

pi., Am. fast freight; 'Sig adj. hasty,

speedy; urgent; es
hoben be in a
Eimer ['aimar] m (-s/-) bucket, pail.
ein [am] 1. adj. one; 2. indef. art.
a, an.

einander adv. [ai'nandar] one another; each other.




Uich adj. urgent; Sling V Jiij] m

(-s/-e) intruder; invader


Eindruck m (-[e]s/=e) impression.


einjdriicken vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)

press in; crush (in) (hat); break

(pane); ' drucksvoll adj. impressive;
engen [ am9-] v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) narrow; , limit.
einjer1 [ ainar], ' e, , (e)s indef.



pron. one.

Einer2 U] m (-s/-) & unit, digit; rozuing: single sculler, skiff.

einerlei ['amsr'lai] 1. adj. of the
same kind; immaterial; es ist mir
it is all the same to me; 2. 2 n (s/no
pi.) sameness; monotony; humdrum (of one's existence).


87 -

einerseits adv. ['amar'zaits] on the

veterate; confirmed; er Junggeselle

confirmed bachelor.

one hand.

elnfach adj. [ ainfax] simple; single;

plain; meal: frugal; ticket: single,
Am. one-way; 'Sheit / (-/no pi.)
einfadeln ['ainfeidaln] v/t. (sep.,


eingehen (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-)

1 v/i. (sein) mail, goods: come in,
animal: die; cease (to
exist); material: shrink; auf (acc.)
agree to; enter into; 2. v/t. (h, sein)
enter into (relationship); contract
(marriage); ein Risiko
run a risk,

ge-, h) thread; jig. start, set on

foot; contrive.

Einfahrt / entrance, entry.

esp. Am. take a chance; e-n Vergleich ~ come to terms; Verbindlich-


Einfall m X invasion; idea, inspiration; 'Sen v/t. (irr. fallen, sep.,

ge-, sein) fall in, collapse; break
in (on a conversation), interrupt, cut


short; chime in; J join in; invade;


occur to s.o.

Ein|falt ['ainfalt] / (-[no pi.) sim-

plicity; silliness; Sf ltig adj. [L-

felti?] simple; silly; Lfaltspinsel

m simpleton. Am. F sucker.
ein|farbig adj. one-colo(u)red, unicolo(u)red; plain; Lfassen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) border; set (precious
stone); Sfassung/border; setting;
fetten vft. (sep., -ge-, h) grease;
oil; ' finden v/refl. (irr. finden,
sep., -ge-, h) appear; arrive;
flechten fig. v/t. (irr. f/ec/iten,
sep., -ge-, h) put in, insert; ' lieiBen
v/i. (irr. flietien, sep., -ge-, sein)
flow in;
fn (acc.) flow into; lassen mention in passing; LfloCen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) infuse.
EinfluB m influx; fig. influence;
2reich adj. influential.
ein|formig adj. ['amfoermi?] uniform; monotonous; frieden L' frirdan] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) fence,
enclose; Sfriedung / (-/-en) enclosure; ' frieren (irr. frieren,
sep., -ge-) 1. v/i. (sein) freeze (in);
2 v/t. (h) freeze (food); Lfiigen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) put in; fig. insert;

Eingemachte ['aingsmaxts] n (-nf

no pi.) preserves pi.; pickles pi.
eingemeinden u/r. (sep., no -ge-, h)
incorporate (dat. into).

einge|nommen adj. partial (fur to);

prejudiced (gegen against); von sich
conceited; 'Ssandt *> n (-sj-s)
letter to the editor; ~schnappt F


fig. adj. [' gajnapt] offended,

touchy; ' sessen adj. long-established; '2standnis n confession,
avowal; ' stehen v/t. (irr. stehen,


incur liabilities; e-e Wette

make a bet; eingegangene Gelder

njpl. receipts pi.; ' d adj. detailed;
thorough; examination: close.



sep., no -ge-, h) confess, avow.

Eingeweide anat. ['amgavaida] pi.
viscera pi.; intestines pi.; bowels
pi.; esp. of animals: entrails pi.
einge|wohnen v/refl. (sep., no -ge-,
h) accustom o.s. (in acc. to); acclimatize o.s.. Am. acclimate o.s. (to);
get used (to).
eingewurzelt adj. [' gavurtsaltj
deep-rooted, inveterate.
eingiefien v/t. (irr. gietien, sep.,
ge-, h) pour in or out.
eingleisig adj. ['ainglaizi?] single-


einlgraben v/t. (irr. graben, sep.,

ge-, h) dig in; bury; engrave; sich

X dig 0-s- in, entrench o.s.; fig.
engrave itself (on one s memory);
gravieren v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)

sich ~ fit in.

Einfuhr f ['ainfuir] / (-/-en) import(ation); ' bestimmungen/Zp/.

import regulations pi.
einfiihren v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) -f import; introduce (s.o., custom); insert; initiate; install (s.o. in an office).
Einfuhrwaren 'f f/pL imports



eingreifen 1. v/i. (irr. greifen,

sep., -ge-, h) intervene;
in (acc.)
interfere with; encroach on (s.o.'s

rights); in die Debatte join in the

debate; 2. 2 n (-s/no pi.) intervention.


Eingabe/petition; application.
Eingang m entrance; entry; arrival
(of goods); nach
on receipt; ' sbuch Y book of entries.
eingeben v/t. (irr. geben, sep., -ge-,



h) give, administer (medicine) (dat.

to); prompt, suggest (to).

einge|bildet adj. imaginary; conceited (auf acc. of);

boren adj.

native; '2borene m, f(-nl-n) native.

Eingebung ['amgerbui)] / (-/-en)

suggestion; inspiration.
einge|denk adj. ['amgadsgk] mindful (gen. of); ' falien adj. eyes,
cheeks: sunken, hollow; emaciated;
fleischt fig. adj. [Lgaflaijt] in-


Eingriff m fig. encroachment; &

einhaken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) fasten;
sich bei j-m take s.o. s arm.
Einhalt m (-[e]slno pi.): ~ gebieten
(dat.) put a stop to; 'Sen fig. (irr.
halten, sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. observe,
keep; 2. v/i. stop, leave off (zu tun



einlhangen ([irr. hangen,] sep., -ge-,

h) 1. v/t. hang in; hang up, replace

(receiver); sich bei j-m
take s.o.'s
arm, link arms with s.o.; 2. telepfu
v/i. hang up; 'Jaeften v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) sew or stitch in.
einheimisch adj. native (in dat.


to), indigenous (to) (a.

); & endemic; product: home-grown; '2e
m, f (-n/-n) native; resident.
Einheit / (-/-en) unity; oneness;

fc, phys., X unit; '211 ch adj. uniform; ' .spreis m standard price.
einheizen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. vli. make
a fire; 2. v/t. heat (5iove).
einhellig adj. [ amheli?] unanimous.
einholen (scp., -ge-, h) 1. u/r. catch
up with, overtake; make up for
(lost time); make (.inquiries); take

(order); seek (advice); ask for (permission); buy; 2. u/i.: ~ ge/ien go



Einhorn zo. n unicorn.


einhiillen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) wrap

(up or in); envelop.
einig adj. [ ami?] united;
agree; n/cht ~ sem differ (iiber acc.
mJe/. pron. [' ga] several; some; en [' igan] vft. (ge-,
h) xrnite; sich come to terms; ~ermafien adv. [' gar'maisan] in
some measure; somewhat; es in'

88 -


Einkiinfte ['amkynfta] pi. income,


einladjen v/t. (irr. laden, sep., -ge-,

h) load (in) (goods) ;fig. invite; 'Sung


Einlage / enclosure (m letter); f

investment; deposit (of money);

/ invitation.

gambling: stake; inserted piece;

arch-support; temporary filling (of
tooth); '2rn -f v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
store (up).
Einlafi ['ainlas] m (Einlasses/Einlasse) admission, admittance.
einlassen v/t. (irr. lessen, sep., -ge-,
h) let in, admit;
in (acc.) imbed in; sich in or auf (both acc.)
engage in, enter into.
ein laufen v/i. (irr. laufen, sep.,
ge-, sein) come in, arrive; ship:


put in; insert; inlay; deposit

(money); pickle; preserve (fruit);
Berufung ~ lodge an appeal (be; to);
mit gain hono(u)r or credit
by; 'Ssohle / insole, sock.

einleitjen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) start;

introduce; ' end adj. introductory;
Sung / introduction.

ein|impfen [ am'-] vjt. (sep., -ge-,


einjlenken fig. v/i. (sep., -ge-, h)

come round; Lleuchten v/i. (sep.,

s o


einjahrig adj. [ amje i?] one-yearold; esp. % annual; animal: yearling.


einlkalkulieren v/t. (sep., no -ge-,

h) take into account, allow for;
kassieren v/t. (sep., no -ge-, h)
cash; collect.


Einkauf m purchase; Einkaufe machen s. e/nkaufen 2; '2en (sep.,


ge-, h) 1. v/t. buy, purchase; 2. &/.

ge-, h) be evident or obvious;

Hefern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) deliver
(up); in ein Krankenhaus
take to
a hospital. Am. hospitalize; ' 16sen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) ransom (prisoner);
redeem (pledge); -f hono(u)r (bill);
cash (cheque); 'f meet (bill);
machen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) preserve
(fruit); tin. Am. can.
einmal adv. once; one day; auf

all at once; es war

once (upon a
time) there was; n/cht
not even;
2leins n (-/-) multiplication table;

make purchases, go shopping.

Einkaufer m buyer.

Einkaufs|netz n string bag;

preis "Y" m purchase price; ' tasche
/ shopping-bag.


einlkehren v/i. (sep., -ge-, sem)

put up or stop (at an inn); kerben
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) notch; kerkern
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) imprison; kla-



Sieren v/i. (sep., no -ge-, sein)



march in, enter.


einlmengen v/refl. (sep., -ge-, h),




bracket; put in brackets.

Einklang m unison; harmony.



clothe; fit out;





klemmen v/t.

(sep., -ge-, h) squeeze (in); jam;


Jklinken (sep., -ge-) 1. v/t. (h)

latch; 2. v/i. (sein) latch; engage;

Lknicken (sep., -ge-) v/t. (h) and

v/i. (sein) bend in, break; kochen
(sep., ge-) 1. v/t. (h) preserve; 2. v/i.

(sein) boil down or away.

Einkommen n (-s/-) income, revenue; ' steuer/income-tax.

einkreisen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) encircle.

mischen v/refl. (sep., -ge-, h)


meddle, interfere (in acc. with),

esp. Am. si. butt in.

gen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) sue for;

klammern v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) typ.


ig adj. single; unique.

Einmarsch m marching in, entry;




einlege|n v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) lay or


inoculate (a. fig.); ' jagen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h): j-m Furcht


(in acc. to).


def. pron. I' gas] some(thing); '2keit / (-/wo pi.) unity; concord;


v/refl. (sep., -ge-, h) accustom o.s.

2ung [' g-] / (-/-en) union; agree-


Einmundung / junction (of roads);

mouth (of river).
einmiitig adj. ['ammyiti?] unanimous; 'Zkeitf /no pi.) unanimity.
Einnahme ['ainnaima] / (-/-n) X
taking, capture; mst n pi. takings
pi., receipts pi.
einnehmen v/t. (irr. nehmen, sep.,
ge-, h) take (meal, position, X) 5 T

take (money);
earn, make
(money); take up, occupy (room);

fig. captivate; '~d adj. taking, engaging, captivating.

einnicken v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein)
doze or drop off.


89 -

Einode I'am9-] / desert, solitude.

ein.ordnen [ am'-] r/r. (sep., -ge-,
h) arrange in proper order; classify;
file {letters, etc.); Lpacken v/r.
(sep., -ge-, h) pack up; wrap up;
pferchen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) pen
in; fig. crowd, cram; '.pflanzen
v/t. (sep-i -ge-, h) plant;fig. implant;
Lpokeln c/r. (sep., -ge-, h) pickle,
salt; ' pragen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)
imprint; impress; sich ~ imprint

intervene; '.scharfen c/r. (sep.,

ge-, h) incxilcate (dat. upon);
vschatzen c/r. (sep., -ge-, h) assess, appraise, estimate (auf acc. at);
value (a. fig.); ' schenken v t.
(sep., -ge-, h) pour in or out;
schicken t?/r. (sep., -ge-, h) send
in; ' schieben vjt. (irr. schieben,
sep-> -ge-, h) insert; ' schiffen vft.
and vfrefl. (sep., -ge-, h) embark;
Eschiffung / (-/-en) embarkation;
schlafen vfi. (irr. schlafen, sep.,


itself; commit to one's mem-

ory; ' quartieren v/t. (sep., no

ge-, h) quarter, billet; ' rahmen
vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) frame; ' raumen
fig. v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) grant, concede; ' rechnen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)
comprise, include; '-.reden (sep.,
ge-, h) 1. r/r.: j-m
persuade or
talk s.o. into (doing); 2. vji.:
auf j-n
talk insistently to s.o.;
reichen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) hand
in, send in, present; '-reihen vjt.
(sep., -ge-, h) insert (unter acc. in);
class (with); place (among); s/ ch

ge-, sein) fall asleep; schlafern

[ Jlerfam] vft. (sep., -ge-, h) lull to






take one s place.


einreihig adj. [ amraii?] jacket:

Einreise / entry; ' erlaubnis /,
genehmigung / entry permit.


Einschlag m striking (of lightning);

impact (of missile); ig. touch; 'Sen
(irr. schlagen, sep., -ge-, h) 1. vft.
drive in (nail); break (in); smash
(in); wrap up; take (road); tuck in
(hem, etc.); enter upon (career);
2 vfi. shake hands; lightning, missile:
strike; fig. be a success; nicht fail;
(wie e-e Somfce) cause a sensation;
auf j-n
belabour s.o.
einschlagig adj. ['amjle:gi?] relevant, pertinent.



einjreiflen (xrr. reiBen, sep., -ge-)


c/r. (h) tear; pull down (bwlding);

vji. (sein) tear; abuse, etc.: spread;


einlschleichen vfrefl. (irr. schleichen, sep., -ge-, h) creep or sneak in;

schleppen vft. (sep., -ge-, h) &

tow in; import (disease); ' schleusen fig. vft. (sep., -ge-, h) channel
or let in;
schliefien c/r. (irr.
schlie&en, sep., -ge-, h) lock in or up;
enclose; X surround, encircle; fig.
include; '-vSchlieClich prp. (gen.)
inclusive of; including, comprising;
schmeicheln vfrefl. (sep., -ge-, h)
ingratiate o.s. (bei with); ' schmei'
schmuggeln vft. (sep., -ge-, h)
smuggle in; ' schnappen vfi. (sep.,
ge-, sein) catch; fig. s. eingeschncppt; ' schneidend fig. adj.

renken [' reijksn] v/t. (sep., -ge-,

set; fig. set right.
einrichtlen v/t. (sep. -ge- h)
establish; equip; arrange; set up
(shop); furnish (flat); es manage;
establish o.s., setde down;
economize; sich auf (acc.) prepare
for; 'tmg/establishment; arrangement, esp. Am. setup; equipment;
furniture; fittings pi. (of shop);




einjrollen c/r. (sep., -ge-, h) roll up


rucken (sep.,
ge-) 1. vji. (sein) enter, march in;

incisive, drastic

Einschnitt m cut, incision; notch.


einlschniiren vft. (sep., -ge-, h)

join the army; 2. c/r. (h) insert

(advertisement in a paper); typ. indent (line, v:ord, etc.); ' riihren
c/r. (sep., -ge-, h) stir (in).
eins adj. [ams] one.


einsam adj. lonely, solitary; Skeit

/ (-/*v -en) loneliness, solitude.
einsammeln v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
gather; collect.
Einsatz m inset; insertion (of piece
of material); gambling: stake, pool;
/ striking in, entry; employment;

lace (up); -.schranken [' Jreqkan]

vft. (sep., -ge-, h) restrict, confine;
reduce (expenses); sich economize;
schrankting/(-/-en) restriction;

Einschreibelbrief m registered
lener; 'Sn vft. (irr. schreiben, sep.,

operation; unter


s-s Lebens at the


risk of one s life.

have registered; sich

enter one's


einschreiten l.fig. vfi. (irr. schreiten, sep., -ge-, sein) step in, interpose, intervene; take action (gegen
against); 2. 2 n (-sfno pi.) inter-


einjsaugen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) suck

in; fig. imbibe; ' schalten o/r.
(sep., -ge-, h) insert; f switch or
turn on; cfen ersten Gang mot. go
into first or bottom gear; s/'ch

ge-, h) enter; book; enrol(l);

enlist, enrol(l); %; register; ~ lassen


engagement (a. JgQ;

or in; s;ch roll up; curl up; ' rosten vfi. (sep., -ge-, sein) rust;
screts, etc.: rust in;



einlschnunpfen vfi. (sep., -ge-,

sein) shrink; ' schiichtern vft.
(sep., -ge-, h) intimidate; bully;
schuchtenmg / (-/-en) intim-


90 -

idation; ' schulen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

prepared for; adapt o.s. to; '2ung/

X enlistment; engagement; adjustment; focus; (mental) attitude,

put to school.

Einschufi m bullet-hole; -finvested

ein|segnen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) consecrate; confirm (children); 'Ssegnung / consecration; confirmation.
einsehen 1. v/t. (irr. sehen, sep.,
ge-, h) look into; fig.: see, comprehend; realize; 2. 2 n (-sfno pi.):




einsendlen v/t. ([irr. senden], sep.,

ge-, h) send in; 'fier m (-s/-)
sender; contributor (to a paper).
einsetz|en (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. set
or put in; stake (money); insert;
institute; instal(l), appoint (s.o.);
fig. use, employ; risk (one's life);
sich fur stand up for; 2. v/i. fever,
flood, weather: set in; J strike in;
Sung / (-/-en) insertion; appoint-

ment, installation.

Einsicht / (-/-en) inspection; fig.

insight, understanding; judiciousness; 'ig adj. judicious; sensible.
einsickern vji. (sep., -ge-, sein)


no -ge-, h)

f g. v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

' studieren v/t. (sep.,
study; thea. rehearse;
v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein):

auf j-n
rush at s.o.; 'Ssturz m
falling in, collapse; ' stiirzen v/i.
(sep., -ge-, sein) fall in, collapse.
einst|weilen adv. ['amst'vaibn] for
the present; in the meantime;
Vweilig adj. temporary.
einltauschen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
exchange (gegen for); ' teilen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) divide (in acc. into);
classify; ' teilig adj. one-piece;
Steilung / division; classification.
eintonig adj. ['amtorni?] monotonous; 'keit / (-l\ -en) monotony.
lEintopf(gericht n) m hot-pot;

Eintracht / (-Ino pi.) harmony,


eintrachtig adj. ['aintrEfti?] har-

soak in; infiltrate.


Einsiedler m hermit.

einsilbig adj. ['amzilbi?] monosyllabic; fig. taciturn; 'Skeit / (-/ho

pi.) taciturnity.
einsinken v/i. (irr. sinken, sep.,
ge-, sein) sink (in).
Einspannjer ['ainjpensr] m (-s/-)
one-horse carriage; 2ig adj. one-


eintragen vjt. (irr. tragen, sep.,

ge-, h) enter; register; bring in,
yield (profit); sich ~ in (acc.) sign.
eintraglich adj. ['aintreikli?] prof-



Eintragung / (-/-en) entry; regis-


ein|trefen v/i. (irr. treffen, sep.,





ein|sparen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) save,

ge-, sein) arrive; happen; come

economize; ' sperren v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) imprison; lock up, confine;
springen v/i. (irr. springen, sep.,
ge-, sein) catch; fig. step in,
help out; fur j-n
substitute for
s.o.; Lspritzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
inject; 'Sspritzung / (-/-en) in-

true; ' treiben v/t. (irr. treiben,

sep., -ge-, h) drive in or home;

collect (debts, taxes); ' treten (irr.

treten, sep., -ge-) 1. v/i. (sein) enter;
occur, happen, take place;
stand up for;
in (acc.) enter into
(rights); enter upon (possession);
enter (room); join (the army, etc.);
2 v/t. (h) kick in (door); sich eu


Einspruch m objection, protest,

veto; appeal; ' srecht n veto.
einspurig adj. single-track.
einst adv. [amst] once; one or some
Einstand m entry; tennis: deuce.
ein|stecken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) put
in; pocket; plug in; 'steigen v/i.
(irr. steigen, sep., -ge-, sein) get in;
take your seats!. Am. all

run into one's foot.




haben show consideration.


einstimm|en / v/i. (sep., -ge-, h)

join in; ',ig adj. unanimous; 'JSigkeit / (-/no pi.) unanimity.

einstockig adj.

einseifen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) soap;

lather (beard); F fig. humbug (s.o.).
einseitig adj. ['amzaitig] one-sided;
jp, pol, 5% unilateral.


einstell|en v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) put in;

X enrol(l), enlist. Am. muster in;
engage, employ. Am. a. hire; give
up; stop, cease. Am. a. quit (payment, etc.); adjust (mechanism) (auf
acc. to); tune in (radio) (to); opt.,
focus (on) (a. fig.); die Arbeit ~ cease
working; strike. Am. a. walk out;
sich ~ appear; sich
auf (acc.) be


Eintritt m entry, entrance; admittance; beginning, setting-in (of

winter, etc.); ~ freil admission free!;
verboten.' no admittance!; '~sgeld
entrance or admission fee; sports:

gate money;


skarte / admission


ein|trocknen vji. (sep., -ge-, sein)

dry (up); Ltriiben v/refl. (sep.,

ge-, h) become cloudy or overcast;
uben [ am'-] v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
practi se, Am. -ce; train s.o.
einver leiben [ ainferlaiban] v/t.
([sep.,] no -ge-, h) incorporate (dat.



in); annex (to); F sich et. ~ eat or

drink; 'Snehmen n (-s/no pi.)

agreement, understanding; in gutem on friendly terms; '~standen



adj.i ~ sein agree;

Sstandnis n

91 '

Einzug m entry, entrance; moving



Einwand m
(gegen to).




einzwangen v/t.

Einwanderler m immigrant; 'Sn

vji. {sep., -ge-, sein) immigrate;

ung / immigration.
einwandfrei adj. unobjectionable;


perfect; faultless; alibi: sound.

einwarts adv. ['amverts] inward(s).

Einwegflasche / one-way bottle,

non-return bottle.


einweihlen v/t. (.sep., -ge-, h) eccl.

consecrate; inaugurate;
in (acc.)
initiate 5.0. into; Lung / (-/-en)
inauguration; initiation.


einwend|en vlt. ([irr. wenden,]

sep., -ge-, h) object; 2ung f objec-

Eis [ais] n (-es/nopl.) ice; ice-cream;

Lbahn/skating-rink; Lbar zo. m
polar bear; Lbein n pickled pork
shank; Lberg m iceberg; Ldecke
/sheet of ice; Ldiele/ice-cream
Eisen ['aizan] n (-s/-) iron.
Eisenbahn / railway. Am. railroad;
m/t der
by rail, by train; Ler m
(-s/-) railwayman; Lfahrt / railway journey; Lknotenpunkt m
(railway) junction; Lungliick n
railway accident; Lwagen m railway carriage. Am. railroad car;



Eisen|blech n sheet-iron; Lerz n


einwerfen (irr. werfen, sep., -ge-, h)

1 v/t. throw in (a. fig.); smash,
break (window-pane); post. Am.

iron-ore; Lgiefierei / iron-foundry; 'Shaltig adj. ferruginous;

Lhiitte / ironworks sg.,pl.; Lwaren fjpl. ironmongery, esp. Am.

mail (letter); interject (remark);

v/i. football: throw in.

hardware; Lwarenhandlerm iron-





-ge-, h)

wrap (up), envelop; 'fipapier n

einwillig|en fainviligan] v/i. (sep.,
ge-, h) consent, agree (in acc. to);
Sung / (-/-en) consent, agreement.


einwirkjen v/i. (sep., -ge-, h):


(acc.) act (up)on; influence; effect;

Sung / influence; effect.
Einwohner ['amvoinar] m (sj-),
Lin / (-/-nen) inhabitant, resident.
Einwurf m throwing in; football:
throw-in; fig. objection; slit (for
letters, etc.); slot (for coins).
Einzahl gr. f (-/S-en) singular
(number); 'Sen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h)
pay in; Lung / payment; deposit
(ar bank).
einzaunen ['aintsovnan] vlt. (sep.,
ge-> h) fence in.
Einzel ['aintssl] n (-s/-) tennis:
single. Am. singles pi.; ganger
[Lgerjar] m (si-) outsider; F lone
wolf; Lhandel -f- m retail trade;
Lhandler m retailer, retail dealer;
Lheit / (-/-en) detail, item; .en pi.
particulars pi., details pi.; Sn 1. adj.
single; particular; individual; separate; of shoes, etc.: odd; im ,en in
detail; 2. adv.:
angeben or auffiihren specify, esp. Am. itemize;
Lne m (-nj-ri) the individual; Lver-

monger, esp. Am. hardware dealer.

eisern adj. ['aizarn] iron, of iron.

Eislgang m breaking up of the ice;

ice-drift; Sgekiihlt adj. [Lgakyilt]

iced; 'Sgrau adj. hoary; Lhockey
n ice-hockey; Sig adj. ['aizig] icy;
S'kalt adj. icy (cold); Lkunstlauf
m figure-skating; Llauf m, Llauen n (s/no pi.) skating; skate;
Llaufer m skater; Lmeer n polar
sea; Lschnellauf m speed-skating;
scholle / ice-floe; Lschrank
m s. Kuhlschrank; Lvogel orn. m
kingfisher; Lzapfen m icicle; Lzeit
geol. f ice-age.
eitel adj. ['anal] vain (auf acc. of);
conceited; mere; 'Skeit / (-/-en)
Eiter # ['aitar] m (s/no pi.) matter,
pus; Lbeule # / abscess; 'Sig #
adj. purulent; Sn # v/i. (ge-, h)
fester, suppurate; Lung #/(-/-en)
adj. ['aitri?] puriilent.
Eiweifi n (-es/-e) white of egg;
albumen; 'Shaltig
adj. albumin'


kauf m retail sale; Lwesen n individual.


(sep., -ge-, h)

squeeze, jam.




einziehen (j rr. z/ehen, sep., -ge-)

1 v/t. (h) draw in; esp. @ retract;

call up. Am. draft, induct; s%

seize, confiscate; make (inquiries)
(iiber acc. on, about); 2. v/i. (sein)
enter; move in; liquid: soak in; in
(acc.) move into (flat, etc.).
einzig adj. [ amtsi?] only; single;
sole; unique; Lartig adj. unique,


Eizelle / egg-cell, ovum.

Ekel ['e:k3l] 1. m (s/no pi.) disgust
(vor dot. at), loathing; aversion; #
nausea; 2. F n (-s/-) nasty person;
Serregend adj. nauseating, sickening; 'Shaft adj., 'Sig adj. revolting;
fig. disgusting; 'Sn v/refl. (ge-, h):
be nauseated (vor dat. at);
fig. be or feel disgusted (at).
eklig adj. ['e:kli?] s. ekelhaft.
elasti|sch adj. [e'lastij] elastic;
Szitat Utsi'ten] / (-/no pi.) elasticity.
Elch zo. [el?] m (-[e]s/-e) elk;

Elefant zo. [ele'fant] m (-en/-en)




eleganjt adj. [ele gant] elegant;

smart; 2z Uts] /
pi.) elegance.
vjt. (no -ge-, h) electrify; Sung /
(-/-en) electrification

Elektri|ker [e'lektrikar] m (-s/-)

electrician; 2sch aaf/ electric(al);

2sieren [Jziiran] vjt. (no -ge-, h)

Elektrizitat [elektritsi'tert] / (-/no
pi.) electricity; ~sgesellschaft /
electricity supply company;
swerk n (electric) power station,
power-house. Ant. power plant.
Elektrode [elek'trorda] / (-/-n)

Elektro|gerat [e'lektro-] n electric

appliance; ~lyse [] f (-/-n)
Elektron / [e'kktron] n (-s/-en)
electron; engehirn [Jtrornan-] n
electronic brain; ik [ troznik] /
(-/no pi ) electronics sg.
Elektro'technik / electrical engi'


er m electrical engineer.





elementar adj. [elemen'tarr] elementary; Sschule elementary or

primary school. Am. grade school.
Elend ['eilsnt] 1. n (-Ms/no pi.)

misery; need, distress; 2. 2 adj.

miserable, wretched; needy, distressed; ' sviertel n slums pi.
elf1 [elf] 1. adj. eleven; 2. 2/(-/-en)
eleven (a. sports).
Elf2 U] m (-enl-en), e ['elfa] /
(-/-n) elf fairy.
Elfenbein n (-[els/ v-e) ivory;
Sern adj. ivory.
Elf'meter m football: penalty kick;
marke / penalty spot.
elfte adj. eleventh.
Elite [e'Una] / (-/-n) elite.
Ellbogen anat. m (-s/-) elbow.
Elle ['els] / (-/-n) yard; anat. ulna.
Elster orn. ['Elstar] / (-/-n) magpie.
elterjlich adj. [ Eltarlig] parental;
n pi. parents />/.; ' nlos adj.
parentless, orphaned; '2nteil m
[(-/-n) enamel.
Email [e'marj] n (-s/-s), le [ ] /
Emanzipation [emantsipa'tsjorn] /
(-/-en) emancipation
Embargo [Em'bargo] (-s/-s)




Embolie # [Embo'li:] / (-/-n) embolism.

Embryo biol. ['Embryo] m (sj-s,

nen) embryo.
Emigrant [emi'grant] m (-enl-en)


empfahl [Em'pfa:!] pret. of empfeh/en.

Empfang [Em'pfarj] m (-[e]s/ee)

reception (a. radio); receipt (of
s th.); nach or bei ~ on receipt; Sen

vjt. (irr. fangen, no -ge-, h) receive;

welcome; conceive (child).

92 -


Empfanger [Em'pfErpr] m (-s/-)

receiver, recipient; payee (of money),'
addressee (of letter); -f consignee
(of goods).

em'pfanglich adj. susceptible (fiir

to); Skeit/ (-/no pi.) susceptibility.
Em'pfangs|dame / receptionist;
gerat n receiver, receiving set;
schein m receipt; zimmer n
empfehl|en [Em'pferbn] vjt. (irr.,
no -ge-, h) recommend; commend;
Sie mich (dat.) please remember
me to;
enswert adj. (re)commendable; Sung / (-/-en) recommendation; compliments pi.
empfinden [sm'pfindan] v/t. (irr.
f/nden, no -ge-, h) feel; perceive.
empfindlich adj. [Em'pfintlig] sensitive (a. phot., '*) (fur, gegen to);
pred. a. susceptible (gegen to);
delicate; tender; p.: touchy, sensitive; cold: severe; pain, loss, etc.:
grievous; pain: acute; Skeit /
touchiness; delicacy.
empfindsam adj. [Em'pfintzarm]
sensitive; sentimental; Skeit /
(-/-en) sensitiveness; sentimentality
Empfindung [em'pfinduq] / (-/-en)

perception; sensation; sentiment;

Sslos adj. insensible; esp. fig. unfeeling; svermogen n faculty of


empfohlen [Em'pfoibn] p.p. of

empor adv. [Em po:r] up, up'


emporen [sm'pe-.ran] v/t. (no -ge-,

h) incense; shock; sich
revolt (a.
fig.), rebel; grow furious (iiber acc.
at); emport indignant, shocked
(both: iiber acc. at).

porlkommen v/i. (irr. kommen, sep., -ge-, se/n) rise (in the
world); Skommling [ koemlii)] m
(-s/-e) upstart; ragen v/i. (sep.,
ge-, h) tower, rise; ~steigen v/i.
(irr. steigen, sep., -ge-, se/n) rise,






revolt; indignation.

emsig adj. [ emzig] busy, industrious, diligent; Skeit / (-/no pi.)

busyness, industry, diligence.
Ende ['Enda] n (-s/-n) end; am
at or in the end; after all; eventually;
zu gehen end; expire; run short;
Sn v/i. (ge-, h) end; cease, finish.
endlgiiltig adj. [ Entgylti?] final,
definitive; '~lich adv. finally, at
los adj. ['~lo:s] endless;
Spunkt m final point; 'Srunde /
sports: final; 'Sstation $9 / terminus, Am. terminal; Ssumme /
(sum) total.
Endung ling. ['Enduq] / (-/-en)
ending, termination.
Endzweck ['Ent-] m ultimate object.




Energie [ener'gi:] / (-/-n) energy;

21os adj. lacking (in) energy.
e'nergisch adj. vigorous; energetic.
eng adj. [eg] narrow; clothes: tight;
close; intimate; im
eren S/nne

remote (both a. fig.); Sung/(-/-en)

removal; distance; range; Sungsmesser phot, m (-s/-) range-finder.
ent'flammen (no -ge-) vjt. (h) and
vji. (sein) inflame; Jfliehen v/i.

(irr. fliehen, no -ge-, sein) flee,

strictly speaking.

engagieren [aga'siiran] vjt. (no

ge-, h) engage. Am. a. hire.
Enge ['eqa] /(-/-n) narrowness; .

straits pi.

Engel ['eqal] m (-s/-) angel.

engherzig adj. ungenerous, petty.



93 -


m (si-)

Englishman; die pi. the English

pi.; '~in / (-/-nen) Englishwoman.
englisch adj.
[ eqlij]


EngpaC m defile, narrow pass. Am.

a notch; fig. bottle-neck.
en gros iT adv. [a gro:] wholesale.
En'groshandel "f m wholesale



engstimig adj. narrow-minded.

Enkel ['egkal] m (si-) grandchild;
grandson; .in / (-/-nen) granddaughter.
enorm adj. [e norm] enormous; F
fig. tremendous.
Ensemble thea.. i [a'sdibal] n
(s/s) ensemble; company.
entart|en [ent a:rt3n] v/i. (no -ge-,
sein) degenerate; Sung / (-/-en)
entbehrjen [ent beiran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) lack; miss, want; do without; lich adj. dispensable; superfluous; Sung / (-/-en) want, priva'




ent'bindlen (irr. binden, no -ge-, h)

1 r/r. dispense, release (von from);
deliver (of a child); 2. v/t. be con.

fined; Sung / dispensation, release;

delivery; Sungsheim n maternity

ent'SloCJen c/r. (no -ge-, h) bare,

strip; imcover (head);

.t adj. bare.

ent'deckjen o/r. (no -ge-, h) discover; detect; disclose; ~er m (-$}-)

discoverer; Sung / discovery.
Ente ['enta] / (-/-n) om. duck; false
report'. F canard, hoax.

ent'ehrjen vjt. (no -ge-, h) dishono(u)r; Sung/degradation; rape.

ent'eignjen v/t. (no -ge-, h) expropriate; dispossess; Sung / expropriation; dispossession.

ent'erben t>/r. (no -ge-, h) disinherit.

entern ['entam] v/t. (ge-, h) board,
grapple (ship).
entj'fachen vjt. (no -ge-, h) kindle;
fig. a. rouse (passions); Jfalien vji.
(irr. fallen, no -ge-, sein): j-m
escape s.o.; . slip s.o. s memory;
auf j-n fail to s.o. s share; s. wegfallen; .'falten v/t. (no -ge-, h)
\iniold;fig.: develop; display; sich


unfold; fig. develop (zu into).

ent'fernlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) remove;

sich ~ withdraw; *.t adj. distant,

escape (ous or dat. from); ,Jfrem-

den v/t. (no -ge-, h) estrange,

alienate (j-m from s.o.).
ent'fiihrlen r/r. (no -ge-, h) abduct,
kidnap; run away with; Ser m
abductor, kidnap(p)er; Sung / abduction, kidnap(p)ing.
ent'gegen l.prp. (dat.) in opposition
to, contrary to; against; 2. adv.
towards; ~gehen v/i. (irr. gehen,

sep., -ge-, sein) go to meet; _gesetzt adj. opposite; fig. contrary;

halten v/t. (irr. ho/ten, sep., -ge-,
h) hold out; . object; kommen
v/i. (irr. kommen, sep., -ge-, sein)
come to meet; fig. meet s.o.Cs
wishes) halfway; Skommen n
(sino pi.) obligingness ; kommend
adj. obliging; nehmen vjt. (irr.
nehmen, sep., -ge-, h) accept,
sehen v/i. (dat.) (irr.
sehen, sep., -ge-, h) await; look forward to; ~setzen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)
oppose; stehen v/i. (irr. stehen,
sep., -ge-, h) be opposed (dat. to);
strecken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) hold
or stretch out (dat. to); -treten t>/:.
(dat.) (irr. treten, sep., -ge-, sein)
step up to 5.0.; oppose; face (danger).
entgegn|en [ent gergnan] v/i. (no
ge-, h) reply; return; retort; Sung
/ (-/-en) reply; retort.
ent gehen v/i. (irr. gehen, no -ge-,



sein) escape.

entgeistert adj. [ent'gaistart] aghast, thunderstruck, flabbergasted.

Entgelt [ent'gdt] n (-[e]s/no pi.)
recompense; Sen v/t. (irr. gelten,
no -ge-, h) atone or stiffer or pay for.
entgleisjen [snt'glaizan] v/i. (no
ge-, sein) run off the rails, be


, (make a) slip; Sung/

(-/-en) derailment; ? slip.



gleiten vji. (irr. gleiten, no -ge-,

sein) slip (dat. from).
ent'halt|en vlt. (irr. halten, no
ge-, h) contain, hold, include;
sich (gen.) abstain or refrain from;
sam adj. abstinent; Ssamkeit /
(-/no pi ) abstinence; Sung /


ent'haupten o/r. (no -ge-, h) behead,

ent'hiilllen vft. (no -ge-, h) imcover; unveil; fig. reveal, disclose;
Sung / (-/-en) uncovering; unveiling; fig. revelation, disclosure.

Enthusiasjmus [entuzi'asmus] m
(-{no pi ) enthusiasm; -t m (-enf-en)

enthusiast; film, sports: F fan;

Stisch adj. enthusiastic.
ent'kleiden v/t. and v/refl. (no -ge-,
h) undress.


ent'kommen 1. v/i. (irr. kommen,

no -ge-, se/n) escape O-m s.o.; aus
from), get away or off; 2. 2 n
(s/no pi.) escape.
entkraft|en [snt krsftan] v/t. (no
fe-, h) weaken, debilitate; fig.
refute; Sung / (-/-en) weakening;
debility; /z. refutation.
ent lad|en v/t. (irr. laden, no -ge-, h)
unload; esp. discharge; explode;
s/ch esp. discharge; gun: go off;
anger', vent itself; Sung / unloading; esp. discharge; explosion.
ent lang 1. prp. (dat.; acc.) along; 2.
adv. along; er geht die Stralie he
goes along the street.
ent'larven v/t. (no -ge-, h) unmask;
fig. a. expose.



ent'lass]en v/t. (irr. lessen, no -ge-,

h) dismiss, discharge; F give s.o.
the sack. Am. a. fire; Sung / (-/-en)
dismissal, discharge; Sungsgesuch
n resignation.
ent'lasten v/t. (no -ge-, h) unburden; % exonerate, clear (from suspicion).
Entiastung / (-/-en) relief; discharge; exoneration; ~sstrafie /
by-pass (road); ~szeuge m witness
for the defen|ce. Am. -se.

entjiaufen v/i. (irr. laufen, iw -ge-,

se/n) run away (dat. from); ~ledlgen U lerdigsn] v/refl. (gen.) (no
ge-, h): rid o.s. of, get rid of
s th.; acquit o.s. of (duty); execute
(orders); Jleeren v/t. (no -ge-, h)
ent legen adj. remote, distant, out-/


entl'lehnen v/t. (no -ge-, h) borrow

(dat. or aus from); -Jlocken v/t.
(no -ge-, h) draw, elicit (dat. from);
Jlohnen v/t. (no -ge-, h) pay (off);
Jliiften v/t. (no -ge-, h) ventilate;
militarisieren [ militari zirrsn]
v/t. (no -ge-, h) demilitarize; ~mutigen [ 'mumgsn] v/t. (no -ge-, h)
.'nehmen v/t. (irr.
nehmen, no -ge- h) take (dat. from);
aus (with)draw from; fig. gather or
learn from; Jratseln v/t. (no -ge-,
h) unriddle; Jreifien v/t. (irr. reiCen, no -ge-, h) snatch away (dat.
from); Jrichten v/t. (no -ge-, h)
rinnen v/i. (irr. rinnen, no
ge-, se/n) escape (dat. from);
rollen v/t. (no -ge-, h) unroll;
Jriicken v/t. (no -ge-, h) remove
(dat. from), carry off or away; ~r
riickt adj. entranced; lost in


ent'rustlen v/t. (?io -ge-, h) fill with

indignation; sich
become angry
or indignant (iiber acc. at, with
s.o.); ,vet adj. indignant (iiber acc.
at, with s.o.); Sung / indignation.

ent'sag|en v/i. (no -ge-, h) renounce,

resign; Sung/(-/-en) renunciation,

94 -


ent'schadiglen v/t. (no -ge-, h) indemnify, compensate; Sung / indemnification, indemnity; compensation.

ent'scheid|en (irr. scheiden, no -ge-,

h) l. v/t. decide; sich question, etc.:
be decided; p.: decide (fixr for; gegen
against; iiber acc. on); come to a
decision; 2. v/i. decide; ~end adj.
decisive; crucial; Sung / decision.
entschieden adj. [ent'Jirdan] decided; determined, resolute; Sheit/
(-/no pi ) determination.
ent'schliefien v/refl. (irr. schlieBen,
no -ge-, h) resolve, decide, determine (zu on; zu inf. to inf.),
make up one s mind (zu inf. to inf.).
ent schlossen adj. resolute, determined; Sheit / (-/no pi.) resolute.




ent'schliipfen v/i. (no -ge-, se/n)

escape, slip (dat. from).
Ent'schlufi m resolution, resolve,
decision, determination.

entschuldigjen [snt /uldigsn] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) excuse; sich apologize
(be/ to; fiir for); sich
lassen beg
to be excused; Sung / (-/-en) excuse; apology; ich b/tte (S/e) um
I beg your pardon.
ent'senden v/t. (irr. senden, no -ge-,
h) send off, dispatch; delegate, depute.

ent'setzlen 1. v/t. (no -ge-, h) dismiss (from a position);

frighten; sich
be terrified or
shocked (iiber acc. at); 2. S n (-/no
pi.) horror, fright; Uich adj. horrible, dreadful, terrible, shocking.
ent'sinnen v/refl. (gen.) (irr. sinnen,
no -ge-, h) remember or recall s.o.,


ent'spannlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) relax;

unbend; sich

relax; political situa-

tion: ease; Sung / relaxation; pol.


ent'sprechlen v/i. (irr. sprechen,

no -ge-, h) answer (description, etc.);
correspond to; meet (demand);
end adj. corresponding; appropriate; Sung / (-/-en) equivalent.
ent'springen v/i. (irr. springen, tw
ge-, sein) escape (dat. from); river:

rise. Am. head; s. entstehen.

ent'stammen v/i. (no -ge-, sein) be

descended from; come from or of,
originate from.

ent'steh|en v/i. (irr. stehen. no -ge-,


arise, originate (both: aus

from); Sung / (-/-en) origin.
ent'stell]en v/t. (no -ge-, h) disfigure; deface, deform; distort; Sung/
disfigurement; distortion, misrepresentation.
ent'tausch|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) disappoint ; Sung / disappointment.
ent'thronen v/t. (no -ge-, h) dethrone.

entvolker|n [ent foelkarn] v/t. (no


ge-, h) depopulate; Sung /(-/-en)


wachsen vfi. (im wachsen, no

ge-, se/n) outgrow.
entwaffn en [ent'vafnan] vjt. {no

ge-, h) disarm; Sung / (-/-en) dis-


warnen vji. {no -ge-, h) civil defence: sound the all-clear (signal).
ent wasser|n vft. {no -ge-, h) drain;
Sung / (-/-en) drainage;



ent weder

cj.: *.... oder either ... or.

entl'weichen v/i. {irr. weichen, no
ge-, sein) escape (aus from);


weihen vjt. {no -ge-, />) desecrate,

profane; 'wenden vjt. {no -ge-, ti)


pilfer, purloin O m et. from

werfen vft. {irr. werfen, no
ge-, h) draft, draw up {document);
design; sketch, trace out, outline;


Enzyklopadie [entsyklope'di:] /
(-/-n) (en)c> clop(a)edia.
[epide'mi:] / (-/-n)
epidemic (disease).
Epilog [epi'loik] m (-s/-e) epilog(ue).
episch adj. [ eipij] epic.
Episode [epi'zoida] / (-/-n) episode.
Epoche [e'poxa] / (-/-n) epoch.
Epos t'etpos] n (-/Epen) epic (poem).
er pers. pron. [e:r] he.
erachten [er -] l v/t. (no -ge-, h) consider, think, deem; 2. S n (-s/nopi.)
opinion; m-s ~s in my opinion.
erbarmen [er barman] 1. vfrefl.
{gen.) {no -ge-, h) pity or commiserate s.o.; 2. S n {-s/no pi.) pity,
compassion, commiseration; mercy;






swert adj

erbarmlich adj. [sr bermlig] pitiful, pitiable; miserable; behaviour:




Sung / depreciation, devaluation;


wickeln v/t. {no -ge-, h) develop

(a. phot.); evolve; sich develop.
Entwlcklung [ent'viklur)] / (-/-en)
development; evolution; shilfe /
development aid.
entj'wirren vjt. {no -ge-, h) disentangle, unravel; .Jwischen vfi. {no
ge-, sein) slip away, escape (j-m
[from] s.o.; ous from); j-m
s.o. the slip; ~w6hnen [ 'vainan]
v/t. {no -ge-, h) wean.
Ent'wurf m sketch; design; plan;


entl'wurzeln r/f. {no -ge-, h) uproot; Jziehen o/r. (irr. ziehen, no

deprive {j-m et s.o. of
s th.); withdraw {dat. from); s/ch
avoid, elude; evade {responsibility);
Jziffern vjt. {no -ge-, h) decipher,

make out; tel. decode.

ent'ziicken 1. vft. {no -ge-, h)

charm, delight; 2. S n {-s/no pi.)
dehght, rapture(s pi.), transports
ent'zuckend adj. delightfvd; charming.
Ent'zug m {-[e]slno pi.) withdrawal;
cancellation {of licence); depriva-






[snt tsyntbarr]

(in)flammable; en v/t. {no -ge-, h)

inflame {a. #), kindle; sich ~ catch
fire; & become inflamed; Sung&f
ent'zwei adv. asunder, in two, to

pieces; ~en v/t. {no -ge-, h) disunite,

set at variance; sich
quarrel, fall
out {both: m/ t with); gehen /.
(irr. gehen, sep., -ge-, sein) break,
go to pieces; Sung / (-/-en) dis'


barmungslos adj. pitiless, mer-

ciless, relentless.

er'baujen vjt. {no -ge-, h) build

(up), construct, raise; fig. edify;
Ser m {-sj-) builder; constructor;
lich adj. edifying; Sung fig. f
(-/-en) edification Am. uplift.

Erbe ['erba] 1. m (-n/-n) heir; 2. n

{-s/no pi ) inheritance, heritage.
er'beben vfi. {no -ge-, sein) tremble, shake, quake.


erben c/r. (ge-, h) inherit.

er'beutea vjt. {no -ge-, h) capture.

er'bieten vjrefl. {irr. bieten, no -ge-,
h) offer, volunteer.
Erbin / (-/-nen) heiress.
er'bitten vft. {irr. bitten, no -ge-, h)
beg or ask for, request, solicit.

er'bitterln vlt. {no -ge-, h) embitter, exasperate; Sung / (-/S -en)

bitterness, exasperation.
['erp-] / hereditary disease.
erblassen [er'blasan] c/j. (no -ge-,
sein) grow or turn pale, lose colo(u)r.
Erblasser i% ['erplasar] m (-si-)
testator; Lin / (-/-nen) testatrix.
er'bleichen c/j. (no -ge-, sein) s. erblassen.

erblich adj. ['erplig] hereditary;

Skeit physiol. f (-/no pi.) heredity.

er'blicken vjt. (no -ge-, h) perceive,

see; catch sight of.

erblind|en [er'blindan] v/i. (no -ge-,




wert|en v/t. {no -ge-, h) depre-



95 -

['entsjam] m (-s/-e) gen-

sein) grow blind; Sung / (-/-en)

loss of sight.
er'brechen 1. v/t. (irr. brechen, no
ge-, h) break or force open; vomit;
# vomit; 2. S n (-s/no pi.)


Erbschaft ['erp/aft] / (-/-en) inheritance, heritage.

['erpsa] / (-/-n) pea; Lnbrei m pease-pudding. Am. pea
puree; Lnsuppe / pea-soup.
Erb|stiick ['erp-] n heirloom;
siinde/original sin; Lteil n (portion of an) inheritance.


Erdlarbeiter ['eirt-] m digger, navvy; ' ball m globe; Lbeben n (-s/-)

/ strawearthquake; ' beere
berry; ' boden m earth; ground,
[ errda] / (-/v -n) earth;
ground; soil; world; 'Sen i>/f.
(ge-, h) earth, ground.
er'denklich adj. imaginable.
ErdgeschoC ['e:rt-] n ground-floor,

Am. first floor.

er'dichtlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) invent,

feign; ~et adj. fictitious.
erdig adj. ['eirdi?] earthy.

Erd|karte ['e t-] / map of the



kreis m earth, world; ,~-

kugel / globe; '~kunde / geography; 'Ueitung / / earth-connexion, earth-wire. Am. ground wire;

nufi / peanut; ' ol n mineral oil,


er'dolchen v/t. (no -ge-, h) stab

(with a dagger).
Erdreich ['e:rt-] n ground, earth.
er'dreisten v/refl. (no -ge-, h) dare,

er'drosseln v/t. (no -ge-, h) strangle,


er'driicken v/t. (no -ge-, h) squeeze

or crush to death; ~dfig. adj. overwhelming.

Erdlrutsch ['e:rt-] m landslip;

landslide (a. pol.); ' schicht /
layer of earth, stratum; ' teil m
part of the world; geogr. continent.
er dulden vjt. (no -ge-, h) suffer,


er'eifern v/refl. (no -ge-, h) get excited, fly into a passion.

er'eignen v/refl. (no -ge-, h) happen, come to pass, occur.

Ereignis [er'aiknis] n (ses/se)

event, occurrence; 2reich adj.

Eremit [ere'mi:t] m (-en/-en) hermit, anchorite.

ererbt adj. [er'erpt] inherited.

er fahrlen 1. v/t. (irr. fahren, no
ge-, h) learn; hear; experience;
2 adj. experienced, expert, skil(l)ful; Sung / (-/-en) experience;
practice; skill.
er'fassen v/t. (no -ge-, h) grasp (a.
jig.), seize, catch; cover; register,


er'find]en v/t. (irr. finden, no -ge-,

h) invent; Ser m inventor; erisch
adj. inventive; Sung / (-/-en) invention.

Erfolg [er'falk] m (-[e]s/-e) success;

result; Sen Ugan] v/i. (no -ge-,
sein) ensue follow; happen; Slos
adj. [~k-] unsuccessful; vain; Sreich adj. [Ja-] successful.
er forder|lich adj. necessary; required; ~n v/t. (no -ge-, h) require,
demand; Snis n (ses/se) requirement, demand, exigence, exigency.
er forsch|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) inquire into, investigate; explore



96 -

(country); Ser m investigator; explorer; Sung / investigation; exploration.

er'freulen v/t. (no -ge-, h) please;
delight; gratify; rejoice; sich e-r
Sache ~ enjoy; Uich adj.
delightful, pleasing, pleasant, gratifying.

er'frier|en vli. (irr. fr/eren, no -ge-,

sein) freeze to death; Sung /(-/-en)

er'frischlen v/t. (no -ge-, h) refresh;

Sung / (-/-en) refreshment.
er'froren adj. limb: frost-bitten.

fiilllen v/t. (no -ge-, h) fill; fig.

fulfil(l); perform (mission); comply
with (s.o. s wishes); meet (requirements); Sung / fulfil(l)ment; performance; compliance; Sungsort
tfl [er'fylugs9-] m place of performance (of contract).



erganz|en [er'gentsan] v/t. (tw -ge-,

h) complete, complement; supplement; replenish (stores, etc.); ~end
adj. complementary, supplemen-

tary; Sung / (-/-en) completion;

supplement; replenishment; gr.
(-[e]s/=e) supplementary volume
er geben 1. v/t. (irr. geben, no -ge-,
h) yield, give; prove; sich surrender; difficulties: arise; devote o.s.
to; sich
aus result from;
sich in (acc.) resign o.s. to; 2. adj.
devoted (dat. to); st adv. respectfully; Sheit/ (-[no pi.) devotion.
Ergeb|nis [er'geipnis] n (ses/se)


result, outcome; sports: score; ~ung

[Jduij] f (-/-en) resignation; X surrender.

er'gehen v/i. (irr. gehen, no -ge-,

sein) be issued;
lessen issue,
publish; uber sich
lassen suffer,
submit to; wie ist es ihm ergangen?
how did he come off?; sich


(dat.) indulge in.

ergiebig adj. [er'gi:bi<;] productive,


giefien v/refl. (irr. gieBen, tw

ge-, h) flow (in acc. into; Ober


acc. over).


gotzien 1. v/t. (no -ge-, h) delight;

an (dat.) delight in; 2. S n
(s/no pi.) delight; Uich adj. delightful.

er'greif |en v/t. (irr. greifen, no -ge-,

h) seize; grasp; take (possession,
s.o. s part, measures, etc.); take to
(flight); take up (profession, pen,

arms);fig. move, affect, touch; Sung

/ (-/S -en) seizure.

Er'griffenheit / (-/no pi.) emotion.

er griinden v/t. (no -ge-, h) fathom;
fig. penetrate, get to the bottom of.
Er'gufi m outpouring; effusion.
er'haben adj. elevated; fig. exalted,


sein iiber (acc.) be above;

Sheit / (-/S -en) elevation; fig.



97 -


er'haltjen 1. vlt. (irr. halten, no

get; obtain; receive; pre-

erkoren adj. [sr'koa n] (s)elect,

serve, keep; support, maintain;

sich ~ von subsist on; 2. adj.'. gut
in good repair or condition; 2ung /
preservation; maintenance.
erhaltlich adj. [er heltli?] obtain-

er'krank|en vli. (no -ge-, se/n) fall

ill, be taken ill (an dat. of, with);
become affected; Sung / (-/-en)
illness, sickness, falling ilL
erl'kiihnen v/refL (no -ge-, ft) ven-



ture, presume, make bold (zu inf.

erj'hangen v/t. (no -ge-, h) hang;

Jharten v/t. (no -ge-, h) harden;

fig. confirm; 'haschen o/t. (no
ge-, h) snatch, catch.
er'heblen vlt. (irr. heben, no -ge-, h)
lift, raise; elevate; exalt; levy, raise,
collect (taxes, etc.); Klage
an action; sich rise; question, etc.:
arise; end fig. adj. elevating; ~lich
adj. [~p-] considerable; Sung [~buq] / (-/-en) elevation; levy (of

taxes); revolt; rising ground

erl'heitem vlt. (no -ge-, h) cheer

up, amuse; Jhellen vjt. (no -ge-, h)

light up; fig. clear up; Jhitzen vlt.

(no -ge-, h) heat; sich get or grow
hot; Jhoffen vlt. (no -ge-, h) hope

er'h6h|en vft. (no -ge-, bi) raise; increase; Sung / (-/-en) elevation;
r se (in prices, wages); advance (in
prices); increase.

er'hollen vfre/L (no -ge-, h) recover;

(take a) rest, relax; Sung / (-/-en)



Sungsurlaub [er'hoJuqs*-] m holiday,





to inf.); Jkunden v/t. (no -ge-, h)

explore; X reconnoit|re. Am. -er.

erkundigfen [er'kundigan] v/refl.

(no -ge-, h) inquire (uber acc. sifter;

nach after or for s.o.; about;
Sung / (-/-en) inquiry.

erj'lahmen g. vji. (no -ge-, se/n)

grow weary, tire; slacken; interest:

wane, flag; Jlangen v/t. (no -ge-,

ft) obtain, get.

Erjlafi [sr'las] m (Erlasses/Erlasse)

dispensation, exemption; remission

(of debt, penalty, etc.); edict, decree; S'lassen v/t. (irr. lassen, no
ge-, h) remit (debt, penalty, etc.);
dispense (j-m et. s.o. from;
issue (decree); enact (law).
erlauben [er'lauban] vlt. (no -ge-, ft)
allow, permit; sich et. ~ indulge in
s th.; sich
zu inf. -f- beg to inf.
Erlaubnis [er'laupnis] / (-/no pL)
permission; authority; ~schem m

er'lauterln vft. (no -ge-, ft) explain,

illustrate; comment (up)on; Sung /
explanation, illustration; comment.

Erie * VaU] f (-/-n) alder.


convalescent leave, side-

erJleb(en vfu (no 'ge-, ft) (live to)



see; experience; go through; Snis

Upnis] s (ses/se) experience; ad-

er'horen v/t. (no -ge-, h) hear; grant!

erinnerln [er'inam] o/t (no -ge-, ft):
an (ace) remind 8 >. of; sich
(gen.), s/ch ~ on (acc) remember
5 o. or, recollect uth.; Sung
/ (-/-en) remembrance; recollection;
reminder; jen pi. reminiscences pU
er'kalten c/t. (no -ge-, se/ n) cool
down (eu fig.), get cold.
erkaltlen [er'keltan] vfrefL (no -ge-,
ft): sich (sehry*. catch (a bad) cold;
Sung /(-/-en) cold.
er'kennen c/r. (irr. kennen, no -ge-,
ft) recognize (on Jat. by); perceive,


discern; realize.

er'kenntllch adj. perceptible; sich

zeigen show one's appreciation;
Skeit / (-/-en) gratitude; appreciation.

Er'kermtnls 1. / perception; realization; 2.

n (-ses/-se) decision,
sentence, finding.
Erker ['erksr] m (-s/-) bay; '-ienster n bay-window.

er'klarlen o/t. (no -ge-, ft) explain;

account for; declare, state; sich

declare (fur for; gegen against);

Jich adj. explainable, explicable;
wt adj. professed, declared; Sung /
explanation; declaration.
er klingen r/i. (irr. klingen, no -ge-,
se/n) (re)sound, ring (out).







ge-, ft) dispatch; execute; settle

(matter); t adj. Uct] finished, settled; fig.i played out; F done for;
F: du bist (Or mich I am through
with you; 2ung Ugtm] / (-/S -en)
dispatch; settlement.
er'leichterln v/t. (no -ge-, ft) lighten
(burden); fig.x make easy, facilitate;
relieve; Sung / (-/-en) ease; relief;
facilitation; ~en pi facilities pU

erl'lelden vfu (irr. leiden, no -ge-, ft)

suffer, endure; sustain (damage,
loss); .'lernen vfu (no -ge-, ft)
learn, acquire.
er'leuchtjen c/t. (no -ge-, ft) illuminate; fig. enlighten; Sung / (-/-en)
illumination; fig. enlightenment.
er'llegen c/i. (irr. tiegen, no -ge-,
se/n) succumb (dat. to).
erlogen adj. [er'loiganj false, untrue.

Erlos [er'lsrs] m (-esf-e) proceeds pL

erlosch [st'IoJ] pret. of erldschen;
men. 1. p.p. of erloschen; 2. adj. extinct.

er'loschen r/i. (irr., no -ge-, se/n) go

out; fig. become extinct; contract:

er'los|en v/t. (no -ge-, ft) redeem;


deliver; 2er m (-s/-) redeemer, deliverer; eccl. Redeemer, Saviour;

Sung/redemption; deliverance.
ermachtiglen [Er'megtigan] vjt. (no
ge-, h) authorize; Sung / (-/-en)
authorization; authority; warrant.

98 -

Er'oberjer m (-s/-) conqueror; Sn

v/t. (no -ge-, h) conquer; ~ung /
(-/-en) conquest

er'offnjen v/t. (no -ge-, h) open;

inaugurate; disclose O'-m et.

er'mahnlen v/t. (no -ge-y h) admonish; Sung / admonition.

er'mangel |n v/i. (no -ge-, h) be
wanting (gen. in); Sung / (-/no pi.):
in (gen.) in default of, for want of,

er'maSiglen vft. (no -ge-, h) abate,

reduce, cut (down); Sung / (-/-en)
abatement, reduction.


mattjen (no -ge-) 1. vlt. (h) fa-

tigue, tire, exhaust; 2. v/i. (sein)

tire, grow weary; Jig. slacken; Sung

/ (-]\ -en) fatigue, exhaustion.


messen 1. vlt. (irr. messen, no

ge-, h) judge; 2. S n (s/no pi.)
judg(e)ment; discretion.


er'mittleln v/t. (no -ge-, h) ascertain, find out; j% investigate; S(e)lung [ (3)luq] / (-/-en) ascertainment; inquiry; jfa investigation.
er'moglichen v/t. (no -ge-, h) render or make possible.

er'mord|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) murder;

assassinate; Sung/(-/-en) murder;

er'miidlen (no -ge-) 1. v/t. (h) tire,

fatigue; 2. vji. (sein) tire, get tired

or fatigued; Sung / (-/S-en)

fatigue, tiredness.
er'munter|n v/t. (no -ge-, h) rouse,
encourage; animate; Sung/(-/-en)
encouragement, animation.

ermutigjen [Er'muitigan] v/t. (no

ge-, h) encourage; Sung / (-/-en)

er'nahrjen vlt. (no -ge-, h) nourish,

feed; support; Ser m (si-) breadwinner, supporter; 2ung/(-/ v -en)
support; physiol.

er'nennjen vlt. (irr. nennen, no -ge-,

h) nominate, appoint; Sung /
nomination, appointment.
er'neujern v/t. (no -ge-, h) renew,
renovate; revive; Serung / renewadv. once


erniedrigjen [er'nitdrigsn] vlt. (no


to s.o.); notify; Sung / opening;

inauguration; disclosure.

erorterln [er'oertsrn] vft. (no -ge-, h)

discuss; Sung/(-/-en) discussion.
Erpel om. ferpal] m (-s/-) drake.
erpicht adj. [er pict]:
auf (acc.)

bent or intent or set or keen on.

er'presslen v/t. (no -ge-, h) extort

(von from); blackmail; Ser m (si-),
Serin / (-/-nen) extort(ion)er;
blackmailer; Sung / (-/-en) extortion; blackmail.

er'proben v/t. (no -ge-, h) try, test.

erquick|en [er'kvikan] v/t. (no -ge-,
h) refresh; Sung/(-/-en) refreshment.

erj'raten v/t. (irr. raten, no -ge-, h)

guess, find out; Jrechnen v/t. (no
ge-, h) calculate, compute, work


erreg bar adj. [er'reikbarr] excitable; en Ugsn] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

excite; cause; Ser Ugar] m (-s/-)
exciter (a. /); # germ, virus; Sung
[ guq] / excitation; excitement.
er'relchjbar adj. attainable; within
reach or call; en v/t. (no -ge-, h)
reach; fig. achieve, attain; catch
(train); come up to (certain standard).

er'rett|en v/t. (no -ge-, h) rescue;

Sung / rescue.

er'richtlen vft. (no -ge-, h) set up,

erect; establish; Sung / erection;

er|'ringen v/t. (irr. ringen, no -ge-,


al, renovation; revival;


ge-, h) degrade; humiliate, humble;

Sung / (-/-en) degradation; humiliation.

Ernst [emst] 1. m (-esfno pi.)

seriousness; eamest(ness); gravity;
im in earnest; 2. S adj. = 'Shaft
adj., 'Slich adj. serious, earnest;

Ernte ['emt3]/(-/-n) harvest; crop;

Jdankfest n harvest festival; 'Sn
vft. (ge-, h) harvest, gather (in),
reap (a. fig.).

er'niichterln v/t. (no -ge-, h) (make)

sober; . disillusion; Sung/(-/-en)
sobering; , disillusionment.

h) gain, obtain; achieve (success);

JrSten v/t. (no -ge-, sein) blush.
Errungenschaft [er'ruipnjaft] /
(-/-en) acquisition; achievement
Er'satz m (-es/no pi.) replacement;
substitute; compensation, amends
5., damages pi.; indemnification;

Ersatzmann, Ersatzmittel;


sten make amends; ~mann m sub-

stitute; mine/ refill (for pencil);

mittel n substitute, surrogate;
reifen mot. m spare tyre, (Am.
only) spare tire; teil , m spare
er'schaffjen vft. (irr. schaffen, no
ge-, h) create; Sung / (-/no pi.)


er'schallen v/i. ([irr. schailen,] no

ge-, sein) (re)soimd; ring.
er'schelnjen 1. v/i. (irr. scheinen,
no -ge-, sein) appear; 2. S n (s/no
pi.) appearance; Sung/(-/-en) appearance; apparition; vision.
erpschieCen v/t. (irr. schiefien, no
ge-, h) shoot (dead); Jschlaffen
v/i. (no -ge-, sein) tire; relax; fig.
languish, slacken; Jschlagen v/t.
(irr. schlagen, no -ge-, h) kill, slay;


Jschliefien v/t. (irr. schlieBen, no

ge-> h) open; open up (nets market);

develop (district).
er'schopflen v/t. (no -ge-, h) exhaust; Sung / exhaustion.
erschrak [er Jraik] pret. of er-


schrecken 2.

er'schrecken 1. r/r. (no -ge-, h)

frighten, scare; 2. v/i. (irr., no -ge-,
se/n) be frightened (Ober acc. at);
d adj. alarming, startling.
erschrocken [er /rokan] 1. p.p. of
erschrecken 2; 2. adj. frightened,

erschiitterln [er /ytam] vft. (no

ge-, h) shake; fig. shock, move;
Sung / (-/-en) shock; fig. emotion;
jj? concussion; percussion.
er'schweren vlt. (no -ge-, h) make

more difficult; aggravate.


schwinglen vlt. (irr. schw/ngen,

no -ge-, h) afford; ~lich adj. within
j.o. j means; prices: reasonable.
erl'sehen v/t. (irr. sehen, no -ge-, h)
see, learn, gather (all: aus from);
Jsehnen r/r. (no -ge-, h) long for;
Jsetzen r/r. (no -ge-, h) repair;
make up for, compensate (for);
replace; refund.
er sichtlich adj. evident, obvious.
er'sinnen r/r. (irr. sinnen, no -ge-, h)




contrive, devise.

er'sparjen r/r. (no -ge-, h) save;

spare s.o.; Snis /
j-m eu

(-/-se) saving

er'spriedich adj. useful, benefidaL

erst [e:rst] 1. adj.: der (die, das) *e
the first; 2. adv. first; at first; only;
till or untiL





stiffen; solidify; congeal; set; grow

numb; fig. blood: ran cold; t adj.

benumbed; ung / (-/-en) numbness; solidification; congealment;

erstatt[en [er Jtatsn] r/r. (no -ge-, h)
restore; s. ersetzen; Bericht (make


a) report; Sung/(-/-en) restitution.

Erstauffiihrung / thea. first night
or performance, premiere; film:
first run.



staunjen 1. r/:. (no -ge-, se/n) be

astonished (ui>er acc. at); 2. r/r. (no


ge-, h) astonish; 3. S n astonish-

ment; in

setzen astonish;


adj. astonishing, amazing.



er'suchen 1. vft. (no -ge-, h) request;

2 S n (s/-) request.
erl'tappen r/r. (no -ge-, h) catch,
surprise; s. frisch; Jtonen v/i. (no

ge-, se/n) (re)sound.

Ertrag [er'troik] m (-[e]s/*e) produce, yield; proceeds pi., returns

output; Sen Ugan] r/r. (irr.
tragen, no -ge-, h) bear, endure;
suffer; stand.

ertraglich adj. [er'treikli?] tolerable.

erl'tranken v/t. (no -ge-, h) drown;

trinken v/i. (irr. trinken, no -ge-,







99 -

stechen r/r. (irr. stechen, no -ge-,

h) stab.

er'steigjen r/r. (irr. steigen, no -ge-,

hi) ascend, climb; Sung / ascent.

se/n) be drowned, drown;


gen [er'yibrigan] r/r. (no -ge-, h)

save; spare (time); sich ~ be un-

necessary; 'wachen r/i. (no -ge-,

se/n) awake, wake up.
er'wachsen 1. v/i. (irr. wachsen, no
ge-, se/n) arise (aus from); 2. adj.
grown-up, adult; e m, / (-n/-n)

grown-up, adult.

er'waglen r/r. (irr. wdgen,no -ge-, h)

consider, think over; Sung /
(-/-en) consideration
er'wahlen r/r. (no -ge-, h) choose,


er'wahnjen v/u (no -ge-, h) mention; Sung / (-/-en) mention.

er'warmen r/r. (no -ge-, h) warm,
heat; sich warm (up).
er'wart|en r/r. (no -ge-, h) await,
wait for; fig. expect; Sung / expectation.
erl'wecken r/r. (no -ge-, h) wake,
rouse; fig. awake; cause (fear);
arouse (suspicion); Jwehren v/refU
(gen.) (no -ge-, h) keep or ward off;
Jweichen r/r. (no -ge-, h) soften;
fig. move; Jweisen r/r. (irr. we/sen,
no -ge-, h) prove; show (respect);
render (service); do, pay (honour);
do (favour).

er'weiterln r/r. and v/refl. (no -ge-,

h) expand, enlarge, extend, widen;
Sung / (-/-en) expansion, enlargement, extension.

Erwerb [er'verp] m (-[e]s/-e) acquisition; living; earnings pi.;

business; Sen Ubsn] v/t. (irr.
werben, no -ge-, h) acquire; gain;

erwerbsjlos adj. [er'verpslo:s] unemployed; ~tatig adj. (gainfully)

employed; ~unfahig adj. [er'
verps'-] incapable of earning one s
living; Szweig m line of business.
Erwerbung [er'verbur)] / acquisi'


erstens adv. ['errstans] first, firsdy.

er stick'en (ru> -ge-) v/t. (h) and v/i.

erwider|n [er virdam] r/r. (no -ge-,

(se/n) choke, suffocate; stifle; Sung

Sung/(-/-en) return; answer, reply.

er'wischen r/r. (no -ge-, h) catch,
trap, get hold of.
er'wiinscht adj. desired; desirable;


/ (-/-en) suffocation, [rate, F A 1.


erstklassig adj. first-class, first-

er'streben v/t. (no -ge-, h) strive

after or for; swert adj. desirable.
er'strecken v/refl. (no -ge-, h) extend; sich
uber (acc.) cover.


h) return; answer, reply; retort;


er'wurgen r/r. (no -ge-, h) strangle,



Erz J$ [e:rts] n (-es/-e) ore; poet.


er'zahllen vft. (no -ge-, h) tell;

relate; narrate; 2er m. Serin /
(-/-nen) narrator; writer; 2ung /
narration; (short) story, narrative.

Erzlbischof ecd. m archbishop;



eccl. n archbishopric;
engel eccl. m archangel.
er'zeuglen v/t. (no -ge-, h) beget;
produce; make, manufacture; 2er
m (si-) father (of child); if producer; 2nis n produce; production;
product; 2ung / production.


Erzjfeind m arch-enemy;
' herzog m archduke; ' herzogin /


100 -

Essenz [e'sents] / (-/-en) essence.

Essig ['esi?]
Lgurke /

m (-s/-e) vinegar;
pickled cucumber,


Efilloffel m soup-spoon; ' nische/

dining alcove. Am. dinette; '~tisch

m dining-table; ' waren flpl. eatables pi., victuals pi., food; Lzimmer dining-room.
etablieren [eta bhiran] v/t. (no -ge-,

h) establish, set up.

Etage [e'taisa] / (-/-n) floor,

stor(e)y; nwohnung / flat, Am.

Etappe [e'taps] / (-/-n) X base;

fig. stage, leg.

n arch-

Etat [e'ta:] m (-s/-s) budget, parl.

the Estimates pi.; ~sjahr n fiscal

er'zieheln v/t. (irr. z/ehen, no -ge-,

h) bring up, rear, raise; educate; 2r
m (si-) educator; teacher, tutor;
2rin / (-/-nen) teacher; governess;
risch adj. educational, pedagogic

[or sg.\
Ethik ['eitik] f (-l\ -en) ethics/)/./

archduchess;1 Jherzogtum


Er'ziehung / (-l\ -en) upbringing;
breeding; education;
[sr'tsiiuris9-] / reformatory, approved school; ~swesen n (s/no pi.)
educational matters pi. or system.
erj'zielen v/t. (no -ge-, h) obtain;
realize (price); achieve (success);
sports: score (points, goal); Jztirnen v/t. (no -ge-, h) make angry,
irritate, enrage; Jzwingen v/t.
(irr. zwingen, no -ge-, h) (en)force;

compel; extort (von from).

es pers. pron. [ss] 1. pers.: it, he, she;
wo /st das Buch? ist auf dem
Tisch where is the book? - it is on

the table; das Madchen blieb stehen,

seine Mutter sah the girl
stopped when she saw her mother;
2 impers.: it;
g/fat there is, there
ist kalt it is cold;

there is a knock at the door.

['sja] / (-/-n) ash(-tree).
Esel zo. ['eizal] m (-s/-) donkey;
esp. fig. ass; ~ei U'lai] / (-/-en)
stupidity, stupid thing, folly; ' sbriicke/ at school: crib. Am. pony;
sohr ['eizalsH n dog's ear (of


Eskorte [Es'kDrta] / (-/-n) X escort;


(i>. convoy.

['sspa] / (-/-n) asp(en).
efibar adj. eatable, edible.
Esse ['esa] / (-/-n) chimney.
essen ['ssan] 1. vli.(irr.,ge-, h)eat;
zu Mittag
(have) lunch; dine,
have dinner; zu Abend

dine, have

dinner; esp. late at night: sup, have

supper; auswarts eat or dine out;
2 v/t. (irr.,ge-,h) eat;et.zu Mittag
etc. have for lunch, etc.; 3. 2
n (si-) eating; food; meal; dish;
midday meal: lunch, dinner; evening
meal: dinner; last meal of the day:
szeit / lunch-time; dinner-time; supper-time.

Etikett [eti'kst] n (-[e]s/-e, -s) label,

ticket; tag; gummed: Am. a. sticker;

e / (-/-n) etiquette; Sieren U'ti:ran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) label.

etliche indef. pron. ['sdiga] some,


Etui [e'tvi:] n (-s/-s) case.

etwa adv. fetva] perhaps, by chance;
about. Am. a. around;
ig adj.
V 9is] possible eventual.
etwas ['etvas] 1. indef. pron. something; anything; 2. adj. some; any;
3 adv. somewhat; 4. 2 n (-/-): das
gewisse ~ that certain something.
euch pers. pron. [dy?] you; ~ (selbst)
euer pass. pron. ['DYSr] your; der
(die, das) eu(e)re yours.
Eule orn. ['dyIs] / (-/-n) owl; n
nach Athen tragen carry coals to


euresgleichenpron. [ DYras'glaigan]

people like you, F the likes of you.

Europajer [oYro'psiar] m (-s/-)

European; 2isch adj. European.

Enter ['ovtsr] n (si-) udder.
evakuieren [evaku'iiran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) evacuate.
evangelic(al); Protestant; Lutheran;
2um [~jum] n (sjEvangelien)
eventuell [eventu'sl] 1. adj. possible; 2. adv. possibly, perhaps.
ewig adj. ['eivi?] eternal; everlasting; perpetual;
for ever;
fikeit/(-/-en) eternity; F: seit e-r
for ages.

exakt adj. [e'ksakt] exact; 2heit /

(-/-en) exactitude

exactness; ac-


Exam | en [E'ksarman] n (s/-, Examina) examination, F exam; 2inieren Uami'niiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

Exekutive [sksaku'tiiva] / (-/no pi.)

executive power.
Exempel [s'kssmpal] n (-s/-) example, instance.


Exemplar [eksem'plair] n (-s/-e)

specimen; copy (of book).
[ekser tsirrsn] vfi.
and vjt. (no -ge-, h) drill; Splatz X
m drill-ground, parade-ground.
Exil [e'ksi:!] n (-s/-e) exile.
Existenz [eksis'tents] / (-/-en)
existence; living, livelihood; mi-

explo|dieren [eksplo'diirsn] v/i. (no

ge-, se/n) explode, burst; 2sion

U'zjom] / (-/-en) explosion; ~siv


nimum n subsistence minimum.

exis'tieren v/i. (no -ge-, h) exist;


exotisch adj. [e'ksoitij] exotic.

expedjieren [ekspe'diirsn] v/t. (no
ge-, h) dispatch; ition Ui tsjorn]
/ (-/-en) dispatch, forwarding; expedition;
dispatch or forwarding


(-[e]s/-e) experiment; 2ieren U'ti:ran] v/i. (no -ge-, h) experiment.

Fabel ['farbal] /(-/-n) fable (a. fig.);

plot (of story, book, etc.); haft adj.
fabulous; marvellous;
v/t. (ge-,
h) tell (tall) stories.
Fabrik [fa'briik] / (-/-en) factory,
works sg pl., mill; *,ant [ i'kant] m
(-en/-en) factory-owner mill-owner; manufacturer; arbeit /factory

work; s. Fabrikware;

arbeiter m

factory worker or hand; *,at Ui'kait]

(-[e]s/-e) make; product; ~ationsfehler [ a'tsjorns-] m flaw; be-

sitzer m factory-owner; ~marke /

trade mark; stadt / factory or
industrial town; *,ware / manufactured



Fach [fax] n (-[e]sf--er) section,

compartment, shelf (of bookcase,
cupboard, etc.); pigeon-hole (m
desk); drawer; fig. subject; s. Fachgebiet; ' arbeiter m skilled worker;
arzt m specialist (fur in); Lausbildung / professional training;

ausdruck m technical term.

facheln ['fesaln] v/t. (ge-, h) fan


Facher ['fegar] m (-$/-) fan; 2ormig adj. [' foermii;] fan-shaped.

Fach|gebiet n branch, field, province; Lkenntnisse f/pl. specialized knowledge; ' kreis m: in *,en
among experts;
kundig adj.
competent, expert; 'Uiteratur /
specialized literature; Lmann m

expert; Smannisch adj. [' meni/]

expert; ' schule/technical school;
werk A n framework.
Fackel ['fakal] / (-/-n) torch; n F
v/i. (ge-, h) hesitate, F shilly-shally;
Lzug m torchlight procession.
fad adj. [fa:t], e adj. ['fords] food:

adj. U'ziif] explosive.

Export [eks'part] m (-[e]s/-e) exportation); 2ieren [ .'tiiran] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) export.
extra adj. ['ekstra] extra; special;
blatt n extra edition (of newspaper), Am. extra.
Extrakt [eks'trakt] m (-[e]s/-e) extract.

Extrem [eks'trerm] 1. n (-s/-e) ex-

treme; 2. 2 adj. extreme.

Exzellenz [ekstse'lents] / (-/-en)
exzentrisch adj. [eks'tsentrij] eccentric.

ExzeC [eks'tses]
zesse) excess.


insipid, tasteless; stale; p. dull,

Faden ['faidan] m (-s/") thread (a.
fig-)i fig'' on e-m hongen hang by
a thread; Lnudeln f/pl. vermicelli
pi.; 2scheinig
threadbare; excuse, etc.: flimsy,

fahig adj. ['ferig] capable (zu inf. of

ger.;gen. of); able (to inf.); keit/
(-/-en) (cap)ability; talent faculty.
fahl adj. [foil] pale, pallid; colour:
faded; complexion: leaden, livid.
fahnd en ['fomdsn] vji. (ge-, h):
nach j-m search for s.o.; ung/




101 -

(-/-en) search

Fahne ['forna] / (-/-n) flag; standard; banner; 4>.,

fig' colo(u)rs
pi.; typ. galley-proof.
Fahnenleid m oath of allegiance;
flucht / desertion; '2fluchtig
adj.: werden desert (the colo[u]rs);
stange / flagstaff. Am. a. flag~


Fahrlbahn/, ' damm m roadway.'

Fahre ['feirs] / (-/-n) ferry(-boat).

fahren ['fairsn] (irr., ge-) 1. v/i.
(se/n) driver, vehicle, etc.: drive, go,
travel; cyclist: ride, cycle;
mot. motor; m/t der Eisenbahn go
by train or rail; spazieren go for
or take a drive; m/t der Hand

(acc.) pass one's hand over;



let go or slip; gut (schlecht)

do or fare well (badly) at or with;
er ist gut dabei gefohren he did very
well out of it; 2. v/t. (h) carry,
convey; drive (car, train, etc.); ride
(bicycle, etc.).
Fahrer m (-s/-) driver; ' flucht /
(-Ino pi ) hit-and-run offence. Am.

hit-and-run offense.


Fahrjgast m passenger; in taxi:

fare; Lgeld n fare; ' gelegenheit
/transport facilities ph; Lgestell n
mot. chassis;
landing gear; '~karte / ticket;
kartenschalter m booking-office, Am. ticket office; 'Slassig adj.
careless, negligent; 'J&ssigkeit /
(-/S-en) carelessness negligence;
Llehrer mot. m driving instructor;
Lplan m timetable. Am. a. schedule; 'Eplanmafiig 1. adj. regular,
Am. scheduled; 2. adv. on time,
Am. a. on schedule; ',preis m fare;
rad n bicycle, F bike; ' schein
m ticket; Lschule Ttwt. f driving
school, school of motoring; '~stuhl


schirmspringer m parachutist;
strick m snare; Ltiir/trap door.
falsch [fal/] 1. adj. false; wrong;
bank-note, etc.: counterfeit; money:
base; bill of exchange, etc.: forged;
p. deceitful; 2. adv.:
gehen watch:
go wrong;
verbunden! teleph.
sorry, wrong number.

falsch|en ['feljan] vju (ge-, h) falsify; forge, fake (document, etc.);

counterfeit (bank-note, coin, etc.);
fake (calculations, etc.); tamper
with (financial account); adulterate
(food, wine); 'Ser m (-si-) forger,
faker; adulterator.

Falsch|geld n counterfeit or bad or

m lift. Am. elevator; Lstuhlfuhrer

base money; Lheit / (-/-en) falseness, falsity; duplicity, deceitful-

m Uft-boy, lift-man. Am. elevator

operator; ' stunde mot. f driving

ness; ' meldung / false report;

Lmiinzer m (-s/-) coiner; Lmiin-



Fahrt [fa:rt] / (-/-en) ride, drive;

journey; voyage, passage; trip;
ins 8/oue mystery tour; in voller M
(at) full speed.
Fahrte ['feirtal/W-n) track (a. fig.);
auf der fa/schen
sein be on the
wrong track.
Fahrlvorschrift/rule of the road;
navigable water;
fig. track; ' weg m roadway; Lzeug

n vehicle;

(-s/-en) factor;
(-s/-s, Faktoten)
'turr] / (-/-en),

/ (-/fokturen)



Falschung / (-/-en) forgery; falsification; fake; adulteration.

Fait|boot ['fait-] n folding canoe,

Am. foldboat, faltboat; .e [' a] /
(-/-n) fold; pleat (in skirt etc.);
crease (in trousers); wrinkle (on

face); 'fien vlt. (ge-, h) fold; clasp

or join (one s hands); 2ig adj.

folded; pleated; wrinkled.

Falz [falts] m (-es/-e) fold; rabbet
(for woodworking, etc.); bookbinding: guard; 'fien vjt. (ge-, h) fold;

Fakultat univ. [fakul'teit] / (-/-en)

Falke om. ['falka] m (-n/-n) hawk,

Fall [fal] m (-[e]s/e) fall (of body,

stronghold, city, etc.); gr., jfr, &
case; gesetzt den
suppose; auf
alle Falle at all events; auf jeden
in any case, at any rate; auf keinen
on no account, in no case.

Falle ['fala] / (-/-n) trap (a. fig.);

pitfall (a. fig.); e-e
stellen set a
trap (j m for s.o.).
fallen ['falan] 1. v/i. (irr., ge-, sein)
fall, drop; X be killed in action;
shot: be heard; flood water: subside; auf j-n
suspicion, etc.: fall
on s.o.;
lassen drop (plate, etc.);
2 2 (sfno pi.) faU(ing).
fallen ['fetan] vft. (ge-, h) fell, cut
down (tree); X lower (bayonet);
pass (judgement), give (decision).
fallenlassen v/t. (irr. iassen, sep.,
no -ge-, h) drop (plan, claim, etc.).
fallig adj. ['feli?] due; payable;
Ekelt/ /S-en) maturity; 'Skeitstermin m date of maturity.
Falllobst n windfall; ~reep
[Lreip] n (-[e]s/-e) gangway.
falls cj. [fals] if; in the event of ger.;

in case.


/ coiner's den;
spielen vji. (sep., -ge-, h) cheat
(at cards); Lspieler m card'



Fakt|or ['faktor] m
otum [ 'to:tum] n
factotum; ur -f [
ura -if [ 'turraj


102 -


familiar adj. [famil'jEir] familiar;


Familie [fa'miilja] / (-/-n) family

(a. zo., ).

Fa'milienlangelegenheit / family

anschlufi m:

haben live

as one of the family; nachrichten

flpl. in newspaper: birth, marriage
and death announcements pi.;
name m family name, surname,

Am. a. last name; ..stand m marital





fanatic; 2sch adj. fanatic(al).

Fanatismus [fana'tismus] m (-/no
pi.) fanaticism.

fand [fant] pret. offinden.

Fanfare [fan'faira] / (-/-n) fanfare,
flourish (of trumpets).
Fang [far)] m (-[e]s/=e) capture,
catch(ing); hunt, bag; '2en v/t. (irr.
ge-, h) catch (animal, ball, thief,
etc.); Lzahn m fang (of dog, wolf,
etc.), tusk (of boar).
Farb band f'farp-] n (typewriter)
ribbon; ~e [' ba] / (-/-n) colo(u)r;
paint; dye; complexion; cards:
suit; Eecht adj. ['farpM colourfast.

farben ['ferban] v/t. (ge-, h) colo(u)r (glass, food, etc.); dye (material,
hair, Easter eggs, etc.); tint (hair,


paper, glass); stain (wood, fabrics,

glass, etc.); sich _ take on or assume
a colo(u)r; s/ch rot mm or go red.
farben blind adj. colo(u)r-blind;

Edruck m (-[e]s/-e) colo<u)r print;

prachtig adj. splendidly col-


Farber ['ferbsr] m (-s/-) dyer.

Farblfernsehen ['farp-] n colo(u)r

television; '-film m coIo(u)r film;

2ig adj. ['-bi J colo(u)red; glass:


stained; fig. colo(u)rful;

21os adj. ['-vP-] colo<u)rless; '-photographic /colo(u)r photography;
stift m cxlo(u)red pencil; stoff
m colo(u)ring matter; ton m tone;



103 -

faul adj. [faul] fruit, etc.: rotten,

bad; fish, meat: putrid, bad; fig.
lazy, indolent, idle; fishy; -e Ausrede lame excuse;
en c/t. (ge-, h)
rot, go bad, putrefy.

faulenze|n ['faulEntssn] vji. (ge-, h)

idle; laze, loaf; '2r m (-si-) idler,
sluggard, F lazy-bones.
Faullheit / (-Ino pi.) idleness,
laziness; 'ig adj. putrid.
Faulnis ['forlnis] / (-Ino pi.) rottenness; putrefaction; decay.
Faullpelz m
Faulenzer; '-tier n
zo. sloth (a. fig.).
Faust [faust] / (-/=e) fist; auf e/gene

on one's own initiative;


shade, tint.

Farbung ['ferbugl/C-Z-en) colo(u)ring (a. ig.); shade (a.



['famkraut] n fem-

Fasan om. [fa'zarn] m (-[e]s/- tn])


Faseljei [farza'lai] / (-/-en) drivelling, waffling; twaddle; n p/j.

(ge-, h) blather; F waffle.
Faser ['faizsr] / (-/-n) amzr., ,
fib|re. Am. -er: cotton, tvool, etc.:
staple; 2ig adj. fibrous; 'En vji.
(ge-, />) coo/: shed fine hairs.


Fafi [fas] n (PassesIFasser) cask,

barrel; tub; vat; '-bier n draught

make faces.

Fazit ffcutsit] n (-s/-e, -s) result,

upshot; total; das - z/ ehen sum or
total up.
Februar ['fe:brua:r] m (-[s]/-e)

fechtjen ['fectsn] v/i. (irr., ge-, h)

fight; fe?u:. fence; 'er m (-s/-)

Feder ffeidar] / (-/-n) feather;

(ornamental) plume; pen; spring;



s/c/i kurz - be brief: 2- / :
reach for.

fafilich adj. comprehensible, con-/


Fassung/(-/-en) setting (of jezsels);

socket; fig.: composure; draft

(-ing); wording version; d/e ,




one s

aus der - bringen disconcert; ' s
kraft / (powers of) comprehension,
mental capacity;
svermogen n
(holding) capacity; fig. s. Fassungskrafu
fast adv. [fast] almost, nearly; -


n/chts next to nothing; - n/e hardly


fasten ['fastsn] v/i. (ge-, h) fast;

abstain from food and drink; 'Szeit


bett n feather bed; '-busch m

Fassade A [fa'sa:d3]/(-/-n) facade,

front (a. fig.); -nkletterer m (-s/-)
cat burglar.
fassen ['fasan] (ge-, h) 1. r/r. seize,
take hold of; catch, apprehend
(criminal); hold; s. einfassen; fig.
grasp, understand, believe; pluck
up (courage); form (plan); make
(decision); sich - compose o.s.;


schuh m mitt(en); '-schlag m blow

with the fist, punch. Am. F a. slug.
Favorit [favo'rirt]
Faxe ['faksa] / (-/-n):
(play the) fool; -/i schne/den pull or

Fasching I'faju)] m (-s/- , -s) carnival.


Fastlnacht f (-/no pi.) Shrovetide;

carnival; ' tag m fast-day.

fatal adj. [fa'tatl] situation, etc.:

tuft of feathers; plume; '-gewicht

n boxing, etc.: featherweight; ' halter m (-si-) penholder; '-kiel m
quill; '-kraft/elasticity, resilience;
krieg m paper war; literary controversy; 'S'leicht adj. (as) light as
a feather; ' lesen n (-slno pl.)i

nicht vie!







Fehde ['feida] / (-l-n) feud; private

war; in - liegen be at feud; F be at

daggers drawn.
Fehl [fe:l] m: ohne
without fault
or blemish;
betrag m deficit,

fehlen ['ferlsn] vfi. (ge-, h) be absent;
be missing or lacking; do wrong;
es fehlt ihm an (dat.) he lacks; was
fehlt Ihnen? what is the matter with

you?; weit gefehlt! fax off the mark!

Fehler ['ferbr] m (-si-) mistake,
error, F slip; fault; defect, flaw;

Efrei adj., 'los adj. fauldess,

perfect; flawless; Shaft adj.

fauchen ['fauxan] r,V. (ge-, h) cat,

etc.: spit; F p. spit (m tA anger);

locomotive, etc.: hiss.


messer n penknife; n
vfi. (ge-, h) be elastic; 2nd adj.
springy, elastic; strich m stroke
of the pen;
vieh n poultry;
zeictmung / pen-and-ink drawing.
Fee [fe:]/(-/-n) fairy.
Fegefeuer ['fe:g3-] n purgatory.
fegen ['feigan] c/r. (ge-, h) sweep;
work of;

awkward; business, etc.:

nate; mistake, etc.: fataL

machen mit make short

faulty; defective; incorrect.


Fehljgeburt / miscarriage, abor-


104 '

tionj 'Sgehen vji. (irr. gehen, sep.,

ge-j se/n) go wrong; ' griff fig. tn
mistake, blunder; ' schlag fig. m
failure; 'fischlagen fig. v\i. (jirr.
schlagen, sep., -ge-, se/n) fail, miscarry; ' schufi m miss; 'Streten
v/i. (irr. treten, sep., -ge-, seiri)
make a false step; ' tritt m false
step; slip; fig. slip, fault; ' urteil
j% n error of judg(e)ment; ' ziindung mot. f misfire, backfire.
Feier f'faiar] / (-/-n) ceremony;

frucht / fruit of the field; Lgeschrei w war-cry, battle-cry;

herr m general; ' kessel m
camp-kettle; 'Uazarett X n field-

hospital; ' lerche orn. f skylark;



schiacht X/battle; ' stecher m

(-s/-) (e/n a pair of) field-glasses pi


stuhl m camp-stool; ~webel

[Lveibal] m (-s/-) sergeant; ' weg
m (field) path; ' zeichen X

abend m finishing or closing time;

machen finish, F knock off; 'Slich

adj. promise, oath, etc.: solemn;

act: ceremonial; ' lichkeit/C-Z-en)
solemnity; ceremony; 'Sn (ge-, h)
1 v/t. hold (.celebration); celebrate,
observe (feast, etc.); 2. vji. celebrate; rest (from work), make
holiday; Ltag m holiday; festive
feig adj. [faik] cowardly.
feige1 adj. ['faiga] cowardly.
Feige2 U] f (-/-n) fig; ' nbaum 3m fig-tree; Lnblatt n fig-leaf.

standard; Lzug m X campaign (a.

fig.), (military) expedition; Am. fig.

cowardice, cowardliness; ~ling

[ kliq] m (-s/-e) coward.
fell adj. [fail] for sale, to be sold;
fig. venal; ' bieten v/t. (irr. bieten,
sep., -ge-, h) offer for sale.
Feile ['faib] f(-l-n) file; 'n (ge-, h)
1 v/t. file (a. fig.); fig. polish; 2. v/i.:
an (dot.) file (at); fig. polish (up).
feilschen ['failjan] v/i. (ge-, h) bargain (um for), haggle (for, about),
Am. a. dicker (about).
fein adj. [fain] fine; material, etc.:
high-grade; wine, etc.: choice;
fabric, etc.: delicate, dainty; manners: polished; p. polite; distinction: subtle.

V); 'Slich adj. hostile, inimical;

V schaft/(-/-en) enmity; animosity,
hostility; 'Sselig adj. hostile (gegen
to); ' seligkeit / (-/-en) hostility;

feinlfiihlend adj., '~fuhlig adj.

sensitive; 'Sgefiihl n sensitiveness;
delicacy; 'Sgehalt m (monetary)
standard; 'Sheit/ (-/-en) fineness;

elegance; 'Skost / high-class groceries pi.. Am. delicatessen; 'Smechanik / precision mechanics;
Sschmecker m (si-) gourmet,
epicure; ' sinnig adj. subde.
feist adj. [faist] fat, stout.
Feld [felt] n (-[e]s/-er) field (a.
55, sports); ground, soil; plain;
chess: square;
panel, compartment; ;ns
ziehen take the
field; ' arbeit / agricultural work;
bett n camp-bed; ' blume /
wild flower; Ldienst X
service; ' flasche / water-botde;



Fell [fel] n (-[e]s/-e) skin, pelt, fur

(of dead animal); coat (of cat, etc.);
fleeze (of sheep).

Fels [fels] m (-en/-en), ~en [' zan]

m (-s/-) rock; ~block ['fels-] m
rock; boulder; ig adj. [' zi?] rocky.
['fen al] m (sjno pi.)

Fenster ['fenstar] n (-s/-) window;

brett n window-sill; Lfliigel m
casement (of casement window);
sash (of sash window); ' kreuz n
cross-bar(s pi.); Lladen m shutter;


rahmen m window-frame;

gel m window-fastener;
/ (window-)pane; ' sims m, n win-

Feind [faint] m (-[e]s/-e) enemy (a.

Felge ['felga] / (-/-n) felloe (of

cart-wheel); rim (of car wheel, etc.).

Feig|heit ['faikhait] / (-/no pi.)


marschall m Field Marshal;

adj. in full

marching order; '~maus zo./fieldmouse; Lmesser m (land) surveyor; ' post X/ai'my postal service;

celebration; festival; festivity;




Ferien ['feirjan] pi. holiday(s pi.),

esp. Am. vacation; leave. Am. a.
furlough; parl. recess;
kolonie / children's
holiday camp.
Ferkel ['ferkal] n (-s/-) young pig;
contp. p. pig.
fern [fern] 1. adj. far (off), distant;
remote; 2. adv. far (away); von
from a distance.

Fernamt teleph. n trunk exchange,

Am. long-distance exchange.
fernbleiben 1. vji. (irr. bleiben,
sep., -ge-, se/n) remain or stay away
(dat. from); 2. 2 n (s/no pi.) absence (from school, etc.); absenteeism (from work).

Fern|e fferna] / (-/-n) distance;

remoteness; ous der

from or at a

distance; 'Ser 1. adj. farther; fig.:

further; future; 2. adv. further
(-more) in addition, also; //efen...
m long-disalso ran ...; ' flug
tance flight; Sgelenkt adj. [Lgalerjkt] missile: guided; aircraft, etc.:
teleph. n trunk call. Am. long-distance call; 'Sgesteuert adj. s. fernge/enkt; Lglas n binoculars pi.;
Ehalten v/t. and v/refl. (irr. ho/ten,
sep., -ge-, h) keep away (von from);


Jheizung / district heating; ' la-


ster F mot. m long-distance lorryj

Am. long haul truck; ' lenkung /
(-/-en) remote control; 'Sliegen
vli. (jrr. liegen, sep., -ge-, h): es

liegt mir fern zu inf. I am far from

ger.; ' rohr n telescope; ' schreiber tn teleprinter. Am. teletypewriter; ' sehen 1. n (s/tio pi.)
television; 2. 2 v/i. (irr. sehen, sep.,

ge-, h) watch television;



m television set; p. television viewer, televiewer; ' sehsendung /

television broadcast, telecast;
slcht / visual range.

Fernsprech|amt n telephone
exchange, Am. a. central; ' anschlufi
m telephone connection; ' er m
telephone; ' leitung / telephone
line; ' zelle / telephone box.


fem|stehen v/i. (irr. stehen, sep.,

ge-, h) have no real (point of)
contart (dat. with); steuerung /
Fernlenkung; 'Sunterricht m

correspondence course or tuition;


fiverkehr m long-distance traffic.

Ferse ['ferzs] / (-/-n) heel.
fertig adj. ['ferti?] ready; article,
etc.: finished; clothing: ready-made;
mil et.
werden get finished;
m/t et.
sein have finished;
bringen v/r. (irr. bringen, sep.,
ge-, h) bring about; manage;
Skeit / (-/-en) dexterity; skill;
fluency (in the spoken language)',
machen v/t. {sep., -ge-, h) finish,
complete; get ready; fig. finish,
settle s.o.'s hash; sich ~ get ready;
Sstellung / completion; 'Swaren
f/pl. finished goods pi. or products
fesch F adj. [fej] hat, dress, etc.:
smart, stylish, chic; dashing.
Fessel ['fesal] / (-/-n) chain, fetter,
shackle; vet. fetlock; fig. bond,
fetter, tie; ' ballon m captive
balloon; 'n v/t. (ge-, h) chain,
fetter, shackle; j-n
hold or ar-

rest s.o.'s attention; fascinate s.o.

fest [fest] 1. adj. firm; solid; fixed;

fast; principle: firm, strong; sleep:
sound; fabric: close; 2. 2 n (-es/-e)
festival, celebration; holiday, eccl.
feast; '~binden v/t. (irr. binden,
sep., -ge-, h) fasten, tie (an dat. to);
lessen n banquet, feast; ' fahren
vjrefl. (irr. fabren, sep., -ge-, h)
get stuck; fig. reach a deadlock;
2halle / (festival) hall; ' halten
(irr. halten, sep., -ge-, h) 1. vli.
hold fast or tight; an (dat.) adhere
or keep to; 2. v/t. hold on to; hold
tight; sich
an (dat.) hold on
to; ~igen [' igan] v/t. (ge-, h)
consolidate (one's position, etc.);
strengthen (friendship, etc.); stabilize (currency); Sigkeit [' -J /
(-/no pi ) firmness; solidity; 'Sland
n mainland, continent; ' legen vlt.
(sep., -ge-, h) fix, set; sich auf et.


105 -

commit o.s. to; ' lich adj'

meal, day, etc.: festive; reception}
etc.: ceremonial; lichkeit/X-Z-en)
festivity; festive character; ' machen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. vft. fix,
fasten, attach (an dat. to); k moor;
2 & v/i. moor; put ashore; '2mahl
n banquet, feast; Snahme I' na:ma] / (-l-n) arrest; ' nehmen vlt.
(irr. nebmen, sep., -ge-, h) arrest,
take into custody; 'Srede / speech
of the day; ' etzen vjt. (sep., -ge-,
h) fix, set; sich dust, etc.: become
ingrained; p. settle (down); '2spiel
n festival; ' stehen v/i. (irr. stehen,
sep., -ge-, h) stand firm; fact: be
certain; ' stehend adj. fixed,

stationary;fact: established; ' stellen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) establish

(fact, identity, etc.); ascertain, find
out (fact, s.o.'s whereabouts, etc.);
state; see, perceive (fact, etc.);

stellung / establishment; ascertainment; statement;

tag m
festive day; festival, holiday; eccl.

feast; 'Sung

/ (-/-en) fortress;


2zug m festive procession.

fett [fst] 1. adj. fat; fleshy; voice:
oily; land, etc.: rich; 2.2 n (-[e]s/-e)
fat; grease (a. (); druck typ. m
bold type; fleck m grease-spot;
ig adj. hair, skin, etc.: greasy,
oily; fingers, etc.: greasy; substance:

Fetzen ['fetsan] m (-$/-) slired; rag,

Am. a. frazzle; scrap (ofpaper); in
in rags.
feucht adj. [ioYqt] climate, air, etc.:
damp, moist; air, zone, etc.: humid;

Sigkeit / (-/no pi.) moisture (of

substance); dampness (ofplace, etc.);
humidity (of atmosphere, etc.).
Feuer ['foYar] n (-si-) fire; light;

fig. ardo(u)r;

fangen catch fire;

fig. fall for (girl); ' alarm m fire

alarm; 'Sbestandig adj. fire-proof,
fire-resistant; ' bestattung / cremation; ' eifer m ardo(u)r; 'Sfest
adj. s. feuerbestandig;
efahrlich adj. inflammable; 'shaken m
poker; ' loscher m (-s/-) fire
extinguisher; Lmelder m (-s/-)
fire-alarm; '20 (ge-, h) 1. X W*'*
shoot, fire (auf acc. at, on); 2. F
fig. vft. hurl; Lprobe fig. / crucial
'rot adj. fiery (red), (as) red
as fire; ' sbrunst / conflagration;
schiff & n lightship; ' schutz m
fire prevention;
covering fire;
sgefahr / danger or risk of fire;
2speiend adj.: er Berg volcano;
pritze / fire engine; ' stein m
flint; ' versicherung / fire insurance (company); ' wache / fire
station. Am. a. firehouse; ' wehr/
fire-brigade. Am. a. fire department; ' wehrmann m fireman;
werk n (display of) fireworks pi.;
werkskorper m firework;


zange / (e-e a pair of) firetongs pi.;

vZeug n lighter.
feurig adj. ['fovri?] fiery (a. fig.);
fig. ardent.
Fiasko [fi'asko] n (-s/-s) (complete)
failure, fiasco; si. flop.
Fibel ['fhbsl] / (-/-n) spelling-book,
['fists] / (-/-n) spruce;
nnadel / pine-needle.
fidel adj. [fi'derl] cheerful, merry,
jolly. Am. F a. chipper.
Fieber ['firbsr] n (-s/-) temperature,

106 -


perature; ' anfall m attack or bout

of fever; 'Shaft adj. feverish (a.
/?.); febrile; '2krank adj. ill with
fever; ' mittel n febrifuge; '2n v/i.
(ge-, h) have or run a temperature;
nach crave or long for; ' schauer
m chill, shivers pi.; ' tabelle/temperature-chart; thermometer n





finances pi.; Siell adj. [ 'tsjelj

fever; haben have or run a tem-


financial; Sieren [Jtsiiran] vlt. (no

ge-, h) finance (scheme, etc.); sponsor (radio programme, etc.); ~lage /
financial position; ~mann m finan-





finance; Chancellor of the Exchequer, Am. Secretary of the Treasury; ~ministerium n ministry of
finance; Exchequer, Am. Treasury
Department; ~wesen n (slno pi.)
finances pi.; financial matters pi.
Findelkind ['findsl-] n foundling.
finden ['findsn] (irr., ge-, h) 1. vjt.
find; discover, come across; find,
think, consider; w/e S/e ...? how
do you like ...?; s/ch
thing: be
found; 2. vfi.: zu find one's way


Finder m (-s/-) finder; 'John m

finder's reward.



clinical thermometer.

fiel [fi:l] pret. of fallen.

Figur [fi'gurrl/W-en) figure; chess:
chessman, piece.

figiirlich adj. [fi'gy:rli?] meaning,

findig adj. resourceful, ingenious.

Findling ['findir)] m (-s/-e) foundling; geol. erratic block, boulder.
fing [fiq] pret. of fangen.
Finger ['firpr] m (si-) finger;
s/ch die

etc.: figurative.
pork, etc.).
Filiale [fil'jarb] / (-/-n) branch.
Filigran(arbeit /) [fili'gra:n(9-)l n
(-s/-e) filigree
Film [film] m (-[e]s/-e) film, thin
coating (of oil, wax, etc.); phot, film;
film, (moving) picture. Am. a. motion picture, F movie; e-n e/n/egen
phot, load a camera; ' ateller n
film studio; ' aufnahme/filming,
shooting (of a film); film (of sporting event, etc.); 'Sen (ge-, h) 1. v/t.
film, shoot (scene, etc.); 2. u/t. film;
make a film; ' gesellschaft / film
company. Am. motion-picture company; '~kamera / film camera,
Am. motion-picture camera; '~regisseur m film director; ' reklame / screen advertising; ' schauspieler m film or screen actor,
Am. F movie actor; ' spule / (film)
reel; ' streifen m film strip;

picture or F movie theater; ' vVerleih m (-[e]s/-e) film distributors

pi.; ' vorfiihrer m projectionist;
vvorstellung / cinema perform.

ance, Am. F movie performance.

Filter ['filtsr] (-s/-) 1. m (coffee-,
etc.) filter; 2. n filter; 'Sn v/t.

(ge-, h) filter (water, air, etc.); filtrate (water, impurities, etc.); strain
(liquid); ' zigarette / filter-tipped
Filz [filts] m (-es/-e) felt;>fe. F skinflint; 'Sig adj. felt-like; of felt; .
F niggardly, stingy; '~laus / crab

Finanz|amt [fi'nants'amt] n (inland) revenue office, office of the


hut m thimble;

foxglove; '2n

vfi. (ge-, h): ~ nach fumble for;

spitze/finger-tip; ' spitzengefiihl fig. n sure instinct; ' iibung
J" / finger exercise; zeig [' tsaik]
*n (-[e]s/-e) hint, F pointer.
Fink orn. [figk] m (-enl-en) finch.
finster adj. ['finstsr] night, etc.:
dark; shadows, wood, etc.: sombre;
night, room, etc.: gloomy, murky;
person, nature: sullen; thought, etc.:
sinister, sombre, gloomy; '2nis /
(-Ino pi ) darkness, gloom.
Finte ['fints] / (-/-n) feint; fig. a.

ruse, trick.

Firma f t'firma] / (-/F/rmen) firm,

business, company.

theater n cinema. Am. motion-


verbrennen burn one

fingers; er riihrte keinen he lifted

no finger; ' abdruck m fingerprint; ' fertigkeit / manual skill;

Filet [fi'le:] n (-s/-s) fillet (of beef,

firmen eccl. ['firman] v/t. (ge-, h)


Firmen|inhaber m owner of a

firm; '-Avert m goodwill.

Firn [firn] m (-[e]s/-e) firn, ndv6.

First 4 [first] m (-es/-e) ridge;

ziegel m ridge tile.
Fisch [fij] m (-esj-e) fish; ' dampfer m trawler; 'Sen v/t. and v/i.
(ge-, h) fish; ' m (-s/-) fisherman; ' erboot n fishing-boat; ' erdorf n fishing-village; ~erei [ .'rai]
/ (-/-en) fishery; fishing; ' fang m
fishing; ' geruch m fishy smell;
Lgrate / fish-bone; ' gratenmuster n herring-bone pattern;

handler m fishmonger. Am. fish

dealer; 'Sig adj. fishy; Llaich m

spawn; ' leim m fish-glue; Lmehl
schuppe / scale;
n fish-meal;
tran m train-oil; ' .vergiftung



107 -

/fish-poisoning; Lzucht/pisci-

drink: stale; colour: pale, dull; if

culture, fish-hatching; ' zug m

catch, haul, draught (of fish).
fiskallsch adj. [fis'kailij] fiscal,
Fiskus ['fiskus] m
-se, Fisken)
Exchequer, esp. Am. Treasury;

market, business, etc.: dull, slack;

e Ze/t slack period.
Flaum [flaum] m (-[e]s/o pi.)
down, fluff; fuzz.
Flauls [flaus] m (-es/-e), sch UJ] m
(-esl-e) tuit(ofwool etc.); napped


['fistsl] / (-/-n) fistual;
stimme / / falsetto.
Fittich ['fiti*;] nt (-[e]sl-e)poet. wing;
j-n unter s-e e nehmen take s.o.
tinder one's wing.

fix adj. [fiks] salary, price, etc.:

fixed; quick, clever, smart; e-e
Wee an obsession; ein er Junge a
smart fellow; 2ierbad phot, [fi'
ksi:rba:t] n fixing bath; ~ieren
[fi'ksirran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) fix (c.
phot.); fix one's eyes (up)on, stare
Sstern ast. m fixed star;
Sum n (-s/F/xo) fixed or basic
flach adj. [flax] roof, etc.: flat;
ground, ere: flat, level, even; water,
plate, fig.: shallow;
Flache ['flega] / (-/-n) surface. A- aplane; sheet (of water, snow, etc.);
geont. area; tract, expanse (of land,
etc.); wninhalt A- ['fle sn9-] m
(surface) area; '~nmafi n square or

at s.o.;

surface measure.

Flach|land n plain, flat country;

Lrennen n turf: flat race.

[flaks] m (-es/no pi.) flax.
flackern ['flakarn] v/i. (ge-, h) light,
flame, eyes, etc.: flicker, wave;
voice: quaver, shake.
Flagge X ['fl
ags] / (-/-/) flag,
colo(u)rs pi.; '2n vji. (ge-, h) fly or
hoist a flag; signal (with flags).
[flak] / (-/-, -s) anti-aircraft
gun; anti-aircraft artillery.
Flamme ['flama] / (-l-n) flame;
blaze; '~nmeer n sea of flames;
nwerfer X m (-s/-) flamethrower.

Flanell [fla'nel] m (sf-e) flannel;

anzug m flannel suit; hose /
flannel trousers pi., flannels pi.
Flankle ['flarjka] / (-/-n) flank (a.
Aj j Xj mount.); side; 2ieren
U'kirran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) flank.
Flasche ['flaja] / (-l-n) bottle; flask.
Flaschen|bier n bottled beer;
hals m neck of a bottle; ' offner

m (si-) bottle-opener; Lzug @ m

block and tackle.

flatterlhaft adj. ['flatarhaft] girl,

etc.: fickle, flighty; mind: fickle,
volatile; ' n v/i. (ge-) 1. (h, sein)
bird, butterfly, etc.: flutter (about);
bird, bat, etc.: flit (about); 2. (h)
hair, flag, garment, etc.: stream,
fly; mot. wheel: shimmy, wobble;
car steering: judder; 3. (sein): auf
den Boden
flutter to the ground.
flau adj. [flau] weak, feeble, faint;
sentiment, reaction, etc.: lukewarm;

Flausen F ['flauzan] f/pl. whimsy/.,

fancies pi., (funny) ideas pi.; F fibs
pi.; j-m
in den Kopf setzen put
funny ideas into s.o.'s head; j-m
vormachen tell s.o. fibs.

Flaute ['flama] / (-l-n) vfc dead

calm; esp. if dullness, slack period.

Flechtje ['flefta] / (-/-n) braid, plait

(of hair); % lichen; & herpes; 'Een

vft. (irr., ge-, h) braid, plait (hair,
ribbon, etc.); weave (basket, wreath,
etc.); wreath (flowers); twist (rope,
etc.); ' vwerk n wickerwork.
Fleck [flek] m (-[e]s/-e, -en) 1. mark
(of dirt, grease, etc.; zo.); spot (of
grease, paint, etc.); smear (of oil,
blood, etc.); stain (of wine, coffee,
etc.); blot (of ink); place, spot; fig.
blemish, spot, stain; 2. patch (of
material); bootmaking: heel-piece;
en m (si-) s.
Fleck 1; small
(market-)town, townlet; Lenwasser n spot or stain remover; Lfieber
n (epidemic) typhus; 'Sig
adj. spotted; stained.
Fledermaus zo. ['flezdar-J/bat.
Flegel ['fletgal] m (si-) flail; fig.
lout, boor; ei U'laiJ/W-en) rude,
ness; loutishness; 'Shaft adj. rudeill-mannered; loutish; Ljahre pL
awkward age.
flehen ['fleran] 1. vji. (ge-, h) entreat, implore (zu j-m s.o.; urn et.
s th.); 2.2 n (s/nopl.) supplication;
imploration, entreaty.
Fleisch [flaij] n (-es/no pi.) flesh;

meat; 4 P P; '~bruhe / meat-

broth; beef tea; Ler m (-s/-)

erei [Jrai] / (-/-en)
butcher's (shop). Am. butcher
shop; ' extrakt m meat extract;
Sfressend adj. carnivorous;
hackmaschine/mincing machine,
mincer. Am. meat grinder; '2ig adj.
pvilpy; Lkonserven flpl.
tinned or potted meat. Am. canned
meat; 'Jkost/meat (food); 'Slich
adj. desires, etc.: carnal, fleshly;
21os adj. meatless; Lpastete /
meat pie. Am. a. potpie; ' speise /
meat dish; Lvergiftung / meat or
ptomaine poisoning; Lware/meat
(product); ' wolf m s. Fleischhackmaschine.

Fleifi [flais] m (-es/no pi.) diligence,

industry; 'Sig adj. diligent, industrious, hard-working.
fletschen ['fletjan] v/t. (ge-, h): die
animal: bare its teeth; p.
bare one's teeth.

Flicken ['flikan] 1. m (-s/-) patch;


2 v/t. (ge-, h) patch (dress, tyre,

etc.); repair (shoe, roof, etc.); cobble


Flicklschneider m jobbing tailor;


108 -

schuster m cobbler;



(-[e]slno pi ) patchwork.

['fhrdar] m (-s/-) lilac
Fliege ['] / (-/-n) zo. fly;

fliegen 1. v/i. (irr., ge-, sein) fly;

go by air; 2. o/r. (irr., ge-, h) fly,
pilot (aircraft, etc.); convey (goods,
etc.) by air; 3. 2 n (s/no pi.) flying;








Floskel ['fbskal] / (-/-n) flourish;

empty phrase.
flofi1 [fbs] pret. offlieBen.
Flofi2 [flo:s] n (-es/=e) raft, float.
Flosse ['flosa] / (-/-n) fin; flipper
(of penguin, etc.).
flofi en ['floisan] v/t. (ge-, h) raft,
float (timber, etc.); '2er m (-s/-)
rafter, raftsman.

Flote / ffloita] / (-f-n) flute; '211

(ge-, h) 1. v/i. (play the) flute; 2. v/t.
play on the flute.

Fliegen|fanger ['flirganfEqar] m
fenster n fly(-si-) fly-paper;
gewicht n boxing, etc.:
flyweight; ' klappe/fly-flap. Am.

flott adj. [fbt] & floating, afloat;


Flieger m (-s/-) flyer;

aviator; pilot; F plane, bomber;
cycling: sprinter; ' abwehr

Flotte ['fbta] / (-/-n) * fleet; X

navy; ' nstiitzpunkt X ** naval

anti-aircraft defen|ce. Am. -se;

Flotille * [fb'tilja] / (-/-n) flotilla.


pace, etc.: quick, brisk; music, etc.:


gay, lively; dress, etc.: smart, stylish;

car, etc.: sporty, racy; dancer, etc.:

fly swaner; ' pilz 4 Ay agaric.

alarm X
air-raid alarm or warning; ' bombe X / aircraft bomb;
offizier X m air-force officer.

flieh|en ['fhian] (irr., ge-) 1. v/i.

(sein) flee (vor dat. from), mn away;
v/t. (h) flee, avoid, keep away
from; 'Skraft phys. f centrifugal




Fluch [flu:x] m (-[e]s/=e) airse,

malediction; eccl. anathema; curse,
en v/i. (ge-, h)
swear, curse.

Fliese ['flfcza] / (-/-n) (wall-)tile;/
Flief3|band ['flhs-] n (-[e]s/=er) con-

[floits] n (-es/-e) seam;

layer, stratum.

Flucht [fluxt] / (-/-en) flight (vor

dat. from); escape (ous dat. from);
line (of windows, etc.); suite (of
rooms); flight (of stairs).

veyor-belt; assembly-line;'2en vli.

(irr., ge-, se/n) river, traffic, etc.

flucht|en ['flyman] (ge-) v/i. (sein)

flow; tap-water, etc.: run; 'Send 1.

ajy. water: running; traffic: moving;
speech, etc.: fluent; 2. adv.:
(sprechen) read (speak) fluently;
Lpapier n blotting-paper.
Flimmer ['flimar] m (-s/-) glimmer,
glitter; 2n v/i. (ge-, h) glimmer,
glitter; television, film: flicker; es
flimmert mir vor den Augen everything is dancing in front of my eyes.
flink adj. [flirjk] quick, nimble,

away; escape; ig adj. fugitive (a.

fig.); thought, etc.: fleeting; fame,
etc.: transient; p. careless, superficial; /2, volatile; Sling ['.Jir)] m
(-s/-e) fugitive; pol refugee; '2lingslager n refugee camp.
Flug [flu:k] m (-[e]s/=e) fUght; im
(e) rapidly; quickly; ' abwehrrakete/anti-aircraft missile; '~bahn
/ trajectory of (rocket, etc.);%? flight
path; ' ball m tennis, etc.: volley;
blatt n handbill, leaflet. Am. a.
flier; '~boot
n flying-boat;



Flinte ['flinta] / (-/-n) shotgun; die

ins Korn werfen throw up the

Flirt [flcert] m (-es/s) flirtation;

Sen vli. (ge-, h) flirt (m;t with).
Flitter ['flitar] m (-s/-) tinsel (a.fig.),
kram m cheap finery;
Lwochen pi. honeymoon.
flitzen F ['flitsan] v/i. (ge-, sein)
whisk, scamper; dash (off, etc.).
flocht [fbxt] pret. of flechten.

Flock|e ['fbka] / (-/-n) flake (of

snow, soap, etc.); flock (of wool);

2ig adj. fluffy,

flog [flo:k] pret.
floh1 [flo:] pret.
Floh2 zo. U] m

of fliegen.
of fliehen.
(-[e]s/=e) flea.

Flor [flo:r] m (-s/-e) bloom, blossom; fig. bloom, prime; gauze;

crepe, crape.

Florett fenc. [flo'ret] n (-[e]s/-e) foil.

florieren [flo'ri:ran] v/i. (no -ge-, h)

and vjrefl. (h) flee (nach, zu to); run



* m air service.

Fliigel fflyrgal] m (-s/-) wing (a. A

X)l blade, vane (of propeller,
etc.); s. Fensterflugel, Turfliigel,
Lungenflugel; sail (of windmill, etc.);
J" grand piano;
fenster A n casement-window; Slahm adj. brokenwinged; ' mann X m marker;
flank man; Ltiir A / folding door.
Fluggast ['flu:k-] m (air) passenger.
fliigge adj. f'flyga] fledged;
werden fledge; fig. begin to stand on




s own feet.


Fluglhafen m airport; ' linie/ *

air route; airline; Lplatz m airfield, aerodrome. Am. a. airdrome;
airport; sandgeol. m wind-blown
sand; '~schrift / pamphlet;
sichemng / air traffic control;


sport m sporting aviation;

wesen n aviation, aeronautics.


Flugzeug n aircraft, aeroplane, F

planej Am. a. airplane; ' bau m
aircraft construction;


fiihrer m


halle / hangar; ' rumpf

m fuselage, body; ' trager m aircraft carrier. Am. si. flattop; ' imgliick n air crash or disaster.
Flunder ichth. fflundar] / (-/-n)



109 -

Folter I'foltar] / (-/-n) torture; auf

spannen put to the rack; .
F a. keep on tenterhooks; 'Sn vft.
(ge-, h) torture, torment; '~qual /
torture, , a. torment.
[fo:] m (-/-) fund (a. fig.);
funds pi.
Fontane [fon'tema] / (-/-n) fountain.


Flunkerjei F [flvujka'rai] /' (-/-en)

petty lying, F fib(bing); Sn vli.
(ge-, ti) F fib, tell fibs.

foppen I'fopan] v/t. (ge-, h) tease,

F pull s.o.'s leg; hoax, fool.
forcieren [for'sirren] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

fluoreszieren [fluorEs'tsiiran] vli.

(no -ge-, h) fluoresce.


force (up).

Forderlband n (-[e]s/er)

Flufi [flus] m (F/usses/f/iisse) river,
stream; flow(ing); fig. fluency,
flux; 2'abwarts adv. downriver,
downstream; 2'aufwarts adv. upriver, upstream; Lbett n river bed.
fliissig adj. ['flysig] fluid, liquid;
metal: molten, melted; t" money,
capital, etc.: available, in hand;
style: fluent, flowing; 'Skeit /
(-/-en) flviid liquid; fluidity, liquidity; availability; fluency.


Flufillauf m course of a river;


veyor-belt; 'Slich adj. conducive

(dat. to), promotive (of); ' korb

Flur [flu:r] 1. / (-/-en) field, meadow; poet, lea; 2. m (-[e]s/-e) (en-

m cage.

fordern ffordam] v/t. (ge-, h) demand; claim (compensation, etc.);

ask (price, etc.); challenge (to duel).

fordern ['foerdam] vlt. (ge-, h)

further, advance, promote;
raise (coal, etc.); zutage ~ reveal,
bring to light.
Forderung / (-/-en) demand;
claim; charge; challenge.
Forderung / (-/-en) furtherance,
advancement, promotion; X haulage; output.
[trout. \

miindung / mouth of a river;

Forelle ichth.

pferd zo. n hippopotamus;

Form [form] / (-/-en) form; figure,

shape; model; ( mo(u)ld; sports:
form, condition; Sal adj. [Jmcul]
formal; ~alitat [ ali'tEit] / (-/-en)
formality; ~at U'man] n (-[e]s/-e)
size; von
of distinction; *el V~3l]
f (-l-n) formula; Sell adj. [Jmel]
formal; 'Sen vft. (ge-, h) form (object, character, etc.); shape, fashion
(wood, metal, etc.); mo(u)ld (clay,
character, etc.); ' enlehre r. / accidence; ' fehler m informality; 2%
flaw; Sieren U'miiran] vjt. (no
ge-, h) form; draw up, line up;
sich line up.
formlich adj. ['foermli?] formal;
ceremonious; 'Skeit / (-/-en) formality; ceremoniousness.
formlos adj. formless, shapeless;
fig. informal.
Formular [formu'larr] n (-s/-e)

schiffahrt / river navigation or


fliistern t'flystam] v/i. and vlt. (ge-,

h) whisper.

Flut [fhr.t] /(-/-en) flood; high tide,

(flood-)tide;> . flood, torrent, deluge; 'Sen (ge-) 1. v/i. (se/'n) water,
crowd, etc.: flood, surge (liber acc.
over); 2. v/t. (h) flood (dock, etc.);
welle / tidal wave.
focht [foxt] pret. of fedi ten.
Fohlen zo. ['foilan] 1. n (s/-) foal;
male: colt; female: filly; 2. 2 vji.
(ge-, h) foal.
Folge t'folga] /(-/-n) sequence, succession (of events); instalment, part
(of radio series, etc.); consequence,
result; series; set, suit; future;
pi. aftermath.
folgen v/i. (dat.) (ge-, se/'n) follow;
succeed (j-m s.o.; auf acc. to);
follow, ensue (ous from); obey (j-m
dermal3en adv. [' darma:san] as follows; ' schwer adj. of

grave consequence, grave.


folgerichtig adj. logical; consistent.

folger|n ffolgam] vft. (ge-, h) infer,

conclude, deduce (aus from); 'Sung

form. Am. a. blank.

formu'lieren v/t. (no -ge-, h) formulate (question, etc.); word, phrase

(question, contract, etc.).

forsch adj. [forj] vigorous, energetic; smart, dashing.

forsch|en ['forjan] v/i. (ge-, h):
nach (dat.) search for or after;
(dat.) search (through); 'Ser m

/ (-/-en) inference, conclusion, deduction.


folgewidrig adj. illogical; inconsistent.

folglich cj. ['folkli?] therefore, consequently.

folgsam adj. ['folkzaim] obedient;

Skeit/ (-/no pi.) obedience.

Folie ['fo:lj3] / (-/-n) foil.

[fo'reb] / (-/-n)/

(si-) researcher, research worker.


Forschung / (-/-en) research

(work); ' reise / (exploring) expedition; ' sreisende m explorer.
Forst [forst] m (-es/-e[n]) forest;
aufseher m (forest-)keeper, gamekeeper.

Forster ['fcerstar] m (s/-) forester;




Forstlhaus n forester's house;

revier n forest district;


wesen ,

Lwirtschaft / forestry.

Forti X [fo:r] n (-s/-s) fort.

fort8 adv. [ton] away, gone; on;

gone, lost; in e-m m continuously;

und so

and so on or forth; 5. a.


fort|bestehen v/i. (irr. stehen, sep.,

no -ge-, h) continue, persist; ' bewegen v/t. {sep., no -ge-, h) move
(on, away); s/ch
move, walk; '2dauer/continuance; ' dauern v/i.
( sep., -ge-, h) continue, last; ' fah.

ren v/i. (irr. fahren, sep., -ge-) 1.

(sein) depart, leave; drive off; 2. (h)
continue, keep on (et. zu tun doing
s th.); ' fiihren v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
continue, carry on; 'Sgang m departure, leaving; continuance;
gehen v/i. (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-,
sein) go (away), leave; ' geschritten adj. advanced; 'Skommen n
(s/no pi.) progress; ' laufend adj.
consecutive, continuous; ' pflanzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) propagate;
bial. propagate, reproduce;
phys., disease, rumour,' be propagated; pflanzung / propagation;
reproduction; ' reiflen u/r. (irr.
reilien, sep., -ge-, h) avalanche, etc.
sweep or carry away; ' schaffen
/t. (sep., -ge-, h) get or take away,
schreiten t/i. (irr.
schreiten, sep., -ge-, sein) advance,
proceed, progress; ' schreitend
adj. progressive; 'Sschritt m progress; ' schrittlich adj. progressive;

110 -

1 v/t. ask; question; es fragt sich,

ob it is doubtful whether; 2. v/i.
ask; ' er m (-s/-) questioner; ' ewort gr. n (-[e]s/=er) interrogative;
ezeichen n question-mark, point
of interrogation. Am. mst interrogation point;21ich adj. ['frark-] doubtful, uncertain; in question; 21os
adv. ['frark-] undoubtedly, unquestionably.
Fragment [frag'ment] n (-[e]s/-e)
fragwiirdig adj. ['frark-] doubtful,
dubious, questionable.
Fraktion parl. [frak'tsjoin] / (-/-en)
(parliamentary) group.
frank]ieren [fraq'] vft. (no
ge-, h) prepay, stamp; ~o adv.
V o] free; post(age) paid; parcel:
carriage paid.
Franse ['franza] / (-/-n) fringe.
Franz|ose [fran'tsoiza] m (-n/-n)
Frenchman; die .n pi. the French
pi.; ~6sin Uorzin] /(-/-nen) Frenchwoman;
[ 0:zij]


fras en f'frerzan] v/t. (ge-, h)

mill; 2maschine ['freis-] / millingmachine.

Frafi [fra:s] 1. F m (-es/-e) si. grub;

2 2 pret. of fressen.
Fratze ['fratsa] / (-/-n) grimace, F
face; ~n schneiden make grimaces.
Frau [frau] / (-/-en) woman; lady;

wife; ~ X Mrs X.


adv. constandy, always.

Forum ['forrum] n (-s/Foren, Fora

and -s) forum.
Foto... ffoito-] s. Photo...
Foyer [foa'je:] n (-sf-s) thea. foyer,
Am. and parl. lobby; hotel: foyer,
Fracht [fraxt] / (-/-en) goods pi.;
Sk carriage, freight;
* freight
(-age) cargo; ' brief m ft consignment note. Am., it- bill of
lading; ' dampfer m cargo steamer, freighter; ' er m (-sj-) freighter;
frei adj. carriage or freight paid;

Vfxihrer m carrier. Am. a. team-



geld n carriage charges pi.,

Am. freight; ' gut n goods
pi., freight; Lstiick n package.
Frack [frak] m (-[e]s/=e, -s) dress
coat, tail-coat, F tails; ' anzug m

Frag|e ['fraiga] / (-/-n) question;

gr., reth. interrogation; problem,
point; e-e
ste//en ask a question;
stellen question; ' ebogen m

questionnaire; form; '2en (ge-, h)



klinik / hospital for women;

rechte ntpl. women s rights pi.;
stimmrecht pol. n women s suffrage; ' zimmer mst contp. n


setzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) continue, pursue; '2setzung / (-/-en)

continuation, pvu uit;
folgt to be
continued; ' wahrend 1. adj. continual, continuous; perpetual; 2.



female, woman.

Fraulein ['froylam] n (-si-, F -s)

young lady; teacher; shop-assistant; waitress;

X Miss X.
fraulich adj. womanly.
frech adj. [free] impudent, insolent,
F saucy, cheeky. Am. F a. sassy, si.
fresh; lie, etc.: brazen; thief, etc.:
bold, daring;
heit / (-/-en) impudence, insolence; F sauciness,

cheek; boldness.

frei adj. [frai] free (von from, of);

position: vacant; field: open; parcel:
carriage-paid; journalist, etc.: freelance; liberal; candid, frank; licentious; ~ Ho us
franco domicile;
er Tag day off; im Freien in the
open air.
Frei I bad n open-air bath; beuter
['JsoYtar] m (-sj-) freebooter;
2bleibend -f adj. price, etc.: subject to alteration; offer: conditional;
brief m charter; fig. warrant;
denker m (-sj-) freethinker.
Freier ['fraiar] m (-si-) suitor.
Freilexemplar n free or presentation copy; ' frau/baroness; '~gabe / release;
geben (irr. geben,
sep., -ge-, h) 1. vlt. release; give



Ill -

['frsmdan9-] / tourist industry;
nlegion X / Foreign Legion;

(i.o. an hour, etc.) off; 2. v/i.: j-m

give s.o. time off; Sgebig adj.
gebigkeit /
generous, liberal;



(-/-en) generosity liberality; ' ge,


lirr. haben, sep., -ge-, h) have a

holiday; have a day off; ' hafen m

free port; 'Shalten v/t. (j'rr. halten,
sep., -ge-, h) keep free or clear; in




traffic; ' nzimmer n spare (bed-)

pack n free luggage; Shaben v/i.

room; tourism: room.


Fremdlherrschaft / fofeign rule;

Freiheit / (-/-en) liberty; freedom;

poetic licence. Am.
poetic license.

korper & m foreign body;
21andisch adj. [' IsndiJ] foreign,
exotic; ' sprache / foreign language; lsprachig adj., 'Ssprachlich adj. foreign-language; ' wort
n (-[e]s/=er) foreign word.
Frequenz phys. [fre'kvsnts] / (-/-en)

Freilherr m baron; Lkarte / free

(thea. a. complimentary) ticket;

fressen ['fressn] 1. v/t. (irr., ge-, h)

2Iassen vjt. (zrr. lassen, sep., -ge-,

h) release, set free or at liberty;

eat; beast of prey: devour; F p.

devour, gorge; 2. v/i. (irr., ge-, h)
eat; F p. gorge; 3. n (slno pi.)

restaurant, etc.: treat;


handel m

free trade.



gegen Kaution

j% release on bail;

feed, food.

lassung / (-/-en) release; ' lauf



Frefilgier / voracity,

m free-wheel.

freilich adv. indeed, certainly, of

course; admittedly.
Frei lichtbiihne / open-air stage



or theatjre. Am. -ex; Smachen

o/r. (sep., -ge-, h) % prepay, stamp
(letter, etc.); sich
undress, take


s clothes off;



maurer m freemason;


rei U'rai] / (-/m? pi.) freemasonry;

mut m frankness; 2mutig adj.
[ mytti?] frank; Sschaffend adj.:
er Kiinst/er free-lance artist;
[L/sirlar] m (si-)
volunteer, irregular; ' schein m

licen|ce. Am. -se; 'Esinnig adj.

liberal; 'Ssprechen vjt. (irr. sprechen, sep., -ge-, h) esp. eccl. absolve
(von from); 2% acquit (of); release
(apprentice) from his articles;
prechung / (-/-en) esp. eccl.
absolution; release from articles;
= ' spruch 2% m acquittal; ' staat

pol. m free state; 'Sstehen vji. (irr.

stehen, sep., -ge-, h) house, etc.:
stand empty; es steht //wen frei zu

inf. you are free or at liberty to inf.;

stellen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h): j-n
exempt s.o. (von from) (a. Q; j-m

leave open to s.o.;' stofi

m football: free kick; ' tag m Friday; ' tod m suicide; 'Etragend A
adj. cantilever; ' treppe / outdoor
staircase; willig 1. adj. voluntary;
2 adv. a. of one's own free will;
willige I viliga] m (-nj-n) volun.



' zeit / free or spare or

leisure time; Sziigig adj. V~xsyigiq]

free to move; ' ziigigkeit / (-/o
pi.) freedom of movement.
fremd adj. [fremt] strange; foreign;
alien; extraneous; ' artig adj.
strange; exotic.

Fremde ['frsmda] 1. / (-/no pi.)

distant or foreign parts; in der
far away from home, abroad; 2. m,f
(-n/-n) stranger; foreigner; Lnbuch n visitors' book; Lnfiihrer
m guide, cicerone; ' nheim n



napf m feeding dish.

Freude ['froYda] / (-/-n) joy, gladness; delight; pleasure; hoben on
(dat.) find or take pleasure in.
Freudenlbotschaft / glad tidings
pi.; ' fest n happy occasion;
feuer n bonfire; ' geschrei n
shouts pi. of joy; ' tag m day of
rejoicing, red-letter day; ' taumel
m transports pi. of joy.
freudjestrahlend adj. radiant with
joy; '.Jg adj. joyful; happy; es
Ereignis happy event;
los adj.
['froYtlois] joyless, cheerless.
freuen ['frovan] v/t. (ge-, h): es
freut mich, do8 I am glad or pleased
(that); sich
iiber (acc.) be pleased
about or with, be glad about; sich
auf (acc.) look forward to.
Freimd [frornt] m (-es/-e) (boy-)
friend; Jtn [' din]/(-/-nen) (girl-)
friend; 'Elich adj. friendly, kind,
nice; cheerful, bright; climate:
mild; U'chkeit / (-/-en) friendliness, kindness; ' schaft / (-/-en)
friendship; schlielien make friends
(mit with);
'fischaftlich adj.
Frevel ['freifal] m (-s/-) outrage (an
dat., gegen on), crime (against);
Shaft adj. wicked, outrageous;
impious; '2n w/i. (ge-, h) commit a
crime or outrage (gegen against).
Frevler ['freiflar] m (-s/-) evil-doer,
offender; blasphemer.
Friede(n) rfri:d3(n)] m (Fr/edens/
Friederi) peace; im Frieden in peacetime; laB mich in Frieden I leave me

Friedens|bruch m violation of
(the) peace; ' stifter m peacemaker; ' storer m (-si-) disturber
of the peace; ',verhandlungenflpl.
peace negotiations pi.; ' vertrag
m peace treaty.

fried|fertig adj. ffrirt-] peaceable,

peace-loving; l2hot m cemetery,
graveyard; churchyard; '~lich adj.


friedfertig; peaceful; ' liebend

adj. peace-loving.
frieren ['fritran] v/i. (irr., ge-)
(se/n) liquid: freeze, become
frozen; river, etc.: freeze (over, up);
window-pane, etc.: freeze over;
2 (h) be or feel cold; m/cfi fr/'ert

or ich fr/ere an den Fulien my feet

are cold.

Fries A [fri:s] m (-es/-e) frieze.

frisch [frif] 1. adj. food, flowers,
etc.: fresh; egg: new-laid; linen, etc.:

clean; auf er Tat ertappen catch

red-handed; 2. adv.: ~ gestrichen!
wet paint!. Am. fresh paint!; 2e
V~3] f ( fao pi.) freshness.
Friseu|r [fri'zorr] m (-s/-e) hairdresser; (men's) barber; se [ za] /
(-/-n) (woman) hairdresser
fri'sierjen v/t. (no -ge-, h): j-n

do or dress s.o.'s hair;



Wagen mot. tune up or soup up or

hot up a car; s/'ch ~ do one's hair;
Skommode / dressing-table; 2salon m hairdressing saloon; tisch
w i. Frisierkommode.

Frist [frist] /(-/-en) (fixed or limited)

period of time; time allowed; term;

j% prescribed time; *, -f- respite,

grace; 'Sen v/t. (ge-, h): se/n

scrape along, scrape a

Frisur [fri'zuir] / (-/-en) hair-style,

hair-do, coiffure.

frivol adj. [fri'vo:!] frivolous, flippant; itat Uoli'teit] / (-/-en)

frivolity, flippancy.
froh adj. [fro:] joyful, glad; cheer*
ful; happy; gay (a. colour).
frohlich adj. ['fro'.li?] gay, merry,
cheerful, happy. Am. F a, chipper;
Skeit / (-/S -en) gaiety, cheerfulness; merriment.

frohj'locken v/i. (no -ge-, h) shout

for joy, be jubilant; exult (tiber acc.

at, in); gloat (over); 'Eslnn m
(-[e]s/M pi ) gaiety, cheerfulness.
fromm adj. [from] p. pious, religious; life, etc.: godly; prayer, etc.:
devout; horse, etc.: docile;

112 -


Frost [frost] m (-es/=e) frost; chill;

beule / chilblain.
frosteln ['froestaln] v/i. (ge-, h)

feel chilly, shiver (with cold).

frostig adj. frosty (a. fig.); fig. cold,
frigid, icy.
Frost salbe#/chilblain ointment;
schaden m frost damage;
schutzmittel mot. n anti-freezing
mixture; ' wetter n frosty weather.
frottierjen [fro'ti n] v/t. (no -ge-,
h) rub; S(hand)tuch n Turkish


Frucht [fruxt] / (-/=e)

fruit (a.
fig.); com; crop; fig. reward,
result; 2bar adj. fruitful (esp.fig.);
fertile (a. biol.); ' barkeit / (-/no
pi.) fruitfulness; fertihty; 'Sbringend adj. fmit-bearing; fig. fruitful; 'Sen fig. v/i. (ge-, h) be of use;
m ovary; '21os adj.
fruitless; , a. ineffective.
friih [fry:] 1. adj. early; am en
Morgen in the early morning; es
Aufstehen early rising; ~e Anzeichen
early symptoms; er former; 2. adv.
in die morning;
aufstehen rise
early; heute ~ this morning; morgen
tomorrow morning; er earlier;
formerly, in former times; ~estens
at the earliest; '2aufsteher w (-s/-)
early riser, F early bird; '2e / (-/no
pi.): in alter
very early in the
morning; 'Sgeburt / premature
birth; premature baby or animal;
Sgottesdienst m early service;
Sjahr n, Sling [' liq] m (-s/-e)
spring; 'morgens adv. early in
the morning; Lreif fig. adj. precocious;
port w early morning
exercises; '2stuck n breakfast;
stiicken (ge-, h) 1. v/i. (have)
breakfast; 2. v/t. have for
breakfast; 'Szug
m early train.
Fuchs [fuks] m (-es/=e) zo. fox (a.
fig.)t horse: sorrel.
Fiichsin zo. ['fyksin] / (-/-nen) she'

fox, vixen.

tfing); ' pelz
nt fox-fur;


S'rot adj. foxy-red,

sorrel; ' schwanz m foxtail;

Frommelei [frcema'lai] / (-/-en)

pad-saw; amarant(h); '2 teufels'

wild F adj. mad with rage, F






thinking, idle wish.

affected piety, bigotry.

Frommigkeit / (-/-en) piety,

religiousness; godliness; devoutness.

Fron [from] / (-/-en), ' arbeit /,

hopping mad.
fuchteln ['fuxtaln] vji. (ge-, h):
mit (dat.) wave (one s hands) about.
Fuder ['fuidar] n (si-) cart-load;

tun (of wine).

[J" fugue.j

dienst hist, m forced or com-

Fuge ['fuiga] / (-/-n) joint; seam;/

pulsory labo(u)r or service; fig.

fronen ['froman] v/i. (dat.) (ge-, h)
indvdge in; be a slave to.
Front [front] / (-/-en) A front,
facade, face; X front (line), line;
pol., "f, etc.: front.
fror [frorr] pret. of frieren.
Frosch zo. [frof] m (-es/=e) frog;
perspektive / worm s-eye view

fiiglen ['fyigsn] vlrefl. (ge-, h) sub-



mit, give in, yield (dat., in acc. to);

comply (with); ~sam adj. [ fydc-j


(com)pliant; manageable.
fiihl|bar adj. ['fy:lba:r] tangible,
palpable; fig. sensible, noticeable;
en (ge-, h) 1. c/t. feel; be aware
of; s/ ch glucklich
feel happy;
2 v/i.: mit j-m
feel for or sympathize with s.o.; 'Ser m (-s/-) feeler


(a. fig.); 'Sung / (-/-en) touch,

contact (a. X); haben be in touch
(m/t with);
verlieren lose touch.
fuhr [fu ] pret. of fahren.
Fuhre ['furrs] / (-/-n) cart-loacL
fiihren ['fytrsn] (ge-, h) 1. f/r. lead,

guide (bltnd person, etc.); show (zu

dar. to); wield {paint-brush, etc.);

X command (regiment, etc.); have,
bear (m&, fc.); cany on (convrrsaticm, etc.); conduct (campaign, etc.);
run (shop, etc.); deal in (goods);
lead (/i/e); keep (diary, etc.); ft try
(cai); wage (cxzr) (m/t, gegen
against); durch show round; sich
conduct o.s.3 behave (o.s.); 2. r/i.
par/r, etc.: lead, run, go (noch, zu
to); sports, etc.: (hold the) lead, be

zu lead to, result in;


113 -

fungieren [fuq'giiran] v/i. (no -ge-,

h): - als officiate or act as.

Funk [fui)k] m (sjno pi.) radio,

wireless; '-anlage / radio or wireless installation or equipment;
bastler m do-it-yourself radio
ham; '-bild n photo-radiogram.
Funke ['fuijks] m (-nsf-n) spark;

fig. a. glimmer.


Fuhrer m (-s/-) leader (a. pol.,

sports); guide(-book); ' raum
m cockpit; ' schein mot. m driving

* pilot s seat;
stand S m (driver s) cab.
Fuhr geld n, 'John m cartage,
carriage; ' mann m (-[e]s =er, Fohr/eute) carter, carrier, wag(g)oner;



Funkier m (si-) radio or wireless

operator; '-gerat n radio (communication) set; '-spruch m radio or
wireless message; ' station / radio
or wireless station; ' stille / radio


ni sn] v/i. (no -ge-, h) function,


Funk'turcn m radio or wireless

tower; '-verkehr m radio or wire-

less communication; '-wagen m

radio car; wesen n (sino pi.) radio


fiir prp. (acc.) [fya-] for; in exchange

or return for; in favo(u)r of; in


haulage contractor, Arru a. trucker,

teamster; 'werk n (horse-drawn)
vehicle; cart, wag(g)on.
Fulle ['fyb] / (-Ino pi) fullness (a.
fig.) I corpulence, plumpness, stoutness; fig. wealth, abundance, profusion.

fiillen1 ['fylan] vju (ge-, b) fill (a.

tooth); sniff (cushion, poultry, etc).

Fiillen2 zo. U] n (si-) foal; male:

colt; female: filly.

Fulller F m (-s/-), ' federOialter

m) / fountain-pen; '-horn n horn

of plenty; '..ung / (-/-en) filling;
panel (of door, etc).
Fund [funt] m (~{e]sl-e) finding,
discovery; find.
A foundation; fig. basis.
Fimdlburo n lost-property office;

gegenstand m object found;

grube fig. f rich source, mine.
fiinf adj. [fynfj five; 'Seek n pentagon; -fadb adj. [' fas] fivefold,
quintuple; 'kampf m sports: pen'

tathlon; linge ['Ui p] mfpL quintuplets pL; ' e adj. fifth; '2tel
(si-) fifth; '..tens ait?, fifthly, in
the fifth place; '-ZehnCte) adj.
fifteen(th); zlg adj. [' jsi?] fifty;
zigste adj. fiftieth.



s place; Schritt ~ Schritt step by

step; Tag Tag day after day; ich
s o

me/ne Person ... as for me, I










wagen m radio patrol car.

Funktion [furik'tsjom] / (-/-en)
function; -ar Utsjo'nsir] m (s/-e)
functionary, official; Sieren Uo-

driver; '-park m fleet (of lorries),

Am. fleet (of trucks).
Fuhrung / (-/-en) leadership; conduct, management; guidance; conduct, behavio(u)r; sports, etc: lead;
szeugnis n certificate of good


Funken1 esp. fig. m (-s/-) *. Funke.

ftmken2 c/r. (ge-, h) radio, wireless,


m mot. driver s seat,



licence. Am. driver's license; ' sitz




adj. leading, prominent. Am. a.



glitter; star: twinkle, sparkle.



das Fur und Wider the pros and

cons pi.
Furbitte / intercession.
Furche ['furip] / (-/-n) furrow (a.
in face); rut; groove; 'n c/t.
(ge-, h) furrow (a. face); groove.
Furcht [furtt] / (-Ino pL) fear, dread;
ous vor for fear of; 'Sbar adj.
awful, terrible, dreadful.
fiirchten ['fyrftsn] (ge-, h) 1. v/t.
fear, dread; sich * vor (dat.) be
afraid or scared of; 2. v/t.:
fear for.

fiirchterlich adj. s. furchtbar.

furchtilos adj. fearless; 'Slosigkeit/(-JnopL) fearlessness; '-sam
adj. timid, timorous; 'Ssamkeit/
(-Ino pL) timidity
Furie fig. ['fu p] / (-/-n) fury.
Furnler [fur'ni ] n (-s/-e) veneer;
Sen vju (no -ge-, h) veneer.
Fiirlsorge / care; Cffentliche
public welfare work; '-sorgeamt n
welfare department; ' sorgeerrfehong / corrective training for
juvenile delinquents; ' sorger m
(-s/-) social or welfare worker;
thoughtful, solicitous; '-sprrache /
intercession (fur for, be; with);
sprecher m intercessor.
Furst [fyrst] m (-enI-en) prince;
sovereign; ' enhaus n dynasty;



Lenstand m prince's rank; Centum n (-s/=er) principality; 'Slich

1 adj. princely (a. fig.), royal; fig.
magnificent, sumptuous; 2. adv.:
leben live like a lord or king; '~lichkeiten flpl. royalties pi.
Furt [furt] / (-/-en) ford.
Furunkelj? [fu'rurikal] m (-s/-) boil,

2611 vji. (ge-, h):

auf (dat.) be
jased or founded on;
gerjar] m (-s/-) pedestrian; Lgeenk anat. n anlde joint; ' note /
footnote; ' pfadm footpath; ' sack
m foot-muff; ' sohle anat. f sole

of the foot; ' soldat X m footsoldier, infantryman; ' spur/footprint; track; ~stapfe ['Jtapfa] /
(-/-n) footprint fig. a. footstep;
steig m footpath; ' tritt m kick;
wanderung / walking tour, hike;
weg m footpath.


Fiirwort gr. n (-[e]s/=er) pronoun.

Fusel F ['fuizal] m (-s/-) low-quality
spirits, F rotgut.
Fusion 'f [fu:'zjo:n]/(-/-en) merger,
Fufl [fu:s] m (-es/Ke) foot; ~ fossen
find a foothold; fig. become established; auf gutem (sch/echtem)
stehen m/ t be on good (bad) terms
with; zu
on foot; zu
walk; gut zu sein be a good walker;
abstreifer m (si-) door-scraper,
door-mat; ' angel / mantrap;
Lball m (association) football, F
and Am. soccer; ' ballspieler m
football player, footballer; ' bank
/ footstool; ' bekleidung / footwear, footgear; ' boden m floor
(-ing); bodenbelag m floor covering; ',bremse mot. f foot-brake;


gab [ga:p] pret. of geben.

Gabe ['garba] / (-/-n) gift, present;
alms; donation;
dose; talent.
Gabel ['gaibal] / (-/-n) fork; '2n
v/refl. (ge-, h) fork, bifurcate; ' ung
/ (-/-en) bifurcation.
gackern ['gakam] v/i. (ge-, h)


gafien ['gafan] v/i. (ge-, h) gape;


Gage ['gaisa] / (-/-n) salary, pay.

gahnen ['geman] 1. vji. (ge-, h)
yawn; 2. 2 n (s/no pi.) yawning.
Gala ['gala] / (-/no pi.) gala; in ~ in
full dress.

galant adj. [ga lant] gallant; courteous ; 2erie [ a ri:] / (-/-n) gallantry;


Galeere * [ga'leira] / (-/-n) galley.

Galerie [gala'ri:] / (-/-n) gallery.
Galgen ['galgan] m (-s/-) gallows,
gibbet; ' frist / respite; Lgesicht n gallows-look, hangdog look;
strick m, Lvogel m gallows-bird,
Galle anat. ['gala] / (-/-n) bUe (of
person); gall (of animal) (a. fig.);
nblase anat. f gall-bladder; ',nleiden & n bilious complaint; ' nstein
m gall-stone, bile-stone.
Gallert ['galart] n (-[e]s/-e),
[ga'lerta] / (-f-n) gelatine, jelly.


114 -

Futter ['futsrj n 1. (-s/m> pi.) food,

si. grub. Am. F a. chow; feed,
fodder; 2. (-s/-) lining; A casing.
Futteral [futa'ra:!] n (-s/-e) case
(for spectacles, etc.); cover (of umbrella); sheath (of knife).
Futtermittel n feeding stuff.
fiittem ['fytam] vft. (ge-, h) feed;
line (dress, etc.); A case.

Futter|napf m feeding bowl or

dish; '~neid fig. m (professional)
jealousy; '..stoff i lining (material).
Futterung/(-/-en) feeding; lining;
A casing.
Futur gr. [fu'tu:r] n (-s/-e) future


gallig g. adj. bilious.

Galopp [ga'bp] m (-s/-s, -e) gallop;
canter; 2ieren U'pirran] v/i. (no
ge-, sein) gal'op; canter.
gait [gait] pret. of gelten.
galvani|sch adj. [gal varnij] galvanic; sieren [ ani -] v/t (no -ge-,
h) galvanize.
Gang1 [garj] m (-[e]s/e) walk; 5.
Gangart; fig. motion; running,
working (of machine); errand; way;
course (of events, of a meal, etc.);
passage(-way); alley; corridor, gallery; in vehicle, between seats: gangway, esp. Am. aisle; g corridor,
Am. aisle; fencing: pass; anat. duct;
mot. gear; erster (zwe/ter, dritter,
low or bottom (second,
third, top) gear; in
bringen or
setzen set going or in motion. Am.
operate; in , kommen get going,
get started; im sein be in motion;
be working or running; fig. be


in progress; in vollem

~ in full

gang2 adj. [J] r. und gabe customary,


Gang)art / gait, walk (of person);

pace (of horse); '2bar adj. road:
practicable, passable; money: current; -if goods: marketable; s. gangig-

Gangelband ['gerjal-J n leading-


115 -


fuhren keep in

beit / gardening; ' bau m horti-

leading-strings, lead by the nose.

gangig adj. fgerjig] money: current;

culture; ' erde/(garden-)mo(u)ld;

Lfest n garden-party. Am. a. lawn
party; Lgerate nfpl. gardeningtools pi.; ' stadt / garden city.

strings pi.; am

f goods: marketable;

er Ausdruck

oirrent word or phrase.

Gans om. [gans] / (-/=e) goose.

Ganse|bliimchen 4 ['genzablyim-

gan] (-s/-) daisy; Lbraten m roast

goose; ' feder / goose-quill;
fuOchen [' fyis an] n/pl. quotation marks pi., inverted commas pi.;
Lhaut / goose-skin; fig. a. gooseflesh, Am. a. goose pimples pi.;
klein n ( s/no pi.) (goose-)giblets
pi.; ' marsch m single or Indian
file; rich om. [' rig] m (-s/-e)
gander; ' schmalz goose-grease.
ganz [gants] 1. adj. all; entire,
whole; complete, total, full; den
en Tag all day (long); 2. adv.
quite; entirely, etc. (s. 1.); very;
Auge (Ohr) all eyes (ears); , und gor
wholly, totally; und gar nicht not
at all; im ~en on the whole, generally; in all; "f* in the lump; 'Se n
(-n/no p/ ) whole; totality; aufs
gehen go all out, esp. m. i/. go the
whole hog.
ganzlich adj. ['gentsli?] complete,

total, entire.


/ full-

time job or employment.

gar [ga:r] 1. adj. food: done; 2. adv.

quite, very; even; , nicht not at all.
Garage [ga'rarsa] / (-/-n) garage.
Garantie [garan'tiiJ/W-n) guarantee, warranty, s% guaranty; 2ren
v/t. (no -ge-, h) guarantee, warrant.
Garbe ['garba] / (-/-n) sheaf.
Garde ['garda] / (-/-n) guard.
Garderobe [garda'roiba] / (-/-n)
wardrobe; cloakroom. Am. checkroom; thea. dressing-room; ~nfrau
/ cloak-room attendant. Am. hatcheck girl; ~nmarke / check; *,nschrank m wardrobe;


Gartner ['gertnar] m (-s/-) gardener;

ei U'rai] / (-/-en) gardening, horticulture; nursery; ' in / (-/-nen)


Garung ['geirurj] / (-/-en) fermentation.

Gas [ga:s] n (-es/-e) gas;

mot. open the throttle. Am. step on
the gas; ' anstalt / gas-works,
Am. a. gas plant; Lbehalter m
gasometer. Am. gas tank or con-

tainer; Lbeleuchtung / gaslight;

brenner m gas-burner; 2formig
adj. [' foermig] gaseous; '-Jiahn m
gas-tap; ' herd m gas-stove. Am.
gas range; '-leitung / gas-mains

' messer m (-s/-) gas-meter;
ofen m gas-oven; ' pedal mot. n
accelerator (pedal). Am. gas pedal.
Gasse ['gasa] /(-/-n) lane, by-street,
alley(-way); '~nhauer m (-s/-)
street ballad, popular song; ' njunge m street arab.
Gast [gast] m (-es/=e) guest; visitor;
customer (of public house, etc.);
thea.: guest (artist); guest star;
arbeiter m foreign worker;
bett n spare bed.
Gaste|buch ['gesta-] n visitors'
book; '~zimmer n guest-room;
spare (bed)room; s. Costs tube.
gastlfreundlich adj. hospitable;
fifreundschaft/hospitality; 'figeber m (-s/-) host; 'Egeberin /
(-/-nen) hostess; fihaus n, '2hof m
restaurant; inn, hotel; 'Shorer
univ. m guest student. Am. a.


gastieren thea. [gas tiiran] vji. (no

ge-j h) appear as a guest.


gastjlich adj. hospitable; 'Smahl n

feast, banquet; 'Srecht n right of
or to hospitality; 'Srolle thea. /
guest part; starring part or role;
2spiel thea. n guest appearance or
performance; starring (performance) ;' 2statte /restaurant;12stube
/ taproom; restaurant; '2wirt m
innkeeper, landlord; '2wirtin /
innkeeper, landlady; '2wirtschaft
/ inn, public house, restaurant;

m coat-stand, hat-stand, hall-stand.

Garderobiere [gardaro'bjeira] /
(-/-n) s
Garderobenfrau; thea.

wardrobe mistress.

Gardine [gar'dirna] / (-/-n) curtain.

gar|en ['geiran] vfi. (trr., ge-, h,

se/n) ferment; 'mittel n ferment.
Garn [gam] n (-[e]s/-e) yam;
thread; cotton; net; j-m ins ~ gehen
fall into s.o.'s snare.




garrison, post.

Garnitur [gami'tuir] / (-/-en)

trimming; fittings pi.; set.
garstig adj. ['garsti?] nasty, bad;
Garstoff m ferment.

Garten ['gartan] m (-s/O garden;

anlage / gardens pi., park; ' ar~


2zimmer s. Gastezimmer.


garnieren [gar'niinm] vjt. (no -ge-,

h) trim; garnish (esp. a dish).
Garnison X [gami'zoin] / (-/-en)



/ (-/-n)


Gas|uhr / gas-meter; '~werk n *.


Gatte ['gata] m (-n/-n) husband;

spouse, consort.

Gatter ['gatar] n (-s/-) lattice; rail'

ing, grating.
Gattin/(-/-nen) wife; spouse, consort.

Gattung ['gatuq] / (-/-en) kind;

sort; type; species; genus.
gaukeln ['gaukaln] v/i. (ge-, h)
juggle; birds, etc.: flutter.


Gaul [gaul] m (-[e]s/=e) (old) nag.

Gaumen anat. ['gaumsn] m (-s/-)
Gauner ['gaunsr] m (-s/-) scoundrel,
swindler, sharper, si. crook;
I 'rai] / (-/-en) swindling, cheating,
Gaze ['garza] / (-/-n) gauze.
Gazelle zo. [ga1tsel3]/(-/-n) gazelle.
Geachtete [gs'sgtsts] m, f (-n/-n)

Geback [ga'bek] n (-[e]s/-e) baker's

goods pi.,' pastry; fancy cakes pi.
ge'backen p.p. of backen.
Gebalk [ga'belk] n (-[e]s/o pi.)
framework, timber-work; beams pi.
gebar [ga barr] pret. of gebaren.

Gebarde [ga'beirdaJ/ -Z-n) gesture;

2n vlrefl. (no -ge-, h) conduct o.s.,
behave; ~nspiel n (-[e]s/o pi.)
gesticulation; dumb show, pantomime; ~nsprache / language of

Gebaren [ga'barren] n (-s/no pi.)

condurt, deportment, behavio(u)r.
gebaren [ga berran] vlt. (zm, no
ge-, h) bear, bring forth (a. fig.);
give birth to.

Gelbaude [ga'bDYda] n (-s/-) building, edifice, structure; ~bell U'bel]

n (-[e]s/nu pi.) barking.
geben ['geibsn] vtt. (im, ge-, h)
give (j-m et. s.o.; present
(s.o. with; put; yield;
deal (cards); pledge (one's word);
von sich ~ emit; utter (words); bring
up, vomit (food); et. (n; chts)
(acc.) set (no) great store by; sich
geschlagen ~ give in; sich zufr/eden

content o.s. (m/t with); sich zu


make o.s.

known; es


116 -

[ 'blyrmt]pattern, design: flowered;

material: sprigged; 'bogen l.p.p.
of biegen; 2. adj. bent, curved;
boren U'borran] 1. p.p. of gebaren; 2. adj. bom; e/n er Deutscher German by birth; e Schmidt
nee Smith.

ge'borgen 1. p.p. of bergen; 2. adj.

safe, sheltered; 2heit / (-Ino pi.)
safety, security.
geborsten [ga'bDrstan] p.p. of bersten.

Ge'bot n (-[e]s/-e) order; command;

bid(ding), offer; eccl.: die Zehn
pi. the Ten Commandments pi.;
2en p.p. of bieten.
ge|bracht [gs braxt] p.p. of bringen;
brannt [ 'brant] p.p. of brennen;
Jbraten p.p. of braten.
Ge'brauch m 1. (-[ejsjno pi.) use;
application; 2. (-[e]s/=e) usage,
practice; custom; 2en v/t. (no -ge-,
h) use, employ; 2t adj. clothes, etc.


gebrauchlich adj. [ga'breYsli?] in

vise; usual, customary.

Ge'brauchsjanweisung / direc-

tions pi. or instructions pi. for use;

artikel m commodity, necessary,
requisite; personal article; 2fertig
adj. ready for use; coffee, etc.:
n sample;
registered design.
Ge'brauchtlwagen mot. m used
car; ~waren f/pl. second-hand
articles pi.
Ge'brechen n (-si-) defect, infirmity; affliction.
ge'brechlich adj. fragile; p.: frail,
weak; infirm; 2keit / (-/-en)
fragility; infirmity.

gibt there is, there are; was gibt es?

what is the matter?; thea.: gegeben

gebrochen [ga'braxan] p.p. of bre-

werden be on.

Gelbriider [ga'bryidar] pi. brothers

pi.; -briill U'bryl] n (-[e]s/no pi.)

Gebet [ga'beit] n (-[e]s/-e) prayer.

beten p.p. of bitten.
Geblet [ga'biit] n (-[e]s/-e) territory;
district; region; area; fig.: field;
province; sphere.



roaring; lowing (of cattle).

Gebiihr lg9[by:i]f(-l-en) due; duty;
charge; rate; fee; en pi. fee(s pi.),
dues pi.; 2en vji. (no -ge-, h) be

ge'bietlen (zrr. b/eten, no -ge-, h)

due (dot. to); sich

be proper or
fitting; 2end adj. due; becoming;
proper; 2enfrei adj. free of charge;
2enpflichtig adj. liable to charges,
gebunden [ga bundsn] 1. p.p. of
binden; 2. adj. bound.
Geburt [ga'buirt] / (-/-en) birth;
enkontrolle /, ~enregelung /
birth-control; enziffer / birth-

v/t. order, command; 2. v/i. rule;

2er m (-s/-) master, lord, governor;

2erm / (-j-nen) mistress; erisch

adj. imperious; commanding.
Gebilde [ga'bilda] n (-si-) form,
shape; structure; 2t adj. educated;
cultured, cultivated.

Gebirg e [gs'birga] n (-si-) mountains pi.; mountain chain or range;

2ig adj. mountainous;
bewohner m mountaineer; szug m mountain range.



gebiirtig adj. [ga'byrtig]:

aus a

native of.

Ge'bifi (Gefa/sses/Geb/sse) (set of)

teeth; (set of) artificial or false
teeth, denture; harness: bit.

gefbissen p.p. of be/flen; Jblasen

of blasen; Jblichen p.p. of
bleichen 2; ~blieben U'bli-bsn]

Ge'burtslanzeige / annovmcement
of birth; ~fehler m congenital
.heifer m obstetrician;
hilfe / obstetrics, midwifery;



tive country; ort m birth-place;

schein m bixxh certificate; tag m





jahr n year of birth; Jland n na-


birthday; ~urkunde / birth certificate.

Gebiisch [ga'byj] n (-es/-e) bushes

pi., undergrowth, thicket.
gedacht [ga daxt] p.p. of denken.
Gedachtnis [ga'degtnis] n (-ses/-se)
memory; remembrance, recollection; im behalten keep in mind;
zum (gen.) in memory of; ~feier
/ commemoration.
Gedanke [ga'daqka] m (-ns/-n)
thought; idea; in ~n (versunken or
verloren) absorbed in thought; sich
machen iiber (ace.) worry about.

Ge'danken|gang m train of thought;

leser m, ~leserin / (-/-nen)
thought-reader; 21os adj. thoughtless; strich m dash; 2voll adj.
thoughtful, pensive.
Geldarm [ga'derm] n (-[e]s/-e) mst
pi. entrails pi., bowels pi., intestines
pi.; ~deck U'dek] n (-[e]s/-e) cover;
menu; ein auflegen lay a place.
gedeihen [ga'daian] 1. vfi. (irr., no
ge-, sein) thrive, prosper; 2. 2 n
(s/no pi.) thriving, prosperity.
ge'denken \.vli.(gen.) (irr. denken,
no -ge-, h) think of; remember,
recollect; commemorate; mention;
zu inf. intend to inf.; 2. 2 n (s/no
pi.) memory, remembrance (on acc.

Ge'denkjfeier / commemoration;
stein m memorial stone;

tafel /

commemorative or memorial tablet.

Ge'dicht n (-[e]s/-e) poem.

gediegen adj

pure; 2heit / (-jno pi.) solidity;


gedieh [ga di:] pret. of gedeihen;

en p.p. of gedeihen.
Gedrangle [ga'dreip] n (s/no pi.)
crowd, throng; 2t adj. crowded,
packed, crammed; style: concise.





dreschen; Jdriickt fig. adj'. depressed;

drungen U'drurjan]
1 p.p. of dringen; 2. adj'. compact;
squat, stocky, thickset.
Geduld [ga'dult] / (-/no pi.) patience; 2en Udan] vfrefl. (no -ge-,
h) have patience; 2ig adj'. Udig]
gejdunsen adj. [gs'dunzan] bloated;

Jlurft U'dvurft] p.p. of diirfen 1;

hrt adj. U'e:rt] hono(u)red; correspondence: Sehr ~er Herr N.t Dear
Sir, Dear Mr N.;
eignet adj.
U'aignat] fit (fur, zu, als for s.tfu);
suitable (to, for); qualified (for).
Gefahr [ga'fair] / (-/-en) danger,
peril; risk; auf eigene *, at one s
own risk;
laufen zu inf. run the
risk of ger.
gefahrden [ga'feirdan] v/t. (no -ge-,
h) endanger; risk.
ge'fahren p.p. of fahren.


gefahrlich adj. [ga'feirli?] dangerous.


117 -

ge'fahrlos adj. without risk, safe.

Geahrt|e [ga'feirta] m (-en/-en),
in / (-/-nen) companion, fellow.
Gefalle [ga'fela] n (-s/-) fall, slope,
incline, descent, gradient, esp. Am.
a grade; fall (of river, etc.).
Ge'falien 1. m (si-) favo(u)r; 2. n
finden an (dat.) take
(-s/no pi ):
(a) pleasure in, take a fancy to or
for; 3. 2 vji. (irr. fallen, no -ge-, h)
please (j-m s.o.); er gefallt mir I
like him; sich et. lessen put up
with; 4. 2 p.p. of fallen.
gefallig adj. [ga felig] pleasing,
agreeable; p.: complaisant, obliging;
kind; 2keit / (-l\-en) complaisance, kindness; favo(u)r; st adv.
(if you) please.
ge'fangen 1. p.p. of fangen; 2. adj.
captive, imprisoned; 2e m (-n/-n),
/ (-nj-n) prisoner, captive; 2enlager n prison(ers') camp; 2nahme/(-Ino pi.) capture; seizure,
arrest; ~nehmen t/r. (irr. nehmen,
sep., -ge-, h) take prisoner; , captivate; 2schaft / (-Ino pi.) captivity, imprisonment; ~setzen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) put in prison.
Gefangnis [ga'fegnis] (-ses/se)
prison, jail, gaol. Am. a. penitentiary;
direktor m governor,
warden; strafe/(sentence or term





warder, gaoler, jailer, (prison)

Gefafi [ga'fers] n (-es/-e) vessel.
gefafit adj. [ga fast] composed;
auf (acc.) prepared for.

Ge|echt [ga'fegt] n (-[e]s/-e) engagement; combat, fight; action;

ieder [Jfirdar] n (-s/-) plumage,

feathers pi.

gepfleckt adj. spotted; ~flochten

[Jfbxtsn] p.p. offlechten; flogen
[Jflorgan] p.p. of fliegen; flohen
[Jfloran] p.p. of fliehen;
[Jfbsan] p.p. of fliefien.


Gel'fliigel n (-s/no pi.) fowl; poultry; ~fluster [Jflystar] n (-s/no pi.)


gefochten [ga fDxtan] p.p. of fechten.


n (-s/no



train, followers pi.; attendants pi.;

schaft [Jcjaft] / (-/-en) foUowers
gefrafiig adj. [ga frersi?] greedy,
voracious; 2keit/(-/no pi.) greediness, gluttony, voracity.
ge'fressen. p.p. of fressen.


ge'frierlen v/i. (irr. frieren, no -ge-,

sein) congeal, freeze; Sfleisch n
frozen meat; 2punkt m freezingpoint; 2schutz(mittel n) m antifreeze.

gefroren [ga froiran] p.p. of frieren;

n (-n/no pi.) ice-cream.
Gefiige [ga'fyiga] n (si-) structure;


ge'fiigig adj. pliant; keit / {-Ino

pi.) pliancy.


ge|funden [ga'fundan] p.p. of finden; ~gangen [ 'gaqsn] p.p. of

ge'geben p.p. of geben; enfalls
adv. in that case; if necessary.
gegen prp. (acc.) ['geigsn] space,
time: towards; against, 2*5 versus;
about. Am. around; by; compared
with; (in exchange) for; remedy:
for; freundlich sein
be kind to
bar for cash.

Gegen|angriff m cotmter-attack;
antrag m counter-motion;
antwort / rejoinder; ' befehl m

counter-order; ' beschuldigung /

besuch m return
visit; Lbewegung/counter-move'





Gegend ['ge:g3nt] / (-/-en) region;


Gegenjdienst m return service,

service in return;



druck m coun-

. reaction; Sei'nan-

der adv. against one another or

each other; ' erklarung/counterstatement; ' forderung / counterclaim; ' frage /counter-question;

geschenk n return present;

gewicht n counterbalance, counterpoise; '

n antidote;
kandidat m rival candidate;

klage / countercharge; ' leistung

/ return (service), equivalent;
lichtaufnahme phot, ['gaiganli t'-]/back-lighted shot; ' liebe/
requited love; kerne
finden meet

vriih no sympathy or enthusiasm;

Lmafinahme / counter-measure;
n remedy (gegen for),
antidote (against, for); ' partei /
opposite party;
probe / checktest; '~satz m contrast; opposition;


zu in contrast to or with, in

opposition to; Ssatzlich adj.

zetsli?] contrary, opposite; ' seite/
opposite side; 'Sseitig adj. mutual,
reciprocal; '~seitigkeit/(-/no pi.):
auf assurance: mutual; auf ~ beruhen be mutual; ' spieler m




nist; 'espionage / counter-espionage; '~stand m object; subjea,

topic; '~str6mung / counter-current; stiick n counterpart; match;
Lteil n contrary, reverse; im on
the contrary; 'Steilig adj. contrary,
opposite; S'iiber 1. adv. opposite;
2 prp. (dat.) opposite (to); to
(-wards); as against; face to face
with; Jiiber n (si-) vis-a-visj



v/i. (irr. stehen, sep.,

ge-, h) (dat.) be faced with, face;

Jiiberstellung esp.
/ confrontation; Lvorschlag m coimterproposal; ~wart [' vart] /(-/no pi.)
presence; present time; gr. present
tense; wartig [' verti?] 1. adj.
present; actual; 2. adv. at present;
vwehr / defen|ce. Am. -se; resistance; '~wert m equivalent; ' wind
m contrary wind, head wind;
wirkung / counter-effect, reaction;
Szeichnen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
covmtersign; ' zug m counter-move
(a. fig.);
corresponding train.
ge|gessen [ga'gessn] p.p. of essen;
glichen U'gli93n] p.p. of gleichen; ,'gliedert adj. articxilate,
jointed; glitten [ 'ghtan] p.p. of
gleiten; ~glommen [ 'gbman]
p.p. of glimmen.
Gegner ['geignsr] m (-s/-) adversary, opponent; ' schaft / (-/-en)

Gefiihl [gs'fy:!] n (-[e]s/-e) feeling;

touch; sense (fur of); sensation;
Slos adj. unfeeling, insensible (gegen to); Ssbetont adj. emotional;
voll adj. (full of) feeling; tender;


118 -


ge I golten [ga'goltsn] p.p. of ge/ten;

goren [ 'goiran] p.p. of garen;
gossen [ 'gosan] p.p. of gieBen;
graben p.p. of graben; griffen
U'grifan] p.p. of greifen;
U'haipt] p.p. of haben.


Gehalt [ga'halt] 1. m (-[e]s/-e) contents pi.; capacity; merit; 2. n

(-[e]s/=er) salary; Sen p p. of hal.

ten; 21os [Jo:s] adj. empty; , 8empfanger [gs'halts9-] m salaried

employee or worker; ~serh6hung
[ga'halts9-] / rise (in salary). Am.
raise; 2voll adj. rich; substantial;
urine: racy.
gehangen [ga'harjsn] p.p. of hangen 1.
gehassig adj. [gs'hesig] malicious,
spiteful; Skeit / (-/-en) malice,
ge'hauen p.p. of hauen.
Ge|hause [ga'hoyza] n (-s/-) case,
box; cabinet; shell; core (of apple,
etc.); ~hege U'heigs] n (-$/-) enclosure.

geheim adj. [ga haim] secret; 2dienst m secret service.


n (-ses/-se) secret;
kramer m mysterymonger; 2voll adj. mysterious.

Ge'heim]polizei / secret pohce; ~polizist m detective; plain-clothes

man; ~schrift / cipher; tel. code.
ge'heifien p.p. of heiBen.
gehen ['geian] v/i. (irr., ge-, sein)
go; walk; leave; machine: go,
work; clock, watch: go; merchandise:
sell; toind: blow; paste: rise; wie
geht es Ihnen? how are you (getting
on)?; das geht n/cht that won t do;
in sich repent; wieviel Pfennige ~
auf e-e Mark? how many pfennigs
go to a mark?; das Fenster geht

nach Norden the window faces or

looks north; es geht nichts fiber


119 -

adj. insane, mentally ill;

(acc.) there is nothing like; wenn

es nach mir ginge if I had my way.
Geheul [ga'hsYl] n (-[ejs/no pi.)
Ge'hilf |e m (-n/-n),
/ (-/-nen)
assistant;/? , helpmate.
Ge'hirn n (-[e]s/-e) brain(s pi.)',

erschiitterung # / concussion (of

the brain); ~schlag jj? m cerebral

schwach adj. feeble-minded, im-

becile; Lverwandt adj. congenial;

2wissenschaften f/pl. the Arts

pi., the Humanities pi.;


m state of mind.

geistig adj. intellectual, mental;


e Getronfce n/pl. spirits


gehoben [gs ho sn] 1. p.p. of heben; 2. adj. speech, style: elevated;

Stimmung elated mood.
Gehoft [ga'hoift] n (-[e]s/-e) farm


geholfen [ga hDifsn] p.p. of helfen.

Geholz [gs'hoelts] n (-es/-e) wood,
coppice, copse.
Gehor [ga'hoir] n (-[e]s/rjo pi.)
hearing; ear; nach dem
by ear;
schenken lend an ear to s.o.;
verschaffen make o.s. heard.
ge horchen vji. (no -ge-, h) obey
O m s.o.).
ge'horlen v/i. (no -ge-, h) belong
(dat. or zu to); es gehort sich it is
proper or fit or right or suitable;
das gehort nicht hierher that's not
to the point; ig 1. adj. belonging
(dat. or zu to); fit, proper, right;
due; F good; 2. adv. duly; F thoroughly.
gehorsam [gs'horrzarm] 1. adj.
obedient; 2. 2 m (s/no pi.) obedi'



Gehlsteig m, Lweg m pavement,

Am. sidewalk; '~werk n clockwork, works pi.

Geier orn. ['gaiar] m (s/-) vulture.

Geige J ['gaigs] / (-/-n) violin, F

fiddle; (auf dec)

spielen play (on)

the violin; ' nbogen J m (violin-)
bow; '~nkasten J" m violin-case;
r J m (-s/-), Lrin J" / (-/-nen)





geistlich adj. spiritual; clerical;

sacred; '26 m (-n/-n) clergyman;
minister; keit / (-/no pi.) clergy.
geistjlos adj. spiritless; dull; stupid; ' reich adj., ' voll adj. ingenious, spirited.

Geiz [gaits] m (-esfno pi.) avarice;

hals m miser, niggard; 'Sig adj.

avaricious, stingy, mean.

Gejammer [gs'jamar] n (s/no pi.)

lamentation(s pi.), wailing.
gekannt [gs'kant] p.p. of kennen.
Geklapper [ga'klapar] n (s/no pi.)

Geklirr [ga'klir] n (-[e]sJno pi.),

e [ a] n (s/no pi.) clashing, clank-


gejklungen [Jklurpn] p.p. ofklingen; Jkniffen p.p. of kneifen;

of kommen;
konnt U'kont] p.p. of kdnnen 1,2.

Gejkreisch [gs'kraij] n (-es/no pi.)

screaming, screams pi.; shrieking;
kritzel [Jkritssl] n (s/no pi.)

scrawl(ing), scribbling, scribble.




heit / insanity, mental illness;






ge|krochen [gs'krDxsn] p.p. of

kriechen; ~kunstelt adj. [Jkynstslt] affected.





ge'laden p.p. of laden.

Ge'lage n (si-) feast; drinkingbout.

Gelande [gs'lsnds] n (-s/-) ground;

terrain; coimtry; area; 2gangig
mot. adj. cross-covmtry; ~lauf m
sports: cross-country race or run.


geil adj. [gail] lascivious, wanton;


Geisel ['gaizal] / (-/-n) hostage.

Geifi zo. [gais] / (-/-en) (she-,
n (-[e]s/n<j
nanny-)goat; ' blatt
pi.) honeysuckle, woodbine; Lbock
zo. m he-goat, billy-goat.
Geifiel ['gaisal] / (-/-n) whip, lash;
fig. scourge; '2n v/t. (ge-, h) whip,
lash; fig. castigate.
Geist [gaist] m (-es/-er) spirit;
mind, intellect; wit; ghost; sprite.
Geisterlerscheinung / apparition;
Ehaft adj. ghostly.
geistes abwesend adj. absent'
brainworker, white-collar worker; '2

blitz m brain-wave, flash of genius; gabe/talent; '2gegenwart/

presence of mind; ' gegenwartig
adj. alert; quick-witted; ' gestort
adj. mentally disturbed; ' krank

Gelander [gs'Isndar] n (-$/-) railing, balustrade; banisters pi.

ge'lang pret. of gelingen.
ge'langen v/t. (no -ge-, se/n):
(acc.) or in (acc.) arrive at, get or
come to; ~ zu attain (to), gain.
ge'lassen 1. p.p. of lassen; 2. adj.
calm, composed.
Gelatine [sela'tims] / (-Jno pi.)

gel'laufen p.p. of /oufen; ~lauflg

adj. [ 'bvfi?] current; fluent, easy;
tongue: voluble; familiar; flaunt
adj. [Jlaunt] in a (good, etc.) hamo(u)r or Am. mood.
Gelaut [gs'bYt] n (-[e]s/-e),
[ a]
n (-s/-) ringing (of bells); chimes pi.
(of church bells).

gelb adj. [gelp] yellow; Llich adj.

sucht # / (-Jno pi.)
Geld [gslt] n (-[e]s/-er) money; im


schwimmen be rolling in money;


mochen turn into cash; '*an-

gelegenheit / money-matter;
anlage / investment; ' ausgabe /
expense; beutel m purse; ' entwertung / devaluation of the currency; Lerwerb m money-making; ',geber m (-s/-) financial
backer, investor; ' geschafte w/p/.
money transactions pi.; 'Sgierig
adj. greedy for money, avaricious;
mittel n/pl. funds pL, resources
pi.; ' schein m bank-note. Am.
bill; Lschrank m strong-box safe;
sendimg / remittance; strafe/
fine; ' stiick n coin; ',tasche /
money-bag; notecase. Ant. billfold;
iiberhang m surplus money;




m circulation of money;
umsatz m turnover (of money);


verlegenheit / pecuniary embar-

rassment; Lwechsel m exchange

of money; Lwert m (-[e]s/o pi.)

value of money, money value.
Gelee [ja'le:] n, m (-s/-s) jelly.
ge'legen 1. p.p. of liegen; 2. adj.

situated. Am. a. located; conven-

ient, opportune; heit / (-/-en)

opportunity; chance;
facility; bei on occasion.
Ge'legenheitsjarbeit / casual or
odd job. Am. a. chore; arbeiter
m casual labo(u)rer, odd-job man;
kauf m bargain.

ge'legentlich 1. adj. occasional;

2 prp. (gen.) on the occasion of.
ge lehrjig adj. docile; Sigkeit /


(-Ino pi ) docility; 2samkeit/(-/wo

pi.) learning; ~t adj. Ut] learned;
te [~3] m (-n/-n) learned man,


Geleise [ga'laiza] n (si-) rut, track;

B rails pi., line, esp. Am. tracks pi.
Geleit [ga'Iait] n (-[e]s/-e) escort;
attendance; j-m das geben accompany s.o.; Sen v/t. (no -ge-s h)
accompany, conduct; escort; ,zug
m convoy.

Gelenk anat., ,
[ga'leqk] n
(-[e]s/-e) joint; 2ig adj. pliable





trained; Jlesen p.p. of lesen.

Geliebte [ga'lhpta] (-n/-n) 1. m
lover; 2. / mistress, sweetheart.
geliehen [ga U an] p.p. of leiben.






gentle; 2. adv.: gelinde gesagt to

put it mildly, to say the least.
gelingen [ga lirpn] 1. v/i. (irr., no
ge-, sein) succeed; es gelingt mir
zu inf. I succeed in ger.; 2. 2 n
(sfno pi.) success.
ge'litten p.p. of leiden.
gellen [ gelan] (ge- h) 1. v/i. shrill;


yell; of ears: ring, tingle; 2. vft.

shrill; yell;
adj. shrill, piercing.
ge'loben v/t. (no -ge-, h) vow, promise.

120 -


Geldbnis [ga'lerpnis] n (ses/se)

promise, pledge; vow.
ge'logen p.p. of liigen.
gelt|en ['geltan] (irr., ge-, h) 1. v/t.
be worth; 2. o/:'. be of value; be
valid; go; count; money: be current; maxim, etc.: hold (good or
true); et. ~ have credit or influence;
j-m concern s.o.; fur or als pass
for, be reputed or thought or supposed to be; ~ fur apply to; ~ /ossen let pass, allow; ~d machen
maintain, assert; s-n EinfluB bei
j-m d machen bring one's influence to bear on s.o.; das gilt nicht
that is not fair; that does not count;
es gait unser Leben our life was at
stake; '2uag / (-l\ -en) validity;
value; currency; authority (of
person); zur
kommen tell; take
effect; show; '2ungsbedurfnis n
desire to show off.
[ise; vow.l
Geliibde [ga'lypda] n (-$/-) prom-/
gelungen [ga'lmpn] 1. p.p. of gelingen; 2. adj. successful; amusing,
funny; F: das ist ja
that beats
gemachlich adj. [ga mergli?] comfortable, easy; 2keit / (-/no pi.)


ease, comfort.

Gemahl [ga'ma:!] m (-[e]s/-e) consort; husband.

ge'mahlen p.p. of mahlen.

Gemalde [ga'merlda] n (-s/-) painting, picture; ~galerie / picturegallery.

gemafi prp. (dat.) [ga mers] according to; ,igt adj. moderate; temperate (a. geogr.).

gemein adj. [ga'mam] common;

general; low, vulgar, mean, coarse;

haben mit have in com-

mon with.

Gemeinde [ga'mamda] / (-l-n)

community; parish; municipality;
eccl. congregation; ~bezirk m district; municipality; .rat m municipal council; ,steuer / rate. Am.





ge'meinlgefahrlich adj. dangerous

to the public; *jer Mensch public
danger. Am. public enemy; 2heit/
(-/-en) vulgarity; meanness; mean
trick; ~nutzig adj. of public utility;
2platz m commonplace; ~sam adj.
common; joint; mutual; 2schaft/
(-/-en) community; intercourse; schaftlich adj. s. gemeinsam; 2schaftsarbeit [ga'mamjafts?-] /
team-work; 2sinn m (-[e]slno pi.)
public spirit; verstandlich adj.
popular; Swesen n commvmity;
2wohl n public welfare.
Ge'menge n (-s/-) mixture.
ge'messen 1. p.p. of messen; 2. adj.
measured; formal; grave.
Gemetzel [ga'metsal]
n (-s/-)
slaughter, massacre.


gemieden [ga'miidan] p.p. of meiden.

Gemlsch [ga'mij] n (-es/-e) mixture;

compound, composition.

gelmocht [ga'maxt] p.p. of mogen;

Mmolken [ga'molkan] p.p. of me/ken.

Gemse zo. ['gemzaJ/C-Z-n) chamois.

Gemurmel [ga'murmal] n (s/no
pi.) murmur(ing).
Gemiise [gs'myrza] n (-s/-) vegetable(s pi.); greens pi.; ~anbau m




farming j ~garten m kitchen garden; chandler m greengrocer.

gemuUt [ga'must] p.p. of miissen 1.

Gemiit [ga'myit] n (-[e]s/-er) mind;
feeling; soul; heart; disposition,
temper; lich adj. good-natured;
genial; comfortable, snug, cosy,
cozy; Mlichkeit / (-/no pi.) snugness, cosiness; easy-going; genial

Ge'miitslart / disposition, nature,

temper, character; ~bewegung /
emotion; krank adj. emotionally
disturbed; melancholic; depressed;
Jkrankheit / mental disorder;
melancholy; ~ruhe / composure;
verfassung /, zustand m state
of mind, humo(u)r.
ge'miitvoll adj. emotional; full of
genannt [gs'nant] p.p. of nennen.
genas [ga nats] pret. of genesen.
genau adj. [gs'nau] exact, accurate;
precise; strict; es nehmen (m/t) be
particular (about); Seres full particulars pi.; 2igkeit/ (-/-en) accuracy, exactness; precision; strict~



genehm adj. [ga'nean] agreeable,

convenient; ~igen Uigsn] v/t. (no
fe-, h) grant; approve (of); igung
/ (-/-en) grant; approval; licenjce,
Am. -se; permit; permission; con-


geneigt adj. [ga'naikt] well disposed

O m towards s.o.); inclined (zu to).
General X [gena'ra:!] m (-s/-e, e)
general; Mbevollmachtlgte m chief
representative or agent; direktor
m general manager, managing director; Jfeldmarschall X m

field-marshal; Mintendant thea. m

(artistic) director; Mkonsul m consul-general; ~konsulat n consulate-general; Mleutnant

m lieutenant-general; Mmajor X w
major-general; ~probe thea. f dress
rehearsal; stab X
general staff;
stabskarte X / ordnance (survey) map, Am. strategic map;
streik m general strike;
versammlung / general meeting;
vertreter m general agent; vollmacht / full power of attorney.

Generation [gensra'tsjom] / (-/-en)


121 -


generell adj. [gena'rel] general.

genes|en [gs'neizan] 1. v/i. (irr.} no
ge-, se/n) recover (von from);
p.p. of 1; Sende m, f (-n/-n)
convalescent; Sung / (-/S -en)


genial adj. [gen'ja:!] highly gifted,

ingenious; Sitat Uali'teit] / (-/no
pi.) genius.

Genick [ga'nik] n (-[e]s/-e) nape (of

the neck), (back of the) neck.
Genie foe'ni:] n (-s/-s) genius.
ge'nieren v/t. (no -ge-, h) trouble,
bother; sich

feel or be embar-

rassed or shy; be self-conscious.


geniefien [ga'nirssn] v/t. (z rr., no

ge-, h) enjoy; eat; drink; et.
take some food or refreshments;
be in s.o.'s confij-s Vertrauen


Genitiv gr. ['ge:mti:f] m (-s/-e)

genitive (case); possessive (case).
ge|nommen [ga'noman] p.p. of
nehmen; 'normt adj. standardized; ~nofi U'nos] pret. of geniefien.
Genossje [ga'nosa] m (-nj-n) companion, mate; comrade (a. pol.);
Sen p.p. of geniefien; Menschaft
/ (-/-en) company, association;
co(-)operative (society);
in /
(-l-nen) (female) companion; comrade (a. pol.).

genug adj. [gs'mr.k] enough, sufficient.

Geniigle [ga'nyrgs] / (-/no pi.): zur

enough, sufficiently; Sen v/i. (no
ge-, h) be enough, suffice; das
that will do; j-m ~ satisfy
s.o.; Send
adj. sufficient; Ssam
adj. Uk-] easily satisfied; frugal;
Msamkeit [Jc-] / (-/no pi.) modesty; frugality.
Genugtuung [g3lnu:ktu:ui)]/(-/-en)
[gender. \
Genus gr. ['gemus] n (-/Genera)}
Genufl [ga'nus] m (Genusses/Geniisse) enjoyment; pleasure; use;
consumption; taking (of food); fig.
treat; ~mlttel n semi-luxury;
sucht/ (-/no pi.) thirst for pleasure;
Ssiichtig adj. pleasure-seeking.


genu gt

Geo|graph [geo'grarf] m (-en/-en)

graphic Ua'fi:] /
(-/no pi ) geography; Sgraphisch

adj. U'grarfiJ] geographic(al);

loge U'lorga] m (-n/-n) geologist;
logie [Uo'gi:] / (-/no pi.) geology;
Slogisch adj. [JloigiJ] geologic(al);
metric Ume'tri:] / (-/-n) geometry; Smetrlsch adj. U'mertriJ]
Gepack [ga'pek] n (-[e]s/o pi.) luggage, X or Am. baggage; ~annahM

me/luggage (registration) counter,

Am. baggage (registration) counter;

aufbewahrung / (-/-en) left-luggage office. Am. checkroom; Mausgabe / luggage delivery office. Am.
baggage room; ~netz n luggage~


rack. Am. baggage rack; ~schein m

luggage-ticket. Am. baggage check;
trager m porter. Am. a. redcap;
on bicycle: carrier; wagen m luggage van. Am. baggage car.

122 -


reizt adj. irritable, irritated; 2heit / (-/no pi.) irritation.

ge'reuen v/t. (no -ge-, h): es gereut
m/ch I repent (of) it, I am sorry

for it.

ge|pfiffen [ga'pfifsn] p.p. of pfeifen; pflegt adj. [Jpflerkt] appear-

Gericht [ga'rigt] n (-[e]s/-e) dish,

ance: well-groomed; hands, garden,

etc.: well cared-for; garden, etc.:

fig. tribunal; 21ich adj. judicial,

Gepflogenheit [ga'pfloiganhart] /
(-/-en) habit; custom; usage

course; s. Gerichtshof; mst rhet. and


Ge'richtsibarkeit / (-/-en) jurisdiction; bezirk m jurisdiction;

diener m (court) usher; gebau~

Ge|plapper [ga'plapar] n (s/no pi.)

de n court-house; ~hof m law-

babbling, chattering; plauder [~'

plaudsr] n (s/no pi.) chatting,
small talk;
polter U'poltar] n

(law-)costs pi.;
saal m courtroom; schreiber m clerk (of the

(s/no pi.) rumble; ~prage [ 'pre:ga] n (si-) impression; stamp (a.


ge priesen [gs'priizan] p.p. of preisen; quollen [ kvolsn] p.p. of

gerade [ga rarda] 1. adj. straight (a.
fig.); number, etc.: even; direct;
bearing: upright, erect; 2. adv.
just; er schrieb ~ he was (just)
writing; nun now more than ever;
on dem Tage on that very day;
3 2 / (-n/-n) A- straight line;
boxing: straight left (right); Jaus
adv. straight on or ahead; he raus
adv. frankly; ~nwegs adv. [ nve:ks]
directly; stehen r/z. (zrr. stehen,
sep., -ge-, h) stand erect;
fiir answer for; ~wegs adv. Uve:ks]
straight, directly; Jzu adv. straight;



almost; downright.
rannt p.p. of rennen.
Gerassel [ga'rasal] n (slno pi.)
clanking; rattling.



Gerat [ga'reit] n (-[e]s/-e) tool, implement, utensil; @ gear; teleph.,

radio: set; apparatus; equipment;
e/ektr/sches electric(al) appliance.
ge'raten 1. vji. (irr. roten, no -ge-,
sein) come or fall or get (on acc. by,
upon; auf acc. on, upon; in acc. in,
into); (gut) succeed, turn out
well; in

Brand ~ catch fire; ins

come to a standstill; in

Vergessenhe/t ~ fall or sink into oblivion; in Zorn fly into a passion;

2 p.p. of roten.
Gerate'wohl n: aufs ~ at random.
geraumig adj. [ga'roymi?] spacious.
Gerausch [gs'rayj] n (-es/-e) noise;
21os adj. noiseless; 2voll adj. noisy.

court, court of justice;

kosten pi.

court); ~stand m (legal) domicile;

tag m court-day; verfahren n legal proceedings pi.,
lawsuit; -verhandlung / (court)
hearing; trial; vollzieher m (s/-)

gerieben [ga'riibsn] p.p. of re/ben.
gering adj. [gs'riq] little, small;
trifling, slight; mean, low; poor;
inferior; achten v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
think little of; disregard; er adj.
inferior, less, minor; fiigig adj.
insignificant, trifling, slight;
schatzen vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) 5. ger/ngochten; schatzig adj. disdainful, contemptuous, slighting; 2-

schatzung / (-Ino pi.) disdain;


st adj. least; nicht im

en not in the least.


rinnen v/i. (irr. r/nnen, no -ge-,

sein) curdle (a. fig.); congeal; coag-


ulate clot.

Ge'rippe n (-s/-) skeleton (a. fig.);


ge|rissen [ga rissn] l.p.p. of reiBen;

2 fig. adj. cunning, crafty, smart;
ritten [Jritan] p.p. of re/ten.
germanis|ch adj. [ger marnij] Germanic, Teutonic; 2t [ a nist] m



scholar; student of German.

(-en I-en)



gern(e) adv. [ gernfe)] willingly,

gladly; hoben or mogen be fond
of, like; er singt ~ he is fond of
singing, he likes to sing.
ge'rochen p.p. of riechen.
Geroll [gs'roel] n (-[e]s/-e) boulders

geronnen [gs ranan] p.p. of r/nnen.

['gersta] / (-/-n) barley;
nkorn n barleycorn;
Gerte ['gerts] / (-/-n) switch, twig.

gerb|en ['gerbsn] vlt. (ge-, h) tan;

Geruch [gs'rux] m (-[e]s/e) smell,

er m (si-) tanner; 2erei U'rai] /

(-/-en) tannery
ge'recht adj. just; righteous;
werden (dat.) do justice to; be fair
to; meet; please s.o.; fulfil (require-

odo(u)r; scent; fig. reputation; 21os

adj. odo(u)rless, scendess; ssinn
m (-[e]s/ no pi.) sense of smell.

ments); Sigkeit / (-jno pi.) justice;

righteousness; j-m
lassen do s.o. justice.
Ge'rede n (s/no pi.) talk; gossip;








ge rufen p.p. of rufen.

ge ruhen v/i. (no -ge-,

condescend, be pleased.

h) deign,



123 -

Geriimpel [ga'rympal] n (s/no pi.)

1; 3. 2 n (-s/-) events pi., happenings pi.

lumber, junk.


Gerundium gr. [ga'rundjum] n

(-s/Gerund/en) gerund
gerungen [ga rurjan] p.p. of ringen.
Geriist [ga'ryst] n (-[e]s/-e) scaffold(ing); stage; trestle.

gescheit adj. [ga Jait] clever, in-

ge'salzen p.p. of salzen.

gesamt adj. [ga zamt] whole, entire,
total, all; Sausgabe / complete
edition; Sbetrag m sum total;

story; tale; fig. affair; 2. (-/no pi.)

history; 21ich adj. historical; ~s-



deutsch adj. all-German.


gesandt [ga zant] p.p. of senden;

2e [ ,3] m (-n/-n) envoy; Sschaft/

n (-[e]s/-e)
present, gift; ~packung / gift-box.

Geschlcht]e [ga'Jicta] / l. (-/-n)

forscher m,


schaffen p.p. of schaffen 1.

Geschaft [ga'Jeft] n (-[e]s/-e) business; transaction; affair; occupation ; shop. Am. store; 2ig adj. busy, '
active; ~igkeit / (-/no pi.) activity;
lich 1. adj. business ...; commer'

cial; 2. adv. on business.

Ge'schaftslbericht m business
report; ~brief m business letter;
,rau / business woman; ~freund

m business friend, correspondent;

iiihrer m manager;
haus n

Ge'schick n 1. (-[e]s/-e) fate; destiny; 2. (-[e]s/wo pi.) = lichkeit/

(-/-en) skill; dexterity; aptitude;

[ga JiJdan]

p.p. of
scheiden; schienen [Jfriian] p.p.
of scheinen.
Geschirr [ga'Jir] n (-[e]s/-e) vessel;
dishes pi.; china; earthenware,
crockery; service; horse: harness.
ge schlafen p.p. of schlafen;
schlagen p.p. of schlagen.
Ge'schlecht n (-[e]s/-er) sex; kind,
species; race; family; generation;
gr. gender; 21ich adj. sexual.
Ge'schlechtslkrankheit & f venereal disease; ~reife / puberty;
teile anat. n/pl. genitals pi.;
trieb m sexual instinct or urge;
verkehr m (-[e]s/wo pi.) sexual
intercourse; .wort gr. n (-[e]s/uer)



business firm; office biiilding; ~in-


haber m owner or holder of a busi-


ness; shopkeeper; ~jahr n financial

or business year. Am. fiscal year;
lage / business situation; Jeute
pi. businessmen pi.;
rnann m
businessman; Smaftig adj. business-like; ~ordnung / standing
orders pi.; rules pi. (of procedure);
papiere n/pl. commercial papers
pi.; .partner m (business) partner;
raume m/pl. business premises
pi.; reise/business trip; ~relsende m commercial travel(l)er. Am.
travelling salesman; schlufi m
closing-time; nach
a. after business hours; stelle / office; ~trager m pol. charge d affaires; 'f
agent, representative; Stiichtig adj.
efficient, smart; ~unternehmen n
business enterprise; verbindung
/business connexion or connection;


viertel n business cent]re. Am.





sschreiber m histo-


2t adj. skil(l)ful; dexterous; apt;

(-/-en) legation

Ge'sang m (-[e]s/=e) singing; song;

buch eccl. n hymn-book; slehrer
m singing-teacher;
verein m
choral society, Am. glee club.
Gesaft anat. [ga'zers] n (-es/-e) seat,
buttocks pi., posterior, F bottom,

telligent, bright.
Geschenk [ga'JsDlc]



Am. -er; ~zeit / office

hours pi., business hours pi.;

zlmmer n office, bureau; ~zweig
m branch (of business), line (of

geschah [ga Ja:] preu of geschehen.


geschehen [ga Jeran] 1. v/i. (irr., no

ge-, sein) happen, occur, take
place; be done; es geschieht ihm

recht it serves him right; 2. p.p. of


[ga JHcan]





1 p.p. of schleifen; 2. adj. jewel:

cut; fig. polished; ~schlossen
U'Jbsan] I. p.p. ofschlieBen; 2. adj.
formation: close; collective;
Gesellschaft private party; ~schlungen [ 'Jlurjan] p.p. of schlingen.
Geschmack [ga'Jmak] m (-[e]s/=e,
co. -er) taste (a. fig.); flavo(u)r;
finden an (dat.) take a fancy to;
21os adj. tasteless; pred.fig. in bad
taste; ~(s)sache / matter of taste;
2voll adj. tasteful; pred.fig. in good





[ 'Jmisan]
of schmeilien;
schmolzen [ 'Jmoltsan] p.p. of


[ga'Jnatar] n (s/no
pi.) cackling (of geese); chatter(ing)
(of girls, etc.).
ge|schnitten [gs Jnitan] p.p. of

schneiden; ~schoben U'Jo an]

of schieben; ~scholten [Jfoltan] p.p. of schelten.






ge'schoren p.p. of scheren.

Geschofi [ga'Jas] n (Geschosses/
Geschosse) projectile; missile; stor(e)y, floor.
geschossen [ga'/Dsan] p.p. of schieBen.


124 -


Ge'schrei n (-[e]s/no pi.) cries pi.;

shouting; fig. noise, fuss.
gejschrieben [ga'Jriiban] p.p. of
schreiben; schrie(e)n [JSri:( 3)n]

ge'setzwidrig adj. unlawful, illegal.

Ge'sicht n (-[e]s/-er) face; counte-

U'/ritan] p.p. ofschreiten; schun-

nance; fig. character; zu

bekommen catch sight or a glimpse of; set

den [JJvmdan] p.p. of schinden.

Geschiitz X [ga'Jyts] n (-es/-e) gun,

Ge'sichtsjausdruck m (facial) ex-


cannon; ordnance.

Geschwader X [ga'Jvardar] n (-s/-)

& squadron;
wing. Am.

Geschwatz [ga'Jvets] n (-es/no pi.)

idle talk; gossip; 2ig adj. talkative.
geschweige cj. [ga Jvatga]: (denn)

not to mention; let alone, much less.

geschwiegen [ga Jvhgan] p.p. of


mature; 2. cj.: ~ den Fall, (do/3) ...

suppose or supposing (that) ...

eyes on.

farbe / complexion;
kreis m horizon; punkt m point
of view, viewpoint, aspect, esp. Am.
angle; ~zug m mst Gesichtszuge pi.
feature(s pi.), lineament(s pi.).
Ge'sims n ledge.
Gesinde [ga'zinda] n (-s/-) (domestic) servants pi.; ~1 [ 1] n (s/no pi.)

rabble, mob.


sinn] t adj. in compounds: ...-minded; wohl

well disposed (j-m towards s.o.); 2ung / (-/-en) mind;
conviction; sentiment(s pi.); opinions pi.
gesinnungs]los adj. [ga'zinuoslors]
unprincipled; ~treu adj. loyal;
2wechsel m change of opinion; esp.


geschwind adj. [ga /vint] fast,

quick, swift; Sigkeit Udi?kait] /
(-/-en) quickness; speed
phys. velocity; rate; m/ t e-r von ...
at the rate of ...; Sigkeitsbegrenzung / speed limit.
Geschwister [ga'Jvistar] n (-s/-):
pi. brother(s pi.) and sister(s pi.).
ge|schwollen [ga JvDlan] 1. p.p. of
schwellen; 2. adj. language: bombastic, pompous; ~schwommen
[ Jvoman] p.p. of schwimmen.
geschworen [ga'Jvorran] p.p. of
schwdren; e [ a] m,f(-nl-n) juror;
die ~n pi. the jury; 2engerichtn jury.
[ga'Jvulst] / (-/=e)
swelling; tumo(u)r.
ge|schwunden [ga jvundan] p.p. of
schwinden; schwungen [JJvurjan]
p.p. of schw/'ngen.
Geschwiir 0- [ga'Jvyir] n (-[e]s/-e)





abscess, ulcer.

pol. volte-face.

gejsittet adj.

[ga'zitat] civilized;

well-bred, well-mannered; Jsoffen

p.p. of
p.p. of
1 p.p.

saufen; ~sogen U'zoigan]

saugen; sonnen U'zonan]
of s/'nnen; 2. adj. minded,
disposed; ~sotten [ .'zotan] p.p. of
sieden; Jspalten p.p. of spalten.
Ge'spann n (-[e]s/-e) team. Am. a.
span; oxen: yoke; fig. pair, couple.
ge'spannt adj. tense (a. fig.); rope:
tight, taut; fig. intent; attention:
close; relations: strained; se/n auf
(acc.) be anxious for; auf em FuB
on bad terms; heit / (-/no pi.)

tenseness, tension.

sehen p.p. of sehen.

Gesell S [ga'zel] w (-en/-en), ~e
[ a] m (-n/-n) companion, fellow;
journeyman; en v/refl. (no

Gespenst [ga'Jpenst] n (-es/-er)

ghost, spect re. Am. -er; 2isch adj.

fe-, h) associate, come together;

Ge'spiel|e m (-n/-n), .in / (-/-nen)




ch zu j-m

join s.o.; 2ig adj.

Ge'sellschaft / (-/-en) society;

company (a. "f); party; j-m , leisten
keep s.o. company; . er m (-s/-)
companion; 'f' partner;
erln /
part(-/-nen) (lady) companion;
ner; Slich adj. social.

Gelsellschats|dame/(lady) companion; .reise/ party tour; ~splel

n party or rovmd game; Jtanz m

ball-room dance.

gesessen [ga'zesan] p.p. of sitzen.

Gesetz [ga'zets] n (-es/-e) law;


gespien [ga Jpim] p.p. of spe/en.
Gespinst [ga'Jpinst] n (-es/-e) web,
tissue (both a. fig.); spun yarn.
gesponnen [ga'Jponan] p.p. of

social; sociable.



book; entwurf m bill; eskraft /

legal force; ~essammlung / code;
2gebend adj. legislative; ~geber m
(s/-) legislator; gebung / (-/-en)
legislation; 21ich 1. adj. lawful,
legal; 2. adv.: geschutzt patented,
registered; los adj. lawless; 2mafiig adj. legal; lawful.
ge'setzt 1. adj. sedate, staid; sober;


Gespott tga'Jpoet] n (-[e]s/no pi.)

mockery, derision, ridicule; zum
der Leute werden become a laughing-stock.
Gesprach [ga'Jpre:?] n (-[e]s/-e)
talk; conversation; teleph. call; dialogue; 2ig adj. talkative.
ge|sprochen [ga Jroxan] p.p. of
p.p. of spr/esprechen; .
Cen; sprungen [ 'Jpruqan] p.p. of
Gestalt [ga'Jtalt] / (-/-en) form,
figure, shape; stature; 2en vjt. and
v/refl. (no -ge-, h) form, shape;
ung / (-/-en) formation; arrange'

ment, organization.


[ga Jtandan]





stand|ig adj.: ~ sein confess;

2nis t~t-] n (-ses/-se) confession.
Ge'stank m (-[e]s/o pi.) stench.
gestatten [ga Jtatan] v/t. {no -ge-, h)
allow, permit.
Geste ['gssta]/(-/-n) gesture.
ge stehen (irr. stehen, no -ge-, h)
1 v/r. confess, avow; 2. v/j. confess.
Gel'stein n (-[e]s/-e) rock, stone;
< stell
U'Jtel] n (-te]s/-e) stand,
rack, shelf; frame; trestle, horse.
gestern adv. [ gestarn] yesterday;





abend last night.


gestiegen [ga Jxi-.ganlp.p. ofsteigen.

Ge'stirn n (-te]s/-e) star; astr.
consteUation; 2t adj. starry.
gejstoben [ga Jtoiban] p.p. of stie-

ben; stochen

U'/toxan] p.p. of
stechen; stohlen U Jtozbn] p.p. of
stehlen; ~storben U'Jtorban] p.p.
o/sterben; stofBen p.p. of stoBen;
strichen [ 'Jtrican] p.p. of strei'


speicher m granary, grain silo,

Am. elevator.

ge'treten p.p. of treten.

ge'treuflich) adj. faithful, loyal;

Getriebe [ga'triiba] n (si-) bustle;

gear(ing); drive.
gejtrieben [gs triiban] p.p. of trei6en; troffen [ 'trofan] p.p. of

treffen; ~trogen U'troigan] p.p. of


trost adv. confidently.

ge'trunken p.p. of trinken.
Ge|tue [ga'tuia] n (slno pi.) fuss;
tummel t 'tymal] n (-s/-) turmoil; .viert [ fiirt] n (-[e]s/-e)




Gewachs [ga'veks] n (-es/-e) growth

(a. #); plant; vintage; ~haus n
greenhouse, hothouse, conservatory.

gel wachsen 1. p.p. of wachsen;

adj.: j-m ~ sein be a match for
e r Soche
sein be equal to
s th.; sich der Lage ~ zeigen rise to
the occasion; wagt adj. [ 'varkt]
risky; bold; wahlt adj. [JvE-Jt]
style: refined; wahr adj.: ~ werden (acc. or gen.) perceive;
become aware of;


gestrig adj. fgestri?] of yesterday,

yesterday s ...
ge stritten p.p. of streiten.
Gestriipp [ga'Jtryp] n (-[e]s/-e)



Gestiit [ga'Jtyn] n (-te]s/-e) stud

farm; horses kept for breeding, etc.:

Gesuch Iga'zuzx] n (-[e]s/-e) application, request; petition; t adj.

wanted; sought-after; politeness:

gesund adj. [ga zunt] sound, healthy; salubrious; wholesome (a. fig.);


sense; ,en Udan] v/i. (no -ge-, sein)


Ge'sundheit / (-/no



(-iness); wholesomeness (a fig.); auf

j-s trinken drink (to) s.o.'s health;

Slich adj. sanitary;

geht es ihm
gut he is in good health.
Ge'sundheitsjamt n Public Health
Department; ~pflege / hygiene;
public health service; Eschadlich
adj. injurious to health, unhealthy,


s o.;


brushwood; xmdergrowth.

gestunken [ga'Jttujkan] p.p. of stin-



125 -


Health; zustand m state of health,

physical condition.
ge|sungen [ga'zurian] p.p. ofsingen;
sunken [Jzvirjkan] p.p. of sinken,tan U'tain] p.p. of tun.
Getose [gs'toiza] n (slno pi.) din,


ge'tragen 1. p.p. of tragen; 2. adj.


Getrank [ga'tregk] n (-[e]s/-e)

drink, beverage.
ge'trauen vjrefl. (no -ge-, h) dare,

Getreide [ga'traida] n (si-) com,

esp. Am. grain; cerealspi.; (an)bau
m corn-growing, esp. Am. grain
growing; ~pflanze / cereal plant;

da/3 become aware that.

Gewahr [ga'vsrr] / (-/no pi.) guarantee, warrant, security; 2en vlt.

(no -ge-, h) grant, allow; give, yield,
afford; j-n lassen let s.o. have his
way; leave s.o. alone; Sleisten vlt.
(no -ge-, h) guarantee.
Ge'wahrsam m (-s/-e) custody,
safe keeping.

Gewalt [ga'valt] / (-/-en) power;

authority; control; force, violence;
hd/iere act of God; m/'t by force;
herrschaft / despotism, tyranny;
ig adj. powerful, mighty; vehe

ment; vast; ~mafinahme / violent

measure; 2sam 1. ad>\ violent;

adv. a. forcibly; ~ offnen force
open; open by force; ,tat / act of
violence; tatig adj. violent.
Gewand [ga'vant] n (-te]s/-er)
garment; robe; esp. eccl. vestment.
ge'wandt 1. p.p. of wenden 2; 2.
adj. agile, nimble, dexterous, adroit;
clever; 2heit / (-/no pi.) agility,
nimbleness; adroitness, dexterity;


ge'wann pret. of gewinnen.

Gewasch F [ga'vej] n (-eslno pi.)
twaddle, nonsense.

ge'waschen p.p. of waschen.

Gewasser [ga'vesar] n (s/-) water(s
Gewebe [ga'veiba] n (-s/-) tissue (a.
anat. and fig.); fabric, web; texture.
Ge'wehr n gun; rifle; kolben m
(rifle-)butt; lauf m (rifle-, gun-)


Geweih [ga'vai] n (-[e]s/-e) horns

pi., head, antlers pi.
Gewerbe [gs'verba] n (-s/-) trade,
business; industry; ~freiheit /

126 -

gewohnen [gs'voinsn] vIt. (no -ge-,

h) accustom, get used (on acc. to)
Gewohnheit [gaW.nhait] / (-/-en)
habit; custom; Ssmafiig adj. ha.

freedom of trade; ~schein m trade

licenjce. Am. -se;

schule / tech-


steuer / trade tax;

wohnlich adj. common; ordinary; usual, customary; habitual;

Streibend adj. carrying on a business, engaged in trade; ~treibende

ge'wohnt adj. customary, habitual;

nical school;


common, vulgar.

in (-n/-n) tradesman.

(es) se/'n zu inf. be accustomed or

used to inf.


gewerbllich adj. [gs verpli?] commercial, industrial; ~sinafiig adj.

Ge'werkschaft / (-/-en)

Gewolbe [ga'vcelba] n (-$!-) vault.

ge|wonnen [ga'vonan] p.p. of getrade(s)

winnen; worben [JvDrban] p.p. of

werben; worden [ 'vordan] p.p.

union. Am. labor union; Ier m

(-s/-) trade(s)-unionist; 21ich adj



Union Congress, Am. Federation

of Labor.

ge|wesen [ga'veizan] p.p. of se/n;

wichen [ 'vi an] p.p. of weichen.

Gewicht [ga'vigt] n (-[e]s/-e) weight,

Am. F a. heft; e-r Soche

of werden; worfen [ -'vorfan] p.p.

of werfen; wrungen [ 'vrurian]



attach importance to;

carry weight (be/ dot. with);

legen auf et. lay stress on; ins

fallen be of great weight, count,
matter; 2ig adj. weighty (a. fig.).
ge|\viesen [ga vnzan] p.p. of we/sen;
willt adj. [Vvilt] willing.
Ge|wimmel [gs'vimsl] n (s/no pi.)
swarm; throng; winde U vin'


da] n (si-) thread.

Gewinn [gs'vin] m (-[e]s/-e) gain;

Y gains pi.; profit; lottery ticket:
prize; game: winnings pi.; ~anteil
m dividend; ~beteiligung / profitsharing; Sbringend adj. profitable;
Sen (irr., no -ge-, h) 1. v/t. win;
gain; get; 2. v/i. win; gain; fig.
improve; Send adj. manner, smile:
winning, engaging; ~er m (-s/-)

p.p. of wringen.
Gewiihl [ga'vy:!] n (-[e]s/>w pi.)

busde; milling crowd.

gewunden [ga'wundan] 1. p.p. of

winden; 2. adj. twisted; winding.
Gewiirz [ga'vyrts] n (-es/-e) spice;
condiment; ~nelke
/ clove.
ge'wufit p.p. of wissen.

Ge|'zeit /: mst ~en pi. tide(s pi.);

Jzeter n (s/no pi.) (shrill) clamo(u)r.






tsorgan] p.p. of ziehen.

Gezwitscher [ga'tsvitjar] n (sjno
pi.) chirping, twitter(ing).
gezwungen [ga'tsvuqan] 1. p.p. of
zw/ ngen;
2. adj. forced, con[



Gicht [gi?t] / (-Ino pi.) gout;

Sisch # adj. gouty; ' knoten m
gouty knot.
Giebel ['grbal] m (si-) gable(-end).
Gier [gi:r] / (-Ino pi.) greed(iness)
(noch for); 'Sig adj. greedy (noch
for, of).


Giefibach m torrent.

Ge'wirr n (-[e]s/-e) tangle, entanglement; streets: maze; voices: confusion.



gewifi [gs vis] 1. adj. certain; e/ n

gewisser Herr N. a certain Mr. N.,
one Mr. N.; 2. adv.: ! certainly!,
to be sure!. Am. sure!

Ge'wissen n (s/-) conscience; Shaft

adj. conscientious; Slos adj. unscrupulous; ~sbisse mlpl. remorse,
pangs pi. of conscience; sfrage /
question of conscience.
maissn] to a certain extent.
Ge'wifiheit / (-/-en) certainty;


/ thundercloud.
ge[woben [gs voibsn] p.p. of weben;
wogen 1. p.p. of wagen and wiegen1; 2. adj. (dat.) well or kindly
disposed towards, favo(u)rably inclined towards.

pour; @ cast, found; water (flowers); 2. v/i.: es g/eflt it is pouring

(with rain); 'Ser m (s/-) founder;

Serei [Jrai] / (-/-en) foundry;
Skanne / watering-can or -pot.
Gift [gift] n (-[e]s/-e) poison; venom
(esp. of snakes) (a. fig.); malice,
spite; 'Sig adj. poisonous; venomous; malicious, spiteful; '~schlange/venomous or poisonous snake;
zahn m poison-fang.
Gigant [gi'gant] m (-en/-en) giant.
Gimpel orn. f'gimpal] m (-$/-)



ging [giq] pret. of gehen.

Gewitter [gs'vitar] n (-s/-) (thunder)storm; Sn v/i. (no -ge-, h): es

gew/ttert there is a thunderstorm;
,regen m thunder-shower;


giefi|en [ girsan] (irr., ge-, h) 1. v/t.

Gipfel ['gipfal] m (s/-) summit,

top; peak; '~konferenz pol. f
summit meeting or conference; '2n
v\i. (ge-, h) culminate.
Gips [gips] m (-es/-e) min. gypsum;
plaster (of Paris); ' abdruck m,
abgufi m plaster cast; '2en vlt.
(ge-, h) plaster; ' verband # m
plaster (of Paris) dressing.
Giraffe zo. [gi'rafa] / (-/-n) giraffe.


127 -


girieren -f [si'riiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

believer; 2er -f l gar] m (-s/-)

endorse, indorse (bill of exchange).

Girlande [gir'landa] / (-/-n) gar-

glaubwiirdig adj. ['glaup-] cred-



Giro 't Vsi'.ro] n (-s/-s) endorsement, indorsement; ' bank /

konto n current

gleich [glaig] 1. adj. equal (on dat.

in); the same; like; even, level; in


er We/se likewise; zur en Ze/t at

the same time; es ist mir
it's all


girren f'giran] v/t. (fe-, h) coo.

Gischt [gijt] m (-es/S -e) and f

the same to me; das

froth; spray;
(-/S -en) foam
Gitarre J [gi'tara] / (-/-n) guitar.
Gitter ['gitar] n (-s/-) grating; lattice; trellis; railing; ' bett n crib;

alike, equally; immediately, presently, directly, at once; just; es ist

ocht (Uhr) it is close on or nearly
eight (o'clock); ~altrig adj. [Laltrig]
(of) the same age; ' artig adj.
similar; uniform;
bedeutend adj. synonymous;
equivalent (to); tantamount (mit to);
berechtigt adj. having equal
rights; '~bleibend adj. constant,
steady; ' en v/i. (irr., ge-, h) equal;

Lfenster n lattice-window.

Glac handschuh [gla'se:-] m kid

Glanz [giants] m (-es/no pi.) bright-

ness; lustlre. Am. -er; brilliancy;


glanzen [ glentsan] v/i. (fe-, h)

d adj. bright,
glitter, shine;
brilliant; fig. splendid.
Glanzjleistung / brilliant achievement or performance; ' papier n
glazed paper; ' punkt m highlight;
zeit / golden age, heyday.
Glas [gla:s] n (-es/ er) gkss; ,er
[' zar] m (-s/-) glazier.
glasern adj. ['glsrzam] of glass; fig.


gleichlfalls adv. also, likewise;

formig adj. [' foermig] uniform;
gesinnt adj. like-minded; 'Egewicht n balance (a. fig.); equilib-

rium, equipoise; poL:

der Krofte
balance of power; '.vgiiltig adj.
indifferent (gegen to); es ist mir


I don't care;

Glas | glocke /(glass) shade or cover;

globe; bell-glass; ' hiitte / glassworks 5jr., pJ.

glasieren [gla'zirran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

glaze; ice, frost (cake).
glasig adj. ['glaizi?] glassy, vitreous.


Glasscheibe / pane of glass.

Glasur [gla'zuir] / (-/-en) glaze,
glazing; enamel; icing, frosting (on

glatt [glat] 1. adj. smooth (a. fig.);

even; lie, ere: flat, downright; road,
etc.: slippery; 2. adv. smoothly;
anliegen fit closely or
tightly; rasiert clean-shaven; et.
ableugnen deny flatly.
Glatte ['gleta] / (-/-n) smoothness;


road, etc.: slipperiness.


Glatteis n glazed frost, icy glaze,

Am. glaze; F: ;-n oufs fuhren lead
s o. up the garden path.


glatten v/t. (ge-, h) smooth.

Glatze ['glatsa] / (-/-n) bald head.
Glaube I'glauba] m (-ns/S-n)
faith, belief (on acc. in); '2n (ge-, h)
1 v/t. believe; think, suppose. Am.
a. guess; 2. vfi. believe (j-m s.o.; an

acc. in).


wos du tust no

matter what you do; 'Sgiiltigkeit/

indifference; 'Sheit/ (-/-en) equality; likeness; 'Sklang m unison;
consonance, harmony; ' kommen
v/i. (irr. kommen, sep., -ge-, sein):
e-r Sache
amount to; j-m ,
equal s.o.; ' laufend adj. parallel;
lautend adj. consonant; identical; Lmachen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h)
make equal (dat. to), equalize (to
or with); 'Smafi n regularity; evenness; fig. equilibrium; Lmafiig
adj. equal; regular; constant; even;
fimut m equanimity; '~mutig adj.
even-tempered; calm; namig adj.
[' natmig] of the same name; Snis
n (-sesl-se) parable; rhet. simile;
sam adv. as it were, so to speak;
schalten vlt. (sep., -ge-, h) (&
synchronize; pol. co-ordinate, unify;
seitig adj. equilateral; ' setzen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) equate (dat. or
mit with); ' stehen v/i. (irr. ste/ien,
sep., -ge-, h) be equal; ' stellen
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) equalize, equate
(dat. widi); put 5.0. on an equal
footing (with); 'Sstellung / equalization, equation; 'Sstrom / m
direct current; 'Sung
f (-/-en)
equation; ' wertig adj. equivalent,
of the same value, of equal value;
zeitig adj. simultaneous; synchro-


the same;

as much; er /st n/cht (mehr) der e

he is not the same man; 2. adv.


profession or confession of faith;

lehre /, Lsatz m dogma,

glaubhaft adj. ['glaup-] credible;

nous; contemporary.

Gleis [glais] n (-es/-e) s. Geleise.

gleiten ['glaitan] v/i. (irr., ge-, sein)

plausible; authentic.

glaubig adj. ['gloybig] believing,

faithful; 2e [' ga] m, f (-n/-n)

glide, slide.

Gleit|flug m gliding flight, glide,

volplane; ' schutzreifen m


- 128 -

non-skid tyre, (Am. only) non-skid

tire; '*schutz(vorrichtimg /) m
anti-skid device.

Gletscher ['gletjar] m (-s/-) glacier;

vSpalte / crevasse.
glich [gUg] pret. of gleichen.
Glied [gli:t] n (-[e]s/-er) anat. limb;
member (a. anat.); link;

file; 2ern [' darn] o/r. (ge-, h)

joint, articulate; arrange; divide
O n acc. into); ' rung / (-/-en)
articulation; arrangement; division;
formation; wmafien [' tmaisan] pi.
limbs pi., extremities pi.
glimmen ['gliman] v/i. ([irr.,] ge-, h)
fire: smo(u)lder (a. fig.); glimmer;


glimpflich ['glimpfli?] 1. adj.

lenient, mild; 2. adv.: ~ davonkommen get off lightly.
glitschig adj. ['glit/ig] slippery.
glitt [glit] pret. of gleiten.
glitzern ['glitsarn] v/i. (ge-, h)
glitter, glisten.
Globus ['gloibus] m (-, -ses/Ghben,
Globusse) globe.
Glocke ['obka] / (-/-n) beU; shade;
(glass) cover.

Glocken|schlag m stroke of the

clock; ' spiel n chime(s pi.);

stuhl m bell-cage; ' turm m bell
tower, belfry.
Glockner ['gloeknar] m (-s/-) bellringer.
glomm [gbm] pret. of glimmen.
Glorie ['gloirja] / (-/-n) glory; '.uischein fig. m halo, aureola.
glorreich adj. ['glorr-] glorious.
glotzen F ['gbtsan] v/i. (ge-, h)

Gliick [glyk] n ( [e]slnopl.) forttme;

good luck; happiness, bliss, felicity;
prosperity; auf gut
on the off
chance; hoben be lucky, succeed;
hoben zu inf. have the good
fortune to in/.; j-m M wiinschen
congratulate s.o. (zu on); vie/ ~/
good luck!; zum
bringend adj. lucky.
Glucke om. ['gluka] / (-/-n) sitting

gliicken v/i. (ge-, se/n) 5. gelin-f


gluckern I'glukarn] v/i. (ge-, h)

water, etc.: gurgle.
gliicklich adj. fortunate; happy;
lucky; '.er'welse adv. forttmately.
Gliicksbringer m (-s/-) mascot.
gliick selig adj. blissful, blessed,

glucksen ['gluksan] v/i. (ge-, h)


Gliickslfall m lucky chance, stroke

of (good) luck; Lgottia/ Fortune;
kind n lucky person; 1.pfennig
m lucky penny; ' pilz m lucky
person; ' piel n game of chance;
fig. gamble; ' stern m lucky star;
wtag m happy or lucky day, red.

letter day.






liappy); 'Swunsch m congratulation, good wishes pi.; compliments

pi.; zum Geburtstag many happy
returns (of the day).
Gliihlblrne / ['gly:-] / (electriclight) bulb; 'Sen v/i. (ge-, h) glow;
Send adj. glowing; iron: red-hot;
coal: live; fig. ardent, fervid;
lS(end)lheifi adj. burning hot;
wlampe / incandescent lamp;

wein m mulled wine;



[' vyrmsan]




Glut [glu:t] / (-/-en) heat, glow (a.

fig.); glowing fire, embers pi.; fig.
Gnade ['gnaida] / (-/-n) grace;
favo(u)r; mercy; clemency; pardon;
X quarter.

Gnadenjakt m act of grace; ',brot

n (-[e]slno pi.) bread of charity;

frist/reprieve; '~gesuch n petition for mercy.
gnadlg adj. ['gnerdi?] gracious;
merciful; address: 2e Frau Madam.

Gnom [gno:m] m (-en/-en) gnome,

Gobelin [goba'le:] m (-s/-s) Gobelin

Gold [golt] n (-[e]slno pi.) gold;

barren m gold bar, gold ingot,
bullion; ' borte / gold lace; Sen
adj. [' dsn] gold; fig. golden;
Jfeder / gold nib; 'Mfisch m
goldfish; 'Sgelb adj. golden(-yel*,

low); rgraber [' greibar] m (-s/-)

gold-digger; '-grube / gold-mine;

ShaltIg adj. gold-bearing, containing gold; Sig fig. adj. V
sweet, lovely. Am. F a. cute; ' xnine
/ gold-mine; '*,munze / gold
coin; 'vschmled m goldsmith;
schnltt m gilt edge; mit ~ giltedged; ' stiick n gold coin;
wwaage / gold-balance; Lwahrung / gold standard.
Golf * geogr. [golf] m (-[e]s/-e) gulf.
Golf2 U] n (sjno pi.) golf; 'Mplatz
m golf-course, (golf-)links pi.;
schlager m golf-club; ' spiel
golf; 'spieler m golfer.
Gondel ['gondal] / (-/-n) gondola;

mst car.

gonnen ['goensn] v/t. (ge-, h): j-m


allow or grant or not to grudge


Conner m (-s/-) patron; Am. a.

sponsor; 'Shaft adj. patronizing.

gor [go:r] pret. of garen.

Gorilla zo. [go'rila] m (s/s) gorilla.
gofi [gos] pret. of gieBen.
Gosse ['gosa] / (-/-n) gutter (a. fig.).
Gott [got] m (-es,
-s/ser) God;
god, deity; 'Sergeben adj. resigned
(to the will of God).





service; 'Sfiirchtig adj. godfearing;

whaus n church, chapel; '.laste-


rer m (-s/-) blasphemer; ' lastemng / blasphemy.

Gottheit / (-'- n) deity, divinity.
Gdttin t'gcetin] / (-/-nen) goddess.
gottlich adj. t'gcEtli?] divine.
gott lob int. thank God or goodness!; Jos adi. godless; impious;
F fig. deed: unholy, wicked; 'ver'

trauen n trust in God.

129 -






Grat [gra:t] m (-[e]s -e) edge, ridge.

Grate I'giz-.xa] f (-.-n) (fish-)bone.
Gratifikation [gratifika'tsjo:n] /
(-/-en) gratuin bonus.
gratis adv. ['grains] gratis, free of
Gratul ant [gram lant] m (-en/-en)
congratulator; ation [ tsjoin] /
( l-en) congratulation; ieren f
lirrsn] c z. (no -ge-, h) congratulate
(j-m zu et. s.o. on; j-m zum
Gebunstag wish s.o. many happy
returns (of the day).
grau adj. [grau] grey, esp. Am. gray.
grauen1 r z. (ge-, h) day: dawn.
grauen2 1. vli. (ge-, h): mir graut
vor (dat.) I shudder at, I dread;
2 2 n (-s no pi.) horror (vor dat. of);
erregend adj.,' Jiaft adj., 'woll
adj. horrible, dreadruL
graulich adj. ['grorli?] greyish, esp.
Am. grayish.
Graupe ['graup?] / (-/-n) (peeled)
barley, pot-barley; ' In 1. f'pL
sleet; 2. v i. (ge-, h) sleet.
grausam adj. cruel; Skeit/W-en)
grausen [ grauzsn] 1. v,i. (ge-, h)
greuen2 J; 2. 2 n (s'no pL)
horror (vor da. Ci).
grausig adj. horrible.
Graveur [gra'vorr] m (-s -e) engravieren [gra viirsn] r/r. (no -ge-,
h) engrave; ~.dfig. adj. aggravating.
gravitatisch adj. [gravi ieitij] grave;
dignified; solemn; stately.
Grazie ['grartsp] / (-/-n) grace(ful*

Gotze ['gcetss] m (-n/'-n) idol;

Jibild n idol;' jidienst m idolatry.

Gouvemjante [guver'nants]/" /-!!)



eur [ narr] m (-s/-e)


Grab [gra:p] n (-[e]s/=er) grave,

tomb, sepulchre. Am. -er.
Graben ['grarbsn] 1. m (-S/=) ditch;
trench; 2. 2 v t. (z'tt., ge-, h)
dig; ammal: burrow.

Grab'gewolbe [ gra:p-] n vault.

tomb; ' mal n monument; tomb,
sepulchjre. Am. -er; ' rede/funeral
sermon; funeral oration or address;

schrift / epitaph;


statte /

burial-place; grave, tomb; ' stein

m tombstone; gravestone.
Grad [grart] m (-[e]s/-e) degree;
grade, rank; 15 ~. Kalte 15 degrees

below zero; ' einteilung/ graduation; ' mes.ser m (-s/-) graduated

scale, graduator; fig. criterion;
Jietz n map: grid.
Graf [gra:f] m (-enZ-en) in Britain:

earl; count,

Grafin ['gre:fin]/(-'-nen) countess.

Grafschaft / (-/- n) county.
Gram [grarm] 1. m (-[e]s no pL)
grief, sorrow; 2. 2 adj.: j-m
sein bear s.o. ill will or a grudge.
gramen ['grermsn] v t. {ge-, h)
grieve; sich
grieve (ui>er acc. at,











grazios adj. [gra tsjers] graceful.

greifen [ graifsn] (jrr., ge-, h) 1. v,t.
seize, grasp, catch hold of; / touch
(string); 2. v,i.: an den Hut touch

for, over).

Gramm [gram] n (-s/-e) gramme,

Am. gram.
GrammatTk [gra'matik] / (-/-en)
grammar; 2sch adj. grammaticaL
Granat min. [gra'nart] m (-[e]s/- )
shell; grenade:
splitter X m shell-splinter;
trichter X m shell-crater; werfer X m (-s'-) mortar.
Granit m-n. [gra'ni:t] m (-s/-e)
['grana] / (-/-n) awn,


s hat;
nach grasp or snatch
at; um sich
spread; j-m unter die
give s.o. a helping hand;
zu strengen iMitte/n
resort to
severe measures; zu den Wcffen
take up arms.
Greis [grais] m (-esi-e) old man;

2eiihaft adj. [' zan-] senile (a. &);

[ zin] / (- -nen) old woman.
grell adj. [grel] light: glaring;
colour: loud; sottnd: shrilL


Graphi;k ['grcufikl/C-'-en) graphic

arts pL; sch adj. graphic(al).
Graphit min. [grafirt] m (-s/-e)
[gra:s] n (-es/=er) grass;

Sbewachsen adj. [' bavakssnj

grass-grown, grassy; Sen [' zsn)

vli. (ge-, h) graze; jialm m blade

of grass;
narbe / turf, sod;
platz m grass-plot, green.
grassieren [gra'siirsn] vfi. (no -ge-,


h) rage, prevaiL

grkfilich adj. [ greslig] horrible;

hideous, auocious.



Grenze ['grents?] / (-/-n) limit;

territory: boundary; state: frontier, borders pi.; e-e - ziehen draw
the line; n v/i. (ge-, h): cn (acc.)
border on (a. fig.); fig. verge on;
20105 adj. boundless.
Grenzlfall m border-line case;
Jand n borderland; '.Jinie /
boundary or border line; ' schutz


m frontier or border protection;

frontier or border guard; ' stein m

boundary stone; ' iibergang m
frontier or border crossing(-point).
Greuel ['groTsl] m (-s/-) horror;




Grossist [gro'sist] m (-en/-en) s.

Griechje Vgriiqa] m(-nl-n) Greek;

grofi|jahrig adj. Cgroisjerrig] of age;

werden come of age; 'Sjahrigkeit
/ (-/no pi.) majority, full (legal) age;






130 -


adj. Greek; A> features:






[ griisgrsimig]


morose, sullen.

Griefi [gri:s] m (-es/-e) gravel (a.

jgB1) grit; semolina; ' brei m semolina pudding.
Griff [grif] 1. m (-[e]s/-e) grip,
grasp, hold; J touch; handle (0/
knife, etc.); hilt (of sword); 2. 2
pret. of gre/fen.
Grille ['grib] / (-/-n) zo. cricket;
fig. whim, fancy; 'Snhaft adj.


Grimasse [gri'masa] / (-/-n) grimace;

schneiden pull faces.
Grimm [grim] m (-[e]slno pi.) fury,
rage; Sig adj. furious, fierce, grim.
Grind [grim] m (-[e]s/-e) scab,

/ (-/no



pi.) generosity;



adj. [ myiti?] magnanimous, gen-

mutter / grandmother;
2neffe m great-nephew, grandnephew;
nichte / great-niece,
Sonkel m greatuncle, grand-uncle; Sschreibung
/ (-/-en) use of capital letters; capitalization;
' sprecherisch adj.
boastful; ' spurig adj. arrogant;
stadt / large town or city;
stadtisch adj. of or in a large town
or city; 'Stante/great-aunt, grand'




grinsen [ grinzan] 1. v/i. (ge-, h)

grin (uber acc. at); sneer (at); 2. 2
n (-s/mo pi.) grin; sneer.

Grippe # ['gripaj / (-/-n) influenza,




[ groistantails]

mostly, chiefly, mainly.

grofi|tun v/i. (irr. tun, sep., -ge-, h)
swagger, boast; sich mit et.
or brag of or about; Svater m
grandfather; Sverdiener m (-s/-)
big earner; '2wild n big game;
ziehen vlt. (irr. ziehen, sep., -ge-, h)
bring up (child); rear, raise (child,
animal); ~zugig adj. [ tsyigig]
liberal; generous; broad-minded;
planning: a. on a large scale.
grotesk adj. [gro tssk] grotesque.
Grotte ['grota] / (-/-n) grotto.
grub [gru:p] pret. of graben.
Griibchen ['gryip an] n (-s/-)

F flu(e), grippe.

grob adj. [grop] coarse; gross; rude;

work, skin: rough;
heit / (-/-en)
coarseness; grossness; rudeness;
en pi. rude things pi.
grolen F [ grerlan] v/t. and vji.
(ge-, h) bawl.

Groll [grol] m (-[e]s/o pi.) grudge,

ill will; 'Sen vli. (ge-, h) thunder:
rumble; ;-m
bear s.o. ill will or
a grudge.

Gros1 -f [gros] n (-ses/-se) gross.

Gros2 [gro:] n (-/-) main body.
Groschen ['grojan] m (-s/-) penny.
grofi adj. [gro:s] great; large; big;
figure: tall; huge; . great, grand;

kraftwerk f n superpower station; 'Smacht / great
power; 'Smaul n braggart;

intense; cold:






Grube ['gruiba] / (-/-n) pit; 55

mine, pit.





brooding, musing, meditation; 2n

heavy; die 2en pi. the grown-ups

pi.; im en wholesale, on a large

['Un] v/i. (ge-, h) muse, meditate,

ponder (all: uber acc. on, over),

scale; im en (und) ganzen on the

whole; ~er Buchstabe capital (let-

ter); das ~e Los the first prize; ich

bin ke/n ~er Tanzer I am not much

of a dancer;


artig adj. great,

grand, sublime; first-rate;



nahme f film: close-up.

GrolJe ['groisa] / (-/-n) size; largeness; height, tallness; quantity (esp.
fc); importance: greatness; p. celebrity; thea. star.
Grofieltern pi. grandparents pi.
grofienteils adv. to a large or great
extent, largely.
Grofienwahn m megalomania.
Grofijgrundbesitz m large landed
property; ' handel "f m wholesale
trade; ' handelspreis "f m wholesale price; ' handler "f m wholesale dealer, wholesaler; ' handlung "f f wholesale business;
herzog m grand duke; 'Jmdustrielle m big industrialist.

Am. F a. mull (over).



n fire-damp;


m miner;
lampe Rf


miner s lamp.

Gruft [gruft] / (-/-e) tomb, vault.

griin [gry:n] 1. adj. green; er Her/ng fresh herring; er Junge greenhorn; ~ und blau schlagen beat s.o.
black and blue; vom

en Tisch aus

armchair (strategy, etc.);

(sino pi.) green; verdure.

2. 2

Grund [grunt] m (-[e]sl e) ground;

soil; bottom (a. fig.); land, estate;
foundation; fig.: motive; reason;
argument; von
auf thoroughly,
fundamentally; ' ausbildung /
basic instruction; X basic (military) training; ' bedeutung/basic
or original meaning; Lbedingung
/' basic or fundamental condition;
begriff m fundamental or basic
idea; e pi. principles pi.; rudiments pi.; Lbesitz m land(ed prop-



erty); besitzer m landowner;

buch n land register.
grund[en [ gryndsn] r/r. Cge-, h)
establish; T promote; sich
(acc.) be based or founded on; 'Ser
m (si-) foimder; T promoter.
grundl falsch adj. fundamentally
wrong; Sfarbe / ground-colo(u)r;
opt. primary colo(u)r; flache /
base; area (of room, etc,); 'Sgebiihr
/ basic rate or fee; flat rate; 'Sge'

131 -

Grutze ['grytsa] / (-/-n) grits pL,

groats pL
gucklen [ guksn] r/i. (ge-, h) look;
peep, peer; Sloch n peepn or spy'






Sgesetz n fundamental law; fz

appr. constitution; Skapital T "
capital (fund); Slage / foundation,
basis; 'Jegend adj. fundamental,



griindlich adj. [ gryntli?] thorough;

knoizledge: profound.
Grund linie /base-line; 'Slos adj.
bottomless; fig.: groundless; unfounded; ' mauer / foundationwalL
[Thursday. 1
Grun'donnerstag eccl. m Maundy/
Grundtregel / fundamental rule;
rifi m A ground-plan; outline;
satz m principle;
Ssatzlich [' zetsli?] 1. adj. fundamental; 2. adv. in principle; on
principle; schule / elementary or
primary school; stein m A foundation-stone; fig. comer-stone;
steuer/land-tax; ' stock m basis,
foundation; ' stoff m element;




strich m down-stroke; ' stuck n

plot (of land);

(real) estate; prem-

ises pi.; ' stiicksmakler m real

estate agent. Am. realtor;
/ keynote; ground shade.


ton m

GrundujQg / (-/-en) foundation,




grundlver schieden adj. entirely

different; 'Swasser geol. n (under-)
ground water; 'Szahl gr. / cardinal
number; 'zug m main feature,


griinlich adj. greenish.

Grunischiiabel fig. m greenhorn; whipper-snapper; ' span m


(-[e]slno pi ) verdigris.



giiltig adj. [ gylti?] valid; effective,


danke m basic or fundamental idea;


guer(r)illa war.




in force; legal; coin: current; ticket:



Skeit / (-/no pi.) validity; currency (of money); availability (of ticket).
Gummi ['gumi] n, m (sf-s) gum;
(india-)rubber; ' ball m rubber
ball; ' band n elastic (band); rubber band; ' baum
m gum-tree;
(india-)rubber tree.
gum'mieren v/t. (no -ge-, h) gum.

Gummi handschuh


glove; ' kniippel m truncheon,

Am. club; ' schuhe m!pl. rubber
shoes pi.. Am. rubbers pi.; sohle
/ rubber sole; ' stiefel m Wellington (boot). Am. rubber boot; ' zng
m elastic; elastic webbing.
Gunst [gunst] / (-/rw pi.) favo(u)r,
goodwill; zu en (gen.) in favo(u)r


gunst.ig adj. [ gynsti?] favo(u)rable;

omen: propitious; im slen Fall at
best; zu en Bedingungen y on easy

terms; Sling ['JLu]] m (-s/-e) favo(u)rite.

Gurgel ['gurgal] / (-/-n): j-m an

springen leap or fly at s.o.'s
throat; 'Sn vfi. (ge-, h) & gargle;
Gurke ['gurks] / (-/-n) cucumber;
pickled: gherkin.
gurren ['guaran] vH. (ge-, h) coo.
Gurt [gurt] m (-[e]s/-e) girdle; harness: girth; strap; belt.
Giirtel ['gyrtsl] m (si-) belt;
girdle; geogr. zone.
Gufi [gus] m (GusseslGusse)
fotsnding, casting; typ. foimt. Am.
font; rain: downpour, shower;
eisen n cast iron;



Seisern adj.

stahl m cast steeL

gut1 [gu:t] 1. adj. good;


grunzen [ gmntssn] v/i. and vju

fair words; es Wetter fine weather;

(ge-, h) grunt.
Grupple ['grups] / (-/-n) group;
X section. Am. squad; Sieren f '
pi an] v/t. (no -ge-, h) group,
arrange in groups; sich - form

er Dinge or en Mutes se/ n be of

good cheer; e Miene zum bosen
Spiel machen grin and bear it;
so.' good!, well done!;
get well, heal; fig. turn out well;
not bad; scnon
mind!, all right!; sei so
und ...
(will you) be so kind as to inf.;
deutsch in plain German;
sein love or like s.o.; 2. adv.



Gruselgeschichte ['gruizsl-] / tale

of horror, spine-chilling story or
tale, F creepy story or tale.
Grufi [gru:s] m (-es/=e) salutation;
greeting; esp. X,
salute; mst
Griifle pi. regards p/.; respects pi.,
compliments pi.
grufien [ gryis n] vft. (ge-, h) greet,
esp. X salute; hail; ~ Sie ihn von
mir remember me to him; j-n
lassen send one's compliments or
regards to s.o.



well; e/n

gehendes Geschaft a

flourishing business; du hcst

lachen it's easy or very well for
you to laugh; es haben be lucky;
be well off.

Gut3 U] n (-[e]s/=er) possession,

property; (landed) estate;


132 -


Gutlachten n (-s/-) (expert) opin-

ion; ' achter m (-s/-) expert; consultant; 'Sartig adj. good-natured;

# benign; diinken [' dynkan] n
(s/no pi.): nach
at discretion or
Gute 1. n (-n/no pi.) the good; ~s
tun do good; 2. m, f (-nl-n): die
n pi. the good pi.
Giite ['gyita] / (-/no pi.) goodness,
kindness; if class, quality; in
amicably; F: me/ ne
good gracious!; haben S/e die
zu inf. be
so kind as to inf.

approve (of); ' herzig adj. goodnatured, kind-hearted.


giitig adj. good, kind(ly).

giitlich adv.: sich
einigen settle
s th. amicably; sich
tun an (dat.)

regale o.s. on.


gutlmachen v/t. (sep.s -ge-, h)

make up for, compensate, repair;
miitig adj. [' my:ti?] good-natured; 'Smiitigkeit / (-/** -en)




Giiterjabfertigung / dispatch of
goods; = ' annahme / goods office, Am. freight office; ' bahnhof
m goods station. Am. freight depot
or yard; gemeinschaft s%/community of property; ' trennung
/separation of property; ' verkehr
m goods traffic. Am. freight traffic;


gut gelaunt adj. good-humo(u)red;

Lg aubig adj. acting or done in
good faith; s. leichtglaubig; ' haben v/t. (irr. haben, sep., -ge-, h)
have credit for (sum of money); 'haben Y n credit (balance); LheiCen v/t. (irr. he/Oen, sep., -ge-, h)

Haar [ha:r] n (-[e]s/-e) hair; sich die

e kammen comb one s hair; sich
die r*e schneiden lassen have one's

hair cut; aufs

to a hair; um e/n

by a hair's breadth; ' ausfall m

loss of hair; ' biirste / hairbrush;
Sen v/i. and v/refl. (ge-, h) lose or
shed one s hairs; ' esbreite/: um
by a hair's breadth; '2'fein adj. (as)

fine as a hair; fig. subtle; ' gefafi

anat. n capillary (vessel); 'Sge'nau
adj. exact to a hair; ig adj. hairy;
in compounds: ...-haired; 'S'klein

adv. to the last detail;


klemme /
hair grip. Am. bobby pin; ' nadel/
hairpin; ' nadelkurve / hairpin


n hair-net;

' ol n

hair-oil;'2'scharf 1. adj. very sharp;

fig. very precise; 2. adv. by a hair's
breadth; ' schneidemaschine /
(e-e a pair of) (hair) clippers pi.;
Schneider m barber, (men s)
hairdresser; ' schnitt m haircut;


good nature.
Gutsbesitzer m landowner; owner


of an estate.

Gutlschein m credit note, coupon;

fischreiben v/t. (irr.
schreiben, sep., -ge-, h): j-m e-n
put a sum to s.o.'s credit;
schrift -f / credit(ing).
Gutsjhaus n farm-house; manor
house; Lherr m lord of the manor;
landowner; ' hof m farmyard;
estate, farm; ' verwalter m (land'

wagen m (goods) vvag(g)on. Am.

freight car; offener (goods) truck;

(goods) van. Am.
boxcar; ' zug m goods train. Am.
freight train.

schwund m loss of hair; ~spal-

te'rei / (-/-en)
JSstraubend adj. hair-raising, hor'
tracht / hair-style,
coiffure; ' wasche / hair-wash,


lord's) manager or steward.


gutwillig adj. willing; obliging.

Gymnasi|albildung [gymna'zja:!-]
/ classical education; ~ast [ ast] m
(-enj-en) appr grammar-school boy;
um U'narzjum] n (-s/Gymnasien)
appr. grammar-school.

Gymnasti|k [gym'nastik] / (-jno

pi.) gymnastics pi.; 2sch adj. gymnastic.

Gynakologe 4? [gyne:ko'lo:g3] m
(-nl-n) gyn(a)ecologist

shampoo; ' wasser n hair-lotion;

wuchs m growth of the hair;

wuchsmittel n hair-restorer.

Habe ['haiba] / (-Ino pi.) property;

belongings pi.
haben ['hcr.ban] 1. vlt. (irr., ge-, h)
have; F fig.: sich
(make a) fuss;
be of (no)
etwas (n/ chts) auf sich
consequence; unter sich
be in

control of, command; zu

obtainable, to be had; da


wir sl

there we are!; 2. 2 Y n (-s/-) credit

Habgier ['harp-]/avarice, covetousness; '2ig adj. avaricious, covetous.

habhaft adj. ['harphaft]:

(gen.) get hold of; catch, apprehend.
Habicht orn. ['haibi t] m (-[e]s/-e)

Hab|seligkeiten ['ha:p-] f/pl. property, belongings pi.; ' sucht / s.

Habgier; '2suchtig adj. s. habgierig.
Hacke ['haka] / (-/-n) S hoe, mattock; (pick)axe; heel.
Hacken ['hakan] 1. m (-s/-) heel;






s heels; 2. 2 v/t. (ge-, h) S


hack {soil);

133 -

kat n semi-finished product;

gar adj. underdone. Am. a. rare;
2gott m demigod; 'Ofaeit / (-/-en)

mince {meat); chop


Hackfleisch n minced meat, Am.
ground meat.

Hacksel ['hEksal] n, m (-sjno pi.)

chaff, chopped straw.
Hader ['haidar] m (-sjno pi.) dispute, quarrel; discord; '2n vji.
(ge-, h) quarrel (mit with).
Hafen ['haifan] m (s/-) harbo(u)r;
port; Lanlagen f/pl. docks pi.;
arbeiter m docker. Am. a. longshoreman; '~damm m jetty; pier;
stadt / seaport.
Hafer ['haifar] m (-s/-) oats pi.;
brei m
flocken flpl. porridge oats pi.;
griitze / groats pi., grits pi.;
schleim m gruel.
Haft j% [haft] / (-/wo pi.) custody;
detention, confinement; '2bar adj.
responsible,2% liable (fiir for); ' befehl m warrant of arrest; 'Sen v/i.
(ge-, h) stick, adhere (on dat. to);
fur j% answer for, be liable for.
Haftling fheftliri] m (-s/-e) prisoner.
Haftpflicht & f liabUity; 'Sig adj.
liable (fiir for); '~versicherung /
third-party insurance.
Haftung / (-/-en) responsibility,
2% liability; mit besdironkter


halbieren [hal'birran] v/t. (no -ge-,

h) halve, divide in half;

Halb|insel / peninsula; ' jahr n

half-year, six months pi.; 2jahrig
adj. [ je'.ri?] half-year, six months;
of six months; 'Sjahrlich 1. adj.
half-yearly; 2. adv. a. twice a year;
kreis m semicircle; Lkugel /
hemisphere; 'Slaut 1. adj. low,
subdued; 2. adv. in an undertone;



Smast adv. (at) half-mast. Am. a.

(at) half-staff; ' messer A" w (-i/-)
mond m half-moon,
crescent; 'Spart adv.: ~ machen go
halves, F go fifty-fifty; ' schuh m
(low) shoe; ' schwester / halfsister; tagsbeschaftigung/parttime job or employment; 'Stot adj.
half-dead; Swegs adv. [' .'verks]
half-way; fig. to some extent,
tolerably; ' welt / demi-monde;
Swiichsig adj. [' vy:ksi?] adoles'


cent, Am. a. teen-age;

sports: half(-time).



hager adj. ['hargar] lean, gaunt;

scraggy, lank.
Hahn [ha:n] m 1. orn. (-[e]s/=e)
cock; rooster; 2. (-[e]s/=e, -en)
(stop)cock, tap. Am. a. faucet;
enkampf m cock-fight; ' en~

schrei m cock-crow.

Hai ichth. [hai] m (-[e]s/-e), Lf isch

m shark.

Hain poet, [ham] m (-[e]s/-e) grove;


hakeljn ['heikaln] v/t. and vji. (ge-,

Halde ['halda] / (-/-n) slope;


half [half] pret. of helfen.

moiety; die
von half of.
Halfter ['halftar] m, n (-s/-) halter.
Halle ['hate] / (-/-n) hall; hotel:
lounge; tennis: covered court;
hallen ['haten] vli. (ge-, h) (re)sound,
ring, (re-)echo.

Hallen|bad n indoor swimmingbath, Am. a. natatorium; ' sport

m indoor sports pi.

hallo [ha'lo:] 1. int. hallo!, hello!,
hullo!; 2. 2 fig. n (-s/-s) hullabaloo.
Halm * [halm] m (-[e]s/-e) blade;
stem, stalk; straw.
Hals [hals] m (-es/*e) neck; throat;
tiber Kopf head over heels;
auf dem
haben have on one s

back, be saddled with; sich den

verrenken crane one s neck; ' ab-

h) crochet; 'Snadel/crochet needle


or hook.

schneider fig.

Haken ['harkan] 1. m (-s/-) hook

(a. boxing); peg; fig. snag, catch;

2 vji. (ge-, h) get stuck, jam.

hakig adj. hooked.
halb [halp] 1. adj. half; e/ne .e
Stunde half an hour, a half-hour;
erne ~e Flasche Wein a half-bottle

er Ton / semitone. Am. a. half

tone; 2. adv. half;
voll half full;

so//e/ half as much; es schlug

it struck the half-hour.




Sbruder m half-brother; 'Sdun-

kel n semi-darkness; dusk, twi-

er prp. (gen.) ['halbar] on

account of; for the sake of; 'Sfabri-

extortioner, F

(for dog, etc.); ' entziindung #/

of wine; e/n ~es }ahr half a year;

Note r minim. Am. a. half note;

shark; '~band n necklace; collar


' zeit /

Halfte ['helfta] / (-/-n) half, sj


Hagel ['haigal] m (-s/-) hail; . a.

shower, volley; ' .korn n hailstone;
2n vli. (ge-, h) hail (a. fig.);
schauer m shower of hail, (brief)






throat; ' kette / necklace;

string; chain; ' kragen m collar;
schmerzen m/pl.: ~ hoben have
a sore throat; 'Sstarrig adj. stubborn, obstinate; '~tuch n neckerchief; scarf; ' weite / neck size.
Halt [halt] m (-[e]s/-e) hold; foothold, handhold; support (a. fig.);
fig.: stability; security, mainstay.

halt 1. int. stop!;

halt!; 2. F adv.
just; das ist so that's the way it is.
haltbar adj. material, etc.: durable,
lasting; colour: fast; fig. theory,
etc.: tenable.

halten (irr.,ge-, h) 1. vjt. hold (/erf,



position, water, etc.); maintain (position, level, etc.); keep (promise, order,
animal, etc.); make, deliver (speech);
give, deliver (lecture); take in (newspaper);
fur regard as, take to be;

134 -


handshake; ' klatschen n (-s/no

pi.) (hand-)clapping; applause.

Handel ['handal] m 1. (-s/no pi.)

m/t side with; be fond

commerce; trade; business; market; traffic; transaction, deal, bargain; 2. (-s/=): Handel pi. quarrels

of; kurz
keep s.o. short; We/
(wenig) von think highly (little) of;
hold out; last; food: keep;
sich gerade
hold o.s. straight;

pi., contention; 'Sn v/i. (ge-, h) act,

take action; -f trade (m/t with s.o.,
in goods), deal (in goods); bargain
(um for), haggle (over);
von treat

s/ch gut
in examination, etc.: do
well; p. be well preserved; sich ~ an
(acc.) adhere or keep to; 2. v/i.
stop, halt; ice: bear; rope, etc.:
stand the strain; ~ zu stick to or by;
auf (acc.) set store by, value; auf
pay attention to one s appearance; have self-respect.
Halte punkt m
etc.: wayside
stop, halt; shooting: point of aim;
phys. critical point; ' r m (-s/-)
keeper; a. owner; devices:... holder;
stelle / stop; 5 station, stop;
n stop signal.

of, deal with; es handelt sich um it

concerns, it is a matter of.

take for; es



Handels | abkommen n trade agreement; ' bank / commercial bank;

Seinig adj.:
werden come to
terms; ' genossenschaft/traders'
co-operative association; Lgericht
n commercial court; gesellschaft

/ (trading) company; '~haus n

business house, firm; ' kammer/
Chamber of Commerce; ' marine

/ mercantile marine; ' minister m

minister of commerce; President
of the Board of Trade, Am. Secre-

haltflos adj. ['haltlo:s] p. unsteady,


etc.: baseless,
without foundation;
machen v/i.
(sep., -ge-, h) stop, halt; vor nichts
stick or stop; at nothing; 'Sung /
(-/-en) deportment carriage; pose;
fig. attitude (gegenuber towards);
self-control; stock exchange: tone.
hamisch adj. ['he:mij] spiteful,

tary of Commerce; ' ministerium

n ministry of commerce; Board of
Trade, Am. Department of Com-





mutton chop.
Hammer f'hamar] m (-s/=) hammer;

man; Lschiffahrt / merchant

shipping; ' schule / commercial
school; ' stadt/commercial town;
Siiblich adj. customary in trade;
vertrag m commercial treaty,
trade agreement.
handeltreibend adj. trading.

Handlfeger m (-s/-) hand-brush;

fertigkeit / manual skill; 'Sfest

adj. sturdy, strong; , well-founded, sound; ' feuerwaffen flpl.

small arms pi.; ' flache / flat of
the hand, palm; 'Sgearbeitet adj.
hand-made; Lgeld n earnest money; X bounty; ' gelenk anat. n
wrist; ' gemenge n scuffle, melee;
gepack n hand luggage. Am.

(auctioneer's) gavel; unter den

kommen come under the hammer.

hammern ['hemarn] (ge-, h) 1. vjt.

hammer; 2. v/i. hammer (a. an dat.
at door, etc.); hammer away (auf
dat. at piano); heart, etc.: throb
(violently), pound.
Hamorrhoiden # [hemDro'iidan]
flpl. h(a)emorrhoids pi., piles pi.
jumping-jack; fig. (mere) puppet.
Hamster zo. ['hamstar] m (-s/-)
hamster; '2n vjt. and v/i. (ge-, h)

hand baggage; ' granate X /

'Sgreiflich adj.
violent; fig. tangible, palpable;
werden turn violent. Am. a. get

tough; '~griff m grasp; handle,

grip; fig. manipulation;
fig. f handle; 'Shaben vjt. (ge-, h)
handle, manage; operate (machine,
etc.); administer (law); ' karren m


Hand [hant] / (-l-e) hand; j-m die

geben shake hands with s.o.; an
(gen.) or von with the help or aid of;
ous erster first-hand, at first hand;


be/ cfer , zur

at hand;
und FuB
haben be sound, hold water; seine

im Spiele haben have a finger in the

pie; Larbeit / manual labo(u)r or
work; (handi)craft; needlework;
arbeiter m manual labo(u)rer;

reisende m commercial

F drummer; '~schiff n merchant-

Hammel f'hamal] m (-s/-, =) wether;

fleisch n mutton; ' keule / leg
of mutton; ' rippchen n (-s/-)


traveller. Am. traveling salesman,

' .koffer


Am. a. valise; ' kufi m kiss on the

hand; 'clanger m (-s/-) hodman,

handy man; fig. dog's-body, henchman.

Handler ['hendlar] m (-si-) dealer,


bibliothek / reference library;

breit 1. / (-/-) hand's breadth;
2 2 adj. a hand's breadth across;
bremse mot. f hand-brake;

handlich adj. handy; manageable.

Handlung ['handluq] / (-/-en) act,
action; deed; thea. action, plot; if
shop. Am. store.



buch n manual, handbook.

Hande|druck ['henda-] m (-[e]s/ae)

proxy; ' gehilfe m clerk; shop-


assistant. Am. salesclerk; Lreisen-

de m s. Handelsreisende; ' weise /

conduct; way of acting.

Handlriicken m back of the hand;



schelle / handcuff, manacle;

schlag m handshake; ' schreiben autograph letter; ' schrift
/ handwriting; manuscript; '2schriftlich 1. adj. hand-written;
2 adv. in one's own handwriting;
schuh m glove;
surprise attack, coup de main; im
nehmen take by surprise; Ltasche
/handbag. Am. a. purse; Ltuch n
towel; ' voll / (-/-) handful; ' wagen m hand-cart; 'werk n
(handi)craft, trade; ' werker m
(-s/-) (handi)craftsman
workman; ' werkzeug n (kit of)
tools pi.; ' wurzel anat. f wrist;
zeichnung / drawing.
[hanf] m (-[e]s/no pi.) hemp.
Hang [hag] m (-[ejs/ e) slope,
incline, dechvity; hillside; fig.
inclination, propensity (zu for; zu
inf. to inf-),' tendency (to).
Hange boden ['herp-] m hangingloft;
briicke A / suspension
bridge; 'Uampe / hanging lamp;
Lmatte / hammock.
hangen ['hegan] 1. v/i. (irr., ge-, h)
hang, be svispended; adhere, stick,
cling (on dat. to);
an (dat.) be
attached or devoted to; 2. v/t. (ge-,
h) hang, suspend; ' bleiben v/i.
(irr. bleiben, sep.t -ge-, sein) get
caught (up) (an dat. on, in); fig.
stick (in the memory).
hanseln ['hsnzaln] v/t. (ge-, h)
tease (wegen about), F rag.
Hansestadt ['hanza-] / Hanseatic



Hanswurst [bans'-] m (-es/-e, F =e)

merry andrew; Punch; fig. contp.
clown, buffoon.

Hantel ['hantal] / (-/-n) dumb-beU.

hantieren [han'tirrsn] vli. (no -ge-,
h) be busy (m/'t with); work (an dat.

Happen f'hapan] m (s/-) morsel,

mouthful, bite; snack.
Harfe / fharfa] / (-/-n) harp.
Harke S ['harka] / (-/-n) rake; 'Sn
v/t. and v/t. (ge-, h) rake.
harmlos adj. ['harmlo-.s] harmless,
innocuous; inoffensive.




harmony (a. /); Sieren v/i. (no

ge-, h) harmonize (mit with); fig.
a be in tune (with); ~ika / [ 'mo:nika]/(-/-s, Harmoniken) accordion;
mouth-organ; 2isch adj. [Jmo'.nifi


Harn [ham] m (-[e]s/-e) urine;

Lblase anat. f (urinary) bladder;

Sen v/i. (ge-, h) pass water, urinate.

armo(u)r; in ~ geraten be up in


arms (iiber acc. about).


135 '

Harnrohre anat. f urethra.

Harpun e [har'pu:na] / (-/-n) harpoon; Sieren Uu'ni:ran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) harpoon.
hart [hart] 1. adj. hard; fig. a,
harsh; heavy, severe; 2. adv. hard;

arbeiten work hard.

Harte ['herta] / (-l-n) hardness; fig.

hardship; severity; 'Sn (ge-, h)
l.v/t. harden (metal); temper (steel);
case-harden (iron, steel); 2. v/i. and
vfrefl. harden, become or grow
hard; steel: temper.
Hartlgeld n coin(s pi), specie;
gummi m hard rubber; Y ebonite, vulcanite; 'Sherzig adj. hardhearted; Skopfig adj. [' koepfi?]
stubborn, headstrong; Snackig adj.
[ neki?] p. obstinate, obdurate;
effort: dogged, tenacious; # ailment: refractory.
Harz [ha:rts] n (-es/-e) resin; $
rosin; mot. gum; 'Sig adj. resinous.
Hasardspiel [ha'zart-] n game of
chance; , gamble.
haschen ['hajan] (ge-, h) 1. vlt.
catch (hold of), snatch; s/ch
children: play tag; 2. vji.: ~ nach
snatch at; fig. strain after (effect),
fish for (compliments).
Hase ['ha:za] m (-n/-n) zo. hare; e/n


an old hand, an old-timer.


['haizalnus] / hazel-


Hasenlbraten m roast hare; Lfufi

F fig. m coward, F funk; ' panier F

n: das
ergreifen take to one s
heels; ' scharte # / hare-lip.
HaC [has] m (Hasses/no pi.) hatred.
hassen v/t. (ge-, h) hate.
haClich adj. ['hesli?] ugly; fig. c,
nasty, unpleasant.
Hast [hast] / (-/no pi.) hurry, haste;
rush; in wilder
in frantic haste;
Sen v/i. (ge-, sein) hurry, hasten;
rush; '2ig adj. hasty, hurried.
hatscheln ['heitjaln] v/t. (ge-, h)
caress, fondle, pet; pamper, coddle.
hatte ['hata] pret. of haben.
Haube ['hauba] / (-l-n) bonnet (a.
@, mot.); cap; orn. crest, tuft; tnot.
Am. a. hood.


[hau'bitsa] / (-l-n)


Hauch [haux] m (-[e fK-e) breath;

fig.: waft, whiff (of perfume, etc.);
touch, tinge (of irony, etc.); 'Sen
(ge-, h) 1. v/i. breathe; 2. v/t.
breathe, whisper; gr. aspirate.
Haue ['haua] / (-l-n) f hoe, mattock; pick; F hiding, spanking; '2n
(['"'.,] ge-, h) 1. vlt. hew (coal,
stone); cut up (meat); chop (wood);
cut (hole, steps, etc.); beat (child);
sich (have a) fight; 2. vli.: nach
cut at, strike out at.

Haufen ['haufan] m (-si-) heap, pile

(both F a. fig.); fig. crowd.
haufen ['harfan] v/t. (ge-, h) heap


Jhalterin [Lheltarin] / (-/-nen)

housekeeper; l halt(s)plan parl.
m budget; ' haltung / housekeeping; household, family; 'Jhaltwaren flpl. household articles pi.;
Jherr m master of the family;

(up), pile (up); accumulate; s;ch

pile up, accumulate; Jig. become
more frequent, increase.




'Skeit /

(-/wo pi ) frequency.
Haufung fig. f (-/-en) increase, fig.




Haupt [haupt] n (-[e]s/=er) head;

fig. chief, head, leader; Laltar m
high altar; '~anschlufi teleph. m
subscriber s main station;


hausierjen [hau'ziiran] vli. (no -ge-,

h) hawk, peddle (mit et.; M
gehen be a hawker or pedlar; 2er m


m main or central station;
beruf tn full-time occupation;
buch 'f n ledger; ' darsteller
thea. m leading actor; Lfach univ. n
main or principal subject. Am. a.
major; ' film m feature (film);

Lgeschaft n main transaction;

main shop; Lgeschaftsstelle /
head or central office; ' gewinn m
first prize; ' grund m main reason;
handelsartikel -f ['haupthan-

(si-) hawker, pedlar.






knecht m boots; ' .lehrer m private tutor.

hauslich adj. ['hovslig] domestic;

domesticated; '2keit / (-/mo pi.)
domesticity; family life; home.

Haus|madchen n (house-)maid;
Lmannskost / plain fare; ' .meister m caretaker; janitor; ' mittel
n popular medicine; ' ordnung /
mles pi. of the house; ' rat m
household effects pi.; '~recht n
domestic authority; ' sammlung
/ house-to-house collection; '~schliissel m latchkey; front-door
key; ' .schuh m slipper.

dals9-] tn staple.



136 -



Hauptllinie Si / main or trunk

line; '~mann X m (-[e]s/Houpt/eute) captain; ' merkmal n characteristic feature; ' .postamt n
general post office. Am. main post
office; ' punkt m main or cardinal
point; ' quartier n headquarters
sg. or pi.; ' rolle thea. f lead(ing
part); ' sache / main thing or
point; 'Ssachlich adj. main, chief,
principal; Lsatz gr. m main clause;

Hauss|e -f [ 0:3(3)] / (-/-n) rise,


landlord; ' wirtin / (-/-nen) landlady.

Haut [haut] / (-/-e) skin; hide;
film; bis auf die ~ to the skin; ous
fahren jump out of one's

stadt / capital; stadtisch adj.

metropolitan; ' .strafie / main

street; major road; ' .treffer m

first prize, jackpot; ' .verkehrsstrafie / main road; arterial road;
verkehrsstunden ///>/., ' verkehrszeit / rush hour(s pi.), peak

boom; ~ier [hos'je:] m (-s/-s) spec-

ulator for a rise, bull.

Hausjstand m household; e-n


grilnden set up house; ' suchung

2% / house search, domiciliary visit,

Am. a. house check; ' tier n domestic animal; ' tiir / front door;
verwalter m steward; ' wirt m

skin; F e-e ehrliche


F prep; 'Sbacken fig. adj. homely;

bar / cocktail cabinet; ' bedarf


m household requirements pi.;

besitzer m house-owner; ' diener

m (man-)servant;
boots S.



hausen ['hauzan] v/i. (ge-, h) live;

play or work havoc (in a place).
Haus flur m (entrance-)hall, esp.
Am. hallway; ' frau / housewife;
halt m household; '2halten v/i.
(irr. ho/ten, sep., -ge-, h) be economical (mit with), economize (on);

an honest

soul; ' abschiirfung # / skin

abrasion; ' arzt m dermatologist;
ausschlag # m rash; 'Seng adj.
garment: skin-tight; ' farbe /

hour(s pi.); ' versammlung /

general meeting; ' wort gr. n
(-[e]sl-er) substantive noun.
Haus [haus] ?z (-es/=er) house; building; home, family, household; dynasty; -f (business) house, firm;
parl. House; nach
home; zu
at home, F in; ' angestellte /
(-n/-n) (house-)maid;
(household) medicine-chest; ' arbeit / housework; ' arrest m
house arrest; ' arzt m family doctor; ' aufgaben flpl. homework,


Hautgout [o'gu] m (s/no pi.) high


hautig adj. ['hovtig] membranous;

covered with skin.

Hautjkrankheit / skin disease;

pflege / care of the skin;

schere / (e-e a pair of) cuticle scissors pi.

[hava'ri:] / (-/-n) average.

X t'ha:-] / H-bomb.
he int. [he:] hi!, hi there!; I say!
Hebamme ['heip'ama] / midwife.

Hebejbaum ['he:b3-] m lever (for

raising heavy objects); ' buhne mot.
/lifting ramp; '~eisen n crowbar;
kran m lifting crane.
Hebel ['herbal] m (si-) lever;


arm m lever arm.

heben ['heiban] v/t. (irr., ge-, h)

lift (a. sports), raise (a. fig.); heave
(heavy load); hoist; recover (treas-


ure); raise (sunken ship); fig. promote, improve, increase; sich

rise, go up.
Hecht ichth. [hegt] m (-te]s/-e) pike.
Heck [hek] n (-[e]s/-e, -s) & stem;
mot. rear; * tail.
Hecke fheka] / (-/-n) S hedge;
zo. brood, hatch; 'Sn v/t. and v/i.

(fe-, h) breed, hatch; 1 jirose

heda int.




Heer [he:r] n (-[e]s/-e)

fig. a. host; ' esdienst m military
esmacht / military
force(s pi.); ' eszug m military
expedition; fiihrer m general;
lager n (army) camp; ' schar /
army, host; ' strafte / military
road; highway; zug m s. Heeres'


heilig adj. ['haili?] holy; sacred;

solemn; 2er Abend Christmas Eve;
2e [' ga] m, / (-n/-n) saint; .en
[ gan] vlt. (ge-, h) sanctify (a. fig.),
hallow; '2keit / (-/no pi.) holiness;
sacredness, sanctity;
vlt. (irr. sprechen, sep., -ge-, h) canonize; '2sprechung / (-/-en) canonization; '2tum n (-[e]s/=er) sanctuary; sacred relic; Sung [' gurj] /
(-/-en) sanctification (a fig.), hallowing.
Heil|kraft / healing or curative
power; '2kraftig adj. healing, curative; '.kunde / medical science;
2105 fig. adj. confusion: utter,
great; '.mittel n remedy, medicament; '.praktiker m non-medical
practitioner; '.quelle / medicinal
spring; 2sam adj. curative; fig.
Heilsarmee ['hails'-] / Salvation)
Heil|ung / (-/-en) cvire, healing,




Hefe fherfa] / (-/-n) yeast; barm.

Heft [heft] n (-[e]s/-e) dagger, etc.:
haft; knife: handle; fig. reins pi.;
exercise book; periodical, etc.:
issue, number.

heftlen vft. (ge-, h) fasten, fix (an

acc. on to); affix, attach (to); pin
on (to); tack, baste (seam, etc.);
stitch, sew (book); 'Sfaden m basting thread.


heftig adj. storm, anger, quarrel, etc.:

violent, fierce; rain, etc.: heavy;
pain, etc.: severe; speech, desire, etc.:
vehement, passionate; p. irascible;
Ekeit / (-/S -en) violence, fierceness; severity; vehemence; irascibility.
Heftiklammer / paper-clip;
pflaster n sticking plaster.
hegen fheigsn] v/t. (ge-, h) preserve
(game); nurse, tend (plants); have,
(fears, suspicions, etc.).
['he:br] m (si-) receiver
(of stolen goods); ei U'rai] / (-/
en) receiving (of stolen goods).
Heide f'haida] 1. rn (-n/-n) heathen;
2 /(-/-n) heath(-land); = '.kraut
n heather; 'Uand n heath(-land).

successful treatment; '.verfahren

n therapy.
heim [harm] 1. adv. home; 2. 2 n
(-[e]s/-e) home; hostel; Sarbeit /

homework, outwork.

Heimat [ 'haima:t] / (-/S -en) home;

own country; native land; '.land
n own country, native land; '21ich
adj. native; '21os adj. homeless;
ort rn home town or village;
vertriebene m expellee.
Heimchen zo. ['haimtpn] n (-s/-)


heimisch adj. trade, industry, etc.:

home, local, domestic;
zo., etc.:
native, indigenous; . werden settle
down; become established; s/ch

fuhlen feel at home.

Heim|kehr ['haimke: / (-/no pi.)

return (home), homecoming; 2
kehren v/i. (sep., -ge-, se/n), '2kommen v/i. (irr. kommen, sep.,

ge-, se/n) return home.

heimlich adj. plan, feeling, etc.:
secret; meeting, organization, etc.:
clandestine; glance, rrwz-ement, etc.:
stealthy, furtive.



Heidenlgeld F n pots pi. of money;

Jarm F m hullabaloo; ' spafl F m


Heiin|reise / homeward journey;

2suchen vIt. (sep., -ge-, h) disaster,


capital fun; '~tum n (-sjno pi.)

heidnisch adj. ['haidnij] heathen/
heikel adj. ['haikal] p. fastidious,
particular; problem, etc.: delicate,

etc.: afflict, strike; ghost: haunt;

God: visit, punish; '.tiicke/underhand malice, treachery; tiickisch
adj. malicious, treacherous, insidious; 2warts adv. [ verts] homeward (s); ' weg rn way home;
weh n homesickness, nostalgia;


heil [hail] 1. adj. p. safe, unhurt;

whole, sound; 2. 2 n (-[e]s/no pi.)
welfare, benefit; eccl. salvation;
3 int. hail!

Heiland eccl. f'hailant] m (-[e]s/-e)

Saviour, Redeemer.

Heiljanstalt / sanatorium. Am. a.







137 -

spa; 'Sbar adj. curable;

Sen (ge-) 1. vlt. (h) cure, heal;
von cure s.o. of; 2. r/j. (se/n) heal

(up); '.gehilfe m male nurse.

haben be homesick.

Heirat ['hairart] / (-/-en) marriage;

2en (ge-, h) 1. v/t. marry; 2. v/i.
marry, get married.

Heirats|antrag m offer or proposal


of marriage; 2fahig adj. marriageable;

kandidat rn possible marriage partner; ' schwindler m
marriage impostor;
m matrimonial agent.



heiser adj. f'haizar] hoarsej husky;

2keit/(-/wop/.) hoarseness; huski-


Henker ['herjkar] m (-s/-) hangman,

executioner; F: zum
hang it


heifi adj. [hais] hoi; jig. a. passionI am or feel

ate, ardent; mi r ist


heifien f'haisan] (irr., ge-, h) 1. v/t.:

call 5.0. a liar; wille-n Lugner
welcome; 2. v/i. be
called; mean; w/e
Sie? what is
your name?; wos he/fit das auf
englisch? what s that in English?
heiter adj. ['hartar] day, weather:
bright; sky: bright, clear; p., etc.:
cheerful, gay; serene; 2keit/ (-/no
pi.) brightness; cheerfulness, gaiety; serenity.


heiz|en ['haitsan] (ge-, h) 1. v/t.

heat (room, etc.); light (stove); fire
(boiler); 2. v/i. stove, etc.: give out
heat; turn on the heating; mit
burn coal; 'Ser m (-s/-)
stoker, fireman; Skissen n electric
heating pad; 'Skorper m central
heating: radiator; / heating element; 'Smaterial n fuel; Sung /
(-/-en) heating
Held [helt] m (-en/-en) hero.
Heldenlgedicht n epic (poem);
Shaft adj. heroic, valiant; ' mut
m heroism, valo(u)r; Smiitig adj.
[ my:tig] heroic; Ltat / heroic or
valiant deed; ' tod m hero's death;
tum n (-[e]slno pi.) heroism.
helfen ['helfen] v/i. (dat.) (irr., ge-,
h) help, assist, aid; gegen be good


for; sich nicht zu w/'ssen be helpless.


Heifer m (-s/-) helper, assistant;

shelfer m accomphce.
hell adj. [hel] sound, voice, light, etc.:

clear; light, flame, etc.: bright; hair:

fair; colour: light; ale: pale; ', blau adj. light-blue; '~bIond adj.
horig adj. p. quick of
very fair;
hearing; fig. perceptive; A poorly
sound-proofed; Sseher m clair'



Helm [hslm] m ([-e]s/-e)

A dome, cupola; & helm; '~busch
m plume.
Hemd [hemt] n (-[e]s/-en) shirt;
vest; ' bluse / shirt-blouse. Am.

Hemisphare [he-.mi'sfeira] / (-/-n)/

hemmjen fheman] v/t. (ge-, h)

check, stop (movement, etc.); stem
(stream, flow of liquid); hamper
(free movement, activity); be a hindrance to; psych.: gehemmt sein be
inhibited; 'Snis n (sesj-se) hindrance, impediment; 'Sschuh m
slipper; fig. hindrance, F drag (fur
acc. on); 'Sung / (-/-en) stoppage,
check; psych.: inhibition.
Hengst zo. [herjst] m (-es/-e) stallion.

Henkel ['heqkal] m (-s/-) handle,


138 -

Henne zo. ['hena] / (-/-n) hen.

her adv. [he:r] here; hither; es ist
schon ein Jahr
da3 ... or seit ...
it is a year since
w/e lange ist
es , seit ... how long is it since ...;
h/'nter (dat.)

sein be after;


mit! out with it!

herab adv. [he'rap] down, down-

ward; ~lassen v/t. (irr. lassen, sep.,

ge-, h) let down, lower; fig. sich
condescend; ~lassend adj. condescending; setzen v/t. (sep., -ge-,
h) take down; fig. belittle, disparage
5 0.; Y reduce, lower, cut (price,
etc.); Ssetzung fig. f (-/-en) reduction; disparagement; ~steigen v/i.
(irr. steigen, sep., -ge-, sein) climb
down, descend;
wiirdigen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) degrade, belittle,


heran adv. [he'ran] close, near; up;

come on!; ~bilden vjt. (sep.,
ge-, h) train, educate (zu as,
to be; ~kommen v/i. (irr.
kommen, sep., -ge-, sein) come or
draw near; approach;
an (acc.)

come up to s.o.; measure up to;

wachsen v/i. (irr. wachsen, sep.,

ge-, sein) grow (up) (zu into).

herauf adv. [he'rauf] up(wards), up
here; upstairs; ~beschw6ren vjt.
(irr. schwdren, sep., no -ge-, h)
evoke, call up, conjure up (spirit,
etc.); fig. a. bring about, provoke,
give rise to (war, etc.); ~steigen v/i.
(irr. steigen, sep., -ge-, sein) climb
up (here), ascend; ~ziehen (irr.
ziehen, sep., -ge-) 1. vjt. (h) pull or
hitch up (trousers, etc.); 2. v/i.
(sein) cloud, etc.: come up.
heraus adv. [he'raus] out, out here;
zum Fenster
out of the window;
mit der Sprache! speak out!; bekommen v/t. (irr. kommen, sep.,
no -ge-, h) get out; get (money)

back; fig. find out; ~bringen v/t.

(irr. bringen, sep., -ge-, h) bring or

get out; thea. stage; ~finden v/t.

(irr. finden, sep., -ge-, h) find out;

fig. a. discover; Sforderer m (-s/-)

challenger; ~fordern v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) challenge (to a fight); provoke; Sforderung / (-/-en) challenge; provocation; ~geben (irr.
geben, sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. surren-

der; hand over; restore; edit (periodical, etc.); publish (book, etc.);

issue (regulations, etc.); 2. v/i. give

change (auf acc. for); Sgeber m
(-s/-) editor; publisher; kommen
v/i. (irr. kommen, sep., -ge-, sein)
come out; fig. a. appear, be pub~

lished; nehmen vjt. (irr. nehmen,

-ge- h) take out; sich vie!

take liberties; ~putzen vjt. (sep.,
ge-, h) dress up; sich dress (o.s.)



ing; ' einzel n tennis: men's singles


reden v refl. (sep., -ge-, h)

s way out; stellen vft.
(sep., -ge-, h) put out; fig. emphatalk one

pi.; ' haus n manor-house; 2los adj. ['Jois] ownerless; ' reiter
m sports: gentleman-jockey;


emerge, mm
out; strecken v,t. {sep., -ge-, h)
stretch out; put out; streichen
c/r. (irr. streichen, sep., -ge-, h)
cross out, delete {zsord, etc.); fig.
extol, praise; winden fig. vlrefl.
{irr. winden, sep., -ge-, h) extricate

size, set forth; s/ch


schneider m men s tailor;




herrichten ['he:r-] c'r. {sep., -ge-, h)

arrange, prepare.

herrisch adj. imperious, overbearing; voice, etc.: commanding, per-


herrlich adj. excellent, glorious,

magnificent, splendid;
keit /
(-/-en) glory splendo(u)r.
Herrschaft / (-/-en) rule, dominion (uber acc. of); fig. mastery;






herjrnhren ./"- {sep., -ge-, b):

Herd [he:rt] m (-[e]s -e) hearth,

fireplace; stove; fig. seat, focus.
Herde ['heirda] / (- -n) herd {of
cattle, pigs, ere.) {contp. a. fig.); flock
{of sheep, geese, etc.).
herein adv. [he'ram] in (here);
come in!; ~brechen fig. v'i. {irr.
brechen, sep., -ge-, se/'n) night: fall;
uber {acc.) misforzzme, etc.: befall;

fallen fig. v i. {irr. fallen, sep.,

ge-, se/n) be taken in.

von come from, originate with;

sagen c/t. {sep., -ge-, h) recite; say
{prayer); ' stammen v i. {sep.,

ge-, h):
von or ous be descended
from; come from; be derived from;


tellen v't. {sep., -ge-, h) place


make, manufacture, pro-

duce; 'stellung / {- -en) manufacture, production.

heriiber adv. [hE'ryibar] over (here),

her'.falien r'/".(jrr. fallen, sep., -ge-,

uber {acc.) attack {a. fig.),
fall upon; F fig. pull to pieces; '2gang m course of events, details
pi.; '~geben c t. {irr. geben, sep.,
ge-, h) give up, pan with, return;
yield; s/ch
zu lend o.s. to; gebracht fig. adj. traditional; custom-


ary; 'Jialten {irr. balten, sep., -ge-,

h) 1. c/r. hold out; 2. v i.:


be the one to pay or suffer (fur for).

Hering ichth. [ he:rii)] m {-$ -e)
her kommen r i. {irr. kommen,
sep., -ge-, sein) come or get here;


from; fig. a. be due to. be caused

kommlich adj. [ kcemlig]

traditional; customary; Skunft l' kunft] / (- no pi.) origin; birth, descent; Ueiten v't. {sep., -ge-, h)
lead here; fig. derive {von from);

Sleitung/z?. / derivation.

Herold I'he.rDlt] m {-[e]s -e) herald.

Herr (her] m (-n, S -en -en) lord,
master; eccl. the Lord; gentleman;
Maier Sir Maier; mein
en gentlem.n;
der Situation
master of the situation.



Am. a. fall.



ladies and gendemen!; 'Slich adj.

belonging to a master or landlord;
fig. high-class, elegant.
herrsch en ['herjan] r/i. (ge-, b)
rule (uber acc. over); monarch: reign
(over); govern; ?, prevail, be; er
m (-s/-) ruler; sovereign, monarch;
Ssucht/thirst for power; ..suchtig adj. thirsting for power; impe-

Herbst [herpst] m (-[e]s -e) autumn,

come or draw near;





mer n study; smoking-room.

(aus from).

herb adj. [herp] fruit, flavour, etc.:

tart; trine, etc.: dry; features, etc.:
austere; criticism, etc.: harsh; disappointment, etc.: bitter.
herbei adv. [har'bai] here; .' come
here!; eilen [her bai*-] t- i". {sep.,
ge-, seifi) come hurr>-mg; fiihren
fig. vjt. {sep., -ge-, h) cause, bring
about, give rise to; schaffen vU.
{sep., -ge-, h) bring along; procure.
Herberge [ herberga] / (-/-n) shelter, lodging; inn.
Herbheit/C- no pi.) tartness; dryness;fig.: austerity; harshness, bit-


139 -

Herren ekleidung / men's cloth-

herum adv. Ihe'rum] (a)round;

about; fiihren r t. {sep., -ge-, h)
show (a)round;
in {dat.) show

over; jungern v i. {sep., -ge-, h)

loaf or loiter or hang about: reichen v t {sep., -ge-, h) pass or hand

sprechen v refl. {irr.
sprecben, sep., -ge-, h) get about,
spread; treiben v refl. {irr. treiben, sep., -ge-, b) F gad or knock




[he runtar]


(here); downstairs: von oben down

from above;
bringen v t. {irr.
bringen, sep., -ge-, b) bring down;

fig. a. lower, reduce; kommen

vli. {irr. kommen, sep., -ge-, sein)
come down(stairs); fig.: come down
in the world; deteriorate;


v/i. {sep., -ge-, h) take down; turn

{collar, etc.) down; fig. give s.o. a
dressing-down; fig. pull to pieces;
reifien vjt. {irr. re/Ben, sep., -ge-,
h) pull or tear down; fig. pull to
pieces; sein F fig. v i. {irr. sein,
sep.. -ge-, sein) be low in health;
wirtschaften v t. {sep., -ge-, h)
run down.

hervor adv. [her'foir] forth, out;

bringen vjt. {irr. bringen, sep.,


ge-, h) bring out, produce (a. fig.);

yield (fruit); fig. utter (word);

gehen v/i. (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-,

sein) p. come (aus from); come off
(from); fact,
emerge (from); be clear or apparent
(from); ~heben fig. vjt. (irr. heben,
sep., -ge-, h) stress, emphasize; give
prominence to; ~holen v/t. (sep.,
fe-, h) produce; ragen v/i. (sep.,

ge-, h) project (uber acc. over); fig.

tower (above); ragend adj. projecting, prominent; fig. outstanding, excellent; ~rufen vjt. (irr. rufen, sep., -ge-, h) thea. call for; fig.
arouse, evoke; stechend fig. adj.
outstanding; striking; conspicuous.
Herz [herts] n (-ens/-en) anat. heart
(a. fig.); cards: hearts pi.; fig. courage, spirit; sich ein
fassen take
heart; mit ganzem en whole-heartedly; sich et. zu en nehmen take

th. to heart; es nicht ilbers


gen zu inf. not to have the heart to

inf.; '~anfall m heart attack.
Herzens|brecher m (-s/-) ladykiller; ' lust /: nach
to one's


' wimsch

heart's desire.

herzjergreifend fig. adj. heart-

moving; 'Sfehler j? m cardiac defect; 'Sgegend anat. f cardiac region; haft adj. hearty, good; ' ig
adj. lovely. Am. a. cute; Sinfarkt
# [' 'infarkt] m (-[e]s/-e) cardiac
infarction; 'Sklopfen # ?j (-sjno pi.)
palpitation; ' krank adj. having
heart trouble; ' lich 1. adj. heartfelt; cordial, hearty; ~es Beileid sincere sympathy; 2. adv.: gem with
pleasure; ' los adj. heardess; unfeeling.
Herzog t'hertsoik] m (-[e]s/ae, -e)
duke; ' in / (-/-nen) duchess;
tum h (-[e]s/=er) dukedom; duchy.


Herzjschlag m heartbeat; # heart

failure; ' schwache # / cardiac
insufficiency; ' verpflanzung #/
heart transplant; 'Szerreifiend adj.

Hetz|e ['hetss] f(-l-n) hurry, rush;





baiting (of); '2en (ge-) 1. v/t. (b)

course (hare); bait (bear, etc.);
hound: hunt, chase (atiimal); fig.
hurry, rush; s/ch hurry, rush; e-n
Hund auf j-n
set a dog at s.o.;
2 v/i. (h) fig.: cause discord; agitate (gegen against); 3. fig. v/i.
(sein) hurry, rush; ' er fig. m
(-s/-) instigator; agitator; Serisch
adj. virulent, inflammatory; ' jagd
fhunt(ing);fig.: virulent campaign;
rush, hurry; ' presse / yellow


Heu [hov] n (-[e]slno pi.) hay; '.v

boden m hayloft.
Heuchel|ei [hDY s'lai] / (-/-en)
hypocrisy; 'Sn (ge-, h) 1. v/t. sim-

140 -


ulate, feign, affect; 2. v/i. feign,

dissemble; play the hypocrite.
Heuchler m (-s/-) hypocrite; 'Sisch
adj. hypocritical.
heuer ['hoYsr] 1. adv. this year;
2 2 & f (-l-n) pay, wages pi.; ' n
vjt. (ge-, h) hire; & engage, sign
on (crew), charter (ship).
heulen ['hDYlsn] v/i. (ge-, h) wind,
etc.: howl; storm, wind, etc.: roar;
siren: wail; F p. howl, cry.
Heu|schnupfen # m hay-fever;
chrecke zo.
f' Jreks] / (-l-n)
grasshopper, locust.

heut|e adv. ['hoYts] today;


this evening, tonight;

margen this morning;

in acht

Tagen today or this day week;

var acbt Tagen a week ago today;
Lig adj. this day's, today's; present; zutage adv. ['hDYttsutaiga]
nowadays, these days.
Hexe fheksa] / (l-n) witch, sorceress; fig.: hell-cat; hag; Sn v/i. (ge-j,
h) practice witchcraft; F fig. work
nkessel fig. m inferno;
nmeister m wizard, sorcerer;
nschufi # m lumbago; rei U'
rai] / (-/-en) witchcraft, sorcery,
Hieb [hi:p] 1. m (-[e]s/-e) blow,
stroke; lash, cut (of whip, etc.); a.
punch (with fist);fenc. cut; ~e pi.
hiding, thrashing; 2. 2 pret. of



hielt [hi:lt] pret. of halten.

hier adv. [hi:r] here; in this place;
entlang! this way!

bier|an adj. ['hh'ran, when emphatic


hi:ran] at or by or in or on or to it
or this; ~auf adv. [ hii'rauf, when
emphatic hiirauf] on it or this;
after this or that, then; ~aus adv.
['hi: raus, when emphatic hi'.raus]



from or out of it or this; ~bei adv.

['hiir'bai, when emphatic 'hirrbai]

here; in this case, in connection

with this; durch adv. [ hiir'durg,

when emphatic hiirdur?] through
here; by this, hereby; ~fur adv.
['hi:r fy:r, when emphatic 'hiirfyir]
for it or this; ~her adv. ['hiir'heir,
when emphatic
hhrherr] here,



hither; bis

as far as here;

in adv.


['hii'rin, when emphatic hi:rinj in

it or this; in here; mit adv. ['hirr'
mit, when emphatic hiirmit] with
it or this, herewith; .nach adv.
t'hiir'naix, when emphatic 'hi:rna:x]
after it or this; according to this;

iiber adv. ['hii'ryibar, when emphatic 'hiiryibsr] over it or this;

over here; on this (subject); unter
adv. t'hii'runtar, when emphatic
hiiruntsr] under it or this; among
these; by this or that; ~von adv.
['hi:r fDn, when emphatic 'hiirfon]

of or from it or this; ~zu adv.

['hi:r tsu:, when emphatic 'hhrtsu:]



or this; (in addition) to

141 '

Hinjblick m: im

hiesig adj. ['hiizig] of or in this

place or town, local.

hinder|lich adj. ['hindsrlig] hindering, impeding; j-m

se/n be in
s o s way; Ln vjt. (ge-, h) hinder
hamper (be/, in dat. in); an (dat.)



Hilfslaktion / relief measures pi.;


arbeiter m unskilled worker or

labo(u)rer; 'Sbediirftig adj. needy,

indigent; ' lehrer m assistant
teacher; ' mittel n aid: device;

remedy; expedient;



hin'durch adv. through; all through

throughout; across.
hinein adv. [hi'nain] in;

m/t d/r/
in you go!; gehen vli. (irr. gehen
sep., -ge-, se/n) go in; m (acc.) go
into; in den Topf gehen ... hinein


Fahrrad mit

motor-assisted bicyquelle/resource; ' schule/

cle; '


school for backward

relief organiza[berry, i


the pot holds or takes ...


Hinlfahrt / journey or way there;

Sfallen v/i. (irr. fallen, sep., -ge-,
se/n) fall (down); 'Sfallig adj. p.


['himbeira] / rasp-/

Himmel ['himsl] m (-s/-) sky,

heavens pi.; eccl.,fig. heaven; ' bett
n tester-bed; 'Sblau adj. sky-blue;
fahrt eccl. f ascension (of Christ);
Ascension-day; 'Sschreiend adj.

Himmelsjgegend / region of the

sky; cardinal point;
korper m
celestial body;
richtung / point


of the compass, cardinal point;

direction; ' strich m region, climate zone.

himmlisch adj. celestial, heavenly.

bin adv. [hin] there; gone, lost;


hinab adv. [hi'nap] down; steigen

v/i. (irr. ste/gen, sep., -ge-, se/n)
climb down, descend.

hinarbeiten ['hin9-] v/i. (sep., -ge-,

h): auf (acc.) work for or towards.
hinauf adv. [hi'nauf] up (there);
upstairs; gehen v/i. (irr. gehen,
sep., -ge-, se/n) go up(stairs);
prices, wages, etc.: go up, rise;
steigen vji. (irr. ste/gen, sep.,
ge-, se/n) climb up, ascend.
hinaus adv. [hi'naus] out;
euch.' out with you!; auf (v/e/e)
Johre ~ for (many) years (to come);
gehen r/i. (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-,
se/n) go or walk out;
iiber (acc.)
go beyond, exceed;
auf (acc.)
vnndotv, etc.: look out on, overlook;
intention, etc.: drive or aim at;
Jaufen v/i. (irr. laufen, sep., -ge-,
se/n) run or rush out;
auf (acc.)
come or amount to; ~schieben fig.
vjt. (irr. sch/eben, sep., -ge-, h) put
off, postpone, defer; ~werfen vlu
(irr. werfen, sep., -ge-, h) throw
out (ous of); turn or throw or F

chuck s.o. out.






hing [hiq] pret. of hdngen 1.

Hinlgabe / devotion (on acc. to);
Sgeben v/t. (irr. geben,sep., -ge-,h)
give up or away; s/ch
(datj give
o.s. to; devote o.s. to; ' gebung /
(-/-en) devotion; 'Sgehen vfi. (irr.
gehen, sep., -ge-, se/n) go or walk
there; go (zu to); path, etc.: lead
there; lead (zu to a place); 'Shalten
v/t. (irr. ho/ten, sep., -ge-, h) hold
out (object, etc.); put 5.0. off.
hinken ['hiriksn] v/i. (ge-) 1. (h)

limp (auf dem rechten FuB with one's

right leg), have a limp; 2. (se/n) limp

und wieder now and again

or then; * und zuriick there and

regulation, etc.:


und her to and fro, Am. back and


etc.: fence; 'Snisrennen n obstacle-

hilfjlos adj. helpless; ' reich adj.


prevent from; '2nis n (-ses/-se)

hindrance; sports: obstacle; turf



auf (acc.) in view

of, with regard to; '2bringen vjt.

(irr. br/ngen, sep., -ge-, h) take
there; while away, pass (time).


hiefi [hi:s] pret. of heilien.

Hilfe ['hilfs] / (-/-n) help; aid, assistance; succour; relief (fur to);
! help!; m/t
von with the help
or aid of; ' ruf m shout or cry for



hinjlanglich adj. sufficient, adequate; ' legen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)

lay or put down; s/ch
lie down;
nehmen v/t. (irr. nehmen, sep.,
ge-, h) accept, take; put up with;
raffen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) death,
etc.: snatch s.o. away, carry s.o. off;
reichen (sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t.

reach or stretch or hold out (dat.

to); 2. v/i. suffice; ' reifien fig. v/t.
(irr. reifien, sep., -ge-, h) carry away;
enrapture, ravish; ' reifiend adj.
ravishing, captivating; ' richten
v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) execute, put to

death; 'Srichtung / execution;

setzen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) set or
put down; s/ch sit down; Ssicht
/ regard, respect; in
ouf (acc.) =
sichtlich prp. (gen.) with regard
to, as to, concerning; ' stellen v/t.
(sep., -ge-, h) place; put; put down;
als represent as; make
s th. appear (as).

hintan|setzen [hint'an-] v/t. (sep.,

ge-, h) set aside; Ssetzung / (-/-en)

setting aside; stellen v/t. (sep., -ge-,

h) set aside; Sstellung/ (-/-en) setting aside.
hinten adv. ['hintan] behind, at the


142 -

back; in the background; in the

auf (acc.) point at or to, indicate (a

hinterprp. ['hintar] 1. (dat.) behind,

sich lassen out-

throw down; ?.: dash off (sketch

etc.); say casually; 'Swirken
v/i. (sep., -ge-, h):
auf (acc.)

distance; 2. (ace.) behind; 'fibein n

hind leg; Sbliebenen pi. U'bliibanan] the bereaved pi.; surviving

dependants pi.; Jbringen v/t.
(irr. bringen, no -ge-, h): j-m et.
inform s.o. of (secretly);
ei'nanderacf .one after the other;
in succession; 'Sgedanke m ulterior motive;
gehen vjt. (irr. gehen, no -ge-, h) deceive, F doublecross; S ehung/C-Z-en) deception;
Sgrund m background (a. fig.);
Shalt m ambush; ~haltig adj.
V heltiq] insidious; underhand;
haus n back or rear building;
her adv. behind; afterwards;
l2hof m backyard; Skopf m back
of the head; -. lassen vjt. (irr.
lassen, no -ge-, h) leave (behind);
2'lassenschaft / (-/-en) property
(left), estate; Jlegen v/t. (no -ge-,h)
deposit, lodge (be/ with); S'legung
/(-/-en) deposit(ion); 'Slist/deceit;
craftiness; insidiousness; ' listig
adj. deceitful; crafty; insidious;
Smann m X rear-rank man; fig.:
Y subsequent endorser; pol. backer;
wire-puller; instigator; 'Sn F m
(-s/-) backside behind, bottom;

work towards; use one's influence

to; '2ziehen (irr. ziehen sep.,

ge-) 1. fig. vjt. (h) attract or draw
there; sich
space: extend (bis zu

to), stretch (to); time: drag on;

vli. (sein) go or move there;
Szielen fig. vji. (sep., -ge-, h):
auf (acc.) aim or drive at.
hin'zu adv. there; near; in addition;
Jfiigen vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) add (zu
to) (a. fig.); Sfiigung / (-/-en) addition; kommen vfi. (irr. kom2



Srad n rear wheel;

riicks adv.


[ ryks] from behind; fig. behind

his, etc. back; 'Sseite / back; 'Steil

n back (part); rear (part); F s.
Hintern; .'treiben vjt. (irr. tre/ben,
no -ge-, h) thwart, frustrate;
Streppe / backstairs pi.; 'Stiir /
back door; 'ziehen tfi v/t. (irr.
ziehen, no -ge-, h) evade (tax, duty,
etc.); 2'ziehung / evasion.
hiniiber adv.
(there); across.
Hin- und 'Riickfahrt / journey
there and back. Am. round trip.
hinunter adv. [hi'nuntar] down
(there); downstairs; ~schlucken
vft. (sep., -ge-, h) swallow (down);
fig. swallow.
Hinweg1 m way there or out.
hinweg2 adv. [hin'vek] away, off;
gehen vji. (irr. gehen, sep., -gesein):
uber (acc.) go or walk over
or across; fig. pass over, ignore;
kommen vji. (irr. kommen, sep.,
ge-, sein):
uber (acc.) get over
(c. fig.); ~sehen vji. (irr. sehen,
sep., -ge-, h):
uber (acc.) see or
look over; fig. overlook, shut one's
eyes to; setzen vjrefl. (sep., -ge-,
h): sich
uber (acc.) ignore, disregard, make light of.

(and) moreover;
rechnen vjt.
(sep., -ge-, h) add (zu to), include
(in, among); ~setzen vjt. (sep.,
ge-, h) s. hinzufugen; treten vli.
(irr. treten, sep., -ge-, sein) s. hinzukommen; join; ziehen v/t. (irr. ziehen, sep., -ge-, h) call in (doctor, etc.).
Hirn [him] n (-[e]s/-e) anat. brain;
fig. brains pi., mind; '~gespinst n
figment of the mind, chimera; 'Slos
fig. adj. brainless, senseless;
schale aitat. f brain-pan, cranium;
m apoplexy;
verbrannt adj. crazy, F crack-brained,

Hirsch zo. [hirj] m (-esf-e) species:
deer; stag, hart; ' geweih n
(stag's) antlers pi.; '~kuh / hind;

Hin|weis ['hinvais] m (-esj-e) reference (auf acc. to); hint (at); indication (of); 'Sweisen (z rr. we/sen, sep.,
ge-, h) 1. v/t.: j-n auf (acc.) draw
or call s.o. s attention to; 2. /.:


leder n buckskin, deerskin.

['hirza] / (-/-n) millet.
Hirt [hirt] m (-en/-en),
[' .a] m
(-nj-n) herdsman; shepherd
hissen ['hisan] vji. (ge-, h) hoist,

raise (flag); & a. trice up (sail).

Histori|ker [hi'sto:rikar] m (-s/-)

historian; 2sch adj. historic(al).

Hitz|e ['hitsa] / (-/no pi.) heat;


Sebestandig adj. heat-resistant,

heat-proof; '~ewelle / heat-wave,
hot spell; '2ig adj. p. hot-tempered,

kopf m hothead; ' schlag # m


men, sep., -ge-, sein) come up (zu

to); supervene; be added; es kommt
(noch) hinzu, dad add to this that,



fig-);fig-' point out; hint at; 'Swerfen v/t. (irr. werfen, sep., -ge- h)


Am. a. back of;


hob [ho:p] pret. of heben.

Hobel ['ho:bal] m (-s/-) plane;
bank / carpenter's bench; '0
v/t. (ge-, h) plane.
hoch [ho:x] 1. adj. high; church
spire, tree, etc.: tall; position, etc.:
high, important; guest, etc.: distinguished; punishment, etc.: heavy,
severe; age: great, old; hohe See
open sea, high seas pi.; 2. adv.:
long live ...! 3. 2 n (-s/s)
cheer; toast; meteorology: high
(-pressure area)


hoch|achten vit. (sep., -ge-, h)

esteem highly; Sachtung / high

esteem or respect;


adj. (most) respectful; 2. adv.
correspondence: yours faithfully or
sincerely, esp. Am. yours truly;
Sadel m greater or higher nobility;
2amt eccl. n high mass; 'Santenne
/overhead aerial; 'Sbahn/elevated
or overhead railway. Am. elevated



Ebetrieb m intense ac-

Hocke ['hoka] / (-/-n) gymnastics:

squat-vault; skiing: crouch; 'Sn
v/i. (ge-, h) squat, crouch; ' r m
(-s/-) stool

Hocker ['hoekar] m (-s/-) surface,

etc.: bump; camel, etc.: hump; p.
hump, hunch; 'Sig adj. animal:
humped; p. humpbacked, hunchbacked ; surface, etc.: bumpy, rough,

tivity, rush; 'Sburg fig. f stronghold; ' deutsch adj. High or standard German; 'Sdruck m high pressure {a. fig.)', mit arbe/ten work at

high pressure; 'Sebene / plateau,

tableland; ' fahrend adj. highhanded, arrogant;
in top
superfine; Sform /: in
form; 'Sfrequenz / / high frequency; Sgebirge n high mountains />/.; '2genufi m great enjoyment; Sglanz m high polish;
Shaus n multi-stor(e)y building,
herzig adj. nobleminded; generous; Sherzigkeit /
(-/-en) noble-mindedness; generosity; 'Skonjunktur Y / boom,
business prosperity; 'Sland n
upland(s pi.), highlands pi.; Smut
m arrogance, haughtiness; miitig
adj. [' my:ti?] arrogant, haughty;
wnasig F adj. [' neizi?] stuck-up;
Sofen m blast-furnace; ' 'rot
adj. bright red; 'saison / peak
season, height of the season;
schatzen vjt. (sep., -ge-} h) esteem
highly; 'Sschule/university; academy; 'Sseefischerei / deep-sea
fishing; 'Ssommer m midsummer;
Sspannung / / high tension or
voltage; 'Ssprung m sports: high
bochst [hoicst] 1. adj. highest; fig.


Hode anat. ['hoida] m (-n/-n), /







a :
supreme; extreme;
highly, most, extremely.





(-/-en) swindling;


ler m (-s/-)

confidence man, swindler.

hochstens adv. [W.gstsns] at (the)

most, at best.

Hochstlform / sports: top form;

geschwindigkeit / maximum
speed; speed limit; Lleistung /
sports: record (performance);
maximiim output (of machine, etc.);


lohn m maximum wages pi.;

mafi n maximum; ' preis m

maximum price.

hochltrabend fig. adj. high-flown;

pompous; Sverrat m high treason;


Swald m high forest; 'Swasser n

high tide or water; flood; ' wertig
adj. high-grade, high-class; 'Swild
n big game; 'Swohlgeboren m
(-si-) Right Hono(u)rable
Hochzeit ['hoxtsait] / (-/-en) wedding; marriage; 'Slich adj. bridal,
nuptial; ' sgeschenk n wedding
present; '~sreise / honeymoon

anat. m (si-) testicle.


Hof [ho:f] m (-[e]s/=e) court(yard);

farm; king, etc.: court; ast. halo;
j-m den

mochen court s.o.; ' da-

me / lady-in-waiting; 'fahig adj.




143 -

presentable at court.

Hoffart ['hofart] / (-/no pi.) arrogance, haughtiness; pride.

hoffen ['hofan] (ge-, h) 1. v/i. hope
(auf acc. for); trust (in); 2. v/t.:
das Beste
hope for the best; ' tlich adv. it is to be hoped that
I hope, let's hope.
Hoffnung ['hofnuij] / (-/-en) hope
(auf acc. for, of); in der
zu inf.
in the hope of ger., hoping to inf.;
setzen auf (acc.) pin one's
hopes on; 'Sslos adj. hopeless;
Ssvoll adj. hopeful; promising.
Hofhund m watch-dog.
hofisch adj. ['heifij] courtly.
hoflich adj. ['hoifli?] polite, civil,
courteous (gegen to); 'Skeit/(-/-en)
pohteness, civility, courtesy.
Hofstaat m royal or princely household; suite, retinue.
Hohe fhoia] / (-/-n) height; 2?, fr,


ast., geogr. altitude; hill; peak;

amount (of bill, etc.); size (of sum,
fine, etc.); level (of price, etc.);
severity (of punishment, etc.); S
pitch; in g/eicher
mit on a level
with; auf der
sein be up to the
mark; in die , up(wards).
Hoheit ['ho:hait] / (-/-en) pol.
sovereignty; title: Highness; '~sgebiet n (sovereign) territory; ' sgewasser nlpl. territorial waters
pi.; ' szeichen n national emblem.



health resort; Lluft / mountain

air; ' sonne / mountain sun; #

ultra-violet lamp; ' steuer

elevator; ' zug m mountain range.

Hohepunkt m highest point; ast.,
fig. culmination, zenith; fig. a.:
climax; summit, peak.

hohl adj. [ho:l] hollow (a. fig.);

cheeks, etc.: sunken; hand: cupped;
sound: hollow, dull.

Hohle ['ho.ia] ./ (-/-n) cave, cavern;

den, lair (of bear, lion, etc.) (both a.
fig.); hole, burrow (of fox, rabbit,
etc.); hollow; cavity.
HohllmaC n dry measure; '~raum
m hollow, cavity; ' spiegel m
concave mirror.


Hohlung ['hoilurj] / (-/-en)

cavation; hollow, cavity.

144 -



kuchen m honey-cake; ginger-


bread; '2suB adj. honey-sweet

honeyed (a. fig.); ' wabe / honey,


Hohlweg m defile.
Hohn [ho:n] nt (-[e]s/no pi.) scorn,
hohnen ['homan] v/i. (ge-, h) sneer,
jeer, mock, scoff (uber acc. at).
Hohngelachter scornful or
derisive laughter.
hohnisch adj. scornful; sneering,

Hoker f'hoikar] m (-s/-) hawker,

huckster; '2n vji. (ge-, h) huckster,
hawk about.

holen ['horbn] vjt. (ge-, h) fetch; go


a. ~ lassen





Hopfen f'topfan] m (-s/-)

hops | a int. fhopsa] (wh)oops!; upsadaisy!; ' en F vji. (ge-, se/n) hop,


m (-s/-) eavesdropper.
Horde ['horda] / (-/-n) horde, gang.

h6r|en ['hoiran] (ge-, h) 1. vjt. hear;

listen (in) to (radio); attend (lecture,

haben be

etc.); hear, learn; 2. vji. hear (von

dat. from); listen; au f (acc.) listen
to; schwer
be hard of hearing;
S/e mal! look here!; I say!; 'Ser m
(-s/-) hearer; radio: listener(-in);
univ. student; teleph. receiver;

in-a mortal fright or F blue funk;

larm F fig. m infernal noise;
maschine / infernal machine,
time bomb; ' pein F fig. f torment
of hell.


brewing: hops pi.

horchjen ['honjan] vji. (ge-, h)

listen (auf acc. to); eavesdrop; 'Zer


Hollenlangst fig. f: e-e

tsjoiran] pi. notabilities/)/.; 2ieren

[Jriiran] vjt. (no -ge-, h) fee, pay
a fee to; if hono(u)r, meet (bill of


Holle ['hoeb] / (-1%-n) hell.


atioren Ua-


horbar adj. ['hoirbarr] audible.

s advice.


royalties pi.; salary;



(breath); sich e-e Krankheit

a disease; sich bei j-m Rat
s o


Honor|ar [hono'rarr] (-s/-e) fee;

disdain; derision.

hollisch adj. hellish, infernal (both

a fig.).

holper|ig adj. ['holparif;] surface,

road, etc.: bumpy, rough, uneven;
vehicle, etc.: jolty, jerky; verse,
style, etc.: rough, jerky; ' n (ge-)
1 vji. (se/n) vehicle: jolt, bump;

vji. (h) vehicle: jolt, bump; be

jolty or bumpy.
[ho'lundar] m (-s/-)


Serschaft/X-Z-en) audience; 'figerat n hearing aid; ' ig adj.: j-m

se/n be enslaved to s.o.; 'Sigkeit /
(-jno pi ) subjection.
Horizont [hori'tsDnt] m (-[e]s/-e)
horizon; skyline; s-n
broaden one's mind; das gebt uber
that s beyond me; 2al adj.
[ 'ta:!] horizontal.
Hormon [hor'morn] n (-s/-e) hor.




Holz [holts] n (-es/-er) wood; timber,

Am. lumber; ' .bau A m wooden
structure; ' bildhauer m woodcarver; ' blasinstrument / n
woodwind instrument; ' boden m

wood(en) floor; wood-loft.

holzern adj. ['hoeltsarn] wooden;
fig. a. clumsy, awkward.

Holzlfaller m (-s/-) woodcutter,

woodman. Am. a.
logger; 'whacker m (-s/-) woodchopper, woodcutter. Am. lumberjack; 1 chandler m wood or timber
merchant. Am. lumberman;


Horn [tiDrn] n 1. (-[e]s/=er) horn

(of bull); i, mot., etc.: horn; X

bugle; peak; 2. (-[e]s/-e) horn,
horny matter; ' haut/horny skin;
anat. cornea (on eye).
Hornisse zo. [hor'nisa] / (-/-n)

Hornist / [hor'nist] m (-en/-en)

horn-player; X bugler.
Horoskop [horo'skoip] n (-s/-e)
horoscope; j-m das
ste//en cast
s o

oscope; ' saal m

spiel n radio play;




schuh m wooden


shoe, clog; stofi m pile or stack of

wood; stake; ' v/egfig. m: auf dem
se/nbeon the wrong track; ' wolle
/ wood-wool; fine wood shavings
pi.. Am. a. excelsior.

Homeopath # [homoo'pait] m (-en/

en) hom(o)eopath(ist); ~ie [ a'ti:]
/ (-jno pi.) hom(o)eopathy; 2isch

adj. [ 'paitij] hom(o)eopathic.

Honig ['homi?] m (-s/-e) honey;


n wooden house. Am. frame house;

2ig adj. woody; ' kohle/charcoal;

platz m wood or timber yard. Am.
lumberyard; ' schnitt m woodcut,
wood-engraving; ' schnitzer m

s horoscope.

Horlrohr n ear-trumpet; # steth-





weite/: in

within earshot.

Hose ['horza] / (-/-n) (e-e a pair of)

trousers pi. or Am. pants pi.; slacks

Hosenjklappe/flap; latz ['Uats]

m (-esj-e) flap; fly; ' tasche /

trouser-pocket; ' trager m: (em
pi. (a pair of) braces pi. or
Am. suspenders pi.
Hospital [hospi'ta:!] n (-s/-e, =er)
Hostie eccl. ['hostja] / (-/-n) host,
consecrated or holy wafer.
Hotel [ho'tel] n (-sj-s) hotel; besitzer m hotel owner or proprietor;


145 -

hundred; 2. 2 n (-s/-e) hundred;

funf vom five per cent; zu en by
hundreds: ' fach adj., ' faltig adj.

gewerbe n hotel industry; ier

U'je:] m (-s s) hotel-keeper.


[hu:p] m (-[e]s'= ) mot.

stroke (ofpiston); lift (of valve, etc.);
raum mot. m capacity.
hiibsch adj. [hypj] pretn', nice;
good-looking, handsome; attractive.
m (si-) heli-

hundredfold; 2'jahrfeier / centenary, Am. a. centennial; jahrig

adj. [ jEirig] centenary, a hundred
years old;
st adj. hundredth.






steuer / dog tax.

zo. [ hyndin] / (-/-nen)

Hiindi n



bitch, she-dog; 'Ssch adj. doggish;

fig. servile, cringing.


hunds ge'mein

F adj. dirty, mean,

Huft;e anat. ['hj-fts] / (-/-n) hip;

gelenk n hipesp. 20. haunch;
joint; ' giirtel m girdle; suspender
belt. Am. garter belt.
Httgel I'hyrgal] m (si-) hill(ock);
ig adj. hilly.
Huhn orn. [hu:n] n (-[e]s,=er) fowl,
chicken; hen; junges chicken.
[ hy:n?3n]
chicken; ein zu rupfen haben have
a bone to pick (mit with).



days pi.
Hiine [ hyrna] m (-nj-n) giant.
Hunger ['hurpr] m (slnopl.) hunger
(fig. nach for);
bekommen get
hungry; haben be or feel hungry;
kur / star -ation cure; ' leider F
m (s -) starveling, poor devil;
lohn m starvation wages pi.; '2n
v i. (ge-, h) hunger (fig. nach after,


Hiihnerlauge # ['hymsr-J n com;

for); go without food;

starve s.o.; .snot / famine;

ei n hen s egg; 1 Jiof m poulm*'

yard. Am. chicken yard;


m pointer, setter;


streik m himger-strike; '.tod m

Jeiter /

death from star\-ation; '.tuch fig.

n: am nagen have nothing to bite.
hungrig adj. hungry (fig. nach for).
Hupe mot. ['hu:pp] f (-/-n) horn,
hooter; klaxon; 2n v/i. (ge- h)


Kuld [hult] / (-Itio pi.) grace, favo(u)r; Sigen [ digan] v/i. (dat.)
(ge-, h) pay homage to (sovereign,
lady, etc.); indulge in (vice, etc.);

sotmd one s hom, hoot.


igung / (-/-en) homage; 'Sreich

hupfen [ hypfan] r/j. (ge-, se/n) hip,


adj., Svoll adj. gracious.

Hiille [!hyl3] / (-'-n) coverCing),
wrapper; letter, balloon, etc.: envelope; book, etc.: jacket; umbrella,
etc.: sheath; '2n f/f. (ge-, h) wrap,
cover, envelope (a. fig.); sich in
wrap o.s. in silence.
Hiilse I/hylza] / (-/-n) legume, pod
(of leguminous plant); husk, hull (of
rice, etc.); skin (of pea, etc.); X
nfrucht / legume(n);
leguminous plant; 1 jifriichte f,pl.
human adj. [hu'marn] hiamane; Sitat [ ani'tsit] / (-ino pi.) humanity.
Hummel zo. ['humsl] / (-/-n)

skip; gambol, frisk (about).

Hurde ['hyrd3]/(-/-n) hurdle; fold,

pen; '.nrermen n hurdle-race.

Hure [ h\i:ra] / (-/-n) whore, prostitute.

hurtig adj. ['hurtii;] quick, swift;

agile, nimble.
[hu'za:r] m (-en/-en)

husch int. [huj] in or like a flash;

shoo!; .en vji. (ge-, se/n) slip,
dart; small animal: scurry, scamper;
bat, etc.: flic

husteln ['hyistaln] 1. vji. (ge-, h)

cough slightly; 2. 2 n (slito pi.)
slight cough.
husten ['hirstsn] 1. c/i. (ge-, h)
cough; 2. 2 m (-s/S-) cough.
Hut [hu:t] 1. m (-[e]s,=e) hat; den








abnehmen take off one s hat; . ab

humo(u)r; ist [ o'rist] m (-en/-en)

vor (dui.)l hats off to ...!; 2. f (-Ino

pi.) care, charge; guard; auf der
se/n be on one s guard (vor dat.

humorist; Sistisch adj. [ o'ristij]



humpeln ['humpaln] vfi. (ge-)

(se/n) hobble (along), limp
(along); 2. (h) (have a) limp, walk


hiiteln ['hyitan] c/r. (ge-, h) guard,

protect., keep watch over; keep

with a limp.

Hund [hunt] m (-[e]s/-e) zo. dog;

tub; ast. dog, canis; auf den
kommen go to the dogs.

Hundeihiitte/dog-kennel. Am. a.
doghouse; ' kuchen m dog-biscuit;
leine / (dog-)lead or leash;
peitsche / dog-whip.

hundert ['hundsrt] 1. adj. a or one

10 SW E II


mise rabel F adj. ronen,

wretched, lousy; 'Stage m!pl. dog-



Hunde sperre / muzzling-order;



Huf [hu:f] m (-[e]s/-e) hoof; ' eisen

n horseshoe; schlag m hoof-beat;
(horse's) kick; ' schmied m far-



(secret); tend (sheep, etc.); das Belt

be confined to (one's) bed; sich

vor (dat.) beware of; 2r m (si-)

keeper, guardian; herdsman.
Hut futter n hat-lining; '.krempe
/ hat-brim; '.macher m (s/-)
haner; '.nadel/hat-pin.
Hiitte ['hyts] / (-/-n) hut; cottage,
cabin; metallurgical plant; mount.


refuge; ' nwesen n metallurgy,

146 -


metallurgical engineering.

Hyane zo. [hylE:n3]/(-/-n) hy(a)ena.

[hya'tsinta] / (-/-n)
[hydrant. 1
Hydrant [hy'drant] m (-en/-en)l
Hydrauli|k phys. [hy'draulik] J
(-Ino pi ) hydraulics pi.; 2sch adj.
Hygien|e [hy'gjems] / (-/mo pi.)
hygiene; 2isch adj. hygienic(al).
Hymne ['hymns] / (-/-n) hymn.
Hypno|se [hyp'nozza] / (-/-n) hypnosis; Stisieren [ oti zitran] v/t.
and v/i. (no -ge-, h) hypnotize.


ich [ig] 1. pers. pron. I; 2. 2 n (-[s]/

[s]) self; psych, the ego.

Ideal [ide'a-.l] 1. n (-s/-e) ideal; 2.

2 adj. ideal; Sisieren Uali'zirran]
vlt. (no -ge-, h) idealize; ismus
Ua'lismus] m (-/Idealismen) idealism; ist [ a'list] m (-enj-en) idealist.

Idee [i'de:] / (-/-n) idea, notion.

(no -ge-, h) identify; sich identify
o s
sch adj. [i'dentij] identical;
2tat U'tsrt] / (-/no pi.) identity.

Ideolog|ie [ideolo'gi:] / (-/-n)

ideology; 2isch adj. [JloigiJ] ideological.
Idiot [idi'on] m (-en/-en) idiot; ie
[ o ti:] / (-J-n) idiocy; 2isch adj.
[ Jo:tiJ] idiotic.
Idol [i'do:!] n <-s/-e) idol.
Igel zo. V'v.gsl] m (-s/-) hedgehog.

Ignor|ant [igno'rant] m (-enj-en)

ignorant person, ignoramus; ~anz

Uts] / (-jno pi.) ignorance; 2ieren

vjt. (no -ge-, h) ignore, take no

Hypotenuse A1 [hypote'nuiza] /
(-/-n) hypotenuse
Hypothek [hypo'te J/C-Z-en) mortgage; e-e
aufnehmen raise a
mortgage; Sarisch adj. Ue'karrif]:
Be/astung mortgage.
Hypothe|se [hypo'teizs] / (-/-n)
hypothesis; 2tisch adj. hypothet.


Hyster|ie psych, [hyste'ri:] / (-/-n)

hysteria; 2isch psych, adj. [JteiriJ]

ige pass. pron. ['.Jga]: der (die,

hers; theirs; der (die, das)
Ihrige yours.
illegitim adj. [ilegi'tirm] illegiti~


illusorisch adj. [ilu'zorrij] illusory,

illustrieren [ilu'striiran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) illustrate.
Iltis zo. ['iltis] m (-ses/se) fitchew,
im prp. [im] = in dem.

imaginar adj. [imagi'nsir] imaginary.


Imbifl m light meal, snack; ' stube

/ snack bar.
Imker fimkar] m (-s/-) bee-master,
immatrikulieren [imatriku'liiran]

v/t. (no -ge-, h) matriculate, enrol(l);

lassen matriculate, enrol(l).
immer adv. ['imar] always;
more and more; ~ wieder again or

time and again; fiir

for ever, for
good; griin n (-s/-e) evergreen;
hin adv. still, yet; 'Jzu adv.
always, continually.
Immobilien [imo'biiljsn] pi. immovables pi., real estate; chandler

notice of.

ihm pers. pron. [i:m] p. (to) him;

thing: (to) it.
ihn pers. pron. [i:n] p. him; thing: it.
ihnen pers. pron. (to) them; Ihnen
sg. and pi. (to) you.
ihr [i:r] 1. pers. pron.: (2nd pi. nom.)
you; (3rd sg. dat.) (to) her; 2. pass.
pron.: her; their; /hr s. andpl. your;
der (die, das) e hers; theirs; der (die,
das) Ihre sg. and pi. yours; ~erseits
[' ar'zaits] adv. on her part; on
their part; Ihrerseits sg. and pi. on
your part; ' es'gleichen pron. (of)
her or their kind, her or their equal;
Ihresgleichen sg. (of) your kind,
your equal; pi. (of) your kind,
your equals; ' et'wegen adv. for
her or their sake, on her or their

account; Ihretwegen sg. or pi. for

your sake, on your account;

willen adv.: um


(si-) hypochondriac; Srisch adj.


identijfizieren [identifi'tsirran] v/t.





s. ihretwegen;

m s. Grundstucksmakler.

immun adj. [i'mum] immune (ge'

gen against, from); 2itat [ uni teit]

/ (-/no pi.) immunity.

Imperativ r. ['imperatiif] m (-s/-e)

imperative (mood).
Imperfekt gr. ['imperfskt] n (-s/-e)
imperfect (tense), past tense.

Imperialis|mus [imperia'lismus] m
(-jnopi ) imperialism; ~t m (-enj-en)

imperialist; 2tisch adj. imperialistic.




impertinent, insolent.


['impfsn] vjt. (ge-, h)

Sschein m
of vaccination or in'Sstoff
ni vaccine;

vaccinate; inociilate;


serum; 'Sung/(-/-en) vaccination;

imponieren [impo'nhran] v/i. (no

ge-, h): j-m - impress s.o.
Import 'f [im'port] m (-[e]s/-e)
import(ation); eur "t [.v'toir] m
(-s/-e) importer; Sieren [ tiiran]
r/f. (no -ge-, h) import.
imposant adj. [impo'zant] imposing,
impragnieren [impre'gniirsn] r/r.
(no -ge-, h) impregnate; (water-)
proof (raincoat, etc.).

improvisieren [improvi'ziirsn] v/t.

and vli. (no -ge-, h) improvise.
Im'puls m (-es/-e) impuls; 2iv adj.


[be able.|

imstande adj. [im'Jtanda]:

in prp. (dat.; acc.) [in] 1. place: in,
at; within; into, in; toith names
of important tovms: in,
at, of;
tcith names of villages and less important towns: at; im House in the
house, indoors, in; im ersten Stock



[in'diitsjan-] m

circumstantial evidence.




147 -



Indoss|ament f [indosa'ment] n
(-sl-e) endorsement, indorsement;

Sieren -f [ 'si

Industrialisierung [industriali'zi:rurj] / (-l-en) industrialization.

Industrie [indus'tri:] / (-/-n) industry; anlage / industrial plant;
arbeiter m industrial worker;
usstellung / industrial exhibition; erzeugnis n industrial product; gebiet n industrial district
or area; 211 adj. Ui el] industrial;


lle [ i'sls] m (-nj-n) industrialist;

staat m industrial country.

ineinander adv. [in'at'nandar] into

one another; greifen v/i. (irr.
greifen, sep., -ge-, h) gear into one
another, interlock.

infam adj. [in'faim] infamous.

[infanta'ri:] / (-/-n)
infantry; ist X m (-enl-en) in-

. der Schule

(im Theater) at school (the thea-



. England in England;
waren Sie schon einmal in England?
have you ever been to England?;

Infinitiv gr. finfinitiif] m (-s/-e)

infinitive (mood).

infizieren [infi'tsi:ran] v/t. (no -ge-,

h) infect.

tion, state: im Alter von funfzehn

Jahren at (the age of) fifteen;
Behandlung under treatment.
Inbegriff m (qviint)essence; embodiment, incarnation; paragon;
Sen adj. included, inclusive (of).
Inbrunst / (-/no pi.) ardour,


Inflation [infla'tsjo ] / (-/-en) in-/

in'folge prp. (gen.) in consequence
of, owing or due to; Jdessen adv.



(-l-en) information; Sieren U'mi:-

ran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) inform; falsch

Reichweite within reach; 4. condi-

/ infect-

ious disease.

time: in, at, during; within;

drei Tagen (with)in three days;
vierzehn Tagen today fortnight; im Jahre 1960 in 1960; im
Februar in February; im Friihling in
(the) spring;
der Nacht at night;
letzter Ze/t lately, of late, recently;
3 mode:
groBer Eile in great haste;
Frieden leben live at peace; ~

[infek'tsjom] / (-/-en)

infection; skrankheit

t|re. Am. -er);

die Schule (~s
Theoter) to school (the theat|re,
Am. -er);

n] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

indorse, endorse.


Ingenieur [inoe'njoir] m (-sl-e) engineer.

Ingwer ['irjvar] m (-sjno pi.) ginger.
Inhaber ['inhoibar] m (-s/-) owner,
proprietor (of business or shop): occupant (of flat); keeper (of shop);
holder (of office, share, etc.); bearer
(of chequ;, etc.).
Inhalt m (-[e]s/-e) contents pi. (of
bottle, book, etc.); tenor (of speech);
geom. volume; capacity (of vessel).


inbriinstig adj. ardent, fervent.

in'dem cj. whilst, while; by (ger.);
er mich ansah, sagte er looking at


Inhaltsjangabe / summary; '2108

me he said.

adj. empty, devoid of substance;

Sreich adj. full of meaning; life:
rich, full; ' verzeichnis n on par-

Inder ['indar] m (-si-) Indian.

m des(sen)
I. adv. meanwhile; 2.
cj. while; however.


cel: list of contents; in book: table

of contents.

Indikativ gr. ['indikatkf] m (-s/-e)

Initiative [irutsja'thva] / (-/no pi.)

initiative; die ~ ergreifen take the



(American or Red) Indian.



indicative (mood).
indirekt adj. indirect.
indisch adj. t'indij] Indian.

Inkccso't [in'kaso] n (-s/-s. Inkassi)



indiskret adj. indiscreet; 2ion

[ e tsjo:n] / (-l-en) indiscretion.
indiskutabel adj. ['indiskutazbal]

out of the question.

individu|ell adj. [individu'el] individual; 2um [ 'viiduum] n (-s/

Individuen) individual.


inkonsequenlt adj. inconsistent;

2z T ts] f (-/-en) inconsistency.
In'krafttreten n (-s/no pi.) coming
into force taking effect (of new

law, etc.).

Inland n (-[e]s/m? pi.) home (coun-

try); inland!.


inlandisch adj. f'inlEndiJ] native;

inland; home; domestic; product:

Inlett ['inlEt] n (-[e]s/-e) bedtick.

in'mitten prp. (gen.) in the midst
of, amid(st).

innejhaben vft. (irr. haben, sep.,

possess, hold (office, record,
etc.); occupy (flat); ' halten v/i.
(irr. halten, sep., -ge-, h) stop,


148 -

setzen repair; Shaltung / maintenance; upkeep.
instandig adv.: j-n
bitten implore or beseech s.o.
Instanz [in'stants] / (-/-cn) authority; j% instance;
enweg 1% m
stages of appeal; auf dem through
the prescribed channels.
Instinkt [in'stigkt] m (-[e]s/-e) in-

stinct; 2iv adv. [ .'ti'.f] instinctively.

Institut [insti'tuit] n (-[e]s/-e) in-

innen adv. ['inan] inside, within;

indoors; nach



Instrument [instru'mEnt] n (-[e]s/



Innenlarchitekt m interior decorator; ' ausstattung / interior

decoration, fittings pi., furnishing;

e) instrument.

inszenierjen esp. thea. [instse'ni:ran] vjt. (no -ge-, h) (put on the)

stage; Sung thea. f (-/-en) staging,

minister m minister of the inte-


rior; Home Secretary, Am. Secre-

tary of the Interior; ' ministe-

Integrjation [integra'tsjo:n]/(-/-en)

rium n ministry of the interior;

Home Office, Am. Department of
the Interior; Lpolitik / domestic
policy; ' seite / inner side, inside;
stadt / city. Am. downtown.
inner adj. ['inar] interior; inner;

integration; Sieren [Jgrkran] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) integrate.
intellektuell adj. [intElektu'el] intellectual, highbrow; 2e m (-n/-n)
intellectual, highbrow.

pol. internal; '2e n (-njno pi.) in-

ligent; 2z [ ts]/(-/-en) intelligence.

Intendant thea. [intEn'dant] m
(-enj-en) director

terior; Minjster(fum) des Innern s.

Innenminister(ium); 2eien [ .'raian]

flpl. offal(s pi.); ' halb 1. prp.
(gen.) within; 2. adv. within, inside;
lich adv. inwardly; esp. j? internally.
innig adj. ['ini?] intimate, close;

intelligen|t adj. [intEli'gcnt] intel-

intensiv adj. [intEn'ziif] intensive;


interess|ant adj. [inters'sant] interesting; 2e [ 'resa] n (-s/-n) interest

(on dot., fiir in); Sengebiet [Jresan-] n field of interest; Sengemeinschaft [.JrEsan-] / community of interests; combine pool,
trust; . ent U'sent] m (-en/-en)


Innung ['inur)] / (-/-en) guild, corporation.

inoffiziell adj. ['in9-] unofficial.

ins prp. [ins] = in das.
Insasse ['inzasa] m (-nj-ri) inmate;
occupant, passenger (of car).
Inschrift / inscription; legend (on
coin, etc.).
Insekt zo. [in'zekt] n (-[e]s/-en) in-


an interest in.

intern adj. [in'tern] internal; Sat

[ na:t]
n (-[e]s/-e) boarding'


Insel finzal] / (-/-n) island; ' bewohner m islander.


international adj. [intErnatsjo'na:!]

Inser|at [inza'ra:!] n (-[e]s/-e) advertisement, F ad; Sieren iVriiran]

vlt. and v/i. (no -ge-, h) advertise.

insgel'heim adv. secretly;

person or party;

prospective buyer, esp. Am. prospect; sieren [ 'si:ran] v/t. (no -ge-,
h) interest (fiir in); sich
fur take


adv. altogether.
in'sofem cj. so far; als in so tar as.
insolvent -f adj. ['inzolvent] insolvent.

Inspektjion [inspek'tsjom] f (-/-en)


inter) 'nieren v/t. (no -ge-, h) intern; S'nierung / (-/-en) internment; S nist # m (-enl-en) internal

specialist. Am. internist.

inter|pretieren [intErpre'tiiran] v/t.

(no -ge-, h) interpret; Spunktion
[ puqk'tsjoin] / (-/-en) punctuation; 2vall U'val] n (sl-e) interval;

.or [in'spektor] m
(-s/-en) inspector; surveyor; over-



instand adv. [in'Jtant]:

keep in gaod order; keep up;



m interzonal trade; 2'zonenverkehr m interzonal traffic.


inspirieren [inspi'riiran] v/t. (no

ge-, h) inspire.
inspizieren [inspi'tsiiran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) inspect (troops, -re); examine (goods); survey (buildings).
Install|ateur [instala'toir] m (-s/-e)
plumber; (gas- or electrical) fitter;
Sieren U'lkrsn] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

[ ve'ni:ran]

ge-, h) intervene; S'zonenhandel

intim adj. [in'ti:m] intimate (mit

with); 2itat Uimi'tEit] / (-/-en)

intoleranlt adj. intolerant; 2z ['~tsj

/ (-/-en) intolerance.
intransitiv gr. adj.



L:trig|e [in'trirga] / (-/-n) intrigue,

scheme, plot; Sieren [~i'gi:ran] v/i
(no -ge-, h) intrigue, scheme, plot.



149 '

Invalidje [inva'liida] m (-n/-n) invalid; disabled person; ~enrente /

disability pension;
itat t idi'
t&:t] f (-/no pi.) disablement, dis-

n 1. v/i. (ge-, h) err; wander;

vlrefl. (ge-, h) be mistaken (in
dat. in s.o., about; be wrong.
Irrenjanstalt & f lunatic asylum,

Inventar [inven'tair] n (sf-e) inventory, stock.
Inventur T [inven'tuir] / (-/-en)
mochen take stock.
investiieren f [inves'tiiran] vlt. (no
ge-, h) invest; 2ition 'f [U tsjom]/
(-/-en) investment
inwiel'fern cj. to what extent; in
what way or respect; Jweit cj.

mental home or hospital; ' arzt

m alienist, mental specialist; ' haus



how far, to what extent.


Ion phys. [Vcr.n] n (-s/-en) ion.

ird|en adj. ['irdsn] earthen; ' .isch
adj. earthly; worldly; mortal.
Ire t'irra] m (-n/-n) Irishman; die ~n
pi. the Irish pi.
irgend adv. ['irgant] in compounds:
some; any (a. negative and in questions); wenn ich konn if I possibly
can; ,*, ein(e) indef. pron. and adj.
some(one); any(one); ' einer indef. pron. s. irgend jemand;
ein(e)s indef. pron. some; any; ,
etwas indef. pron. something; anything;
jemand indef. pron.
someone; anyone; ' wann adv.
some time (or other); 'Jwie adv.
somehow; anyhow; '-.'wo adv.
somewhere; anywhere; '-.wo'lier
adv. from somewhere; from anywhere;
wo hin adv. somewhere;
irisch adj. Irish.
Iron|ie [iro'ni:] / (-/-n) irony; 2isch
adj. [i roini/] iromc(al).
irre t'ira] 1. adj. confused; # insane; mad; 2. 2 / (-/no pi.): in die
gehen go astray; 3. 2 m, / (-n/-n)
lunatic; mental patient; wie ein
like a madman; ' fiihren v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) lead astray; fig. mislead;
Lgehen v/i. (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-,
sein) go astray, stray; lose one s
machen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
puzzle, bewilder; perplex; confuse;








ja [ja:] 1. adv. yes; .it, parl. aye,

Am. parl. a. yea;
yes, indeed; to be sure; da ist er
well, there he is!; ich sogte es
I told you so; tut es
nichtl don t you dare do it!; vergessen Sie es
nicht! be sure
not to forget it!; 2. cj.:
selbst nay (even); wenn
if so;
er ist me/n Freund why, he is
my friend; 3. int.: , we/fit du

n s. Irrenanstalt.

irrereden v/i. (sep., -ge-, h) rave.


Irrjfahrt / wandering; Odyssey;


garten m labyrinth, maze;

glaube m erroneous belief; false
doctrine, heterodoxy; heresy; '2glaubig adj. heterodox; heretical;

ig adj. erroneous, mistaken, false,


in'zwischen adv. in the meantime,


irritieren [iri'thran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

irritate, annoy; confuse.
Irr|lehre / false doctrine, heterodoxy; heresy; ' licht n will-o'-the'

wisp, jack-o lantem; ' sinn m in-

sanity; madness; sinnig adj. insane; mad; .: fantastic; terrible;

sinnige m, f (-n/-n) s. irre 3;
tum m (sl-er) error, mistake;


sein be mistaken; Stiimlich

[' tyimli?] 1. adj. erroneous; 2. adv.

= 2tunilicherweise adv. by mis'

take; mistakenly, erroneously;

wisch m s. Irrlicht; p. flibbertigibbet.

Ischias # f'ijias] /, F a.: n, m (-/no

pi.) sciatica.
Islam ['islam, is'laim] m (sino pi.)

Island|er ['iislendsr] m (-s/-) Icelander; 'Sisch adj. Icelandic.

Isolator / [izo'la r] m (-s/-en)

Isolier|band / [izo'liir-] n insulating tape; Sen v/t. (no -ge-, h) isolate; ~masse / f insulating compound; schicht / / insulating
layer; ~ung / (-/-en) isolation (a.
j?); # quarantine; / insulation.
phys. [izo'toip] n (-s/-e)
Israeli [isra'eili] m (-s/-s) Israeli.

Italien|er [ital'jernar] m (-s/-) Italian; 2isch adj. Italian.

I-Tiipfelchen fig fiitypfal an] n
to a T.
(-s/-): bis aufs

denn nicht, do/3 why, don't you

know that.

Jacht & [jaxt] / (-/-en) yacht;

klub m yacht-club.
acke ['jaka] / (-/-n) jacket.
ackett [sa'ket] n (-s/-e, -s) jacket.
agd [ja:kt] / (-/-en) hunt(ing); with
a gun: shoot(ing); chase; s. Jagdrevier; auf (die) gehen go hunting
or shooting. Am. a. be gunning;
mochen ouf (acc.) hunt after or for;


150 -


aufseher m gamekeeper. Am.
game warden;
bomber X Tn
(-s/-) fighter-bomber; ' biichse /
sporting rifle; ' flinte / sporting
gun; fowling-piece; flugzeug X
n fighter (aircraft);
X " fighter wing. Am. fighter
group; gesellschaft / hunting or
shooting party; Jhaus n shootingbox or -lodge, hunting-box or
lodge; 'Jtiund m hound; ' hiitte/
shooting-box, hunting-box;
pachter m game-tenant; ' rennen
n steeplechase; ' revier n huntingschein m shootground, shoot;

Jalousie [3alulzi:]/(-/-n) (Venetian)

ing licen|ce. Am. -se; ' schlofi n

jammer|n fjamarn] v/i. (ge-, h)

hunting seat; Ltasche/ game-bag.

jagen ['jargan] (ge-, h) 1. vji. go
hunting or shooting, hunt; shoot;
rush, dash; 2. vft. hunt; chase; ous

lament (nocb, um for; iiber acc.

over); moan; wail, whine; L'schade


Jahr|markt m fair; Jtausend n







dem House ~ turn s.o. out (of doors).

Jager fjeigar] m (-s/-) hunter

huntsman; sportsman; X rifleman;
latein F fig. n huntsmen's yarn,
tall stories pi.
Jaguar zo. ['jaiguarr] m (-s/-e)i
jah adj. [je:] sudden, abrupt; precipitous, steep.

Jahr [ja:r] n (-[e]s/-e) year; e/n ho/bes

half a year, six months pi.;
emmo/ im

once a year; /m

in 1900; m/t t8


en, im Alter von

18 ~en at (the age of) eighteen;

letztes last year; das ganze ~ hindurch or iiber all the year round;
S'aus adv.: , jahrein year in, year
out; year after year; ' buch n yearbook, annual; Jein adv. s. jahraus.

jahrelang 1. adv. for years; 2. adj.:

e Erfahrung (many) years of experience.
jahren ['jeiran] v/refl. (ge-, h): es
jahrt sich heute, daft ... it is a year
ago today that
it is a year today
since ...

Jahresjabonnement n annual subscription (to magazine, etc.); thea.

yearly season ticket; ' abschlufi m
annual statement of accounts;
anfang m beginning of the year;

die besten

Wunsche! best

wishes for the New Year; ' bericht

m annual report; ' einkommen n
annual or yearly income; ' ende n

end of the year; ' gehalt n annual

salary; Ltag tn anniveisary;
wechsel tn turn of the year; '~zahl
/ date, year; ' zeit / season, time
of the year.
Jahrgang m volume, year (of periodical, etc.); p. age-group; univ.,
school: year, class; wine: vintage.
Jahr'hundert n (-s/-e) century; ~feier / centenary. Am. centennial;
wende/turn of the century.
jahrig adj. ['je:rig] one-year-old.
jahrlich ['jeirlig] 1. adj. annual,
yearly; 2. adv. every year; yearly,

once a year.





feier / millenary; Jzehnt n

(-[e]s/-e) decade
Jahzorn m violent (fit of) temper;
irascibility; 'Sig adj. hot-tempered;


blind. Am. a. window shade.

Jammer ['jamar] m (-s/no pi.) lamentation; misery; es ist ein

is a pity.


jammerlich adj. ['jemarli ] miserable, wretched; piteous; pitiable

(esp. contp.).

adj.: es ist it is a thousand pities,

it is a great shame.
Januar ['janua:r] m (-[s]/-e) January.

Japan|er [ja'patnar] m (-si-) Japanese; die

pi. the Japanese pi.;
Sisch adj. Japanese.
Jargon foar'go] m (-s/-s) jargon,
cant, slang.
[jas'mhn] m (-s/-e) jasmin(e), jessamin(e).
Jastimme parl. f aye. Am. a. yea.
jaten ['jertan] v/t. (ge-, h) weed.
Jauche ['jauxa] / (-/-n) S liquid
manure; sewage.

jauchzen ['jauxtsan] v/i. (ge-, h)

exult, rejoice, cheer; vor Freude ~
shout for joy.
jawohl adv. [ja'vo:!] yes; yes, indeed; yes, certainly; that's right;
X etc.: yes. Sir!
Jawort n consent; j-m das
accept s.o. s proposal (of marriage).
je [je:] 1. adv. ever, at any time;
always; ohne ihn ~ gesehen zu haben
without ever having seen him; seit
eh und
since time immemorial,
always; distributive with numerals:


zwei two at a time, two each, two

by two by or in twos; sie bekamen

zwei A[>fel they received two apples each; fur
zehn Worter tor
every ten words; in Schachteln mit
or zu
zehn Stuck verpackt packed
in boxes of ten; 2. cj.: nach GroBe
according to or depending on size;
nachdem it depends;
was er fiir richtig halt according as
he thinks fit;

nachdem, wie er

sich fuhlt depending on how he


mehr, desto besser the more

the better;
lieber the
longer the better; 3. prp.: die Birnen kosten e-e Mark
Pfund the
pears cost one mark a pound; s.

jede|(r, -s) indef. pron. ['je:da(r, -s)]

every; any; of a group: each; of
two persons: either; jeder, dec whoever; jeden zweiten Tag every other

day; ' n'falls adv. at all events, in



any case;
rmann indef. pron.
everyone, everybody; Lr'zeit adv.
always, at any time; ' s'mal adv.
each or every time;
wenn when-

tum n (slno pi.) Judaism; ' nver-

folgung / persecution of Jews,

Jew-baiting; pogrom.

Jiidjin ['jyrdin] / (-/-nen) Jewess;



jedoch cj. [je'dox] however, yet,

Sisch adj. Jewish.

Jugend ['juigant] / (-/o pi.) youth;
amt n youth welfare department;
buch n book for the young;
freund m friend of one's youth;
school-friend; Lfursorge / youth
Lgericht n juvenile court;
herberge/youth hostel; ',jahre


jeher adv.: von or se/t at all times

always, from time immemorial.
jemals adv. ['jeimarls] ever, at any


jemand indef. pron. ['jermant]

someone, somebody; with questions
and negations: anyone, anybody.
jene|(r, -s) dem. pron. ['je-.naCr, -s)]
that (one); jene pi. those pi.
jenseitig adj. fjenzaiti?] opposite.
jenseits 1. prp. (gen.) on the other

nlpl. early years, youth; ' kriminalitat / juvenile delinquency; '2lich adj. youthful, juvenile, young;
liche m, f (-nj-n) young person;
juvenile; young man, youth; young
girl; teen-ager; '~liebe / early or
first love, calf-love. Am. a. puppy
love; old sweetheart or flame;
schriften flpl. books for the young;
schutz m protection of children


side of, beyond, across; 2. adv. on

the other side, beyond; 3. n (-/no
pi.) the other or next world, the
world to come, the beyond.
jetzig adj. ['jetsi?] present, existing;
prices, etc.: current.
jetzt adv. [jetst] now, at present;
bis ~ until now; so far; efaen
now; erst only now; fur for the
present; gleich
at once, right
away; noch
even now; von
from now on.

jeweillig adj. ['je'.'vaili?] respective;

s adv. V~s] respectively, at a time;

from time to time (esp.

Joch [j'dx]


yoke; in

mountains: col, pass, saddle; &

bay; Lbein anat. n cheek-bone.
Jockei ['djoki] m (s/s) jockey.
[jo:t] n (-[e]s/o pi.) iodine.

jodeln ['joicbln] v/i. (ge-, h) yodel.

Johanni [jo'hani] n (-/no pi.), ~s [~s]

n (-/no pi.) Midsummer day; < sbeere / currant; rote red currant;
stag m eccl. St John's day; Midsummer day.
johlen fjoilan] vfi. (ge-} h) bawl,
yell, howl.
Jolle * ['jab] / (-l-n) jolly-boat,
yawl, dinghy.
Jongl eur [so'gloir] m(-s/-e) juggler;
Sieren v/t. and v/i. (no -ge-, h)
Journal four'nail] n (-s/-e) journal;
newspaper; magazine; diary; .&
log-book; ,vist [ a'Ust] m (-en/-en)
journalist. Am. a. newspaperman.
Jubel ['juibsl] m (sfno pi.) jubilation, exultation, rejoicing; cheering; 'Sn vji. (ge-, b) jubilate; exult,
rejoice (iifaer acc. at).
Jubil|ar [jubi'larr] m (-s/-e) person
celebrating his jubilee, etc.; aum
[ eium] (si Jubilaen) jubilee.
Juchten ['juxtan] m, n (slno pl.)}
leder n Russia (leather).
jucken ['juksn] (ge-, h) 1. vfi. itch;
2 vjt. irritate, (make) itch; F sich
scratch (o.s.).
Jude ['juida] m (-n/-n) Jew; 'finfeindlich adj. anti-Semitic; Ln-


and young people; ' streich m

youthful prank; ' werk early work
(of author);
pi. a. juvenilia pi.',

zeit / (time or days of) youth.

Jugoslavje [juigo'slcnvs] m (-en/-en)




Jugoslav, Yugoslav.

Juli ['juili] m (-[s]/-s) July.

jung adj. [jut)] young; youthful;
peas: green; beer, wine: new; es
Gemiise young or early vegetables
pi.; F fig. young people, small fry.
Junge 1. m (-n/-n) boy, youngster;
lad; fellow, chap. Am. guy; cards:
knave, jack; 2. n (-nf-n) young;
puppy (of dog); kitten (of cat); calf
(of cow, elephant, etc.); cub (of beast
of prey);
werfen bring forth
young; ein ~s a young one; '2nhaft
nstreich m boyish
adj. boyish;

prank or trick.


151 -

jiinger ['jyqsr] 1. adj. younger, junior; er ist drei Jahre als ich he is
my junior by three years, he is
three years younger than I; 2. m
(si-) disciple.
Jungfer ['jurjfsr] / (-l-n): o/te
old maid or spinster.
Jungfernlfahrt & / maiden voyage
or trip; flug
m maiden flight;
rede / maiden speech.


Junglfrau / maid(en), virgin; fraulich adj. V hoYlig] virginal;

fig. virgin; '~fraulichkeit / (-/no

pi.) virginity, maidenhood; Lgeselle m bachelor; ' gesellenstand

m bachelorhood;
gesellin /

(-/-nen) bachelor girl

Jiingling ['jyrjlir)] m (-s/-e) youth,

young man.

jiingst [jyqst] 1. adj. youngest; time:

(most) recent, latest; das e Geri cht, der e Tag Last Judg(e)mentj
Day of Judg(e)ment; 2. adv. re'

cendy, lately.

jungverheiratet adj. newly married; en pi. the newlyweds pi.


152 -

Juni t'jurni] m (-[s]/-s) June; ' kafer zo. m cockchafer, June-bug.

junior ['jiiinjor] 1. adj. junior;
2 2 m (-s/-en) junior (a. sports).
Jura ['juira] n/pl.:
studieren read


judicial officer; gebaude n courthouse; inspektor m judicial officer; -Jrrtum m judicial error; minister m minister of justice;
Lord Chancellor, Am. Attorney

or study law.


Jurist [ju'rist] m (-en/-en) lawyer;

law-student; 2isch adj. legal.
Jury [sy'ri:] / (-/-s) jury.
justier en [jus'tirran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) adjust; Sung @ / (-/-en)

ministerium n minis-

try of justice; Am. Department of

Justice; ~mord tn judicial murder.

Juwel [ju've:!] m, n (-s/-en) jewel,

gem; en pi. jewel(le)ry;
lirr] m (-s/-e) jewel(l)er.


Justiz [ju'stiits] / (-/no pi.) (administration of) justice; beamte m

ier [ e-

Jux F [juks] m (-es/-e) (practical)

joke, fun, spree, lark; prank.

(Compare also C and Z)

Kabel t'ka-.bal] n (-s/-) cable.

Kabeljau ichth. ['katbaljau]

Kalauer t'karlausr] m (-s/-) stale


(-s/-e -s) cod(fish)


kabeln vjt. and vji. (ge-, h) cable.

Kabine [ka'birns] / (-/-n) cabin; at
hairdresser's, etc.: cubicle; cage
(of lift).
Kabinett pol. [kabi'nst] n (-s/-e)
cabinet, government.
Kabriolett [kabrio'let] n (-s/-e)
cabriolet, convertible.

Kachel fkaxal] / (-/-n) (Dutch or

glazed) tile; ofen m tiled stove.
Kadaver [ka'daivar] m (si-) car'

joke; pun.
Kalb zo. [kalp] n (-[e]s/=er) calf; 2en
t' bsn] v/i. (ge-, h) calve; ' fell
n calfskin;

fleisch n veal; Lleder

n calf(-leather).

Kalbsjbraten m roast veal; ' keule

/leg of veal; 1 Jeder n s. Kalbleder;

nierenbraten m loin of veal.

Kalender [ka'lsndar] m (-s/-) calendar; almanac; ~block m dateblock; jahr n calendar year; uhr
/ calendar watch or clock.
['kaili] n (-s/-s) potash.

Kaliber [ka'lr.bsr] n (-s/-) calib|re,


Kadett [ka'det] m (-en/-en) cadet.

Kafer zo. ['ksifar] tn (-si-) beetle,

Am. -er (a.fig.), bore (of firearm).

Kalk [kalk] m (-[e]s/-e) lime; geol.



kahl adj. [ka:l] p. bald; tree, etc.:

bare; landscape, etc.: barren, bleak;
rock, etc.: naked; Skopf m baldhead, baldpate; kopfig adj. [',*kcepfig] bald(-headed).
Kahn [ka:n] m (-[e]s/=e) boat; riverbarge; ~ fahren go boating; ' fahren n (-s/no pi.) boating.
Kai [kai] m (-s/-e, -s) quay, wharf.
Kaiser t'kaizsr] m (-s/-) emperor;
krone / imperial crown; 'Slich
tum n
adj. imperial; ' reich n,
(-[e]s/=er) empire; ' wiirde / imperial status.
Kajiite & [ka'jyits] / (-/-n) cabin.
Kakao [ka'kaio] m (-s/-s) cocoa; '

a. cacao.

[kak'te s)] / (-/-n), us
[' us] m (-/Kakteen, F Kaktusse)



limy; ' ofen m limekiln; '~stein m


/ coffee-mill or -grinder; O- atz

m coffee-grounds pi.; (%tasse /

Kafig fkerfig] m (-s/-e) cage (a.fig.).

' .brenner

bumer; 'Sen vjt. (ge-, h) whitewash

(wall, etc.); S lime (field); 'Sig adj.

Kaffee ['kafe, ka'fe:] m (-s/-s) coffee; O-bohne

/ coffee-bean;
O kanne / coffee-pot; O- niiihle



' steinbruch m lime-

stone quarry.

Kalorie [kalo'ri:] / (-/-n) calorie.

kalt adj. [kalt] climate, meal, sweat,
etc.: cold; p., manner, etc.: cold,
chilly, frigid; m/r /st
I am cold;
Kiiche cold dishes pi. or meat,
etc.; j-m die .e Schu/ter zeigen give
bliitig adj.
s o the cold shoulder;
[' bly:ti?] cold-blooded (a. fig.).
Kalte fkslts] / (-/no pi.) cold; chill;
coldness, chilliness (both a. fig.);
vor ~ zittern shiver with cold; funf
five degrees below zero;
grad m degree below zero;
welle / cold spell.

kalt|stellen fig. v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)


shelve, reduce to impotence;


welle / cold wave.

kam [ka:m] pret. of kommen.

Kamel zo. [ka'me:!] n (-[e]s/-e)

haar n textiles: camel hair.

Kamera phot, ['kamsra] / (-/-s)



Kamerad [kama'rart] m (-en -en)

comrade; companion; mate. F pal,
chum; schaft / (- -en) comrade-

for apply for, stand for. Am. run

for (office, etc.).
Kanguruh zo. ['kegguru:] n (-s,-s)

ship, companionship; 2schaftlich

adj. comradely, companionable.
[ka'mila] / (-/-n) camomile; ntee m camomile tea.

Kamin [ka'mirn] m (-s -e) chimney

(a. mount.); fireplace, fireside;
sims m. n mantelpiece; vorleger
m hearth-rug; vorsetzer m (-s/-)

Kamm [kam] m (-[e]s'=e) comb;

crest (of bird or tsave); crest, ridge
(of mountain).

kkmmen fkemsn] r/r. (ge-, h)

comb; s/ch (die Haare)




Kaninchen zo. [ka'nirn an] n (si-)

rabbit; *bau m rabbit-burrow.

Kanister [ka'nistar] m (-s/-) can.

Kanne ['kans] / (-/-n) milk, etc.:

jug; coffee, tea: pot; oil, milk: can;

giefier F fig. m political wiseacre.
Karmibal e [kani'bails] m (-n/-n)
cannibal; Sisch adj. cannibal.
kannte ['kants] pret. of kennen.
Kanon / ['katnon] m (-s s) canoru
Kanonjade X [kano'narda] / (- -n)
cannonade; e U'norna] /(-/-n) X
cannon, gun; F fig.: big shot; esp.

s hair.

sports: ace, crack.

Kam me r ['kamar] / (-,'-n) (small)

room; closet; pol. chamber; board;



n supreme court;
m chamberlain;
jager m vermin




musik / chamber
zofe / chambermaid.




rad n cogwheel.





Kampf [kampf] m (-[e]s/=e) combat, fight (a. fig.); struggle (a. fig.);
battle (a. fig.); fig. conflict; sports:
contest, match; boxing: fight, bout;
bahn / sports: stadium, arena;
Sbereit adj. ready for battle.
kampfen ['kempfsn] vji. (ge-5 ti)
fight (gegen against; mit with; um
for) (a. fig.); struggle (a. ig.); fig.
contend, wrestle (mit with).

Kampfer ['kampfsr] m (sjno pi.)

Kampfer ['kempfsr] m (-$!-) fighter
(a. fig.); X combatant, warrior.
Kampf.flugzeug n tactical aircraft; ' geist m fighting spirit;
platz m battlefield; fig., sports:
arena; ' preis m sports: prize;
cut-throat price; ' richter m referee, judge, umpire; 'gunfahig adj.


kampieren [kam'piiran] vfi. (no

ge-, h) camp.
Kanal [ka'narl] m (-s/=e) canal;
channel (a. , fig.); geogr. the
Channel; sewer, drain;
[ aliza'tsjom] / (-/-en) river: canalization; tovrn, etc.: sewerage; drainage; Sisieren Uali'ztrsn] v/t. (no

ge-, h) canalize; sewer.

Kanarienvogel om. [ka'nairian-] m


Kandare [kan'darra] / (-/-n) curb


Kandid[at [kandi'da ] m (-en/-en)


Kanonier X [kano'niir] m (s -e)




ter fig. n cannon-fodder; kugel /

cannon-ball; rohr n gun barrel.



dormer m boom of cannon; Gut-

j*l division (of court); diener m

frau / lady's maid; ' ge-



153 -


Kant e ['kants] f(-l-n) edge; brim;

en m (-s/-) end of loaf; 'Sen r/r.
(ge-, h) square (stone, etc.); set on
edge; tilt; edge (skis); 'Sig adj.
angular, edged; square(d).
Kantine [kan'tkns] / (- -n) canteen.
Kanu ['katnu] n (-s/-s) canoe.
Kaniile # [ka'nyaa] / (-/-n) tubule,


Kanzel [,kants3l]/(-/-n) eccl. pulpit;

cockpit; X (gun-)turret.; ' redner m preacher.
Kanzlei [kants'lai] / (-/-en) office.
Kanzler m (-$!-) chancellor.
Kap geogr. [kap] n (-s -s) headland.
Kapazitat [kapatsi'tert] / (-/-en)
capacity; fig. authority.
Kapellle [ka'pela] / (-/-n) eccl.
chapel; J band; meister m band'

leader, conductor.

kaper|n & ['kaipam] v/t. (ge-, h)

capture, seize; Eschiff n privateer.
kapieren F [ka'pirran] vjt. (no -ge-,

h) grasp, get.
Kapital [kapi'ta:!] 1. n (-s/-e, -/en)
capital, stock, funds pi.; und Zinsen principal and interest; 2. 2
adj. capital; anlage / investment;
flucht/ flight of capital; gesellschaft / joint-stock company; Si-

sieren [ Jili'ziiran] vjt. (no -ge-, h)


ismus [ a lismus] m
(-/no pi ) capitalism; ist Ua'list]
m (-enf-en) capitalist; markt
U'ta:!-] m capital market; *verbrechen n capital crime.
Kapitan [kapi'tein] m (-s'-e) captain;
zur See naval captain;
leutnant m (senior) lieutenant.
Kapitel [ka'pitsl] n (-s/-) chapter
( a. fig.).


Kapitul ation X [kapitula'tsjoin]/

Ua'tu:r] / (-/-en) candidature, candidacy; Sieren U'dirren] c/i. (no

(-/-en) capimladon surrender; Sieren U'lirran] v/i. (no -ge-, h) capit-



ge-, h) be a candidate (fur for);

ulate, surrender.


Kaplan eccl.

[ka'plarn] m (-s/=e)


Kappe ['kapa] / (-/-n) cap; hood

(a. ); bonnet; '2n vjt. (ge-, h) cut
(cable); lop, top (tree).
Kapriole [kapri'oib] / (-/-n) equitation: capriole; fig.: caper; prank.
Kapsel ['kapsal] / (-/-n) case, box;
anat., etc.: capsule.

kaputt adj. [ka'put] broken; elevator, etc.: out of order; fruit, etc.:
spoilt; p.: ruined; tired out, F
fagged out; gehen v/i. (irr. gehen,
sep., -ge-, sein) break, go to pieces;
Kapuze [ka'punss] / (-/-n) hood;
eccl. cowl.



154 -

n &

chart-house; fig. house of

cards; ' legerin / (-/-nen) fortuneteller from the cards; ' spiel n
card-playing; card-game.
Kartoffel [kar'tofal] / (-/-n) potato,
F spud; brei m mashed potatoes
pi.; ~kafer m Colorado or potato
beetle. Am. a. potato bug; ,schalen
flpl. potato peelings pi.
Karton [kar'to:, kar'toin] m (s/s, -e)
cardboard, pasteboard; cardboard

box, carton.

Passion Week.

Kase ['keiza] m (-s/-) cheese.

Karaffe [ka'rafs] /(-/-n) carafe (for

wine or water); decanter (for liqueur,


[karambo'larsa] /

crash; billiards:
cannon. Am. a. carom; Sieren v/i.
(no -ge-, sein) cannon. Am. a. carom; F fig. collide.
Karat [ka'rart] n (-[e]s/-e) carat.
Karawane [kara'vaina] / (-/-n)




kasig adj. cheesy; complexion: pale,


Kasino [ka'ziino] n (s/s) casino,

club(-house); (officers ) mess.
Kasperle ['kasperla] n, m (-s/-)



Karbid [kar'birt] n (-[e]s/-e) carbide.

Kardinal eccl. [kardi'na:!] m (-s/-e)

Karfreitag eccl. [kair1-] m Good

karg adj. [kark] soil: meagre; vegetation: scant, sparse; meal: scanty,
meagre, frugal; ~en t' gsn] v/i.
(ge-, h): m/'t be sparing of.
karglich adj. ['kerklig] scanty,
meagre; poor.

kariert adj. [ka'rhrt] check(ed),

chequered. Am. checkered.

Karik|atur [karika'tuir] / (-/-en)

caricature, cartoon; Sieren [ 'ki:ran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) caricature,

karmesin adj. [karme'zim] crimson.

Karneval ['karnsval] m (sj-e, -s)
Shrovetide, carnival.

Karo f'kairo] n (-s/-s) square,

check; cards: diamonds pi.
Karosserie mot. [karosa'ri:] / (-/-n)

[ka'rota] / (-/-n) carrot.

Karpfen tchth. ['karpfsn] m (-s/-)


Karre ['kara] / (-/-n) cart; wheelbarrow.

Karriere [karlje:r3]/(-/-n) (successful) career.

Karte ['karta] / (-/-n) card; postcard; map; chart; ticket; menu,

bill of fare; list.

Kartei [kar'tai] / (-/-en) card-index;

karte / index-card, fDing-card;
schrank m filing cabinet.

Kartell -f [kar'tel] n (-s/-e) cartel.


Kartenlbrief m letter-card; ' haus

[ka'zerna] / (-/-n) bar-

racks pi.; enhof m barrack-yard

or -square; 2ieren U'niiran] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) quarter in barracks,





Kartothek [karto'teik] / (-/-en) 5./

Karussell [karu'sel] n (-s/-s, -e)
roundabout, merry-go-round. Am.
a car(r)ousel.
Karwoche eccl. ['katr-J / Holy or








Judy show.
Kasse ['kasa] / (-/-n) cash-box; till
(in shop, etc.); cash-desk, pay-desk
(in bank, etc.); pay-office (infirm);
thea., etc.: box-office, booking-office; cash; be/'
in cash.

Kassenlabschlufi "f m balancing

of the cash (accounts); ' .anweisung / disbursement voucher;

bestand m cash in hand; ' bote

m bank messenger; Lbuch n cash

book; ' erfolg m thea., etc.: boxoffice success; ' patient w panel
schalter m bank, etc.:


teller's counter.

Kasserolle [kasa'rola] / (-/-n) stewpan, casserole.

Kassette [ka'seta] / (-/-n) box (for
money, etc.); casket (for jewels, etc.);
slip-case (for books); phot, plateholder.

kassiere|n [ka'si:ran] (no -ge-, h)

1 v/i. waiter, etc.: take the money
(fur for); 2. v/t. take (sum of money);
collect (contributions, etc.); annul;
j% quash (verdict); 2r m (-s/-)

cashier; bank: a. teller; collector.


[ka'stamja] / (-/-n)


Kasten ['kastan] m (-s/=, S-) box;

chest (for tools, etc.); case (for
violin, etc.); bin (for bread, etc.).
Kasus r. ['kaisus] m (-/-) case.
Katalog [kata'loik] m (-[e]s/-e)
catalogue. Am. a. catalog; 2isieren
Uogi'zizran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) catalogue, Am. a. catalog.
[ka'tar] m (-s/-e) (common) cold, catarrh.





catastrophic, disastrous; 2e [Jstro:fa] / (-/-") catastrophe, disaster.

Katechismus eccl. [kate' ismus] m
(-/Kotech/smen) catechism
Katego|rie [katego'ri:] / (-/-n)
category; Srisch adj. [ .'gorrij]
Kater fkaitar] m (si-) za. male cat,
tom-cat; fig. s. Katzenjammer.
Katheder [ka'terdar] n, m (-s/-)

Kathedrale [kate'draib] / (-/-n)i



m (-en/-en)

[JtoiliJ] (Roman) Catholic.

Kattun [ka'tuin] m (-s/-e) calico;
cotton cloth or fabric; chintz.

Katze zo. f'katsa] / (-/-n) cat; Lnjammer F fig. m hangover, morning-after feeling.
Kauderwelsch f'kaudarvElJ] n (-[s]/
no pi.) gibberish, F double Dutch;
Sen v/i. (ge-, h) gibber, F talk

kauern ['kausm] (ge-, h) 1. v/i.

crouch; squat; 2. vlrefl. crouch
(down); squat (down); duck (down).
Kauf [kauf] m (-[e]s/-e) purchase;
bargain, F good buy; acquisition;
purchasing, buying; ' brief m deed
of purchase; 'Sen vjt. (ge-, h) buy,
purchase; acquire (by purchase);
sich et. buy o.s., buy for

Kaufer ['kovfar] m (-s/-) buyer,

purchaser; customer.




laden m shop. Am. a. store.

kauflich ['koyfli?] 1. adj. for sale;

purchasable; fig. open to bribery,
bribable; venal; 2. adv.: erwerfaen
(acquire by) purchase; uberlassen
transfer by way of sale.



player, Am. bowler.






kopf anat. m larynx.

Kehre ['ke'.ra] / (-/-n) (sharp) bend,
turn; '2n vft. (ge-, h) sweep,
brush; turn (noch oben upwards);
turn one's back
j-m den Rucken

on s.o.

Kehricht fkeirigt] m, n (-[e]s/no pi.)

sweepings pi., rubbish.
Kehrseite / wrong side, reverse;
esp. fig. seamy side.
kehrtmachen v/i. (sep., -ge-, h)
turn on one's heel; X turn r face

keifen ['kaifan] vfi. (ge-, h) scold,

Keil [kail] m (-[e]s/-e) wedge; gore,
gusset; e F / (-/no pi.) thrashing,
hiding; ' er zo. m (-s/-) wild-boar;
erei F U'rai] / (-/-en) row, scrap;
Sformig adj. [' fcermi?] wedgekissen n
shaped, cvmeiform;
wedge-shaped bolster; ' vschrift /
cuneiform characters pi.
Keim [kaim] m (-[e]s/-e)
, biol.
seed-plant; shoot; sprout;
fig. seeds pi., germ, bud; 'Sen v/i.
(ge-, h) seeds, etc.: germinate; seeds,
plants, potatoes, etc. sprout; fig.
b(o)urgeon; 'Sfrei adj. sterilized,
sterile; ' trager # m (germ-)carrier;
zelle / germ-cell.
kein indef. pron. [kam] as adj.: (e)
no, not any;
onderer ais none
other but; as noun: er, .e, (e)s


Kegel fkeigal] m (-s/-) games:

skittle, pin; esp. fc, cone;
sch/eben s. kege/n; bahn/skittle,
alley, Am. bowling alley; Sformig
adj. f' fcermi?] conic(al), coniform;
tapering; '2n v/i. (ge-, h) play (at)
skittles or ninepins. Am. bowl.
Kegler ['keigbr] m (-s/-) skittle-


double Dutch.

kauen ['kauan] v/t. and v/i. (ge-, h)

o s


155 -


- *.



none, no one, nobody;

er von
be/den neither (of the two); .er von
uns none of us;




falls adv.,


businessman;merchant,-trader, deal-

wegs adv. [' 'veiks] by no means,

er, shopkeeper; Am. a. storekeeper;

Smannisch adj. [' mEniJ] commercial, mercantile; '-vvertrag m

not at all;

contract of sale.


mal adv. not once,not

a single time.
Keks [ke:ks] m, n (-, -es/-, -e) biscuit, Am. cookie; cracker.

Kaugummi m chewing-gum.
kaum adv. [kaum] hardly, scarcely,
glaublich hard to believe.
Kautabak m chewing-tobacco.
[kau'tsjorn] / (-/-en)

Kelch [kel?] m (-[e]s/-e) cup, goblet;

eccl. chalice, communion-cup;
Kelle f'kEb] / (-/-n) scoop; ladle;

security, surety;
mst bail.
Kautschuk ['kautjuk] m (-s/-e)
caoutchouc, pure rubber.

Keller ['kfibr] m (-s/-) cellar; basement; ei [ Jrai]/(-/-en) wine-vault;


Kavalier [kava'liir] m (-s/-e) gentleman; beau, admirer.

Kavallerie X [kavab'ri:] / (-/-n)

cavalry, horse.
Kaviar ['kcr.viar] m (-s/-e) caviar(e).

keck adj. [kek] bold; impudent,

saucy, cheeky; 'Sheit/(-/-en) boldness ; impudence, sauciness, cheekiness.

tool: trowel.


geschof5 n basement;



m cellarman.

Kellner ['kelnar] m (-s/-) waiter;

in / (-/-nen) waitress.
Kelter ['kfiltar] / (-/-n) winepress;
Sn v/t. (ge-, h) press.

kennjen ['kenan] v/t. (trr., ge-, h)

know, be acquainted with; have
knowledge of; '-venlernen v/t.
( sep., -ge-, h) get or come to know;


make s.o.'s acquaintance, meet s.o.:


Ser m (-s/-) expert; connoisseur;

tlich adj. recognizable (on daz.
by); machen mark; label; '2tnis/
nehmen von
(-/-se) knowledge;
take not(ic)e of; 'Szeichen n mark,
sign; mot. registration (number),
Am. license number; fig. hallmark,
criterion; ' zeichnen v/t. (ge-, h)

Kilo ['kiilo] n (-s/-[s]), gramm

[kilo'gram] n kilogram(me); ~hertz
U'herts] n (-/no pi.) kilocycle per

second; 'meter m kilometjre. Am.


Kinder|arzt m p(a)ediatrician; ~el


Kerze ['kertsa] / (-/-n) candle; '~nlicht n candle-light; ' nstarke /

kefi F adj. [kes] pert, jaunty; smart.
Kessel ['kesal] m (-s/-) kettle; cauldron; boiler; hollow.
Kette ['keta] / (-/-n) chain; range
(of mountains, etc.); necklace; '2n
vlt- (ge-, h) chain (an acc. to).

Ketten|hund m watch-dog; '~raucher m chain-smoker; ' reaktion

/ chain reaction.

Ketzer ['ketsar] m (si-) heretic; ~ei

U rai] / (-/-en) heresy; 'Eisch adj.

rai] / (-/-en) childishness; childish trick; trifle; ' frau / nurse;

franlein n governess; ' funk m
children s program(me); Lgarten
m kindergarten, nursery school;
lahmung # / infantile paralysis,
polio(myelitis); 'S'leicht adj. very
easy or simple, F as easy as winking


or as



song; Slos adj. childless; ' madchen n nurse(maid); ' spiel n

children s game; e/n
s. k/nder/e/'cht; ' stube / nursery; fig.
manners pi., upbringing; ' wagen
m perambulator, F pram. Am. baby
carriage; ' zeit/childhood; ' zim'


mer n children s room.


Kindeslalter n childhood, infancy;

beine n/pl.: von ~n an from childhood, from a very early age; 'Jkind

n grandchild.

Kindlheit / (-/no pi.) childhood;

isch adj. I' diJ] childish; 'Slich

adj. childlike.
Kinn anat. [kin] n (-[e]s/-e) chin;

backe /, ' backen m (s/-) jaw

haken m boxing: hook
to the chin; uppercut; ' lade /



Kino ['kirno] n (-s/-s) cinema, F the

pictures pi.. Am. motion-picture
theater, F the movies pi.; ins
gehen go to the cinema or F pictures,
Am. F go to the movies; ' besucher m cinema-goer. Am. F
moviegoer; ' vorstellung / cinema-show,


Kippe F ['kipa]/(-/-n) stub, fag-end,

Am. a. butt; auf der


stehen or se/n

hang in the balance; 'Sn (ge-)

1 v/i. (se/n) tip (over), topple (over),

tilt (over); 2. vlt. (h) tilt, tip over


Keule ['kDYla] / (-/-n) club; leg

(of mutton, pork, etc.).
keusch adj. [koyj] chaste, pure;
Sheit / (-/no pi.) chastity, purity.
kichern ['ki arn] vji. (ge-, h) giggle,

or up.

Kirche ['kirga] / (-/-n) church.


Kirchenjalteste m (-n/-n) church'

buch n parochial
warden, elder;
register; ' diener m sacristan,



gemeinde / parish;
jahr n ecclesiastical year; '~lied n
hymn; ' musik / sacred music;
schiff A n nave; ' steuer /
church-rate; Lstuhl m pew; vor-


Kiebitz ['kirbits] m (-es/-e) orn.

pe(e)wit; F fig. kibitzer; 'Sen F fig.
vji. (ge-, h) kibitz.
Kiefer ['khfar] 1. anat. m (-s/-)
jaw(-bone); 2.
/(-/-n) pine.
Kiel [ki:l] m (-[e]s/-e)
keel; quill;

raum m bilge, hold;



keuch|en ['kDYtan] vji. (ge-, h) pant,

gasp; 'fihusten # m (w)hooping




.'watt n kilowatt.


kentern 4 ['kentarn] v/t. (ge-, se/'n)

capsize, keel over, turn turtle.
Kerbe ['kerba] / (-/-n) notch, nick;
slot; 'n v/t. (ge-, h) notch, nick,



Kimme fkima] / (-/-n) notch.

Kind [kint] n (-[e]s/-er) child; baby.

mark, characterize.

Kerker ['kerkar] m (-s/-) gaol, jail,

prison; ' meister m gaoler, jailer.
Kerl F [kerl] m (-s, S-es/-e, F -s)
man; fellow, F chap, bloke, esp.
Am. guy.
Kern [kern] m (-te]s/-e) kernel (of
nut, etc.); stone. Am. pit (of cherry,
etc.); pip (of orange, apple, etc.);
core (of the earth); phys. nucleus;
fig. core, heart, crux; Kern... s. a.
Atom...; ' energie/nuclear energy; ' forschung / nuclear research;
gehause n core; 'Sge'sund adj.
thoroughly healthy, F as sound as
a bell; '2ig adj. full of pips; fig.:
pithy; solid;
punkt m central or
crucial point; ' spaltung /nuclear


156 -


wasser n

wake (a. fig.).

Kieme zo. ['ki:ma] / (-/-n) gill.
Kies [ki:s] m (-es/-e) gravel; 5/. fig.
dough; ~el [' zal] m (si-) pebble,
flint; ' weg m gravel-walk.


steher m churchwarden.

Kirch I gang m church-going; ganger [ geqar] m (-s/-) churchhof m churchyard; 'Slich

adj. ecclesiastical; spiel n parish;
turm m steeple; ~weih ['~vai] /



(-/-en) parish fair

Kirsche ['kirja] / (-/-n) cherry.


nen his teeth were chattering with

cold; ' schlange zo. f rattlesnake,

Kissen ['kisanj n (-s/-) cushion;

pillow; bolster, pad.
Kiste ['kista] / (-/-n) bos, chest;

Am. a. rattler.


Klapp kamera phot, f folding

camera; ' messer n clasp-knife,
jack-knife; ' sitz m tip-up or flap
seat; ' stuhl m folding chair;
tisch m folding table. Am. a.
gate-Ieg(ged) table;
ult [ klai>pult] n folding desk.
Klaps [klaps] m (-es/- ) smack, slap;
Sen v/t. (ge-, h) smack, slap.
klar adj. [klcr.r] clear; bright; transparent, limpid; pure; ig.: clear,
distinct; plain; evident, obvious;
sich - se/n Ci>er (acc.) be clear about;
en Kopf bewahren keep a clear


smock, frock.

kitten v/t. (ge-, h) cement; putt.

kitz|oln ['kitsaln] (fe-, h) 1. r/r.
tickle; 2. c/i.: me/ne Nose kitzelt
my nose is tickling; ' lig adj. ticklish (a. fig.).
Kladde fklads] /(-/-n) rough notebook, waste-book.

klaffen ['klafsn] vli. (ge~, h) gape,



Kitsch OdtJ] m (-es/no pi.) trash,

rubbish; Sig adj. shoddy, trashy.
Kitt [kit] m (-[e]sy- ) cement; putty.
Kittel ['kitsl] m (-s/-) overaU;



klaffen ['kiefan] c/i. (ge-, h) yap,

klagbar t*t adj. ['klazkbarr] mattery
etc.: actionable; debt, etc.: suable.
Klage ['klarga] / (-(-n) complaint;

lament; rh action, suit; 'Sn (ge-, h)

1 r/i. complain (dlber acc. of, about;

f>e/ to); lament; rz take legal action

(gegen against); 2. r/r.: J-m et.
complain to s.o. of or about s.ttu
Klager rz ['kkzgar] m (-s/-) plaintiff; complainant.
klaglich adj. ['klErkli?] pitiful, piteous, pitiable; cries, etc.: plaintive;
condition: wretched, lamentable;
performance, result, etc. miserable,
poor; failure, etc.: lamentable,

klamxn [klam] 1. adj. hands, etc.:

numb or stiff with cold, clammy;
2 2 / (-/-en) ravine, gorge, canyon.
Klammer ['klamar] / (- -n)
clamp, cramp; (paper-)clip; gr.,
W-j P< bracket, parenthesis; 'Sn
(ge-, h) 1. c/r. clip together;
dose (jaound) with clips; s/ch _ an
{acc.) cling to {a. fig.); 2. vli. boxing:


Klang [klar)] 1. m (-[e]s/=e) sound,

tone (of voice, instrument, etc.); tone
(of radio, eu.); clink (of glasses,
etc.); ringing (of bells, etc.): timbre;


157 -

2 pret. of klingen; ' fiille / /

sonority; 'los adj. toneless; '2voU

adj. sonorous.

klaren ['kleirsn] vlt. (ge-, h) clarify;

fig. clarify, clear up, elucidate.
klarilegen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h),
stellen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) clear up.
Klarung/ (-/-en) clarification; fig.




Klasse ['klasa] / (-l-n) class, category; school: class, form. Am. a.

grade; (social) class.

Klasseniarbeit/(test) paper; 'Sbewufit adj. class-conscious; ' be-



buch n class-book; ' hafi m class-

hatred; ' kamerad m classmate;

kampf m class-warfare): ' zimmer n classroom, schoolroom.

klassifizierjen [klasifi'tsiiran] vft.

(no -ge-, h) classify; Sung / (-/-en)

Klass'iker ['klasikar] m (-s/-) classic; Sisch adj. classic(al).


klatsch [klatj] 1. int. smack!, slap!;

2 2 m (-es/-e) smack, slap; F fig.:
gossip; scandal; Sbase f barza] /
(-l-n) gossip; Se / (-/-n) fly-flap;
en (ge-, h) 1. vlt. fling, hurl; Beifall clap, applaud O-m s.o.) 2. v'i.
splash; applaud, clap; F fig. gossip;
Jiaft adj. gossiping, aossipv;





Smaol Fns. KJatschbase; 'JnaB F

adj. soaking wet.

Klaue ['klaua] / (-/-n) claw; paw;
fig. clutch.
Klause ['klauzs] / (-l-n) hermitage;

Klappe ['klapa] / (-/-n) flap; flap,

Klausel fl ['ttavzal] f (-/-n) clause;

drop leaf (of table, etc.); shoulder

strap (of uniform, etc.); tailboard
(of lorry, etc.); , , ayiat. valve;

proviso; stipulation.
Klaviatur / [klavja'tu :] / (-/-en)
keyboard, keys pi.
Klavier / [kla'viir] n (-s/-e) piano
(-forte); konzert n piano concert
or recital; Jtehrer m piano teacher;

/ key; ? fig.: bed; trap; '2n (ge-, h)

1 vlt.: nach oben
tip up; nach

lower, put down; 2. vli.
clap, flap; fig. come off well, work
out fine. Am. si. a. click.

Klapper ['klapar] / (-/-n) rattle;

Sig adj. vehicle, etc.: rattly, ram'

shackle; furniture: rickety; person,

horse, etc.: decrepit; Otasten F m
wretched piano; rattletrap; '%n vli.
(ge-, h) clatter, rattle (mit et.;
er klapperte vor Kalte mit den Zah-

vessel m music-stool;


m (si-) piano-tuner;

stunde /

kleblen ['klerban] (ge-, h) 1. vft.

glue, paste, stick; 2. vfi. sock, adhere (cn dat. to); ' end adj. ad-

hesive; 'Sepflaster n adhesive or

sticking plaster; rig adj. adhesive,
sticky; 'stoff m adhesive; glue.


Klecks [kkks] m (-es/-e) blot (of

ink); mark ( of dirt, grease, paint,
etc.); spot (of grease, paint, etc.);
stain (of wine, coffee, etc.); 'fieri
(ge-) 1. v/i. (h) make a mark or spot
or stain; 2. v/i. (sein) ink, etc.: drip
(down); 3. v/t. (h): et. auf et.
splash or spill on
[kle:] m (-s/no pi.) clover,

158 -


Klette f'kleta] / (-/-n) $ bur(r);



pi.; Sen f' dan] v/t. (ge-, h) dress,


clothe; s/ ch
dress (o.s.); j-n gut ~
suit or become s.o.

Kleider|ablage ['klaidar-] / cloak-

room, Am. a. checkroom; ' biigel

m coat-hanger; ' biirste / clothesbrush; 'shaken m clothes-peg;
schrank m wardrobe;
m hat and coat stand;


stoii m


dress material.

kleidsam adj. becoming.

Kleidung ['klaidur)]/(-/-en) clothes

sstiick n
pi., clothing; dress;
piece or article of clothing; garment.

Kleie ['klaia] / (-j-n) bran.

klein [klam] l.adj. little (only attr.),

small;fig. a. trifling, petty; 2. adv.:


(initial) letter;



anfangen start in a

small or modest way; 3. noun: von


auf from an early age; Sauto n

baby or small car; 'Sbahn/narrowga(u)ge railway; Sbildkamera /
miniature camera; Sgeld n (small)
change; Lglaubig adj. of little


faith; '2handel -f m retail trade;

Shandler m retailer; 'Sheit /
(-/no pi ) smallness, small size;
Sholz firewood, matchwood,


Kleinigkeit / (-/-en) trifle, triviality; ' skramer m pettifogger.

Klein|kind n infant; 'Slaut adj.
subdued; Slich adj. paltry; pedantic, fussy; ' mut m pusillanimity;
despondency; Smiitig adj. [' my:ti?] pusillanimous; despondent;
fischneiden v/t. (irr. schneiden,
sep., -ge-, h) cut into small pieces;




m small or minor state;

stadt / small town; stadter m

small-town dweller, Am. a. small-


'Sstadtisch adj. smalltown, provincial; ' vieh small


Kleister ['klaistar] m (si-) paste;

Sn v/t. (ge-, h) paste.


fklema] / (:/-n)

clamp; terminal; F in der ~

sitzen be in a cleft stick, F be in a

jam; 'Sen vjt. (ge-, h) jam, squeeze,

pinch; ' er m (-s/-) pince-nez;
schraube / set screw.
Klempner ['klempnar] m (si-) tinman, tin-smith. Am. a. tinner;
Klerus ['kle:rus] m (-/no pi.) clergy.



U'martiJ] climatic.

klimpern ['klimparn] v/i. (ge-, h)

jingle, chink (m/t et.; F strum
or tinkle away (auf acc. on, at piano,

Klinge ['klirp] / (-/-n) blade.

Klingel ['klirpl] / (-/-n) bell, handbell; ' .knopf m bell-push; 'Sn v/i.
(ge-j h) ring (the bell); doorbell,
etc.: ring; es klingelt the doorbell is
ringing; ' zug m bell-pull.
klingen ['kliqan] v/i. (irr., ge-, h)
sound; bell, metal, etc.: ring;
glasses, etc.: clink; musical instrument: speak.

Klini|k ['kliinik] / (-/-en) nursing

home; private hospital; clinic(al
hospital); 'Ssch adj. clinical.
Klinke ['klirikaJ/ Z-n) latch; (door-)

Klippe ['klipa] / (-/-n) cliff; reef;

crag; rock; /?. rock, hurdle.
klirren ['kliran] v/i. (ge-, h) windowpane, chain, etc.: rattle; chain,
swords, etc.: clank, jangle; keys,
spurs, etc.: jingle; glasses, etc.:

clink, chink;pots, ere: clatter;

rattle; jingle.


Klistier # [kli'stKr] n (-s/-e) enema.

Kloake [klo'arka] / (-/-n) sewer,
cesspool (a. fig.).

Klob|en ['klotban] m (-s/-) 0 pulley,

block; log; 'Sig adj. clumsy (a. ig.).
klopfen ['kbpfan] (ge-, h) 1. v/i.


Kleid [klait] n (-[e]s/-er) garment;

dress, frock; gown; ~er pi. clothes

Kletter|er f'kletarar] m (-s/-)

climber; 'Sn v/i. (ge-, se/n) climb,
clamber (auf e-n Baum [up] a tree);
pflanze / climber, creeper.
Klient [kli'ent] m (-en/-en) client.
Klima ['klhma] n (-s/-s, -te) climate;
fig. a. atmosphere; Lanlage / airconditioning plant; Stisch adj.

heart, pulse: beat, throb; knock (at

door, etc.); tap (on shoulder); pat
(on cheek); es k/opft there's a knock
at the door; 2. v/t. knock, drive
(nail, etc.).

Kloppel ['kloepal] m (s/-) clapper

(of bell);
lacemaking: bobbin;
beetle; ' spitze/pillow-lace,bonelace.

Klops [kbps] m (-es/-e) meat ball.

Klosett [klo'zst] n (-s/-e, -s) lavatory,
(water-)closet, W.G., toilet; .papier n toilet-paper.
Klofi [klo:s] m (-es/-e) earth, clay,
etc.: clod, lump; cookery: dumpling.
Kloster ['klo:star] n (-s/) cloister;
monastery; convent, nunnery; '.vbruder m friar; ' .frau/nun; ' geliibde n monastic vow.

Klotz [kbts] m (-es/=e) block, log

(a. fig.).
Klub [klup] m (sj-s) club; Lkamerad m clubmate; ' sessel m loungechair.

Kluft [kluft] / 1. (-H) gap (a. fig.),


159 -

subjugate; ' schaft / (-Ino pi.)

servitude, slavery.

crack; cleft; gulf, chasm (both a.

fig-); 2. F (-/-en) outfit, F togs pi.;


klug adj. [klu:k] clever; wise, intelligent, sensible; prudent; shrewd;

cunning; 'Sheit / (-/no pi.) cleverness;


kneif|en ['knaifan] (jrr., ge-, h)

1 v/t. pinch, nip; 2. vli. pinch; F
fig. back out, Am. F a. crawfish;
Ser m (-s/-) pince-nez; 'Szange /
(e-e a pair of) pincers pi. or nippers


shrewdness; good sense.


Klump|en ['klumpan] m (-s/-) lump

(of earth, dough, etc.); clod (of
earth, etc.); nugget (of gold, etc.);
heap; ' fufi m club-foot; 'Sig adj.

Kneipe ['knaipa] / (-/-n) public

house, tavern, F pub. Am. a. saloon;
2n vli. (ge-, h) carouse, tipple, F
booze; Jrei / (-/-en) drinking-

lumpy; cloddish.
knabbern ['knabarn] (ge-5 h) 1. v/t.
nibble, gnaw; 2. v/i. nibble, gnaw

kneten ['kne:t3n] v/t. (ge-, h) knead

(dough, etc.); # a. massage (limb,

(on dat. at).

Knabe f'knaiba] m (-n/-n) boy; lad;

F alter ~ F old chap.
Knabenlalter n boyhood; ' chor
m boys choir; 'Shaft adj. boyish.
Knack [knak] m (-[e]s/-e) crack,
snap, click; 'Sen (ge-, h) 1. v/i.
wood: crack; fire: crackle; click;
2 vlt. crack (nut, etc.); F crack open
(safe); e-e horte NuB zu
have a hard nut to crack;
Us] m
(-es/-e) s Knock; Ffig. defect; 'Ssen
v/i. (ge-, h) s. knacken 1.
Knall [knal] m (-[e]s/-e) crack, bang
(of shot); bang (of explosion); crack
(of rifle or whip); report (of gun);
detonation, explosion, report;
bonbon m, n cracker; ' effekt fig. m
sensation; 'Sen v/i. (ge-, h) rifle,
whip: crack; fireworks, door, etc.
bang; gun: fire; cork, etc.: pop;
explosive, etc.: detonate.
knapp adj. [knap] clothes: tight,
close-fitting; rations, etc.: scanty,
scarce; style, etc.: concise; lead,
victory, etc.: narrow; majority, etc.


bout, carousal.

Knick [knik] m (-[e]s/-e) wall, etc.:
crack; paper, etc.: fold, crease; path

etc.: bend; 'Sen v/t. (ge-, h) fold


crease; bend; break.



mot. roar.

Knauel ['knoYsl] m, n (-s/-) clew,

baling, bimch, cluster.
Knauf [knauf] m (-[e]s/=e) knob;
pommel (of sword).
Knauser ['knauzsr] m (-s/-) niggard,
miser, skinflint; ~ei [ 'rai] / (-/-en)
niggardliness, miserliness; 'Sig adj.
niggardly, stingy; 'Sn vli. (ge-, h)
be stingy.

Knebel ['kneibal] m (-s/-) gag; 'Sn

vlt. (ge-, h) gag; fig. muzzle
Knecht [kne?t] m (-[e]s/-e) servant;
farm-labo(u)rer, farm-hand; slave;
Sen v/t. (ge-, h) enslave; tyrannize;

(-s/-) s.

(drop a) curts(e)y (vor dat. to).

adv. on one s knees;


kehle anat.

/hollow of the knee; 'Sn v/i. (ge-, h)

kneel, be on one's knees; ' scheibe

anat. f knee-cap, knee-pan;

strumpf m knee-length sock.
Kniff [knif] 1. m (-[e]s/-e) crease,
fold; fig. trick, knack; 2. S pret. of
kneifen; S(e)lig adj.
tricky; intricate.

knipsen fknipsan] (ge-, h) 1. v/t.

clip, punch (ticket, etc.); F phot.
take a snapshot of, snap; 2. F phot.
v/i. take snapshots.
Knirps [knirps] m (-es/-e) little man;
little chap, F nipper; 'Sig adj. very

knirschen I'knirfan] v/i. (ge-, h)

Se 5 m (-nj-ri) miner; '.Jialten

vlt. (irr. ho/ten, sep., -ge-, h) keep

s.o. short; 'Sheit / (-/no pi.) scarcity, shortage; conciseness;
/ (-/-en) miners society.
Knarre f'knara] / (-/-n) rattle; F
rifle, gun; 'Sn vfi. (ge-, h) creak;
voice: grate.
knattern I'knatam] vji. (ge-, h)
crackle; machine-gun, etc.: rattle;

Knie [kni:] n (-s/-) knee; 'Sfallig

bare; m/t -er Not entr/nnen have a



Knicks [kniks] m (-esf-e) curts(e)y;

mochen = 'Sen v/i. (ge-, h)

narrow escape; ~ werden run short;


gravel, snow, etc.: crunch, grind;

teeth, etc. grate; m/t den Zahnen

grind or gnash one's teeth.

knistern ['knistam] vfi. (ge-, h)

woodfire, etc.: crackle; dry leaves,
silk, etc.: rustle.

knitter|frei adj. ['knitar-] creaseresistant; 'Sn vjt. and vfi. (ge-, h)

crease, wrinkle.

['knoiplaux] m
(-[e\slno pi ) garlic
Knochel anar. ['kncegal] m (-s/-)

knuckle; ankle.

Knoch|en anat. ['knoxan] m (-si-)

bone; ' enbruch m fracture (of a
bone); 'Sig adj. bony.
Knodel ['knoidal] m (si-) dumpling.
['knob] / (-/-n) tuber;

Knopf [knopf] m (-[e]s/=e) button.

knopfen I'kncepfan] vft. (ge-, h)

Knopfloch n buttonhole.
Knorpel ['knorpal] m (-s/-) cartilage, gristle.

Knorrjen ['knoran] m (-s/-) knot,


knag, gnarl; 'fiig adj. gnarled.

['knosps] / (-/-n) bud;
n vfi. (ge-, h) (be in) bud.
Knot|en ['knoitsn] 1. m (-s/-) knot
{a. fig., 40; 2. vjt. (ge-, h) knot;
enpunkt m junction; intersection; 'ig adj. knotty.
Knuff F [knuf] m (-[e]s/=e) poke,
cuff, nudge;
en F vjt. (ge-, h)
poke, cuff, nudge.
kniilleln ['knybn] vft. and vji. (ge-,
h) crease, crumple; 'fir F m (-s/-)


160 -





cocaine, si. coke, snow.

kokett adj. [ko'ket] coquettish; 2erie Ualri:]/(-/-n) coquetry, coquet-

tishness; ieren [ 'tiirsn] vji. {no

ge-, h) coquet, flirt (m/t with; a.

f g.).
['koikos-] / coconut.
Koks [ko:ks] m (-es/-e) coke.

Kolben ['kolbsn] m (-s/-) butt {of

rifle); piston; ' stange /
Kolchose [kol'coiza] / (-/-n) collective farm, kolkhoz.


kniipfen ['knypfsn] w/r. (ge-, ft)

make, tie {knot, etc.); make {net);
knot {carpet, etc.); tie {shoe-lace,
etc.); strike up {friendship, etc.);
attach {condition, etc.) {an acc. to).
Kniippel ['knypsl] m (-s/-) cudgel.
knurren fknuran] vji. (ge-, ft)
growl, snarl ;fig. grumble (iiber acc.
at, over

about); stomach: rumble.

knusp(e)rig<z#. [Iknusp(3)ri?] crisp,


Kolleg wiiv. [ko'leik] n (-s/-s, -jen)

course of lectures; ~e [ ga] m
(-n/-n) colleague; ium [ gjum]
(-s/Ko//eg/en) council board; teach,

ing staff.

Kollekt|e eccl. [ko'lekts] /(-/-n) collection; ~ion "t" [ 'tsjoin] / (-/-en)

collection, range.
Koller ['kolsr] m {-si-) vet. staggers

pi.; F fig. rage, tantrum; 'fin v/i.

1 (h) turkey-cock: gobble; pigeon:

coo; bowels: rumble; vet. have the

Knute ['knu:t3] /(-/-n) knout.

Kniittel ['knytsl] m (-s/-) cudgel.
Kobold ['koibDlt] m (-[e]s/-e) (hob-)
goblin, imp.
Koch [kox] m (-[e]s/-e) cook; ' buch
n cookery-book, Am. cookbook;
fien (ge-, h) 1. vft. boil {water, egg,

kolli|dieren [koli'diiran] v/i. {no

ge-, se/n) collide;fig. clash; Ssion

fish, etc.); cook {meat, vegetables,

etc.) {by boiling); make {coffee, tea,
etc.); 2. vji. water, etc.: boil {a. fig.);

Kolnischwasser ['koelnij-] n eaude-Cologne.

Kolonialwaren [kolo'nja:!-] flpl.

do the cooking; be a {good, etc.)

cook; ' er m (-s/-) cooker.
Kocher ['kcegsr] m (-s/-) quiver.

groceries pi.; chandler m grocer;

handlung / grocer's (shop). Am.


Kochlkiste / haybox; '.Joffel m

wooden spoon; nische / kitchenette;
salz n common salt; ' topf


m pot, saucepan.

Koder [lk0:d3r] m (-s/-) bait {a. fig.);

lure {a. fig.); '2n vft. (ge-, ft) bait;
lure; fig. a. decoy.
Kodex fkoideks] m (-es, -/-e, Kod/zes) code.
Koffer ['kofsr] m {-$/-) (suit)case;
trunk; '~radio n portable radio

Kognak ['kDnjak] m (-s/-s, \-e)


n s/ tzen be on tenterhooks.

chant; '



eimer m coal'
handler m coal-merkasten m coal-box; bre-

coal-pit, colliery;

vier 5$ n coal-district; ' saure

/ carbonic acid; '*stoff

Kohle | papier carbon paper;

zeichnung / charcoal-drawing.


Kohllkopf m (head of) cabbage;

riibe / Swedish turnip.




zjom] / (-/-en)



clash, conflict.


Kolonjie [kolo'ni:] / (-/-n) colony;

Sisieren Ui'ziiran] v/t. {no -ge-, h)

Kolonne [ko'bns] / (-/-n) column;

convoy; gang {of workers, etc.).
kolorieren [kolo'riirsn] v/t. {no
ge-, h) colo(u)r.

Kolo|fi [ko'bs] m (Ko/osses/Ko/osse)

colossus; Sssal adj. [ 'sa:!] colossal,
huge {both a. fig.).

Kombin|ation [kDmbina'tsjoin] /

combination; overall;

flying-suit; football, etc.: combined

attack; Sieren [Jniirsn] {no -ge-,

French brandy, cognac.

Kohl $ [ko:l] m (-[e]s/-e) cabbage.

Kohle ['koila] / (-/-n) coal; charcoal; / carbon; wie auf {gliihenden)

staggers; 2. (se/n) ball, tears, etc.:

['koijs] / (-/-n)


h) 1. v/t. combine; 2. v/i. reason,

deduce; football, etc.: combine,

Kombiise & [kDm'byrza] / (-/-n)

galley, caboose.
Komet ast. [ko'meit] m (-en/-en)

Komfort [kDm'foir] m {-s/no pi.)

comfort; 2abel adj. UDr'tcr.bal]

Komik ['koimik] / {-/no pi.)

humo(u)r, fun(niness); ' er m
{-si-) comic actor comedian.
komisch adj. ['koimij] comic(al),
funny; fig. funny, odd, queer.
Komitee [komi'te:] (-s/-s) com,



Kommand, ant X [koman'dant] m

(-en/-n) ~eur X [-'dorr] m (-s/- )

commander, commanding officer;

Eieren [ 'dirrsn] (tw -ge-, h) 1. vli.
order, command, be in command;

r r. X command, be in command

of; order; itgesellschaft f

dirt-] / limited partnership; ~A>
[ mando] n (-s'-s) X command,
order; order(s p/.), direcave(s p/.);
X detachment: obrticke
navigating bridge.
kommen ['komsn] vli. (irr., ge-,

se/n) come; arrive;

lassen send

order; et.
sehen foresee; an die Reihe
it is one s turn;

ouf (acc.) think of, hit upon; remember; zu dem SchluB ~, da6 de-

cide that; hinter et. find out;

urn et. lose; zu et. - come by

th.; wieder zu sich ~. come roimd

or to; wie Sie dazu! how dare you!

Komment ar [komen'toir] m (-s/-e)

commentary, comment; ator [-.or] m (-s'-en) commentator; ieren [ 'ti an] v t (no -ge-, h) com'

ment on.

Kommissar [komi'sarr] m (-s/-e)

commissioner; superintendent; pot


KommiCbrot F [ko'mis-] n army or

ration bread. Am. a. G.I. bread.


Kommode [ko'mords] / (-/-n) chest

of drawers,

m. bureau.


mus] m (-Ino pi.) communism; .t m

(-en/-en) commvinist; tisch adj

Komod ant [kome'djant] m (-en/

en) comedian; fig, play-actor; ie
U'me-.djs] / (-/-n) comedy; - sp/ e
/en play-act.
[kompan'jo:] m
(-s/-s) (busmess-)partner associate.
[kompa'ni:] / (-/-n)



Kompafi ['kompas] m (Komfxjsses/

Kompasse) compass.
kompetent aJ;'. [kompe'tsnt] com-



(-[e]s/-e) compliment

Komplize [kom'plirtsa] m (-n/-n)


komplizierlen [kampli'tsuren] r/t.

(tw -ge-, h) complicate; .t oJ/. nwcmn, etc.: comphcated; argzamru,
sinuuum, etc.: complex; *er Bruch
# compound fracture.
Komplott Dom'pbt] n (-[e]s/-e)
plot, conspiracy.


r r. am/ c/i. (m? -ge-, h) compose;

S nist m (-en/-en) composer; sition [ zi'tsjorn] / (-/-en) composi'


Kompott [kom'pDt] n (-[e]s/-e) compote, stewed fruit. Am. a. sauce.

komprimieren [kompri'mursn] c/r.
(no -ge-, h) compress.
Kompromi fi
(KompromisseslKompromisse) compromise; filos adj. uncompromising; ttieren U'tia n] v/t. (no -ge-,
h) compromise.
Kondensjator [konden'zanar] m
(si-en) / capacitor, condenser (a.
Sieren U'zi n] v't. (no -ge-,
h) condense.

Kondenslmilch Don'dens-] / evaporated milk; streifen Ss* m condensation or vapo(u)r trail; *wasser n water of condensation.

Konditor [kon!di:Dr] m (-s/-en)

confectioner, pastry-cook; ei [ ito'rai] / (-/-en) confectionery, confectioner's (shop); eiwaren f pL
Konfekt Don'fskt] n (-[e]s/-e) sweets
pL, sweetmeat. Am. a. sort candy;
chocolates pi.
Konfektion [konfek tsjo:n] / (- -en)

ing; ~sanzng [konfek'tsjoins9-] m

ready-made suit;
sgeschaft n
ready-made clothes shop.
Konferjenz [konfe'rents] / (-/-en)
conference; Sieren U'rursn] v/L
(no -ge-, h) confer (ufaer ace on).
Konfession [kDnfe'sjom] / (-/-en)
confession, creed; denomination;
Sell adj. Uo'nd] confessional, denominational; sschule [ 'sjouis-]
/ denominational school.
Konfirmjand eccL [konfir'mant] m
(-en/-en) candidate for confirma-

tion, confirmee; . ation [ 'tsjoai] /

(-/-en) confirmation; Sieren U'
miiran] o/f. (no -ge-, h) confirm.
[konfis'tsuran] o/t.
(no -ge-, h) confiscate, seize.
Konfitnre [konfi'tyaa] / (-/-n) preserve(s pi.), (whole-fruit) jam.
Konflikt [kon'flikt] m (-[e]s/-e) conflict.


komplett ai/. [kom'pkt] complete.

Komplex [kom plsks] m (-es/-e)
complex (a. psych,); block (o/


(manufacture of) ready-made cloth-

Kommission [komi'sjoin] / (-/-en)

commission (a. 'f); committee; ~ar
[ o'ne ] m (-s/-e) commission

Kommunis]mus poL


161 -

konform adv. [kon'form]:

mit agree or concur with.
konfrontieren Donfron'tursn] r/t.
(no -ge-, h) confront (mit with).
konfus adj. [kon'fuis] p., a. ideas:
muddled; p. muddle-headedKongrefi [kan'grss] m (Kongresses/



Am. part

Congress; Jtalle / congress hall.

Kbnig ['kfnni?] m (-s'-e) king; Slich
adj. C k-] royal; regal;
t'Oc-] n kingdom; swiirde [' ks-]/
royal dignity, kingship; wtaia


n (-s =er) monarchy; kingship

Konjtigiation gr. [kbnjuga'tsiom] /



162 -

(-/-en); 2ieren U'girran] v/t. (no

sul; ~atpol. Wla:t] n (-[e]s/-e) con-

ge-, h) conjugate.
Konjiuikt|iv gr. ['lonj'uriktr.f] m
(-s/-e) subjunctive (mood); ur t
IJtuir] f (-/-en) trade or business
cycle; economic or business situa-

sulate; 2ltieren v\t. (no -ge-, h)

consult, seek s.o. s advice.



konkret adj. [kon'kreit] concrete.

Konkurrent [konku'rent] m (-en/
en) competitor, rival.
Konkurrenz [konku'rents] / (-/-en)

competition; competitors pi., rivals

pi.; sports: event; fahig adj. able to
compete; competitive; geschaft n
rival business or firm; Jkampf m
konkur'rieren v/i. (no -ge-, h) compete (mit with; urn for).
Konkurs -f, j% [kDn'kurs] m (-es/-e)
bankruptcy, insolvency, failure; ~
anmelden file a petition in bankruptcy; in
gehen or geraten become insolvent, go bankrupt; erklarung % / declaration of insolvency; .masse 2% / bankrupt s
estate; .verfahren jft n bankruptcy proceedings pi.; verwalter 2%
m trustee in bankruptcy; liquida'


konnen ['kcenan] 1. vli. (irr., ge-, h):

ich kann nicht I can't, I am not

able to; 2. vlt. (irr., ge-, h) know,

understand; e-e Sprache ~ know
a language, have command of a

language; 3. v/aux. (irr., no -ge-, h)

be able to inf., be capable of ger.;
be allowed or permitted to inf.; es
kann sein it may be; du kannst hingehen you may go there; er kann
schwimmen he can swim, he knows

how to swim; 4. 2 n (s/no pi.)

ability; skill; proficiency.

Konnossement -f [konDsa'ment] n
(-[e]s/-e) bill of lading
konnte ['konta] pret. of konnen.

konsequen|t adj. Donze'kvsnt] consistent; 2z Uts] / (-/-en) consistency; consequence; die ~en ziehen do
the only thing one can.

Konserven [kon'zervan] flpl. tinned

or Am. canned foods pi.; biichse
/ dose/tin. Am. can; fabrik/
tinning factory, esp. Am. cannery.
konservieren [konzer'viiran] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) preserve.

Konsonant gr. [lonzo'nant] m (-en/


Konsum [kon'zurm] m 1. (-s/no /.)

consumption; 2. (-s/-s) co-operative shop. Am. co-operative store,
F co-op; 3. (s/no pi.) consumers'
co-operative society, F co-op; ~ent
Uu'msnt] m (-en/-en) consumer;
Sieren Uu'mirran] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

Konsortium -f [k3n,zortsjvim] n
(-s/Konsort/en) syndicate
konstruieren [kDnstru'irran] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) gr. construe; : con.

struct; design.

Konstruk|teur [lonstruk'to ] m
tion [Jtsjoin]

/(-/-en) construction; .'tionsfehler m constructional defect.

Konsul pol. ['lonzul] m (-s/-n) con-

verein m s. Konsum 3.

Kontakt [kan'takt] m (-[e]s/-e) contact (a. f); in ~ stehen mit be in

contact or touch with.

Kontinent ['kantinent] m (-[e]s/-e)


Kontingent [kontirj'gent] n (-[e]s/

e) X contingent, quota (a. -f).
Konto -f ['konto] n (-s/Konten, Kontos, Konti) account; ' auszug if m

statement of account;


konto Y [ lo'rent-] n current account.

Kontor [kon'toir] n (-s/-e) office;

ist Uo'rist] m (-en/-en) clerk.
Kontrast [kon'trast] m (-es/-e) contrast.

Kontrollje [kon'trob] / (-/-n) control; supervision; check; 2ieren

[ 'liiran] vlt. (no -ge-, h) control;
supervise; check.
Kontroverse [kontro'verza] / (-/-n)

konventionell adj. [kDnventsjo'nsl]


Konversation [konverza'tsjom] /
(-/-en) conversation; slexikon n
Konzentr|ation [kontssntra'tsjo:n]
/ (-/-en) concentration; 2ieren [~'
triiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) concen~

trate, focus (attention, etc.) (auf acc.

on); sich concentrate (auf acc. on).

[kon'tsern] m (-s/-e)
combine, group.
Konzert i [kDn'tsert] n (-[e]s/-e)
concert; recital; concerto; saal $
m concert-hall.

Konzession [kontse'sjorn] / (-/-en)

concession; licenjce. Am. -se; 2ieren Uo'nirran] vlt. (no -ge-, h)

Kopf Dopf] m (-[e]s/=e) head; top;

brains pi.; pipe: bowl; ein fahiger
a clever fellow; ~ hoch! chin up!;
j-m iiber den
wachsen outgrow
. get beyond s.o.; '-.arbeit

/brain-work; ' bahnhof


en) consonant.

(-s/-e) designer;




m ter' bedek-

kung / headgear, headwear.

kopfen ['kcepfan] v/t. (ge-, h) behead, decapitate; football: head

Kopf|ende n head;

'.Jiorer m

headphone, headset;


pillow; '2108 adj. headless;./fe. confused; ' nicken n (s/no pi.) nod;
rechnen n (s/no pi.) mental arithmetic j ' salat m cabbage-lettuce;



schmerzen mlpl. headache;

tuch n scarf;
E'iiber adv. head first, headlong;
vveh n (-[e]s/-e)5. Kopfschmerzen;
zerbrechen n (s/no pi.): j-m ~
machen puzzle s.o.

spning m header;

Kopie [ko'pi:] /(-/-n) copy; duplicate; phot., film: print; rstift m

indelible pencil.
Koppel I'kopsl] 1. / (-/-n) hounds:
couple; horses: string; paddock;
2 X " (-s/-) belt; 'Sn v/t. (ge-, h)
couple (a. , /).
Koralle [ko'rala] / (-/-n) coral; n.

fischer m coral-fisher.

Korb [korp] m (-[e]s/=e) basket;/fe.






cock of

163 '

Kosten2 1. pi. cost(s pi.); expense(s

pi.), charges pi.; auf (gen.) at the
expense of; 2. S v/t. (ge-, h) cost;
take, require (time, etc.); ' anschlag m estimate, tender; 'Sfrei
1 adj. free; 2. adv. free of charge;


los s. kostenfrei.

Kostjganger ['kostgeipr] m (si-)

boarder; ' geld n board-wages
kostlich adj. ['kcestlig] delicious.
Kostjprobe/taste, sample (a. fig.);
Sspielig adj. [' /piili?] expensive,


Kostiim [kos'tyrm] n (sl-e) costume, dress; suit; fest n fancydress ball.


mobel nlpl. wicker furni-

Kot [ko:t] m (-[e]s/no pi.) mud,

I'kordal] / (-/-n)

Kotelett [ko
'let] n (-[e]s/-s, N -e)
pork, veal, lamb: cutlet; pork, veal,
mutton: chop; _en pi. sidewhiskers
pi.. Am. a. sideburns pi.

mire; excrement.





twine; cord.

Korinthe [ko'rinta] / (-/-n) currant.

Kork [kork] m (-[e]s/-e), ' en m
(si-) cork; '(en)zieher m (-s/-)


Kotjflugel mot. m mudguard. Am.

a fender; 'Sig adj. muddy, miry.
Krabbe zo. ['kraba] /(-/-n) shrimp;

Korn [korn] 1. n (-[e]s/=er) seed;

grain; 2. n (-[e]s/-e) com, cereals
pi.; 3. n (-[e]s/S-e) front sight;
F m (-[e]s/-) (German) com
kornig adj. ['koemi?] granular; in
compounds: ...-grained.


krabbeln ['krabsln] v/i. (ge-, sein)


Korper ['koerpsr] m (-s/-) body (a.

phys., llJi
solid; ' bau m build,
physique; Sbehindert adj. [ bahindart] (physically) disabled, handicapped; ' beschaffenheit / confiille / corstitution, physique;
pulence; geruch m body-odo(u)r;
grofie / stature; kraft / physical strength; Slich adj. physical;
corporal; bodily; pflege/care of
the body, hygiene; ' schaft /
body (corporate)
(-/-en) body;
verletzung z f
bodily harm, physical injury.
korrekt adj. [kD'rekt] correct; or
[or] m (si-en) (proof-)reader; ur
[ 'turr] / (-/-en) correction; 2urbogen m proof-sheet.
Korrespondjent [korEspDn'dent] m
(-en/-en) correspondent; enz [ ts]
/ (-/-en) correspondence; Sieren
[ dirran] v/i. (no -ge-, h) correspond (mit with).
korrigieren [kori'giiran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) correct.
Korsett Ikor'zet] n (-{e]s/-e, -s)

Krach [krax] m (-[e]s/-e, -s) crack,

crash (a. 'f); quarrel, si. bust-up;
F row; mochen kick up a row; 'Sen
v/i. (ge-) 1. (h) thunder: crash;
cannon: roar, thunder; 2.
crash (a. -f), smash.









corset, stays pi.

Kosename ['kotza-] m pet name.
Kosmetik [tos'meitik] / (-/no pi.)

beauty culture;

erin / (-/-nen)

beautician, cosmetician.

Kost [lost] / (-Ino pi.) food, fare;

board; diet; '2bar adj. present, etc.:


krachzen ['kre tssn] v/t. and v/i.

(ge-, h) croak.
Kraft [kraft] 1. / (-/=e) strength;
force (a. $0; power (a. S, );
energy; vigo(u)r; efficacy; in ~ sein
(setzen, treten) be in (put into,
come into) operation or force;
ouSer ~ setzen repeal, abolish (law);
2 2 prp. (gen.) by virtue of; '~anlage / / power plant; ' briihe /

beef tea; ' fahrer m driver, motor-

ist; ' fahrzeug n motor vehicle.

kraftig adj. ['krefti?] strong (a. fig.),
powerful; fig. nutritious, rich; ~en

i gan] (ge-, h) 1. v/t. strengthen;



vji. give strength.

kraft|los adj. powerless; feeble;

weak; 2probe / trial of strength;
Srad n motor cycle; 'Sstoff mot.
m fuel; voll adj. powerful (a.fig.);
2wagen m motor vehicle; 'werk


n power station.
Kragen ['kraigsn] m (si-) collar;
knopf m collar-stud. Am. collar

Krahe orn. fkrera] / (-/-n) crow;

Sn vli. (ge-, h) crow.

Kralle ['krala] / (-/-n) claw (a. fig.);

talon, clutch.

costly, expensive; health, time, etc.:

Kram [kra:m] m (-[e]s/m> pi.) sniff,

odds and ends pi.; fig. affairs pl.3

valuable; mineral, etc.: precious.

kosten1 v/t. (ge-, h) taste, try,

Kramer I'kreimar] m (si-) shopkeeper.




Krampf & [krampf] m (-te]s/e)

cramp; spasm, convulsion; ' ader
& f varicose vein; 'Shaft adj. &




164 -


Krebs [kre:ps] m (-es/-e) zo. crayfish, Am. a. crawfish; ast. Cancer,

Crab; # cancer; e pi. If returns
Kredit -f [kre'diit] m (-[e]s/-e) cred-

[kra:n] m (-[e]s/=e, -e)

it; auf ~ on credit; Sfahig -f adj.

krank adj. [kragk] sick; organ, etc.:

diseased; ~ se/n p. be ill, esp. Am.

Kreide ['kraidal/X-Z-n) chzlk;paint.

be sick; animal: be sick or ill; ~

Kreis [krais] m (-es/-e) circle (a.fig.);

ast. orbit; circuit; district. Am.
county; fig.: sphere, field; range.
kreischen ['kraijan] (ge-, h) 1. vlt.
screech, scream; squeal, shriek;
circular saw, etc.: grate (on the ear);
2 vlt. shriek, screech (insult, etc.).




werden p. fall ill or esp. Am. sick;

animal: fall sick; 'Se m, f (-n/-n)
sick person, patient, invalid.
krankeln f'krerikaln] vji. (ge-, h) be
sickly, be in poor health.
kranken fig. v/i. (ge-, h) suffer (on
dat. from).

kranken ['kregkan] v/t. (ge-, h)

offend, injure; wound or hurt s.o. s
feelings; sich ~ feel hurt (uber acc.


Kreisel ['kraizal] m (-s/-) (whipping-)top; kompafl m gyro-com'


at, about).

Krankenjbett n sick-bed; ' geld n


haus n hospital;
kasse / health insurance (fund);
kost / invalid diet; ' lager n s.
Krankenbett; ' pflege / nursing;
Lpfleger m male nurse; ' schein


kreisen ['kraizan] vji. (ge-, h) (move

in a) circle; revolve, rotate;
bird: circle; bird: wheel; blood,
money: circulate.
kreis|f6rmig adj. ['kraisfoermic]
circular; 'Slauf m physiol., money,


health or sickness insurance; ' wa-


gen m ambulance; ' zimmer n

roundabout (traffic).





ical; '2heit / (-/-en) illness, sick-


'Sverkehr m


rubbish, stuff, lumber.

erscheinung /
ogenic agent;
symptom (a. fig.).
kranklich adj. sickly, ailing.

Krankung/(-/-en) insult, offen|ce,

krepieren [kre'piiran] v/i. (no -ge-,

se/n) shell: burst, explode; si. kick
the bucket, peg or snuff out; animal: die, perish.

Krepp [krep] m (-s/-s, -e) crSpe;

crape; apier [ kreppapiir] n crepe
paper; ' sohle / crepe(-rubber)

Am. -se.

Kranz [krants] m (-es/e) wreath;

Kranzchen . ['krents an] n (-s/-)
tea-party, F hen-party.
krafS adj. [kras] crass, gross.
kratzen I'kratsan] (ge-, h) 1. v/i.
scratch; 2. v/t. scratch; sich ~


Kreuz [kovts] 1. n (-es/-e) cross (a.

fig.); crucifix; anat. small of the

back; # sacral region; cards: club(s
pi.); J sharp; zu ~(e) kriechen eat
humble pie; 2. 2 adv.: ~ und quer
in all directions; criss-cross.

scratch (o.s.).

kraulen ['kraulan] (ge-) 1. v/t. (h)

scratch gently; 2. v/i. (se/n) sports:

kraus adj. [kraus] curly, curled;

crisp; frizzy; die Stirn ~ ziehen knit
one s brow;
Se / (-/-n) ruff(le),


krauseln ['krovzaln] v/t. (ge-, h)

curl, crimp (hair, etc.); pucker
(lips); sich ~ hair: curl; waves, etc.:
ruffle; smoke: curl or wreath up.

[kraut] n 1. (-[e]s/er)
plant; herb; 2. (-[e]s/no pi.) tops
pi.; cabbage; weed.
Krawall [kra'val] m (-[e]s/-e) riot;
shindy, F row, si. rumpus.
Krawatte [kra'vats] / (-/-n) (neck-)

Kreatur [krea'turr] / (-/-en) creature.


Krempel F ['krempal] m (s/no pi.)

ness; disease.

Krankheitsjerreger & m path-



Krempe ['krempa] /(-/-n) brim (of




/ (sick-)nurse; ' versichervmg /

kranklhaft adj. morbid, patholog-



cycle; 'Slaufstorungen # flpl.

circulatory trouble; ' rund adj.
circular; Ssage / circular saw,

m medical certificate;




kreuzen (ge-, h) 1. v/t. cross, fold

(arms, etc.);
zo. cross(-breed),
hybridize; s/ch
roads: cross, intersect; plans, etc.: clash; 2. & vji.


Kreuzer & m (-&[-) cruiser.


Kreuzlfahrer hist, m crusader;

fahrt / hist, crusade; & cruise;
feuer n
cross-fire (a. fig.);
Sigen [' igan] vjt. (ge-, h) crucify;
Ugung [' iguq] / (-/-en) crucifixion; hotter zo. f common viper;
fritter hist, m knight of the Cross;
schmerzen m/pl. back ache;
spinne zo. f garden- or cross-spider; ' ung / (-/-en)
, roads, etc.:

crossing, intersection; roads: cross-


zo. cross-breeding, hy-

bridization; ' verhor fa n crossexamination; ins

nehmen cross-


165 -


viewer; 2sch adj. [ kriitij] critical

(gegenufaer of); 2sieren [kriti'zi:ran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) criticize; re-


weise adv. crosswise,

crossways; ' wortratsel n crossword (puzzle); ' zug hist, m

view (book).


kriechjen t'kri an] vji. (irr., ge-,

se/n) creep, crawl; fig. cringe (vor
dat. to, before); '2er contp. m (-s/-)
toady; 2erei contp. [Jrai] / (-/-en)
Krieg [kri:k] m (-[e]s/-e) war; tm m
at war; j. fuhren.
kriegen F ['kriigan] v/t. (ge-, h)
catch, seize; get.

kritt|eln fkritsln] vjt. (ge-, h) find

fault (on dat. with), cavil (at); 21er
[Vlar] m (-s/-) fault-finder, caviller.



erdenktnal n war memorial;

Serisch adj. warlike; militant;
Sfiihrend adj. belligerent; ' fiihrung / warfare.

Kriegsjbeil fig. n: das

bury the hatchet; 2beschadigt adj.
[ bsjerdigt] war-disabled; ' beschadigte m (-n/-n) disabled exserviceman;
tn war
service; ' dienstverweigerer X m
er(-s/-) conscientious objector;
klarung / declaration of war;
flotte / naval force; '-.gefangene
m prisoner of war;
gefangenschaft X f captivity; ' gericht tft
n court martial; ~gewinnler I
gavinbr] m (-s/-) war profiteer;
hafen m naval port; ' kamerad
m wartime comrade;
list / stratmacht / military forces
pi.; ' minister hist, m minister of





war; Secretary of State for War,

Am. Secretary of War; ' ministerium hist, n ministry of war; War
Office, Am. War Department;

rat m council of war;



X theatjre or Am. -er of war;

schiff n warship; ' schule /

military academy; teilnehmer m
combatant; ex-serviceman. Am.
veteran; ' treiber m (-s/-) warmonger; ' verbrecher m war criminal; ' zug m (military) expedition,
Kritninal|beamte [krimi'na:!-] m
criminal investigator. Am. plainclothes man; ~film m crime film;
thriller; polizei / criminal investigation department;
roman m
detective or crime novel, thriller,
si. whodun(n)it.
kriminell adj. [krimi'nel] criminal;
2e m (-n/-n) criminal.
Krippe ['krips] / (-/-n) crib, manger; creche.
Krise ['krhza] /(-/-n) crisis.
Kristall [kris'tal] 1. m (-s/-e) crystal;
2 n (slnopl.) crystal(-glass); 2isieren Ui'ziiran] v/i. and v/refL (no
ge-, h) crystallize.
Kriti|k [kri'ti-.k] / (-/-en) criticism;
/, thea., etc.: review, criticism; F
unter alter ~ beneath contempt;


iiben an (dat.) s. kr/t/s/eren; ~ker

['krirtiksrj m (-s/-) critic; books: re-



kroch [krox] pret. of kriechen.

Krokodil zo. [kroko'di:!] n (-s/-e)


fkroms] / (-/-n) crown;

coronet (of duke, earl, etc.).

kronen ['kroman] v/t. (ge-, h)
crown (zum Konig king) (a.fig.).

lust|re. Am. -er; electrolier;

prinz m crown prince; prinzessin / crown princess.

Krdnung / (-/-en) coronation,
crowning;/ , climax, culmination.
Kronzeuge s% m chief witness;
King's evidence, Am. State's evidence.

Kropf # [kropf] goitjre. Am. -er.

Krote zo. I'kroits] / (-/-n) toad.
Kriicke ['kryks] / (-/-n) crutch.
Krug [kru:k] m (-[e]s/-=e) jug, pitch-




scrawl(ing), scribble, scribbling;

n v/t. and vfi. (ge-, h) scrawl,

Krieg|er ['kriigsr] m (-s/-) warrior;



er; jar; mug; tankard.

Krume ['] / (-/-n) crumb;

S topsoil.
Kriimel ['kryrmsl] m (si-) small
crumb; '2n w/r. and v/i. (ge-, hi)

krumm adj. [krum] p. bent, stooping; limb, nose, etc.: crooked; spine:
curved; deal, business, etc.: crooked;
beinig adj. bandy- or bow-legged.
kriimmen ['kryman] v/t. (ge-, h)
bend (arm, back, etc.); crook
(finger, etc.); curve (metal sheet,
etc.); sich ~ person, snake, etc.:
writhe; worm, etc.: wriggle; sich
vor Schmerzen
writhe with pain;





with laughter.

Kriimmung / (-/-en) road, etc.:

bend; arch, road, etc.: curve; river,
path, etc.: turn, wind, meander;
earth s surface, spine, etc.: curva'


Kriippel f'krypal] m (-s/-) cripple.

Kruste ['krusts] /(-/-n) crust.
Kubel Ckyrbal] m (-si-) tub; pail,

Kubik)meter [ku'bi:k-] n, m cubic

met|re. Am. -er; wurzel A'/cube

Kiiche t'kyga] / (-/-n) kitchen;

cuisine, cookery; s. katt.
Kuchen ['kurxan] m (-s/-) cake,
flan; pastry.

Kiichenlgerat n, ' geschirr n

kitchen utensils pi.; ' herd m
schrank m kitchen cupboard or



166 -

zettel m bill of fare,

buddy; el f' pal] m (si-, F -s)

pitman, collier; F work-mate; F s.

Kuckuck om. ['kukuk] m (-s/-e)

Kunde fkunda] 1. m (-n/-n) cus-



Kufe ['kurfa] / (-/-n)

skid; sleigh,

etc.: runner.

Kiifer ['kyrfar]

m (-s/-)




Kugel I'kurgsl] / (-/-n) baU;

bullet; A-, geogr. sphere; sports:
shot, weight; 26rmig adj. [ fcermiq] spherical, ball-shaped, globular; ' .gelenk @, anat. n ball-andsocket joint; Jager @ n ballbearing; 'Sn (ge-) 1. o/i- (sefn) ball,
etc.: roll; 2. w/r. (h) roll (ia//, ere);


S(ch ~ children, etc.: roll about; F

double up (vor with laughter);

stofien (-slno pi.) sports: putting
the shot or weight.
Kuh zo. [ku:] / (-/=e) cow.

kiihl adj. [ky:l] cool (a.

.); 'Sanlage / cold-storage plant; 'Se /
(-Ino pi ) cool(ness); ' en vlt. (ge-,
h) cool (wine, wound, etc.); chill
(wine, etc.); 'Ser mot. m (-s/-)

radiator; 'Sraum m cold-storage

chamber; 'Sschrank m refrigerator,


Kuhstall m cow-house, byre. Am.


Kiiken om. f'kyrkan] n (-s/-) chick.

kulant -f adj- [ku'lant] firm, etc.:
accommodating, obliging; price,
terms, etc.: fair, easy.
Kulisse [ku'lisa] / (-/-n) thea. wing,

side-scene; fig. front;

pi. a.
scenery; hinter den
behind the

Kult [kult] m (-[e]s/-e) <nilt, worship.

kultivieren [kulti'v ran] v/t. (no

2 adv. in future, from now on.


Kunst [kunst] / (-/=e) art; skill;

akademie / academy of arts;
ausstellung / art exhibition;
druck m art print(ing); ' diinger
m artificial manure,fertilizer; 'Sfer-

tig adj. skilful, skilled; ' fertigkeit / artistic skill; ' gegenstand
m objet d art; Sgerecht adj. skilful; professional, expert; ' .geschichte / history of art;


werbe n arts and crafts pi.; applied

arts pi.; ' glied n artificial limb;

griff m trick, dodge; artifice,
knack; 'handler m art-dealer;

kenner m connoisseiar of or in

art; 'Ueder n imitation or artificial


Kiinstler ['kynstlar] m (-s/-) artist;

/, thea.


'Sisch adj.

kiinstlich adj. ['kynstlig] eye, flower,

light, etc.: artificial; teeth, hair, etc.:
false; fibres, dyes, etc.: synthetic.
Kunstjliebhaber m art-lover;
maler m artist, painter; reiter m
equestrian; circus-rider; schatze
[ Jstsa] m/pl. art treasures pi.;
seide/artificial silk, rayon; stiick
n feat, trick, F stunt; tischler m
verlag m art
publishers pi.; Svoll adj. artistic,

tion; .: culture; civilization; Sell

adj. Uu rel] cultural; film U turr-]
m educational film; geschichte /
history- of civilization;
volk n

civilized people.
Kultus f'kultus] m (-IKulte) s. Kult;

minister m minister of education

and cultural affairs; ' ministe-








werk n work of art.

kunterbunt F fig. adj. f'kuntar-]


riuni n ministry of education and


cultural affairs.

copper; ' geld n copper coins pi.,

F coppers pi.; 'Sn adj. (of) copper;
Srot adj. copper-colo(u)red;
stich m copper-plate engraving.
Kupon [ku'po:] m (-s/-s) s. Coupon.
Kuppe ['kupa] / (-/-n) rounded hilltop; nail: head.

Kummer ['kumar] m (-s/no pi.)

grief, sorrow; trouble, worry.

kiimmerllich adj. ['kymarlig] life,


miserable, wretched; conditions, etc.: pitiful, pitiable; result,

etc.: poor; resources: scanty; ' n
vlt. (ge-, h): es kummert mich I
bother, I worry; sich ~ um look
after, take care of; see to; meddle



ge-, h) cultivate (a. fig.).

Kultur [kul'tu:r]/(-/-en) S cultiva'


kiihn adj. [ky:n] bold (a. fig.), daring;



v/i.: j-m ~ give s.o. notice; 2. v/t.

call in (capital);
cancel (contract); pol. denounce (treaty);
Sung/(-/-en) notice; -f calling in;
cancellation; pol. denunciation.
Kundschat/(-/-en) customers pi.,
chents pi.; custom, clientele; ' er
X m (-si-) scout; spy.
kiinftig ['kynftig] 1. adj. event,
years, etc.: future; event, programme,
etc.: coming; life, world, etc.: next;


F fridge.


tomer, client; 2./(-/-n) knowledge.

Kundgebung ['kunt-]/(-/-en) manifestation ; pol. rally.

kummervoll adj. sorrowful.

Kump|an F [kum'parn] m (-s/-e)

companion; F mate, chum. Am. F a.


(-slno pi.)

Kuppel AJ'kupal] / (-/-n) dome,


cupola; ei tfz U lai] / (-/-en) procuring; 'Sn (ge-, h) 1. vft. s. koppe/n; 2. mot. vji. declutch.
Kuppl|er ['kuplar] m (-s/-) pimp,
procurer; ' .ung / (-/-en) coupling (a. S); mot. clutch.


167 -

time work; 'Sarbeiter 'f m shorttime worker; atmlg adj. [L'q:u

mig] short-winded.

Kur [ku:r] / (-/-en) course of treatment, cure.

Kiir [ky:r] / (-/-en) sports: s. Ktirlauf; voluntary exercise.

Kuratorium [kura'to:rium] (-$/
Kurotor/en) board of trustees.

Kurbel ['kurbsl] / (-/-n) crank,

winch, handle; 211 (ge-, h) 1. v/t.
shoot (film); in die Hohe ~ winch up
(load, etc.); wind up (car window,
etc.); 2. vfi. crank.

Kiirze ['kyrts3]/(-/op/.) shortness;

in ~ shortly, before long;
2n vjt. (ge-, h) shorten (dress, etc.)
(um by); abridge, condense (book,
etc.); cut, reduce (expenses, etc.).
kurzler'hand adv. without hesitation; on the spot; '2film m short

4 Tkyrbis] m (-ses/-se)

(film); form / shortened form;

Lfristig adj. short-term; -f bill,

Kurjgast m visitor to or patient at
a health resort or spa; haus n spa

etc.: short-dated;
geschichte /
(short) short story; .lebig adj.



['Je:big] short-lived; 'Onachrichten flpl. news summary.


Kurier [ku'rirr] m (-s/-e) courier,

express (messenger).
kurieren 4? [ku'riiran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) cure.
kurios adj. [kur'jors] curious, odd,
strange, queer.
[skating. 1

kiirzlich adv. ['kyrtsli?] lately, recently, not long ago.



Kurlauf m sports: free (roller)/

Kur|ort m health resort; spa;
pfuscher m quack (doctor); pfusche'rei/(-/-en) quackery.
Kurs [kurs] m (-es/-e) if currency;
rate, price;
and fig. course;

course, class; ' bericht

market-report; ' buch
n railway
guide. Am. railroad guide.
Kiirschner ['kyrjnsr] m (-s/-)

in short, in a word.

Kiirzung / (-/-en) shortening (of

dress, etc.); abridgement, condensation (of book, etc.); cut, reduction
(of expenses, etc.).


Kurz|waren flpl.

wave; radio: short-wave band.


Kusine [ku'ziins] / (-/-n) s. Cousine.

Kirfi [kus] m (Kusses/Kusse) kiss;

echt adj. kiss-proof.
kiissen f'kyssn] v/t. and v/i. (ge-, h)

kufifest adj. s. kuBecht.

Kiiste ['kysts] / (-/-n) coast; shore.

Kurslverlust -f m loss on the stock



Am. dry goods pi., notions pi.;

Lweil / (-/wo pi.) amusement,
entertainment; 'Sweilig adj. amusing, entertaining; ' welle //short


kursieren [kur'ziirsn] v/i. (no -ge-,

h) money, etc.: circulate, be in circulation; rumour, etc.: circulate, be
afloat, go about.
Kursivschrift typ. [kur'zkf-j /
italics pi.
Kursus ['kurzus] m (-/Kurse) course,

m short circuit, F

short; Lschrift / shorthand, stenography;

sichtig adj. shortsighted, near-sighted; 2 111 adv.



m market
zettel 'f m stock exchange


Kurve ['kurva] / (-/-n) curve; road,

etc.: a. bend, turn.


kurz [kurts] 1. adj. space: short;

time, etc.: short, brief; und bundig
brief, concise; ~e Hose shorts pi.;
mit ~en Worten with a few words;
den kiirzeren ziehen get the worst
of it; 2. adv. in short; ~ angebunden
se/n be curt or sharp;
und gut in
short, in a word; ~ vor London short

of London; sich
fassen be brief
or concise; in ~em before long,
shortly; vor ~em a short time ago;
zu ~ kommen come off badly, get a
raw deal; um es ~ zu sogen to cut a

long story short; l2arbeit',jr/short-

Kiistenlbewohner m inhabitant of

a coastal region; ' fischerei / inshore fishery or fishing; ' gebiet n

coastal area or region; ' schiffahrt
/ coastal shipping.
Kiister eccl. f'kystsr] m (-s/-) verger,

sexton, sacristan.

Kutsch|bock I'kutJ-] m coach-box;

e / (-/-n) carriage, coach; ' enschlag m carriage-door, coachdoor; ' er m (si-) coachman; 2ieren [ 'tjiirsn] (no -ge-) 1. v/t. (h)

drive 5.0. in a coach; 2. vji. (h)

(drive a) coach; 3. v/i. (se/n) (drive

or ride in a) coach.

Kutte ['kuts] / (-/-n) cowl.

Kutter & ['kutsr] m (-s/-) cutter.

Kuvert [ku'vert; ku'verr] n (-[e]s/-e;

s/-s) envelope; at table: cover.
Kux R [kuks] m (-es/-e) mining



168 -


Lab zo. [la:p] n (-[e]s/-e) rennet.
labil adj. [la'bi:!] unstable (a.
Labor [la'boir] n (-s/-s3 -e) s. Laboratorium; ant [labo'rant] m (-en/
en) laboratory assistant; atorium
[labora'toirjum] n (-s/ Laborotor/en)
laboratory; Sieren [ o'riiran] vfi.
(no -ge-, h):
an (dat.) labo(u)r

Sie sich in meine

Lager ['largar] n (si-) couch, bed;

den, lair (of wild animals); geol.
deposit; bearing; warehouse,
storehouse, depot; store, stock (
pi. a. Lager);
ere: camp,encamp-

ment; auf

under, suffer from.


down, rest;

1. vji. (ge-, h)

sneer (iiber acc. at); 2. 2 n (sjnopi.)

lie down, rest; ' platz m if depot;

etc-' camp-site;
raum m store-room; '~ung /

smile; hohnisches ~ sneer.

(-/-en) storage (of goods)

smile (uber acc. at); hohn/sch

lacben f'laxan] 1. v/i. (ge-, h) laugh

(iiber acc. at); 2. 2 n (s/no pi.)



(ge-, h) be lame.

machen make a fool of o.s.

Lachs ichth. [laks] m (-es/-e) salmon.

Lack [lak] m (-[e]s/-e) (gum-)lac;

varnish; lacquer, enamel; 2ieren
[la'kiirsn] v/t. (no -ge-, h) lacquer,
varnish, enamel;
leder n patent
leather; ' schuhe tnlpl. patent
leather shoes pi., F patents pi.

Lade|fahigkeit ['la:d3-] / loading

flache / loading area;
hemmung X / jam, stoppage;



/ load-line.
laden1 ['lardan] v/t. (irr., ge-, h)
load; load (gun), charge (a. /);
freight, ship; 3% cite, summon; invite, ask (guest).
Laden2 U] w (si-) shop. Am. store;




' dieb


diebstahl m shop-lifting; 'philter m drug on the market; ' inhaber m shopkeeper. Am. storekeeper; ' kasse / till; ' .preis m

selling-price, retail price; ' schild

schlufi m closing
n shopsign;


time; noch

after hours; ' tisch m


Ladelplatz m loading-place;
rampe / loading platform or ramp;

lahmen ['leiman] v/t. (ge-, h)

(make) lame; paralyjse. Am. -ze
{a. fig.).
lahmlegen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
paralyjse. Am. -ze; obstruct.
f (-/-en) paralysis.
Laib [laip] m (-[e]s/-e) loaf.
Laicb [lai?] m (-[e]s/-e) spawn;
2en v/i. (ge-, h) spawn.
Laie ['laia] m (-n/-n) layman;
nbiihne / amateur
theat|re. Am. -er.
Lakai [la'kai] m (-en/-en) lackey
(a. fig.), footman.
Lake ['Icr.ks] / (-/-n) brine, pickle.
Laken ['laikan] n (s/-) sheet.
lallen f'lalan] v/i. and v/t. (ge-, h)
stammer; babble.

Lamelle [la'meb] / (-/-n) lamella,

lamina; 4 giU (of mushrooms).

lamentieren [lamen'tiiran] v/i. (no





Lagune [la'guina] / (-/-n) lagoon.

lahtn adj. [la:m] lame; ' en v/i.


lacherlich adj. fle arli?] ridiculous,

laughable, ludicrous; absurd; derisory, scoffing; * machen ridicule;


(en)camp; if be

stored; 2. v/t. lay down; X (en-)

camp; -f- store, warehouse; sich ~



~ on hand, in stock;

buch n stock-book; ' feuer n

camp-fire; ' geld n storage; ' haus

n warehouse; Sn (ge-, h) 1. v/i. lie

Labyrinth [laby'rint] n (-[e]s/-e)

labyrinth, maze.
Lache ['laxa] / (-/-n) pool, pud-

lacheln ['le aln]

put yourself in

my place.

raum m loading space; .& hold;

schein & m bill of lading.

Ladung / (-/-en) loading; load,

cargo; f charge (a. 0/
gun); tfz summons.
lag [la:k] pret. of liegen.
Lage ['larga] / (-/-n) situation, position; site, location (of building);
state, condition; attitude; geol.
layer, stratum; round (of beer, etc.);
in der ~ se/n zu inf. be able to inf.,
be in a position to inf.; versetzen

ge-, h) lament (um for; iiber acc.

Lamm zo. [lam] n (-[e]s/=er) lamb;
fell n lambskin;
'fromm adj.

(as) gentle or (as) meek as a lamb.

Lampe ['lamps] / (-/-n) lamp.

Lampenlfieber n stage fright;

Uicht n lamplight; ' schirm m

Lampion [la'pjo:] m, n (s/s) Chinese lantern.

Land [lant] n (-[e]s/-er, poet, -e)

land; country; territory; ground,
soil; an ~ gehen go ashore; auf dem
e in the country; aufs ~ gehen go
into the country; auBer ~es gehen

arbeiLbesitz m

go abroad; zu ~e by land;


landed property; 2% real estate;






bevolkerung / rural





n flight-deck.


Maschinen flpl.
Landmaschinen; ' zunge / spit.

land'einwarts adv. upcountry, inland.

landen ['landan] (ge-) 1. vji. (se/n)

land; 2. u/r. (h) & disembark
{troups); * land, set down (troups).
Landenge / neck of land, isthmus.
Landeplatz %t ['landa-] m landing-

week; uber kurz oder

(e) entbehrt long-missed; (e) ersehnt long-wished-for; dos ist

schon .(e) her that was a long time

Landes]grenze ['landas-]/frontier,
boundary; ' innere n interior, inland, upcountry; ' kirche/national church; Brt. Established Church;




Germany: Land government;

sprache / native language, vernac'Siiblich adj. customary;


verrat m treason;


verrater m

traitor to his country; ' verteidigung / national defen|ce. Am. -se.

Landjflucht/rural exodus; ' friedensbruch

ago; -w und breit at (full or great)

.(e) nicht not for a
long time yet; far from ger.; wie
/ernen S/e schon Englisch? how
long have you been learning
English?; atmig adj. [' aitmi?]
long-winded; ' e adv. s. lang 2.
Lange ['lerp] / (-/-n) length; tallness; geogr., ast. longitude; der
noch (at) full length, lengthwise.
length; noch

international match.


m breach of the

public peace; ' gericht n appr.

district court; ' gewinnung /
(-/-en) reclamation of land; gut n
country-seat, estate;
karte /
country-house, cottage;
map; ' icreis m rural district;
21aufig adj. [' brfi?] customary,

langen ['laqan] v/i. (ge-, h) suffice

be enough; ~ noch reach for.


Langen|grad m degree of longi-


langer 1. adj. longer;

tude; ' mafi n linear measure.



the better.


or race.







Landjvermesser m (-s/-) surveyor;

vermessung / land-surve Tng;
warts adv. [' .verts] landward(s);
weg m: auf dem e by land;
wirt m farmer, agriculturist;


wirtschaft / agricnalture, farm-

ing; 'Swirtschaftlich adj. agri-



abed; 'Sspielplatte / long-playing


langst adv. [leqst] long ago or since;

ich weiB es

I have known it for a

long time; ' ens adv. at the longest;




[' jlerfar] m (si-) late riser, lie-

Land[strafie/ highway, high road;

Army; ground forces pi.; ' strich

m tract of land, region; ' tag m
Landtag, Land parliament.
Landung ['landuri] / (-/-en)
landing; disembarkation; arrival;
sbriicke & f floating: landingstage; pier; ssteg * m gangway,

1. prp. (gen., dat.)

alongside of);
der Kiiste fahren
& (sail along the) coast; 2. adv.
lengthwise; 'Sachse / longitudinal


streicher m (-s/-) vagabond,

tramp. Am. si. hobo; ' streitkrafte flpl. land forces pi., the

langlich adj. longish, oblong.

Langmut / (-/no pi.) patience,

langs [lerjs]



langjfristig adj. long-term; ' jahrig adj. of long standing; ~e r-

fahrung (many) years of experience;

Slauf m skiing: cross-country run



Langeweile/(-, Langenweilelno pi.)

boredom, tediousness, ennui.


current, common.

landlich adj. ['lentli?] rural, rustic.

Landlmaschinen flpl. agricultural
or farm equipment; ' partie /
picnic, outing, excursion into the
country; ' plage iro. f nuisance;
rat m (-[e]s/=e) appr. district
president; ratte & / landlubber;
recht n common law; regen m
persistent rain.
Landschaft / (-/-en) province,
district, region; countryside, scenery; esp. paint, landscape; Slich
adj. provincial; scenic {beauty, etc.).
Landsmann m (-[e]s/Lonc/s/eute)
(fellow-)countryman, compatriot;
was sind S/e fur e/n ? what s your
native country?

Ze/t (for)

some time; 2. adv. longer; ich kann

es n/cht
ertragen I cannot bear it
any longer; je ~, je lieber the longer



sooner or

later; ~(e) anhaltend continuous;



lang [lag] 1. adj. long; p. tall; er

mochte e/n ~es Gesicht his face fell;
2 adv. long; e-e Woche ~ for a

Landereien [lenda'raisn] pi. landed

property, lands pi., estates pi.

Landerspiel ['lEndar-j n sports:


169 -

at the latest; at the most.


langjstielig adj. long-handled; 3long-stemmed, long-stalked; '2streckenlauf m long-distance run

or race; 'Sweile/G, Langenweilelno
pi.) s. Langeweile; ' weilen vjt.
(ge-, h) bore; s/ch be bored; '..wei-

lig adj. tedious, boring, dull;

Person bore; 'Swelle / f long
wave; radio: long wave band;
wierig adj. [' viiri?] protracted,


Lanze f'lantsa] / (-/-n) spear, lance.

Lappalie [la'pailja] / (-/-n) trifle.
Lapp|en ['lapan] m (-s/-) patch;
rag; duster; (dish- or floor-)cloth;
anat., % lobe; 'Sig adj. flabby.
lappisch adj. ['lepij] foolish silly.


Larche $ ['ler ] / (-/-n) larch.

Larm [lerm]
m (-[e]s/n3 pi.)
noise; din; ~ schlagen give the
alarm; 'Sen v/i. (ge-, h) make a
noise; 'Send adj. noisy.
Larve ['larfa] / (-/-n) mask; face
(often iro.); zo. larva, grub.
las [la:s] pret. of /esen.

lasch F adj. [laj] limp, lax.

Lasche ['laja] /(-/-n) strap; tongue
(of shoe).
lassen ['lassn] (zrr., h) 1. v/t. (ge-)
let; leave; laB das1, don't!; laB das
Weinen! stop crying!; ich kann es
nicht ~ I cannot help (doing) it;
sein Leben
fur sacrifice one s life
for; 2. vji. (ge-): von et.

170 -


lau adj. [lau] tepid, lukewarm (a.

Laub [laup] n (-[e]s/no pi.) foliage,

leaves pi.; 'jjaum m deciduous


Laube ['laubs] / (-/-n) arbo(u)r,

bower; ' ngang m arcade.
Laublfrosch zo. m tree-frog;
sage / fret-saw.


[laux] m (-[e]s/-e) leek.

Lauer ['lauar] / (-/no pi.): auf der

liegen or sein lie in wait or ambush,
be on the look-out; 'Sn v/i. (ge-, h)
lurk (auf acc. for);
auf (acc.)
watch for; 2nd adj. louring, lowering.
Lauf [lauf] m (-[e]s/=e) run(ning);

from, renounce; do with-

sports: a. run, heat; race; current

out; 3. v/aux. (no -ge-) allow,

(of water); course; barrel (of gun);

permit, let; make, cause; drucken

have 5. th. printed; gehen ~ let s.o.
go; ich habe ihn dieses Buch /esen ~

I have made him read this book;

von sich horen ~ send word; er laBt

sich nichts sagen he won t take

advice; es laBt sich nicht leugnen
there is no denying (the fact).
lassig adj. flesi?] indolent, idle;
sluggish; careless.
Last [last] / (-/-en) load; burden;
weight; cargo, freight; , weight,
charge, trouble; zu en von f to
the debit of; j-m zur
fallen be a
burden to s.o.; j-m et. zur ~ legen
lay at s.o.'s door or to s.o.'s
auto n s. Lastkraftwacharge;

J run; im e der Ze/t in (the) course


Lauf |masche/ladder. Am. a. run;



paC F m sack, 5/. walking papers

pi.; ' planke & / gang-board,
gang-plank; schritt m: im ~ running; steg m footbridge; & gang~




lasten /t. (ge-, h): ~ auf (dot.)

weigh or press (up)on; Saufzug m
goods lift, Am. freight elevator.
Laster ['lastsr] n (-s/-) vice.
Lasterer ['lestsrar] m (-s/-) slan-




Lauge ['laugs] / (-/-n) lye.

Launje ['launsj / (-/-n) humo(u)r;


temper; caprice, fancy,

whim; guter
in (high) spirits;
Senhaft adj. capricious; 'Sisch

derer, backbiter.

lasterhaft adj. vicious; corrupt.

Lasterjmaul t'lestsr-] n s. Lasterer;


2n v/i. (ge-, h) slander, calumniate,

defame; abuse; '~ung / (-/-en)
slander, calumny.
lastig adj. f'lesti?] troublesome;
annoying; uncomfortable, inconvenient.

Lastlkahn m barge, lighter;

kraftwagen m lorry. Am. truck;
schrift Y / debit; ' tier n pack
wagen m s. Lastkraftanimal;


adj. moody; wayward.

Laus zo. [lavs] f (-/-e) louse; *,bub
[' burpl tn (-enI-en) young scamp, F
young devil, rascal.

lausch|en ['laujsn] r/z. (ge-, h)

listen; eavesdrop; ' ig adj. snug,
cosy; peaceful.
laut [laut] 1. adj. loud (a. fig.);

noisy; 2. adv. aloud, loud(ly);

(sprechen S/e) er.' speak up!. Am.
louder!; 3. prp. (gen., dat.) according
to; t as per; 4.2 m (-[e]s/-e) sound;
Se I f (-l-n) lute; '~en v/i. (ge-,



Latein [la'tam] n (-s/no pi.) Latin;

Sisch adj. Latin.
Laterne [la'terna] / (-/-n) lantern;
street-lamp; ~npfahl m lamp-post.
latschen F ['laitjan] v/i. (ge-, sein)
shuffle (along).
Latte I'lats] / (-/-n) pale; lath;
sports: bar;
nkiste / crate;
verschlag m latticed partition;
nzaun m paling. Am. picket






bahn/career; ' bursche

m errand-boy, office-boy; ' disziplin f sports: running event.
laufen (irr., ge-) 1. vji. (sein) run;
walk; flow; time: pass, go by,
elapse; leak; die Dinge ~ lassen let
things slide; j-n lassen let s.o. go;
2 vlt. (sein, h) run; walk; '~d adj.
running; current; regular; en Monots "f instant; auf dem en sefn
be up to date, be fully informed.
Laufer ['bvfsr] m (-s/-) runner (a.
carpet); chess: bishop; football:
of time;

n (-s/-) bib,

h) sound; words, etc.: run; read;

auf (acc.) passport, etc.: be issued


lauten ['bvtsn] (ge-, h) 1. vji. ring;

toll; es lautet the bell is ringing;
2 v/t. ring; toll.
lauter adj. pure; clear; genuine;
sincere; mere, nothing but, only.


lauter|n ['bytarn] vlt. (ge-, h)

purify; cleanse; refine; Sung/

(-/-en) purification; refining.



lautjlos adj. noiseless; mute; silent;

silence: hushed; Sschrift / phonetic transcription; Ssprecher m
loud-spyeaker; 'Sstarke / sound intensity; radio: (sound-)volume; 2starkeregler [ rezgbr] m (-s/-)


pi.; ' zeichen n sign of life; ' zeit

/lifetime; auf for life.
Leber anat. ['leibar] / (-/-n) liver;
fleck m mole;
krank adj., '2-

leidend adj. suffering from a livercomplaint; ' tran m cod-liver oil;

wurst / liver-sausage. Am. liver-


volume control.


lauwarm adj. tepid, lukewarm.

Lava geol. ['] / (-'Laven) lavaLavendel * [la'vendal] m (-s/-)

lavieren [la'viiran] vfi. {no -ge-, fi,

tack (a. fig.).
Lawine [la'virna] / (-/-n) avalanche.
lax adj. [laks] lax, loose; morals: a.


Lebewesen n living being, creature.

Lebe'wohl n (-[e]s/-e, -s) farewelL

lebjhaft adj. ['le.phaft] lively; vmd;

spirited; interest: keen; traffic:
kuchen m gingerbread;

Jos adj. lifeless;

zeiten pi.:

zu s-n - in his lifetime.

lechzen ['le tsan] v/i. (ge-, h): ~


Lazarett llatsa'rst] n (-Ie]s/-e)

(military) hospital.
leben1 ['le an] (ge-, h) 1. r/i. live;
be alive;
Si'e wohll good-bye!,
farewell!; ;-n hoch/efaen /ossen cheer
s.o.; at table: drink s.o. s health;

von et.

live on; h/er /ebt es

sich gut it is pleasant living here;

2 c/r. Uve {one's life).
Leben2 U] n (si-) life; stir, animation, bustle; am
bleiben remain
alive, survive; am
erhalten keep
alive; e/ n neues
beginnen turn over
a new leaf; ins * rufen call into being;
sein ~ oufs Spiel setzen risk one s
life; sein
long all one's life; ums
kommen lose one's life; perish.



lebendig adj. [le'bendi?] living;

pred.: alive; quick; lively.
Lebensjalter n age; ' anschauung / outlook on life; ' art / manners pi., behavio(u)r; auffassung
/ philosophy of life; ' bed ingungen flpl. li\-ing conditions pl.'s
beschreibung / life, biography;
Ldauer / span of life; 0 durability; '2echt adj. true to life; ' erfahnmg / experience of life; '2fahig adj.
and fig. viable; ' gefahr / danger of life; / danger (of


death)!; unter

at the risk of one's

life; 'Sgefahrlich adj. dangerous

(to life), perilous; ' gefahrte m
life's companion; ' grofie / lifesize; in
at full length; ' fcraft /
vital power, vigo(u)r, vitality;
langlich adj. for life, lifelong;

Oauf m course of life; personal

record, curriculum vitae; lustig

adj. gay, merry; ' mittel pi. food
(-stuffs pi ), provisions pi., groceries pi.; miide adj. weary or tired

of life;


171 -

notwendig adj. vital, es-

sential; ' retter m life-saver, rescuer; ' standard m standard of

living; ' unterhalt m livelihood;

verdienen earn one's living;
versicherung / life-insurance;
wandel m life, (moral) conduct;
weise / mode of living, habits
pi.; gesunde regimen; weisheit
/ worldly wisdom;
wichtig adj.
vital, essential; ~e Orgone pi. vitals

nach languish or yearn or pant for.

Leek tlek] 1. n (-[e]s/-s) leak; 2.

adj. leaky;


spring a


lecken ['lekan] (ge-, h) 1. r/r. lick;

2 vji. lick; leak.

lecker adj. ['lekar] dainty; delicious;

2bissen m dainty, dehcacy.
Leder f'lerdar] n (-s/-) leather; in
gebunden leather-bound; '2n adj.

leathern, of leather.

ledig adj. ['le:di<;] single, unmarried;

child: illegitimate; Jich adv. [



solely, merely.

Lee & [le:] / (-/no pi.) lee (side).

leer [le:r] 1. adj. empty; vacant;
void; vain; blank; 2. adv.:laufen
idle; '2e f (-/no pi.) emptiness, void
(a. fig.); phys. vacuum; ' en t/r.
(ge-, b) empty; clear (out); pour



n empties pi.;



m idling; mat. neutral gear; yig.

waste of energy; ' stehend adj.

flat: empty, unoccupied, vacant.
legal adj. [le'ga:!] legal, lawful.
Legat [le'gait] 1. m (-en/-en) legate;
2 ft n (-[e]s/-e) legacy.
legen ['leigan] (ge-, h) 1. r/r. lay;
place, put; sich
urind, etc.: calm
down, abate; cease; V/ert
(acc.) attach importance to; 2. vji.
hen: lay.
Legende [le'gsnda] / (-/-n) legend.
legieren [le'giiran] t/r. (no -ge-, h)
alloy; cookery: thicken (m/t


Legislative [leigisla'tirva] / (-/-n)

legislative body or power.
legitim adj. [legi'titm] legitimate;
Jeren [ i'mirren] vjt. (no -ge-, h)
legitimate; authorize; sich
one s identity.
Lehm [le:m] m (-[e]s/-e) loam;
mud; '2ig adj. loamy.
Lehnje ['lerna] / (-/-n) support;
arm, back (of chair); Zen (ge-, b)


vji. lean (on dat. against); 2. v/t.

lean, rest (on ace, gegen against);

an (acc.) lean against; sich ~
auf (acc.) rest or support o.s. (up-)
on; sich aus dem Fenster
lean out
of the window; ' sessel m, ' stuhi

m armchair, easy chair.


Lehrbuch ['le-.r-] n textbook.

Lehre ['leira] / (-/-n) rule, precept;
doctrine; system; science; theory;
lesson, warning; moral (of fable);
instruction, tuition; ga(u)ge;
pattern; in der ~ se/n be apprenticed
(bei to); in die ~ gefaen apprentice,
article (both: bei, zu to); 'Sn v/t.
(ge- h) teach, instruct; show.
Lehrer m (si-) teacher; master,
instructor; ' in / (-/-nen) (lady)
teacher; (school)mistress; ' .kollegium n staff (of teachers).

172 -

Leichnam ['laignaim] m (-[e]s/-e) s.


leicht [laigt] 1. adj. light; easy;

slight; tobacco: mild; 2. adv.: es ~
nehmen take it easy; 'Sathlet m

athlete; 'Sathletik / athletics pi.,

Am. track and field events pi.; ' fertig adj. light(-minded); careless;
frivolous, flippant; 'Sfertigkeit /
levity; carelessness; frivolity, flippancy; Sgewicht n boxing: lightweight; ' glaubig adj. credulous;
hin adv. lightly, casually; igkeit I' iq-] / (-/-en) lightness; ease,
facility; ' lebig adj. easy-going;
Smetall n light metal; 'Ssinn m


Lehr|ach n subject; ' film m in'

structional film;

gang m course
(of instruction); ' geld n premium;
Lherr m master, si. boss; Ljahre
n/pl. (years pi. of) apprenticeship;
Ljunge m s. Lehrling; ' korper m
teaching staff; univ. professoriate,
faculty; ' kraft / teacher; professor;
ling m (-s/-e) apprentice;
madchen n girl apprentice;
meister m master;
methode /
method of teaching; ' plan m curriculum, syllabus; Sreich adj. in'





satz m

theorem; doc-

trine; eccl. dogma; ' stoff m subject-matter, subjectsp/.); ' stuhl m

professorship; ' vertrag m articles
pi. of apprenticeship, indentured
pi.); ' zeit/apprenticeship.
Leib [laip] m (-[e]s/-er) body; belly,
anat. abdomen; womb; be/ /ebendigem
alive; m/t und See/e body
and soul; sich j-n vom ~e halten
keep s.o. at arm's length; ' .arzt m
physician in ordinary, personal
physician; ' chen n (-s/-) bodice.


(-[e]s/wo pi ) frivolity, levity; carelessness; ' sinnigadj. light-minded,

frivolous; careless; ' .verdaulich
adj. easy to digest; ' verstandlich
adj. easy to understand.
leid [lait] 1. adv.: es tut mir ~ I am
sorry (um for), I regret; 2. 2 n
(-[e]s/no pi ) injury, harm; wrong;
grief, sorrow; en [' dan] (z rr., ge-,
h) 1. v/i. suffer (an dot. from);
2 vjt.: (nicht)
kdnnen (dis)like;
Sen [' dan] n (-s/-) suffering; &
complaint; end # adj. [' dant]
Leidenschaft / (-/-en) passion;
Slich adj. passionate; ardent; vehement; Sslos adj. dispassionate.
Leidenslgefahrte m, ' gefahrtin
/ fellow-sufferer.





leidjer adv. ['laidar] unfortunately;

int. alas!; mud ich inf. I'm (so)
sorry to inf.; ich mufi ~ gehen I am
afraid I have to go;
ig adj.
disagreeable; ~lich adj. ['lait-]
tolerable; fairly well; Stragende
t'lait-] m, f (-nf-n) mourner; er ist




['laip'aigana] m (-n/

n) bond(s)man, serf; ' schaft /

(-/no pi ) bondage, serfdom.

Leibes|erziehung ['laibas-J / phys-

der ~ dabei he is the one who suf-

ical training; ' frucht / f(o)etus;

kraft /: ous Le/beskraften pi.
with all one s might; ' iibung /
bodily or physical exercise.

fers for it; Swesen ['lait-] n (-s/no

pi.): zu meinem ~ to my regret.
Leier / ['laiar] / (-/-n) lyre; ' kasten m barrel-organ; Lkastentnann m organ-grinder.



Leiblgarde / body-guard; ' gericht n favo(u)rite dish; Shaftig

adj. [Jhaftig]: der ~e Teufel the

Leih|bibliothek ['lai-] /, Lbiicherei / lending or circulating library,

Am. a. rental library; 'Sen v/t. (irr.,
ge-, h) lend; borrow (von from);
gebiihr / lending fee(s pi.);
haus n pawnshop. Am. a. loan

devil incarnate; 'Slich adj. bodily,

corpor(e)al; Lrente / life-annuity;
schmerzen m/pl. stomach-ache,
belly-ache, # colic; ' .wache /
body-guard; ' .wasche / underwear.

Leiche ['laiga] / (-/-n) (dead) body,


Leichen|beschauer 1% ['laicanbsJauar] m (-s/-) appr. coroner; ' bestatter m (-s/-) undertaker. Am. a.
bittermiene F /
woebegone look or countenance;

O'blalJ adj deadly pale; ' halle/

mortuary; ' schau 2% / appr.
(coroner's) inquest; ' schauhaus n
morgue; ' tuch n (-[els/ er) shroud;
Lverbrennung/cremation; ' wagen m hearse.


office; 'Sweise adv. as a loan.

Leim [laim] m (-[e]s/-e) glue; F ous

dem * gehen get out of joint; F: auf
den ~ gehen fall for it, fall into the
trap; 'Sen vjt. (ge-, h) glue; size.
Lein $ [lam] m (-[e]s/-e) flax.
Leine ['lama] / (-/-n) line, cord;
(dog-)lead, leash.
leinen ['laman] 1. adj. (of) linen;
2 S n (sj-) linen; in ~ gebunden






Leinlol n linseed-oil; ' samen m

linseed; ' .wand / (-/no pi.) linen
(cloth); paint, canvas; film: screen.


leise adj. ['laiza] low, soft; gentle;

slight, faint;
stellen turn down
( radio).
Leiste ['laistal/O-Z-n) border, ledge;
& fillet; anat. groin.
lelsten ['laistan] 1. v/t. (ge-, h) do;
perform; fulfil(l); take (oath);
render (service); ich kann mir das ~
I can afford it; 2. m (-s/-) last;



Am. a. shoetree;
m inguinal hernia.



Lelstung / (-/-en) performance;

achievement; work(manship); results pi.); capacity; output (of
factory); benefit (of insurance company); 'fisfahig adj. productive;
efficient, a. powerful; ' sfahigkeit / efficiency; productivity;
capacity, producing-power.
Leit|artikel ['lait-] m leading article,
leader, editorial; ' bild n image;
leiten f'laitan] v/t. (ge-, h) lead,

guide; conduct (a. phys., j); fig.

direct, rvm, manage, operate; preside over (meeting); ' d adj. leading;

phys. conductive; ~e Stellung key

Leiter 1. m (-si-) leader; conductor
(c. phys., J); guide; manager; 2. /
(-/-n) ladder; Lin / (-/-nen) leader;
conductress, guide; manageress;
Lwagen m rack-wag(g)on.
Leitjfaden m manual, textbook,
guide; Lmotiv / n leit-motiv;
spruch m motto; Ltier n leader;
Lung / (-/-en) lead(ing), conducting, guidance; management, direction, administration. Am. a. opera-

tion; phys. conduction; / lead;

circuit; tel. line; mains pi. (for gas,
water, etc.); pipeline; die ~ ist besetzt teleph. the line is engaged or
Am. busy.
Leitungsjdraht m conducting wire,
conductor; Lrohr n conduit(-pipe);
main (forgas, water, etc.); Lwasser
n (-s/f) tap water.
n tail unit or group,

Lekt|ion [Isk'tsjom] / (-/-en) lesson;

or ['lektor] m (-s/-en) lecturer;
reader; ..iire [ 'tyrra] / 1. (-/no pi.)
reading; 2. (-/-n) books pi.
Lende anat. ['lenda] / (-/-n) loin(s

lenkjbar adj. ['leqkbair] guidable,

manageable, tractable; docile;
steerable, dirigible; Len v/t. (ge-,h)
direct, guide; turn; rule; govern;

drive (car);
steer; Aufmerksamkeit ~ auf (acc.) draw attention to;
Srad mot. n steering wheel; '2saule mot. f steering column; '2Stange / handle-bar (of bicycle);
2ung mot. f (-/-en) steering-gear.
Lenz [lents] m (-es/-e) spring.
Leopard zo. [leo'part] m (-en/-en)


173 -

Lepra & ['lerpra] / (-{no pi.) leprosy.

Lerche orn. ['ler a] / (-/-n) lark.

lernjbegierlg adj. ['km-] eager to

learn, studious; Len vft. and vfi.
(ge-, h) learn; study.
Lese rieiza] / (-/-n) gathering; s.
We/n/ese; Lbuch n reader; Llam-

pe / reading-lamp.
lesen ['leizan] (irr., ge-, h) 1. v/t.
read; S gather; Messe ~ eccl. say
mass; 2. vji. read; univ. (give a)
lecture (u'ber acc. on); ' swert adj.
worth reading.
Leser m (s/-), Lin / (-/-nen)
gatherer; vintager; lich
adj. legible; Lzuschrift / letter to
the editor.

Lesezeichen n book-mark.

Lesung parl. f (-/-en) reading.
letzt adj. [Istst] last; final; ulti-

mate; ~e Nachrichten pi. latest news

pi.; ~e Hand on/egen put the finishing touches (on acc. to); das ~e the
last thing; der
ere the latter;
der (die, das) Letzte the last (one);
zu guter Letzt last but not least;
finally; Lens adv., L'hin adv.
lately, of late; Llich adv. s. /etz-

tens; finally; ultimately.3

Leuchtje ['bYgta] / (-/-n) (fig. shining) light, lamp (a. fig.), luminary
(a. fig., esp. p.);
en v/i. (ge-, h)

(give) light, shine (forth); beam,

gleam; Len n (-sjno pi.) shining,
light, luminosity; 'Send adj. shining, bright; luminous; brilliant (c.
fig.); Ler m (-s/-) candlestick; s.
Kronleuchter; Lfeuer n


beacon(-light), flare (light); Lkafer

zo. m glow-worm; Lkugel X /
Very light; flare; Lturm m lighthouse; Lziffer / luminous figvure.

leugnen ['bYgnan] vlt. (ge-, h) deny;

disavow; contest.

Leukamie j? [bYke'ini:] / (-/-n)

Leumund ['bymunt] m (-[e]s/o
pi.) reputation, repute; character;

szeugnis *& n character reference.

Leute ['bYta] pi. people pi.; persons
pol. men pi.; workers: hands
pi.; F folks pi.; domestics pi., servants pi.
['bytnant] m (-sl-s,
\ -e) second lieutenant.
leutselig adj. ['bytzeili?] affable.
Lexikon ['Isksikon] n (-s/Lexika,
Lexiken) dictionary; encyclopaedia.

Libelle zo. [li'bsb] / (-/-n) dragonfly.

liberal adj. [libe'ra:!] liberal.
Licht [list] 1. n (-[e]s/-er) light;
brightness; lamp; candle; hunt.
eye; ~ mochen switch or turn on
the light(s pi.); das ~ der Welt erblicken see the light, be born; 2. 2
adj. light, bright; clear; ~er Augen-


lucid interval; Lanlage /


lecture; '

plant; '~bild n photo

Jjildervortrag m slide
blick . m bright spot;
f m arc; '2durchlassig
adj. translucent; Secht adj. fast
(to light), unfading; 'Sempfindlich adj. sensitive to light, phot.



machen sensitize.

lichten vlt. (ge-, h) clear (forest);

den Anker ~ & weigh anchor; sich ~
hair, crowd: thin.

licbterioh adv. f'ligtar'lo:] blazing,

in full blaze.

Lichtlgeschwindigkeit / speed of
light; ' hof m glass-roofed court;

patio; halo (a. phot.); Lleitung /

lighting mains pi.; ' maschine
mot. f dynamo, generator; ' pause
/blueprint; ' quelle/light source,
source of light; ' reklame / neon
sign; ' schacht m well; ' schalter
m (light) switch; schein m gleam
of light; Escheu adj. shunning the
light; ' signal n light or luminous
spieltheater n s. Filmsignal;
theater, Kino; Lstrahl m ray or
beam of light (a. fig.); 'Sundurchlassig adj. opaque.
Lichtung / (-/-en) clearing, open'



ing, glade.

Lichtzelle / s. Photozelle.
Lid [li:t] n (-[e]s/-er) eyelid.
lieb adj. [li:p] dear; nice, kind;
child: good; in letters: er Herr N.
dear Mr N.; er Himmel! good

Heavens!, dear me!; es /st mir

dafi I am glad that; 'Schen n (-s/-)


Liebe ['liiba] / (-/no pi.) love (zu of,

for); ous for love; aus * zu for the
love of; 'Sn (ge-, h) 1. vft. love; be
in love with; be fond of, like; 2.vli.
(be in) love; ' nde m, f (-nj-ri): die
n pi. the lovers pi.
liebenslwert adj. lovable; charming; ' wiirdig adj. lovable, ami-








Liebling ['liiplirj] m (-s/-e) darling;

favo(u)rite; esp. animals: pet; esp.
form of address: darling, esp. Am.
honey; ' sbeschaftigung / favo(u)rite occupation, hobby.

liebjlos adj.['li:p-] unkind; careless;

Eschaft / (-/-en) (love-)affair;


Sste m, f (-n/-n) sweetheart; darling.

Lied [li:t] n (-[e]s/-er) song; tune.

liederlich adj. fli darlig] slovenly,





lief [li:f] pret. of laufen.

Lieferant [lirfa'rant] m (-en/-en)
supplier, purveyor; caterer.
Liefer|auto ['liifar-] n s. Lieferwogen; Sbar adj. to be delivered;
bedingungen flpl.
terms pi. of delivery; ' frist/term
of delivery; Sn v/t. (ge-, h) deliver;
j-m et furnish or supply s.o. with
s th.;
' schein m delivery note;
ung / (-/-en) delivery; supply;
consignment; instal(l)ment(o/6oo/j);
Lungsbedingungen flpl. s. Lieferbedingungen; ' wagen m deliveryvan, Am. delivery wagon.
Liege ['liigs] / (-/-n) couch; bed'




liegen ['lirgan] v/i. (irr., ge-, h) lie;






face; an wem liegt es? whose fault

is it? es liegt an or bei ihm zu inf.
it is for him to inf.; es liegt daran,
daft the reason for it is that; es liegt
mir daran zu inf. I am anxious to
inf.; es liegt mir nichts daran it does
not matter or it is of no consequence
to me; ' bleiben v/i. (irr. bleiben,
sep., -ge-, sein) stay in bed; break

down (on the road, a. mot., etc.);

work, etc.: stand over; fall behind;

von Ihnen that is

f goods: remain on hand; Classen

v/t. (irr. lassen, sep., [-ge-,] h) leave;

very kind of you; Swiirdigkeit/

leave behind; leave alone; leave off

able; das /st sehr


(work); j-n links ~ ignore s.o., give

(-/-en) amiability, kindness.


174 -

lieber 1. adj. dearer; 2. adv. rather,

sooner; ~ haben prefer, like better.
Liebeslbrief m love-letter;
dienst m favo(u)r, kindness; good
turn; ' erklarung/: e-e ~ mochen
declare one's love; ' heirat / lovematch; Jkummer m lover's grief;
paar n (courting) couple, lovers
pi.; ' verhaltnis n love-affair.
liebevoll adj. loving, affectionate.




lieb|gewinnen ['li:p-] v/t. (irr. gew/nnen, sep., no -ge-, h) get or grow

fond of; ' haben vjt. (jrr. haben,

sep., -ge-, h) love, be fond of;



ber m (si-) lover; beau;/j. amateur;


. U,rai]/(-/-en) hobby;

fihaberpreis w fancy price; 'Sha-





kosen v/t. (no -ge-, h) caress,

fondle; 'Skosung / (-/-en) caress;


the cold shoulder; 'Sschaften

flpl. real estate.

1 LiegeJstuhl

m deck-chair;



$1 m couchette coach.
lieh [li:] pret. of leihen.
liefi [li:s] pret. of lassen.
Lift [lift] m (-[e]s/-e, -s) lift. Am.

Liga ['liiga] / (-/L/gen) league.

Likor [li'korr] m (-s/-e) liqueur,

lila adj. ['liila] lilac.

Lilie * I'li-ija]/<-/-n) lily.

Limonade [limo'na a] / (-/-n) soft
drink, fruit-juice; lemonade.
Limousine mot. [limu'zima] / (-/-n)
limousine, saloon car. Am. sedan.

lind adj. [lint] soft, gentle; mild.

Linde $ ['linda] / (-/-n) lime(-tree),






175 -

vlt. (ge-, h) loosen; slacken; relax

(grip); break up (soil); sich loosen,
(be)come loose; give way; fig.


soften; mitigate; alleviate, soothe;


allay, ease CpaiVi); Sung /(-/S -en)

softening; mitigation; alleviation;
Lineal [line'a:!] n (-s,'-e) ruler.

Linie ['limp] / (-/-n) line; 'jipa-


lockig adj. curly.


Lockimittel n s. Koder; ' vogel m

decoy (a. fig.); Am. a. stool pigeon


pier n ruled paper; jirichter m

sports: linesman; Sntreu pol. adj.:

se/n follow the party line.

liii(i)ieren [li'nirran; lini'uran] v/t.
(no -ge-, h) rule, line.

link adj. [lir)k] left;

Se/'te left
(-hand) side left; of cloth: wrong
side; 2e / (-n/-n) the left (hand);
pol. the Left (Wing); boxing: the
left; '-Jsch adj. awkward, clumsy.


links adv. on or to the left; 2hander

t'Uiendsr] m (-s/-)
Am. a. southpaw.
Linse ['linza] / (-/-n)


lentil; opt.


Lippe ['Upa] / (-/-n) Up; ' nstift m

liquidieren [likvi'dhran] c/r. (no
ge-, h) liquidate (a. pol.); wind up
(business company); charge (Jee).
lispeln ['lispsln] r/i. and vjt. (ge-, h)
lisp; whisper.
List [list] / (-/-en) cunning, craft;
artifice, ruse, trick; stratagem.
Liste I'lista] / (-/-n) list, roU.
listig adj. cunning, crafty, sly.
Liter ['lirtsr] n, m (si-) litlre. Am.

(a. fig.).

lodern ['lordsm] v/i. (ge-, h) flare


Loffel ['Icefsl] m (s!-) spoon; ladle;

2n vlt. (ge-, h) spoon up; ladle



literarisch adj. [lite'rorrij] literary.




beilage / literar>'
supplement (in netvspaper); geschichte / history of literature;

verzeichius n bibliography.

litt [lit] pret. of leiden.

Litze f'litss]/ (-/-n) lace, cord, braid;
f strand(ed wire).
Livree [li'vre:] / (-/-n) livery.


masonry: lodge; nschlieCer thea.

m (si-) box-keeper.
logieren [lo'siiran] c/i. (no -ge- h)
lodge, stay. Am. a. room (all: bei
with; in dat. at).

logisch adj. ['loigij] logical; ' er'

weise adv. logically.
Lohn [lorn] m (-[e]s/=e) wages pl.}
pay(ment); hire;j

. reward; ' biiro n pay-office; ' empfanger m

wage-eamer; 'Sen vft. (ge-, h)
compensate, reward; sich _ pay; es
lohnt sich zu inf. it is worth while
ger., it pa\*s to inf.; 'Send adj. paying; advantageous; fig. rewarding;
erhohimg/increase inwages, rise,

Am. raise; ' fordening / demand

for higher wages; ' steuer / tax

on wages or salary; ' stopp m
(sfno pi.) wage freeze; ' tarif m
wage rate; ' tiite / pay envelope.
lokal [lo'kod] 1. adj. local; 2. S n
(-[e]s/-e) locality place; restaurant;
public house, F pub, F local. Am.


Lokomotivje [lokomo'tirva] / (-/-n)

(railway) engine, locomotive; fiihrer [Jti:f-] m engine-driver. Am.


Lizenz [li'tsents] / (-/-en) licen|ce,

Am. -se;

inhaber m licensee.

Lob [lo:p] n (-[e]slno pi.) praise;


commendation; Sen [ lo:b3n] vlt.

(ge-, h) praise; Senswert adj.

['lorbsns-] praise-worthy, laudable;
gesang [ lorpn] m hymn, song of
praise; Jiudelei [loiphurds lai] /




locken2 vjt. (ge-, h) hunt.: bait;

decoy (a. fig.); fig. allure, entice.
LockenJkopf m curly head; wickler [' viklsr] m (si-) curler, roller.
locker adj. ['bksr] loose; slack; 'ji

? what is the matter?, F what



up?. Am. F what s cooking?; - se/n

be rid of; 2. int.:
! go (on or
losarbeiten ['lors'-] vli. (sep., -ge-,
h) start work(ing).
losbar adj. ['kcsbcur] soluble,


Locke ['bks] / (-/-n) curl, ringlet.

locken1 vlt. and vlrefl. (ge-, h)

m (sf-eri)

Lore ['loirs] / (-/-n) lorry, truck.

Los1 [lo:s] n (-esf-e) lot; lottery
ticket; fig. fate, destiny, lot; das
ziehen win the first prize,
Am. si. hit the jackpot; durchs
entscheiden dedde by lot.
los2 U] l.pred. adj. loose; free; was

Loch [bx] n (-[e]s/=er) hole; 'Sen

r/r. (ge-, h) perforate, pierce; punch
(ticket, etc.); ' er m (si-) punch,
perforator; ' karte / punch(ed)


laurel, bay.

(-/-en) adulation base flattery.

loblich adj. ['lerplig] s. lobenswert.

Lobrede ['loip-j/eulogy, panegyric


voll m (-/-) spoonful.

log [lo:k] pret. of lugen.
Loge ['lo a] / (-/-n) thea. box; free-





losjbinden v/t. (irr. binden, sep

ge-, h) tmtie, loosen;

(irr. brechen, sep.. -ge-) 1. v/t. (h)

break off; 2. v/i. (se/n) break or
burst out.

Loschiblatt ['IceJ-] n blotting-paper;

Sen vft. (ge-, h) extinguish, put
out (fire, light); blot out (uniting);


erase { tape recording); cancel {debt);

quench (thirst); slake (.lime),'
unload; ' er m (-s/-) blotter; ' papier n blotting-paper.
lose adj. ['loiza] loose.
Losegeld n ransom.
losen ['lorzan] v/i. (ge-, h) cast or

176 -

Lowenlanteil F m lion's share;

draw lots (um for).

losen ['kczan] v/t. (ge-, h) loosen,

untie; buy, book (ticket); solve
(task, doubt, etc.); break off (engagement); annul (agreement, etc.);
dissolve; e/n SchuB loste sich the

gun went off.


loslfahren v/i. (irr. fahren, sep.,

ge-, sein) depart, drive off;1 gehen
v/i. (irr. gehen, sep., -ge-, sein) go
or be off; come off, get loose; gun:

go off; begin, start; F auf j-n ~ fly

at s.o.;
haken v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
kaufen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h)
ransom, redeem; ketten v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) unchain; ' kommen v/i.
(irr. kommen, sep., -ge-, sein) get
loose or free; ' lachen v/i. (sep.,
ge-, h) laugh out; Classen v/t.
(irr. lassen, sep., -ge-, h) let go;


out a gap; fig.: unbroken; complete; ~er Bewe/ s close argument.


lud [lu:t] pret. of laden.

Luft [luft] / (-/=e) air; breeze;
breath; frische ~ schopifen take the
air; an die ~ gehen go for an airing;
aus der
gegriffen (totally) unfounded, fantastic; es liegt et. in
der ~ there is in the wind; in

die ~ fliegen be blown up, explode;

in die ~ gehen explode, si. blow
one s top; in die ~ sprengen blow
up; F j-n on die
setzen turn s.o.
out. Am. si. give s.o. the air; sich
or s-n Gefuhlen ~ mochen give vent
to one's feelings.




Luft|alarm m air-raid alarm; ' angriff m air raid; '~aufnahme /




Losung ['loizur)] / (-/-en) solution;



smittel n solvent.

loslwerden v/t. (irr. werden, sep.,

ge-, sein) get rid of, dispose of;

ziehen v/i. (irr. ziehen, sep., -ge-,
sein) set out, take off, march away.
Lot [lo:t] n (-[e]s/-e) plumb(-line),
loten ['loitan] v/t. (ge-, h) solder.
Lotse & ['loitsa] m (-n/-n) pilot;
Sn v/t. (ge-, h) & pilot (a. fig.).
Lotterie [bts'ri:] / (-/-n) lottery;
gewinn m prize; Jios n lottery



Lotto ['bto] n (-s/-s) numbers pool,


Lowe zo. ['Laivs] m (-n/-n) lion.

' ballon

graph, airview; ' blase / airbubble; ' briicke / air-bridge; for

supplies, etc.: air-lift.


Losung ['loizuq] /1. (-/-en) X password, watchword; fig. slogan;

2 hunt, (-/no pi.) droppings pi.,


(air-)balioon; ' bild n aerial photo-

rush at.



m (-[e]slno pi.) dandelion

Lowin zo. f (-l-nen) lioness.

loyal adj. [loa'jo:!] loyal.
Luchs zo. [luks] m (-es/-e) lynx.
Liicke ['lyks] / (-/-n) gap; blank
void (a. fig.); ' nbiifier m stopgap;
Snhaft adj. full of gaps; fig. defective, incomplete; nlos adj. with-

n (-[e]slno pi.) snapdragon;




adj. ['laisli?] soluble.
loslldsen v/t. (sep., -ge-, h) loosen,
detach; sever; ' machen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) unfasten, loosen; sich ~ disengange (o.s.)(van from); ' reil5en
v/t. (irr. reiBen, sep., -ge-, h) tear
off; sich ~ break away, esp. fig. tear
o.s. away (both: von from);
vjrefl. (sep., -ge-, h): sich
renounce; ' schlagen (irr. schlagen, sep., -ge-, h) 1. v/t. knock off;
2 v/i. open the attack; auf j-n
attack s.o.; ' schnallen v/t. (sep.,
ge-, h) unbuckle; ' schrauben
vjt. (sep., -ge-, h) unscrew, screw
off; ' sprechen v/t. (irr. sprechen,
sep., -ge-, h) absolve (von of, from);
acquit (of); free (from, of); ' stiirzen v/i. (sep., -ge-, sein): auf (acc.)



Liiftchen ['lyft sn] n (-s/-) gentle


luftldicht adj. air-tight; 'fidruck

phys. m (-[e]slno pi.) atmospheric or
air pressure; 'Edruckbremse /



durchlassig adj. per-

meable to air.

liiften ['lyftsn] (ge-, h) 1. v/i. air;


v/t. air; raise (hat); lift (veil);

disclose (secret).

Luft|fahrt / aviation, aeronautics;

humidity; 'ggektihlt adj. air-

cooled; ' hoheit / air sovereignty;

2ig adj. airy; breezy; flimsy;

kissen air-cushion; ' klappe/




Corridor m air corri-

dor; ' krankheit / airsickness;

krieg m aerial warfare; ' kurort
m climatic health resort;



truppen f/pl. airborne troops pi.;

Sleer adj. void of air, evacuated;
er Raum vacuum; 'Jiinie / air
line, bee-line; ' loch n
airpocket; vent(-hole); ' post / air
mail; ' pumpe / air-pump;
raum m airspace; ' rohre anat. f
windpipe, trachea; ' schacht m
air-shaft; ' schaukel/swing-boat;
schiff n airship; ' schlofi n
castle in the air or in Spain;
schutz m air-raid protection;
schutzkeller m air-raid shelter;
spriinge [' .Jpryrjs] mlpl.: ~ machen cut capers pi.; gambol; ' r
m sdi base.


Liiftung / (-/-en) airing; ventila-

177 -

lungem ['lurprn] vji. (ge-, h) s.



Luftlveranderung / change of air;





Lupe ['lurpa] / (-/-n) magnifyingglass; unter die nehmen scrutinize,

take a good look at.


kehrsgesellschaft / air transport






/ air defen|ce,

Am. -se; ' waffe

/ air force;
weg m airway; auf dem by air;
zug m draught, Am. draft.
Liige ['lyiga] / (-/-n) lie, falsehood;
j-n n strofen give the lie to s.o.
liigen o/i. (irr., ge-, h) (tell a) lie;
Jhiaft adj. lying, mendacious; un-

Lust [lust] / (-/"e) pleasure, delight;

desire; lust;
haben zu inf. have a
mind to inf., feel like ger.; haben Sie
auszugehen? would you like to go

liistern adj. ['lystarn] desirous (noch

of), greedy (of, for); lewd, lascivi-

ous, lecherous.

lustig adj. merry, gay; jolly, cheer-

true, false.

ful; amusing, funny; sich ~ machen

Liigner ['lyignar] m (-s/-), ' in /

(-/-nen) liar; 'Sisch adj. s. lugenhaft.
Luke ['hr.ka] / (-/-n) dormer- or
garret-window; hatch.
Liimmel ['lymsl] m (-$/-) lout,
boor; saucy fellow; '2n v/refl. (ge-,
h) loll, lounge, sprawl.
Lump [lump] m (-en/-en) ragamuffin, beggar; cad. Am. si. rat, heel;





handsomely; '~pack n rabble, riffraff; ' sammler m rag-picker.

lumpig adj. ragged; fig.: shabby,
paltry; mean.
Lunge ['lugs] / (-/-n) anat. lungs
pi.; of animals: a. lights pi.

iiber (acc.) make fun of;

pi ) gaiety, mirth;


/ pneumonia; 'Jiliigel anat. m lung;
Skrank & adj. suffering from consumption, consumptive; ' kranke
& m, f consumptive (patient); '<krankheit ! f Ivmg-disease;
/ (pulmonary)

haben have

keit /

cheerfillness; fun.

tuary, libertine.

lustllos adj. dull, spiridess; "f" flat;


Smord m rape and murder; 'Sspiel

n comedy.

lutschen flutjsn] v/i. and v/t. (ge-,

h) suck.
Luv & [lu:f] / (-/o pi.) luff, windward.

luxuries adj. [luksu'rjois] luxurious.

Luxus ['luksus] m (-/no pi.) luxury
(a. fig.); ' artikel m luxury; ' ausgabe / de luxe edition (of books);
ware / luxury (article); fancy
goods pi.

Lymph|druse anat. ['lymf-] /

lymphatic gland; ' ef(-l-n) Ijrmph;
& vaccine; Lgefafi anat. n lymphatic vessel.
lynchen ['lyn sn] vIt. (ge-, h) Ijaich.
Lyrik ['lyirik] / (-/no pi.) lyric
verses pi., lyrics pi.; Ler m (-s/-)
lyric poet.

[mart] m (-[e]s/-e[n])
(ship's) mate.
Mache F ['maxa] / (-/no pi.) makebelieve, window-dressing, si. eyewash; et. in der

Liistling ['lystlirj m (-s/-e) volup-

Lumpen 1. m (-s/-) rag; 2. 2 vb.:



lyrisch adj. lyric; lyrical (a. fig.),

about; sich et. ~ lassen have

made; 2. F v/i.: no, mach schon!

hurry up!; 'Sschaften flpl. machinations pi.

Macht [maxt] / (-/=e) power; might;

in hand.


authority; control (u ber acc. of); an

machen ['maxan] (ge-, h) 1. vlt.

make; do; produce, manufacture;
give (appetite, etc.); sit for, undergo
(examination); come or amount to;
make (happy, etc.); was macht das
(aus)? what does that matter?; das
macht nichtsi never mind!, that's

(quite) all right!; da(gegen) kann

man nichts ~ that cannot be helped;
ich mache mir nichts daraus I don't

der ~ pol. in power; ' befugnis /

authority, power; '.Jiaber pol. m
(-si-) ruler
machtig adj. Vmeqdq] powerful (a.
fig.); mighty; immense, huge;
sein (gen.) be master of; have
command of (language).


Machtjkampf m struggle for power; 'glos adj. powerless; ' politik

sen, was er will let s.o. do as he

/ power politics sg., pi.; policy of

the strong hand; ' spruch m
authoritative decision; 'Svoll adj.
powerful (a. fig.); ' vollkommen-

pleases; sich

heit / authority; ' wort n (-[e]s/-e)

care about it; mach, daB du forvkommst! off with you!; j-n ~ las-


an (acc.) go or set


word of command;
put one s foot down.
Machwerk n concoction, F put-up
job; e/endes ~ bungling work.
Madchen ['men an] n (-s/-) girl;
fur alles maid of
all work; fig. a. jack of all trades;
fihaft adj. girlish; ' name m girl's
name; maiden name; ' schule /
girls school.
Made zo. ['maida] / (-/-n) maggot,
mite; fruit: worm.
Madel ['meidal] n (-s/-, F -s) girl,



madig adj. ['maidi?] maggoty, full

of mites; fruit: wormeaten.
Magazin [maga'tsim] n (-s/-e) store,
warehouse; X, in rifle, periodical:

178 -

Majestat [maje'steit] / (-/-en)

majesty; 2isch adj. majestic; sbeleidigung / lese-majesty.
Major X [ma'joir] m (-s/-e) major.
Makel ['maikal] m (-s/-) stain, spot;
fig. a. blemish, fault; 'Slos adj.
stainless, spotless; , a. unblemished, faultless, immaculate.

makeln F fmeikaln] v/i. (ge-, h)

find fault (on dot. with), carp (at),
F pick (at).
Makler Y ['maiklar] m (-s/-) broker;
gebiihr -f f brokerage.
Makulatur [makulaltu:r]/(-/-en)
waste paper.



Magen ['maigan] m (sh, a. -)

stomach, F tummy; animals: maw;

times, multiplied by; drei ~ funf ist

funfzehn three times five is or are

beschwerden flpl. stomach or


gastric trouble, indigestion; 1 bitter m (si-) bitters pi.; ' geschwiir

krampf m
n gastric ulcer;
stomach cramp;
stomach cancer; 'Ueiden n gastric
complaint; Lsaure / gastric acid.



mager adj. ['maigar] meag|re. Am.

er (a. fig.); p., animal, meat: lean,
Am. a. scrawny; 'Smilch / skim

fifteen; F s. einmal.

malen v/t. (ge-, h) paint; portray.

Maler m (-s/-) painter; artist; ei
U'rai] / (-/-en) painting; 2isch adj.
pictorial, painting; , picturesque.
Malkasten m paint-box.
malnehmen A" v/t. (irr. nehmen,
sep., -ge-, h) multiply (m/t by).
Malz [malts] n (-esjno pi.) malt;



Magie [ma'gi:] / (-jno pi.) magic;

r ['maigjar] m (-s/-) magician.
magisch adj. [ maigij] magic(al).
Magistral [magis'tran] m (-[e]s/-e)
municipal or town council.
Magnet [ma'gneit] m (-[e]s, -en/
e[n]) magnet (a. fig.); lodestone;
2isch adj. magnetic; Sisieren
Ueti'ziiran] v/t. (no -ge-, h) magnetize;
nadel U'gnen-] / mag'

netic needle.

Mahagoni [maha'gomi] n (s/nopl.)

mahogany (wood).
mahen ['meian] vft. (ge-, h) cut,

[ma:l] n (-[e]s/-e, "er) mark,

sports: start(ing-point), goal;
stain; mole.
[ ] i.
(-[e]s/-e) time; fur

this time; zum ersten .e
for the first time; mit e-m ~e all at
once, all of a sudden; 2. 2 adv.

Magd [ma:kt] / (-/=e) maid(-serv-



bier n malt beer.

Mama [ma'ma:, F 'mama] / (-/-s)

mamma, mammy, F ma. Am. F a.
mummy, mom.

man indef. pron. [man] one, you,

we; they, people; ~ sagte mir I was
Manager ['menidsar] m (-sl-)f
manch [man?], '~er, ' e, ' .es adj.
and indef. pron. many a;
some, several; .erlei adj. [' ar'lai]
diverse, different; all sorts of, ... of
several sorts; auf ~ Art in various
ways; used as a noun: many or
various things; ' .mal adv. sometimes, at times.

mow, reap.

Mahl [ma:l] n (-[e]s/=er, -e) meal,

Mandant jfe [man'dant] m (-en/-en)



mahlen (irr., ge-, h) l.vjt. grind,

mill; 2. vji. tyres: spin.
Mahlzeit/s. Mahl; F feed.
Mahne ['meina] / (-/-n) mane.
mahn|en [ ma-.nan] vjt. (ge-, h)
remind, admonish (both: an acc. of);
}-n wegen e-r Schuld ~ press s o for
payment, dun s.o.; 'Smal (-[e]s/-e)
memorial; 'Sung / (-/-en) admonition; -f- reminder, dunning; 'Szet'

tel m reminder.

Mai [mai] m (-[e]s, -/-e) May;

baurn m maypole; glockcben
[' gloekcan] n (-s/-) lily of the
valley; '-.kafer zo. m cockchafer,
may-beetle, may-bug.
[mais] m (-es/-e) maize,

Indian corn. Am. corn.

Mandat [man'datt] (-[e]s/-e) authorization; 2% brief; pol. mandate;
parl. seat.
Mandel ['mandal] / (-/-n) * almond; anat. tonsil; ' baum
almond-tree; ' entziindung & f

Manege [ma'neisa] / (-/-n) (circus-)

ring, manege.

Mangel1 ['marjal] m 1. (-s/tkj pi.)

want, lack, deficiency; shortage;
penury; ous ~ an for want of; ~
/e/den an (dat.) be in want of;
2 (-sfc) defect, shortcoming.
Mangel2 U] / (-/-n) mangle; calen.




179 -

mangelhaft adj. defective; deficient; unsatisfactory; '2igkeit /

{-Ino pi ) defecriveness; deficiency.
mangeln1 vli. (ge-, h): es monge/t

Marine [ma'rirna] / (-/-n) marine;

X navy, naval forces pi.; minister

an Brot there is a lack or shortage

of bread, bread is lacking or want-

tary of the Navy; ministerium n

ministry of naval affairs; the Admiralty, Am. Department of the
marinieren [mari'nhran] v/t. (no
ge-, h) pickle, marinade.
Marionette [mario'neta] / (-/-n)
puppet, marionette; ..ntheater n
Mark [mark] 1. / (-/-) coin: mark;
2 n (-[e]s/no pi.) anat. marrow;
pith; . core.
markant adj. [mar kant] characteristic; striking; (well-)marked.
Marke ['marks] / (-/-n) mark, sign,
etc.: stamp; -f brand,
trade-mark; coupon; ' nartikel "f*
m branded or proprietary article.


m minister of naval affairs; First

ing; es monge/t ihm an (dat.) he is

in need of or short of or wanting
in, he wants or lacks.

mangeln* v/t. (ge-, h) mangle

(clothes, etc.); calender (cloth,
mangels prp. (gen.) for lack or
want of; esp. j** in default of.
Mangelware Y / scarce commodity; goods pi. in short supply.
Manie [ma'ni:] / (-/-n) mania.
Manier [ma'nirr] / (-/-en) manner;
21ich adj. well-behaved; polite,
[manifesto. I
Manifest [mani'fest] n (-es/-e)/
Mann [man] m (-[e]s/=er) man; hus-

Lord of the Admiralty, Am. Secre-


mar'kier|en (no -ge-, h) 1. v/t.


mannbar adj. marriageable; '2

keit / (-Ino pi.) puberty, manhood.



Mannchen ['menpn] n (-%!-) little

man; zo. male; birds: cock.


Manneslalter n virile age, manhood; ' kraft / virility.

mannig|fach adj. [ mani?-], ' faltig adj. manifold, various, diverse;
Sfaltigkeit / (-Ino pi.) manifoldness, variety, diversity.
mannlich adj. ['menlic] male; gr.
masculine; fig. manly; '2keit /
(-Ino pi ) manhood, virility.
Mannschaft / (-/-en) (body of)
men; & crew; sports: team, side;
sfUhrer m sports: captain; '~sgeist m (-eslno pi.) sports: team
Man6v|er [ma'nervar] n (-si-) ma'


noeuvre, Am. maneuver; firieren

U'vrirrsn] vji. (no -ge-, h) manoeuvre, Am. maneuver.

Mansarde [man'zard3]/(-/-n) attic,

garret; nfenster n dormer-win-


1 vft. mix, work; 2. vli. dabble (in


dat. in); S'rei F / (-/-en) mixing,

F mess; dabbling.
Manschette [man'/Etaj/ Z-n) cuff;
nknopf m cuff-link.
Mantel ['mantalj m (-s/=) coat; overcoat, greatcoat; cloak, mande (both
fig.); case, jacket; (outer)

cover (of tyre).

Manuskript [manu'skript] n (-[e]s/

e) manuscript; typ. copy.
Mappe ['maps] / (-/-n) portfolio,

brief-case; folder; s. a. Schreibmoppe, Schulmappe.

Marchen ['mEircan] n (-s/-) fairytale ; fig. (cock-and-bull) story, fib;

buch n book of fairy-tales; 'Shaft

adj. fabulous (a. fig.).
Marder zo. ['mardar] m (-s/-) mar~






2ung/(-/-en) mark(ing).

markig adj. marrowy; fig. pithy.

Markise [mar'kirzs] / (-/-n) blind,

Markstein m boundary-stone, landmark (a. fig.).

Markt [markt] m (-[e]s/=e) Y market; s. Marktplatz; fair; auf den >,

br/ngen -f put on the market; ' flecken m small market-town;

platz m market-place; ' schreier

m (s/-) quack; puffer.
Marmelade [marms'laida] / (-/-n)
jam; marmalade (made of oranges).
Marmor ['marmor] m(-s/-e) marble;
Sieren Uo'rursn] v/t. (no -ge-, h)

marble, vein, grain; 2n adj. [ omj


(of) marble.
[whim, caprice.!
Marotte [ma'rota] / (-/-n) fancy,)
Marsch [marj] 1. m (-es/=e) march
(a. /); 2. / (-/-en) marsh, fen.
Marschall ['marjal] m (-s/=e) marshal.


manschejn F ['man/an] (ge-, h)


goods, etc.); 2. F fig. vli. put it on;


m marching
orders pi.; 2ieren [ 'Jirran] vji. (no
ge-, se/n) march; '~land n marshy


Marter ['martsr] / (-/-n) torment,

torture; '2n w/f. (ge-, h) torment,
torture; ' pfahl m stake.
Martyrer ['mertyrsr] m (-s/-) martyr; ' tod m martyr's death; ' tum
n (s/no pi.) martyrdom.
Marxis|mus pol. [mar'ksismus] m
(-Ino pi ) Marxism; t pol. m (-en/

en> Marxian, Marxist; Stisch poL

adj. Marxian, Marxist.

Marz [merts] m (-[e]s/-e) March.
Marzipan [martsi'pain] ns S m
(-s/-e) marzipan marchpane.
Masche ['ma/s] / (-/-n) mesh; knitting: stitch; F fig. trick, line; infest adj. ladder-proof. Am. run,



180 -

Maschine [ma'Jiina] / (-/-n) machine; engine.

maschinell adj. [maji'nei] mechanical; ~e Bearbe/tung machining.

extravagant; -nahme [' narma] /

(-/-n) measure step, action; '2re,

geln v/t. (ge-, h) reprimand; inflict

disciplinary punishment on;
Schneider m bespoke or Am. custom tailor; '-stab m measure,
rule(r); maps, etc.: scale; fig. yardstick, standard; '2voll adj. moder-

Ma'schinenlbau m (-[e]s/no pi.)

X n machine-gun; Smafiig adj.
mechanical; automatic;
X/ sub-machine-gun; -.schaden m
engine trouble; schlosser m (engine) fitter; chreiberin/C-Z-nen)
typist; schrift / typescript.
Maschin]erie [majina'ri:] / (-/-n)
machinery; ist f nist] m (-en/-en)

mechanical engineering;



Mask|e f'maska] / (-/-n) mask (a.

fig.);- ' enball tn fancy-dress or

masked ball; ~erade [ rarda] /

(-/-n) masquerade; Sieren U ki:'

ran] vjt. (no -ge-, h) mask; s/ch

put on a mask; dress o.s. up (o/s


Massage [ma'saisa] / (-/-n) massage.

Mafianzug m tailor-made or bespoke suit. Am. a. custom(-made)


Masse t'masa] / (-/-n) mass; bulk;

substance; multitude; crowd; i%
assets pi., estate; die are/te ~ the
rank and file; F e-e ~ a lot of, F lots

pi. or heaps pi. of.

Mafleinheit / measuring unit.


Masta S [-] / (-/-en) fattening;

mast, food;


darm anat. m rec-


feed; stuff (geese, etc.).

Mastkorb & m mast-head, crows-



Material [mater' ja:l] n (-s/-/en)

material; substance; stock, stores
pi.; fig.: material, information; evidence; -ismus phis. Ua'lismus] m
(-fno pi ) materialism; -ist Ua'hst]
m (-en/-en) materialist; 2istisch
adj. [ a listij] materialistic.
Materie [ma'terrja] / (-/-n) matter
(a. fig.), stuff; fig. subject; 211 adj.
[~er jel] material.
Mathematijk [matema'tiik] / (-/no
pi.) mathematics sg.; -ker [-'ma:tikar] m (si-) mathematician; 2sch
adj. [- martij] mathematical.
Matinee thea. [mati'ne:] / (-/-n)
morning performance.
Matratze [ma'tratsa] / (-/-n) mat-


n common grave; -giiter





Matrone [ma'troma] / (-/-n) matron; 2nhat adj. matronly.

[ma'troiza] m (-n/-n)
sailor, seaman.

Massen|flucht/stampede; '-grab

tar] nlpl. bulk goods pi.; 'Shaft adj.

abundant; produktion
versammlung /
mass meeting. Am. a. rally; 2
weise adv. in masses, in large num'




Masseu|r [ma'seir] m (-s/-e) masseur; -se Uza] / (-/-n) masseuse.

mafilgebend adj. standard; author-

itative, decisive; board: competent;

circles: influential, leading; ' halten v/i. (irr. halten, sep., -ge-, h)
keep within limits, be moderate.
mas'sieren v/t. (no -ge-, h) massage,


Matsch [mat/] m (-esfrio pi.), -e F

/ (-/"o Pi-) puip> squash;
mud, slush; '2ig adj. pulpy,
squashy; muddy, slushy.

matt adj. [mat] faint, feeble; voice,

etc.: faint; eye, colour, etc.: dim;
colour, light, t* stock exchange, style,
etc.: dull; metal: tarnished; gold,
etc.: dead, dull; chess: mated; /
bulb: non-glare; - geschliffen glass: